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Turn your static PDFs into dynamic digital flipbooks that attract your audience and elevate your brand's online presence. Use Issuu's digital flipbook maker to:

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What is a Digital Flipbook?

A digital flipbook is an interactive document with page-turning effects that can be easily accessed and shared across channels with a simple link. With Issuu, making a digital flipbook is effortless; our platform allows you to create, host, distribute, monetize, and analyze your flipbooks in one place.

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How to make a flipbook:

  1. Upload your flipbook to Issuu as a PDF, .doc, or other accepted file type. You can also use our integrations with InDesign and Canva to export your designs into a Flipbook.

  2. Make your flipbook interactive by incorporating elements like Links and Videos using Issuu's intuitive platform.

  3. Next, captivate your audience by showcasing your flipbook in Fullscreen view or Embedding it seamlessly onto your website.

  4. Generate eye-catching GIFs or Social Posts from your flipbook to share your work across all channels in different formats.

  5. Leverage Issuu’s built-in Statistics feature to monitor your content’s performance, ensuring continuous optimization.

Impress and captivate with every page flip.

Create a digital flipbook in minutes with Issuu’s intuitive platform and interactive features – adding animated elements that captivate your audience. Embed attention-grabbing Videos on key pages, and weave in strategic Links throughout your content, guiding viewers to form a deeper connection with your brand. 

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Bring your flipbook front and center.

Deliver a standout viewing experience by sharing your flipbook with a Fullscreen link. Engage your readers on all devices, ensuring they enjoy your content distraction-free wherever they are. Personalize your flipbook by customizing the background display and incorporating your brand's logo, reinforcing brand identity with ease.

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Engage, entertain, and earn.

Turn your content into a successful revenue stream by selling your flipbook commission-free as a single issue or ongoing subscription. Digital Sales places the full potential of your flipbook directly in your hands, giving you the freedom and flexibility to grow your brand and audience on your terms.

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Showcase your work everywhere.

Maximize exposure by embedding flipbooks seamlessly into your website, blog, or CMS. Perfect for showcasing digital magazines, brochures, catalogs, and more, Issuu empowers you to put your content directly in front of your audience. Just copy and paste the auto-generated embed code and watch your flipbook become instantly accessible exactly where your viewers are most likely to engage with it.

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Digital Flipbook: FAQs

  • A digital flipbook works by using HTML5 technology to create an interactive book-like rendering on a webpage or mobile application. Upload your file to Issuu as a PDF, .doc, or other accepted file type and transform it into a flipbook in a few steps on Issuu's platform. You can also use our integrations with InDesign and Canva to export your designs into a Flipbook. From there you can add additional information (like shopping links, embedded videos, clickable table of contents, etc.) for a more interactive experience.

  • Anyone! Students, real estate agents, publishers and marketers can all use interactive flipbooks to elevate and repurpose their static PDFs. Publish yearbooks, digital magazines, online menus and more.

  • PDFs are great for documents, but when you’re looking for an option closer to a printed book, using a flipbook creator like Issuu is the natural next step. Digital flipbooks give you that page-turning experience and also add that extra bit of interactivity; you can add links, navigate to pages easily, and embed videos! Unlike your standard PDF, our digital flipbooks have analytics, keeping the entire team on track with which version is live and what content is being read. With a PDF, the only metric you can track is how many people have downloaded it, whereas with our flipbooks, you can track clicks, downloads, views, reads, and all sorts of valuable metrics!

  • Issuu is the go-to flipbook maker with both free and paid accounts. You can easily upload your finalized publication on Issuu and convert it into the perfect flipbook. Transform that scrolling PDF to a page-turning flipbook in the blink of an eye! Try Issuu for free, or upgrade your account for more premium features; Issuu has an account for all of your digital flipbook needs.

  • To convert a PDF into a flipbook, create an account with Issuu and upload your PDF. We'll transform it into a digital flipbook that you can easily share and distribute in just a few clicks.

  • With Canva’s expansive library of templates and Issuu’s user-friendly digital publishing platform, creating a flipbook in Canva and exporting it to Issuu takes minutes. Simply log into your Canva account, search for Issuu in Canva’s app marketplace, and connect your Issuu account. After finalizing your Canva design, click on the Issuu icon and select “Save your design to Issuu” for immediate export. Then, switch to Issuu in a new browser tab to elevate your design with interactive features like web links, shopping links, videos, and more.

  • To create a digital flipbook using Canva templates, start by signing into your Canva account. Navigate to the templates section and choose a design that suits your project's theme or goal. Once you've personalized your template, click on the Issuu icon in your Canva workspace to export your design directly to Issuu, where you can further enhance your flipbook with interactive features before publishing it for your audience to enjoy.

Transform static files into digital flipbooks in minutes.

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