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Turn static files into page-turning digital publications and generate an entire suite of campaign-ready content formats. With our social media post builder, promoting your content across channels has never been easier. Instead of sharing links to blogs, eBooks, and other collateral, create eye-catching Social Posts that go directly to reader-friendly flipbooks. Issuu helps you create and distribute social media content that will make your audience stop scrolling.

Why do social media managers choose Issuu?

We’ve made it easy for social media managers to incorporate our social media post creator into their workflow. Whether your brand uses social media to generate leads, sales, or brand awareness, developing content that engages and ultimately converts is priority #1.

Issuu is the all-in-one solution to help social media managers like you create a slideshow for social media and share your digital publication across all your channels. Our social media slideshow maker is mobile-friendly and looks great on any device.

Everything you create with Issuu is easily embedded into all of your social platforms in an instant.

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Create motion-graphic stories for social

Stories are an engaging way to reach a wide audience and connect with followers. Issuu’s Visual Stories make it easy to turn your Issuu flipbooks into dynamic story content. Our social media slideshow maker adds flair to your social presence.

Repurpose content with Articles

Different channels have different styles and best practices to keep in mind. Some platforms, like Twitter, are more text-based. Others, like Instagram, are mainly visual. With the Articles feature in our social media post builder, you can reuse text and images to repurpose your content for different channels.

Monetize your content with subscriptions and Digital Sales

Sell solo publications or build a recurring subscription offering by creating influential content with Digital Sales on Issuu. This is a great way to set up a passive income stream, monetize your content, or supplement a podcast or vlog series to offer your fans a unique multi-channel experience.

Specific solutions for social media managers:

Digital Flipbooks

There’s more than meets the eye when you add a digital flipbook to your social media arsenal. While you give your audience an interactive way to engage with your brand, you can collect data from visits to your publication with Issuu Statistics and get a better understanding of exactly which content is really hitting the mark. Track clicks, impressions, and read time to monitor the performance of your marketing strategy and adjust in real-time.

Photo album

Our social media creator lets you incorporate an exciting and customizable photo album directly into your marketing efforts. If you need to tell your story at a glance, there's no better way to do it than by adding a photo album. You can add video assets directly into the album to engage your followers in greater detail. The album is cloud storage ready so your original files can be easily accessed, and your team can contribute images which you can then upload to our social media post builder through our Google Drive integration.


Nothing lets you showcase your best work quite like a well-rounded portfolio. Our social media post builder has you covered from start to finish. The same features that enable dynamic social sharing help you present examples of your work in an attention-grabbing, professional format. The Fullscreen feature keeps your work front and center, distraction free. You can add links, images, and videos to show your work rather than just talk about it.


If you’ve taken the time to write and publish an eBook, it should be prominently displayed on all of your social channels. Social media is one of your best resources to sell your eBook directly through Issuu as a standalone publication or as part of a reader-based subscription. While social media gets the word out, you can easily track the performance of your publication all the way down to average read time.


Your presentation or pitch deck can be beautifully displayed with the help of our social media slideshow maker. Social media sharing is all about creating a digital community, engaging with them on every level, and showcasing what you are doing. Share your presentation to your social channels and really show your audience what you have to offer. Engaging with your audience is as easy as 1-2-3.

Social Media Managers FAQs

  • You can repurpose your Issuu publications into shareable Social Posts. Select individual elements from your publication and piece them together to create a social media post. You can then save and promote it on all your social media handles.

  • You can easily share a PDF to Facebook with our social media post creator. After you’ve uploaded your PDF to Issuu, simply copy the embed code, paste it to your status bar, and click share! You shared your PDF in just 3 simple steps. Learn about more ways to use Facebook for business on the Issuu blog.

  • Creating content for social media is no longer a time consuming task! With the ability to take your content and transform it into flipbooks, Article Stories, and Visual Stories, you can spend less time creating and more time interacting with your audience. The perfect social media content starts with something visual and something informative that engages users. Your social media platforms are a showcase for your product or service, so vary your content as much as possible.

  • There are so many ways to leverage social media for business. When you post for your brand on social media, try to tell your story and connect with your audience. Post to them, not at them. Experiment by posting infographics, GIFs, and videos; you can even create a slideshow for social media. No matter what you decide to post, try to post consistently and stick to a posting schedule. Know your audience and demographics on each platform.

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