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Whether an independent publisher or a media powerhouse, you can easily turn your magazine into a dynamic and engaging reading experience with Issuu’s digital magazine maker. Elevate your magazine with realistic page-flipping effects and interactive features, making it stand out across all channels in just a few clicks.

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Creating digital magazines on Issuu's platform

What is a digital magazine?

Simply put, a digital magazine is an interactive magazine that can be published and distributed online. Easily accessible and shareable with just a link, a digital magazine transcends the limitations of traditional print distribution. Issuu’s user-friendly online magazine creator allows you to create, host, share, monetize, and analyze in one place – ultimately reaching and engaging a wider audience.

Digital magazine layout

How to create a digital magazine:

  1. Upload a document or import one from Dropbox or Google Drive to instantly create a digital magazine with Issuu’s online magazine creator.

  2. Make your magazine interactive by incorporating elements like Links and Videos using Issuu's intuitive platform.

  3. Next, captivate your audience by showcasing your digital magazine in Fullscreen view and Embed it seamlessly onto your website.

  4. Generate eye-catching GIFs or Social Posts from your magazines for immediate cross-channel distribution excellence.

  5. Leverage built-in Statistics to monitor your magazine’s performance, ensuring continuous optimization.

Captivate and dazzle at every flip.

Make a magazine online in minutes with Issuu’s intuitive platform and interactive features – adding dynamic multimedia elements that instantly draw readers into your narratives. Bring unique editorials to life with attention-grabbing Videos, and use Links on key pages, guiding viewers to form a deeper connection with your content and drive ad revenue.

Embed videos on digital magazines

Publish, promote, profit.

Turn your magazine into a successful revenue stream by publishing and selling it commission-free as a single issue or ongoing subscription. Digital Sales places the full potential of your digital magazine directly in your hands, giving you the freedom and flexibility to grow your business and audience on your terms.

Sell your magazine online with Issuu

Showcase your work everywhere.

Reach a global audience by embedding your magazine seamlessly into your website. Perfect for showcasing your latest issues, Issuu empowers you to put your content directly in front of your readers. Copy and paste the auto-generated embed code, and watch your digital magazine become instantly accessible on key web pages.

Embed your magazine on your website

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Digital Magazine: FAQs

  • Creating an online magazine is straightforward with Issuu's all-in-one digital publishing platform. Simply design your magazine content, then upload your static document to Issuu. From there, watch your magazine come to life and elevate it with interactive elements like Videos and Links, share it across channels with Social Posts and Articles, and even monetize it using Issuu’s Digital Sales feature.

  • To create a digital magazine with InDesign, create your magazine using InDesign's layout tools. Once your design is complete, export it as a PDF directly within the software using Issuu’s integration with Adobe InDesign. You can then upload your PDF to Issuu, bringing it to life with interactive elements before publishing and sharing it across channels.

  • Monetizing your digital magazine on Issuu can be done in several ways: a subscription model, single-issue sales, and incorporating advertisements within your pages. Additionally, Issuu's Statistics can help you understand your audience better, allowing for targeted content and ads that can increase revenue.

  • Experts strongly recommend the “freemium” model for those who are new to digital publishing. This means starting off free, and when a fanbase is established, setting up previews that entice a purchase. With Issuu you can choose how much of each magazine you want to display for free or which issues you'd rather be paid vs free. The customization options are endless with our Digital Sales feature.

  • Advertising your digital magazine effectively involves leveraging social media platforms for promotion, email marketing to reach potential readers directly, and embedding your magazine on your website for easy access. Additionally, engaging with your audience through compelling content and interactive elements can further turn readers into advocates who share your magazine.

  • A digital magazine spread refers to two pages viewed side-by-side in a digital format, just like in a print magazine. This layout allows for creative and cohesive design across both pages, enhancing the visual storytelling of your magazine.

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