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Increase reads by sharing your content more often with Issuu’s Articles. Our platform auto-generates mobile-optimized, SEO-ready Articles from your Flipbooks, highlighting key information in a short format to boost engagement. Share easily, captivate instantly, and amplify your reach. Promote your digital content to a wider audience and drive traffic one article at a time.

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Boost your reach with mobile-friendly content

PDFs aren’t an ideal reading experience on mobile. Give your audience professional and engaging Articles that load lightning-fast and are optimized for viewing on small screens.

  • Style and text formatting

  • Add text and image links

  • Create numbered and bulleted lists

With our article builder, you can quickly build and publish content that resonates with your target audience by picking and choosing sections from any existing Issuu publication. Share them across channels in minutes, too.

Grow advertising revenue with ease

Articles double as additional pieces of highly shareable content to emphasize specific advertisements from your sponsors to their target audience, enabling you to increase advertising revenue and better monetize your content. Direct links to advertisements within your Articles means more exposure and traffic with minimal effort.

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Share enticing previews on social media

Ideal for sharing on social media, Articles act as teasers by highlighting key sections of your digital content to drive readership of your full publication. Primed for easy viewing and sharing, Issuu does all the heavy lifting for you, transforming any PDF to mobile Articles each time you publish a Flipbook while letting you edit and customize Articles to match your brand’s aesthetic.

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Create more content in less time with intelligent auto-generation

Issuu’s article generator leverages AI to automatically and intelligently deconstruct your uploaded documents into multiple Articles. Accelerate your content marketing efforts with these snapshots that can be distributed across all digital channels. Deliver a consistent flow of communications to stay top-of-mind and engage readers more often.

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Build lasting connections to your content and brand

Every article generated on Issuu is automatically optimized to rank on search engines, making your work more discoverable and ensuring that your content will continue to attract readers at no cost. With over two million monthly visitors, Articles serve as long-term gateways that consistently drive traffic to your Issuu publications and help grow your audience.

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Learn how to create Articles:

  1. Select “Create New Article” at the bottom of the publication homepage.  

  2. Select the pages you’d like to include in your Article and select “Go to Editor.” 

  3. While in our Articles Editor, you can change the cover image of your Article and customize any headlines, bylines, or featured images. 

  4. Once you’ve made your desired customizations, you can preview or publish your Article.

  5. You now have the option to share the Article directly on social media or copy the link to share elsewhere.

Articles FAQs

  • Articles are ideal for creating engaging short-form content that captures your viewers' attention. You can share your Articles to a specific segment of your audience via social media or email, or you can choose to share them with a broader audience through your website or Issuu directly.

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