Ass. Giocolieri e >Dintorni
Civitavecchia, IT

Juggling Magazine is a quarterly magazine dealing with contemporary circus arts. Established in June 1998, with the aim of spreading the history, culture and practice of circus arts in Italy. In its pages, full of pictures and original graphic designs, you will find interviews with artists and organizers, reports on important events, columns about the history of juggling. Since 2002 Juggling Magazine has been run by the Ass. Giocolieri e Dintorni, whose wider aims are: Promote and spread the practice and development of circus arts in all their shapes Provide members with services and information for the development of their own professional and individual personality Taking care of and update the www.jugglingmagazine.it Participate, organize, advertise performances, internships, courses and shows about circus arts Promote youth circus projects, organise professional training interships, a national annual meeting, translate educational material Represent the sector in official places

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