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Digital Lookbook Maker

Step into the spotlight with Issuu's digital lookbook creator, the ideal tool for fashion retailers and consumer brands aiming to dazzle with pixel-perfect aesthetics. Turn your latest collection into an interactive viewing experience as stylish and sophisticated as the products you want to promote. With Issuu, you're equipped to:

  • Captivate viewers with realistic page-flipping effects

  • Add depth and detail to your collection with Links and Videos

  • Maximize visibility by Embedding digital lookbooks on your website

  • Attract new customers through easy sharing with Social Posts

  • Understand your perfect audience with built-in Statistics

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Digital Lookbooks on any device, from desktop, to mobile.

What is a lookbook?

A digital lookbook is a visual showcase of designs, collections, and products. Issuu simplifies the creation and distribution of digital lookbooks, enabling brands, designers, and retailers to captivate and connect with their audience on a global scale. Hosting your online lookbook as a Flipbook on Issuu gives you the best of both worlds: a shoppable catalog experience with the creativity of a lookbook. Plus, you can share, monetize, and gain insights into your lookbook's impact within a user-friendly platform.

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How to create a digital lookbook:

  1. Upload the PDF or other accepted file type to create a digital lookbook.

  2. Convert your file into an Issuu Flipbook that replicates the look and feel of a classic print lookbook with flippable pages and the convenience of a digital format.

  3. Bring your digital lookbook to life by adding interactive elements like online shopping links and videos.

  4. Connect your digital lookbook with the rest of your content by adding it to your website with our no-code Embed feature.

Captivate with powerful interactivity.

Make your fashion creations come alive with embeddable Videos that dive deeper into the story you want to tell. Then, turn inspiration into action by integrating shopping Links directly into your pages, allowing your audience to shop your collection as they browse.

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Illustrate your artistic vision with seamless integrations.

Designing a visually stunning digital lookbook has never been easier, thanks to Issuu's app on Canva and add-on for Adobe Express. These integrations enable creators of all skill levels to make professional-looking lookbooks that mirror the latest fashion trends, tips, and insights. Whether starting from scratch or building on existing concepts, Issuu ensures your vision comes to life elegantly and easily.

see your lookbook with visual stories

Generate omnichannel buzz.

Instantly generate eye-catching GIFs, Social Posts, and mobile-friendly Articles directly from your digital lookbook design. These visual snippets are perfect for grabbing attention across all channels. Issuu makes sharing your brand's story and latest collections easier than ever.

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Digital Lookbook: Frequently Asked Questions

  • A lookbook serves as a visual storytelling tool for brands, showcasing their latest collection in a way that highlights style, atmosphere, and creativity. It's designed to inspire and captivate the audience, offering them a glimpse into the brand's aesthetic and the lifestyle it promotes.

  • Designing a lookbook involves selecting a cohesive theme, choosing high-quality images that reflect your brand's style, and arranging content in an aesthetically pleasing layout. To easily create a lookbook that engages your audience, you can use Issuu’s integrations with top design tools like Canva or Adobe Express.

  • A catalog lists products, descriptions, and prices, serving as a direct sales tool. On the other hand, a lookbook is more about brand storytelling and inspiration, showcasing products in styled photographs and thematic layouts to evoke feelings and convey a lifestyle.

  • Lookbook photos should capture the essence of your collection and brand identity. Use natural lighting, choose cohesive settings and backgrounds, and ensure your photos tell a story. Consider hiring a professional photographer to achieve high-quality, visually appealing images that align with your lookbook's theme and goals.

  • To turn your PDF into a dynamic digital lookbook with Issuu, simply upload your PDF file to Issuu. Our intuitive platform will transform it into an engaging, interactive lookbook that you can share across all channels. Then, enhance your lookbook with videos, links, and more to captivate your audience and showcase your brand in a whole new light. It’s a straightforward process designed to elevate your content effortlessly.

Ready to inspire and captivate your audience with an interactive digital lookbook?

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