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Sue McAllister

Bringing Art Back to Life

Forgiveness The Story of Eva Kor Joe Lee’s New Book

New Nashville Bars Photographer Michele Wedel Lou Stant & Curtis Moore

Artist Patricia Rhoden Bartels

amazing glazing!

Start your new year off healthy and with lots of flavor by incorporating this tasty tip for roasted salmon into your regular rotation of recipes.

wild & tasty


Create a glaze blending our Blood Orange Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Maple Balsamic (or substitute your favorite Wild Olive flavors) with minced garlic, honey, salt, and pepper over low heat. Place salmon fillets skin-side down and brush liberally with glaze before baking or drizzle over already roasted salmon.

We’ve been bringing great taste to you since 2012 from our inviting little shop in the heart of Brown County, Indiana.

We have curated a flavorful collection for your tasting pleasure with plenty to offer for foodies, the experienced cook, or the novice. It goes well beyond the high-quality olive oils and balsamics we built our reputation on. We’ve added jams, pastas, dipping oils, salsas, sauces, and much more. Come in for a tour of tastes and let us be your guide. You’ll be wild about our shop. Shop us online from anywhere, anytime at www.thewildolive.com

www.thewildolive.com | 37 W Main Street, Nashville, Indiana 47448 | (812) 988-9453

Village Green Building Celebrating over 100 years in nashville The Nashville you came to see and love…

Where you can see the work of local artists — whether it’s ice cream, candy and fruit preserves made the old fashioned way or the artwork of local artists and craftsmen. · first floor · Homemade Ice Cream Homemade Candies Homemade Fruit Preserves · second floor · Antiques · Art and Craft Galleries Working studios of local artists



The Candy Dish

Yes, we really do make it ourselves!

Fine Homemade Chocolate Candies and Fudge Gourmet Caramels Over 50 Flavors of Salt Water Taffy



Homemade Ice Cream

Harvest Preserve the

Homemade Fruit Butter Gourmet Food Cookbooks · Cookie Cutters Postcards · Greeting Cards Kitchen Gadgets Galore Giftware · Tea and Teaware


Functional and Fine Art Made in Indiana


61 West Main street · nashville, indiana

Discover Brown County’s hidden treasures! Sign up for our free Brown County email newsletter and learn about unique attractions, fun things to do and where the locals go for entertainment. Plus, enjoy 10% off your purchase at the Brown County Visitors Center (211 South Van Buren Street in downtown Nashville).

Visit BrownCounty.com/Email for everything you need to know about Brown County.

Let’s be friends @ILoveBrownCounty @ILoveBrownCounty @ILuvBrownCounty

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12/17/21 1:46 PM

Nineveh Edinburgh Morgantown 31 37 135 I-65 46 Bloomington Columbus 46 NASHVILLE 252

Helmsburg Sawmill Pool Enterprises

Monroe Music Park & Campground



Helmsburg General Store Lightspinner Studio



Country Club Rd



Kelp G rove R d.

Old S Snyder Rd. R 46


Lodging/ Camping Musical Entertainment



Craftsman Recreation

ls nta all tion Re ry Tire M . o e e a C iqu n Vac . Win wn o Ant Bro ONE Co. O’ Brow rown C n w WB s B A Bro N Hill G Mt . Li


T.C. Steele State Historic Site


Val le


eXplore Brown County

ty R


Abe Martin Lodge

Mike’s Music and Dance Barn


ran ch



Heartland Tattoo Bear Wallow Mainstream Distillery Fiber

Brown County State Park



k Rd ton Cr




ansbu rg

ove r Gr


la Pop


STORY Monroe Reservoir

Hoover Rd

Mike Nickels Log Homes


Yellowwood Rd


Hard Truth Distillery

lley Rd.


Doodles by Kara Barnard

Flower and Herb Barn Farmhouse Café

Artist and/or Gallery Brick Lodge

Green Va


Cordry Lake

Sprunica Rd.

Rd sburg Rd.

Oak Grove

Yellowwood State Forest

Vaught Rd.



Ow l Cr eek

Sweetwater Lake

Rosey Bolte’s Uncommon Gourd Studio

Plum Creek Antiques


Dr. Lisa Baker, DDS Fireplace Center

The Apple Works

Antiques Co-op Art Beyond Crayons Grandpa Jeff’s Trail Rides

Sal tC ree



to BLO O

to Porthole Inn


Clay Lick Rd

Lake Lemon South Shore Dr.


Carmel Ridge Rd




Upper Bean Blossom

Brown N County





Hoosier Artist Gallery

Fallen Leaf Books

Brown Co. Art Guild

Moonshine Leather

ST SR 135 N

Miller’s Ice Cream The Candy Dish The Harvest Preserve B3 Gallery

The Wild Olive

Head Over Heels

Heritage Candy Store

Heritage Mall

Juls Etc.

Spears Gallery

Weed Patch Music Company

New Harmony Soap

Main Street Shops

Foxfire Gift & Home Foxfire Boutique

Log JJail L il

Pioneer Village Museum

MAIN STREET Brown Co. Winery

The Nashville House


Copperhead Creek Gem Mine

Iris Garden Cottages & Suites

Gold &Old

Redbud Ter.

Health For U


Brown Co Art Gallery

Masonic Lodge

Old to H SR 4 6 ar Disd Trut tille h ry



County Offices

Touch of Silver


Village Green

Big Woods Pizza

MOLLY’S LANE Big Woods Village

Common Grounds Coffee Bar

Colonial Bldg.

Iris Garden

Brown Co Public Library

Brown Co. History Center

GOULD STREET Complex Brown Co. Rock & Fossil Shop

Heavenly Biscuit




Michael’s Flowers

Zieg LeDoux & Associates

J.B. Goods/ Life is Good


Brozinni Pizzeria

Carpenter Hills O’Brown Realty

North House

Hotel Nashville



The Salvation Army

Precise Books & Payroll

Brown Co Massage

The Totem Post

Jack & Jill Nut Shop

Brown Co Playhouse

58 South Apparel


Thrift Shop Community Closet

Nashville BP



Calvin Place

Schwab’s Fudge

New Leaf Amy Greely

Life is Good JB Goods



McGinley Insurance

Franklin Square



The Ferguson House Bistro & Bar

Clay Purl Brown Co Pottery

Antique Alley

Old McDurbin Gold & Gifts

Wishful Thinking

Country Heritage Winery

Bone Appetit Bakery Nashville Spice Co.

Brown County Inn

Brown Co Community YMCA

Bear Hardware

Brown County IGA



Brown Co Health & Living

Larry Sanchez • Misty Sanchez

Brown County Eye Care Blue Elk Family Clinic

Brown Co Music Center

Seasons Hotel & Event Center

Salt Creek Park

Casa Del Sol


Doodles by Kara Barnard



Artist and/or Gallery Rest Room Dining

Musical Entertainment Parking


map not to scale

Nashville Indiana

Coachlight Square


Brown Co Craft Gallery

Cornerstone Inn


Visitors Center

Moondance Vacation Homes

Healing Hearts & Memory Making Nashville Fudge Kitchen

Possum Trot Square

Back to Back

Carol’s Gifts The Toy Chest House of Jerky

Artists Colony Inn

Artists Colony

Nashville Express

Rhonda Kay’s

Out of the Ordinary and Hickory Bar


8 Our Brown County • Jan./Feb. 2022



Brown Co Antique Mall.................... 18

Big Woods Pizza................................ 21

Antiques Co-op................................. 53

Brown Co Art Guild........................... 19

Brown Co IGA.................................... 57

Brown Co Antique Mall.................... 18

Brown Co Craft Gallery.................... 12

Brown Co Inn..................................... 14

Michael’s Flowers.............................. 18

Carol’s Gifts........................................ 23

Brown Co Winery.............................. 26

Plum Creek Antiques....................... 60

Clay Purl............................................. 23

Brozinni Pizzeria............................... 48


Foxfire Gift & Home.......................... 47

The Candy Dish................................... 3

Antiques Co-op................................. 53

Head Over Heels............................... 43

Cedar Creek Winery.......................... 13

Art Beyond Crayons......................... 53

Healing Hearts &Memory Making.56

Common Grounds Coffee Bar........ 13

B3 Gallery............................................. 3

Hoosier Artist Gallery...................... 22

Country Heritage Winery................ 40

Bear Hardware............................49, 60

Lightspinner Studio-M. Sechler..... 12

The Ferguson House Bistro & Bar.. 22

Brown Co Antique Mall.................... 18

Michael’s Flowers.............................. 18

Hard Truth Distillery......................... 21

Brown Co Art Gallery....................... 18

Moonshine Leather.......................... 18

The Harvest Preserve......................... 3

Brown Co Art Guild........................... 19

New Harmony Soap......................... 33

Heavenly Biscuit............................... 52

Brown Co Craft Gallery.................... 12

New Leaf............................................. 19

Helmsburg General Store............... 19

Hoosier Artist Gallery...................... 22

Rhonda Kay’s..................................... 48

Heritage Candy Store....................... 42

Lightspinner Studio-M. Sechler..... 12

Spears Gallery................................... 22

Hoosier Buddy Liquors.................... 27

Spears Gallery................................... 22

C. Steele Art....................................... 60

Hotel Nashville.................................. 40

C. Steele Art....................................... 60

The Totem Post.................................. 12

House of Jerky................................... 43

Rosey Bolte-Uncommon Gourd..... 18

The Toy Chest.................................... 57

Miller’s Ice Cream................................ 3


Rosey Bolte-Uncommon Gourd..... 18

Nashville BP....................................... 52

Fallen Leaf Books.............................. 13

Wishful Thinking............................... 12

The Nashville House......................... 22

Restaurant Sampler Collection...... 19


Nashville Fudge Kitchen.................. 64


Big Woods Pizza................................ 21

Nashville Spice Co............................. 63

58 South Apparel.............................. 48

Brown Co Inn..................................... 14

Out of the Ordinary & Hickory Bar.49

Bear Hardware............................49, 60

Brown Co Music Center................... 31

Porthole Inn....................................... 41

Community Closet Thrift Shop....... 43

Brown Co Playhouse........................ 56

Rafters................................................. 41

Foxfire Boutique............................... 47

Country Heritage Winery................ 40

Schwab’s Fudge................................. 43

Head Over Heels............................... 43

Hard Truth Distillery......................... 21

Seasons Hotel & Event Center........ 15

J.B. Goods/ Life is Good................... 26

The Nashville House......................... 22

The Wild Olive..................................... 2


Porthole Inn....................................... 41


Antiques Co-op................................. 53


Antiques Co-op................................. 53

B3 Gallery............................................. 3

Abe Martin Lodge............................. 23

Brown Co Antique Mall.................... 18

Bone Appetit Bakery........................ 13

Artists Colony Inn............................. 27

Plum Creek Antiques....................... 60


Jan./Feb. 2022 • Our Brown County 9

C. Steele Art....................................... 60


Nashville BP....................................... 52


B3 Gallery............................................. 3

Precise Books & Payroll.................... 60

Bear Hardware............................49, 60

Hoosier Artist Gallery...................... 22

Rainwater Studios............................ 62


Spears Gallery................................... 22

Rambling Dog Design - SIGNS....... 62

Head Over Heels............................... 43


Zieg LeDoux & Assoc........................ 60

Moonshine Leather.......................... 18

Carpenter Hills o’ Brown Realty..... 59



RE/MAX-Marg & Brenda.................. 62

Head Over Heels............................... 43

B3 Gallery............................................. 3


Moonshine Leather.......................... 18

Brown Co Antique Mall.................... 18

Grandpa Jeff’s Trail Rides................ 53

The Totem Post.................................. 12

Brown Co Craft Gallery.................... 12



Foxfire Boutique............................... 47

Amish Roofers................................... 27

Bone Appetit Bakery........................ 13

Hoosier Artist Gallery...................... 22

Dr. Lisa Baker, DDS........................... 48

Clay Purl............................................. 23

Juls Etc................................................ 26

Kara Barnard Lessons....................... 12

Fireplace Center................................ 43

New Leaf............................................. 19

Bear Hardware’s Bagged Trash....... 60

Head Over Heels............................... 43

Old McDurbin Gold & Gifts............. 13

Blitz Builders...................................... 52

Healing Hearts &Memory Making.56

Rhonda Kay’s..................................... 48

Blue Elk Family Clinic:

Health For U....................................... 61

Spears Gallery................................... 22

Dr. Larry Sanchez........................... 61

House of Jerky................................... 43

The Totem Post.................................. 12

Misty Sanchez- Mental Health..... 62

Michael’s Flowers.............................. 18

Touch of Silver Gold & Old.............. 26

Brown Co Convention &

Moonshine Leather.......................... 18


Visitors Bureau.................................... 4

Nashville Spice Co............................. 63

Abe Martin Lodge............................. 23

Brown Co Eye Care............................ 60

Weed Patch Music Company.......... 19

Artists Colony Inn............................. 27

Brown Co Health & Living............... 61

Wishful Thinking............................... 12

Brick Lodge........................................ 40

Brown Co Massage........................... 49


Brown Co Health & Living............... 61

Brown Co Tire & Auto....................... 60

Artists Colony Inn............................. 27

Brown Co Inn..................................... 14

Brown Co Community YMCA.......... 62

Hotel Nashville.................................. 40

Cornerstone Inn................................ 15

Heartland Tattoo............................... 55


Hills O’ Brown Vacation Rentals..... 49

Healing Hearts &Memory Making.56

Amish Roofers................................... 27

Hotel Nashville.................................. 40

Helmsburg Sawmill Inc/

Blitz Builders...................................... 52

Moondance Vacation Homes......... 52

Pool Enterprises Inc.......................... 61

Health For U....................................... 61

North House...................................... 40

IN Seamless Guttering..................... 61

Flower and Herb Barn...................... 61

Seasons Hotel & Event Center........ 15

Mainstream Fiber Networks........... 61

WFHB Radio....................................... 62


McGinley Insurance (Farmers)........ 61

WFIU Radio........................................ 62

Bone Appetit Bakery........................ 13

Michael’s Flowers.............................. 18

Contents 12 WHERE IS IT? 13 SUBSCRIBE 16 Sue McAllister ~by Julia Pearson 24 Forgiveness Eva Kor Story ~by Joe Lee 30 Michele Wedel ~by Boris Ladwig 34-35 PHOTOS by Michele Wedel* 36-37 CALENDAR 38 Patricia Rhoden Bartels ~by Bob Gustin 44 New Nashville Bars 50 Stant & Moore ~by Ryan Stacy 54 A Winter’s Tale ~by Mark Blackwell 58 The Hickory Stump ~by Jim Eagleman 60-62 INFO PAGES

Cover: Patricia Rhoden Bartels and Gary Bartels

next to a mosaic rendering of Patricia’s art at the new IU Health Regional Academic Health Center in Bloomington. courtesy photo

Contributors Bob Gustin worked as a reporter, photographer, managing editor, and editor for daily newspapers in Colorado, Nebraska, and Indiana before retiring in 2011. He and his wife, Chris, operate Homestead Weaving Studio. She does the weaving while he gives studio tours, builds small looms, and expands his book and record collections.

Mark Blackwell no longer makes his home in Brown County where “the roadway is rough and the slopes are seamed with ravines and present a meatless, barren, backbone effect.” He now resides within sight of the sixth green of an undisclosed golf course. He was born in the middle of the last century and still spends considerable time there.

Joe Lee is an illustrator and writer. He is the author of The History of Clowns for Beginners and Dante for Beginners and illustrator of six other titles, including Dada and Surealism for Beginners, and Music Theory for Beginners. He is an editorial cartoonist for the Bloomington Herald Times, a graduate of Ringling Brothers, Barnum & Bailey Clown College, and a veteran circus performer.

Julia Pearson wrote for a Franciscan magazine for ten years and served as its human interest editor. She and husband Bruce now reside in Lake Woebegone Country for life’s continuing adventures. Julia enjoys traveling and visiting museums of all types and sizes, with her children and grandchildren.

Jeff Tryon is a former news editor of The Brown County Democrat, a former region reporter for The Republic, and a former bureau chief for The Huntsville Times. Born and raised in Brown County, he currently lives with his wife, Sue, in a log cabin on the edge of Brown County State Park. He is a Baptist minister.

Boris Ladwig is a Columbusbased journalist who has worked in print, online and TV media in Indiana and Kentucky and has won awards for features, news, business, non-deadline news, First Amendment/community affairs and investigative reporting.

Jim Eagleman is a 40-year veteran naturalist with the IN DNR. In retirement, he is now a consultant. His program “Nature Ramblings” can be heard on WFHB radio, the Brown County Hour. He serves on the Sycamore Land Trust board. He enjoys reading, hiking, music, and birding. Jim and his wife Kay have lived here for more than 40 years.

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10 Our Brown County Jan./Feb. 2022

Cindy Steele is the publisher and editor of this magazine. She sells and designs ads, sometimes writes, takes photos, and creates the layout. For fun, she likes to play the guitar or banjo and sing.

Ryan Stacy and his wife recently moved to Pennsylvania and continues to stay connected with our Brown County. He appreciates good movies, good food, and enjoys cultural events. His other interests include reading, photography, and playing music.

*Michele Wedel is a photographer and visual imaging artist in Nashville. She is the house photographer for the new Brown County Music Center. She finds inspiration for her art in the natural beauty of Brown County and in the variety of amazing people that live here. You can view more of her work on Facebook at Michele Wedel Photography.

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Old School Way and Pittman House Lane

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local artisans

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1 9 7 8


Fine arts and crafts by local and area artists View their work on Facebook & Instagram See something you want? Message us!

Call us for winter hours 812.988.7058

Last issue’s was of a sign in front of the Nashville House. Diane Hewitt was the first to guess.

Lightspinner Studio

62 E. Washington · Nashville, IN · BrownCountyCraftGallery.com

The Totem Post ~Since 1952~

Martha Sechler Unique Watercolors Mixed Media Gourd Art

4460 Helmsburg Rd. Nashville, IN • 812-703-3129 Open June thru December — Call Ahead

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Hot, Cold & Frozen Drinks • Selection of Teas Froothies (our fruit smoothies) Famous for Cheesy Eggs & Toast • Pastries • Quiche 66 N. Van Buren, Nashville (Molly’s Lane behind the red door) Opens 8:00 am M-Sat; 9:00 am Sun (Closed Wed) 812-988-6449

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DOGS WELCOME! (812) 988-0305

Open 7 days 211 S. Van Buren St. (behind Visitor Center)


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brown County Inn HOTEL, RESTAURANT & BAR

On the corner of 135 & 46 just 3 blocks of downtown with free parking

Serving Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner 7 days a week

8am to 9pm Sunday to Thursday

8am to 10pm Friday & Saturday


14 Our Brown County Jan./Feb. 2022

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41 Exceptional Accommodations in the heart of Nashville

Hotel & Event Center Located across from the Brown County Music Center

Balcony Rooms Coming soon:

N Outdoo a ty a a including

The Lodge at Cornerstone and our off-site vacation rental

Cabin 360 www.CornerstoneInn.com

Conference facility–up to 500


560 State Road 46 East, Nashville, IN 812-988-2284 • SeasonsLodge.com

812 - 9 8 8 - 0 3 0 0 54 East Franklin Street

Jan./Feb. 2022 • Our Brown County 15

Sue McAllister

Bringing Art Back to Life


~by Julia Pearson

mployees and friends are being treated to a mural on the wall inside the newly enclosed employee hangout in the back of the Out of the Ordinary Restaurant. It features a countryside vignette with sunset, sunflowers, and a barn. This 40’ x 10’ art piece was recently painted by Sue McAllister in thirteen days. Sue is almost 80 years old and is a spitfire of talent and energy. She is well-known to locals as an artist and businesswoman who had her own frame shop in downtown Nashville from 1978 to 1996. Throughout Indiana, and widely beyond, she is known for her expertise in restoration of fine art pieces. A birthright Hoosier, Sue was born in Salem and grew up with her brother Marvin and sister Brenda. Their mother Aileen knew that Sue was the child who was “always into everything.” Sue heard her calling as an artist

16 Our Brown County Jan./Feb. 2022

The Art Guild’s Lady in the Green Dress.

The Out of the Ordinary gang next to Sue McAllister’s mural.

even as a little girl, drawing, painting, and making things with her hands. The family lived in Orleans and then Indianapolis, where Sue graduated from Southport High School in 1960. Sue married James Francis “Jim” McAllister. They set up housekeeping in Greenwood and raised their family: daughter Perri and son Jim. Sue’s guiding principle in parenthood was to “always know where your children are.” The couple moved to Brown County when “mommy duties” were no longer pressing. Sue worked in the frame shop and Jim commuted back to Greenwood. Sue felt it in her bones that this was “coming home” and has lived in Nashville for nearly 50 years. Customers repeatedly asked who could clean and restore art and Sue found her niche in art restoration. Realizing the need, she closed her frame shop so that she could devote more time to restoration. She reports that currently there are only three people in the state of Indiana who do this work.

Thirty years ago she built a home one and a quarter miles north of the courthouse in Orchard Hill, site of the apple orchard business of early artist Dale Bassire. She has a studio in the lower level of the house for her business. Pieces arrive via the US Postal Service, FedEx, and UPS from within and outside of Indiana. In the early 1960s, the Brown County Art Gallery tragically caught fire. Paintings were blackened by smoke and charred. The damaged pieces were stored in the Gallery’s vault until Sue could get to them. The collection vault of the Brown County Art Guild also holds pieces that Sue cleaned. She estimates she has restored between 4000 and 5000 paintings, including pieces painted by all the members of the Art Colony. Sue says, “I do this because I love it, and I want to keep the art alive. When I’m through, the piece will be good for another hundred years.” Mexican painter Frida Kahlo said, “I paint flowers so they will not die.” Sue’s work in art restoration fulfills her urge to keep artwork vibrant and alive. The attention to skill and detail in Continued on 20

Jan./Feb. 2022 • Our Brown County 17

Brown County Antique Mall Antique Store since 1972

Over 10,000 square feet in three buildings

Filled with antiques, jewelry, pottery, china, glass, furniture, artifacts, primitives, books, collectibles, and home decor.

Brown County Art Gallery 2022 Events & Exhibits JANUARY – FEBRUARY

More than 76 dealers • We buy and sell

3288 State Road 46 East 3 miles east of Nashville, IN • 13 miles west of I-65 Open 7 Days a week till 5:30 • 812-988-1025

Gallery Permanent Collection MARCH 5-26

Friends of T. C. Steele Annual Exhibit APRIL 9 – MAY 8

Mabel B. Annis Student Art Competition JUNE 10 – JULY 9


IHA 44th Annual Exhibition & Sale JULY 23 – AUGUST 21

Printmakers Get Their Due OCTOBER 1 – NOVEMBER 13

Collectors’ Showcase 2022: “Snowfall” Complete schedule of events and workshops online at









Handcrafted Leather Goods · Made in the USA 812.988.1326 · moonshineleather.com

38 SOUTH VAN BUREN · NASHVILLE, IN 18 Our Brown County Jan./Feb. 2022


Weed Patch Music Company Your favorite lil’ music store in Brown County, Indiana

58 E. Main St. Nashville (by courthouse) 812-200-3300 www.weedpatchmusicshop.com

Owners: Sharon & Leonard Richey

Pizza & Wings, Groceries, Ice Large Selection Domestic/Craft Beer & Wine LOTTERY, Tobacco Products Camping Supplies, Live Bait & Tackle Hunting & Fishing Licenses Check Station, Firewood State Road 45 and Helmsburg Road Intersection • (812) 929-7797

NEW LEAF An eclectic mix of creative items by local, regional, and global artists

Musical instruments for all ages and skill levels

Offering affordable instruments to inspire the beginner and locally handcrafted beauties to awe the professional

Lessons, workshops, and more...

Looking for a good place to eat? Curious about the dining scene?


Restaurant Sampler Collection Now on sale at:

The Guild. Fine Art by Fine Artists.

Also available on


Support local business

Patron & Youth Exhibition January 22 – February 19, 2022 SUN SPOT BABY BY BRAD FIELDS

GALLERY AND MUSEUM 48 S. Van Buren Street Nashville, IN 47448 812 988-6185 BrownCountyArtGuild.org

Jan./Feb. 2022 • Our Brown County 19

© 2021 Brown County Art Guild, Inc.

Featuring handcrafted jewelry by owner Amy Greely

Calvin Place Franklin & Van Buren Streets Nashville, IN • (812) 988-1058 www.amygreely.com

Fallen Leaf Books Brown County Visitors Center

MCALLISTER continued from 17 restoration has given Sue a distinct, closeup relationship and insight into the Brown County Art Colony painters. She has a special appreciation for the work of Will Vawter—his technique and colors. By her own admission, art restoration of these iconic works requires both talent and guts. Sue was a member of the Brown County Art Gallery for eleven years, producing eight new painting four times a year. She paints in oils, creating florals, landscapes, and still life paintings. Sue lost her life’s partner, Jim, in 2012. They were married for fifty years. Daughter Perri Engel now makes her home in Columbus, Ohio. Perri’s children are Josh, Nicki, and Jace. Son Jim and his wife, Abby, moved back to Brown County two years ago. Their children are Kelli Sue and Ember Lynn.

Donna Proctor and Sue when they worked together at the frame shop. Donna later established her own business, Donna’s Custom Framing.

A friend observed: “Sue, you’re doing everything like you are killing a snake.” In the category of hobbies or leisure time, Sue can be found on the golf course several times a week, a sport she started when she was 53 years old. She doesn’t fear getting old or dying, but states unequivocally that she doesn’t want to leave things undone. 

The before and after photos of a work by artist Clyde Millar.

Restoration progress on an E.K. Williams piece.

20 Our Brown County Jan./Feb. 2022





• D I ST I L L E RY • TO U R S • R E STAU R A NT • EVE NTS • L IVE M U SIC Visit Hard Truth Distilling Co. at 418 Old State Road 46 | Nashville, IN

Book a tour or make a reservation today at hardtruth.com

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Fine Art & Crafts

Discover fine art and crafts by talented local artists for wearing, collecting, gifts, home or office decor. 45 S O U T H J E F F E RS O N ST R E E T N A S H V I L L E , I N 4 74 4 8 / 8 1 2 - 9 8 8 - 6 8 8 8


EST 1927

Brown County’s Most Historic Restaurant Serving our famous fried biscuits and apple butter, fried chicken and other traditional favorites all made in our own kitchen from scratch. Come check out our Old Country Store, beautiful new patio, expanded menu and HOHENBERGER BAR 15 South Van Buren Street 812-988-4554 www.nashvillehousebc.com

22 Our Brown County Jan./Feb. 2022



812.988.1286 • Spearspottery.com • facebook.com/Spears-Gallery


GIFTS Established 1981

Glass Baron Hand-blown Glass Jim Shore Collectibles • Lori Mitchell Figurines Inner Beauty Ornaments • Painted Ponies

Lang Graphics Calendars & Paper Goods Billy Jacobs Prints Gooseberry Patch Cookbooks Blue Mountain Greeting Cards Handmade Soap & Bath Bombs Wind Chimes • Music Boxes • Children’s Books

Halloween & Christmas Gifts & Décor 125 S. Van Buren St. • Artists Colony Shops Nashville, IN • Open 363 Days • 812-988-6388

come see us in antique alley, online store: claypurl.com facebook live weekly: thursdays at 10:30 winter hours: wednesday—saturday 11-5, sunday 12-4

92 w franklin st • nashville, in • 812.988.0336

Jan./Feb. 2022 • Our Brown County 23

photo by Cindy Steele

by Joe Lee

~story by Joe Lee, with drawings from the book In March of 1944, the Mozes family, the only Jewish family in the tiny village of Portz, Romania, was trapped in the web of world history—the tragic world of Adolf Hitler and his Nazis driven by a psychotic vision of ridding Europe of the Untermensch, the “undermen” who were not, according to their ideology, human and needed to be enslaved or exterminated: the Jews, the Roma (Gypsies), the Slavs, homosexuals, the disabled, political dissidents, and anyone else who did not conform to the insanity of the Nazi’s vision of the “pure” Aryan race.

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The Story of Eva Kor Survivor of the Auschwitz Twin Experiments

The Mozes family, Eva and her identical twin sister Miriam, father, mother, and two elder sisters were taken in a horse cart to a Jewish ghetto, an open field of mud with nothing but bedsheets and rags for shelter, in a neighboring Romanian city to await transport to a “concentration camp” in neighboring Hungary to work in isolation. But after being forced into cattle cars, the family and all the other innocent souls travelled the train tracks to Poland instead—to Auschwitz/Birkenau the Nazi’s largest “death camp.” Within moments, the Mozes twins became the only members of the family to be selected to continue living, as subjects for Dr. Josef Mengele’s experiments. The rest of the family along with most of the other prisoners on the train were taken to the “showers”—in reality gas chambers—for immediate extermination. It is estimated that over 1,100,000 (900,000 Jews) were killed in Auschwitz/Birkenau alone. Eva and Miriam survived by incredible luck, determination, and strength, but surviving and eventually immigrating to the newly formed country of Israel, and in Eva’s case, Terre Haute, Indiana. A marriage, children, and successful Continued on 28

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FORGIVENESS continued from 25

Forgiveness.indd 39

28 Our Brown County Jan./Feb. 2022

business career didn’t heal the terrible loss of family, community, and trauma of the Holocaust that killed six and a half million Jews, and over the course of World War II took the lives of 72,000,000 people with an estimated 47,000,000 of those lives being noncombatants. How can anyone heal after such personal tragedy and incredible global catastrophe? 39 Eva found a way and it inspires the world: Forgiveness. Forgiveness not as an exoneration of the terrible crimes committed, but as a way to heal the victim’s own soul. To lay down the burden of anger, guilt, 6/17/21 and revenge and move forward into life, the happy life every victim of tragedy deserves. Eva formed the CANDLES (Children of Auschwitz Nazi Deadly Lab Experiments Survivors) organization with her twin, Miriam in 1984 and opened the CANDLES Holocaust Museum and Education Center in Terre Haute in 1995. Several years later she began leading groups to Auschwitz/ Birkenau to hear her story and the history of the camp.


I draw pictures, as I have done with Our Brown County since its first issue in 1995, and I love using them to tell a story. It is something I have done in one form or another since I was six or seven years old. I believed that Eva’s story, which she had told in lectures, interviews, documentaries, and the written word, begged for a graphic depiction. With the aid of a grant from the Indiana Arts Commission I joined the CANDLES pilgrimage to Auschwitz/Birkenau in July of 2019. This, unfortunately, was Eva’s final pilgrimage to the place of her terrible suffering and loss. Sitting with Eva on the selection platform and between the ruins of the two main gas chamber/ crematoriums at Birkenau on the final complete day of her life was a profound experience. Hearing her recount the experiences of her life— experiences she had told and retold—in this place of genocide and her own personal horror was both deeply emotional and transcendent. Eva read letters of forgiveness she had written several years before to her parents—her father for being especially hard on his cantankerous

daughter and her mother for not leaving Europe when they had the opportunity to go. As she read, the group gathered around began to cry and Eva stopped reading and focused on the tears and sobs of her pilgrims. ”Why are you crying?” she asked. “This is a happy story. I survived. I beat Hitler. I beat Mengele. I beat the Nazis. I beat the Communists. And I am here to tell my story.” Eva wanted all of us to tell her story, the story of the Holocaust, so we would never forget and always work to keep this grim history from repeating. My graphic biography, Forgiveness: the Story of Eva Kor, Survivor of the Auschwitz Twin Experiments, was published by Red Lightning Books in October of 2021. This is my way of telling her story. The book is available at Morgenstern Books, 849 South Auto Mall Road in Bloomington, and can be ordered through other local bookstores. It is also available online from Amazon and all the other internet bookstores. 25% of the book’s proceeds is donated to CANDLES. 

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Michele Wedel


~by Boris Ladwig

rown County resident Michele Wedel has loved music and photography since high school, when she used her father’s Nikon film camera to shoot rock stars, including Aerosmith and Ted Nugent. At the time she dreamed of traveling the world on assignments for Rolling Stone magazine, but a 20-year career in corporate America required her to put those passions aside. However, since she moved to Brown County in 2014, she has found ways to reconnect with them, in part as photographer for the Brown County Music Center, where she has shot concerts of acts including Vince Gill, Halestorm, and Kevin Costner. Wedel had obtained a master’s in adult education and began her career in a student loan company, initially reviewing claims and eventually serving as an officer for the company. She oversaw 18 people in sales and

30 Our Brown County Jan./Feb. 2022

marketing and developed classes to teach students, parents, and teachers about financial literacy, including only borrowing as much as needed. She used that knowledge to start a Brownsburg-based consulting business through which she helped nonprofits such as Sheltering Wings on staff development, corporations such as Shiel Sexton on how to work with remote staff, and the U.S. Customs and Border Patrol on how to handle on-boarding and succession planning. She still teaches classes on financial literacy at Indiana University’s Kelley School of Business. About a decade ago, when her mother fell ill, Wedel scaled back her consulting work. Her husband, Dale, who works from home as a software engineer for an Indianapolis consulting firm, suggested she pivot to becoming a photographer. Wedel went back to school, got an associate degree at Ivy Tech and launched her photography business. When the couple moved to Brown County in 2014, she did consulting part-time and photography part-time, generating revenue primarily through high school senior photos and product shots for businesses.

To make connections in the Brown County community—to find out who’s who—she volunteered and used her business acumen on the arts commission for strategic planning. She got to know people at the Brown County Music Center and volunteered to photograph some shows. Her work impressed, and she was hired as house photographer in January 2020. She said she wanted to get to know the community and figure out her place. “I don’t try to fix a problem,” she said. “I try to find a solution or fulfill a need.” How long she gets to shoot during shows at the Music Center usually is determined by the artist. Often, she gets the first three songs to shoot up close, but some artists don’t allow even that. The work can require research. For the Halestorm show, for example, Wedel watched recent concert footage and learned that during the second song, singer Lzzy Hale, stands close to the guitarist. Wedel made sure to capture the moment.

She said she enjoys combining her artistic talents and technical knowledge of photography to capture people during a performance and then share those photos to elicit viewer comments such as, “I remember when they did that song.” “It’s really rewarding,” Wedel said. She now is a full-time photographer thanks to the work at the Music Center; senior, engagement, and product photos; and gallery nature/landscape shots. She primarily shoots with two Nikons, a D800 and a D750, mostly using 24-70 and 70-200 mm lenses. She also enjoys astrophotography. One of her favorite photos shows the Milky Way and a seemingly endless number of stars in the top 75% of the photo, but at the bottom, a group of people is illuminated. Wedel explained that she hit the shutter on the camera and left it open for about 20 seconds, during which she crept up close to the group and used a flashlight to “paint them with light” so that they could be seen in the photo as Continued on 32

Brown County Music Center Jan. 22 The Mavericks Feb. 2 Emmylou Harris Feb. 5 Wynonna Judd with the Big Noise Mar. 5 Chris Janson with Ray Fulcher & Shane Profitt Mar. 12 The British Invasion Mar. 13 Little Feat Mar. 18 Tower of Power

Mar. 19 Bobby Weir & Wolf Bros Featuring The Wolfpack Mar. 27 Graham Nash Apr. 21 Classic Albums Live Performs Led Zeppelin II Apr. 25 Willie Nelson & Family May 20 Gordon Lightfoot May 21 “Weird Al” Yankovic

For additional shows and tickets visit: www.BrownCountyMusicCenter.com Health check required for all shows Jan./Feb. 2022 • Our Brown County 31

WEDEL continued from 31 well. Without that move, the people would have been indistinguishable from the dark landscape. Wedel said she and her husband are both kind of nerdy—but then she corrected herself and said that he was nerdy, but she was “nerd-adjacent,” a phrase she heard from astrophysicist Phil Plait, who leads the couple on star-gazing excursions. Despite all her work and hobbies, Wedel finds other ways to give back. She recently helped a group of veterans process donations for families from Afghanistan who are relocating to the U.S. Wedel said she had always supported the military, in part because her father served in the U.S. Navy. She also wanted to engage in some positive work to help counteract all the negativity, arguing, and people politicizing things that has been going on since the pandemic. She helped Team Rubicon, a nonprofit founded by a group of former military veterans who use their skills to aid people after disasters. Wedel worked in a warehouse, processed donations of items such as soap, shampoo, and baby formula, or helped sweep and mop—whatever needed to be done to keep processing donations.

32 Our Brown County Jan./Feb. 2022

Nancy Crocker, a Nashville Town Council member, said Wedel brings positivity and professionalism to everything she does. “I’m pretty sure I have never seen her without a smile on her face,” Crocker said. “She has a willingness to contribute to her community and freely gives of her time…but she knows her boundaries and does not agree to do more than she is able,” she said. Crocker also marveled at Wedel’s photography skills. “She has taken many pictures of me and all of them are better than anyone else has ever taken. No idea how she does that,” she said. Wedel shot photos for the music center for eight months before the pandemic hit. She and her husband were fortunate because they could work from home and spend time in beautiful Brown County, but she missed photographing concerts and seeing the community come together. She has enjoyed the return of live shows at the Brown County Music Center. She shot photos in October at the Melissa Etheridge concert, one of the first after restrictions were eased. “It was such a cathartic experience,” Wedel said. “Everybody [came] there just for good music.” Her Facebook page is Michele Wedel Photography. 

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photos by Michele Wedel


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James Whitcomb Riley Special Tour at T.C. Steele State Historic Site Jan. 8, 11:15-noon Learn about the longstanding friendship between T.C. Steele and James Whitcomb Riley. This guided tour will include the House of the Singing Winds and the Large Studio. Entry included with site admission. 4220 T.C. Steele Road in Belmont 812-988-2785 tcsteeleshs@indianamuseum.org

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Patricia Rhoden Bartels

”Oftentimes, working with the kids stimulated me to think about things and go off in a different direction.” photo by Bob Gustin


~by Bob Gustin

atricia Rhoden Bartels has painted with aboriginals in Australia, explained American culture to teenagers in Russia, and taught art in a Yupik village in Alaska. Her art-related travels also took her to India, China, Japan, Europe, Mexico, Turkey, Peru, and many other nations. But perhaps her favorite scenes to paint are found on the driveway to her house atop a hill in southern Brown County, or even those she sees gazing out of her living room windows. Her 30 years here “seems like an instant,” she said, and there’s nowhere she’d rather live. Some of those 30 years were spent teaching art at Brown County Junior High. And it’s in Brown County that she

38 Our Brown County Jan./Feb. 2022

connected with artist Fred Rigley and became a painting companion to him, which prompted renewed interest in pursuing her own work. Their plein air excursions continued until his death. Known for her impasto style of painting, characterized by thick strokes of paint (like Vincent Van Gogh used), she does florals which include silver and gold leaf paint, and landscapes in the Impressionist style reminiscent of the founders of the Brown County Art Colony.

Art has always been her passion. Though her mother died when she was an infant, one of the family stories told was how her father first saw her mother while she was doing charcoal drawings in the window of an art store. She doesn’t know whether she loved that story so much that it planted the seed for her art career, or whether she was genetically predisposed for art in general, or both. But she remembers as a child drawing on the pages of a phone book so heavily that it became unusable. She has a bachelor of art education from the University of Toledo, and two master’s degrees (arts and fine arts) from Bowling Green State University, as well as studying at Portland State University, Kent State University, the University of Hawaii, and Penland School of Craft in North Carolina. She taught art in public schools from 1973 to 2013, and has been a professional painter since 1973. Her work is in the permanent museum collections of the Kelley School of Business at Indiana University, the Civil Rights Museum in Birmingham, Alabama, the Indiana State Museum,

Fort Wayne Museum of Art, Eli Lilly Collections, and the Evansville Museum of Arts, History and Science. Recently three of her paintings were turned into huge mosaics on the walls of the IU Health hospital in Bloomington. And her list of honors includes awards from the Hoosier Salon, Midwest National Abstract Painting, Indianapolis Museum of Art, Heartland Art show, Indiana Heritage Arts, and many others. But teaching, both in Ohio and in Brown County, has been important. “Oftentimes, working with the kids stimulated me to think about things and go off in a different direction” with her own artwork, she said. Patricia and her husband Gary Bartels own the recreational business Explore Brown County, have two children, Lance, a pilot with United Parcel Service, and Christopher, a dentist who owns Tipton Lakes Family Dentist in Columbus. Patricia and Gary moved to Brown County in 1984 and began building log cabins on land originally owned by her father. “I knew when I was very young that I didn’t belong in the city,” she said. Continued on 42

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Accommodates 8 Guests, 3 Bedrooms & 2 1/2 Baths Cable TV, DVD Player, Fully Equipped Kitchen Central Heat & Air, Electric Fireplace Secluded Hot Tub, Gas Grill

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Across from the entrance to the BROWN COUNTY MUSIC CENTER located inside

Hotel & Event Center

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Fred Rigley with Patricia in 2004. George Bredewater photo

BARTELS continued from 39 Patricia also has a degree in biology. Her father was a pathologist. She worked as a lab tech for a hospital in Ohio before beginning her teaching career, and says her background in science helps with her painting. She remains in touch with many of the students she taught through the years She paused her painting career for a few years while her sons were young, but got back into it with a nudge from

friend and fellow artist Terri Schultz, who suggested she get to know local landscape artist Fred Rigley. Rigley (1914-2009) was considered one of the last surviving artists who painted with some of the founders of the Brown County Art Colony. Rigley agreed to take her under his wing. It became a 17-year companionship for the two artists. “We had a wonderful relationship,” she said. “He became like a father to me.” She considers the floral paintings she is known for as abstracts, with the focus of the paintings being color and shape and moving the eye around the surface of the painting, not necessarily a realistic representation of the flowers. The landscapes she paints are often more literal, she said. But whatever she is painting, she said art is a stabilizing factor and became even more important as the coronavirus kept her home in recent years. “It keeps me off the shrink’s couch,” she said. “I mentally couldn’t handle what goes on every day without art.” More information can be found on her website <www.rhodenart.com>. 

41 S. Van Buren St. Nashville, IN (in the Heritage Mall) 812.200.1077 HeritageCandyStore@gmail.com

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11 flavors of BEEF 3 flavors of TURKEY 3 flavors of BEEF BRISKET 4 flavors of BEEF STICKS 2 flavors of PORK 2 flavors of BACON Also: Elk, Boar, Buffalo, Venison, Gator, Rabbit, Salmon, Kangaroo, Turtle, Ostrich, Trout, Camel, Python, Ahi

Jerky Seasonings & Dips • Peanuts

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HABERDASHERY From fedoras and stingy brims to ivy caps and hiking hats —we’ve got you covered

onka and Acorn Also comfort footwear from Minnetonka including slippers for the entire family 49 S. Van Buren St. in Nashville • 812-988-6535 Find us on Facebook • OPEN DAILY 11–5

Women’s boutique, kids and teen clothing, men’s clothing, and household items Selling gently used items to benefit Brown County. Accepting clothing and household item donations.

Look for the sign


Tuesdays and Thursdays 9:00 to 5:00 Fridays 9:00 to 2:00

Like us on Facebook at Brown County Community Closet, New

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Complete line of: • Wood Stoves and Inserts • Gas Stoves and Inserts • Fireplaces Your first step to Energy INDEPENDENT LIVING 812-336-2053 1-800-344-3967

1210 W. 2nd St. Bloomington BloomingtonFireplaces.com

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New Nashville Bar Crawl by The Sampler


here are a few new watering holes in town, so I decided it was time for yet another epic Sampler adventure, the New Nashville Bar Crawl. Not the same crawl through my usual local drinking haunts—the Corn Crib Lounge at the Brown County Inn, the Hickory Sports Bar at Out of the Ordinary, the tasting room at the Country Heritage Winery down at Coachlight Square, and the 19th Hole out at the golf course. The New Nashville Bar crawl would begin at the Ferguson House, and end up at the Seasons Hotel’s new lounge, The Rafters, with many delightful stops in between. The Ferguson House’s Pioneer Room is a cozy little pocket bar with a couple of tables and a sweet little six-stool bar. The walls are lined with fine large prints from the Frank Hohenberger collection, so patrons can play the game of identifying the old time Brown County characters. The Hohenberger Bar at he Nashville House.

The Henhouse Bar at The Bird’s Nest.

44 Our Brown County Jan./Feb. 2022

There’s Allie Ferguson herself, along with Alex Mullis, sheriff Sam Parks, game warden Oliver Neal, and several scenes of backwoods moonshine stills collected up by the sheriff and revenue agents. “Here’s to ’em!” I settled into my preferred spot on the end stool and studied the bottles gathered around the row of beer taps along the back wall, a somehow deeply satisfying tableau that tends to lead one into a meditative state.

Hard Truth Hills Distillery.

The Pioneer Room at The Ferguson House.

There’s something gratifying about bellying up to the public bar and having a few pints in the company of strangers and passing acquaintances. I ordered a glass of beer, and Mrs. Sampler opted for a nice chardonnay, deftly served with a winning smile by our charming bartendress, Lorraine. In fine weather, the Ferguson House features a beer garden out back, at the mouth of “Antique Alley,” with a full bar and live entertainment.

As with most things in life, the perfect Nashville bar crawl is a matter of timing; of being at the right place at the right time. It’s a matter of knowing when to move on to the next thing. The Pioneer closes at four o’clock, perhaps a haven for day-drinkers and senior citizens, but, happily, right around the corner, we discovered the delightful Henhouse, which is an offshoot of The Bird’s Nest restaurant. Upon entering the Henhouse, I couldn’t help notice that everyone there except for me was female. For a moment, I feared I had wandered across some kind of unknown gender line, that perhaps “Henhouse” was some kind of cultural code I had not properly interpreted. But then some regular guys came in with their wives (dragged in by their wives, most likely) so I felt better. The back bar at the henhouse displays “Sugarland Shine” in a mason jar, “Clyde Mays Straight Rye Whiskey,” “Songbird Coffee Liqueur,” and “Howler Head Kentucky Banana Bourbon Whiskey.” I ordered something called a “Hermes pain killer” with tikki rum. The wife had some iteration of a white Russian named a “Caucasian” in honor of “The Dude” from The Big Lebowski. By early evening, it is time to get some fresh air by taking a little stroll up Van Buren Street to the oldest dining establishment in the county, The Nashville House, and their new addition, “The Hohenberger Bar.” Continued on 46

Jan./Feb. 2022 • Our Brown County 45

Rafters at The Seasons Hotel.

NEW BAR CRAWL continued from 45 Like the Pioneer, which has the same owners, The Hohenberger’s walls feature prints from the famous photographer’s collection, leading to another game of “Guess Who?” There’s Wash Barnes, Josh Bond, and old Valentine Penrose. Our charming and efficient bartender, Sierra, crafted a stiff Old Fashioned for Mrs. Sampler and poured me a Bells dark beer called, humiliatingly for a grown man, “Teddy Bear Kisses.” The atmosphere is cordial. A couple of shoppers come in for a break in the very comfortable spot. At what point does simple bar hopping turn in to an out-and-out bar crawl? You’ll know. Just make sure you have a designated driver. Fortunately, I had arranged for my sober brother to transport us to our next stop, The Rafters at Seasons Hotel. The Season’s bar has been completely transformed into a modern, open and inviting space with a comfortable lounge surrounding a large, three-sided polished granite bar. Stone, wood and metal combined with all new windows and doors create a sleek, plush atmosphere. The original rustic feel of the Seasons has been retained in the original columns of Brown County stone and the old wooden beams (hence the name). I ordered a “Caribbean mule” from the new menu and Mrs. Sampler had a glass of white wine. We chatted with some nice folks who had just moved here from Illinois. Relaxing and enjoyable. As a nightcap, I felt that a little snort of good whiskey might be in order, so I finished my crawl up on Hard Truth Hill, where they make and age all the bourbon they sell right on the property. One aspect of drinking out in public is just being around people; in a loud, happy room, with several strangers on a cozy stool, staring

46 Our Brown County Jan./Feb. 2022

at the man in the mirror through a forest of bottles. For those who crave the togetherness and energy of a big crowd, the bar at Hard Truth is the place to be. It is always crowded so, as one online review at their website observed, “Be prepared to wait.” The industrial-looking 25-stool bar and the huge warehouse-sized dining room have been packed out every time I have been there. In its first year of operation, this place attracted a quarter of a million people. The drinks menu features their own Quaff ON! brews including “Six Foot Blonde”, “Busted Knuckle Porter,” “Aquaffalypse,” “Quafftoberfest,” and Hard Truth spirits like the popular Cinnamon Vodka and Toasted Coconut Rum. Judging by the crowds, they must be on to something up there. They are nurturing a community, a culture based in conviviality, accessibility, and a sense of belonging. It is destination drinking, an adult theme park where the theme is drinking. I sampled the Sipes’ Straight Bourbon Whiskey, named for Henry A. Sipes, purportedly Brown County’s first known distiller. Let us pause to reconsider the simple joy of that American institution, the humble bar. While sitting home alone, sober, it may not seem that appealing, but after you get out there, find your spot, have a few welcoming libations among the populous at large, it seems right and good, and even fun. You may even find yourself profoundly satisfied. 

Fashion Apparel •Jewelry and Purses 59 East Main Street, Suite B • Nashville, IN • 812-988-8707


Gift & Home • Gifts and Home Decor • Memoriam Gifts • Swan Creek Candles • Kitchen Accessories • Baby Gifts • Holiday Decor • Garden Decor 59 East Main Street, Suite A • Nashville, IN • 812-988-7388 Jan./Feb. 2022 • Our Brown County 47

Established in 2005 — Always a trendsetter

You will find traffic stopping items at 58 South!

Today’s fashion


A family-friendly pizza place PIZZA • SALADS • CALZONES

wearable every day or for special occasions Our accessories, hats, and comfort shoes complete the outfit or add new fresh looks to your wardrobe. Fit and affordability for missy and younger-thinking shoppers.

58 South Apparel 58 S. Van Buren St. • Nashville, IN

Located in downtown Nashville next to the Brown County Playhouse 812-988-8440 • fiftyeightsouth@gmail.com

140 W. Main Street • (812) 988-8800 In the heart of Nashville by the Village Green area at the intersection of Main and Jefferson Streets.

Dine-In or Carry-Out

Open 11am–9:00pm • Closed Mondays

We appreciate our loyal customers!

Our market fresh product selections are the result of your requests.

Flags, Yard, & Porch Decor Woodstock Chimes • Spinfinity .. Tervis Tumbler • BruMate Swan Creek • Dixie Belle Paint Willow Tree • Sharon Nolan Melissa & Doug • Ty Plush Jeeps T’s • Simply Southern Bobble Heads • Boglins!

Located in the heart of downtown Nashville next to Out of The Ordinary and across from the Brown County Playhouse

Did we mention all the hats, scarves, and fashion jewelry?

Rhonda Kay’s 69 S. Van Buren St. • Nashville, IN 812-988-2050 • rhondakays@msn.com

48 Our Brown County Jan./Feb. 2022

Brown County Michael Rebman Certified Therapist

Open Daily at 11 a.m.

Open Year-Round for Lunch & Dinner

Fresh made to order starters, salads, sandwiches and house specialties

Brown County’s only “Husband Day Care”

Guinness on tap • Full bar • Specialty drinks • Bloody Mary • Islander • Margarita

Full menu available in Bar • Large TV Chair Massage: $25 • Table Massage: $75

104 S. Jefferson St. • Nashville, IN 47448 browncomassage.com


Out of the Ordinary Restaurant & Hickory Sports Bar

61 South Van Buren St. • Nashville, IN Across the street from the Brown County Playhouse

(812) 200-1999 •


Your Headquarters for the Great Outdoors CAMPING SUPPLIES: Tents, Camping Lights, Sleeping Bags, Grills, Fire Starters, Coleman Heaters & Lanterns, Cooking Utensils • Fishing Tackle • Horse Tack • RV Replacement Parts • Bee Keeping Supplies • Maple Syrup Supplies • Pet & Livestock Food • Antiques We Fill Propane Tanks

WE SELL & DELIVER BULK MULCH & TOPSOIL Salt Creek Plaza • Nashville (812) 988-8888 • www.BearHardware.com Mon.–Sat. 7:30am–7:00pm • Sun. 10:00am–4:00pm

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Stant & Moore Lou Stant, Marina Stant, and Curt Moore at Story Inn. courtesy photo


~by Ryan Stacy

hen the pandemic hit in March of 2020, Lou Stant wasn’t sure what to do next. His band, the Mizfits, had fizzled (founding members Mel Chance and Steve Mara would eventually die of COVID), and since recording his latest solo album Pilgrimage a couple of years earlier, he hadn’t written much new material of his own. Not that it would have mattered much: thanks to the statewide lockdown that soon followed, there was no place to play, and nobody to play for. In that downtime, however, Lou watched Ken Burns’ Country Music documentary and, inspired, began writing new songs in the vein of some of country’s biggest names: Waylon Jennings, Kris Kristofferson, Willie Nelson, Johnny Cash. Which, as it happened, was about the same thing Curtis Moore, the Mizfits’ bassist, had been doing too. “We hadn’t talked in a while,” says Lou, “and one day just out of the blue, Curt and I were on the phone, and we found out that we had both been writing country songs.” Soon the two were getting together, both on acoustic guitars, sharing ideas and working on new material. Their voices and their playing were a good match, they discovered, with Curt singing the low parts and taking the lead parts on guitar, and Lou playing

50 Our Brown County Jan./Feb. 2022

rhythm and adding tenor vocals. As for the sound, “It’s country, with rockabilly, and kind of folksy,” Curt explains. Lyrically, he says, “It’s based upon working men and women, the people we’ve encountered. My experience is as a factory worker, and Lou’s is in mental health services.” Calling themselves Stant & Moore, Lou and Curt began to play live at places that had opened back up, like the Bird’s Nest and the Story Inn, with Lou’s daughter Marina joining them on the fiddle. The

Curt and Lou during a practice session in Nashville. photo by Cindy Steele

response has been good over the past year and a half, which they chalk up to their on-stage presence and their songwriting. “There’s a lot of fun and humor in our music,” Lou says. “People can expect to be entertained.” Curt agrees, saying, “The whole purpose is to make people feel good when they sit and listen to us.” Stant & Moore have also been busy recording Workaday World, a fifteen-song album due out in early 2022. It’s the kind of music that takes the listener straight to Nashville’s coffee shops, cafes, and watering holes: no-frills Midwestern countryfolk that balances heartfelt slow songs (“Outside Lookin’ In,” “15 Years”) and funny upbeat numbers (“100,000 Ladybugs,” “I’m Gone”), with plenty of nice three-part harmonies and fiddle playing in the mix. There’s only so much ground you can cover within the time constraints of a song, though. So over the years, Lou’s expanded his imaginative observations into book-length storytelling: he’s selfpublished three novels so far, and has “six or seven” more manuscripts he hopes to put out eventually. Although it’s highly imaginative—even surreal, at

times—much of what’s beneath the strange characters and situations in Lou’s fiction are drawn from his own life and work, he says. His Of Moose and Men, for example, features a protagonist who, like Lou did, leaves the city for life in the country. The stories told to him by patients in state psychiatric hospitals inspired parts of another of his books, The Madcap Chronicle of Elton Brunicol. As for Lou’s latest novel, An Extended Morphine Holiday, which follows a man who, upon awakening from surgery, finds himself on an adventure in the American Old West with Vladimir Putin—I’ll admit I’m struggling to make the connection. Lou says living in Brown County has played a big role in his music as well as his fiction writing. “In order for me to write effectively, there has to be a certain clarity borne out of peacefulness,” he relates. “There’s something about going on my back deck and looking out on the woods, watching the wildlife, that’s just really conducive to the quiet calm that I need to write.” More about Lou Stant, his music, and his writing can be found at <www.loustant.com>, <www.facebook. com/StantandMoore>, and at <www.amazon.com>. 

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“A Lil’ Taste of Heaven”

Serving Breakfast and Lunch

4 bedroom 3.5 bathrooms Wood burning fireplace Large kitchen Foosball table • Pool table Basement bar • Hot tub Porch swing • Playground Pet friendly • Wifi

The Ridge

Featuring Fabulous:

Biscuit Sandwiches Homemade Biscuits and Sausage Gravy Cinnamon and Pecan Rolls Full Breakfast Menu Including:

Omelettes and Pancakes Bottomless Coffee and Ice Tea

165 N. Van Buren St. • Nashville, IN • 812-720-3440 CHECK OUR FACEBOOK PAGE FOR HOURS

Find us on Facebook at Heavenly Biscuit Inc. Delivery within a mile radius when available Pet-friendly patio

Fresh In-Store Donuts

* Log Cabins * Game Rooms * Pet Friendly * Hot Tubs * Private Pools * Lake Fronts

Call, Book Online, or Stop in! 812.988.6554 • 30 Washington St. • Nashville, IN Like and Follow Us! MoonDanceVacationHomes.com

“Where Quality is Affordable” www.blitzbuilders.com 800-628-1324

Family owned for over 30 years! WE DO IT ALL!

Broasted Chicken 812-988-1822

Nashville BP State Roads 46 & 135 270 S. Van Buren St. in Nashville

52 Our Brown County Jan./Feb. 2022

Custom Horse Barns • Garages • Homes • Workshops Commercial Buildings • Metal Roofing Discount Code: Quality

Your Post Frame Specialists


Morgantown 10 miles north of Nashville on scenic State Road 135

ANTIQUES CO-OP 129 W. Washington St. • Morgantown, IN 46160 (In the old hardware store building)

Country Primitives Advertising Antique Garden Old Paint Early Smalls Open 6 Days (Closed Mon.)

Furniture, Art Architectural Elements Pottery The Odd and Unusual and A General Line Like us on Facebook

(812) 597-4530

Layaway Available

Grandpa Jeff’s Trail Rides

ART Beyond Crayons Creativity beyond the classroom Pick your • Art Lessons for All Ages Palette: • Group Painting Parties

• Birthday Paint Parties • Home Schooled Instruction

Judy D. Wells • owner, K–12 Licensed Educator • judydenisewells@gmail.com 59 S. Marion St. • Morgantown, IN • (317) 403-7147 Flexible hours including weekends and evenings

Relax on a journey with Grandpa Jeff. Take in the scenery and wildlife. No two rides will ever be the same —sunny summer days, fall colors, winter snowfalls, spring blossoms.

Trail Rides, Pony Rides, Hay Rides, & Custom Excursions Grandpa Jeff trained our horses to take exceptional care of your family and friends of all ages.

Reservations by phone or thru website AT LEAST TWO HOUR NOTICE call or text (812) 272-0702 5889 S. Skinner Rd. Morgantown, IN

www.GrandpaJeffsTrailRides.com • info@GrandpaJeffsTrailRides.com

Jan./Feb. 2022 • Our Brown County 53

A Brown County

Winter’s Tale ~by Mark Blackwell


omewhere on a ridge, in the woods, on a January day, 100 years ago: Brang-dang-dang-dang! There goes the old Big Ben. Must be 5:00 already. I never will understand how morning comes around a good two hours before the sun gets up. I wish there was a way to save some daylight for mornings like this. Well, I best crawl out from under these comforters and fire up the stove. Dang, it is cold this morning. Jack Frost has painted frost-ferns on the windows and I can see my breath. On the good side, that means I ain’t froze to death yet. I am glad to see that the stove held some coals from last night. I just have to shovel some ashes out, throw in some kindling and a couple of splits of firewood. Speaking of firewood, I hope there’s still some stove wood left from yesterday for the cook stove. Nope, there ain’t. So, now it’s back to the bedroom for my boots and overalls. And while I’m heading out to split wood for the cook stove, I may as well take the thunder mug out to empty it in the privy. I slip my jacket on and head out into the snow.

54 Our Brown County Jan./Feb. 2022

It’s about 30 yards to the privy but it always seems farther the deeper the snow and the colder the day. Personal business taken care of, it’s time to make little sticks out of big ones. Alrighty, I’m back in the cabin with an arm-load of hickory. Time to fire up the old Kitchen Queen so Ma can bake some biscuits to go with my ham and eggs. Come to think of it, I better check the pantry to see if we have any eggs. The hens ain’t layin’ the way they was just a few weeks ago. But I don’t blame ’em. With weather like this I wouldn’t want to lay an egg either. While the stove’s warming up, I’ll go check for eggs. The chicken coop is built on the side of the cow shed

so as to save lumber and shave a few steps off taking care of the live stock. I am glad we have a milk cow and a mule for plowing and transportation. After I look for eggs, I’ll throw them some hay. Well, Hell! There’s tracks and feathers and blood all over the chicken yard. Looks to be two dead hens and four broken eggs. It could be anything; raccoons, weasels, fox but judging from the tracks I’ll be fox hunting this afternoon. Back at the cabin, I report on the hen house massacre and sit down to a hot cup of coffee in the comfortably warming kitchen. Ma made some soda biscuits which I et with sorghum syrup and a slice of ham. It was a good breakfast but I still missed eggs. I lite a couple of oil lamps and tended to the parlor stove (which is kinda funny since we don’t have a parlor). Then I take my shotgun down from over the back door. It is a 12 gauge, Black Prince, that I won in a poker game a few years back. I slide the locking lever over to break down the barrel to check for any fouling. The barrel looks clean. It’s a single shot which means the shooter has to be a pretty good shot because a second chance takes breaking down the barrel, removing the spent shell, shoving in a fresh load, snapping back the barrel, then getting the stock back on your shoulder and aiming. By the time a hunter gets all that done your game has already scampered away. But on the bright side, a single-shot gun keeps you from gettin’ profligate with your ammunition. Well, I’m warm again, I’ve got a full belly, a clean 12 gauge and no excuses. So, I wrap a couple of biscuits up in an old napkin, tie a scarf around my ears, hitch up my collar, and set off on a path of retribution for the varmint that ruint my mornin’. I don’t have a good notion of what time it stopped snowing but Brother Fox done his dirty work after it quit. And that makes him

easier to track. I can see that he took off from the henhouse and headed down the ridge to the creek. And that reminds me that I forgot to fetch water. We have a cistern and pitcher pump to water the animals but for drinking and cookin’ water I have to get that from the spring about half way down the other side of the ridge. So, it’s back to the cabin, again to fetch a couple of pails. I hate havin’ to go over to the spring. It’s steeper on the west side of the ridge so the snow will be deeper. It seems like the day is conspirin’ against me goin’ after that fox but we can’t get along without water. Well, I was right but it brings me no pleasure to be so. The snow is deeper and I can’t make out my regular path down to the spring. I don’t get half way down the slope before I trip on a hidden root. This pitches me headlong down hill, tumblin’ faster and faster. I finally get stopped but its through the agency of hundred plus year old oak tree. I didn’t get the water. I didn’t get to eat my extra biscuits. I didn’t get to shoot the fox and the sun still ain’t up. But on the good side, I don’t think I broke anything except my pride. Life could be tough on a cold winter’s day, a hundred years ago in Brown County. But that’s no reason not to come on down to check on how things are today. They are good and gettin’ better. 

4413 State Road 46 East Nashville, Indiana (Gnaw Bone) Next to House of Thunder

(812) 988-4054

More than 25 years experience Nashville’s Only Licensed Tattoo Studio

Jan./Feb. 2022 • Our Brown County 55

Dueling pianos? Yes, please!


The Jeff & Rhiannon Dueling Pianos Show is the event you do not want to miss! This is an all-request, interactive musical experience like no other. Get ready to request your favorite songs in real time! TICKETS ON SALE NOW!

FEBRUARY 5 at 7:30pm

Rainwater Studios Winter Showcase JANUARY 29 at 7:30pm

Love Letters – Theatrical Production FEBRUARY 4 at 7:30pm

Dueling Pianos with Jeff & Rhiannon Indianapolis Jazz Orchestra: Valentine’s Day Deluxe FEBRUARY 12 at 7:30pm

Arsenic and Old Lace – Live Retro Radio FEBRUARY 18 & 19 at 7:30pm FEBRUARY 20 at 2:00pm

Trial By Jury An IU Gilbert and Sullivan Society Production

FEBRUARY 25 & 26 at 7:30pm

Heywood Banks MARCH 4 at 7:30pm

812.988.6555 | BrownCountyPlayhouse.org Showtimes, tickets & schedule online

There for You in Times of Celebration and Healing • Professional Scrapbooking • Memorial Gifts • Sublimation Projects • Custom Projects/Services

"We can craft it for you or help you do it."

Owner Melana Rambo

• Shadowboxes • Paper Displays • Scrapbooks • Scrapbook Supplies • Pet and Military Packages

BACK ROOM AREA WITH TABLES AND CHAIRS Classes / Game Nights / Guest Artists / Craft Projects Available for private rental Tuesdays and after shop hours for up to 12 people. Great for parties, meetings, craft projects, and game nights. 173 S. Van Buren St. ~ Possum Trot Square ~ Behind Nashville Fudge Kitchen and across from Old School Way restrooms Shop 812-988-6923 • Cell 636-303-7012 • mrambo@healingheartsmemorymaking.org • Facebook HHMM.Rambo

56 Our Brown County Jan./Feb. 2022


Hometown Proud Local Grocery Store Serving Beautiful Brown County Since 1975! • Certified Angus Beef • Large Beer and Wine Sections • Organic Grocery • Dairy • Picnic Supplies • Produce • Full Service Bakery/Deli • Frozen • Custom Cake Decorating • Wine • Custom Deli Trays, Veggie Trays

text NA SHV


Ever-Growing Selection of Gluten-Free Products





30 Hawthorne Dr. • Nashville • East SR 46 at light • 812-988-4546

Indiana’s Oldest Toy Store

Play for All Ages • 10,000+ items in the store All the best in games, puzzles, dolls, crafts, science kits, and more.

125 S. Van Buren St • Nashville, IN (in the Artists Colony Shops Complex) (812) 988-2817 • www.BrownCountyToyChest.com $5 flat rate shipping on $50+ orders

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FIELD NOTES: The Hickory Stump ~by Jim Eagleman


ou will relate to this article if at some time or another you have cut wood with a chainsaw. I am not talking about just those men who’ve done it, for I’ve seen many women handle a saw with great ease and care. My wife, Kay for example, having watched YouTube videos and observing me on many occasion buzz up a log for firewood, grabbed for the saw one day and proudly said, “I can do that!” “Woah, wait,” I said, as I gave her a pair of chaps (the orange kind that prevent injury), gloves, and my hard hat with face, head, ear, and eye protection. Then I handed her the saw. I could’ve used her help recently when I decided to tackle an old pignut hickory stump that had remained off to the side of our road for years. It was time to remove this eyesore and hazard. It wasn’t so dangerous that we could drive into it, it was just a nuisance. Kay was visiting her mother for a few weeks, and with our daily calls back and forth, I told her of my project. “Be careful”, she said.

58 Our Brown County Jan./Feb. 2022

Another reason to remove the stump came from my friend, Lanny who kept saying over the years, “Get rid of that thing, will you?” It was time. I dug out three other stumps next to a studio we recently built, so I thought I had some experience. But I wanted more options, so I looked up again on YouTube some suggestions that ranged from burning them out, to using a stump grinder, to good old fashion cutting the stump sections out with the chain saw. My good friends at Bear Hardware did rent out a grinder but the fee seemed a little high for my project and they weren’t all that impressed with its performance. I didn’t want a smoldering, smokey stump for a week or more. I’d have to dig out and remove the charred remains. So, I chose the chainsaw option. But I had forgotten how tough this pignut hickory stump was—at least 25 years old and a good 5 feet across. The wood wasn’t punky or rotten as you might think. It was incredibly dense.

It took six chains, a lot of sharpening, two tankfulls of gas, and over two days to get the job done. Digging away the dirt from the base of the stump gave me more room to maneuver the saw. You have to get the bar of the saw deeper than ground level—so digging is the first job. Then the more you dig, the better angle for the bar and more sawing. Each cut went into the dense wood slowly, the chips getting finer and finer. Chainsaw professionals want big chips to fly as they cut. It tells them the chain is as sharp as can be. Fine sawdust indicated my chain had become dull again. To help widen the cuts, I drove a wedge into the first cut with a sledgehammer, and then another one into a second cut, then another, soon burying all three. I should’ve known better than to pound them into the wood so deeply. I had to watch where my next cut would be so as not to hit the wedge. I think you can tell, it was no easy task. I thought about this pignut hickory tree while I was sawing the stump and I became anxious. Odd that I felt that way. The tree had been dead for many years and was not doing typical tree things, like taking in carbon dioxide and releasing oxygen. It had long given up its role as an air cooler in summer and a wind deflector in winter. The limbs long gone had been places for chickadees and nuthatches to perch. That didn’t make me feel any remorse. No, I

Hills O’ Brown Realty

Kathryn Richardson Debbie Fleetwood Branch Manager




thought more about me and my struggle, needing to end this difficult task, getting it out of the ground in several large chunks. I thought about my saw needing a tune-up, the six dull chains that needed sharpening, and that if I didn’t get this all done, the next days’ rain would make a sloppy mess. I was not bothered by this tree’s important role in nature since we have many trees—one less won’t make that much difference. Right? And I couldn’t even recall this particular hickory’s amount of firewood that warmed our living room, long used up now, probably when our boys were much younger. They took turns after football practice to split and stack the wood. But almost like a family member that grows up with you, you may not remember all their habits, traits, good or bad, but over time the memory drifts back. This tree did a lot of jobs, and even at the end—all the small limbs, twigs, and leaves returned to the soil. Even the stump helped create soil over the years it remained there. In the deepest roots, I noticed several cream-colored grubs that attracted a few chickadees. They jumped in and out of the hole when I left for a break. Another job for the hickory. Now at this writing, the dense, old chunks from the hickory stump, scarred and dirty, are stacked by the wood stove door. “You can call ’em all night burners,” I recall my dad saying. And that’s what they did as their last job. I felt a lot more gratitude for that old hickory. 

Annette Hardin

Kathryn & Donna Team

Bob Kirlin


812-327-7462 317-418-2320





Phil Shively Team The Scroggins Team Brokers


812-325-2290 812-322-0378


The weather may be cold but the real estate market is Buyers are looking! We need listings! Call us TODAY!

Brooke Zavela

Libby Zeigler





H OT !

812-988-2227 • 158 N. Jefferson St., Nashville, IN • callcarpenter.com

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• Individual Income and Business Taxes • Business Set Up • Business Financial Statements • Payroll Preparation and Payroll Taxes

Locally owned since 2010 138 S. Jefferson St. Suite C • P.O. Box 953 Nashville, IN 47448



60 Our Brown County • Jan./Feb. 2022

Reach thousands of readers for just $70 an issue (6 a year)

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Plum Creek Antiques Open-Air Market Bean Blossom • Fruit Jars • Garden Art • Furniture • Iron Things, • Lots of Junk and more 5 minutes north of Nashville (intersection of SR 135 & SR 45) (812) 988-6268

$2 Bag • Salt Creek Plaza • Nashville Mon.–Sat. 7:30 am–7:00 pm, Sun 10:00 am–4:00 pm

Tax Preparation, Tax Planning, Bookkeeping, and Payroll

(812) 988-2865

bruce1040@sbcglobal.net 64 W. Gould St. • P.O. Box 565 • Nashville, IN

Brown County Tire TIRE &

AUTO Repair

24 hr. Wrecker Service


27 Salt Creek Rd (Intersection SR 46) Nashville

One-of-a-kind Designs

Available at Spears Gallery in Nashville, IN South Van Buren Street next to the Nashville House 812-988-1286




Contact Cindy at ourbrown@bluemarble.net or call 812-988-8807


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(812) 988-4031 • www.precisebooksandpayroll.com


Checking eyes in Brown County for over 50 years!

50 Willow Street • Nashville, IN 812-988-4937


Jan./Feb. 2022 • Our Brown County 61 Continued on 62

Indiana Seamless Free Estimates

Gutter Cleaning and Leaf Cover Available

Matt Hunter



GUTTERING 812-344-4167

Quality Workmanship since 1992 Fully Insured

Lawrence Sanchez, MD Laser-based (non-surgical) Skin Aesthetics Hair & Tattoo Removal • Pigmented Lesions Sun Spots • Skin Tightening

Accepting new patients. Same day appointments. Pay with cash/credit card/debit card/insurance



Nashville, IN • 812-200-8265


Helmsburg Sawmill Inc. LOGGING - LUMBER


We Can Do It All!

Complete Landscaping/ Design Services

www.blueelkfamilyclinic.com • Check us out on Facebook


• Mulching - Seeding NEED HELP? • Weeding - Pruning • Tree / Shrub Planting • Fences - Walkways • Retaining Walls • Mowing / Trimming (812) 988-7232 • Flower / Herb Beds

Pool Enterprises, Inc.

Logging to Lumber


~ Custom Log Home Lumber Packages ~ Posts ~ Beams ~ Rafters ~ Barn Siding ~ Board & Batten ~ Firewood ~ Mulch ~ Sawdust ~ Buyers of Standing Timber www.helmsburgsawmill.com

helmsburgsawmill@gmail.com • facebook.com/helmsburgsawmillinc

Continued from 61


BLUE ELK FAMILY CLINIC Mental Health Counseling

Misty Sanchez LMHC-A and Mr. Bojangles


The RE/MAX Team is Your Brown County Team


Listen at 103.7 FM or stream at wfiu.org


91.3 FM South Central Indiana • 98.1 FM downtown Bloomington 100.7 FM Nashville • 106.3 FM Ellettsville Also stream wfhb.org • 812-323-1200


Broker/Owner Cell: 812-360-4083 margd@remax.net

10 Artist Drive, P.O. Box 1609 • Nashville, IN 47448

www.blueelkfamilyclinic.com • Check us out on Facebook

Tune in to your community!

Marg DeGlandon

812-988-4485 www.2LiveInBrownCounty.com

Call or walk in to schedule appt. • 812-200-8265

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Reach thousands of readers for just $70 an issue (6 a year)

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62 Our Brown County • Jan./Feb. 2022

Home of The Stream each Wednesday night on Facebook and YouTube

Full service content creation and live streaming studio

RainwaterRecordingCompany.com RainwaterRecordingCompany@gmail.com



BUY 1 GUEST PASS, GET 1 FREE 1 per person, expires 12/31/22

Swimming Pool Fitness Center Gymnasium Exercise Classes

Personal Training Swim Lessons Day Camp Climbing Wall

812-988-9622 • www.browncountyymca.org



Open at 5:30 a.m. Mon.–Fri.



SIGNS THAT DELIVER: Digital Print & Vinyl to Hand Lettered, Carved & Gilded

812-822-2933 • RamblinDogDesign@gmail.com

nashville Spice c o.

OVER 500 SPICES, RUBS & BLENDS Gourmet Jams & Sauces · Mustards · Hot Sauces Artisan Salts & Sugars · Beekman 1802 · Kitchen Gifts & Accessories

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