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Welcome to the OCTOBER EDITION.

ith the 2021 Mayoral and Council elections held on Saturday 4th December we decided to put together a showcase of some of those in the running. Mayoral candidate Rodger Pryce has made the decision to park his role as Brooklana Angus stud principal to focus on the new job at hand. He has a clear purpose to put things right, deliver outcomes that make a worthwhile difference and give the Coffs Coast the leadership it deserves through community engagement, good decision making and positive action. When Rodger invited us to his farm in Brooklana we had no idea how much fun we would have. We spent the afternoon roaming his 1500 acre farm on ATVs and getting up close and personal with the farmlife. We had a chat to Rodger to find out why he deserves your vote. After four years on the Council,


Paul Amos (known better as ‘Moose’ to many people) is going for Mayor. We talked to him about why, and what a Council run by Moose would look like. Dean Evers will be running as an independent candidate for the position of Mayor to represent the residents and ratepayers of Coffs Harbour. Tegan Swan is a seasoned councillor and previous Deputy Mayor who brings with her lots of experience and always has an ear open to listen to her community and aims to strive for the best outcomes. She is hoping to be a councillor again and to take up the position of Mayor. Who will win your vote? On the Cover Codey Anderson is a local Coffs Harbour Artist who started his career working in the animation industry straight out of university. Keen for a challenge, Codey joined the Australian Army as an infantryman. He has since spent many years serving in the Royal Australian Regiment and has experienced the operational environment first-hand. From sitting


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in his water-filled fighting pit, drawing sketches in his field message notebook, he has honed his skills not only as a soldier, but as an artist. He has now had countless comic strips published into the nation-wide ARMY newspaper and his graphic design work has appeared across the world. Now a full-time illustrator back here in his hometown Coffs Harbour, Codey has drawn on his military experience to raise awareness around veterans struggling with mental health issues and the follow-on effects that come as a result. Next Month After a year of staying put, you’re probably feeling that holiday itch, but as it currently stands, overseas and interstate travel is unlikely to resume anytime soon. Don’t overlook the wealth of holiday options you’ve got in your own backyard. Our November 2021 “Staycation” feature will be the go-to guide for local attractions to see, play, eat and do!



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Codey Anderson worked in animation, then joined the Australian Army. Now he uses art to raise awareness of veterans struggling with mental health issues and the flow-on effects.




Georgina and Sam Baker, with their three children, are the proud owners of Levenvale Farm which sits just outside Bellingen looking out towards the picturesque Dorrigo Ranges.

Tom Pritzler, Glen McCann and Kurt Ramsay have always shared a love of great craft beer, and they recently decided to turn that passion from a hobby into a business.



26. Style Edit - Melissa Parisi 27. PFLAG - Sam Dawson 40. State of Play - Gurmesh Singh 55. Tourism Update - Fiona Barden 62. Fitness Update - Alex Campbell 63. Physio & Health - Aaron Hardaker CONTRIBUTOR OF THE MONTH


66. Health Update - Katy Lawryk 86. Education Update - Nick Johnstone 89. Women in Business - Cath Fowler 110. Real Estate - Chris Hines


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Codey Anderson is a local Coffs Harbour Artist who started his career working in the animation industry straight out of university. Keen for a challenge, Codey joined the Australian Army as an infantryman. He has since spent many years serving in the Royal Australian Regiment and has experienced the operational environment first-hand.


rom sitting in his waterfilled fighting pit, drawing sketches in his field message notebook, he has honed his skills not only as a soldier, but as an artist. He has now had countless comic strips published into the nation-wide ARMY newspaper and his graphic design work has appeared across the world. Now a full-time illustrator back here in his hometown Coffs Harbour, Codey has drawn on his military experience to raise awareness around veterans struggling with mental health issues and the follow-on effects that come as a result. Hey Codey, where did your art journey



After finishing high school, I did further study in 3D animation and was fortunate enough to get a job as a 3D animator in the computer game industry where I learnt further technical skills that I can apply to my artworks. I did this for some years before my military career began. I don’t really You spent quite a believe in number of years in the natural talent. armed forces, what begin? People don’t really was that like for you I have always had an see the thousands of and where were some interest in all forms of hours behind closed of the places you were art. I was encouraged doors, figuring out deployed? at a young age and as what works and After finishing high with all things, I got what doesn’t. school here in Coffs better with practice. I and a couple of years at was always told I had uni, I then joined as an a talent for it, but I infantryman in the Australian Defence Force. I don’t really believe in natural talent. People wanted to serve while I was still young as the don’t really see the thousands of hours behind combat roles are taxing physically as well as closed doors, figuring out what works and mentally. During my 10 years of service I was what doesn’t. Even today I’ll occasionally honoured to deploy to the Middle East and have a project I’m not happy with, but after help with local events like bushfire and flood investing more time refining, it turns out to be one of my best! assist.


What did you discover about yourself during your time in the army? I chose to Join the Royal Australian Infantry Corps for the challenge. It can be a very demanding yet rewarding job, of which I experienced some memorable times and got to visit places I wouldn’t have otherwise gone to. Aside from the gruelling physical training, the years spent in the field and abroad was probably the most challenging aspect. But this separation helps to build resilience in all walks of life. Of course once my chain of command learnt of my artistic background, I was soon painting murals and designing unit logos, some of which are now sprayed on the side of armoured vehicles around the country. I suppose this sequence of events helped to set the conditions for where I am now. Each time soldiers are deployed with a new group, you create something unique for them. Can you explain this for us? Part of what I do as an illustrator is t-shirt design. I often get approached by teams of people from military, police, or firies who are deploying to an area of operation and to create a bit of identity and build esprit de corps they ask for a design that symbolises who they are and what they do. A great way of achieving this is with a custom made t-shirt or morale patch commemorating the event.

It’s usually based around local events, lately it’s related to Covid assist. You have recently created a graphic novel outlining the very real PTSD that soldiers face. What was the inspiration for this? For a long time I’ve wanted to illustrate my own graphic novel. The story itself only took a couple of days to put on paper, but the extensive illustration was years in the making. As an infantryman, we pride ourselves on putting ‘Duty First’, and with deployments and countless months in the field, often I had to put this project on the back burner. As I’ve written and illustrated every part of this project myself, I really want my efforts to make a difference in people’s lives. So, it needed to be as polished as can be. Now that I’m a full-time Illustrator, I wanted to use what I’ve learnt in the military and compliment it with my design background to produce something that can help people. >>>>

We lose veterans every day who struggle with poor mental health. The average person has some understanding of PTSD, but not many fully appreciate the other aspects of life that are affected as a result. From homelessness and relationship breakdown, even to suicide. I hope this book can fill in some of the grey areas and shed some light on an ongoing situation. What has the response to the graphic novel been like? I had put the project on the Kickstarter website and once it launched I was flooded with people putting down pledges and backing the project. I set up the project with a modest goal but actually smashed my initial campaign goal within just one hour. I ended up 1253% funded, and secured 300 copies which was well beyond my expectations. I even had Victoria Cross recipient Dan Keighran come forward to endorse the project as well as Dion Jensen, Founder of The Lion Academy and Author of ‘The good news 18 COFFS COAST


about PTSD’. I was incredibly humbled by how much the Veteran community banded together to help bring this project together. I have met so many veterans who have been affected by their service in one way or another. I wanted to use the skills I have to try and help those who need it most, but to also illustrate to others the issues often faced by serving members, and that they are never alone. Have you always had an interest in comics and graphic novels? I’ve always had an appreciation of the work and artistry that goes into comics and graphic novels especially. I think the amount of time, knowledge and skill these artists have is underappreciated. I remember as a kid, I would try to copy the illustrations in my Spiderman comics and try to imitate what I saw, which was probably where it all started.

My graphic novel was the biggest artistic project I have ever undertaken and having done all the writing, illustration, marketing and editing myself, I have an even greater appreciation of the work that goes into such a project. You’re not just an Illustrator, you use a lot of different types of mediums. Can you tell us about some of the other types of work you create? The term “struggling artist” is a very real thing. One thing I’ve learnt as a full-time artist is that you have to diversify if you’re going to be successful. My work ranges from logo and t-shirt design, to caricatures and portraits. I also do custom-made resin art. What are some other things you draw inspiration from? Most of my design work is commission based. Some people come to me with very

incorrect. Same with the fishing and hunting crowd as well. They say “the devil is in the detail”, so I pay extra attention to the minor details when creating my designs. So you’re no longer specific details, others serving in the armed have no idea what forces, what do you For a long time they want. These jobs hope the next chapter I’ve wanted to take a bit more artistic holds for you? illustrate my own merit and research I was raised in Coffs for me to design. graphic novel. The story Harbour and am proud With my military itself only took a couple to call it home. I’m glad style designs I’m able of days to put on paper, to be back in such a to draw upon my but the extensive beautiful place and doing previous experience illustration was years what I love to do. I have to get things right. in the making. plans to publish more Things like weapon books in the future. I’d carriage, ammunition like to tackle a children’s types, and camouflage book next and try to explain mental health to patterns have to be perfect because there’s the younger generations. always someone that will pick it to pieces if it’s

Where can people check out more of your work or find your graphic novel? The Kickstarter campaign for my graphic novel has now ended and I’m busy ordering and fulfilling these orders. Once this is complete, I’ll be releasing the book to the greater public in paperback, hardback and E-book in time for Christmas. You can track its progress and release dates on my website at or on my social media at ‘Codeys Art’ on Facebook and Instagram. Thanks Codey.




What's O C T O B E R

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The market is back in full swing! Live entertainment, yummy foodies & kids’ jumping castles are back too! Come on down, relax, eat & enjoy great music! Bring a blanket, bottle of wine, pooch & don’t forget the kids! When Every Friday afternoon Where Park Beach Reserve Time 4pm until 9pm

SHOWCASE TOUR The Sydney Comedy Festival Showcase Tour will be tearing up the freeways of Australia for the seventh year in a row to bring the crème de la crème of the 2021 Festival to Coffs! When 17th October Where C.ex Coffs Time 8pm Tickets



Oscar Wilde’s farcical comedy of mistaken identities, secret engagements & lovers’ entanglements makes for a witty & hilarious performance. When 15th until 24th October Where Jetty Theatre More info & tickets 20 COFFS COAST


Live Baby Live! Is Australia’s premier rendition of one of the most iconic bands in Australian history. With an emphasis on duplicating the vibe & mojo that captivated & defined a generation, be prepared for an experience that will remind you of everything you felt when INXS conquered the musical world. When 22nd October Where Hoey Moey Time 7pm Tickets Free show



This show features an incredible line up of emerging local artists who have been pulling out all the stops to bring you this exhibition despite the numerous trials 2021 has brought. We aim to offer a view of the world through the lens of the individual artist, to converge & express what it means to be human. Mark your calendars & come see us and our work at the gallery. We’d love to see you there! When 23rd October Where Sawtell Art Gallery More info 6658 6477



W W W.T H E S N E A K E R LO U N G E .C O M . AU

W W W.T H E S N E A K E R LO U N G E .C O M . AU





Justin SCHLEY S U G A R D R I V E -S U R F B O A R D S -

Justin Schley is living the dream, hand building unique surfboards here on the Coffs Coast. What started as a hobby shaping boards for himself, which then gained attention from other surfers, has grown into a job Justin is clearly passionate about.


orn in South Africa, how did you end up on the Coffs Coast? I was living in Jeffreys Bay, when I met my wife. I was working for one of the big surf labels when she, a clothing designer by trade, came over from Australia to work for the same company. She ended up staying for 4 years. I can’t recall whose idea it was to go sailing, but we bought a small sailboat with plans of adventure. One year later, with



trees, reggae music and a perfect right hander I LIKE THE reeling down a coral IDEA OF A point. The Caribbean became our home for BOARD THAT IS the next 10 years. Our EFFORTLESS TO first child Maya was 7 SURF. FROM and our second Evie PADDLING, TO was on the way when CATCHING WAVES, the boat stocked full we decided it was TO EASY GLIDING. of food, fishing gear probably time to grow and surf gear, we set up. Boat sold, bags sail from our home packed, Australia bound. port in St Francis Bay, We arrived in Coffs South Africa. We sailed down the south east Harbour, bought a beautiful block of land in coast of South Africa, we rounded the Cape the Boambee Valley and set about building a of Good Hope and then struck out across home. the Atlantic Ocean. After 50 days at sea we How long have you been shaping boards dropped anchor in Mount Irvine Bay, Tobago. and where did that passion come from? There we were anchored in the most picture For as long as I can remember I've perfect Caribbean bay. White sand, palm been tinkering, building my own boards,


experimenting with different designs, fin combinations and materials, having fun and learning, but always just for myself. Then I started to do a few for friends, then friends of friends… and now here I am, building boards fairly full-time for the last 3 years or so. It’s a good path which can be humbling at times, so much still to learn. I feel very privileged. You don’t make your typical off-the-shelf style board. What style of boards do you create? For a couple of decades surfing went through a stage, where for the most part, the mainstream surfer was riding the same board – a 6’2” high performance thruster (3 fin). This design served many surfers really well, and obviously still does. For high performance, modern surfing, it’s the forefront. No debate. But in hindsight, it maybe didn’t serve everyone well…

Recently it feels like another door has opened. Designs that pre-date the “high performance 6’2” are being re-visited, rehashed, re-born. Giving surfers a different feel, allowing them to draw “new” lines. There are a handful of very talented board builders and surfers, especially the ones who were working on and surfing these original designs in the very beginning, that I draw my inspiration from. What’s the process from start to finish? I hand build them from start to finish, the old school way. I start off with a polyurethane foam blank. I trace the outline of the board onto the blank, which I cut out with a handsaw. I then use an electric planer, sanding blocks and screens to handshape the blank into a finished board. From there I take the shaped blank to the “glassing shed” where I laminate the board. This entails “wrapping” the shaped blank in fibreglass and resin. Essentially this is the hard protective skin of the board. After lamination the fins are installed and a layer of resin brushed on. When dry, the board is sanded smooth, a final coat of finishing resin applied and a final sand is done. It’s a process! What’s your most treasured board in your collection and why? I’ve got a few boards in the rafters that are sentimental, a couple that I’ve hung on

to for years, that bring back good memories, and one or two that have been gifts from old friends. But really, my most treasured board would have to be the one I am riding right now! A 7-foot twin fin I made myself a couple of weeks ago. I have only had three surfs on it, but I am still buzzing. A lot of thought went into it and it’s riding like I hoped it would! This one will more than likely be passed on and be replaced with the next “most treasured board” in months to come! How do your boards ride compared to others? I like the idea of a board that is effortless to surf. From paddling, to catching waves, to easy gliding. Generally, this translates to boards with more volume and a flatter bottom curve. Your business is only in its infancy but where would you like to see SugarDrive Surfboards heading into the future? It’s still a little surreal to think that SugarDrive Surfboards is a “business”. It’s always just been making boards for myself and friends, surfing them, improving them and having a lot of fun doing it. I don’t plan to deviate from that concept at all. The wheels are in motion to move the board building operation out of my backyard sheds and into a rented premises, which is pretty exciting. Where can we find out more? Check out My boards can be seen at the Water Closet Surf Shop in Toormina. Thanks Justin. COFFS COAST



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North Boambee � Coffs Harbour � Emerald Beach � Grafton � NEW Woolgoolga North Boambee � Coffs Harbour � Emerald Beach � Grafton � NEW Woolgoolga COFFS COAST focus 25 19/4/21 10:28 am








repare for a spectacular summer on the Coffs Coast with these ideas to create a resort style outdoor space at your home. Outdoor spaces with the right arrangement can become extensions of our living rooms. Updating your space with comfortable furniture and stylish outdoor accessories can help transform your outdoor space into an inviting place to relax and unwind. Maybe you can benefit by adding some of these outdoor living ideas to make the most of our summer on the Coffs Coast. 1. Comfy Outdoor Seating Comfortable seating is essential for enjoying the outdoors. When buying new furniture, choose durable outdoor pieces to suit your space and lifestyle. The adage, “You get what you pay for” really applies to outdoor furniture and it’s worth investing in quality so your furniture will last. Choose furniture in materials like teak, resin wicker or materials that will stand up to exposure from sunlight, salt air and the elements. Choose a neutral base colour palette for largest pieces of furniture and then add colourful splashes with cushions, textiles and accent pieces to ensure the aesthetic longevity of your look. A neutral is a colour that acts as a subtle background hue, which can easily be layered with other stronger colours. A neutral colour scheme can include light neutrals such as white, cream and beige to darker shades, such taupe, grey and black. Create multiple seating areas where possible for lounging and dining. If your outdoor lounge is looking worn, consider having the




cushions reupholstered. 2. Source of Shade Having shade is essential to enjoying extended periods of time outside. Shade sources can take many forms including shade trees, pergolas, shade sails, retractable awnings and more. For a more budget-friendly option, freestanding umbrellas can be an effective and stylish option giving you flexibility to move your shade where you need it. To create a resort feel, bold striped umbrellas in yellow, navy or black can be a glamorous addition. 3. Outdoor Dining There’s nothing better than enjoying outdoor dining on our beautiful Coffs Coast. Your outdoor space should offer the perfect balance between relaxation and entertainment. Choose a table with size best to suit your space and your family and entertainment needs. As with selecting any other piece of outdoor furniture, choose durable materials for your dining table and chairs so they will hold up to the elements. 4. Multi-Purpose Pieces Select furniture that can double up on its purpose. Think bench seating with hidden storage for cushions or other items, ottomans that can also work as extra seating if needed and handy side tables that can be moved to provide extra table space for food and drinks. Choose furniture that will work hard for you, not the other way around. 5. Outdoor Bar Cart and Tableware Create a holiday feeling and enjoy summer entertaining by purchasing an outdoor bar cart for serving drinks. A bar cart can also provide a convenient extra serving space by your dining

area. A casual outdoor tableware set made from durable materials can help prevent stress over accidentally dropping a glass or having cutlery from your primary indoor set go missing. Instead of opting for plastic plates and trays, choose environmentally friendly and long-lasting alternatives made of wood or enamelware. 6. Update your Outdoor Cushions and Throws Outdoor cushions exposed to the elements can quickly look tired or faded. Now is the time to wash or dry clean outdoor fabrics, reupholster or purchase new. Scattering colourful cushions on a neutral outdoor sofa or adding seat cushions to wooden chairs to makes them more comfortable, and can make an instant difference in boosting the style and comfort of your outdoor living space. When choosing cushions, opt for those made for outdoor use with fabrics that have been treated to be water repellent and to prevent fading from sun exposure. To keep cushions clean, have a plan for storing them when not in use or on rainy days. Throw blankets are practical and help elevate the look of your outdoor lounge and space. Choose throws made of fabrics you can wash at home including cotton, linen and acrylic blends as these may be more practical for everyday use. Enquiries: Holiday Home Stylist 0449 17 18 17



from Parents and Friends of Lesbians and Gays

This month I wanted to chat about the situation parents find themselves in if their child is struggling quietly or obviously with their own identity and sexuality. In these restrictive times tensions can rise and everyday situations are still going on as does life.


here is no universal way of approaching your child or loved one about their sexuality as each person is unique and responds to situations differently. Parents and family members can sometimes experience feelings of guilt when they first learn of their child or loved one’s attraction to people of the same gender. Some parents react with shock, denial and anger to the news that their child is lesbian, gay or bisexual. One response is to wonder “How could he/she do this to me?” This is not a rational reaction – but it is a human response to pain. We liken this reaction to a grieving process: here you are grieving over losing an image of your child or loved one and losing what you saw for the future of your child or loved one. While their future may not be what you envisaged, that does not mean your child or loved one will not have a happy and fulfilling life and that your relationship with them will not be a fantastic one. Some parents feel that they did something “wrong” to raise a child who is lesbian, gay or bisexual. This belief stems from the dominant view in society that labels gays, lesbians and bisexuals as less than heterosexuals. There is no evidence that different parenting styles or family situations

have a bearing on sexual orientation. As you work through your feelings, you can take courage from the fact that the one thing your child has “done” to you is to trust that your relationship will grow as a result of you knowing the truth. What families can provide is an environment in which a young person can understand themselves and strive to reach their full potential. Our culture and society provide us with messages about a number of issues, including sexuality. The negative messages and myths we have learned from our society about sexuality are very strong and not easy to dismiss. Religion is another strong influence too. However, developing a better understanding of your child or loved one, and becoming more familiar with the issues will help reduce these uncomfortable feelings. Some parents may confront another source of guilt. Parents who see themselves as “open-minded” believing they have put sexual prejudice behind them are sometimes stunned to realise they are uncomfortable when they learn it is their child who is lesbian, gay or bisexual. These parents not only have to grapple with suppressed, deep-rooted personal fears of same-sex attraction but also have the added burden of dealing with their conscious

self-image of being “open- minded”. It helps to concentrate on real concerns – what your child needs from you now. Try not to focus on the guilt. It is baseless and it accomplishes nothing for anyone. Neither you nor your child had or will have any control over the arrival and determination of your child’s sexuality. This is the same for parents experiencing everything that goes with a transgender child. Support can be gained from a counsellor or therapist experienced with family issues and sexual orientation. You may want to talk to someone about your own feelings and how to work through them. You may feel that you and your child need help communicating clearly through this period or you may recognise that your child is unhappy and needs help with self-acceptance. There are like-minded people out there and help is closer than you think. PFLAG is an acronym for Parents and Friends of Lesians and Gays and it is globally recognised although it absolutely encompasses everyone in the LGBTI world. It is here to give help, support and information to families and friends right here on the Coffs Coast. PFLAGcoffcoast 0417 861 045 COFFS COAST





Cheryl Dal Pozzo, Secretary of the Coffs Harbour and District Family History Society, was kind enough to outline what they offer and how to go about starting research on your own family history.


an you tell us about the Coffs Harbour and District Family History Society and what it is you do? We are located at 169 Rose Avenue, Coffs Harbour. We were first formed in 1984 with the aim of promoting the study and preservation of family histories. As it was pre-computers our resources were limited to books and microfiche with readers which was slow as you had to scroll through them, year by year, which was very time consuming. Today our numbers have grown significantly along with so many resources online that cover not only Australian information but many overseas countries and more information being added all the time. Our Society receives journals from other Societies and these are available at the rooms. As we have progressed, we are now 28 COFFS COAST


readily accessed via our website at www. that includes events and copies of our own journal Genie Allergy which is published quarterly along with a copy of membership form. We also have a facebook page coffsharbourfamilyhistory The Society members meet to exchange knowledge and information and experiences in our own research journey. Some members volunteer their time to act as monitors in the rooms assisting anyone interested in tracing their family links. How would someone best go about starting their research? First get a book and write down all you know about yourself and your family, working backwards until you hit a brick wall. Don’t use scraps of paper that may get lost. As you go, keep records of where you find your information, e.g. family, entries in family bible, certificates, photos, important documents, and if they belong to someone

else ask if you can get a copy for your records. There are forms available online and in the family history rooms that will assist you in recording all the information on birth, death, marriage, parents and siblings. The more information you have before you start your research the better chances you will have of getting answers to your unknown information. What are the advantages of becoming a member? Becoming a member of CHDFHS Inc. offers you many benefits. You will get full access to our comprehensive collection of family history indexes and databases, books, microfilms, microfiche and computer resources as well as helpful advice and assistance from the duty monitors. Our resources are not limited to the Coffs Harbour District but include many covered Australia and overseas. In addition you will have: • Free access to major subscription websites (, Findmypast, TheGenealogist,



British Newspapers Archive and the Biographical Database of Australia). • Access to many restricted images of microfilms, etc. available from LDS FamilySearch as our Society is an affiliated library. Your personal login is required to access the site in our room. • Borrowing Library: selected books, CDs and DVDs as well as exchange journals from similar organisations are available to be borrowed by members. • Free attendance at workshops generally held on a monthly basis (excl. January and December). • Special rates for full day seminars generally held twice each year in lieu of the monthly workshop. • Free quarterly issue of the Society journal Genie Allergy. • Free publication of your research interests in Genie Allergy and in our Members Interests Directory. • Regular emails advising of events, Society and other genealogy related news. With CHDFHS Inc.’s membership of both AFFHO (Australian Federation of Family History Organisations); and NSW & ACT Association of Family History Societies Inc., you may be

entitled to reciprocal visiting rights (free or discounted) at other family history societies (you will need to show proof of your membership). Annual subscription is payable on 1st July each year at $45 per single and $60 for families of two living at the same address. For those that are interested in doing some research, what are the rooms’ Opening Hours and how does it all work? The rooms are normally open Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays. The rooms are closed on the 4th Saturday of the month in the afternoon to accommodate our workshops from 1pm to 4pm where we have speakers who talk on subjects of members’ interest and twice a year we have guest speakers for a full day 9am-4pm Seminar. Any changes, members will be notified by email. At present due to Covid, we are only open 10am to 12pm with mandatory masks, distancing and check in each time you visit the rooms. Should you wish to use computers etc please book by emailing as pre booking is essential. Members are free with non-members being asked to pay a small fee.

We have many pioneer registers, cemetery records including convicts and many other resources readily available. There are also many copies of many individuals’ own published family histories in our library for use by members. We are always willing to assist to the best of our abilities, anyone wanting assistance in their family research. For anyone wanting assistance in your research you need to email your request to the rooms and after receiving payment of $20 for the initial search the research team will spend two hours searching to see what information we hold. You will then be contacted to see if you wish to proceed and discuss the fees for further research. You also run workshops and seminars, what do you have coming up? On 28th August we have a seminar on DNA with Diane Smith being held in Cavanbah Hall. We are hoping this can go ahead. Emailing your intention of attending is required beforehand. Masks and checking in on the day is essential. How do people get in touch? Should you have any questions or research requests please contact us by email at Thanks Cheryl. COFFS COAST



RODGER PRYCE He has a clear purpose to put things right, deliver outcomes that make a worthwhile difference and give the Coffs Coast the leadership it deserves.


hrough community engagement, good decision making and positive action. We had a chat to Rodger to find out why he deserves your vote. What position are you hoping to gain in this Coffs Coast Election? I am standing for the Mayoral position, supported by a group of Councillor candidates called the Together We’ll Fix It group. What do you bring to the position? 30 COFFS COAST


My extensive business experience, including over 20 years doing business with Council provides a well rounded, balanced knowledge of what works and what doesn’t.

40-odd years as a resident of the Coffs Harbour Community, during which time I have participated in the raising of a family, undertaken a number of community roles including President of the Coffs Harbour Pony Club and the business community’s representative on the Council’s Strategic

Planning Committee for the Coffs CBD. Having lived in Mullaway, Emerald Beach, Moonee, Bucca, Korora, Coffs Harbour and now Brooklana, I am conscious of the different dynamics within our community and how important it is to consider the needs of the community as a whole. I have also owned investments in


If we pay more and get less then we need a forensic investigation urgently of why, compared to other Council areas, we rate so poorly.

most other areas of Coffs Harbour including Sawtell, Toormina and Boambee East. My extensive business experience, including over 20 years doing business with Council, provides a well rounded, balanced knowledge of what works and what doesn’t. What are you passionate about? Having come from very humble means during my childhood, I see the shape of the future Coffs Harbour being full of challenges. I relate best to those who are trying to raise a family and to create a secure family

environment for their kids, not only now, but for their kids’ kids as well. This is right now a major concern with the pressures of survival and fear for what the future might hold. We need to urgently address the out of control escalation of rents and housing costs. We all live in Coffs Harbour because of what it offers, we need to preserve these values with a passion. What would you change if you were elected? 77,000 people currently make up our Coffs community, they need to be heard and they have not been. We pay one of the highest levels of rates of any Council area in NSW and yet the delivery of services is below average. This is not a good reflection of business governance and must change. It is pretty much an "us" versus "them", divided community which is toxic and needs to change. My goal is to break down the barriers to engender inclusiveness, it never

used to be this way in the past and does not need to be this way in the future. Consultation processes with the community may tick convenient boxes, however an engaged, cohesive community only exists if the wishes of the community are implemented. People on either side of a counter have a barrier between them, I don’t like counters. The elected Council representatives should be the ultimate decision makers for the community. How would you implement these changes? Transparency needs a massive shake up, too much happens behind a cloak of secrecy. It is our future, our money, we need to and are entitled to know. If we pay more and get less then we need a forensic investigation urgently of why, compared to other Council areas, we rate so poorly. When our roads, footpaths, reserves are in a mess and we have our Council staff working out of the area engaged in, for instance, upgrading sewer at Moree, we need to get out of that, bring our staff home and fix up where we live. Continued over... COFFS COAST



What do you love about our region? The beaches, the hinterland, the climate, the space we have around us to enjoy. We all came here for a reason, the last thing we want is a Mini Melbourne or a Same as Sydney mindset, which unfortunately from where I sit, seems to be happening. Our hinterland, the mountains meeting the sea is so unique, so much to enjoy, so much natural beauty, I love it. What do you think we are lacking in our region? The correct vision as to where we are going in the future and how we should be looking after the overall community. We need to work together, we are so fragmented, these are 32 COFFS COAST


There is another, major, underlying result of the pandemic and that is pressure on housing. Any forecasts of future population growth have been thrown out the window, we are considered a safe haven, people will flock here wanting to lessen the risk of getting the virus. This puts major pressure on our housing supply and major pressure on prices. Consider those saving for a home, or even those trying to find rental accommodation, if you think it is bad now, well it is about to get a whole lot worse. There is no way we can fit an additional 30,000 new residents into the land we have for housing now and what if that figure becomes 40,000? Those that have the financial means will push out of Coffs those that are trying to survive. When we have zoned residential land sitting as paddocks for over 20 years, we have a problem. If elected as Mayor what will you do straight away? Engage forensic accountants to see why we pay more rates than most other Councils in NSW and yet our provision of services is lower than most other Councils. Close Coastal Works. Two brands for the same business, when the business should be administering the The correct provision of services for vision as to our LGA is fundamentally where we are flawed when the provision going in the future of services is below average. and how we should Determine why $47 be looking after the million from last financial overall community. work budget was year’s We need to work tough times. not spent. together, we are so The pandemic has Negotiate with Forestry fragmented, these hit the region hard to relocate a new tip site, are tough times. – how can you assist urgently, through our businesses and State representative. constituents of Coffs Establish a consultative Harbour? group to engage with, representing different The Council can be proactive in putting in areas of the Coffs Harbour Local Government place initiatives to encourage those coming area from a geographic, ideological and out of lock down to support those in our demographic selection basis. community who are struggling the most, e.g. How can we find out more? the small business owners of the CBD. Why You can email us or not put on entertainment, create some life, follow our Facebook page encourage a light and positive attitude. This can Togetherwefix also be repeated in areas like Woolgoolga and Thanks Rodger. Sawtell.


The Council can be proactive in putting in place initiatives to encourage those coming out of lock down to support those in our community who are struggling the most, e.g. the small business owners of the CBD. Why not put on entertainment, create some life, encourage a light and positive attitude.





After 4 years on the Council, Paul Amos (known better as ‘Moose’ to many people) is going for Mayor. We talked to him about why and what a Council run by Moose would look like.


hat made you want to run for Council in the first place? My family has been connected to this community for generations. I felt it was my turn to contribute as I am in the privileged position of being able to do so. I realise a lot of good people may wish to contribute as a councillor but personal circumstances do not allow for this. I had a good friend pass away at the time and this was also a motivation. I felt I had some aptitude for the role and wanted to see if I could fulfill this. What do you think you bring to the Council? I’m fortunate to have lived in Coffs for most of my life and have been involved with a lot of community groups over the years. I think this means a lot of people feel pretty comfortable picking up the phone and telling me what 34 COFFS COAST


Sometimes we’ll get up to 8001000 pages of reading before a Council meeting. I take it very seriously that it’s my job to read through these and be across the details.

their local issues are so I can take them forward. I go for a swim at the jetty before work each day and people just come and have a chat about issues. I pick up my phone and talk to people. I’m not sitting in my house making decisions without talking to a lot of people first, which means I think that most of the time I’m representing what a lot of people think. I’ve run a large business, so I know what’s required to run a budget responsibly. I’m also at a time in my life where I have the time and energy to look at the papers properly. Sometimes we’ll get up to 800-1000 pages of reading before a Council meeting. I take it very seriously that it’s my job to read through these and be across the details. I look at the figures closely and if you ever listen to a Council meeting, you will

notice I am consistently making sure the Council management are being held to account on where they are spending money and whether this is getting the best value for local people. What is the best part of being involved

with the Council? Having the ability to shape the opportunities my kids and grandkids will have living in the region is fantastic. I can see how some of the decisions we’re making impact positively on how people live their lives day to day. It’s definitely also nice when people come and tell you that you’re doing a good job. I have fought hard on some issues and it’s nice to know some people are noticing. What is the hardest part of being a


Councillor? You’ll never please everyone and sometimes people will perceive things without bothering to listen to what happened at a Council meeting. It’s natural to win some battles and lose some, but it’s challenging when you’ve done your research, you know what the community wants and the vote goes against you. Unfortunately, community views have been largely ignored in some decisions and that has been the biggest challenge for me to see that happening. What are the key decisions you see facing the Council in the next 4 years and where do you stand on these? Each year we get told there is zero backlog on local maintenance, but I know this is not the case. There are still large parts of the area that don’t have decent curb and guttering and footpaths. Our tip stinks out the town and we’ve got to sort out how the local agriculture industry is affecting things like our coastal waterways so we get this balance right. We have to get these priorities in order because they affect people’s health and quality of life. As many people know, I have been against the new Cultural building in the centre of town because I don’t think it delivers what our area needs. Now that this has been approved, the challenge will be to make sure this doesn’t go over budget and we can make it as useful as possible. The other thing is that I will fight hard for the Jetty foreshores and coastal parks to be a place that the community can enjoy for free. The State Government owns most of the land and we have been successful in getting some of it back for the local community, but I think we can do more on this front to make sure that it’s there for future generations to enjoy. The community spirit that drives our town comes from things like the markets, festivals and sports clubs that operate in our parklands and we need to make sure that is preserved. You were the only Independent candidate to make it onto the Council. Has this helped or hindered your progress? I think it has hindered me in some votes as I haven’t had other people vote in blocks, but in many ways it has helped because I am not obliged to vote a certain way just because my buddy did. I can look at things without

The State Government owns most of the land and we have been successful in getting some of it back for the local community, but I think we can do more on this front to make sure that it’s there for future generations to enjoy.

worrying about how I am supposed to vote. I look at the research, I talk to people and make a decision on that basis. Why would someone vote for you and not some of the large groups who have already thrown their hat in the ring for Mayor? I would just say that I’m a true independent and what you see is what you get. I have enough experience now having been in there for one term to know how to run things smoothly. I don’t think it’s responsible to put your hand up for Mayor having not been on the Council at all. It would be like the 17-yearold on the open footy team wanting to be the Captain for their first game. I also think you need a bit of life experience to be a good Mayor. To be able to front up to meetings with State and Federal members and put up a good fight for our local area and hold your own. Hopefully I’ve earnt my stripes in the past 4 years. People know how hard I work and how passionate I am, and they know what they are going to get if they vote for me. I’m not trying to get a large group of people in there to drive my own agenda. I don’t work for any of the political parties. I don’t represent a particular club. I think it’s a positive thing to have an independent Mayor. Tell us about why you selected the team that you have with you this time around. I will have a small team and be very selective because I think it’s important people know who they are voting for and that I can vouch

for each person. It’s not a matter of just roping in whoever I can find to get votes my way. I wanted to make sure I can look people in the eye and say if this person gets onto the Council, Coffs will be better off. I can confirm that the first person I asked was Scott Wolgamott because he is one of the most intelligent men I know, is a passionate Coffs Harbour resident having raised his family here despite being from Minnesota originally. Scott has been a huge part of developing the agricultural industry here. He also has a strong social conscience and is an avid outdoors enthusiast, so I think he balances the commercial and environmental considerations well. In the next 3 years, we need to work out a way for our agricultural community to function in an environmentally sustainable way to protect the natural assets we have here. Finally, can you tell us why you’re called Moose? I have a few colourful responses to that question.. but the truth is I grew up living up the hill from good mate Deane Crockett and his Mum (Betty) used to call out to us when it got dark. Paul AMOOOOSE she would yell, and we’d make our way home. I’ve been called Moose since school times and some people still don’t know my real name! Paul Amos will be running for Mayor in 2021 as an Independent Candidate. His family have lived in the area for 5 generations. COFFS COAST



Tegan Swan is a seasoned councillor and previous Deputy Mayor who brings with her lots of experience and always has an ear open to listen to her community and to strive for the best outcomes. She is hoping to be a councillor again and to take up the position of Mayor.

expectations so we can use them to create the best outcomes each time. What are you passionate about? I never expected to be so passionate about being in Local Government that’s for sure! But representing our community has my whole heart and I hope I get to do it for a long time. I’m passionate about encouraging people to be engaged in the decisions that impact their future. I’m passionate about different perspectives, beliefs and priorities being recognised as a strength and empowering us to all work together especially when we want I love our different things. location and I’m passionate about environment; I love creating thriving and our unique connected communities communities, the and seeing Coffs Harbour individual charm of recognised as the best each area. I love our place to live or visit businesses, especially anywhere! the ride is and believe with everything What would you me, we need a mix. they’re facing! I love change if you were The experience I’m elected? our people and the bringing with me I would like to change way they show up for this time is valuable the culture of how we in understanding each other. perceive the value of processes, trusting local government and myself and building on our council. We need to review how we serve where we’re at. and interact with our community. If we ensure I’ll also bring my ears so I can listen and be we’re doing the little things well, we’ll be responsive to our community, and a willingness trusted to do the big things too. There is so to work through the different and competing



hat position are you hoping to gain in this Coffs Coast Election? I would love to become the Mayor in this next election, I would also be very honoured to be a Councillor for another term. What do you bring to the position? A LOT of learning from this last term! There’s talk around wanting all new councillors, I know from experience how daunting and unexpected 36 COFFS COAST



much goodness already being delivered, I’d love to see that recognised and celebrated, to create an environment where we can continue to grow and see opportunities for improvement in a Our priority as a positive respectful way. local government How would you body needs to be people implement these over profit, if this our people and the way changes? remains our focus we they show up for each The reality is... will recover faster and other. I love the individuals slowly! Making strengthen the trust and and groups who are changes at this level respect our community creating opportunities, involves understanding has for our council. taking risks to grow our city existing policies, and make it even better in strategies and so many ways. responsibilities already What do you feel we are lacking in this in place and working to prioritise the objectives region? that suit this desired direction. Councillors and There will always be things we don’t have Mayors can implement new things or changes that we need. Let’s focus on solutions rather by working with their fellow councillors, than problems. Right now, the priorities are utilising Notices of Motion in council meetings addressing housing pressures so many people and taking the time to ensure they are across are facing, implementing long term sustainable the items of business that come before them waste solutions, opportunities to create each meeting to ensure resolutions of council more employment and industry growth and are in line with the changes they are seeking to engaging young people in designing what the achieve. future of our city should look like. What do you love about our region? The pandemic has hit the region hard EVERYTHING!!! I may be biased but I LOVE – how can you assist businesses and us! In my opinion we are the best place in the world. I love our location and environment; I constituents of Coffs Harbour? love our unique communities, the individual We need to support each other as we charm of each area. I love our businesses, recover and adjust to what life looks like now. especially with everything they’re facing! I love It’s important to understand and respect the

evolving nature of what people need, what they’re struggling with and what opportunities they see. If we’re listening, implementing, responding and working together we will get through this stronger and more connected. There already are and will continue to be financial impacts to our community. Our priority as a local government body needs to be people over profit, if this remains our focus we will recover faster and strengthen the trust and respect our community has for our council. If elected as Mayor, what will you do straight away? I’ll support all our new councillors to feel valued and confident in their role, to appreciate the positive impact they can make on our community. I’d also love to create listening sessions around our Local Government Area so we can regularly hear from our community and I wouldn’t mind taking our council meetings on the road so we can physically demonstrate all areas of our LGA are equally important and included. Thanks Tegan. COFFS COAST






Hello. My name is Dean Evers and I am running as an independent candidate for the position of Mayor at our upcoming council elections.

tanding as a Mayoral candidate to represent the residents and ratepayers of Coffs Harbour is a role I do not take lightly. I hope this letter gives some insight to who I am and what I believe in. I have been asked many times ‘Why am I running for Coffs Harbour Mayor?’ Firstly, I am not a politician. I have no plans or aspirations to become a politician and I have no affiliations with any political party. I simply want to see YOU – the people of Coffs Harbour – get the common sense leadership YOU deserve. Open, transparent, compassionate leadership. Secondly, currently, there is disharmony over poor decision making and there is concern about the lack of transparency. YOU can bring change by voting for a new kind of representative. YOU have my pledge that, if you bestow on me the privilege of Mayor, the “best interests of the community” will be at the forefront of every decision and action I support or table. Finally, I am about “Putting YOU, the People First”. Coffs Harbour has my HEART. I have called Coffs Harbour home since moving here in the spring of 1994, and I believe Coffs Harbour remains the best place to live and raise a family. Coffs Harbour has so much potential 38 COFFS COAST


and I want to see Coffs Harbour realise its potential. My background is 22 years in the Human Services sector and I am founder of local charity Hope for the Homeless - Coffs Harbour Inc. I have an additional 15 years in commercial and business leadership. This experience has provided me with an incredible insight into human nature and the knowledge and skills needed to lead in current and future challenging times. With strong communication and relationship skills, I have consistently taken leadership roles throughout my professional and community life. There are many contentious issues facing the new council to address and these issues will be discussed at length by the newlyelected Council, and as a collective they will be addressed in some shape. Although I have my own personal views on a wide range of issues I realise that I cannot commit to any action as, if elected, I am only one voice. What I can do is commit to the highest standards of integrity in ensuring all issues will be vigorously debated in an open and transparent manner so as to meet the best expectations of the community. I will bring the following skills and qualities as Mayor: • Demonstrated commitment and dedication

to our community • Leadership and advocacy • Community development and consultation • Organisational and financial literacy • Commitment to sustainability and the preservation of our natural environment • Enthusiasm, determination and focus on delivering positive outcomes. My HEART is in this community. I am asking for YOUR VOTE. I want to apply the same passion and commitment that drives me every day to make a difference in our community to the role of Mayor. In that regard, YOU have my promise that I will listen to YOU and consult with YOU and adhere to the Mayoral Oath of Office. There is a saying I have always believed in “I wondered why somebody didn’t do something – then I realised I am somebody.” I want to continue to make a difference and I need you to believe in me, to bring out the best in Coffs Harbour. Remember in December – the choice is in your hands! Vote Dean Evers, Mayor for Coffs Harbour City Council, on December 4th. With warm regards... Dean Evers

Follow physical distancing and good hygiene practices

Listen to the health advice

Understand border restrictions before you travel

Gurmesh Singh MP MEMBER FOR COFFS HARBOUR 1/9 Park Ave, Coffs Harbour NSW 2450 (02) 6652 6500 Authorised by Gurmesh Singh MP, 1/9 Park Avenue Coffs Harbour NSW 2450. Funded using Parliamentary Entitlements August 2020










rdinarily, we would see afternoon barbecues, games of footy and cricket at the beach, and long afternoons at restaurants and bars. This year has been different in many ways. It started off with the busiest summer I can recall. Tourists and locals alike were basking in the post-lockdown afterglow. People were rediscovering the things we had taken for granted. And we all felt safe from COVID. The winds of winter brought with them the Delta variant, lockdowns and slowdowns. I got caught up in the parliament cluster after one of my colleagues contracted the virus. Two weeks in a small Sydney apartment, and I was able to return home. The Coffs Coast experienced a slow winter and eventually had a four-week lockdown. As



I write this we’ve been out of lockdown only But there is hope. Our vaccination rates a week. are improving each week, and with the There is optimism in the air. We’ve so far government roadmap about to kick in, I can’t been able to keep the wait to do the things worst of the virus out of we used to take for our region. granted. We haven’t seen We haven’t seen I expect that lockedour local health our local health system down Sydney will again system inundated with inundated with COVID look to the North Coast COVID patients. patients. Although of NSW and especially Although most people’s most people’s daily lives family destinations like daily lives aren’t too aren’t too different Coffs Harbour for their different to normal to normal times, the next family holiday. times, the lockdowns lockdowns have been Businesses who have been tough. tough. Children are have had a tough time missing out on school should expect a very and simple things like busy few months. Our birthday parties. As adults we’re missing out economy will thrive again, and our lives will on weddings, births, funerals, travel. return slowly back to normal.








SMURF TEARS One of the absolute gems on the brand new Cocktail Menu at Element Bar on the Coffs Jetty Strip is this little blue delight, Smurf Tears. With its delicate blend of cherry cognac liqueur, citrus vodka, sour apple liqueur, fresh lemon juice & house syrup, not only does it look amazing on the eye, but is one of the most delicious & unique flavour surprises you’ll ever taste!! An absolute must-try for any cocktail lover! 44 COFFS COAST



brasserie brasserie The






Ellie and Brandon moved home to the Coffs Coast amidst the Covid pandemic and were brave enough to combine their skills and launch their dream catering business with the support of family and friends. Their food is fresh, tasty and beautifully presented.


ey Ellie and Brandon. How did the idea for Coastal Harvest come about? Ellie – As long as we’ve known each other we’ve always wanted to run our own business together. Brandon has a huge passion for quality food while I love entertaining, so a catering business was always going to be fun for us both. Brandon – After both being in a position where we lost our jobs due to the pandemic I guess we also wanted to have some kind of control. When the pandemic first hit, we were living in Sydney, and like many other people, it really pushed us out of our comfort zone. Ellie – It actually gave us the opportunity to move back to Coffs, which is something we’d been waiting to do for a long time, both having grown up here. Brandon – After moving back and settling in we were amazed to discover the amount of fresh, quality produce and products that are grown and made right here on the Mid North Coast. That’s really why we started this, to bring those products to life and creatively showcase them to the community. Originally from the Coffs Coast you both spent about 10 years living and working in Sydney. Ellie, you came from 46 COFFS COAST


an industry quite far from food. What were you doing? Ellie – I’d always wanted to be a Fashion Designer. After finishing high school, I moved to Sydney and dedicated the better part of a decade to qualifying and working in the industry. There was so much about my experience in the fashion industry that I loved and definitely wouldn’t change but naturally I started to We were gravitate to other areas amazed to in the design industry. Exploring graphic discover the design, social media and amount of fresh, much of Sydney and marketing I’ve found a quality produce and be part of all sorts of niche now that I’m really products that are exciting functions and enjoying. grown and made events, we worked a lot Brandon on the other right here on the with corporate clients hand has spent a lot Mid North Coast. like eBay and Facebook of time in the food on a regular basis. In industry. Can you tell the early days I kind of us a bit about your thought cooking was just a means to an end career so far in the food industry? while I was figuring out what I really wanted Brandon – My experience in food began to do with my life, but somehow always found back in high school where I worked at Maccas myself coming back to food. It’s where I feel boxing up fries and doing the dreaded most creative and confident. graveyard shifts, and I’ve been in and out of How do you think your separate skills kitchens ever since. Most recently I worked complement each other in this business? with a company in Sydney where I realised Brandon – I really believe our business has the freedom in catering. I was able to see so

been a success so far because while we both pandemic. have separate skills we can come together and Ellie – And maybe we were a little bit crazy meet in the middle with almost everything. If but luckily for us our families have supported there’s something Ellie understands better, she us every step of the way. Since the very can teach me, and vice versa. beginning both our families have helped us Ellie – Of course Brandon is all about the to get this business off the ground. From food, he has a real passion for highlighting bookkeeping, to trailer towing lessons, market our local produce and it’s what makes our service week after week, and all the little offering stand out. He is words of wisdom along also a confident leader, the way – we’ve had so always coming up with much support. That’s really new ideas and directing Brandon – We’ve why we new opportunities for come a long way in started this, to our business. 12 months, and we’ve bring those Brandon – Ellie looks had a lot of fun with after all our marketing family and friends in the products to life and social media, she process. We’ve been and creatively has a keen eye for part of some fantastic showcase them to detail and design so community events, the community. naturally thrives in that met loads of awesome wheelhouse. Having a people and to top it strong online presence off I’ve been able to has really enabled us to reach the community work closely with my best mate and our chef, and actively engage with our audience. Mallee. It’s been a pretty sweet journey so far. Starting a new business during a You split your business between a few pandemic isn't an easy task. How has the different areas, how does this work and journey been so far? what are the options you have on offer? Brandon – Honestly, a lot of people thought Brandon – First and foremost, we are a we were crazy to start a business (let alone catering business, offering bespoke menus for a food business), in the middle of a global events of all kinds. Weddings, baby showers,

birthdays, engagement parties, corporate functions, and everything in between, we do it all. Ellie – Right now we are also operating our pop-up Burger Bar three nights a week in Bello. The community have been excited to see another regular food option, particularly as we offer free home-delivery in the area. Brandon – We have also just launched our new online Platter store! Think premium Grazing, Bakery and Sweet platters all boxed up and delivered straight to your front door. Perfect for ordering in something a little indulgent, an anniversary gift or for corporate functions. Where do you source your ingredients and produce? Brandon – As our name suggests, we are all about keeping it local to the Mid North Coast. Our aim is to harvest what’s here on the Coast and bring it to our customers in all kinds of creative, delicious ways! Wherever we possibly can, we source produce and products from other local businesses. Where can people find out more? Ellie – Follow us on socials! We update our socials regularly and often announce specials there, otherwise please get in touch by submitting an enquiry on our website. Thanks guys! COFFS COAST







Meet the Bakers. Georgina and Sam Baker, along with their three children, are the proud owners of Levenvale Farm which sits just outside of Bellingen looking out towards the picturesque Dorrigo Ranges.


hey farm Angus beef cows using organic and regenerative farming practices and also have some innovative ideas on how else to make the most of the beautiful property on which

they live. Hi Georgina. Can you fill us in on how you and your husband Sam ended up in Bellingen on Levenvale Farm? There were a couple of reasons. Our eldest daughter suffers from eczema and we had battled it for years. We wanted to give her a different environment to live in for a while, to see if it would help. We had also been looking to diversify our business for a few years. We wanted to buy somewhere that didn’t suffer from the same climatic risks that our property in Queensland did, mainly being drought. We looked south of the border and the further east we came the higher the rainfall, the greener the grass and the more we liked the added benefits of a coastal lifestyle. We were passing through Bellingen and had stopped for supplies and liked the town. We 48 COFFS COAST


found Levenvale listed for sale, but nothing through improved soil health and plant happened until six months later when we diversity, to treat our livestock ethically and visited Bellingen again and decided to view the allow them to graze naturally, while they property. Through a bit of luck and the universe fertilise our ground and ultimately contribute to working for us, we an ecosystem that thrives ended up proud owners and regenerates. of Levenvale Farm. It In November, Levenvale Organic, to us, was aligned with our Farm will be in its third means we farm vision being already in year (of five) of its required and grow our cattle the process of being “conversion” period. This without chemicals, organically certified, and means we are Certified it offered a really humid Organic (in-conversion) synthetic fertilisers, climate (opposed to the by a third party, each growth hormones or dry heat of Qld) which year having to complete antibiotics. we hoped would be and pass a strict auditing good for our daughter’s process where our soil skin. is tested, our farming Levenvale is in its second year of and animal practices are reviewed and we conversion to being a certified organic are awarded our certification. Organic, to farm, but you also practice regenerative us, means we farm and grow our cattle farming. Can you explain what that means without chemicals, synthetic fertilisers, growth and a little about how it works on your hormones or antibiotics. We treat our animals property? ethically and allow them to graze as nature Our mission is to farm in a more sustainable intends. way, to leave our land in better condition than Regenerative farming simply means we are we found it, to regenerate our environment trying to farm with nature, rather than against


We strongly advocate Nose to Tail eating, and it’s for a few reasons. Our single biggest reason is respect. If we are going to sacrifice an animal, we believe it should be used wholly and completely.

it. Again we don’t use pesticides or insecticides or attempt to kill species but instead we are encouraging diversity, life and growth and in doing so regenerating the ecosystem around us. We do this through trying to improve our soil health – through plant diversity and by grazing our cattle in a rotational system around the farm. We run our cattle in one large herd, as they would in the wild, and they get moved to a new paddock of fresh pasture every day or so, also mimicking how grazing animals would function in a natural landscape. This movement off grazed paddocks allows the plants to thrive and regrow (with the added biology and minerals from the dung and hoof disturbance). Allowing the plants to rest for several weeks after grazing allows these plants to grow back healthier and bigger, and their root systems are given the opportunity to expand and grow. Roots contribute to healthier soil, greater diversity of plants grow which also contributes to healthier soils, and healthier soils absorb more water and so the improvement

of the whole ecosystem begins. Healthier plants mean healthier cattle, less disease, less pests and less need for human intervention. It’s farming with nature. We feel that regenerative is going beyond organic, but right now our organic certification is more widely understood by consumers so we choose to maintain it. You guys farm mainly Angus beef cows, providing not only meat but also a few other beef products. Can you tell us about your nose to tail philosophy; what it means and what the benefits are? We have always processed our own cattle for our own consumption when we lived in Queensland. Doing this means that you are very much a part of the process, you see the animal lose its life and become a carcass and then you work with the butcher to see it become the steaks and mince and sausages that fill your freezer. We strongly advocate Nose to Tail eating, and it's for a few reasons. Our single biggest reason is respect. If we are going to sacrifice an animal, we believe it should be used wholly and completely. Using ALL of the animal also

means less wastage. Our goal is to have zero wastage and to use every single part of the carcass. We do this through offering products that convert some of the less popular cuts into delicious and usable products. Eating Nose to Tail is also hugely beneficial for nutrition. Organs and fat from 100% grass-fed animals grazing on organic pastures are packed with high levels of nutrients, vitamins and minerals. In this world where our food is increasingly lacking the good stuff, we are trying to put it back in. What are some of the beef products you make and what’s the process like? On our journey of improving gut health and living with food intolerances, we have done many food challenges, excluding gluten and dairy and chemicals and preservatives and grains and sugars etc etc etc... I wanted clean food for my family, but I didn’t want them to miss out just because I couldn’t buy something at the shop, and the more I started reading labels on food, I started to be aware of what we unknowingly consume. So, 6 years ago, we started making our own – and our first product was sausages, because they are the ultimate easy dinner or take along to a kid’s party or friends BBQ. All kids love a snag!! So we made some that were super clean, just with fresh herbs and spices and salt as the binding agent. COFFS COAST




No fillers, no meal, no preservatives. The result was incredible, and they were the first in our lines of clean beef products. We now have 3 or 4 flavours running, including our Italian (capsicum, paprika & fennel seeds), Argentine (coriander, garlic, parsley), English (apple & sage) or our version of Paleo (beetroot & kidney). Then we started a few items that made use of the waste. I hated seeing our organic, grass-fed, nutrient dense bones and fat being discarded at the butcher, so we went about making change! We now take all the bones from the carcass and using a commercial kitchen we turn the bones into broth and we sell it fresh, frozen or in frozen cubes for easy use. We use all of the fat from the carcass and create Tallow. Again in a commercial kitchen and through a process of rendering and purifying, we turn the fat (often discarded by butchers) into shelf-stable fat for use in home cooking. The fat from 100% grass-fed animals is actually really good for us, it’s high in beta-carotene – a natural form of Vitamin A. It’s also got a very high smoke point so it’s 50 COFFS COAST


The fat from 100% grass-fed animals is actually really good for us, it’s high in betacarotene – a natural form of Vitamin A.

perfect for frying. We smother it on our steaks before BBQing, we fry our eggs and mushrooms in it, we roast the best potatoes with it. The flavour it adds to our savoury meals is delicious. We also turn the super nutrient-dense Liver into a smooth delectable pate, flavoured with garlic, onion and herbs and blended with our tallow. And our Beef BOLOGNESE is our newest product. As a busy mum of 3 littlies I want to pick something up that is fast, healthy, and a popular choice with the kids, that I can prepare in under 10mins. A jar of our Bolognese poured over a plate of zucchini zoodles keeps Mum and kids happy! All of our products are dairy free, gluten (and all grain) free, chemical free, preservative free and we only use ingredients that are real, whole foods – and always local and organic when we can source it. The farm has been around for quite a long time and it even has some heritage

buildings. We hear you’ve been fixing up and renovating some of the buildings on the farm, what do you have planned for them? Yes, there are a few of the standing structures that were classified Heritage by Bellingen Shire Council some years ago. They include some original cow bails from the old dairy farm, with the manual wooden stick to open and close the door for the cows to pass through. These are cordoned off in our cattle yards, under cover and a great talking point for visitors. There’s also a little structure where they used to poddy-feed the

decked out with chairs and tables to host workshops, functions and dinners. The "Barn" has some of the best views on the farm, looking out to the gorgeous Dorrigo National Park ranges. We have recently partnered with some other farmers who have taken over the renovation of the calf-pen. Luigi, who is a permaculture guru We are from southern Italy, has starting converted the calf-pen monthly Yoga in to a perfect brooder for the Paddock, and chickens and quails, and seasonal Paddock it sits alongside an acre to Plate dinners of contoured vegetable calves, called the "calfshowcasing some beds that will become pen" and an old Barn, incredible local known as "The Patch", made out of materials chefs and our supplying organic taken from an original organic produce. vegetables, chickens and homestead, that was eggs to our community. used to store hay in What other projects more recent times. Our do you have planned for the future at renovations started with the old Barn as we Levenvale? were successful in being awarded a Heritage Gosh, so much! We are busy renovating Grant from the council. This allowed us the old vat room from the dairy into a to "weather-proof" and "pest-proof" the storage space for our Bello Beef products structure, and repair all the rotted wood – fridges and freezers, with hopes that throughout. The result is a beautiful, rustic, one day we will open it as a Farm Shop. 6m x 8m weatherproof barn that we have We are starting monthly Yoga in the

Paddock, and seasonal Paddock to Plate dinners showcasing some incredible local chefs and our organic produce. We offer camping on the farm, through Hipcamp, on little secluded corners of the farm, for people to escape the rush and just to share this incredible place. We have a space for ceremonies and weddings and a partnership with Cedar Bar, so hopefully soon you might see Levenvale Farm featured in a wedding spread!! We also have plans for offering bell tents for larger groups who might like to visit, to learn, or to relax, and ideas to convert the old pig stalls into a space for shared cooking. So many ideas, but we are just growing slowly, doing things as and when we can. We’ve been here two years already and feel like we are only just starting to get going! For anyone who would like to learn more about the farm and what you have on offer there, where can they find you? We have recently launched our new website and so you can check out our farm (and Bello Beef) online at www. – there’s a link to our Bello Beef shop in the main menu. @levenvalefarm @bellobeef COFFS COAST



Upgrades For Our Schools Mullaway and Nana Glen Public School are wonderful schools in our community. I secured funding for them through the Local Schools Community Fund for upgrades and they have recently been completed. Mullaway Primary School created new outdoor learning spaces for their students. Nana Glen Public School used the funding to create spaces for extension groups, school

counsellors and outside agencies by refurbishing an existing building. It created a space where parent helpers and community members can offer specialty programs and work within the school. Looking forward to checking it all out. The Local Schools Community Fund was open to all schools. For future rounds, visit https:// to apply.

Scan here to see the full list of projects

$25 redeemable Monday to Sunday Terms and conditions apply

for s r a l l o of d s n o i l l i M the d n a a g l Woolgoo hes c a e B n Norther

Authorised by K Hogan MP, National Party of Australia - NSW, 63 Molesworth Street, Lismore NSW 2480





NEED A GOOD LAUGH AFTER LOCKDOWN? At the National Cartoon Gallery we can give you that and more!


ATURE PHOTOGRAPHY EXHIBITION – 8 to 31 Oct Be inspired by the wonderful C.Ex Camera Club members nature photography exhibition. Nature has helped many of us get through the last 18 months, and these photographers have captured the beauty of our natural world in all its wonder. A LAST HURRAH – 5 Nov to 3 Dec (please note new dates) This exhibition covers the humour, the chaos and the seriousness that cartooning can present and the sheer talent on display by our Australian cartoonists and caricaturists.

Margaret Cameron, our previous Manager, has chosen to make this final tribute to her 5 years at the Gallery through an exhibition of some of her favourite works from the collection that show how cartoonists have responded to our changing times. BILL LEAK – to 7 Nov A new biography called Die Laughing on Bill Leak has been release by his good friend Fred Pawle. This book tells the many story arcs in Bill Leak’s life, as the working-class kid who became friends with John Howard even after Bill did a very defamatory cartoon of the then Prime Minister, artists such as Barry Humphries, Brett Whiteley and others, and as the left-wing rabble rouser who went on to become a conservative libertarian. His exhibition currently showing at the Gallery


will entertain and amuse many with his irreverent sense of humour. FREE OPEN DAY IS BACK ON – SUNDAY 31ST OCTOBER – SAVE THE DATE Make | Create | Animate DISCOUNTED MEMBERSHIP WITH DINE & DISCOVER VOUCHERS EXTENDED TILL JUNE 2022 Receive a 24% discounted membership but with all the benefits when you use your Dine & Discover vouchers to join up as a Friend of the National Cartoon Gallery before JUNE 2022. 02 6651 7343 NEW OPENING TIMES: TUESDAY TO SUNDAY | 10am to 3pm




For FREE MEMBERSHIP redeem your discover voucher with the






COFFS COAST! There are plenty of experiences to love right here... your challenge is to discover them all!

tick ‘efm all o f

FEED a penguin at Dolphin Marine Conservation Park

Headland HOP along the Solitary Islands Coastal Walk

Have a LAUGH at the National Cartoon Gallery

ENJOY a coffee and cake under the fig trees in Sawtell

PADDLE with Wajaana Yaam Gumbaynggirr Adventures

Learn to SURF with Solitary Islands Surf School

RUN (or walk!) the trail around Woolgoolga headland

EAT fish ‘n chips at the Coffs Fishermen’s Co-op

ROAR at a ‘real life’ dinosaur at the Butterfly House

SWING through the trees at TreeTop Adventures

COUNT the kangaroos on Look At Me Now Headland

TEE OFF on one of Coffs Coast’s many golf courses

RIDE the giant slide at The Big Banana Fun Park

SADDLE UP with HWH Stables in the Orara Valley

SPOT a whale tail on a boat trip with Jetty Dive

SNAP the views from Muttonbird Island walk way

KAYAK along the creeks with C-Change Adventures

Fill in your faves

SEE a Jetty sunrise with Montem Bike Tours

Share the fun! Tag #coffscoast #ourplaceisgreat







Sharing Our Place of Plenty


The Destination Coffs Coast team is excited to release the new Coffs Coast – Plenty of Reasons to Play, Stay, Taste and Explore publication.

he visitor magazine showcases the unique beauty and attractions, activities and businesses across Coffs Harbour, the Southern and Northern Beaches and the Orara Valley. Many of our local tourism businesses have copies for you to pick up and enjoy. As you take in the stories you’ll notice our new positioning – Coffs Coast… the PLACE OF PLENTY. This reflects both the expansive variety of experiences found on the Coffs Coast, and connects to the local Gumbaynggirr culture. The Gumbaynggirr people were traditionally known as the sharing people, who generously shared their plentiful resources with those who visited the region. With the variety of challenges being felt within our community at the moment, it’s a fantastic time to focus on what makes our region special. We’ve highlighted a number of ways you can enjoy our wonderful part of the world, support local, and share the Coffs Coast you love. ‘Find the Fun’ on the Coffs Coast – A great holiday (or any day) activity to help you explore and discover some of the many delights in our area. With fun attractions, glorious walks

and tasty delights, you’re challenged to enjoy one or all of these experiences and tick them all off. Find the list inside this month’s Focus magazine. Share the Love of Local – Do you have a fave coffee shop, a great mechanic, a fabulous beautician, or any other business that you can’t live without on the Coffs Coast? It’s easy to share the love and let locals know. Download the ‘My Favourite Businesses on the Coffs Coast’ social stories template and share to your social media – don’t forget to add tags for your fave businesses. Go to au/golocal for the template. Go Local First and Gift Local – A great way to support the Coffs Coast Go Local First initiative is to Gift Local. Buy a gift voucher to say thank you, for a special occasion, to put away for Christmas, or just to treat yourself! Local businesses are the heart of our community, and even with restrictions we can show them our support. Find details at ‘Place of Plenty Experiences’ Holiday Packages – Now is a great time to consider having a holiday close to home. Our team has put together a number of three day packages for families, couples and adventurers to enjoy a curated itinerary of pre-booked experiences on

the Coffs Coast. Fully flexible and secured with a $100 per person deposit, these packages will help you holiday at home. Details at coffscoast. Our Place Is Great – ‘Share’ the places and moments that make the Coffs Coast special to you through images. Sharing pics on your socials with #ourplaceisgreat and #coffscoast helps others discover the hidden gems in our beautiful region. Remember to tag the business or location as well. REMINDER: It’s important that whatever way we choose to enjoy everything our beautiful destination offers, we follow current Covid-19 guidelines. This includes hygiene, physical distancing, QR code check-in and mask-wearing, along with travel restrictions if appropriate. Let’s celebrate the Coffs Coast… the Place of Plenty! #coffscoast #ourplaceisgreat







ho makes up Gallows Brewing Co. and where did you meet? We’re three mates hell bent on producing good beer. Glen McCann is the experienced head brewer. He’s created a range of awardwinning beers and has received positive feedback on his Gallows brews so far. Kurt Ramsay has a detailed understanding within the craft beer industry through extensive experience in alcohol retail, including



Tom Pritzler, Glen McCann and Kurt Ramsay are the guys behind Gallows Brewing Co. They met in a share house many years ago and have always shared a love of great craft beer, and they recently decided to turn that passion from a hobby into a business, and we’re glad they did!

We want to ensure that we have something for everyone and it also gives us an opportunity to have fun with the beers we are creating. management. He also has design and sales experience. Tom Pritzler has hospitality management and marketing experience across a variety of roles, plus a strong professional background in social research. We met in a Brisbane share house over 15 years ago, and quickly bonded over our appreciation for beer. After going our separate ways to pursue careers, start families and travel, we reconnected in 2018 in Coffs Harbour, our childhood home. It was around this time that we decided to explore our

passion for beer once again and try and turn it into a business. We realised that each of us brought with them a wealth of knowledge and experience that complimented each other and created a foundation for the early success we are experiencing today. This was the beginning of Gallows Brewing Co. Where did the idea for Gallows Brewing Co. come from? The idea for Gallows Brewing Co. started with our passion for beer. After years as fans of craft beer in all its varieties and seeing brands emerge that enjoyed great success, we decided to take the leap and turn our hobby into an enterprise. Glen had years of

experience in homebrewing. Once he started becoming more interested in the craft beer styles that were popping up everywhere, he figured he could give it a crack and bought his first DIY brew kit. It wasn’t long until he was hooked and built his own system from the ground up. As with all brewing stories, you start brewing to save money, but that never ends up being the case somehow! With both Kurt and Tom working in the hospitality industry, it seemed like the perfect storm for taking the leap into the world of professional brewing. After months of groundwork and a few setbacks, we launched earlier this year and have so far enjoyed an overwhelmingly positive response to our product. We’ve We pride ourselves always been on being local and interested in the producing excellent beer. darker side of With all the incredible branding and felt beaches on the Coffs that the name Coast how did Gallows characterises our region. Gallows suited win the name? We wanted to explore the this perfectly. We love all our more edgy styles of beers, local beaches equally! and also from a personal However, we’ve always perspective we all like been interested in heavy and hardcore music so we felt the the darker side of branding and felt that name Gallows encompassed everything we the name Gallows suited this perfectly. It’s wanted! reflected in our can designs, highlighting the Continued over... sometimes stormy and volatile climate that

What makes You consider Gallows yourselves a gypsyBrewing Co. stand style brewing company. How does out on shelves is the process work? that we are truly A gypsy brewer is local and have a a producer that uses connection to the another brewer’s community we call equipment to make home. We love Coffs beer. We haven’t got Harbour; it’s the our own equipment reason behind our yet but have been name, branding and fortunate enough to even the style of have received some with breweries and beers we create. help from friends brewers that allow us to in the industry to be as hands-on with the help create Gallows process as we need to Brewing Co. beers. be and at the same time see our dream come We think up the recipes, source the ingredients to life. Our long-term goal is to create enough and supervise the brewing process on existing momentum to eventually purchase our own brewery equipment. Most craft beer producers equipment and have a local tap room where start this way. It is difficult in the sense that we can’t have complete control over our beers, but we’ve made some pretty amazing relationships 58 COFFS COAST


With craft beer on the rise here in Australia, what makes yours stand out? What makes Gallows Brewing Co. stand out on shelves is that we are truly local and have a connection to the community we call home. We love Coffs Harbour; it’s the reason behind our name, branding and even the style of beers we create. If a customer wants to try a craft

customers can drink beers directly from the

beer and get a taste for what embodies the


Coffs Coast; a relaxed, summery lifestyle, then


Our long-term goal is to establish our own taproom in the local area. To achieve this, we want to continue creating innovative, quality beers that locals and visitors want to drink to build our brand.

Gallows Brewing Co. beer is the one to pick. Craft beer is a community too and we want people trying our beer along with other craft beers. We believe our beer is just as good as, and dare we say even better than, most craft beers out there and we’ll stand by our brand against any competition. Therefore, our quality is also something that sets us apart for the rest; try it and see for yourself! Do you make a variety of beers or do you have a signature type? We currently have two core beers; a Choc Coffee Stout and a West Coast style IPA. Our Catalyst Choc Coffee Stout contains Dark Arts Coffee and is designed specifically to showcase local produce as well as our creativity. Trapdoors West Coast IPA was created to feed off the popularity of this style in the craft beer community and to genuinely be a quality choice for the consumer. There’s more to come too; we are in the process of creating a tropical pale

ale with a lower ABV, something sessionable coming into summer that can be enjoyed at an afternoon barbeque and down by the water. Stay tuned! In relation to a signature style, we are trying to avoid being pigeon holed into one type of beer at this point. We want to ensure that we have something for everyone and it also gives us an opportunity to have fun with the beers we are creating. What’s the secret to good beer? And what do you personally look for when you taste one? There are a bunch of factors that go into making good beer; the recipe, the freshness of the ingredients, the brewing process, even storage and transport. But it’s also true that one person might love a beer that someone else dislikes. That’s what’s great about craft beer, there is something for everyone. There aren’t any rules about beer either; we say if you like the taste, drink it! What does the future hold for Gallows Brewing Co.? We’ve got a new beer in the tanks ready to

unleash pretty soon. After that, we’re looking to add another beer to our repertoire. It’s hard to keep up at the moment while we’re still finding our feet. We’re working hard to keep up demand and hopefully we can keep rolling with our current success. Our long-term goal is to establish our own taproom in the local area. To achieve this, we want to continue creating innovative, quality beers that locals and visitors want to drink to build our brand. We want to create a community around our beers; one in which we listen to feedback from customers, respond, and continue to grow. We are set on an adventure and want to bring Coffs along for the ride. Where can people find your beer? Our beers are currently stocked at the Coffs Hotel Bottleshop, Boambee IGA Bottleshop, Jetty Cellars, The Seaview Hotel, The Pier Hotel, The Hoey Moey, Element Bar, Sam’s Place in Woolgoolga… All great local businesses… Online via, thebeerdrop. and a handful of Brisbane stockists too thanks to brewing our first few batches in Brisbane. We are super active on social media so if you’re struggling to find a beer message us and we’ll get back to you with more information. Cheers! COFFS COAST



Come Home to G R O V E


What does your retirement dream look like? Everyone has a different picture of their ideal retirement lifestyle.

oes yours include lowmaintenance accommodation, with stress-free days spent pursuing your passions? Or time-out relaxing in a peaceful

environment? Marian Grove is nestled serenely on 27 acres of award-winning gardens, and ideally located between mountains and coastline, with its proximity to the airport, village of Sawtell and vibrant regional city of Coffs Harbour. Every day the lifestyle choices are plentiful. “It’s a walk to Toormina, to the shops and the doctor. You can walk down and get the paper or go for coffee, and everything else you want, like restaurants, movies and the beach is close too.“- David. “I pulled up out the front of the apartments and walked up the stairs, and it was like someone put their arms around me and said, ‘You belong here.’ The sense of peace and feeling like this was home was overwhelming.” - Chris. Are you a people person, looking to settle in a thriving, vibrant and established community of like-minded folk? Or perhaps you want to be able to lock your place up and leave for adventures whenever you like.



At Marian Grove you can be as connected or independent as you choose, with activities on offer from art classes to bus trips to table tennis, or the security of knowing you have staff teams and neighbours who’ll look out for your place while you’re away. “Marian Grove has everything. It’s a walk to the shopping centre if you want to walk, a short drive to the beach and cafes and shops at Sawtell - which even has its own cinema! I play cards and table tennis, I joined the choir and play scrabble and, honestly, I’ve been too busy to do much else!” - Mary Lou. “The community here is wonderful, I feel like I’m part of a big family. I feel so secure and so welcome.”- Robyn. Marian Grove grew out of the desire of a not-for-profit Christian community to provide fellowship, accommodation, and care for its members, enabling them to age positively. For over twenty-seven years, we’ve been doing just that, responding to the changing needs of our residents as they maintain their active lifestyles, adding levels of support over time, as needed, which includes in-home assistance service from Sawtell Home Care, and Residential Care at Mater Christi if needed for respite or longer stays.

“Every time I had a question or needed assistance, there was always wonderful support from the Marian Grove team.” – Robyn. “The thing I strongly feel that sets this place apart is that your words seem to be backed up by actions. Everyone, from the maintenance team to reception and all the others seem to have smiles on their faces, love in their hearts and patience when they deal with people, and you can feel that.” - Chris. Are you ready right now to make your dream come true? It’s within reach if this is what you are looking for. If somewhere to put down roots in a community with a longstanding reputation that’s second to none is your retirement dream, there’s never been a better time to “Come to Marian Grove.” With modern apartments in the New Release complex and spacious villas available at prices to suit every budget, why not come and take a look? You’ll be pleasantly surprised by the welcome waiting for you. Give us a call on (02) 6653 1241, or have a look at our website: and new-release-marian-grove We’d love to hear from you!







Unhappy with your lockdown weight? Need help getting back on track with your eating habits & want some accountability to help you achieve your goals? Our Healthy Inspirations Weight Loss Program is your answer! Tracey is a member of our gym and needed some accountability and guidance around her food choices. She got started with Health Inspirations Weight Loss Coach Alex and here’s what Tracey thought of the program!


escribe your health and fitness before you started the Healthy Inspirations Weight Loss Program. Before the program I was already doing classes at the gym and thought I had a pretty healthy diet, but just couldn’t seem to lose any weight, which has crept on over the last couple of years and refused to budge! What had you tried in the past? Self-control, and cutting down on fats, sugars and snacks. When I was younger I never used to have too much trouble losing weight if I put my mind to it, but this time around it just wouldn’t shift! How easy did you find the program? The program was really easy – as long as I did the planning and worked out what I was eating for the week. My husband loved the recipes that Alex posted online and so I didn’t have to cook different meals for him. Planning also meant I didn’t have to think too hard about what to cook! The diary was a simple way to keep track of progress, document what I was eating and drinking,



managed to keep the weight off because I and plan for the upcoming week. There was so much food, I was never hungry! And it have simple strategies to fall back on when I was so tasty that we still use recipes regularly need them. even after I have finished the program. How has achieving these results affected What difference has the coaching made other aspects of your life? to you sticking to the program? I have less knee and Having a coach was joint pain than I used to, a really positive aspect I can wear my clothes Having a coach of the program, even more confidently and was a really though I never imagined I’ve had lots of people positive aspect of the that I’d need a weight notice the difference! It program, even though coach! If I was unsure just feels good to not be I never imagined that about choosing foods or carrying that extra weight I’d need a weight planning meals, I could around and knowing that coach! If I was unsure ask Alex. If I had a big about choosing foods I achieved my goal. social week and ate lots or planning meals, I What would you say of things I shouldn’t, could ask Alex. to someone else about she was there to get me this program who back on track with a wants to lose weight? positive attitude. She had Do it! If you put your mind to it, stick with lots of ideas to help along the way. It really the program and have Alex to support you, surprised me how much I enjoyed having her it’s a really positive way to lose weight and there for the support and not having to do keep it off! it alone! Get Started Feeling Great Again! Text HI Tell us what you have achieved? to Alex 0401 002 062 and she can guide I am now the same weight I was when I was married – 34 years ago! And I’ve you through every step of your journey!


Sick Of The Dieting Merry-GoRound? Help is Here! with AARON HARDAKER Why do we struggle to maintain a diet? Or make long term changes that are actually good for us? What if eating well was far more simple than it’s made out to you in the media… to find true health in an age of confusion. Aaron Hardaker, Principal Physiotherapist at Mid North Coast Physio, caught up with their newest member of the team, Dietitian Anna Hicks to discuss. nna, why do we struggle so much with eating well? There is a constant dichotomy of “this food equals this health”, and “this food prevents this disease” etc. I think the internet is a wonderful resource, but with so much available information out there, it can be very overwhelming and downright misleading. We live in an age where the media and food industry try to sensationalise or exaggerate health and nutrition. This has led to people constantly seeking the latest and greatest food trend or diet that promises the world but leaves you confused and feeling worse.


So how do I decipher the media’s headlines We all need encouragement and around health? accountability to others and dietitians are able I think to an extent we have been trained to use their scientific education and training to stop listening to our own body cues and plus provide you with the support, guidance, everything the body is trying to tell us. We coaching and accountability that you need to ignore our appetites, our emotions, energy, and go from knowing what you should be doing to stress levels and then look actually following through externally for the answer. and doing what it is you Always ask yourself if want to achieve with your Always ask you’re looking at changing health. yourself if something in your lifestyle: The take home message you’re looking at ‘could I keep doing this must be, to spend the time changing something for the rest of my life’? If fi nding someone who can in your lifestyle: the answer is no, then you teach you to create an ‘could I keep doing need help to find a different eating style that you can do this for the rest of option to meet your goals. each day for your life and my life’? So how can a Dietitian helps you find what works help? for you. The reality is when it comes to food and Thanks Anna. If you’ve struggled with nutrition, there are many diverse ways of eating eating well or don’t know what works as you can see if you travel around the world. A for you, MNC Physio is offering 5 FREE healthy diet doesn’t have to include expensive pre-assessments with Anna to discuss your supplements, restrictive calories, cutting out needs and find out how she can help. Call carbohydrates or other food groups and hours 1300 27 37 47 and mention this article to at the gym. secure your spot now.







When she became a nurse When she became a nurse more three decades morethan than three decades ago, ago, Lisa could LisaSlater Slater could nevernever have have imagined she would one day imagined she would one day be at frontline of the local be atthe the frontline of the response to a global pandemic. local response to a global Lisa’s work today is far different pandemic. Lisa’s work today than the rest of her career but it’s is far different than the rest bit as rewarding. of every her career but it’s every bit as rewarding.


hat is your role at the Coffs Harbour Vaccination Clinic? I am a Nurse Manager for the Mid North Coast Local Health District’s COVID-19 Vaccination Program and I have helped coordinate the establishment of our vaccination clinics. Tell us about your nursing career. What were you doing before your current role? I guess you could say a career in health was always on the cards for me. My dad Dr Graham Mayze was a local GP in the Nambucca Valley for 40 years and my mum Gail was a registered nurse who worked with renowned eye surgeon Fred Hollows and eventually became the manager at Dad’s practice in town. I’m the oldest of four children and I pretty much grew up looking out for my brother and sisters on our farm; there was always someone who needed their big sister to patch them up. Nursing has been such a rewarding career



and I have been lucky enough to work across service development. It’s all about enhancing many parts of the profession. In recent our health services to meet the growing years, I’ve been working in Deputy Director needs of our community. of Nursing roles at Bellingen and Macksville In this new COVID environment, our focus hospitals. has shifted to being more agile – setting up When the pandemic hit, I knew the skills testing clinics at very short notice, scaling up I had developed over our operations when many years would allow there’s a sudden need to me to make a valuable do so, and responding Our staff just contribution to our to rapidly changing love sharing COVID-19 response. situations. the great sense of What do you enjoy How busy has achievement, and most about nursing? the Coffs Harbour The avenues of Vaccination Clinic relief, that people feel nursing are so varied – been since it opened? when they walk out you can work anywhere We have been saying they have from community health vaccinating healthcare been vaccinated or an operating theatre, workers, priority groups against COVID-19. to a doctor’s surgery or and eligible members of setting up vaccination the public since March or testing clinics. this year as part of the Nursing also offers great flexibility which national COVID-19 vaccination program. can help you achieve a work/life balance – It has been an exceptionally busy time as except in the middle of a pandemic when it is we have endeavoured to get as many people often all hands on deck. vaccinated as possible. One of the aspects of nursing I really love is Although the GP and pharmacy sectors

have administered the majority of COVID-19 and protecting, our community. When we say vaccines, we have been vaccinating people “We’re all in this together” we truly mean it. day in, day out (including weekends) and our How can people access COVID-19 staff have been absolutely amazing every step vaccination? of the way. Visiting the Australian Government’s We have recently relocated our local Eligibility Checker is the easiest way to make vaccination clinic to C.ex Coffs which is an an appointment at one of our vaccination excellent venue, not just because it’s centrally clinics. We have NSW Health Vaccination located and accessible, Clinics located at Coffs but also because it Harbour, Kempsey and allows us to expand Port Macquarie. People who our capacity as vaccine After answering come to our supply increases. some questions you will clinics have already Can you tell us about be advised if you are made the decision to the team that has eligible for a COVID-19 be vaccinated and been involved in vaccination and then they are very happy getting the clinic up you will be able to book to share their and running? an appointment at your motivation for The teams who nearest vaccination getting vaccinated. have been involved in clinic. getting our COVID-19 Appointments at vaccination clinics local GP clinics and and testing clinics are absolutely fantastic. pharmacies can also be booked via the There are so many things that have to be Eligibility Checker or by contacting them considered and our staff just get in and get directly. the job done. Can you talk readers through what From infection control and medical the process is like on the day of their considerations, to administration and vaccination? information technology, there is so much to You will receive a reminder text from NSW be done to establish these services, but our Health before your appointment and on the team is incredibly talented and very adept at day you will find the process is very smooth. working together toward our common goal. You should arrive at the clinic 15 minutes For every one of us it’s about caring for, before your appointment with photo ID and

your Medicare card. Our staff will confirm your personal details and ask you some questions and before you know it, one of our nurses will be collecting you ready for your jab. We will also ask you about your medical history and, if need be, you can have a chat with our on-site doctor. What are some common questions, concerns or misconceptions people have had about the COVID-19 vaccinations? COVID-19 vaccination is safe and effective and there is a lot of valuable information on both the Australian Government and NSW Government websites about it. If you have any concerns at all about vaccination, we would encourage you to talk to your doctor. People who come to our clinics have already made the decision to be vaccinated and they are very happy to share their motivation for getting vaccinated. Some of these stories range from wanting to see their family interstate to travel overseas again. People tell us they know vaccination will help save lives and they want to do all they can to protect not just themselves but also their family and community. We never get tired of hearing that! Our staff just love sharing the great sense of achievement, and relief, that people feel when they walk out saying they have been vaccinated against COVID-19. Thanks Lisa. COFFS COAST









F R O M K I N & TO N I C S

ith incredible access to health information online it can be hard to understand what’s right for you. As a community, society, country, and world we are all experiencing uncertainty around how to best look after the health of ourselves and our family. With social media platforms drawing attention to a lot of opinions, understanding what is fact, and what is fear makes it confusing to make informed decisions about your health. Hopefully, we can all agree when it comes to our current situation with COVID, how important it is to look after our own health. Research highlights people with comorbidities, such as autoimmune, metabolic, and cardiovascular disease, can be at an increased risk of experiencing devastating health outcomes with COVID. None of us are immune to contracting the virus, which emphasises the importance of optimising our health during these challenging times. A press release by the Australian Government urged all people with chronic conditions to not neglect their regular health care and continue to see their health care practitioners and specialists for the management of their health conditions. The press release encourages people to continue to improve their health and has acknowledged that chronic conditions including arthritis, asthma, back pain, cancer, cardiovascular disease, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, diabetes, and mental health conditions are the leading causes of illness, 66 COFFS COAST


disability, and death in Australia. The article highlights that in Australia these chronic conditions contribute to 61% of the burden of disease, 73% of hospitalisations and 80% and percent of deaths. Reiterating that this is the time to look after your health and work with your health care practitioners. Research highlights that there is currently no cure for COVID but there are many things we can do to help improve our immune systems and overall health. Many people in our communities are eligible to get vaccinations and there are some who are not currently eligible due to their health conditions or other circumstances. Fortunately, research continues to focus on ways we can support our health to help reduce major health complications from COVID. Many may have heard of the benefits of vitamin D. We get vitamin D from the sun and in many instances sun exposure is limited for people who live in cooler climates such as Victoria, in nursing homes, hospitals or where we simply don’t get enough sun exposure because of work indoors. In different seasons of the year, we need different levels of sun exposure, which may not be possible for everybody to obtain. This is where vitamin D supplementation can come in handy. It is always best to check your vitamin D levels with your GP or health practitioner, to understand what dosage may be best to support your health needs. Optimised vitamin D levels help to boost our immune system, enhance musculoskeletal health, can help to reduce cramps and spasms,

and have a role in reducing inflammation and improving glucose, with the focus being on its support for mental health, anxiety, and depression. Fortunately, vitamin D is one of the many incredible nutrients research has indicated can help support our individual health needs, as there is no one right solution for all. As different as we look on the outside can be as different as we function on the inside. At Kin & Tonics we can help you understand these lifestyle factors and support the individual needs of your body to improve your health. We have access to incredible technology which uses your specific pathology results to identify your optimal nutrition program. We understand more about your hormones to best prescribe the right types of exercise and movement, and how best to support your mental health. Through an extensive health history, using pathology and functional tests if required, we can help to formulate a healthy lifestyle plan to identify where your health needs support and how we can provide what your body needs using a range of lifestyle modifications. We all want to do what is right for our health. Arming ourselves with information to help us make informed decisions when it comes to our health is one of the best things we can do to protect our health now and into the future. For more information about how we can help improve your health, check out Kin & Tonics on our website or via our socials kin_and_tonics






THE SEARCH IS ON AGAIN to recognise outstanding women in the Coffs Coast region who demonstrate innovation, commitment, and a significant contribution to empowering members of the community within the local government area


he International Women’s Day - Coffs Coast - Woman of the Year Award, an initiative of the IWD Planning Committee in 2015 was set up to acknowledge the positive contribution of women in the region of the Coffs Harbour Local Government Area and Bellingen Shire. It aims to recognise nominees who are involved in work of a voluntary, community, business or professional nature, and who, within that arena, would be displaying vision and initiative inside their role. Past award winners include Christina Monneron (2015), Charlotte Young (2016), Jane Tavener (2017), Aunty Bea Ballangarry (2018), Shelley Lowe (2019) and Lily Isobella (2020). This year’s winner is Emma Aspden. In 2018 a runner up Award was introduced, won by Kyla Holley, 2019 Kamla RuthnamWebb, 2020 Auntie Kerrie Burnet and two worthy runners up in 2021, Lisa Nichols and Angelika Aulerich. Nominations are now being called for the 2022 IWD Coffs Coast Woman of the Year Award, to be announced at the IWD

Nominations are

community in either a Breakfast, on Tuesday now being called 8th March 2022. The voluntary, community, for the 2022 IWD three major women’s business or Coffs Coast Woman of groups in Coffs Harbour; professional capacity the Year Award, to be the Zonta Club of Coffs • Is a resident of announced at the Harbour Inc., Business the Coffs Coast and Professional Women IWD Breakfast, on (Coffs Harbour Local (BPW) of Coffs Harbour Tuesday 8th March Government Area and and the Coffs Coast 2022. Bellingen Shire). Business Women’s The two awards will Network (BWN) come consist of an inscribed together to organise the IWD Breakfast, to acknowledge the positive trophy and publicity for the women and contribution of women and girls in the their cause. A cash prize; $1,000 for the region of the Coffs Coast, and to recognise major Award Winner, partly sponsored by the winner, and runner up of the Woman of Coffs Harbour City Council, and $500 for the Year award. the Runner Up, sponsored by One Agency CRITERIA Coffs Harbour, allows both the winners to The International Women’s Day Coffs advance their objectives. All finalists are Coast Woman of the Year Award 2022 will recognised and acknowledged for their own honour a woman who; achievements. • Makes a key contribution in enhancing and improving the lives of citizens within the local community • Promotes economic, cultural and or social wellbeing of citizens within the community • Is actively engaged with the local

Nomination Forms are now available by email from: as well as Facebook / IWD Coffs Coast Woman of the Year Award 2022. Closing date 30th November 2021. COFFS COAST





We’ll turn that frown upside down. Services.

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Meet The Team.

Dr Sharon Marinucci • Dr Margaret Kleinig • Dr Mindie Nguyen Dr Oleg Pushkarev • Dr Tony Kershaw • Wendy Summerill Jessica Cantrill • Susam Waldorf

We look forward to hearing from you and seeing you soon. Our phone number remains the same but our email address has changed.

Email: Website:

Phone: (02) 6655 5800 COFFS COAST






There’s never been a better time to come home to Marian Grove, with prices to suit every budget. 2 bedroom, Village Villa


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For more information call (02) 6653 1241 or visit

Enjoy life at Marian Grove where we’ve been caring for our community for over 27 years.






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Caryn Maher has a background as an Early Childhood Special Education Teacher and is now working as the Program Manager for Early Connections Coffs Coast, supporting local families and children with special needs.




i Caryn. What is your role at Early Connections Coffs Harbour? I am the Program Manager – my background is as an Early Childhood Special Education Teacher. What made you decide to go into this field of work? When studying for my degree in teaching I was always interested and drawn to supporting the individual needs of children who were struggling. When I completed my degree I was fortunate enough to be employed as a Special Education teacher at a local community preschool. I found I really enjoyed supporting the children and families to give the child the best opportunity to grow and develop and my career just grew from there. What is different about how your program runs compared to other services and 72 COFFS COAST


what do you enjoy about working in that environment? Early Connections’ focus is on supporting the whole family. We recognise that children learn and develop when they are supported by people they feel safe and secure with and when these supports are provided within their natural environments. We see the family as being the most important people to support a child’s development. Our model allocates a Key Worker from the team to be the main contact for the family. Anyone within our team is allocated as a Key Worker – Teachers, Speech Pathologists, Physiotherapists or Occupational Therapists. The Key Worker’s role is to develop a relationship with the family and then, in collaboration with the family, to develop a program to support the child’s development. The Key Worker then supports the family to build their capacity to assist their child’s development through implementing the

program. When supporting the child and family we like to provide the supports in the child’s natural environments – this then enables the program to be naturally incorporated into the child’s day to day activities. As a result of this, the child has many opportunities to practice and develop skills throughout the day and across the week. The Key Worker is supported by what we call the “Team around the child”, which consists of other team members from disciplines other than that of the Key Worker. The team are fantastic at working collaboratively with each other, building on each other’s strengths. Their focus is always on providing the best supports to the children and families who access supports through this Program, and as a result they are also continuously collaborating with other supports outside of this Program to ensure a coordinated and consistent approach is provided.

focus_interview child with delays in their development who has an NDIS plan. Some children may have a diagnosed disability such as Down Syndrome, Cerebral Palsy, Autistic Spectrum Disorder, hearing or vision impairments etc., however the majority of the children accessing supports through our Program have developmental delays without any diagnosis. We aim to provide children with the best opportunities to grow and develop so they can go on to live happy and productive lives. Many of the children we support no longer require ongoing supports as they grow older. Why do you work with such a specific age group? What do you see as important about working with kids from such a young age? Our focus is on those crucial early years of a child’s life. What happens during the early years has such an impact on every child’s development. Children learn more quickly during their early years, making these years the most important for learning and development, more than any other stage of their life. The early childhood years lay the foundation for all future development. The early years are I FEEL also critical for the whole HONOURED family. This is when TO BE PART OF THE families can best begin JOURNEY WITH to learn how to support FAMILIES IN I feel honoured and nurture their child, SUPPORTING to be part of the how to meet their child’s THEIR CHILD’S journey with families needs, and how to adapt DEVELOPMENT. in supporting their positively to having a child’s development. child with a disability or It is such a privilege to a developmental delay. work alongside families Through supporting the family early we and then see a child achieve skills they have can assist them to become such wonderful struggled with and worked hard on developing. advocates for their child into the future. Working alongside other team members from Our team have such specific knowledge and other disciplines has really provided me with experience in working with children in this age a wealth of knowledge and understanding of group and their families. We believe in the how children grow and develop from a range positive changes we can support in children’s of perspectives. I enjoy the holistic approach we lives long term. offer to families and feel proud of the supports How do you transition kids out of your our team provide to families. service if they are still requiring some Can you tell us about some of the young assistance? people you might work with? A natural time to start the conversations We work with a range of children with around supporting the family to transition such a range of skills and abilities. We support to a new provider is when children are children aged 0-7 years. We support any transitioning to school. This process can take

some time – sometimes 12 months or more. At this time the Key Worker will start having discussions with the family around what long term supports they may require to assist their child’s development. The Key Worker would then either provide the family with a list of possible new providers or support the family in seeking out appropriate supports. The Key Worker would support the family in exploring options, which may include liaising with the school around therapists that may regularly visit the school already. There are often long waiting lists for supports and this would be discussed with the family. The family would be encouraged to place their child on some waitlists. Once the child is offered supports from a new provider, the Key Worker and Team around the child would be available to offer joint sessions, attend meetings and to write reports to support the transition to a new provider. We aim to assist the transition to be as smooth as possible through transferring the knowledge we have to the new provider. What are some of the benefits have you seen your clients come away with? It is so wonderful to see the children have the opportunities to develop across a range of areas. Seeing a child who struggled to communicate their needs using key word signs or a communication device successfully to share information and express themselves; watching a child struggle to engage with their peers then participating in group activities; watching a child who has struggled with their motor skills being able to independently move around their environment with appropriate supports – these are just a few of the amazing achievements children have obtained while accessing supports through our Program. By the time families transition out of our Program we have observed amazing growth in the parent’s capacity to support their child’s development and to advocate on behalf of their child to ensure their child has further opportunities to grow and develop. It is so rewarding to see the children transition off to school with their peers. Seeing children able to get out into their community and participate in community activities – these are the things that motivate our team to continue supporting children and families. Thanks Caryn. COFFS COAST




Shalla THOMAS EAST COAST ACCESSIBILITY EXPERTS Shalla Thomas has been the CEO of East Coast Accessibility Experts for many years – she is not only passionate about the Coffs community especially the vulnerable and the housing situation, but her colourful life also includes art, travel and her love of family.


ow did you get into the aged and disability industry? Many years ago I was working in administration for Mid North Coast Regional Council for Social Development. I so loved the work and the people I met and worked with through this forum. I decided I needed to study to bring myself into the industry at a level where I felt I could make a change in the lives of those I chose to serve. I completed my studies, worked in a voluntary capacity for Aboriginal Community Care Service, Coffs Harbour Neighbourhood Centre and Neighbour Aid. Upon feeling confident and familiar with the industry I applied for and was successful in my application to Coffs Harbour Home Modification and Maintenance Service. I commenced work with CHHMMS (Coffs Harbour Home Modifications) on 1 August 1998 and have not looked back. Why do you feel so passionate about being able to help people? An influencer in my life was my father. Dad was an Apexian and travelled the globe and made a difference in third world countries with his commitment to change and making the world a better place. I continue with his work in my own way and love making 74 COFFS COAST


Dad was an

the world a safer place, industry? Apexian and making a difference and/ It’s a complex travelled the globe or participating at a local, partnership, working and made a difference regional and state forums. with participants, in third world To touch the life of our Occupational countries with his elders, their carers and Therapists and our commitment to people with disabilities, builders, to not only change and making creating safe places to ensure the best the world a better call home, community outcome for the place. and work is very fulfilling, participant, working the smiles, the increased within a planned independence and the connection. To bring environment and categories of participation together a group of young people to provide and funding models. We continue to work excellent service to our elders and people with towards making change and creating disabilities, continues to bring much joy to me best outcomes for participants within the with the commitment we have to service. reasonable and necessary framework, What do you see as a gap in services construction and clinical prescription, an provided to aged and disabled people on interesting and complimentary service type the Coffs Coast? with long term benefits. Housing, housing and more housing, What changes have you seen in the accessible housing and housing our older industry over time? women. It must be solved, it can be solved Changes | Funding body was Youth and with long term solutions, bigger investment Community Services (YACS), Family and and the release of more land. Universal design Community Services (FACS), Ageing and continues to be another passion of mine, it Disability Dept (ADD), Ageing, Disability and continues to be a shortfall in the application Home Care Department (ADHD) and then and approval process for new builds. It is the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) most obvious solution for housing to meet the came into play and now it is Commonwealth needs for all residents. Home Support Program (CHSP) and NDIS, How has the NDIS worked in your providing financial support for our elders and



participants of NDIS. It used to be so simple, walk through our door and let us do what we can to provide with home modifications as easy, affordable solutions. Now there are many layers a person needs to work through to eventually arrive at East Coast Accessibility Experts, where we can project manage and come out with the best solution/outcome for those we provide service to. Some people might not know but you’re quite the artist in a few different forms of media. Where did your love of art come from? My love of art comes from my mother, a beautiful artist from work prior to having 5 children, where there is a gap in her creations, until such time as coming into residential settings and teaching art to our elders. As children we made all our gifts for family and friends, and was something I often encouraged my own children to do, dream catchers were our favourites then. A coping mechanism for me during COVID-19 has been to take up alternative creative pursuits as the theatre world came to a close. I was involved in the Coffs Harbour Comedy Company for some 7 years, unfortunately never on stage, still loved behind the scenes and watching the extraordinary development of people and characters brought to life on stage. The loss of theatre became singing, mosaics, macrame, painting, crochet and basket weaving. I love nothing more than being part of the basket cases, sometimes able to meet face to face at Yarrawarra Aboriginal Cultural Centre, I have spent many hours weaving, painting, dancing,

Ca n s ta p is

r e Ho NDIS y s a fe t to c o

m e Ca r e DV A a t h o m e b y : m p le te a

ia lis in g in in c r e a s in g , w e s u p p ly a n d in s ta ll w e d g e s , e a s y s te p s , a ro u n d y o u r h o m e .

6 6 5 1 2 1 4 3

p er t s. or g . a u ex p er t s

I have

drumming and tie dying. this I have a home developed a My home is filled with on wheels I am very love of our emu, I many artefacts saving comfortable in and love the way I can me from the lockdown is now my everyday make an expression and my level of vehicle, as every time in many forms and restlessness. I have been I hop inside, I feel like colours and bring to creating paintings over I am on a road trip/ life this character of Zoom and face-to-face holiday. our native world. at local watering holes. What sort of There is a common adventures have you theme when it comes and Gypsy Rose been to your painting with a certain Australian on? icon featured in most... Gypsy Rose first adventure was a 6,000km I have developed a love of our emu, I love round trip to Port Douglas, North Queensland the way I can make an expression in many (this was when the border was open). An forms and colours and bring to life this awesome adventure, including a big tick off character of our native world. There are many the bucket list, a flight in helicopter. We then in my workplace, at each workstation, we took our adventures on a working holiday to even give them names now and I still have Kiama, South Coast and surrounds. Several more to do for family, friends and workmates. long weekends to Hawks Nest with elderly In your spare time you are often seen relatives, always a blessing. A memorial service with “Gypsy Rose” what is Gypsy Rose for my parents where I have collected ashes, and how does she fit into your life? 2020 was to be my great journey to Greece, now also travelling in Gypsy Rose, to be laid to rest on Wiradjuri Country (Wagga Wagga this was not to be, so the alternative was to my hometown), hopefully in the not too purchase a Toyota Commuter and turn her distant future. Gypsy Rose was going west insides from that of the simple mattress and across the Nullarbor, not to be, it will now stove, to a dwelling fit for a goddess. The be many short/long adventures around New Gypsy Rose was a work of art and love, the South Wales, maybe SA and NT, depending on space is an expression of my life long thought border access to same. bubble of life on the road. The message was always, ‘it needs to be easy to use’ and with Thank you Shalla!

F INDING THE SOLUTIONS CONTEMPORARY AND F UNCTIONAL PRODUCTS Do y o u r i n t e r n a l s t a i r s h a v e a h a n d r a i l ? Do y o u n e e d g r a b r a i l s i n t h e s h o w e r o r b e s i d e t o i l e t ? Ca n y o u s a f e l y a c c e s s a n d e x i t y o u r h o m e ? Do y o u n e e d p l u m b i n g o r e l e c t r i c a l w o r k ? As k a b o u t o u r d i s c o u n t s a n d p a y m e n t p l a n s

B u i l d e r Li c e n s e Nu m b e r 1 5 4 1 C


“East Coast Accessibility Experts have made living at home a lot easier for me.”




Accessibility EAST COAST




East Coast Accessibility Experts (ECAE) is a Building Organisation on the Coffs Coast that provides specialist assistance to enable clients to modify their home enabling them to live safely and longer at home is welcoming Mal Hardingham to the Team.


alcolm, what is your role? I have recently joined the Team as the Business Development Manager. My role will see me active in the community looking for opportunities to work with more people in the Coffs Coast community “to allow them to live safely and independently in the home and in their community the way they choose”. This is our organisations Social Purpose. My

role will also give me the opportunity to look at innovative ways to develop new products and services for the community, and to build relationships into the future. What does your background bring to your rule? My background is in banking, finance and relationship management. I have worked throughout NSW, Victoria, Tasmania and the ACT at the Commonwealth Bank as well as several Government Departments on projects

involving Aged Care and Indigenous Business services and Community agencies Since my wife and I moved to Coffs Harbour in 2017 I have worked as a Disability Employment Consultant. Working with the people of the Coffs Coast who live with a disability has been one of the most fulfilling experiences in my career. This work showed me the depth of resilience in our community. I come to my new role with a strong capacity to engage with the utmost respect for our people’s diversity, and to provide innovative solutions for the future How CAN East Coast Accessibility Experts help the community ? ECAE has an established record providing great service to assist people maintain independence and safety in the home I am keen to work across the whole community to promote independence and access to opportunity as people move from a working life into retirement. Future proofing for retirement will become an important focus for many as they age. For those already in retirement or living with a disability I will continue to advance ECAE’s reputation for providing construction and related services which support independence and safety in the home.

EAST COAST ACCESSIBILITY EXPERTS BUILDERS ENHANCING INDEPENDENCE SAFETY AT HOME YOUR LOCAL PROVIDER WITH 30+ YEARS EXPERIENCE AS A PROVIDER OF CHOICE, RESPONSIBLE, TRUSTWORTHY AND RELIABLE A p r e f e r r e d p r o v i d e r f o r My Ag e d Ca r e Ho m e Ca r e Pa c k a g e s Wo r k e r s Co m p e n s a t i o n NDIS DV A We a r e o p e n a n d w e c a n h e l p y o u s t a y s a f e a t h o m e b y : Ar r a n g i n g a n Oc c u p a t i o n a l Th e r a p i s t t o c o m p l e t e a h o m e s a fe ty a s s e s s m e n t. As h o m e d e s i g n e x p e r t s , s p e c i a l i s i n g i n i n c r e a s i n g y o u r s a fe ty a n d in d e p e n d e n c e , w e s u p p ly a n d in s ta ll g r a b r a ils , h a n d h e ld s h o w e r s , w e d g e s , e a s y s te p s , d is a b ilitie s , a s y o u m o v e in a n d a r o u n d y o u r h o m e .

WINNER 2 0 1 3 HIA-Shriro Commercial

Northern NSW Special Purpose Housing Project of the Year

F INALIST 2 0 1 8

HIA Northern NSW Specialised Housing



CONTACT US 0 2 6 6 5 1 2 1 4 3 www. a c c essib il it y ex p er t s. or g . a u / a c c essib il it y ex p er t s

F INDING THE SOLUTIONS CONTEMPORARY AND F UNCTIONAL PRODUCTS Do y o u r i n t e r n a l s t a i r s h a v e a h a n d r a i l ? Do y o u n e e d g r a b r a i l s i n t h e s h o w e r o r b e s i d e t o i l e t ? Ca n y o u s a f e l y a c c e s s a n d e x i t y o u r h o m e ? Do y o u n e e d p l u m b i n g o r e l e c t r i c a l w o r k ? As k a b o u t o u r d i s c o u n t s a n d p a y m e n t p l a n s

B u i l d e r Li c e n s e Nu m b e r 1 5 4 1 C CLIENT TESTIMONIAL

“East Coast Accessibility Experts have made living at home a lot easier for me.”





ell us a bit about yourself? the former Catholic Club into a thriving I started for Key community hub. I feel privileged to have my We talkwork to owner Employment in August 2016 job, I get to work for an organisation that Brett Knight and have loved coming to is about supporting the community and about his thriving work every day since. My those less fortunate. I meet and interact business, wife Mandy and I live on a property in with a diverse range of people; no two days Bakery. Bonville where weK'Pane are raising our two are the same. All my contributions to this beautiful daughters. My background is workplace will be left behind for the benefit in landscaping, construction and running of others, which is such a great feeling. my own business. When I’m not at work I Can we come down to Key ell us about K’Pane Artisan 30 staff from backgrounds: love spending time in the great outdoors Employment anddiverse see your work? including Bakery. recent arrivals into Australiaisand people with with my family, camping, surfing, 4-wheel Absolutely, Key Employment all about We are the creators of exquisite the future disability. driving and exploring new locations. of the local community, and our pastries, We ishave been working closely with Key Tell us about yourtarts, role danishes, at Key croissants, City Farm open to the publicvery Mondayslices, pies, sausage rolls, and artisan Employment, Disability Employment Service, Employment? Friday, 8am-3pm. aWe are about 70% sourdough breads.for Wethe make everything from towards over completing the past fewthe years and and haveare sourced I am responsible maintenance; project scratch -appearance; you won’t fisafety nd anyand pre-mixes here! currently various staff through them. Opening These include security; effective preparing for a Grand to retail commenced 2009, and I’m proud alignassistants, bread packers, apprentice useK’Pane of the grounds and in buildings on the with the International Day of Peoplebakers / to claim we now5-hectare have threesite retail outlets: Coffswithpastry chefs kitchenhands, to name a few. Key Employment in Coffs Disability onand Friday 3rd December. Central, Park Beach Plaza and the Coffs Jetty We hope Weto believe that from providing the same Harbour. see many the wider Shopping Centre, plus a factory 30 staff. community opportunity for everyone is essential to having I have been responsible for theand design, in attendance. We are doing something happy and love productive members, and build andclearly establishment of Keys’ right. City Farm, What do you most staff about your job? The Coffs Central store has astudents, French flavour, I just it makes us proud to see peoplestands achieving a space accessible to all, where love what Key Employment reflecting of thedisadvantaged classic French treats, likefor. Ioutcomes they neverfor thought people withmany disability, have never worked such apossible. caring painaged au chocolat, brioche baguettes, Key Employment helped and people can shareand in the joys of as and How givinghas organisation and I am so proud well as breads, gourmet pies, cakes to becontribute toteam. your So success? gardening, learnpastries, new skills, make friends, apart of the many amazing andengage tarts, panini, ciabatta, and melt-in-theEasy answer - our staff! Key Employment and with community. humans work for Key Employment, so it is mouth French fruit flans. have been infl uential in theI success of our I also mentor at-risk young people to a truly inspiring place to work. can’t wait Mouth-watering cakes can be ordered to see business, byCity providing us with and learn new skills and move into also sustainable how the Farm can help dedicated others for special occasions; just call the day before in our work-ready staff. Key Employment has work in areas such as horticulture, community andJoe amfrom so excited to see and pick up aand delicious treat! I have the background hospitality, which gives him an construction, solar power. somea of the thingsinI am most passionate uncanny ability Let’s talk pleasure of staff. supervising the renovation of about come to life. to identify suitable staff for us. K’Pane is an equal opportunity employer, and This is a huge advantage, as he understands our business’ needs. we have a very inclusive workforce, employing




Key Employment consultants also come out and see us regularly. They don’t just put someone in a job; they support us with any issues that arise. As all businesses do, we come across speed humps - and when this happens, Key is here to support us. I guess that is why they are the Key; no pun intended. Key Employment continue excellent support for their clients, with work preparation, workplace adjustments, and some of the initial training. This takes the pressure off us and allows to us to focus on providing the best product around. What would you say to other local employers looking for staff? If you're looking for dedicated and reliable staff, give Key Employment a call and tap into a huge talent pool of people just waiting for an opportunity. They provide excellent ES wage LISED SERV IC IAsupport, SPEC subsidies, great and can assist with work related tools and equipment and uniforms too. So, give Joe a call at Key Employment on (02) 6691 9999, and he will happily talk about all the services they can offer.








Paul Kelly, CEO CHESS Connect



CHESS Connect is a local human service organisation, providing a broad range of supports across disability and business sectors. Recently they were awarded accreditation in ISO 27001, a leading international quality standard for information security management systems, aligning to the same standard as elite companies such as Google and Microsoft.


hen you engage with a disability service provider, it’s common for them to ask questions and gather personally identifiable information about you, your family, your living situation and medical background. There are many laws around data protection that service providers must comply with, whether they be sole traders or large organisations. This is to protect your privacy and prevent your data being misused by third parties for fraud, such as phishing scams and identity theft. During their work in the disability sector, CHESS Connect has the privilege of handling sensitive and confidential customer records. To align with international standards for information security and operations, CHESS Connect invested in a yearlong process to assess and upgrade its systems and processes for ISO 27001 certification, a forerunner in human

service organisations in the region to achieve this accreditation. “We deliver Government-funded services to our community, so the collection, storage and management of customer information is a responsibility that is taken very seriously,” says CHESS Connect CEO Paul Kelly. “Now, more than ever, information security is critical in business strategy and continuity, as well as providing our customers with peace of mind that their personal information is safeguarded by world class systems and processes.” The consequences of a breach in systems and security can be devastating for an organisation and its customers, causing reputational damage, loss of public trust, disruption of services and emotional distress. Your data is valuable, do you know how it is being stored and protected? Ask you provider today what safeguards and security accreditations they have in place to protect your personal information.

reach your goals. Registered NDIS Services Delivered Locally • • • • •

Support Coordination Respite and Short Term Accommodation School Leaver Employment Psychosocial Recovery Coaching Social and Community Support

1800 899 017




It’s an exciting time for the team at R&R Care with a new Executive Team at the helm, and a range of exciting initiatives and plans being rolled out. We spoke with the CEO, Daniela Shaw to learn some more about the plans, and what she can tell us about the exciting changes for our largest not for profit NDIS provider…


aniela, we have seen some changes within your organisation, including some new polo shirts, a rebrand and some new faces in your executive team - what’s been going on? That is correct, we thought it was about time we brought our brand into 2021 and we have had a fantastic response about our modernised logo and how professional the team look in their new R&R Care shirts. For us, everything we do is about the support and care we offer our participants, and the updated logo symbolises a person breaking out of boundaries and living a more fulfilled life. We also thought it was a great idea for people to be able to recognise the R&R Care team in the community, because there are more than 170 of us who work with families and participants every single day.

And what can you tell us about your new Executive Team? We have always been people-focused, and our newly appointed Operations Manager (Robyn Karssemeyer), and Chief Financial Officer (Catherine Watson), continue to reflect that culture. Robyn has been with R&R Care for many years and had previously been the head of our Therapy team, and Catherine joined the team in September 2019 bringing her experience in auditing and compliance as well as her accounting background. As for my role, I am so grateful to be able to lead such a passionate team of people who really love what they do, and I am very excited about the plans we have rolling out in the next 12 months. Having come from a Therapy and Management background, it is my goal to raise the bar on the variety and breadth of services and support we are able to offer as a




Not-for-Profit NDIS organisation. Speaking of plans, what’s this we hear about goats and farms and NDIS? We are currently working on a collaboration with a farm in Bonville. We are always looking for new experiences and ways to delight our participants and we can’t wait to start taking small groups to this location by the end of the year. We are also adding more activities and groups into our weekly schedule - catering for a variety of participants and their families. Many of our new ideas have come from those we work with, and we love it when a great idea turns into an R&R care offering. How can people find out more about the support and services you offer? You can visit the website at, email me directly at, or call us on 02 5622 8400.






Matty Bennett, of Bennett Support Services, met the young man that ended up becoming his first client when he was working as a PT at a local gym. He went on to study and then start his disability support business, and he found his passion – supporting his clients to live their best life and enjoy what a healthy lifestyle and the great outdoors has to offer in our local region.


i Matty. You started Bennett Support Services as an individual support worker, can you tell us about what services you provide? When I first started out, I was originally just doing personal training that led to 1:1 support with only a few clients. We now proudly offer a full range of support including everything from Mentoring, Community and Social participation through to Improved Daily Living Skills and in-home Supports as well as Personal Training. We also offer STA Capacity 80 COFFS COAST


Building and respite which include trips away; the most recent trip was Lightning Ridge. How did you end up working in this industry? I was working as a personal trainer at Beach Bodies Health Club, and I did a few complementary sessions with a member of the gym just to help him get started. Not long after, I was asked by his mum if I would continue PT. I then started to support him by doing some weekend work as well. I ended up really enjoying it, so I enrolled in Tafe and completed my Cert 3 in Individual Disability to learn more about being a support worker and

it really took off from there. I’m still working with that client and I’m proud to see how far he has come. A big focus has been his fitness and health and through that, he’s probably fitter than me! You now have 3 staff members, can you tell us a little bit about your team? When I started this, I never thought I’d have any staff but with the success of the programs that I’ve started, I now have a collective of 3 amazing team members that help my clients live their best life. I’ll start with Tallara Cutmore who is my business manager. She has been an integral part of my business

with. We have a new employee starting with us who we know is as passionate about this career as I am and will be a great addition to our small but mighty collective. What is your aim when working with clients? Our business motto is "Live your best RVICES SE D Life". That is our goal and what we strive E IS L IA SPEC toward with each one of our clients. We work with our clients to reach their goals and by tailoring our services to be client focused we work toward their individual goals. Some of those might include, living independently and working on interpersonal skills, to climbing a mountain or international travel, which we have been OUR lucky enough to do BUSINESS with clients in the past. MOTTO IS "LIVE We strive to give our YOUR BEST LIFE". clients the chance to be THAT IS OUR GOAL their amazing selves. AND WHAT WE Tell us about some STRIVE TOWARD of the activities you WITH EACH ONE run? OF OUR CLIENTS. Our two main programs that we run are the Active Lifestyle program, designed to help clients live an active life. With everything from the gym, sports to outdoor recreation, surfing and hiking, in a fun and inclusive way. We also help to create an understanding of food and diet through an education of healthy choices and mindful eating. Our second is our Adventure Squad program. Definitely a fan favourite! The program is designed to help clients access the community with the aim to improve social who’s been working with me for almost 2 and interpersonal skills in a fun and friendly years now. She’s an amazing addition to the environment. A usual Adventure Squad Day team who brings a lot of joy to our clients’ includes getting out of Coffs Harbour as far daily lives. south as Port Macquarie and as far north Secondly, Johnny Lucock, I’ve known as Yamba. We do beach days learning to Johnny for almost 17 years, he is an incredibly surf and snorkel and we hike some amazing caring and compassionate person. I hired him terrains and through our beautiful local because I trust him to help our clients live rainforests chasing waterfalls and swimming their absolute best life, which I see every day holes. It’s an awesome way for our clients in his interactions with clients. to gain life experiences and build lasting We have had some additional amazing friendships. employees that have gone on to pursue their What sort of response have you gotten from clients so far? own journeys that I’m happy to have worked


We have been lucky to have worked with amazing people so far, and have seen huge changes in our clients’ lives. It is and has been a rewarding career and the responses I've received from clients and their families have been amazing. To see the changes in our clients’ lives in the time we have worked with them is inspiring and we feel blessed every day to be involved and I’d like to thank them for allowing us to be a part of their journeys. Do you have a favourite thing to get out and do with clients? While I do enjoy every aspect of what I do, I would definitely say that the Adventure Squad and our capacity building trips away with clients are my favourite parts of what we do. As they are such an amazing experience for our clients, we love to help tick things off clients’ bucket lists too! What are some of the most challenging and rewarding aspects of what you do? I’d say the most rewarding aspect is being involved in helping make so many positive changes in our amazing clients’ lives. And being able to have a positive impact in clients’ lives is an awesome reward in itself. When you work in a job you love, you’ll never work a day in your life and I’m lucky enough to have that be true for me. There are challenging aspects, as there are in all lines of work, but they are outweighed by the positive aspects of what we do tenfold. Where would you like to take Bennett Support Services heading into the future? For us, our business is our clients and we love being able to do what we do each day. When I started working in the industry, I had no idea what the future had in store and I’m proud of where I am today. We have achieved what we have so far by focusing on our clients’ needs and what we can, as a business, offer to people to help them Live Their Best Life. If we have the opportunity in the future to work with more people and make a lasting and positive difference in their lives then we would be more than happy to do so. I would just like to finish with a massive shout out to all our clients and their families! Thanks guys we couldn’t do it without you all, Adventure Squad ROLL OUT!!!!! Thanks Matty. COFFS COAST






COVID-19 has turned everyone’s world upside down – and the implications are widespread. People moving into, or already living in, aged care are feeling the stress with implications around how to manage the former home.



move into residential aged care often leaves the former home vacant, and families with the dilemma of what to do with the home. Many people choose to use their former home to help pay their aged care fees, in particular the accommodation costs. This is where advice and cashflow modelling is important to help understand the implications and compare options such as selling, renting or drawing out equity. This may help to remove some of the stress with making the decision. The current COVID-19 crisis increases the importance and value of advice. Rental income may be uncertain as tenants who lose jobs may be looking to negotiate lower rent arrangements and houses may take longer to sell. Social distancing rules have stopped auctions and open houses but real estate agents are innovating with private inspections

and online tours. Advice from a real estate agent to evaluate the market can help with timing and setting expectations. Financial advice can also help you to understand other strategies that can be used to manage cashflow and give you breathing space while you wait for a sale at a reasonable price. Rushing a sale may be costly if it forces you to accept a low price. And if things get really difficult, you may have the option to apply for financial hardship to get some concessions on the fees you have been asked to pay. There are some strict conditions, including no excess gifting in the last five years – so think before you try to help the kids out. Everyone’s situation is unique and the interaction between age pension, aged care fees, taxation and cashflow can be complicated, which is why it is important to have all the information to make an informed choice.



Financial advice from an Accredited Aged Care Professional™ can help you to decide what you can afford and show you some tricks to make what seems unaffordable more affordable. We have the expertise to help you make an informed decision. As an Accredited Aged Care Professional™ I have helped many clients to make this choice. I help to find a choice that is affordable, as well as one that works best for the family and protects the value of the estate. Everyone’s circumstances are different, so it is important to speak to someone like myself who is a licenced financial adviser. I am also an Authorised Representative of Count Financial Limited AFSL 227232. Giving yourself time by starting your research early can reduce stress levels and, for an older person, can ensure their voice is heard more clearly. Call me on 0431 414 799 to discuss how I can help you or a loved one.

P 0431 414 799 E W 82 COFFS COAST


S tres s F r e e

Modern Apartments spacious Village Vi




• Established VIBRANT comm Come to • Coastal Independent LI MARIAN GROVE • Prices to suit EVERY bu

Modern Apartments Ask our friendlyand sales team spacious Village Villas SAWTELL HOME C

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St Augustine’s recently competed in the Regional Speech Competition with outstanding results. The finalists all did very well and today we speak to the winners of the competitions and how they overcame the difficulties of presenting speeches via video presentation.


e spoke to Jaxson Doland, the

volume in my voice for the first few sentences,

memories. Did you know that an elephant can

winner of the Year 6 section

to emphasise what it is like to be hearing

open a door with its trunk? It was no trouble

entitled ‘The Greatest Thing

impaired. This tricked everyone because

for me to talk about the animal I like most in

Ever Invented’. Jaxson, tell us

they thought I was on mute! It was hard also

the world.

because the light and sound weren’t quite like

What was it like giving your speech in front

being in front of a group.

of a camera?

about your topic. I chose the Cochlear implant because it is

a life changing invention and helps so many

Have you got any tips for people who don’t

people. Normal hearing aids amplify the

like public speaking?

sound but that is of little use if you cannot

It’s all about the preparation - if you prepare

It was good actually because if you made a mistake you could do it again. It was hard getting the light and the volume just right but

hear in the first place. It is an amazing

really well, it will all go smoothly. I practised

after that was sorted it went well.

invention that picks up sound and sends

and practised and practised. Once you get

Is it just like reading off a page?

signals into the cochlea. It has made a huge

your good idea and a start, it flows from there.

Not at all. It’s like acting - you need to

We also spoke with Rosie Nealand, winner

remember your lines, rehearse many times

difference to so many people in a positive way.

of the Year 3 competition, on the topic “If I

and then add some movement but not too

The speech competition couldn’t be held in

could choose any animal, I would be…”.

much, look at the camera and make sure

person, so how did you do it?

Rosie, what did you enjoy about the

everyone is interested. There are so many


things to think about - the volume, the speed

We all had to make a video of our speeches and submit them online. It was hard getting it

I loved talking about my favourite animal,

and the importance of speaking clearly. It’s so

right and I didn’t get it perfect the first time. I

the elephant. Elephants are obviously very

easy to go too quick or too slow.

took a risk by starting with speaking with no

big but they are also smart and have amazing

Thank you Rosie and Jaxson

84 94 COFFS COAST focus


Three very talented students from St Augustine’s recently won the Diocesan STEM-MAD competition. We sat down with Harper Dent, Maggie Browne and Malia Mansell to talk about the project.


an you tell us about STEM-MAD.

meaning of green, yellow and red.

we tried it out in Kindergarten we found the

The end result was a large traffic light that

lights overlapped and we had to go back and

Technology, Engineering and Maths

can be installed in any room. How did you

fix the coding.

- Make A Difference. It’s an Australia

make it?

Do you think your invention can be used in

This stands for Science,

wide competition where students can design

First we considered the size, it needed

other places?

and build something that solves a real

to be big but not too big, lightweight, easily

world problem. The winners in each Diocese

powered and completely safe. We purchased

you need a signal to indicate it is time to wear

come together in Melbourne later this year

a microphone, cables, LEDs and an electronic

ear protection, such as building or industrial

(depending on restrictions) to showcase their

board. We designed the lights and used the

sites. I think it could also be used at home if


school’s 3D printer to make a cover for the

parents have the TV up too loud!

What was your team’s project?

LEDS. We programmed the board by coding

Who helped along the way?

We found that too much noise can be a

the sequence of the lights.

We thought it can be used anywhere where

The teachers at St Augustine’s were

problem in classrooms, worksites or even

Wow, this sounds complicated! Did you

amazing and guided us through the process.

hospitals. We decided to make a machine that

have any problems along the way?

We’ve learnt many practical skills but also

monitored the noise levels and gave a visual

Yes, lots. After we built it we found the light

how to persist in the face of setbacks and

signal when it exceeded comfortable levels.

covers were too thick so we had to change the

experiment then modify until you get it right.

We decided that the traffic light system would

3D printing settings to create a new cover for

Congratulations to the highly talented

be best as everyone already understands the

the LEDs so the light was bright enough. When

students of St Augustine’s



85 95





Navigating (mis)information through science literacy


he news media does it; so do individuals who use social media as a platform for pushing their own agenda or views. They take a factoid and turn it into a headline and clickbait, often translating ‘science’ into fear and misinformation. Last decade the key scientific issues were related to GM foods, gene splicing and artificial intelligence. Today, it’s COVID-19 vaccines, climate change, and 5G radiation. In a world where anyone’s viewpoint can get an audience, where opinions and views often appear as fact, we, as a modern intelligence democracy, need to be more discerning, rather than simply following or indulging in that snippet of (mis)information. And we can all do this through scientific literacy. So what is scientific literacy and how can it enable us to navigate the minefield of misinformation, and ultimately improve our capacity as citizens? I prefer the definition from the American astrophysicist and science communicator, Neil deGrasse Tyson, who stated that science “is a way of equipping yourself with the tools to understand what happens in front of you.” People who are better able to think critically about the information they are receiving and weigh up for themselves the available evidence are more empowered



to make important choices. We all benefit when people do this. Gaining our evidence from reliable sources is a good start. Is the source published and reported upon from a reputable institution? Is the information second or third hand? Is the source from an unidentified ‘expert’ in the field? The relative ease with which we collect and disseminate information is both incredible and dangerous, and the internet is the ultimate repository for both information and misinformation. It allows misinterpretation of data, distortion of scientific findings and a post-truth agenda to thrive. So what can we do? I encourage scientifically literate people to be open and caring in all discussions. Education is the answer. It counters conspiracy beliefs and misinformation because it develops analytical thinking, open dialogue and it empowers people. Education can also boost feelings of belonging and connection to the message. When discussing issues with friends and family, be open. Ask questions about how they came to believe in that idea or theory. Ask them to walk you through the evidence they have discovered. Encourage them to question their conclusions and sources and to evaluate the evidence. You and they can do this without judgement and we can learn together. This is best done one on one. I also encourage you not to engage in this

argument online or via email. There is always another link or example. Just because you might disagree on one particular topic it does not mean that you still can’t be friends or civil with each other. Scientific literacy starts at home, and at school. Ask your child’s teacher about what they are learning about in science and what you can do to support this at home. Read about scientific ideas together. Children are naturally inquisitive. Feed this interest. Teachers need to continue to create opportunities for their students to ask questions, to collect and evaluate data and to discuss their ideas with their peers, their teachers and their parents. Teachers are also encouraged to invite scientifically literate people into their classrooms and to see the world as an interesting wondrous place. All children (and adults alike) deserve the chance to grow a love for science, feel they are capable of questioning and understanding the world around them and to develop into scientifically literate and informed citizens. Nick Johnstone has a Bachelor of Science, a Masters Degree in Science and Information and Communication Technology Education, and is a state and national science education award recipient. Further reading: pdf/10.1111/epic.12036






Robyn Trelore & Peter Rektor relocated to Coffs Harbour in May 2021 to be close to Robyn's brother & sister-in-law, both long-time residents.


obyn & Peter established Designfocus 25 years ago as a husband and wife team, specialising in retail and hospitality directions and design, working in Australia, Hong Kong, Italy, Dubai, Chicago and New York. Clients include Paspaley Pearls, Pinctada Hotels & Resorts, Gemini Hotels, King Living, Porsche Cars Aust, Ferrari and Maserati Aust, and – with their USA partner Lieselotte Anke of Anke Design Corp Las Vegas – prominent hotel projects in America. Their relocation to Coffs has inspired them to participate with the community, and utilise their wealth of experience and that of their international partners of Architects, Planners, and Corporate Interior Designers. They have developed a roadmap to assist



potential clients in evaluating the physical aspects of their business to determine whether it’s OK as it is or; if any areas could use improvement and the necessary steps that it would take to achieve the optimum outcome. The roadmap is by way of a simple Questionnaire with a checklist that would cover their business category. They are also available to undertake a more hands-on site inspection, evaluation and report; however, that would entail a negotiated reasonable fee, to cover their time and expenses. With the advent of the Coffs Bypass, the Coffs Harbour 2031 Initiative and the Movie Studio recently announced by Russell Crowe, Coffs is poised to become an even more exciting destination.

They are excited to be in Coffs Harbour and look forward to the opportunity of taking part in this major repositioning of our dynamic community. To learn more about them, we invite you to visit their website: For 25 years, they have been exceeding their clients’ expectations. Challenge them to exceed yours.








an you tell us a little bit about your business? The Provedores turn five in October, so it’s still our baby! We started with three founding staff: Ron Walker, Paul Sanders and me. Since then we’ve grown the business to over two sites and a hundred employees now. As an all Australian, family run and operated business, we’re a wholesale food distributor that caters to the needs of various sectors; Cafes, Restaurants, Schools, Clubs, Pubs, Hotels, Motels, Nursing Homes, Service Stations, Tourist Parks. Servicing areas from the Central Coast to Kingscliff and out west to Armidale. What’s your favourite part of the work you do? Going to work to see what challenges that day will bring! I hate doing the same thing, so once it feels like groundhog day, I look for new things to do. My highlight of my day is always walking in and seeing the staff. They are like family. I always say they are like having more children. Who is your greatest influence in business? Hands down my parents! I was an only child and I always looked up to them. They

were hard workers and gave anything and everything a go. I saw them go through the ups and downs of business ownership, but they never gave up. I was lucky growing up I was allowed free rein at their workplaces so I was instilled with a good work ethic. Have you always lived on the Coffs Coast? I moved here when I was ten years old because my parents bought businesses in the area. After uni, I did a stint in Sydney before returning to Coffs Harbour with children in tow, to give them the privilege of growing up on the coast. Even when I was away, I’ve always called Coffs home. We love the outdoors and spend our weekends discovering new tracks and swimming places. The accessibility for quick trips is a big tick for us. So after a big week at work we can hook up the caravan and have mini breaks. The people and community also make living here feel special. I love that I can go out and always see someone I know, whether it’s a customer, someone I went to school with or another friendly business owner. I love shopping locally and that country town feel. Shop owners know your name and remember what you like before you do! I love that local businesses support each other.

Especially Covid has shown that when times are hard, we all truly care how each of us are faring. What piece of advice would you give women making their way in the business world? • You can’t do everything. I’m a control freak, yes I’ve admitted it in print! But you can’t run the perfect family, house, business and life by yourself. Have a great support network and be organised. My husband is my number one supporter. I’m very lucky, ladies, that he cooks every night. We also have a great business partner (Ron) and together we’ve identified our strengths and weaknesses and work to these. • Embrace change. If you don’t, you won’t survive. Covid has been a great reminder of this! • Remember why you went into business. For me it was foremost flexibility. Having four children and working full time, I love being able to leave work when I need to be there for them. I also love watching my kids’ independence grow because of us having a hectic life. • Never stop listening to other people in business. Learn from their successes and mistakes. Surround yourself with people who you can always bounce ideas off. COFFS COAST





Working with Business Owners to design success, plan well and accomplish big things. We chat with Sarah Poole to find out more about her business One Fine Day.


hat is your area of expertise? I am a Business Strategist who helps business owners to gain clarity around what is needed to achieve success in their business, we then deliver the support to help them get there. I believe it’s critical for a Business Strategist, Consultant or Coach to have walked the walk and I have been a business owner for the majority of my adult life, becoming 90 COFFS COAST


I started One Fine Day so that I could really help business owners navigate the crazy journey of business and share some of the lessons – good and bad – that I have learnt along the way.

the Director of a Professional Services Consulting business at the age of 23. My Business and Communications degrees have always led me to a passion for customers and marketing – but I have held roles in Operations, Business Development and General Management on my business journey. As well as building a large business across

Australia and New Zealand, I co-founded an online Women’s Health Platform and headed up the operations for a Shark Tank start-up that we took National within 12 months. All this life and business experience has led me to being able to deliver the services offered at One Fine Day. When and why did you start your business?



in any given week. I have an incredible team, and together we provide support to business owners in all sectors – from Online Training and Commerce to Health & Wellbeing, Councils, Community-based organisations, retailers… you name it. To me it’s not about the type of business, but the ability of the business owner to have the clarity to create a plan, and the commitment to execute and adapt. We work with business owners locally, as well as across I have always Australia. What makes your been ‘on the go’ business stand out? so my family are Flexibility and used to an adaptable Experience are the two week. It certainly words I would use to helps to have a describe the difference supportive husband of our business model. and network of We lead and support family and friends from a place of deep who are always experience, knowledge around to help. and understanding and we do not have a cookiecutter approach to the way we engage. We fully appreciate that every business is different and the need of every owner varies – and we tailor our support to work in the best way for both parties. We can provide additional services such as graphic design and marketing support – and we have built relationships and I started One Fine Day so that I could really partnerships with incredible businesses in help business owners navigate the crazy areas such as workplace health, HR and journey of business and share some of the People Management and Technology so that lessons – good and bad – that I have learnt whatever skills and services are required we along the way. I fully appreciate the juggle are able to deliver upon. of business, family, life and everything in What plans do you have for 2021/2022? between and I have a passion for supporting At the start of 2022 we will be releasing people to find success in whatever form that several online courses, offering a mentorship looks like for them. program for marketing managers, and What is the best thing about your job? focusing on some technology solutions for The thing I love the most about the work business. I get to do is most certainly the people, and We also have a very special adventure which will involve a small group of business the breadth of business and industry we reach

owners heading to Tasmania for an incredible immersive business experience. This is something I have wanted to do for many years, and it really feels like the right time to encourage business owners to take time out and refocus. Watch this space for more details – or get in touch! And you have a family as well – how do you juggle it all? We make it work! There is no simple answer for that one but I have learnt over time to ask for help when I need it, and not to be my harshest critic when it comes to doing everything… I have always been ‘on the go’ so my family are used to an adaptable week. It certainly helps to have a supportive husband and network of family and friends who are always around to help. Share some expert advice with our readers? The two top tips I share regularly, and remind myself of, are to ask for help and to not overthink things, just get them done. No matter where you are in business, or how long you have been in business, we all need support and guidance at various times. Having the right person to help you to clarify your goals and make a plan to achieve them can be the most valuable time and money you have ever spent. Overthinking things is also a very common challenge I see with business owners, and often leads to them feeling ‘stuck’. Often the best course of action is action and trusting yourself to make the right decisions. What do you enjoy most about working on the Coffs Coast? Living in such a beautiful part of the world really does encourage you to spend as much time as possible outside, so for me it’s all about being able to go for a swim, a surf or a walk on the beach before and after work! How can we get in touch? 0417 113 026 COFFS COAST





Vault Moving and Storage is the epitome of a family owned business. With almost 50 years’ combined experience, they are the experts in their field. Previously known as Coffs Harbour Relocations and Storage, Vault Moving and Storage are proud AFRA members and specialise in relocations, expert packing and long and short term storage.


ho makes up your team? I (Sam) and my wife Chloe own Vault Moving and Storage, along with our little guy, Zeike. We also have a great team who do an amazing job – Paul (or Pom as we call him), Dave, Dan, Robbo, Darren, Frosty, Seth, Masyn are our experienced removalists, and then we have Lil and Hannah who share the running of the office and the marketing. Can you tell us a little bit about your background and experience in this industry? I bought Vault Moving and Storage (formerly known as Coffs Relocations and Storage) in February this year. To be honest, I knew nothing about this industry! I have owned quite a few other businesses in the past though, so love a new opportunity to learn, grow and adapt. John and Joy (previous owners) have decades of experience, and they were crucial in teaching me the ropes before they left. I jumped in... sink or swim... and am proud to say... I am still swimming!



Our services are premium and unique, so we wanted our branding to reflect this. We spent quite a few months developing a brand-new look and name, new website, new uniforms, new signage and branding on our trucks.

What services do you provide? We are your one stop shop for all things removals and storage. We are one of a kind on the Coffs Coast... because we offer removals (pretty much anywhere in Australia), mobile module storage (both long and short term) and we have our own (huge) warehouse and depot based in the heart of Coffs Harbour. Since taking over the reins at Vault Moving and Storage, what are some of the things you have changed and improved? We have grown so quickly since I took over in February this year. There have been a few key focuses: 1. Mobile module storage. We have really focused on this as it is the safest and most efficient way to move and store, and saves the customer time and money. Modules are mobile

storage units – unlike a storage shed (which is a slab of concrete with a thin tin roof over it) they are constructed to maintain a consistent temperature by allowing air to flow but excluding dust from entering. This keeps things cool in summer and warm in winter, and your goods avoid mould, mildew and dampness. They are mobile too, we have a purpose built truck that transports the modules. We bring empty modules directly to your home, load your goods straight into the module, bolt it up and take it to our storage facility. It can then be re-delivered anytime, upon your request – no double handling! We have actually put a really great video together to explain it: 2. New branding. We identified an opportunity to set ourselves apart in our industry. Our services are premium and unique, so we wanted our branding to reflect this.

we have moved to a huge new warehouse! We outgrew our last premises quite quickly so when this new warehouse became available, we knew it was for us.

We spent quite a few months developing a brand-new look and name, new website, new uniforms, new signage and branding on our trucks. Formerly ‘Coffs Harbour Relocations and Storage’, we are now ‘Vault Moving and Storage’. We worked with some great local businesses to bring it to life; Giant Media, One Printing and Signage, and Zevo Global. We are so proud of our new name, look and feel... we believe it really encapsulates who we are. A premium, safe, reliable and unique business. 3. Lastly... we have moved to a huge new warehouse! We outgrew our last premises quite quickly so when this new warehouse became available, we knew it was for us. The demand for storage has been huge, so this new warehouse means we can continue to offer storage solutions for customers, have a much bigger depot space for our trucks and a better retail/office space to greet customers and sell packing supplies. New address is: 3/14 Wingara Drive, Coffs Harbour. What makes Vault Moving and Storage different from other companies in the local area? We are your one stop shop – and this really sets us apart. We can manage your entire move (and any storage that may be required, short or long term) from start to finish. Our mobile modules mean no double handling, so again, it is the safest and most efficient way to move and store.

Having our own central warehouse also means there is a place for customers to come and see us, discuss their needs, grab anything they may need that is stored, pick up some packing supplies and generally have peace of mind that everything is secure (and monitored through all of our security systems). What is the best advice you can give to a prospective customer? One step at a time. Moving can seem overwhelming, but we can make the process as simple and hassle-free as possible. Everyone’s situation is unique, so we provide solutions for whatever those situations are. Give us a call, send us an email or pop in and see us and we can help get you started!

What are your plans for the future of Vault Moving and Storage? We plan to continue serving our customers, helping them move from A to B in the most efficient way possible and providing the best move and store solutions on the Coffs Coast. How can we get in touch with you? 02 66500123 3/14 Wingara Drive, Coffs Harbour Vault Moving and Storage @vault_movingandstorage












Georgia Rose is a third year apprentice at Outpost Hair in Bellingen who is fast tracking through her training with passion, dedication and excellence. DURING THE LOCKDOWN LAST YEAR SHE USED HER SPARE TIME TO PRACTICE EVERY DAY AND GET ALL HER TAFE WORK COMPLETE SO IT REALLY PUT HER AHEAD OF THE GAME. Not only is she a talented hairdresser in the making, her management and business skills are beyond her years, which is no surprise really with both her parents being savvy local business owners!


ave you always wanted hairdressing. It has surprised me how many to be a hairdresser? amazing colours you can do and make yourself. What was it that made Learning all about the products is amazing, just you decide to start an knowing all about them and what they can do apprenticeship? to help your hair is also great. I have always had a feel What do you find most challenging about for hairdressing and loved doing and playing hairdressing? with hair. I did work experience and being in What I find challenging is being in COVID the salon and watching the seniors doing hair lockdown and not being able to treat my made me love it more and beautiful clients and do that made the decision their hair! I miss cutting and easy that I wanted to be colouring hair so much and ONE OF MY a hairdresser. So after can’t wait to get back into the FAVOURITE doing work experience salon. THINGS ABOUT for a few weeks I decided What does a day on the job BEING A I would love to do an look like for you? HAIRDRESSER IS apprenticeship at Outpost A day on the job is getting MAKING PEOPLE Hair! to the salon at 8:45am to get FEEL GOOD. What is one of your the salon clean and organised favorite things about for the day to start at 9. Clients your job? start rolling in at 9am and if I One of my favourite things about being a don’t have any clients booked in the morning hairdresser is making people feel good. Giving I help the senior and master stylists (passing people good hairstyles and making them feel foils up, helping rinse colours and getting good about themselves also makes me feel the clients’ hair prepared for their haircut). good knowing that the client is happy. Throughout the day I will be doing clients’ hair Has there been anything about and then the day flies by and it will be time to hairdressing that has surprised you or do the afternoon jobs and get the salon clean that you wouldn’t have expected before and ready for the next day. starting at the salon? For training days our boss Hanna lets us get There is definitely a lot to learn in clients into the salon who are happy to sit and

let us train on them. At the moment I am up to men’s and ladies’ haircuts so I will get at least 4-5 clients in throughout the day. I will start with my consultation and Hanna will be there to listen too, then I will give the client a lovely blue oil ritual massage and a nice wash at the basin including a lovely head massage. I will take them back to the chair and I will then start my cut. Hanna will continuously come over and check how I am going and will also give me any tips about what I can do to make it easier for myself and to perfect my results. What extra roles have you taken on in the salon that aren’t just part of your apprenticeship? I also manage stock control at the salon and have recently taken on a lot of the social media marketing. I really enjoy these roles as something a bit different but still a really important part of keeping the salon running smoothly. It has challenged me a bit learning all about how to make the most of our social media, but it can actually be quite fun. What are some of your career goals heading into the future? Some of my goals in hairdressing are to always continue to learn and be able to do all the fun colours and haircuts! To make clients happy and feel good about themselves. And just to be the best I can be at my job! Thanks Georgia. COFFS COAST





From a financial and legal view, it is very important to have a valid will so that when you pass, your financial and legal affairs can be dealt with in an efficient and tax-effective way.



Design Practice member of the Design Institute of Australia Professional member Australian Graphic Design Association




f you are a member of a the person did not leave a valid self-managed super fund will. (SMSF), the legislation Where the deceased member allows for a legal personal left a valid will, their executor representative (LPR) to should be readily ascertainable. “step into their shoes” as trustee However, if the deceased did (or director) of the SMSF which not have a will, then there will can ensure the be no executor. administration Instead, their You may not of the fund LPR will have be aware that continues to be the an LPR for these uninterrupted. administrator purposes means In addition, of the estate, only the executor the LPR can which can only of the will OR the also assist be determined administrator of with directing by the Supreme the estate if the to whom the Court issuing person did not deceased’s “Letters of leave a valid will. death benefits Administration”. are paid out Obviously, tax- effectively. a member of an SMSF can You may not be aware that an therefore minimise disruption LPR for these purposes means for their family by ensuring only the executor of the will OR they have made a valid Will the administrator of the estate if appointing an executor.

Coffs Coast








CanAussie Building & Carpentry specialise in New homes, Renovations, Extensions, Framing, Decks, Pergolas and Project Management. We had a chat with director, Dustin Wilhelm to find out more...


i Dustin, CanAussie Building & Carpentry has had a busy year so far, can you tell us a bit about what you’ve been up to? Yes, it’s been a great year, with the government incentives in full effect we have had a bumper year and aim to keep the ball rolling. We started the year with a cute little granny flat to help get our clients out of Melbourne lockdowns. Once they got



cosy we started on their main dwelling. Locking in multiple contracts, we hit the ground running and have now nearly completed the two custom homes with a third on the way. What is the history behind CanAussie Building & Carpentry? In 2006 after finishing my carpentry trade in Canada, I became a journeyman, a traditional way for tradesmen to share their knowledge and pass it on, a way to learn new skills and techniques. So this is how I ended up here, extending my experience as a carpenter in beautiful Australia. After 11 years of building high-end carpentry projects in the northern beaches area of Sydney, learning the Aussie ways and working with beautiful Aussie hardwoods, I decided I had had enough of city life and decided to move the family here to Coffs. CanAussie was born, the rest is history... Tell us about your team and their areas of

I have been a carpenter for 21 years now. On the tools and working in all aspects of the construction industry, from industrial mining sites, commercial development, and high-end multi-million dollar residential.

expertise? I have been a one man band for the last 5 years, on average building one custom home a year. Always quality over quantity, only taking on a full-time apprentice and carpenter in the last year. We have a hands-on approach, actually building and fabricating or milling materials. We are not just installers of pre-fabricated goods. Custom builds create unique situations and we enjoy tackling each project with an open mind. All work is carried out in-house and by us, only contracting out specialist trades such as plumbers and electricians etc... This way we have complete control over specific details and can ensure the project finishes just the way we like it. We have a small team really, recently built up in the last year. Our 2nd year apprentice

Zane is a classic Coffs local, always keeping us laughing. Tommy is a strong young chippy with a great eye and a hard working background, who works alongside us as a strong and capable team of three. As I mentioned, before that it was just me and the odd labourer. Our team includes all our legendary local trades and suppliers who we use on each and every job. All of them are top notch and go the extra mile to ensure a smooth project on every job. I have been a carpenter for 21 years now. On the tools and working in all aspects of the construction industry, from industrial mining sites, commercial development, and high-end multi-million dollar residential. I have been lucky to be part of some great projects over the years, and am still yearning for the next challenge. >>> COFFS COAST




What is the process when a client approaches you about a build or renovation? First off we get to know the client and their needs and why they are choosing us, what we can do for them specifically that will help their dreams come true. What part of the process do you most enjoy and why? The whole thing really, building each project by hand, taking imagination into creation through design. Each project is work in motion, constantly changing and creating new challenges along the way. The best part is doing something different and out of the box. In the end, making the client’s dream possible. What sorts of trends have you been seeing recently in home design? We don’t follow trends, we set them... lol nah we build custom homes so each one is very unique to itself. Lots of hardwood and metals are being used these days as the BAL ratings have defined these materials to be used. Clean lines and exposed structural 100 COFFS COAST


Each project is work in motion, constantly changing and creating new challenges along the way. The best part is doing something different and out of the box.

elements are always fun. You work alongside many other trades and suppliers here on the Coffs Coast and seem to have a great working relationship with many of them, why is this important to you? Each of the trades we use, we use on every job. This way we all know what needs to happen and can all work together. We are one big family now! Each of the trades we use, many of whom are supporting us in this month’s Focus edition, and you know who you are! You are invaluable to our success and we are stoked to have each of you with us for these past 5 years. Legends! What are some common challenges you have to face as a building company? Keeping up with demand these days, and material supplies have been an issue as of late.

Let’s hope things don’t come to a halt any time soon, at least wait until Xmas break! What advice would you give to people considering building or renovating? It all comes down to the relationship you have with your builder. Personal service goes a long way. Trust is key to an enjoyable building process. What can people expect from a CanAussie Building & Carpentry home? The best quality materials available and highest degree of craftsmanship one can ask for. We are passionate about what we do, building is all we have ever done. Tell us about some new, exciting projects you are working on now and in the future? Currently, we have a rammed earth build in Karangi which has been a great adventure. Very unique and enjoyable, labour

intensive but worth all the effort. This project will be award winning, mark my words! I just finished a house in Bello and started a granny flat in Sawtell, and have a few renovations in the

A lifetime in the building industry means we are experienced and passionate. We don’t lock you in or specify suppliers or providers or finishes.

works and plenty more coming in. Next year will be just as busy I’m sure. What are the

standout features or the benefits of working with CanAussie Building & Carpentry? A lifetime in the building industry means we are experienced and passionate. We don’t lock you in or specify suppliers or providers or finishes. We work with the client’s requirements/preferences and budgets to tailor a scope of works that will achieve the best results for the best price. How important is sustainability when designing a new home? KEY!!! Creating a sound and economic building envelope will ensure a lifetime investment of returns and comfort. Buildings need upkeep, which will cost money in the long run. Plan ahead. Function over fashion. What do you enjoy most about living on the Coffs Coast? All of it. Coffs is the best place in Australia and we are so happy to call Coffs home. The community, the beaches, the mountains, the lifestyle, what’s not to love! How can we get in touch? Give me a call on 0413 055 599 or email me COFFS COAST



Deluxe Pest Treatment + Visual Termite Inspection



Thermal Imaging Termite Inspection + Deluxe Pest Treatment


General Pest Treatment Deluxe Pest Treatment Visual Termite Inspection Thermal Imaging Termite Inspection


$130.00 $250.00 $130.00 $200.00

Same Day Quotes on Active Termites

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General Pest Treatment + Visual Termite Inspection














�UNDERCOVER DRIVE-THRU Proud to support CanAussie Building & Carpentry

Phone: 02 66492006


161 Tallawudjah Creek Road, Glenreagh Visit our website

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87-189 ORLANDO ST. PH 6651 6247 104 COFFS COAST








Reroofing specialists! Metal roof plumbing solutions. Reliable, licenced, all work guaranteed.

Get in touch today!

0418 454 020 106 COFFS COAST





Blue Ribbon Homes

Display Home


The Belleview




The Belleview is a contemporary home that showcases Blue Ribbon Homes’ quality, innovation and individuality. The Belleview is a custom designed home with a feature courtyard that embraces the casual lifestyle of beachside living. Take the first step in making your new dream home a reality and take a walk through our beautiful display home today with our friendly team. This is a great opportunity to get to know and see for yourself the Blue Ribbon Homes promise of quality, style and value. 7 Angler Crescent, Bonville Sawtell Commons Estate Tue, Wed, Thurs, Sat, Sun 10am - 3pm / Ph: 6651 8144 108 COFFS COAST



Homes We chatted to Tamzin Pike from Hibbard Homes to FIND OUT WHY THEY ARE A STAND OUT BUILDER in our community.


hat services do you provide? Hibbard Homes builds and sells brand new homes. The homes are absolutely complete with nothing left to do except turn the key and move straight in. Our homes can be purchased in

two ways: at the end of the build when it’s complete; or before it has started in a two-part payment system. It’s the same high-quality product no matter which way you decide to buy, however the way in which you purchase can have advantages and disadvantages depending on your financial situation.

ARLO Timber Wall Hung Vanity With Matte White Drawer

CHIARA Round LED Mirror w/ Matte Black Frame

NOW $480 1200mm (ARL1200T) RRP $840 NOW $670 1500mm (ARL1500T) RRP $1050 NOW $840

RRP $569

We also provide the service of helping people purchase their home. Having built and sold over 6,000 homes across regional NSW, we’ve got the process down pat. What are the stand out features or the benefits of building with Hibbards? Your own brand-new home in the easiest and most efficient way possible. Anyone that has ever contracted a builder for themselves has experienced some terrible events that affect them financially (with unexpected extras), emotionally (with relationship stress), and incomplete work or unfixed damage, extended timelines, and unfulfilled expectations that certain things are just included but in fact are not. Many couples and families endeavour to build their dream home, full of excitement – only to be met with so many challenges that are difficult to work through. The process with Hibbard Homes eliminates all of this. An added benefit of coming through one of our homebuying programs is that you get to purchase a home before it hits the market. Chances are you’ll be settled in and enjoying your brand-new home before the neighbouring construction sites have even finished choosing their colours and door handles. Our after-sales Service Department is also a major benefit when purchasing a Hibbard Home.

800x800mm (MVL800FR-MB)

900mm (ARL900T) RRP $690

Vanity Tops Sold Separately

NOW $399

CHIARA Round Mirror w/ Matte Black Frame 800x800mm (MV800FR-MB)

RRP $469

NOW $330 MELDON Rimless Wall Faced Toilet Suite WELS 4 Star, 4.5L/full, 3L/half, 3.4L/avg flush (6066-W) RRP $449

NOW $249

ZANE LED Mirror w/ Matte Black Frame 500x900mm (MVL500X900-MB)

RRP $529

NOW $370

ZANE Mirror w/ Matte Black Frame 500x900mm (MV500X900-MB)

RRP $429

Prices valid only while current stock lasts.

NOW $299

MARCOOLA Bench Mount Basin 410x410x150mm Gloss White (MC115-W) RRP $129

Coffs Harbour 02 7226 0990 | 3/17 Isles Drive, North Boambee, NSW, 2450

NOW $89

Mon - Fri 8.30am - 5.00pm | Sat 9.00am - 1.00pm COFFS COAST






THE HOME THROUGH TIME Houses have changed a lot since the 1940’s. So has the way we live in them. The emphasis is on space and flexibility with kitchen / living areas flowing onto rear gardens or terraces.


ouses have turned back to front. The focus is no longer on a formal “front parlour” or how the house looks from the street. Increasing density of living has made people more aware of the need for privacy. The result? Living and entertaining areas are now concentrated in the back areas of the house. Guests are even allowed into food preparation areas that would have been taboo in previous eras. One of the reasons for the turnaround is that there are more women in the work force than ever before. Working women don’t want to come home to solitary confinement behind the kitchen sink. Family members share the cooking and guests and chefs make merry while the cooking is in progress. The kitchen has coped by becoming more of a showplace. Technology has made cooking easier and devices such as the extractor fan keep odours from permeating open plan living spaces. House size is the most striking change in the last half century. Families are smaller, yet houses are twice as big as 1940’s houses they’ve gone from 100 to 180 square metres. Kids nowadays wouldn’t dream of sharing a bedroom. There’s more internal space per head of population, yet we expect to move on to something better every seven years or so. Today’s home owners are more mobile, both geographically and socially. While most of our parents lived all their life in one or two places, 110 COFFS COAST


we view houses as stepping stones to better investment and lifestyle benefits. The motor car, highways, immigration, technology and feminism have all had an impact on housing structures; houses reflect both technological and lifestyle changes. The modern home is an asset which, adroitly managed, can move us up the social ladder. SELLING YOUR OWN HOME Vendors who sell privately think that without agents’ fees they will end up with more money in their hand. Their outsider’s view of the industry tells them that selling a house is easy work. In reality they not only find that there is more to it than they could ever have dreamed of but many end up with a lower selling price into the bargain! For a start, buyers know that the vendor is not paying a fee and expect to negotiate accordingly. Your home is your family’s single greatest asset, requiring professional marketing and expertise. It takes a lot of training and experience before a selling agent is skilled at marketing and negotiating and there are many pitfalls for the uninitiated. Negotiating direct with a purchaser is extremely difficult because of a vendor’s emotional involvement and lack of experience. The net result is often lost opportunities through personality conflicts or poor negotiating. Many vendors take their property off the market thinking they have a buyer only to find that their inexperienced eye had been unable to spot an unqualified or shaky purchaser. Timing

is one of the crucial factors in successful marketing and many may well end up missing out on genuine motivated purchasers who would have paid more. Inexperience combined with familiarity often causes vendors to overprice or underprice their property. While the financial loss of underpricing is obvious, overpricing is a bit more insidious. Overpricing means the wrong market is being targeted and a sale is unlikely to result. By the time the price is varied, the property is already stale and the ultimate selling price may be lower. The risk inherent in allowing anyone who knocks on the door to enter your property should not be underestimated. Professional real estate agents are skilled at qualifying purchasers. The time spent with purchasers in the office prior to inspecting properties becomes, in effect, a pre-inspection interview. Home owners are unable to create this middle step in a way that won’t antagonise buyers. While it’s possible that everything may run smoothly, there are so many different stages of the process where using the experts will ensure a professional, stress-free result and add thousands of dollars to your final price, more than offsetting professional fees paid. Remember, when in doubt, chose a member of the Real Estate Institute of NSW.




Built to inspire. Built for you. Builtto toinspire. inspire.Built Builtfor foryou. you. Built

Caulfield 26

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Aria 28 Aria 28

Creating your dream home couldn’t be easier when you build with Perry Homes. We have over 150 different floor plans to choose from, including single and two storey, granny flat and dual occupancy… there’s sure toyour be a dream design home to suitcouldn’t your lifestyle. Whether flat or a sloping Creating be easier whenyou youhave buildawith Perry Homes. We have over Creating your dream home couldn’t be easier when you build with Perry Homes. We have over block of any size, even your to existing house toincluding rebuild a single new home, youstorey, can begranny sure flat and dual 150 knocking different fldown oor plans choose from, and two 150 different floor plans to choose from, including single and two storey, granny flat and dual we can bring your vision to life. occupancy… there’s sure to be a design to suit your lifestyle. Whether you have a flat or a sloping occupancy… there’s sure to be a design to suit your lifestyle. Whether you have a flat or a sloping block of any size, even knocking down your existing house to rebuild a new home, you can be sure If youknocking can dream it, we canexisting build it. house to rebuild a new home, you can be sure block of any size, even down your we can bring your vision to life. we can bring your vision to life.

If you can dream it, we can build it. If you can dream it, we can build it.

Visit one of our stunning display homes today! Moonee Beach Estate Sawtell Commons Estate 47 Moonee Creek Drive, Moonee Beach. 4 Angler homes Court, Bonville. Visit one of our stunning display today! Visit one of our10am-4pm stunning display today! Open Saturday to Wednesday Openhomes Thursday to Monday 10am-4pm Moonee Beach Estate Sawtell Commons Estate Contact : Phillip Hitchins 0428Estate 271 884 Contact : Tracey Lavelle 0434 499Estate 829 Moonee Beach Sawtell Commons 47 Moonee Creek Drive, Moonee Beach. 4 Angler Court, Bonville. 47 Moonee Creek Drive, Moonee Beach. 4 Angler Court, Bonville. NSW Lic. No. 110970C QBCC Act Lic. No. 718748. Open Saturday to Wednesday 10am-4pm Open Open Thursday to Monday 10am-4pm Open Saturday to Wednesday 10am-4pm Thursday to Monday 10am-4pm E32800 Contact : Phillip Hitchins 0428 271 884 Contact : Tracey Lavelle 0434 Contact : Phillip Hitchins 0428 271 884 Contact : Tracey Lavelle 0434 499499 829829 NSW Lic. No. 110970C QBCC Act Lic. No. 718748. NSW Lic. No. 110970C QBCC Act Lic. No. 718748.

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