If you’re looking for an effective digital tool to help convert a PDF into a digital flipbook, join the millions of people who use Issuu's flipbook maker to turn their ideas into reality. Create impactful content with Issuu’s flipbook maker that will engage your audience and help you reach your goals.

What is a Flipbook?

A flipbook is an immersive online version of traditionally printed content such as booklets, brochures, magazines, newspapers, and more. A benefit of flipbooks is that they can be infused with media and other elements like links and videos. Distribution becomes easier and more cost-effective, as links to your flipbooks can be added to emails, shared on social media, or turned into QR codes for in-person scanning. You can display Issuu Flipbooks seamlessly on your website with our copy-and-paste Embeds.

Flipbooks have turnable pages just like printed books, but flipbooks give you statistics on who is reading your publications, allow you to boost interactivity with links and video content, and help you reach a global audience with the click of a button.

Issuu platform with all the features to create a flipbook

How to Make a Flipbook

  1. Create new content with InDesign or use a Canva template to make your content. You can also upload files directly from your favorite Cloud storage tool.

  2. Convert PDFs to Flipbooks on Issuu’s all-in-one platform.

  3. Add in interactive features like shoppable Links and embedded Video. Or monetize your publication with Digital Sales. 

  4. Hit the ‘Publish’ button and share your flipbook anywhere your audience is.

Who Can Use Flipbooks?


Flipbooks create an up-to-date portfolio that’s ready to share with potential clients, employers, or your audience.

Architecture Professionals

Showcase ideas for prospective clients and catalog the process for each project with each flipbook.

Real Estate Professionals

A flipbook is an excellent tool for real estate professionals to empower their clients to learn about the most relevant listings in the area.


Marketers can create a multimedia experience with embedded videos and links, distraction-free fullscreen sharing, and then transform content for social media and email marketing.

Corporate Professionals

Corporate communications can be simplified with Issuu's all-in-one platform. Make annual reports, business proposals, and employee onboarding stand out with Issuu.


Flipbooks make an excellent online portfolio, which is a valuable tool for students applying for internships and other programs.


Educators can use Flipbooks as part of their curriculum to engage the audience's attention through embedded videos and links to support material with additional resources.

Travel Marketers

Whether it's a cruise itinerary, sales brochure, or tour guide, travel marketers can leverage Issuu's interactive features to give travelers an original experience before they’ve even arrived.

How to Make Your PDF Interactive

With Issuu, it's easy to create an interactive PDF and publish it in about the same amount of time as it takes to send an email.

Add Links to a PDF

When you add links to a PDF online, you bring that document to life and invite readers to connect with the material in a broader context. Links drive action and allow you to put offers and products directly in your document.

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Embed Videos

Add YouTube and Vimeo videos directly into your PDF to transform it into a dynamic reading experience. Our Videos feature makes it easy to turn your flipbook into a unique multimedia experience.

embedding videos on the Issuu platform

Fullscreen Sharing

Deliver an immersive digital reading experience using a single link that presents your Issuu Flipbook in fullscreen. Presenting your content with Fullscreen Sharing helps create a focused reading experience that’s free from distractions.

fullscreen sharing feature on the Issuu platform

Digital Sales

Publish and monetize content in one convenient workflow. Add links to your content that direct readers to your eCommerce site or use our Digital Sales feature to sell single issues and ongoing subscriptions.

Monetizing your publication using the Digital Sales feature on the Issuu platform

Embed Flipbook

Boost visibility to your content by adding an interactive PDF Flipbook to your website with Issuu’s Embed feature. Simply copy and paste our easy pre-generated embed code – no coding skills required!

Embed flipbooks on your website using the Issuu platform

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