MK Flyers LTD

MK Flyers LTD

Milton Keynes, United Kingdom

MK Flyers was established in March 2006 and is based in Milton Keynes. MK Flyers is the parent company that encompasses several different business initiatives, including the MK Flyer magazine, MK Flyers Online and MKF Design.

The MK Flyer

The first version of the Flyer was delivered to 2,000 homes in Newport Pagnell. From there, MK Flyers went from strength to strength. Distribution grew to 6,000 copies, which are still delivered today in Newport Pagnell.

We now produce five versions of the MK Flyer, to cover North, South, East, West Milton Keynes, and deliver 44,000 copies, potentially reaching over 120,000 people. This gives our clients the unique opportunity to advertise only in their desired part of Milton Keynes, thereby accurately pinpointing their target market.