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Celebrate your school year in style with Issuu's online yearbook maker, the ultimate solution for educational institutions looking to capture and share memories with stunning clarity and interactivity. Transform key memories and highlights into a vibrant, engaging digital experience that reflects the spirit and achievements of students and staff.

  • Engage readers with page-turning, animated Flipbooks.

  • Enrich your digital yearbook with Links and Videos.

  • Make it accessible with no-code Embedding.

  • Share special moments in a stunning Fullscreen View.

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Creating a yearbook on Issuu's platform

What is an online yearbook?

An online yearbook is a modern twist on the classic format, digitizing milestones of the academic year into a dynamic, accessible Flipbook that can be enjoyed on any device. Just like a traditional version, you can create sections for teams, clubs, awards, events, and graduations with a yearbook online. Issuu's online yearbook maker eliminates the need for costly printing and distribution, making it a sustainable, innovative way to preserve and share academic memories.

Online yearbook template

How to make a yearbook online:

  1. Upload your document directly from your device or import it from Dropbox or Google Drive, and let Issuu’s online yearbook creator instantly transform your static PDF into a dynamic Flipbook.

  2. Enhance your yearbook's pages with interactive multimedia elements such as Links and Videos, making each memory jump off the page with Issuu's yearbook maker online. When you’ve perfected it, hit publish, selecting whether to make it publicly avaiable or keep it private.

  3. Showcase your yearbook in its best light with Fullscreen viewing or Embed it directly onto your school's website for easy access by students and parents alike—no coding experience needed. Let them see yearbook photos online in vivid detail.

  4. Turn standout moments into shareable highlights using captivating GIFs, engaging Articles, and eye-catching Social Posts.

Captivate and engage with multimedia elements.

Transform traditional yearbooks into immersive Flipbooks that pull readers into the heart of your school's highlights and achievements. Utilize Videos to animate the fondest memories, giving each moment a voice of its own. With Links, you can guide readers to delve further into the students, staff, and school’s stories and contact options.

Adding links and videos to online yearbooks on Issuu

Deliver a distraction-free viewing experience.

Seize attention with Fullscreen Sharing, offering a rich, captivating view of your digital yearbook. Match the display to your school colors and let viewers explore your school or university’s story in stunning detail. This feature ensures every page and photograph commands the focus it merits, truly elevating the visual storytelling of your academic institution.

Using the fullscreen sharing feature on an Issuu online yearbook

Embed your yearbook for easy access.

Enhance the visibility of your digital yearbook by seamlessly Embedding it onto your school's website, enabling students, parents, and alumni to dive into the year's highlights. Effortlessly copy and paste the auto-generated embed code to make your yearbook discoverable and viewable.

Embed your yearbook on your website with Issuu

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Yearbook: FAQs

  • To find your digital yearbook online on Issuu, simply visit the Issuu website and use the search bar at the top of the page. Type in the name of your school along with the year of the yearbook you're searching for (e.g., "Lincoln High School Yearbook 2024"). If your school's yearbook has been published on Issuu and is set to public, it should appear in the search results. You can also visit your school's Issuu profile page directly, where all publicly available publications, including yearbooks, are listed. Remember, if your yearbook is set to private (using our Unlisted feature), you'll need the direct link to access it.

  • We recommend staying consistent with colors, fonts, and styles. Other than that, let your imagination roam free! The yearbook creator lets you organize your digital yearbook into as many sections as you want to. Be creative with themes for different clubs, teams, and activities to highlight the unique personality of each of them.

  • A yearbook should contain everything worthwhile that commemorates the school year. Class photos, individual student and faculty photos, captions, sports and club pages, etc. are just a few examples. All aspects of the scholastic experience should be incorporated when you make a yearbook.

  • A digital yearbook is superior to print yearbooks across every way. They are shareable, fully customizable, eco-friendly, and economical. The experience of a digital yearbook is far more engaging and immersive. A virtual yearbook contains everything a traditional yearbook does, with some exciting extras. Our yearbook creator allows you to make a yearbook with creative videos and links. You can enhance the images and text with video of graduation day, big sports wins, and other important moments from the school. You can also keep updating a digital yearbook. This awesome feature lets you make the yearbook more than a static catalog of memories. With updates, your digital yearbook can be a hub for the graduating class as they go out into the world!

Ready to make memories even more unforgettable?

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