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Create content for every channel.

Issuu turns PDFs and other file types into digital Flipbooks and shareable content types. Upload a document, watch it transform, and enhance it with interactive features like Videos and Links. Easily share the URL, Embed it onto your website, and sell content with Digital Sales. Promote your work across all channels with Social Posts, Articles, and GIFs.

1. Create

Upload static files to convert them into a suite of engaging forms of content, ready to be published.

2. Publish

Publish digital content onto the Issuu platform and enrich it with links, videos, and more.

3. Share

Share your work across various social media channels quickly, easily, and in the right format.

4. Analyze

Track important metrics like impressions, reads, and read time to make data-driven decisions about your content.

Add Issuu to your digital workspace.

With seamless integrations to popular cloud storage providers and creative tools, Issuu works perfectly with your existing tech stack. Streamline your entire content creation-to-distribution workflow!
Add Issuu to your digital workspace.

Engage your readers.

Issuu's all-in-one digital publishing platform turns your files into engaging and original reading experiences.
Engage your readers.

Grow your audience with important insights.

Make data-driven decisions by monitoring the performance of your content with Statistics. Meaningful insights about audience engagement help you analyze, adapt, and promote your work. Visualize data and generate reports that can be downloaded and shared.
Best of all? Take what you learn about your audience to monetize your content with commission-free Digital Sales.
Grow your audience with important insights.

Choose a plan tailored to your content needs.

For Individuals

Create, publish, share, and analyze your content all in one platform.

  • Publish and host custom Flipbooks

  • Get advanced embedding options

  • Sell Flipbooks commission-free

  • Incorporate your branding

  • Format your content for every channel

  • Access in-depth statistics

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For Enterprises

Work better together and collaborate in private team workspaces.

  • Manage and share content at scale

  • Add multiple users with access controls

  • Team up in private workspaces

  • Incorporate your branding

  • Gain control with administrative oversight

  • Receive custom training and support

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See why people love Issuu.

Issuu is the platform of choice for individual creators and companies everywhere.

Ready to digitize your content?

Ready to digitize your content?

Try Issuu for free, or select a pricing plan with the features that fit your needs.

Discover and read amazing publications.

Check out millions of inspiring publications in our extensive library from users around the world. From travel to fashion, food to pets, arts & crafts, and so much more, you can find it all right here on Issuu.
Discover and read amazing publications.

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