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mkflyers February 2014

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elcome to the February edition of the MK Flyer.

January is typically the month for new resolutions and setting goals, have you made yours yet and how many of you have already fallen off the wagon! With Valentines looming, have you sorted out that special something for the special someone in your life? yourlocalmap launched back in January 2014 and has been well received by the local business community with some big names in Milton Keynes booking their place. For more info about yourlocalmap please check


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4 Weeks FREE Storage When You Store For 8

Let us help you all the way... • Clean, safe and secure storage • From small rooms to bulk storage • Ideal for home and business storage • Store from 1 week or for as long as you want • Prices from £10 per week • Help with van hire and removal companies • Flexible low cost office space also available

Call us today on 01908 281900

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Lok’nStore Etheridge Ave Brinklow Milton Keynes, Bucks MK10 0BB

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Cloudy2Clear Windows - Service with a smile!


t’s been a crazy few months for Cloudy2Clear Windows. The company which specialises in repairing windows which are steamed up, broken or damaged by replacing the panes - not the frames has grown rapidly as homeowners take advantage of their services. Managing Director Billy Harley feels that it’s all about service. ‘Our product is simple. If your double glazing is misted up we can replace the glass at a fraction of the cost of a new window, in any type of frame, and with a new 5 year guarantee. But it’s not just about saving people money, although that obviously helps. Many tradespeople have struggled since last year and I honestly feel that during the good times a minority perhaps didn’t focus on customer care as much as they should have done. We make sure we turn up when we say we will, do the job the

customer requires and leave their house as clean as a whistle. I often get comments back from customers on how they really didn’t expect that sort of service which, in a way, is very sad for the service industry as a whole. ’ Cloudy2Clear service the Milton Keynes, Bedford and Leighton Buzzard areas and Billy is finding that his approach is a major factor in his success. ‘The truth is that it’s not just the personal satisfaction that I get from doing a good job but also it makes good business sense. I get a huge amount of business from friends and family of people I’ve done work for, which just goes to show how much a little bit of effort is appreciated .’

So, if your windows are steamed up, broken or damaged give Billy a cal l for a free quotation on 0800 61 21 118 and he’ll be happy to help!


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Positive living How do you feel? Whether positive or negative, we are led by feelings and emotions long before any thoughts we might think. We trust our ears, eyes and belief structures. We trust personal experiences and all we’ve lived through first hand, up-to-date. No matter how hard we seem to work or what we try to put in place, we can feel that life is difficult and against us; so we subconsciously cut our life cloth with this viewpoint uppermost in mind, strengthening and compounding what silently we think and hold as being true. Yet what if we could tell you that much of life unfolding is not quite as you’d really expect; if we could prove undeniably, through ongoing experience, that life itself is rooting for you - to excel and win through - in a very real, practical, down-to-earth manner; and that you’re capable of riches, of peace, love, health and happiness way beyond what you may have witnessed or gained from life so far? And who is to say who should fail or should succeed; or who should have a hard life or a nice easy journey? For all your hard work, where’s it written that you can’t be successful yourself? Your story began way before your actual birth in this time frame, but for now we will start from the womb... Whilst still just an embryo within your own mother’s womb you were conditioned for what would lay ahead. You comprise both the best and the worst of your parent’s attributes at the very point of your physical conception. Should you examine your character closely you will see many traits that can prove this very well, only now this is karma that you’ll need to overcome and work through as strengths or weakness, to gain experience and talents that you’ll call upon at some future stage in your journey - as your story unfolds. For nine further months your mother programmed your initial cell memory and therefore your DNA structure - by the dominant viewpoints and outlook she carried, by what she herself went through, by how she felt, thought and acted through beliefs and experiences, and by how she dealt with life ongoing throughout pregnancy… If on the whole life to her seemed hard or uncaring, or an unfriendly, unfruitful, hard challenging place to be – you too will have inherited those expectations to some extent on deep levels. If all was good, kind, bright and nurturing, you too will have these traits, as you breeze naturally through circumstances and situations that present. Your mother prepared you emotionally and energetically for conditions that would lay ahead, for what circumstances would be dominant within your birthing life, as before birth you would have chosen what you’d need. All these things and more would begin your conditioning as the formation of early building blocks of character. Yet who were your parents but young people in their own right, with hopes, dreams, goals and outlooks of their own. They just like you simply needed to belong; they were searching for love, truth and meaning within their own unfolding story, in the same manner as generations before...

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The person you are today depends entirely on how you process information that presents. If you believe life is a struggle – then it will be (for you directly program what happens through your beliefs). If you’re relaxed and can keep calm, taking events in your stride, then life will flow better for and with you. You trust your feelings. You trust your thoughts. You trust other people and what they say. You work with your emotions, wants, needs and gut feelings as they fluctuate, duck and dive throughout each day. Yet many of these things are but false indicators because they’re prone to chop and change in an instant. What you feel this very moment will differ even in ten minutes – so what is real? What through life unfolding would guide you better? Every moment witnessed is a blank, clear, open, empty space that you can utilise and shape with free will - without exception. This is ‘your life’ that you live daily out. Nothing unbeatable stands blocking your path. You are free! You can move, think and act as you wish. Many thoughts and deep held beliefs that you carry will trigger chemical reactions in your body as work them. These feed your emotions which in turn fuel your health and how you feel. How you feel programs your thoughts - then how you think, speak, act and react – which in turn triggers emotions - and all continues in long endless cycles… until suddenly you realise and stop - to then change the way you think and thereby live. How you feel and act out your life is up to you, but everything that occurs has repercussions... As much as you are able, begin to notice what crops up to uplift or pull you down. If you can remain more aware as each day unfolds, you can start to change the programming that drives you daily that you live by... No one towers over us – dictating who ‘will sink or swim’. We do it all by ourselves on a moment to moment, thought by thought basis. Let 2014 be the year that you finally get your rewards and your life back on track, that your dreams and goals be recognised and obtained. Your future is bright and beckoning. You have simply to let it in - for in the end a life well lived – was just for you. You are FREE. You are POWERFUL. You are real time life - UNFOLDING and DEVELOPING by degree.

STEPHANIE J. KIN G SOULPRENEUR ™ Author of ‘And So It Begins... Life is Calling... Divine Guidance and ‘BELIEVE & AC HIEVE’ (to empower and de-stress teens). www.stephaniejkin

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The Will Writing Company i-Centre, Howard Way, Newport Pagnell, Milton Keynes MK16 9PY Tel: 01908 299411

Free Will & Testament

The Will Writing Company is celebrating its 21st Year in business and is offering a free Will & Testament (joint or single) to all readers of MK Flyers. If you have been meaning to make a Will, now is your chance to take advantage of this exclusive offer and give you and your loved ones peace of mind. By making a Will, you decide who takes care of your children and who inherits your estate. Storage facility optional. To take advantage of this offer and book an appointment or for further information please call our offices on the above number between the hours of 9:00am-5:30pm Monday to Friday.

OFFER ENDS 28th February 2014 Terms and Conditions. Office appointments only. This voucher can not be exchange for cash The voucher must be produced at your appointment.


This voucher entitles you to a FREE Mirror Will (normal cost ÂŁ125) or a FREE Single Will (normal cost ÂŁ85)

Valid until 28th February 2014 The Will Writing Company

i-Centre, Howard Way, Newport Pagnell, Milton Keynes MK16 9PY

Tel 01908 299411


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Audi A6 Allroad 3.0TDI Quattro Reviewed 11/1/14


his car looks the part on and off road.

The engine on this car is a 3.0 TDI which has excellent performance considering the size of the car and its sad to say it feels a lot more refined than the VW 4x4 we test drove in December.

pretty good off road capabilities so it really give you peace of mind in the winter. The gear change and ride on this multi-tronic gear box was extremely smooth, these German boys certainly know how to build a car!! Inside this car is stunning the interior is a work of Art the model we drove had full leather and so many extras I can’t list them I really liked the Sat Nav how it seamlessly popped out the dash and all the brushed aluminium felt very special. Audis MMi system is also very impressive, this is computer which controls everything on the Car from the ride to the sat nav and again this is a great system and very user friendly even connecting my phone to the blue tooth was very easy, on some cars now it seems you need a degree in IT even to do this. It’s also really nice that this great looking estate car also has

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This really doesn’t have any rivals, other companies have all road cars but not of

this size. It drives great & looks good my only criticism would be its fuel economy isn’t great, they maybe should have made a 2.0TDi allroad option although they do an A4 allroad 2.0tdi if your budget can not stretch to this one. MPH = 40 Combine d Top speed = 139 0-60 = 7.9 CO2 = 189 On the road price £4 5,525 (Lease price £495+v at over 3 years with 6 payments up front based on 10k miles a year)

To advertise call 01908 850550

Great deals available for business and personal users on all makes and models

Get a new car from ÂŁ99 a month MILTON KEYNES STORE

By Phone: 01908 617708 By Email:


By Phone: 01234 218300 By Email:

Cracked, damaged or broken windscreen or body glass? Download our APP Over 30 Years Experience in fitting and repairing windscreens! We offer services in windscreens and body glass for A family Private, Commercial and Agricultural Vehicles. We are run business also a specialist in Classic and Prestige Motor Vehicles established

Call now on:

since 2002

07813 611170 or 01908 216677

Your Professional, Bespoke, Mobile Valeting Service We can valet your car, motorcycle, caravan, jetski, boat, light aircraft or commercial vehicle at your home or place of work Dri Wash Valeting guarantee to clean your vehicle back to showroom condition. Comfortable service - Attention to detail Stunning results - Environmentally friendly

In the motor industry?

Advertise here!

Contact us on 01908 850550 Please mention mkflyers when responding to adverts

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Welcome to Pro-Max

We are a family-run business with traditional values and offer a professional personal service that will guarantee customer satisfaction DRIVEWAYS Pro-Max have invested in a high tech revolutionary new system which will restore your surface to near new. Our industrial machines are more powerful than any equipment you can hire; they are also installed with a ‘no mess technology’ unlike the traditional lances that our competitors may use. Our Driveway maintenance/cleaning service safely removes years of dirt, moss and algae, even the most stubborn surface stains will be removed without using chemicals but still leaving your driveway looking as good as new. Not only does this cleaning give your property a ‘facelift’ it also eradicates slippery pathways that can cause unnecessary accidents. GUTTERING Using our advanced latest Gutter Vac system we can clear your gutters thoroughly and safely from ground level, no ladders or scaffolding used. Pro-Max have invested in the latest high tech CCTV camera and monitor technology and by using the CCTV camera we are able to continually monitor the works progress. Our vacuum system is driven by triple motors leaving your guttering clean and free of debris. This will ensure that you, the customer, will get the best value for money.

Get your slippery pathways, patios and driveway’s professionally cleaned to avoid any unnecessary accidents No Mess, No Chemicals Used

Pro-Max is committed to maintaining high standards of health and safety and complying with environment regulations. Your satisfaction is of paramount importance to us as we work strongly on recommendations and therefore promise to deliver exceptionally high standards. Call today for your no obligation free site assessment and quotation. Mobile: 07809 330030, Office: 01234 713976 email: For further information on our specialist services please visit our websites:



On Driveway Cleaning

or Gutter Clearing

When you mention MK


Offer valid until 28 Feb 201


Professional gutter clearing

Using the latest CCTV technology! Avoid damage and costly repair bills to your property Domestic and commercial No scaffolding or ladders

Aftercare solutions can keep it like new for years to come Call today for your free, no obligation site assessment and quotation

Call today for your free, no obligation site assessment and quotation



Tel: 01234 713976 Mob: 07809 330030 12 mkflyers

Tel: 01234 713976 Mob: 07809 330030

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Sudoku The complete, professional service for: • Digital TV aerials, DAB, FM • LED, plasma & LCD installations • Multi Room Audio (Sonos etc) • Home cinema • Sky installations & multiroom • Extra TV points & Sky links

• Freesat • Door entry • Home networking • CCTV • Foreign satellite • Telephone & ethernet points • New build solutions

For more details contact us now

0800 1116295 07944 823385


Commercial & Domestic Flooring Specialists 39a High Street Woburn Sands MK17 8RB VISIT OUR SHOWROOM Monday: Appt only Tuesday: 10am - 5pm Wednesday: 10am - 5pm Thursday: 10am - 7pm Friday: 10am - 5pm Saturday: 9am - 1pm Sunday: Closed



A FINE SELECTION OF PERSIAN HANDMADE RUGS, MODERN & TRADITIONAL DESIGNS “Simply Quality, Simply Affordable, All Year Round’’ Telephone 01908 281600 Email:

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ow to play. It’s simple! Fill in the grid so that each row, column and 3x3 box, contains the numbers 1 through to 9 with no repetition. You don’t need to be a genius. These puzzles use logic alone.

Watch out! Sudoku is highly addictive. Solution on page 40

Farmyard Word Search

Can you find the farm related words in the puzzle below?

Stephanie J. King Soulpreneur

BELIEVE & ACHIEVE This unique Teen Meditation cd is guaranteed to de-stress any teen or young adult immediately... barn • crops • dairy • farmer • farmhouse • field haystack • plough • stable • tractor

(A corresponding book for kindle and smart phones is also available for download at approx. £2.00)

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Cleaning the way you want it cleaned Please call us if you are looking for a fully vetted police checked, insured cleaner. 3Regular cleans 3New build cleans 3Spring cleans 3Oven cleaning 3Tenancy cleans 3Carpet cleaning

For a free quotation please call 01908 465657

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Balloons over MK & Aylesbury Vale • An independent family business. • CAA certified operator. • 26 years of magical flights. • Highly experienced pilots. • Smaller baskets fewer passengers. • Chilled Champagne served in flight. • Named voucher in presentation folder.

Drift on gentle breezes, sipping a glass of champagne, aboard one of our beautiful balloons. Stunning views are guaranteed!

Gift vouchers valid 12 months

Established 1987 “See us in action at”

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MP’s Diary

Problems with your computer?

We can help!

• Free diagnostic visit • No fix - no fee! • Available evenings & weekends • Free loan computers

Visit our website for more details, or contact Robin or Joyce Beck on 01604 870394 or via Limited

10 Salcey Rise, Piddington, Northants NN7 2DP


f you are a musician and want the opportunity to perform in the House of Commons, then this is the contest for you! My aim is to encourage all local musicians to enter parliament’s Rock the House competition. All genres of music are welcome from folk to rock and we want to discover and showcase the talent that we have here in Milton Keynes. Now in its fourth year, Rock the House asks that local musicians send their original material on to their MP. With support from established local leaders in the industry, we will ultimately nominate one entrant to go forward to the next stage of the competition. A panel of industry executives will preside over choosing the finalists and winners. The lucky finalists will then go on to perform in parliament and win an array of prizes, from equipment, festival slots, high profile exposure, recording sessions, plus radio and TV airplay. This innovative project calls for artists of all genres to showcase their creative talents. With endorsements from high profile music legends such as Brian May, Rick Wakeman and Alice Cooper, plus the prizes on offer to the winners; I’m excited to see what Milton Keynes has to offer.

Is your home in need of a total refurbishment or just a loving touch?

J F Maintenance offers professional and clean workmanship for domestic and commercial premises Bathrooms and Kitchens installed Tiling, decorating and carpentry Plumbing leaks and alterations Property and garden maintenance No jobs too small or too large Established for 18 years

Contact Julian on 01908 384795 or 07807 524372 2 Tudeley Hale, Kents Hill, Milton Keynes MK7 6DW

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To advertise call 01908 850550

The deadline to register is 31st March and co-ordinating the entries for Milton Keynes will be local musician Martin Wakley, Director of Milton Keynes Music and owner of Buskers in Wolverton. For further information please contact: Martin Wakley Tel: 01908 310165 Mob: 07921 853580 At the other end of the spectrum, but still in the vein of celebrating Milton Keynes talent, is the Business Achievement Awards for 2014.

There are ten categories in which to enter your company and the organisers, MK Business Leaders, are encouraging all businesses to take the opportunity to acknowledge and celebrate their successes over the past year. You must register your business before the official closing date, which is the 16th February 2014. The prestigious award ceremony will then be held at the DoubleTree Hilton on 20th March, 2014. The recent statement that Milton Keynes is the best place in the UK to do business is clearly demonstrated by the number of international companies who have made our city their home. So I can envisage that the judging panel will be spoilt for choice when it comes to choosing an overall winner.

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On Your Laptop and In Your Bed


ork-life balance is a principle that stipulates the essential degree of harmony between one’s ambitions in relation to his or her career and one’s lifestyle aspects such as health, leisure, spiritual, pleasure, and family obligations. The separation between work and leisure was credited in the 1800s. A later echo of this principle has been made apparent by anthropologist Paul Krasner who stated that the most minimal division of work and play is the real gauge of happiness. Recent history records the principle of work-life balance as first used in the United Kingdom back in the seventies and in the year 1986 in the United States. With the advent of technological innovations such as mobile phones and the internet, the principles of work-life balance have changed drastically. Nowadays, cheap, practical, and even sophisticated technologies have made it possible for employees to work even beyond the confines of an actual physical office. Furthermore, many organisations support the work-beyond-working-hours principle, with most going as far as offering their employees with free modes of communication and work supplements such as high-end mobile phones and expensive tablets. This is where the inherent issues of work-life balance principles come in. In this day and age, when the ideal gap between one’s career and one’s lifestyle has been made less pronounced, is it still feasible to live a life that allows a perfect harmony between work and play?

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Effects of Non-existent Work-life Balance Absence of work-life balance yields various detriments to an individual. In a National Life Insurance Company survey, results showed that four out of ten employees regarded their jobs as stressful. These professionals are twice as likely to abandon their posts and are more susceptible to stress-related illnesses. Meanwhile, a study entitled WorkFamily Spillover and Daily Reports of Work and Family Stress in the Adult Labour Force recorded that the more work spills over from the workplace to one’s home, the higher level of family-bound stress was apparent: a considerable increase of 74%. In the West, stressrelated insurance claims have increased by 50% in recent years, as stated by the Employee Assistance Professionals Association in Arlington, Virginia. A related study conducted by the American Institute of Stress has estimated the annual cost of these stress-related disability and insurance claims to be somewhere between £150B to £200B. By just looking at these figures, one can conclude: compromising work-life balance is truly a costly prospect.

Employer’s Responsibility in Relation to Work-Life Balance Career-driven individuals are responsible for maintaining a level of work-life balance. Priorities should be clearly drawn out so as not to suffer from the pitfalls of life and work mismanagement. After all, your mental, physical, and emotional health is at stake. Article written by Sharpen Magazine

To advertise call 01908 850550

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Guttering Problems? Gutters Cleaned Leaking Gutters repaired New Gutters Fitted All by friendly local established company Part of Bradnam Property Maintenance

Call Rob on 01908 216151 or 07977 206403

Garden View Say it with flowers


nless you’ve just arrived from planet Jupiter it can’t have escaped your notice that it’s Valentine’s day this month. Gardeners generally love to give flowers and plants as gifts and this is a tradition which dates way back to Ancient Greece. In fact a whole language sprang up around flowers and plants with special meanings attached to each variety. The language was called floriography. Flowers could be used to express almost any sentiment. In combination they could convey a whole range of emotions. In the latter part of the 19th century social etiquette was very strict and it was very difficult for young couples to speak openly of their affection for each other. During this period floriography became very popular with books and dictionaries written on the subject. Lovers would use these books to make up tussiemussies, which were posies of flowers, to express themselves when they couldn’t articulate their feelings. Different authors interpreted flowers in different ways which could trip the unwary. For example, the hydrangea could be an expression of the recipient’s insensitivity or it could mean ‘thank you for your

Require an experienced and professional electrician? Our fully qualified team of experts pride themselves in offering you a personal, reliable and friendly service • Small works welcome • Established in 1984 • Fully qualified and insured • Personal, reliable & friendly service • Carry out both domestic & commercial work • Offer a wide range of services • Free estimates, quotes & advice • Provide references upon request

L.Douglas Electrical & Property Services Ltd

No call out charge

Part P Registered

Tel: 01908 614 750 Mob: 07929 569 043 Email:

12 Masefield Close, Newport Pagnell MK16 8DZ

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To advertise call 01908 850550

forgiveness.’ The daffodil could be an expression of undying love or simply a goodwill message, ‘the sun shines with you.’ Hence it was pretty important to make sure that your beloved was reading from the same page! References to floriography can be found in many novels of the era. When 19th century authors mention a particular blossom it’s lost on our 21st century sensitivities but for the readers of the day it would almost certainly have evoked an emotional response. Authors like Charlotte Bronte and Elizabeth Gaskell could also be a little mischievous and have their characters wear, or receive flowers which add a subtext to the story. It’s fun to say it with flowers and to help you along this Valentine’s Day we’ve printed a short guide right here.

Trim Landscapes OUR SERVICES

• Decking & Garden Construction • Driveways & Block Paving • Patio & Driveway Pressure • Patios Wash Cleaning Service • Brickwalls, Retaining Walls • Log Cabin Supply and Installation • Fencing

We carry out Free written no obligation quotes Call or email today for an appointment

The Meaning of Flowers Red rose - Passionate love White rose - Eternal love or innocence Pink rose - Perfect happiness or please believe me Orchid - Love, beauty and refinement Apple Blossom - Preference, good fortune Begonia - Beware! Bluebell - Humility Pink carnation - I’ll never forget you Yellow carnation - Disdain, rejection Iris - Faith hope and wisdom Ivy - Fidelity Primrose - I can’t live without you or young love

Tel: 01908 410555 email


Garden Maintenance

Reliable Gardener looking for reliable clients Grass Cutting from £10 All Garden Work • Jungle Clearance • Hedge Trimming • Shrub & Bed Maintenance • Turf Lifting & Laying • Fence & Shed Painting • Garden Clearance • Landscape Projects • Domestic & Commercial • Pressure Washing Quality work guaranteed, at reasonable rates Full portfolio & references. 10 years experience

GARDEN MAINTENANCE • Spring/Autumn tidy up • Weekly/2 weekly/monthly maintenance • Includes mowing, weeding & hoeing • Lawn care feed included • Patio & driveway cleaning • Reliable & affordable • From as little as £25/visit

Call 01908 460256 or 07984 039093

Garden Design & Build Over 30 Years Experience All work guaranteed

Swimming Pools wanted in and around Milton Keynes for swimming lessons Please contact Janet Rake on 01296 730742 or 07932 149833 if you know of a pool for hire

Tel: 01908 290426 Mob: 07963 370743

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HULA Animal Rescue


Sunday 8th February 1pm-3.30pm at South Midlands Animal Sanctuary Glebe Farm, Salford Road, Aspley Guise MK17 8HZ Between M1 Junction 13 & Woburn Sands (Nr. Aspley Guise Rail Station)

3 th cle ca e an rp pr e et ic d s e fo of r 2! *

Bargains in the Bazaar Meet all the Rescued Animals Fun & Games for the children Delicious Refreshments Sale of Pre-loved Pet Accessories

Hate housework?

We love it!

The residential cleaning service, tailored to your needs • Spring cleans • Carpet & upholstery cleaning • Regular cleaning • Ironing & dry cleaning • Tenancy/ • Employed, experienced staff After build cleans • Fully guaranteed

No upfront fees or contracts to sign

Call today for a free quotation

carpet & fabric cleaning

28 mkflyers

Unbeatable offers on carpet & upholstery cleaning

01908 260010

*Terms & Conditions apply

To advertise call 01908 850550


Dogs welcome & please invite all your friends Admission only £2 adults Accompanied Children FREE FREE Parking

MK’s leading glass & glazing specialists

Are your windows misted up? Do they look dirty? Is there water between the panes?

If yes then your double glazed units have broken down. We can replace them for you on a supply only or a supply & fit basis.

Fast reliable service!

NOW AVAILABLE Argon filled double glazed units!

Enquiries: 01908 584000 Registered Charity 1094115 Website: Email:

City Glass Established 1976

Follow us on

Tel 01908 368686


Call now for a competitive quotation:

Tel 01908 563866

21 Vicarage Road, Stony Stratford, Milton Keynes MK11 1BN Unit 6 Enigma Centre, 5 Bilton Rd, Bletchley, Milton Keynes MK1 1HW Email:

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Glass & Glazing Federation


mkflyers 29

bathrooms to love

perfect results everytime • Prompt, Polite & Professional service • Specialising in Bathroom Design, Supply and Installations

Richard Gane

bathroom installer

07889 412668 01908 662186


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To advertise call 01908 850550

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To advertise call 01908 850550

Friendly professional service Fully trained staff Landlord/Insurance work welcome No jobs too small All domestic chores Ironing service available Competitive Rates - Free Quotes Quick & Reliable

Call: 01908 476580 or 07525 843868

ÂŁ5 off

for new customers 1st clean minimum clean 2 hours

A Domestic, Commercial & Industrial Contract Cleaning Company Welcome to Bump Start, the baby shop at Whaddon. We stock everything you could need for your baby, from car seats to cots to carriers. We pride ourselves on our product knowledge and will help find the ideal products for you. We look forward to seeing you soon.

We are just 10 minutes from both Milton Keynes and Buckingham


Visit us at: Bump Start Baby Shop, Coddimoor Farm, Whaddon Milton Keynes, Bucks MK17 0LR fax: 01908 505636 email: web:

Mon Closed Tue 10am - 4pm Wed 10am - 4pm Thurs 10am - 5pm Fri 10am - 5pm Sat 10am - 5pm Sun 11am - 3pm

0800 594 3052

Babystyle Baby Jogger Bugaboo Cosatto ICandy Silver Cross Joolz Maxi Cosi Quinny Uppababy Please mention mkflyers when responding to adverts

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Do you need legal advice about a Will or Lasting Power of Attorney, or dealing with an application for Probate? Do you prefer a personal and professional service from a qualified Solicitor?

Professional Service Bath & Blow Dry Clipping & Trimming Eye & Ear Cleaning Nail Clipping De-Matting Hand Stripping Purpose Built Van Air Conditioned Warm Hydro-Bath

3 Home visits by appointment, at a time to suit you, including evenings and weekends. 3 Fixed Fees.

Fully Insured

07817 520603

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Alan P. Squires Solicitor and Mediator 01908 311865 Authorised and Regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority (No. 592365)

To advertise call 01908 850550

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The most romantic setting to celebrate Valentine’s Day


ack by popular demand, internationally recognised singer, Nicky Prince returns to Calcutta Brasserie to entertain guests on Valentine’s Day with soulful vocals.

Calcutta Brasserie, in Stony Stratford is inviting curry lovers to taste their delicious menu specially created for Valentine’s Day including a champagne reception and sweet strawberries. The multi-award winning Indian restaurant, Calcutta Brasserie is the perfect romantic location to take a loved one this Valentine’s Day.

36 mkflyers

Chefs have been busy perfecting a lavish 3 course meal for diners to enjoy while listening to live music from Nicky Prince.* Calcutta Brasserie will be serving the Valentine’s dishes as part of a set menu which costs £29.95. Guests can book a romantic VIP booth for £40 per person. This is set to be a sell-out, so book early for the best seats by calling 01908 566577 to make your reservation or visit *Nicky Prince will be performing live on Valentine’s Day only.

To advertise call 01908 850550

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Farmers’ Market Stony Stratford

Community Notices

Friday 28th February on Market Square and on every last Friday of each month ........................................................................................................

Farmers’ Market Newport Pagnell

Friday 21st February on Market Hill and on every third Friday until after lunch ........................................................................................................

Do you suffer with Ankylosing Spondylitis?

If so, why not come along to our exercise group. We meet every Wed (during term time) at The Redway School, Farmborough, Netherfield, Milton Keynes, MK6 4HG. Time: 7-9pm, which includes 1 hour use of the Hydrotherapy pool. Exercise is undertaken with the supervisioin of a qualified sports therapist. Tel: 01908 985650 for further info ........................................................................................................

Stony Nightingales (previously known as Stony Stratford Evening WI)

meet on the second Thursday of every month at 8pm in Swinfen Harris Hall, Stony Stratford, MK11 1JA. A different speaker each month and excursions throughout the year. For more information contact Julie Boyes 07738 or find us on Facebook. ........................................................................................................ Toastmasters is an organisation that runs groups to help people speak in public as well as organisational skills in running meetings. There are two groups within Milton Keynes. Eldergate Group meet at the National Badminton Centre, Bradwell Road, Loughton on the 2nd & 4th Mondays of each month (unless it is a bank holiday) starting at 6pm & the North Bucks Group meet at The Well at Willen, Newport Road, Willen on the 1st & 3rd Thursdays of the month at 7.15pm. All welcome as guests or contact John Dale, 0773 645 4327; ........................................................................................................

Stony Stratford Floral Club

4th February. Annual General Meeting 7.30pm Methodist Church Hall, Silver Street. Social evening with Beetle Drive. 4th March .“Inflorescence”. Demonstration by Nick Ground a National Demonstrator from Wisbech. Please note that from 4th March our meetings will be held at The Community Church, Cofferidge Close, Stony Stratford at 7.30pm. Visitors £6. For information on any of the above contact Sue on 01908 564453 or Judy on 01908 569429 ........................................................................................................

Milton Keynes Reader Service

Will you become a Volunteer Reader to someone who is sight impaired. Helping Blind and Disabled People. Tel: 01908 231122 Email: ........................................................................................................

Stony Stratford Bridge Club

Meets on Monday evenings from 7pm to 10pm at Magdalen House in Stony Stratford. We would like some new members. We play a friendly game of Rubber Bridge so you do not require a regular partner and beginners would be welcome. For more information please call either Daphne Harvey 01908 563177 or Clare Mellor 01908 563047 ........................................................................................................

Two Mile Ash Women’s Institute

We meet on the 3rd Tuesday of every month in Two Mile Ash Community Centre, High Street, Two Mile Ash from 7.30pm. We have a varied and interesting programme of speakers. Why not come along and meet our friendly group. For more information please call Sandra Findlay on 01908 330741 ........................................................................................................

1st Middleton Beaver, Cub & Scout group

continues to expand & require your help, can you provide some of your time to help us? Contact - ........................................................................................................

Bradwell W.I.

A friendly, afternoon, meeting at the village Sports & Social Club Pavilion, Abbey Road, Bradwell Village overlooking the village green on the 3rd Tuesday of each month with an interesting programme of Speakers and tea & cakes. Come along 2.30 – 4.00 p.m. or telephone Olive Stewart 310267. ........................................................................................................

Memory Cafe

A new meeting place in Newport Pagnell for anyone living with dementia together with their carer or friend. The cafe will run from 10am - 12midday at a cost of £1.50 per person, to include tea, coffee, cake and a raffle. There is tremendous value in meeting others, sharing experiences and obtaining information in a safe environment. The venue is Westbury Grange, Westbury Lane, Newport Pagnell, MK16 8JA, a venue run by the Methodist Homes Association. Meeting on the first Wednesday of every month. For more information contact Westbury Grange 01908 210322.

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y & Son e l d o B Ltd W D The Wood Yard ESTABLISHED 1958

WE HAVE SERVED YOU FOR OVER 50 YEARS Our business has been built on product quality, service and a wealth of experience. Friendly staff are here and only too pleased to help SAWN TIMBER Pressure treated Extensive stock T & G, Shiplap, Wayney Edge and Feather Edge Boarding SHEDS A range of sheds are on display and we have a catalogue for further options available FENCING MATERIALS Panels, Closeboard, Concrete Posts, Post and Rail Wire - Weldmesh, netting and chainlink Concrete Posts LANDSCAPING Decking, Sleepers, Machine Round Posts, Garden Tubs, Tables and Arches

Our stock is the most comprehensive range of fencing and landscaping materials in Milton Keynes

D W BODLEY & SON LIMITED Telephone 01908 666355 Fax 01908 309098 Email Web The Woodyard, 60 A Bradwell Road, Loughton, Milton Keynes MK5 8AL OPENING TIMES 7.30am to 5pm Monday to Friday 7.30am to 12.30pm Saturdays

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Women in Enterprise is THE networking group for men and women in Milton Keynes!

Costa, Cotswold Outdoor Elder Gate, Milton Keynes, MK9 1EN Wednesday 26 Feb 2014 10:30 – 12:00 Members £3 Non-members £5 Come along, buy your favourite coffee and enjoy some informal networking. Please book online and we look forward to seeing you Try us out - non members welcome

Delivered FREE to these numbers of homes and businesses to these areas MK Flyers North – 11,000 Newport Pagnell, Willen, Willen Park, Downhead Park, Pennylands, Bolbeck Park, Giffard Park, Great Linford, Neath Hill, Blakelands MK Flyers South – 11,000 Furzton, Emerson Valley, Westcroft, Tattenhoe, Shenley Church End, Shenley Brook End, Shenley Lodge, Kingsmead, Oxley Park MK Flyers East – 11,000 Broughton, Middleton, Milton Keynes Village, Monkston, Monkston Park, Kents Hill, Woughton on the Green, Woolstone, Wavendon Gate, Walnut Tree, Old Farm Park, Browns Wood, Caldecotte, Downs Barn MK Flyers West – 11,000 Stony Stratford, Old Stratford, Two Mile Ash, Bancroft Park, Blue Bridge, Bradwell, Loughton, Great Holm, Crownhill, Grange Farm, Medbourne

Sudoku Solution

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Watts Plumbing & Heating Limited Friendly reliable service All work guaranteed Call

01908 526923 07798 554398

Swan Ceramics Specialising in

Natural Stone, Slate, Marble, Granite & Limestone Over 20 years of experience Call Mark on: 07867 801423 Email:

Stony Oven Cleaners

We Clean Ovens The job you hate to do!!

3 Ovens, Ranges, Microwaves, Agas 3 10% off for OAPs 3 We use non caustic and odourless products and steam to clean 3 I am not a franchise 3 I am Stony born and a local business


'01908 566496 or 07885 376417

PMS Decorating Professional Qualified Decorator for 22 years

No job too small No project too big

Mick Moyle Registered Electrician and General Handyman

For Professional Service & Quality Workmanship

Free Estimates No call out charge 01908 612278, 07903 130 093/07810 417 492 1 Purcel Drive, Newport Pagnell MK16 0BP

Reuben Smyth

Quality painter/decorator with over 20 years experience

Please call Peter to arrange your bespoke detailed estimate on

References provided on request

Or Email

01908 506848 / 07771 665872

07869 171755

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Small businesses will lead the way in 2014, says company whose tenants already employ 1000 people


Milton Keynes will boom in 2014, says the town’s largest serviced business premises provider, as the number of people employed in its units tops 1000 at the close of 2013.

Bucks Biz, with over 400,000 square feet of space and 150 tenants in Bletchley and Denbigh, says it is already planning more units to cope with the expected growth in demand and bringing forward plans to develop extra space at the huge Interchange House in Howard Way. “Our units currently provide work for around a thousand people and we have seen that figure rise steadily,” said Dominic Muscat, a director of the company that owns the business. “As Milton Keynes business booms, led by small businesses, we are already identifying potential new units that can be converted to provide the premises needed for small companies to thrive without hassle.”

Bucks Biz, with units all over Milton Keynes, is renowned for straight talking and dealing; not hiding costs and not charging for many of the little things that keep businesses ticking, but which can be annoying to the point of distraction. “We really believe that if our customers are happy, then they’ll be free to get on with their businesses, which in turn will expand,” added Dominic. More info from or 01908 299070


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Seasoned Firewood For Sale Our seasoned logs generally contain between 15-20% moisture and sometimes even less. We have cut these trees down ourselves and stored them over the summer months ready to burn in the winter.

The logs are normally a mixture of ash, oak, beech, birch among others. Burn straight away or for best results store indoors for a day.

• 1 Cubic Metre Bag (Builders Bag) of Hardwood £50.00. • 1 Cubic Metre Bag (Builders Bag) of Mixed Firewood £45.00. • 1 Cubic Metre Bag (Builders Bag) of Softwood £40.00. • 30kg Bag of Firewood £10 • 1 Net (Carrot Net) of Firewood £3.00. • Bulk buys could gain a discount.

We can also deliver! Please Call 0800 5427108

Full insured, qualified and experienced tree surgeons We offer a complete garden maintenance service Tree removal, reduction, trimming, crown lifting, pollarding, hedge cutting, lawn mowing, ponds, patios, fencing, flower and vegetable gardening. Also seasoned firewood supplied

Local Tree Works tree and garden maintenance Qualified Tree Surgeon and Gardener based in the Northamptonshire & Buckinghamshire Area NPTC Qualified Over 15 years Gardening and Tree Surgery Experience All tree work carried out to British Standards Public Liability Insurance up to £10,000,000

For more information or a FREE quotation call

0800 542 7108 or 07745 216 145 £10,000,000 Public Liability Insurance Please mention mkflyers when responding to adverts

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What on earth is Korfball?


ilton Keynes has a thriving korfball community, but most people won’t have a clue what it is!

Korfball is a bit like netball and bit like basketball - but better!* It’s played in mixed sex teams of 4 men and 4 women on a court similar sized to basketball. Korfball is played indoors during the winter and outdoors during the summer. The aim of the game is to work with your team-mates to get the ball through the hoop (Korf) Men can only mark men and women can only mark women and unlike netball, you can’t shoot if your defender is within touching distance of you – so you need to move quick! So now you know what korfball is, why not come down and give it a go? MK Lakers Korfball club are always looking for new and enthusiastic members, we train twice a week on a Monday and Wednesday and play league matches on a Sunday. It’s a superb way to get fit and meet lots of new people. As a newbie, you get your first two sessions for FREE and the next two pay as you go - after that, you can decide to join us for only £20 per month. Less than most gym fees and much more fun and sociable! *in our opinion!

ve a nose at our To find out more, ha - if you website: www.mklak th you, we’ll even bring this advert wi ion for FREE. give you a third sess

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PRIVILEGE CARD The mkflyers privilege card is the newest way to save money around Milton Keynes by using local companies. Look through mkflyers and save money where you can see the silver butterfly.

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Telephone Answering and Virtual Office Services Call us FREE on 0800 860 0865

Web: Email:

We’ve been providing telephone answering services in the Milton Keynes area for over twelve years. Business is won and lost by the service customers receive on the telephone Make sure the first impression callers get of your Company is a brilliant one! Please mention mkflyers when responding to adverts

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mkflyers East | February 2014

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