Schmiede Hallein

Hallein, Austria


playground of ideas

Schmiede is a festival for producers – a playground where ideas are nurtured and come to life.

Schmiede stands for three things: create, network, present.

Schmiede empowers the process of social networking by bringing together the essentials: space, infrastructure, food, people, and freedom to explore. Here you’ll find like-minded friends and associates to push your work to another level. There are no teachers at Schmiede, just around 250 people, experts and students in their professions and spheres of interest.

The Schmiede network revolves around digital media but is comprised of much more. Over the years we have hosted smiths from all sorts of backgrounds. Many return each year to Hallein by Salzburg in Austria. Together we create a new Schmiede.

Schmiede is a collective process: it doesn’t matter who we are, what matters is what we want.

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