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Beauty Expert of the Month

Dr. med. Holger Klose.

EXPERIENCED AND TRUSTWORTHY Dr med Holger Klose heads the Plastic and Aesthetic surgery centre and day clinic art | MED berlin. Here, in-depth expertise meets decades of experience. The caring team of top qualified physicians and medical staff implement advanced techniques and technologies, with a special focus on aesthetic body contouring procedures after massive weight loss. TEXT: MARILENA STRACKE I


There are plenty of different reasons why patients turn to plastic-aesthetic surgeons for help. Among the biggest reasons is without a doubt the wish to ease symptoms, to gain a positive body image and hence to increase self-confidence – because aesthetic surgery goes far beyond simply correcting physical features. The highly specialised team at art | MED berlin surgery centre is very aware of this aspect and meets the individual needs of the many patients with a great deal of warmth.

AN EARLY FOCUS art | MED berlin surgery centre is located in Berlin’s well-known Friedrichstraße and at its helm is Dr med Holger Klose. He start18


Issue 92

| April 2022

ed his medical career at the prestigious German Heart Institute Berlin where he was taught and mentored by Professor Dr Roland Hetzer, one of the most recognised German heart surgeons world-wide. Back then, Dr Klose gained excellent motor skills, technical know-how and learned surgical precision before he specialised in plastic surgery. In 2012 he went on to found today’s surgery centre in Berlin. “During those early days we also ignited our partnerships with some leading Berlin-based centres for obesity and a surgery centre in Zurich,” Dr Klose says. “From then on, we continuously specialised in the aesthetic

body contouring procedures after massive weight loss. Since then, we enjoy a great reputation far beyond Berlin. We are known across Germany for these so-called post-bariatric plastic-aesthetic obesity surgeries. Our practice is one of the largest and most recognised institutes for these body contouring procedures in Germany.” The atmosphere at the surgery centre in Berlin-Mitte is defined by professional integrity and the deep understanding for the stressful problems presented by the patients. Aside from the medical know-how, the team brings a lot of empathy and humanity to the table. Due to its special focus, art | MED berlin surgery centre is particularly valued among patients who have experienced massive weight loss and who wish to correct or restore their body shape. The available procedures include tummy tuck, breast lift, back lift, thigh lift and buttocks lift. The so-called ‘mommy make-over’, for an improved body shape after