Skyrocket your sales using online store catalogs.

Transform any PDF into a uniquely interactive reading experience, whether you’re distributing a seasonal catalog, sharing a retail flier, or promoting a store brochure. In a world of online shopping, compelling and shareable content is one of your most powerful digital sales assets. Bring your products to life with embedded images and videos, shopping links, fullscreen viewing, and so much more.

Multiply your content distribution and watch sales soar.

Get all the tools you need to turn your retail marketing materials into a dynamic shopping experience for readers to get lost in. Multimedia features like images and Videos let you showcase your best products, while shoppable Links make for near-instant purchases. Market your catalog across multiple channels in minutes with easy Embedding and built-in Social Posts. With integrations to Canva and InDesign, you can streamline your workflow to create winning content faster.

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Embed publications directly on your website.

We make it easy to embed your product catalogs and retail fliers directly on your website in just a few clicks. This is a great way to introduce cross-selling opportunities and expand your reach while featuring your whole product line or seasonal collection on a highly visible web page.

Save time and money by skipping the printer.

Issuu helps you multiply your content distribution efforts and save on costly printing. With online catalogs, you can easily share your retail marketing brochure on social media or through email, saving you time and enticing potential customers to explore your offers.

Collaborate across teams and time zones.

Issuu for Teams enables retail and wholesale professionals to streamline their digital content publishing and approval processes by unlocking access, management, and control over content libraries for groups of users. Accelerate productivity, simplify content management, and amplify sales easier than ever.

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Digital Catalogs

Increase digital sales with interactive online catalogs. Stunning visuals and shoppable links help you showcase your products in style while giving potential customers all the details they need to make an informed purchase. Turn desire into action with our catalog creator and deliver your readers an unforgettable digital shopping experience.

Digital Lookbooks

Fashion retailers use Issuu to create a digital lookbook, perfect for displaying complete outfits and helping customers picture how different items might go together. A lookbook is beautiful content that embodies your brand and serves as an effective way to cross-sell and reinforce an aspirational narrative. Readers can “get the look” by buying items together – trusting your brand for style recommendations just as much as your products.

Digital Newsletters

Use a digital newsletter to get your product catalogs, sales, and promotions to your subscribers' inboxes in no time. With our straightforward newsletter creator, simply upload a PDF to craft an email publication that drives conversions and bolsters brand recognition. You can focus on delivering a dynamic reading experience and hitting your content goals without having to worry about the format.

Fashion Magazines

A fashion magazine is a valuable addition to your retail marketing strategy. You can inform and delight your customers, sharing the inspiration behind your store's latest collections and creations while amplifying the voices of style influencers who work with your brand. With commission-free Digital Sales, you can monetize your fashion magazine and take your audience’s reading experience to the next level.

Price Lists

A price list doesn’t have to be static and boring when you convert it into an Issuu Flipbook. Include all pricing information in a dynamic, visual format that engages buyers and drives sales. You can update it in real-time, share it on social media, and link to it in digital product catalogs. Using our price list feature, you can add product links directly to your text, making purchasing fast and easy with the click of a button.

Retail: FAQs

  • There are a few key elements every retail catalog should have. High-quality product photos will be the first thing customers notice. Be sure to include “lifestyle” shots of your product in use. Compelling product descriptions are a must. No matter how good your photos are, you need text to back them up. The combination of text and images will immerse your readers into your brand and inspire them to purchase your product.

  • The best eCommerce content builds connections between your customers and your products. For best results, avoid being salesy and instead build a genuine connection. Try telling the story behind your products and your brand.  User-generated content is always good too. After a sale, ask your customers to send images and videos of themselves using your product. You can offer a discount to incentivize this. Then you can take the quotes and testimonials and use them as further social proof on your website.

  • The best place to start marketing your store is with solid content. That includes digital publications, blog posts, and social media. The key to successful digital marketing is using the different channels in your content mix together to maximize their effectiveness. For example, you should share your blog posts on Facebook and other social channels. Your email newsletter (a valuable thing to have) can be repurposed as tweets or blog content. Many content and social media platforms are free to use - including Issuu. So start putting content out there, see what connects with your audience, and do more of what works.

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