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VAIL, United States

Vail, Aspen en Español Magazine was started and created in 2013 by Scherezada Milfeld. The magazine’s location resides in the colorful mountains of Vail, Colorado and since has expanded throughout the western sectors of Colorado. Vail and Aspen en Español Magazine brings local communities the Latin flavors needed to attract the continuous growing Latin American demographics. Vail and Aspen en Español Magazine is a lavish publication with a luxurious lifestyle approach and good taste. It is a magazine with a popular appeal to its audience and has a commitment to be a platform for artists, celebrities, positive public figures, and individuals who represent the vision and image of Vail and Aspen en Español Magazine. Vail and Aspen en Español Magazine, through its magazine and editorial content, is a vessel to inform consumers about principles in everyday business, luxury living, restaurants, destinations, art, social events, fashion, and beauty, and will encourage interaction among its consumers. It is