QR Codes

Simplify content sharing with QR codes

Create a frictionless path to your digital content on mobile devices with Issuu’s QR Code generator. Guide customers or clients to restaurant menus, program guides, price lists, and more, letting them scan the code and explore your content. It’s like sharing a URL IRL.

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Boost your marketing efforts with QR Codes

Offer a contactless touchpoint for dynamic reading

Make a QR Code to provide quick access to your Issuu content, no matter the setting. Give takeout customers a way to scan the menu in a long line or provide tourists with digital access to a guided walking tour map. QR Codes can be scanned on the go for the times paper is out of reach (or out of style).

Save space, gain exposure, and get results

QR Codes are an adaptable, intuitive way to surface your content to a larger audience. With Issuu’s custom QR Code generator, your Flipbooks – whether they’re magazines, real estate listings, or something else – can be accessed anywhere your audience goes. They’re an ideal choice for all kinds of marketing efforts, so simply generate your QR Code and add it to printed materials or signage for easy access throughout your location.

Create once, share everywhere

Share your Issuu content in a snap. Whether your customers are on the go, you want to cut down on print costs, or you want to expand your marketing in existing spaces, here’s what you can do with QR Codes:

  • Display QR Codes on counters and storefronts for quick access to menus and catalogs.

  • Create QR Code stickers for restaurant tables and offer diners a paperless menu.

  • Add QR Code stickers to printed menus to share seasonal selections without costly reprints.

  • Include QR Codes on postcards to promote seasonal catalogs or special offers and save on multi-page prints.

  • Add QR Codes to real estate signs, and never worry about running out of fliers again.

  • Share QR Codes with customers to provide instant access to program guides, instructions, or even maps for walking tours.

QR Codes FAQs

  • Issuu’s QR Codes feature is available with any Issuu plan.

  • Your Issuu Flipbooks will appear exactly as they would if your reader accessed your publication with a web browser URL from the same device.

  • You can use your QR Codes in any location where a paperless or touchless option would be preferred. They make an excellent choice for menus, location guides, and seasonal materials.

Connect your customers to your content with QR Codes.

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