Turn a single document into a winning campaign.

Transform static documents – like agency portfolios, press kits, brand books, and client presentations – into digital flipbooks that attract, inform, and engage. Issuu streamlines your creation-to-distribution workflow by turning a single PDF into an entire range of marketing assets, so you can focus on being the compass that sets brands in motion.

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Promote expert-led services and generate leads.

Uplift your agency’s visibility and reputation in target markets – and that of your clients – by publishing on Issuu. Deliver tailored solutions with top-notch customization capabilities, creating new possibilities when you Embed content right onto your website, expand your reach across channels with Social Posts and Articles, or sway prospective customers with a Fullscreen view of your best work. 

Assess data, impress clients.

Track the success of campaigns and keep reporters in the loop with built-in Statistics, quickly surfacing valuable insights about content performance before compiling them into meaningful reports. Monitor important metrics like impressions, reads, clicks, and downloads to make data-driven decisions that lead to winning campaigns.

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Collaborate across teams and time zones.

Issuu for Teams enables agencies and their clients to streamline their digital content publishing and approval processes by unlocking access, management, and control over content libraries for groups of users. Accelerate productivity and simplify content management, giving power back to your clients, while staying on-brand all the time.

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Embed your work everywhere your audience lives.

Put digital publications on key pages with no-code embedding. Whether you’re a team of one or a ten-person powerhouse, Issuu flipbooks are customizable, shareable, and easy to embed. Whether it’s a brand book or a client’s digital catalog, simply copy the pre-generated code and paste it into your website builder or CMS.

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Share content effortlessly across channels.

Marketing, PR, and advertising agencies can create visual masterpieces for social media. Repurpose your content with eye-catching Social Posts – from your flipbook or from scratch – that will attract and convert audiences in seconds. Get discovered by prospective customers and partners when and where they need you most. And, for clients, give their content the visibility it deserves.

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Agency Portfolios

If you want to land your ideal clients and deliver outstanding results, your portfolio is the proof they need to see. Turn new leads into paying clients with a digital collection of your agency’s best work, and make it shine with fully customizable Fullscreen viewing. Stay on-brand with an agency portfolio that looks as good as your work by enriching it with dynamic elements, high-quality visuals, and more.

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Press Releases

Share important messages more effectively with a press release - and elevate it with images, shareable GIFs, Articles, and impactful interactivity. When publishing big news like product announcements and launches, give readers access to additional resources using Links within your publication. Videos also enrich the navigation experience for journalists and industry analysts.

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Brand Books

From designers to marketers to sales teams, a brand book helps align everyone in communicating consistent messaging. Easily create a stunning brand book with our Canva and InDesign integrations, and add Links, images, and Videos to increase engagement and impress your audience. Having a high-quality brand book ensures consistent delivery of a company’s unified message that's always on-brand.

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Pitch Decks

With an interactive pitch deck, you can easily present your expertise in a visually appealing way, keeping potential customers and partners engaged. Add Videos to enhance your message, include Links to resources, and do more in a matter of minutes. Grow your business, show off your excellent work, and close deals using an interactive pitch deck presentation to share and access on any device.

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Brand Guidelines

Create interactive brand guidelines to ensure consistency and distinguish content. From typography and color to logos and imagery, a well-made brand guideline publication leads the tone of your designs, maintains efficiency, and supports brand cohesiveness, from business cards and websites to admin materials and office spaces. Make it dynamic, enhance it with outstanding visuals, and share it in one click.

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Client Reports

Reports are crucial in retaining clients over time. They allow you to demonstrate the value of your work and showcase new opportunities to existing customers to upsell your services. Ensure growth by demonstrating professionalism, expertise, and value with an impactful embedded report you can publish and distribute in minutes. With Statistics to validate it all, you’re sure to impress.

Transform content into winning campaigns.

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