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Issuu's page-turning format combines text, photos, and video to bring your listings to life in stunning detail. Transform a single file—such as a digital brochure, property flyer, or moving guide—into multiple real estate marketing assets that connect buyers and sellers like never before. Use interactive content to inform clients' purchase decisions, guide them through virtual property tours, and help them find the right home in record time.

Succeed by going digital

When you create a digital real estate brochure with Issuu, you're not simply selling a house; you’re conveying a vision and telling a story to your potential buyer. Elevate your brand and answer homebuyers' questions in a single Flipbook with FAQs, home tours, floor plans, images, videos, and links to trusted inspectors or local government resources. Then, share your real estate content across all channels with a simple link. Boost clients' confidence in the red-hot housing market with Issuu.

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All-in-one content marketing tool for realtors

The real estate market moves fast. We have the tools that don’t just help you keep up, they keep you ahead of the pack. Issuu gives your content a life of its own. From a real estate brochure that includes exclusive virtual walkthroughs and detailed layouts, to real estate marketing flyers that highlight your listings in stunning detail and market reports that include links to important data, Issuu gives you the power to elevate your brand to new heights.

Collaborate with fellow realtors and brokers

Great content is a team effort. Issuu for Teams enables real estate teams to streamline their digital content publishing and approval processes by unlocking access, management, and control over content libraries for groups of users. Accelerate productivity and simplify content management, empowering your team to effortlessly get ahead in the competitive housing market.

Repurpose your assets and streamline your marketing

Issuu makes it easy to repurpose your real estate brochures or real estate marketing flyers into various formats for different channels, like GIFs, Social Posts, and Articles. Just pick the sharing feature best suited for that channel and you’re all set. You even save time creating content to suit each platform. Create once and share anywhere.

Make home buying and selling an interactive experience

A static PDF simply isn’t enough to motivate buyers, sellers, or prospective tenants. Create a real estate brochure online that can capture your viewer’s imagination by putting them in the middle of the action. Now your static PDF is an engaging piece of real estate marketing material in the form of a digital flipbook that contains Videos, Links, and images. Let your prospective buyers tour your homes without ever leaving their living room!

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Create a real estate brochure online to showcase a property in depth. Your real estate brochure can include information about the property alongside embedded video tours, layouts, and photography – giving buyers “the full picture” before they ever step foot inside the house. Plus, a digital format lets you make updates and changes whenever you need to. This helps save time and keep the content accurate and up-to-date.


Real estate marketing flyers are an essential tool to get the word out about your listed properties and services. You can promote and announce open houses with far more reach than a few roadside balloons ever could! Additionally, you can generate buzz by linking directly to your real estate digital brochure from QR codes on your “For Sale” signs and even include an RSVP link.


Buyers and sellers want as much info as possible to help them navigate a sale, which is why a well-crafted real estate newsletter is important. A newsletter informs and engages your community while branding yourself as the go-to expert in your area. Your newsletter is an essential tool for keeping everyone up-to-date on the local market and helping you stay top of mind for clients, referrals, and future contracts.

Social Media Content

Real estate agents are finding clients, selling homes, and growing their brands online through social media. Enable GIF preview and Articles to share an optimized preview of your real estate brochure to all your social accounts. When it comes to social media, make the most of multiple platforms to help build trust by delivering visual experiences. You can also create local groups or pages to tap into audiences.


Issuu gives you what you need to turn your real estate brochure or real estate marketing flyers into stunning presentations. Flipbooks make the reading experience fully interactive and more fun than scrolling through an endless PDF. When you enable the Fullscreen Sharing feature, your real estate digital brochure becomes an immersive experience that can be shared or presented anywhere.

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Real Estate: FAQs

  • A real estate professional knows that selling a home is more than just showing someone four walls and a roof. It’s important to convey the entire experience to the viewer, and there's no better way to do that than with engaging creative assets that up the “wow factor.” High-quality images are a must. Video walkthroughs are even better. We make it easy to add both to your real estate digital brochure. But brochures are just the beginning of real estate content. You can also create eBooks and blog posts about important topics like “the ultimate guide to selling a home” or “best practices for representing a buyer.”

  • When you create a real estate brochure online there are a few things to keep in mind. It’s important to remember that your brochure is a representation of you and your brand, not just the property. List the property details, amenities, and features without being too wordy or flooding your real estate brochure with copy. Make sure all of your photos are high quality and include important links that will encourage the viewer to take the next step.  Last but not least, don’t forget your contact information!

  • Real estate marketing flyers usually give a brief overview of one or more properties with less detail than a brochure. Just because there is less information does not mean it should be any less engaging than your real estate brochure. Always include your best images in the flyer and include succinct descriptions that capture the reader's attention at a glance. Your flyer is a great way to announce open houses and price reductions, so don’t forget to embed a link to your calendar.

  • There’s no better way to set yourself apart as a realtor than with an engaging newsletter. Use your newsletter to give a quick overview of the real estate ecosystem in your area while remaining personable yet professional. Some people may search for a home for a year or more before making a purchase. Use your newsletter to nurture your contacts by keeping them up to date on new listings. For an effective newsletter encourage new clients and even colleagues to join your mailing list.

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