Discover Germany, Issue 92, April 2022

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GIVING BACK TO NATURE Like to travel? Let’s make it sustainable. Travel & Tree offers extremely easy yet effective ways to link travel and events with a contribution to climate protection thanks to customisable tree packages. They are also specialised in reforestation projects across the DACH region and a trusted partner for companies who want to help save the planet through tree sponsoring.

Companies from other sectors often turn to Travel & Tree for sponsoring specific – and often local – forest projects, and for individuals, the innovative tree online shop provides an excellent opportunity to support the environment.


The message is clear: we as humans cannot continue to simply take – it’s time to give something back. Travel & Tree can help you do just that.


Travel & Tree bridges the gap between the corporate world and our environment. Travel and event providers can link their offers directly to planting trees with customisable packages, as

founder Irene Smetana explains: “For example, one night in a hotel or one event ticket could equal one planted tree – as an optional add-on or incorporated into the booking.”

April 2022


Issue 92