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Why Facebookâ„¢ is the perfect platform for a successful Mumpreneneur in 2020


With Sue Prentice

TENEILE NAPOLI Life, Motherhood & Success Creating resilient kids

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No one is you, that is your superpower!


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CONTENTS February-May

2 What your words for 2020 8 Letter from the editor 14 Why Facebook™ is the perfect platform for a successful Mumpreneneur in 2020, and how to make the most of it. 19 TEneile napoli On Top of Her Game 24 4 Steps to overcoming Mothers Guilt 26 Alex Stalling Why you are the most important part of your business plan? 28 Dani Gardner A gentle approach to marketing, that's good for your well being 31 Rebecca Green small town girl gone global 34 How to show up authentically Eight Steps To be You 36 Heidi Nova Bloom Owning Our Story Makes Us Stronger

40 What are you allowing to stop you? 42 courage and resilience the keys to an empowered life 47Â Blueberry Oatmeal Bars (with spinach) 48 Reclaim You Power By Reclaiming Your feelings 52 Turn on your inner Guidance System 55 Developing Your Personal Style 60 From Addiction to Inspiring Change Through Fitness 62 Your Quarterly In Depth Readings 68 Limited or Limitless Your Choice 71 Unlock your Inner Artist, Unlock your Potential PAGE 6 MUMPRENEUR MOVEMENT

welcome to issue 3! a new year, a new decade, and you being more you?


From the Editor

What a year 2019 was, it saw so many beginnings and endings, heartache and joy. I feel that because of what I have experienced, I have found more about myself — that’s exciting. I am loving who I am becoming, more authentic, connected to myself and others, and open to the limitless possibilities of what I can create, give & receive. I have embarked on projects I never thought were possible of creating. Seeing them fly makes me so proud of the woman I am. I wasn’t always so confident, loving and supportive of myself, quite the opposite in fact. Sometimes to the point where I couldn’t even look at myself in the mirror. That was until I had a breakdown and had my breakthrough as cliché, as it sounds, It led me on a path of selflove, re-discovery and strengthening my belief in myself, my vision for the future, my spirituality and those around me. By loving myself more, I become more me, where I am no longer confined by societies expectations and limited to other’s beliefs of who I should be. Instead, I follow MY own inner guidance with the support of some really great mentors. In doing so, my life has become full of enriching experiences, beautiful and soulful people who fill my cup instead of draining it. My businesses are thriving and I am loving what 2020 is shaping up to become. I feel as I come more into alignment of my true nature, needs and desires, I become more congruent with loving, parenting and running my businesses. It creates beautiful energy people are attracted too without me forcing, endless social media posts or getting overwhelmed by having to always be accessible or present on social media.

2014 my 7 month old daughter & I this was at the height of my anxiety, yet looking in you would never know!

It’s all about mindset. It’s all about how you believe and love yourself. It’s all about being you because that is your superpower. This issue is here to support you to become more you. To find true happiness and success, and that means you must become your authentic self. You will ignite your inner light allowing it to guide you on a path of fulfilment. Being you is a choice you get to make. It will take an investment of time, energy and resources to rediscover who you really are. You will find ways to love your strengths more than your weaknesses. To build upon your foundations of what makes you, YOU. Then, in your place of empowerment, you get to ask yourself, ‘Can I be of service to others in a fulfilling and sustainable way.’ There are things we each want to create and experience such as love, prosperity, health and all the beautiful things life has to offer us and every single one of us absolutely deserves to have it. PAGE 8 MUMPRENEUR MOVEMENT


It will mean stepping into yourself, reaching higher, experiencing deeper yearning underneath all of the surface goals. To be brave enough to fully express yourself. To become the woman, you dream yourself to be, and to step into who you came to be in this world.

From the Editor

Investing in myself, my family & my future with business mentors . Taking action on those inspired ideas Being Limitless (Tamara Stiller shares how on Pg 68)

Focused on my children and what the needed It’s time to share your knowledge, experiences, gifts and talents in ways that can make a meaningful difference to others, so you can; Create blossoming relationships where you’re loved for who you are and powerfully supported to become the best version of yourself. Be brave enough to become visible and seen in ways enabling you to step forward into the life calling you. Have profound experiences of support and belonging and community. Create success that aligns with your values. Establish unwavering mind, body & soul selfcare practices for you to be able to contribute to your fullest ability. Allow yourself to participate meaningfully in making the world a better place, expressing your creativity, and unique voice. You are your superpower! Let 2020 bring more opportunities with enriching experiences, nurturing people & nourishing food.

to be more confident Stepping out of my comfort zone and saying yes to opportunities before I feel ready Deepening my self-love practices and listening to my inner guidance (See Maya Morri's Article ~ Turn on your inner Guidance System Pg 52)

Becoming more self-aware & responsible for myself, actions and words Attending epic events & workshops to inspire, motivate and connect with like-minded people Speaking on stage Finding ways to express myself – I love my skin art created by the divine Teneile Napoli from Garage Ink Manor. Finding my personal style (Amanda Herron can help you with her article Developing Your Personal Style Pg 55)

I owned my story and was brave enough to share it in a co-authored book (Be inspired to own your story by Heidi Reid 36)

Being open to learning through new and old experiences

What has helped me to become more me?

Saying yes to myself in the most significant way yet! Creating boundaries for myself and others (Read how Teneile Napoli set her boundaries Pg 19)

Slowing down in marketing (Dani Gardner is an authority in this field see her article on page 28)

Being More Resilient (Read Salli Galvin's Story ~ she will teach you about resilience! pg 42)

Being more me! (Alex Stalling shares inspiring why it's important to be you! Pg 26)

Feeling my feelings (Read Reclaim your power by reclaiming your feelings Pg 48)

Stepping on stage in front of hundreds of people in New Delhi India at the Women's Economic Forum PAGE 9 MUMPRENEUR MOVEMENT

Doing what I love and travelling more without mothers guilt (Read our


From the Editor

article: How to Overcome Mumpreneur Guilt on Pg 24)

Spending time with my fur babies Being present with my husband and kids Learning to Pivoting within life and business Letting go of the fear of change Making choices that scare the *&^% out of me – Growth Edge Owning my talents and utilising them Be open to new friendships Being okay not everyone will like or love me. Continue to explore my truth (let Clare Deale's Quartley Guidance support you on Pg 62) Forgiving Healing Loving Playing Knowing I am my Super Power! Like a beautiful friend said, “It is under pressure that a diamond is made.” I believe we all are diamonds life is helping to shape. It's up to us to allow ourselves to shine regardless of situations, experiences, other people etc. My biggest takeaway from 2019, I am taking into 2020 is l no longer chose to survive. Instead, I choose to thrive. Thank you to everyone who has been a part of my journey & here is a ‘high 5’ and ‘fuck yeah’ to my peeps who are journeying with me in 2020.2020 is going to be epic! I invite you to write down all your lessons & accomplishments. It's not egoic, it is truth and allows you to see how far you have come and all that — YOU chose to do and be So much love, 

Tammie Pike xo CEO & FOUNDER of The Mumpreneur Movement

Let 2020 be the year that you set yourself free!




Mumpreneur Favourites






Mumpreneur Favourites


understand yourself respect yourself and love yourself more!



We even used a rotary dial telephone that required an operator to connect the call. These are now back in fashion as retro collectables, by the way. It was a world where we didn’t even have the privacy of our own telephone landline. But there was a thing called a “Party Line”— which was a phone where you could pick up the phone and if nobody in your region was already on a call, you were able to dial another number to connect to the operator. The downside of this though, was that anyone could tune in and listen to

Why Facebook™ is the perfect platform for a successful Mumpreneneur in 2020, and how to make the most of it.

your conversation. Privacy “on the line” was


everything. It was a life without social

I am both proud and excited about being here to support the Mumpreneur movement. I grew up on a remote farm, thousands of kilometres from anywhere, in war torn Zimbabwe. It was back in the day where technological advances were colour TV, Walkman’s and CD rom drives ... I’m sure you remember the days when you went to a

a lot less important than online privacy is nowadays. It was a world where men ran businesses and where the social expectation was for women to stay at home and run the household. It was in the 1970s and early 1980s – to get perspective – when our physical world and the surrounding community were media, desktops, mobiles or the internet. What people mastered was the art of communication, planning, being creative, friendships, crafts, and finding purpose.

Fun Fact Graphic: 6 August 1991, exactly twenty-nine years ago, the World Wide Web became publicly available.

video store to hire a movie.



Things seem to have gone full circle since then. The world witnessed huge innovation in a short space of time, and now the same devices that once promised connection, all too often consume our attention, and in fact, stand in the way of human connection. This urges us to be creative and seek ways we can change that. Smart phones, and other advances in technology have brought huge opportunities, by helping facilitate our daily lives—like high-speed internet—and give voices to the women that would otherwise have gone unheard by the masses. Right now – online – we can extend our social barriers, beyond our own friendships, and open them to the world of the internet with seemingly unlimited circumstances, locations or times. These advances in technology allow us to seek out our tribe, get support in communities, and, of course, learn from one another. Yes. I am very happy to be a part of the Mumpreneur culture in 2020. One of my most valuable treasures is my ever-growing online network of friends. Through my network, I can always find that special person, and always at the right time. In my view, we are experiencing a movement that goes back to our core basics: people, conversation, community, meaning, and purpose. There has never been a time like this for being able to help each other and to get help… And, what we are also seeing with technological innovation, is a generation where ideas come to life and online businesses are blooming.


I am always meeting women who are hunting for a pathway to launch their own brand, and model their lifestyle around their family. It’s so wonderful that there are communities, as well as places to grow with like-minded women. I for one, threw in my high-paying full-time role in 2014 and immersed myself into the world of online commerce and digital marketing. Because I wanted to grow my own global brand. And together with my business partner, we did just that: growing our brand from an idea to 7+ figures in only 2 years. This would not, and probably could not have happened without Facebook™. When written like that it does sound easy, but it took a while for us to cotton on to the fact that it was neither the religious daily posting, liking and following, or the beautiful graphics or sexy influencers we paid that drove our wins. And it wasn't until we figured out the formula for Facebook™ advertising that our growth really took off— even moreso when we combined hypertargeted Facebook™ ads with tailored and personalised offers in Facebook™ Messenger.



Using Messenger chatbots, together with some very out-the-box ideas, we were able to grow our list to over 100 000 emails. Plus, we ranked as page 1 on Amazon US, UK and Australia in the most competitive category on the platform, using that very same technique. As far as we know, we were the

it is in keeping the advertiser clients satisfied with results, while maintaining a good balance for its users. The good news, as this quote from Mark Zuckerberg attests, is that –

first in the world to do that.

Facebook is focusing on small business

Facebook™ was an amazing invention back

the world closer together.’

in 2004: a social media platform designed to connect Harvard University students online. 16 years later, it now has evolved into one of the most downloaded social media

success in support of their mission to ‘Bring

I hope it’s becoming evident, apart from a tiny population of people who get cold feet over privacy concerns – ironically

application in the world.

making the switch to Instagram™ or

Despite unfortunate headlines appearing

potential customers on Facebook™. And

from time to time, Facebook™ stands strong as a social media platform. It boasts 2.7 billion – up from 2.6 billion in the last financial quarter of 2019 – monthly active users across its family of applications. These are Facebook™, WhatsApp™, Instagram™ and Messenger. More than 2 billion use at least one of those services every day—that’s a lot of eyeballs to get your brand in front of… Is Facebook™ Really Good for Small

WhatsApp™ – that just about everyone has lots of them too. The smarter questions to ask are: Who do I serve? What problems do they have? How does my product/service solve those problems? If you can answer those questions, then Facebook™ is a golden opportunity for you to grow your business. Here are four things you need to know to master the Facebook™ family for your growth in 2020.


1. Community and Relationships.

As a media agency co-founder and

Scandal, Facebook’s focus on privacy

Facebook™ expert, I am often asked – ‘Do

Arising from the Cambridge Analytica means that 2020 is going to be about

my potential customers exist on Facebook?’

communities and groups. Facebook™

There are now 7 million brands currently

public. Groups allow for relevancy and

advertising on Facebook™. That has grown from only 100 000 in the past 4 years. Facebook’s challenge is not the growth of advertisers –

Groups can be private and hidden or meaning. The content is specific to the audience and the group attracts and keeps people more engaged and satisfied. This makes brand experiences inside PAGE 16 MUMPRENEUR MOVEMENT


Facebook™ Groups memorable. Facebook™

You can use chatbots to:


Groups also offers the opportunity to apply

Set appointments – my personal assistant

membership fees, which is very exciting

Provide important event reminders so you

when thinking of how this can be leveraged

get better show up rates

for your tribe. Groups also provide open

Generate leads – the customer can ‘self-

forums and removing the barriers to

drive’ their way to the checkout on their

communication that existed before. My

mobile by pushing buttons and comments

hope is to see the evolution of Facebook™ ads targeting, allowing us to reach groups

when it works for them Nurture relationships – because you’re

later this year.

doing a great job servicing them

2. Messenger Marketing.

the brand or service

A few facts about why we should consider chat marketing in our own businesses— ✅ Messenger is where people prefer to

communicate and are most active and engaged. ✅ Messenger has been one of the top five

most downloaded apps on both iOS and android smart phones for the past few years. ✅ In 2020, for the first time in history, there

Build trust – because they can interact with Offer instant customer support – the customer will leave and go elsewhere if they see a standard reply these days Increase conversion rate – get more sales Increase average order value – the customer to purchase more stuff Capture user data. With a well-crafted strategy that fits your overall marketing objectives, what’s not to love about Messenger automation in your

will be more mobile messaging app users

marketing mix? It allows businesses to

than social network users.

customise high converting offers and grow

✅ In line with privacy and personalisation,

repeat sales and profit in a vertical way like

Messenger is private but not yet encrypted.

eCommerce has never seen.

Perhaps the most important thing about

3. Video – Video – Video.

this channel is that it enables brands to

Remember this – Video gets priority. So why

build deeper digital relationships and learn

not use it?

more about their customers.

We’ve all seen the success of Netflix™, Amazon™ Prime, Youtube™ and Apple TV.

So what can a chatbot do for you?

Facebook™ is on the way to being the next big

Let’s get creative. Automation seem like a

digital streaming provider. Video is engaging.

scary word, but it’s wonderful when you get

People want to know there is a real human

to understand how to use it. Chatbots allow

behind the scenes. Consider how you can

you to have a 1 to 1 conversation with your

convert your static content into video.

customers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You get to be responsive to online enquires and make follow ups to inquiries in a cost effective manner that you could never achieve with human staff.

Facebook™ has some great editing tools to utilise, and there are many

continue reading part 2 on page Click to go to Part 2 on Page 74




Using her raw talent, fearless ambition as well as the support and love from her all-female team, Teneile Napoli has achieved a high-class reputation in the tattoo industry. She, is the creator of the internationally recognised tattoo studio, Garage Ink. When looking at Teneile for the first time, you would be forgiven for only seeing her glamourous looks; as well as being a super successful Mumpreneur, Teneile Napoli is one of Australia’s top female tattoo artists who, despite being in a male dominated industry, continues to win awards, trophies and has even been recognised internationally for her work. She has over one million followers on her social media accounts— her brand is stunning, as is her manor where Garage Ink is currently located. She is regularly featured in publications, interviews, magazines, as well as being regularly showcased in the popular TV show Bondi Ink. If that’s not enough, she’s also travelled the world, tattooing celebrities and paving the way for other women in the tattoo industry.

You are right, she is successful; talented; beautiful; and yet she is so much more. Once you get to know her, you get to see beyond what she has achieved, to see her for who she is; an amazing, empowered woman who loves empowering people, and specifically, helping other women grow to success in her industry. When I was thinking of who would be the cover girl for this issue who represents ‘Being You is Your Superpower,’ I knew it had to be Teneile. Not only is she an advocate for people to love and own their uniqueness by encouraging others to be themselves, she also helps people to do so through her artistic skills as a tattooist—giving others another way of self-expression—which she has done for me and thousands of others. Her ripple is beyond comprehension and her legacy will be known for decades to come. For Teneile, work has been everything for most of her life and her tattooing journey started when she was just 16.


Already an avid artist in her teens, Teneile found drawing fantasy as an outlet for her emotions and daily experiences. But is wasn’t until her work was seen by a teacher when she was connected with another student who was into tattooing; and within that connection, she was then introduced to her first mentor, Shane Little, and the rest is history. She says that becoming a tattoo artist was meant to be. But the journey wasn’t easy. When Teneile told her parents that she was going to pursue her art through tattooing, they weren’t very supportive. Teneile shares that back then, the tattoo industry had a bad reputation, and her parents didn’t think a career in tattooing would be a good profession for their young, beautiful daughter. But, unswayed —and on her own—Teneile followed her passion, and was one of the first ten, qualified female tattooists in Australia! As an industry that was thought to be only for misfits, criminals, and bikers, Teneile found a culture that was immersed in drugs and Alcohol. Though she did become addicted to alcohol through that encumbent culture, Teneile did overcome her addiction and has now been proudly sober for 10 years. And with the same conviction, went on to tackle her own anxiety and depression that had affected her in all areas of her life for many years. Determined to change the culture that she'd found herself in—and that so many others had experienced—Teneile began her studio Garage Ink in 2010,

where she created a unique and thriving culture of collaboration, support and love; where she role models a healthy and balanced lifestyle, and a positive and empowered mindset. Since 2010, she has successfully created a safe haven for herself, and her clients, where seasoned and burgeoning tattooists are all treated with the same level of love and respect. Despite this success, Teneile says that owning her own studio for the last 10 years has seen many ups and downs. And that even though there have been plenty of challenges—which Teneile says have been her greatest lessons—it has been her passion for people that has gotten her through. It was simply the opportunity to share love, knowledge and her passion with artists and all types of people in her studio that has kept her going through the tough times saying, 'It would be super selfish of me and I am not a selfish person at all … completely the opposite.’ So even though she's had doubts, wondered how much easier it would be if she worked for someone else—not to mention the extra time with family she would get if she worked for someone else— Teneile knew that she had created something with her resilience, hard work and determination; and her thriving business also helped her community. I believe, it is her humble attitude, genuine love of people, and her dedication to her work that allows Teneile to reach great heights — regardless whether they are a stay-at-home-mum or a well known celebrity—that has made her top of her game, and, a very sought after tattoo artist.

The juggle and struggle of Motherhood



Even with all her success, Teneile shares that underneath, she is still a normal person who does normal things like: clean her house; make dinner for her family; who, by the way, she says are the ones who keep her grounded. While sitting in her beautiful home, just one street away from the golden beaches of the Gold Coast, you can see Teneile’s flair for art isn’t just in her tattooing—her home is welcoming, beautiful and so very, uniquely hers. Like most Mumpreneurs, Teneile has had to juggle being a woman, mother, lover and businesswoman. Already a mother of two—Amity 16 and Kurt 12—Teneile gave birth to her third child mid-last year; a beautiful baby girl, Stevie-Lee, who has totally transformed Teneile's life. Stevie-Lee has been a gift to Teneile, who shares that at this stage of her life, becoming a mum again, has given her the ability to take a step back from working, with time and space to prioritise her life. And with this, Teneile has found new freedom to be with her family and pursue other ideas, opportunities, and passions. This is big change for Teneile, who has always found it a struggle to put herself and her family first—which I think many Mumpreneurs can relate to—as she was always trying to keep everyone else happy. But after Stevie-Lee was born, a wave of mother’s guilt came with the realisation that she had prioritised her work above her family, and in organising everyone else’s needs, she was caught up in the world of doing rather than being.

This was a big awakening for Teneile, who has since changed those priorities by reducing her working hours and taking a step back from her business, to focus more on her family and finding a balance that works. It takes constant self-awareness to keep herself in check, finding it far too easy to slip into work mode, especially when she has clients flying in from all over the world, to get their own masterpiece from Teneile. This demand means there is a constant pressure to be available, which is always testing her resolve. But Teneile knows all her hard work has been worth it, and so too, do her children. She says that knowledge was made even more special, when six years ago her son, Kurt – 7 at the time – was able to see that all of his mum’s hard meant the family could live and work in their dream manor, in the Gold Coast Hinterland.


And the path to that dream was never easy, especially when the banks made the process harder because of Teneile's industry, but— with persistence—her dream came true. She remembers the day her family walked into the house clearly—if not a bit emotionally—and her son, Kurt, said, ‘Oh. My. God. Mum! This is amazing. This is why you have been working so much. I am so proud of you.’ Teneile says that all the pressure, all the mother’s guilt she’d been feeling, was released; but she knew she still had to change how much she worked. Luckily—or rather by sheer, hard work towards a vision—Teneile created a flexible workspace where no-one worked weekends, and didn’t have to work full time, which meant working mums were able to have their own work-life-mum balance. From there, Teneile became a firm supporter of every mother being able to have the work/life balance they desired. Teneile believes as Mumpreneurs, we need to create boundaries by separating life and work, and that when we are with our children to always make sure we are present. This, she feels, will help lessen the mother’s guilt. Stevie-Lee forced Teneile to have a break—which was the longest time away from her business she has ever had—allowing her to fall in love with being a mum, all over again. Balance for Teneile now looks like two working-days a week, as well as spending more time with her family—which means more freedom to be a mum while still growing her business and following her other interests. Seeing Teneile so happily content with life, because of her choices —especially to be more with her family—really hits home. I think most of us get into business to be able to work around our children, but as that business grows, it tends to overtake our lives. Hearing Teneile’s story is a great reminder that life isn’t all about success only in business, but rather about finding a balance within life where you feel good with how you are showing up in your life: that is in relationships, as a mother, and in business. Teneile has a beautiful relationship with her children who support her 100%, and as I watch them in their photoshoot (by the beautiful Heidi Reid from Nova Blooming), my heart expands; because I see another empowered woman not only empowering her family, but also her community and beyond, by choosing to be herself unapologetically.




Want to know more TENEILE NAPOLI


From here, Teneile’s next vision, is to create a platform to share others’ stories. She says she knows a lot of people who feel isolated by how they feel and what they’ve gone through and wants to provide a platform for them. Her aim is to provide a connection where people can share their experience of life's challenges, so they know they aren’t alone. Before I left Teneile’s house after the interview, I asked Teneile to share some advice for other Mumpreneurs—here is what she shared: Never regret anything you have done. Trust in the timing of your life, everything happens for a reason – as cliché as it sounds – those setbacks you experience, the hard times, the good times, everything comes around and it always puts you in the place exactly where you need to be and it’s how you deal with those situations that is going to make for a happy and successful life.


Mothers Guilt

4 STEPS OVERCOMING MUMPRENEUR’S GUILT It is such an exciting time to be a mumpreneur! Perhaps you’re already running your own business, or are in the early stages of creating your brand. There are many gifts along this chosen path—to live life on your own terms, with flexibility and creativity—and there is often so much fulfillment that comes from creating something new. However, often lurking in the background is that gutwrenching ‘G word’ … Guilt. It’s the feeling that there just isn’t quite enough time to be there for everything. And that leaves a feeling of sacrifice … the dread that you haven’t been able to get everything done, or to have been there as fully as you would have liked. That same feeling can come from needing to make just one more work call, or racing about when you wish you could just stop and be present with your child for a bit longer.

carer to our pets, who all want our love and attention—as well as being the practitioner, the advisor… and the list goes on. All you are trying to do, is be there for people … but the reality is, there is only so much of you to go around. It’s the act of consistently remaining in that place that can leave us overwhelmed, tired, and often we turn to escapism: Netflix™, alcohol, scrolling on our smartphones, or overspending—just to try to escape this feeling. Which compounds the feeling by leading to more guilt. All we want, is to be the best version of ourselves, but sometimes, we feel like we are just falling short. How can we overcome this feeling and keep it in check? I have four points to remember:

This juggling act of being so many roles for so many people in one day—a mother, a wife or partner, or a supportive friend, a daughter, PAGE 24 MUMPRENEUR MOVEMENT


Mothers Guilt

1. What is your WHY and VISION?

4. Do you have CONNECTION and

Go back to basics and ask yourself –Why you are doing what you are doing?

and where is your PRESENCE?

What is your vision for yourself and your family? Perhaps it is to have more flexibility; or to be your own boss, for financial growth; or to live in alignment with a workplace that

There was a brain study that showed that when you hold a hug[1] for at least 20 seconds, the hormone oxytocin is produced, and a feeling of connection occurs. There was also a study by the University of

resonates with your purpose and values.

Wisconsin, which proved how hearing a

2. What are your VALUES and what are you ROLE MODELLING?

real terms, people feel more connected after

Go back to basics and ask yourself –

person’s voice also released oxytocin … so in receiving an actual voice message or a phone call over just a text[2] message or email.

What values are you teaching or modelling to your family by you being a Mumpreneur? By giving yourself permission to follow your dreams and ambitions, perhaps you are leading the way for your children to do the same—if they choose to, of course. Are you giving them the courage to follow their own arrow?

3. Do you need a different PERSPECTIVE and do you need PERMISSION? Go back to basics and ask yourself (put things in perspective) – If you were to not do this now, how would you be feeling in one weeks’ time?

From the above, we could say that the best form of communication is face to face. It’s the quality over the quantity of time. So remember to be as present as possible in each moment. Just to conclude: take a lesson from a juggler—someone who knows just how much attention to give one ball versus the others, so that they all keep moving. The beauty and balance of juggling may mean that each ball has just enough of what it needs until its time comes back around to be held once again. Melissa McLeod

What price would you pay by not following your heart? To give yourself permission to live life by your own design, and permission to not be perfect – we are often way harder on ourselves than necessary—or than anyone else is for that matter.

REFERENCE: 1. https://bit.ly/2RLE5P9 2. https://bit.ly/3b04lgd


You are Your Superpower

WHY YOU ARE THE MOST IMPORTANT PART OF YOUR BUSINESS PLAN? Authenticity in business has become something of a dirty word these days. Over utilized and thrown around so casually that one begins to think what even does it mean? Authenticity is defined as being genuine or oneself, which all in all seems pretty easy but how is it one of the hardest things to embrace about being in business? We all started our business journey with a mission - a problem to solve.  Ultimately it is a problem we have felt ourselves or something that has moved us to act.  During that journey we have also discovered that feeling of imposter syndrome. The inadequacy of ability to perform a task.

So how do we move past our chronic self-doubt and forward to that ultimate goal of true authenticity in business. The most important factor in business is you. Embracing your you-ness, your quirks, passions, drives, misgivings and all that in-between is what sets your business apart from another. For me finding my path to my authentic business self took a few years, but I hope to give you a few tools that I stumbled upon over the years.

Your Style. Everyone has an individual style, be it creative or otherwise. Our nuance in our methods is like our own personal signature. Discovering our style is where things come easily, when you don’t have to force the point or feel like you need to look to others at all times for guidance. Which brings me to: (Cont'd)



You are Your Superpower

Stop looking over the fence. Having your tribe of business buddies helps a lot. They lift you up, they celebrate your wins and they challenge you to move forward. But if you find yourself constantly comparing your business to theirs, feeling like you have missed out. Or are trailing their concepts with your own version this is the point you need to ask yourself. Are you still on the path that best fits your needs?

Invest Take the time to grow and develop. Read those blogs, do those workshops and attend those seminars. We as humans do not grow in isolation. Healthy inspiration, influence and growth happens when we put ourselves out there and invest in you. If your business needed an upgrade to a piece of equipment you would budget that into your plan? Treat yourself the same. You, your individuality, your drive your you-ness is the key element that sets your business apart from everyone else. Finding your you and embracing is exactly what they mean when someone claims authentic business practices. And you, are the most important piece of your business model.

Alex Stalling Artist | Maker



Slow Marketing

What if you ignored the advice you have been given about marketing? The same advice about needing to be visible online—all of the time—just in order to generate clients?

Would your business shrivel up and die? I thought mine would… So, I kept toeing the line with constant Facebook™ networking and engagement. Which was a great marketing approach that may have been costing me ‘zero dollars,’ but there was a cost: my wellbeing. And as a highly sensitive person, my nervous system was being fried. I knew I had to find a less taxing—more enjoyable—and gentle way to have a presence in the marketplace. And I found it! Today, I spend way less time online, and guess what? My business didn’t curl up and die. In fact, I’ve now established a sustainable, reliable income. So, if you’ve been feeling overwhelmed and heavy about marketing, here are a few ideas to help you make a fresh start:

When your business has a clear and meaningful message, you can get away with marketing less. Your message is what speaks to the hearts and minds of your intended audience. It’s the thing that causes them to become interested in working with you. So, before investing money in logos, websites, or Facebook™ advertising – invest in clarifying your message. Before trying to sell your wares, build an audience that is interested in what you have to say. Do you buy transformational services from people you don’t know? Probably not. Neither do the people you would like to work with. Building a ‘genuine’ audience takes time and requires you to have the courage to share your opinions throughout your content. That might ruffle some people’s feathers, but don’t let this dampen your voice. Life has given you wisdom that needs to be heard. PAGE 28 MUMPRENEUR MOVEMENT


Slow Marketing

Dare to be great, and take some emotional risks; especially in terms of being seen for who you are and what you believe. Often the quicker someone subscribes to a list – due to an email opt-in – the quicker they unsubscribe. That’s why I say nurture your audience before they join your list. Make your free content the first thing people encounter, so they can get to know you before handing over their email address. Then, when they do decide to join your list, they will be doing it more ‘consciously’. The result of this, is a higher open and clickthrough rate, which means you can do more with less people on your email list. I’d love to know which of these ideas speaks to you the most or any questions you have. So make sure to reach out and connect. Danielle Gardner




Mumpreneur Favourites

Loved By Gaia Each ingredient is hand selected & sourced from Mother Nature




Rebecca Green is a beautiful, funny, and smart woman. She is a mother of two, and a wife to one. But, she is also a real estate agent, a wedding and event planner, a personal trainer, and a serial mumpreneur—running seven businesses! A local girl to Hobart, Tasmania, Rebecca experienced just how hard life can be when her twin brother tragically committed suicide, just months before their 18th birthday. Life forced her to grow up fast, and she had to be resilient to overcome the ensuing trauma. So, with a fire in her belly, and not knowing what she was going with her life—only that life was too short—Rebecca left her retail job with no education nor experience in any other field. But she did know her strengths—talking—and with excellent communication and negotiation skills, she started with the idea of becoming a real estate agent; after all she was good at talking with people … By the age of 23, Rebecca was at the top of her game; not only making good money, but winning awards as well. A normal person may have stayed in what was arguably a safe and stable job, but then Rebecca’s world changed when she met her husband, Shaun. What followed was a whirlwind romance; an adventure on the horizon; a move to the Cayman Islands to follow her husband's new job—whatever it was, it didn’t matter because Rebecca jumped all in, at the chance for a new adventure that saw that local girl from Tasmania, travelling to the other side of the world. With the opportunity and support from Shaun, Rebecca decided to be a wedding planner—which she says might have been influenced by Jennifer Lopez after she had watched the movie The Wedding Planner. And who could have known that her newfound career was perfect for her new home … which just happened to be one of the world’s top wedding destinations. PAGE 31 MUMPRENEUR MOVEMENT



Did she have any experience? No. Did it matter? No. With her determination, sheer will and her ability to talk, Rebecca began her career as a wedding planner with a large production company. Of course, in true ‘Rebecca style’, she realised that she no longer wanted to be working on other people’s terms: long hours, little pay, not to mention the office politics. And she knew that she was capable of more. So, after just two years of being a successful wedding planner, Rebecca toyed with the idea of starting her own wedding and event planning business. Making the transition wasn’t easy, especially in a foreign country that was notoriously challenging to receive a work visa—let alone the permits—as well as finding business partners, creating business plans, and getting funding. And yet, Rebecca rose to the challenge. With audacious decisions, a lot of late-night researching, and the implementation of different tactics to grow her brand, Rebecca's business, Parfait Weddings & Events, was soon ranked number one as the ‘go-to’ for all wedding plans. Beyond that success, Rebecca’s natural ability as an entrepreneur saw her and her husband successfully own and operate more and more businesses. Not only did they add four F45 Fitness Studios to their list—which were very successful—they also added a sip and paint business called Colour & Cork. Their portfolio continued to grow, and soon, so too did their family when Rebecca birthed two beautiful boys— who became their world.

How did this wildly successful Mumpreneur manage such great success? Well, Rebecca shares that it all comes down to marketing and branding; which both must be spot on for any business to grow and be recognised in the marketplace. For her businesses, if a client compared her website and social media presence to that of the other big players in the marketplace, Rebecca knew that there couldn’t be much difference in their professional look, and she must have been doing something right: trustworthiness and credibility. She also shares, that she focused her own marketing towards that personal touch—of her being the face of the business—so that every single client, received the same amazing customer service, and honest advice, which all led to an outstanding customer experience. As far as Rebeccas is concerned, being self-taught did not hinder her in any way, and here are her top tips are: Online presence for marketing. Leveraging off other businesses/contacts in a related field (networking). Grow your presence online through social media and SEO. Think outside the box. Find opportunities to grow your brand authority and ask for what you want. You never know what you might get.

she dreamed she could so she did!



What’s in the future for Rebecca and her

Along with supporting and listening to

husband Shaun—the dynamic duo? Well,

music, Rebecca and Shaun will be speaking

knowing that they can empower others

on the effects of suicide in young Australian

through their ventures, the two are looking

men, as well as sharing their own

forward to doing just that through their new

experiences, raising funds for charities, and

fitness concept, with the intent of causing a

reaching out to those who need it most.

ripple effect within their own community that will help empower others.

Rebecca says that creating an experience that everyone can remember is her vision; an

They aim to host their first ’Music for Mood’

experience that can also cause a positive

concert—an event close to Rebecca’s heart—

ripple effect for those in need.

which will be an event for the community to come together, mingle, laugh, dance, and

Follow Mr & Mrs Green’s journey below.




Be You

Eight steps to being you! ‘only you can be you, this is your superpower’ Are you continually rushing, slapping together school lunches, checking emails through the spam, undouble-booking your calendar, telling your husband where his stray sock is, problem-solving for a friend and wondering when you’ll find time for the first hit of caffeine? Where are you in all this? Mum, wife, mumpreneur, friend or rattled, time-poor woman? You’re everything, but mostly you. Lose yourself in life’s stuff and you risk, health, wellbeing, mental state and your business. Saying, “I love myself.” No, it’s not vain, conceited or narcissistic (unless of course, you do more selfies than Cristiano Ronaldo) — it’s essential to surviving. Loving yourself is not only satisfying our inner needs, helping our self-esteem, and keeping us healthy, it also reflects on people we come in contact with. We cannot effectively treat people with patience, love and kindness. So what are the steps?

Step 1 - Be unapologetically you.

Step 2 - Forgive yourself.

Yep, that’s snorting giggle, crazy fashion,

Each person is imperfect. We all make

opinionated and down-right you — you. Be

mistakes — lessons to help you. By forgiving

who you are not what everyone expects you to

ourselves when we falter, we are giving

be. If you want to dance in the rain and you’re

ourself love.

told you’ll catch a cold, what do you say? “At least I’ll have danced.”



Be You

Step 3 - Listen to your inner thoughts.

Step 6 - Find spirituality.

Yes, you’ll hear self-doubt, ‘I’m not smart

It’s not only new age gurus who suggest

enough’, ‘I feel shy’, ‘I’m incapable’.

meditation and yoga as a way to

Switch thoughts to positive ones like, ‘I’ll

alleviate stress. Psychologists say

learn more to be smarter’, ‘I’m not shy, I

tapping into your inner being may

just don’t want to talk unless I have

strengthen your faith in yourself,

something to say’, ‘I’m capable of doing —.

give a sense of spirituality, reduce

Be your own best friend. Give yourself an

mental stress and help with wellbeing.

inner pep talk and be positive.

Step 4 - Practice regular love Put time aside (could be less or more) to nurture yourself. It can be going for a walk in the bush, meditating, sweating it out at a gym or pouring a petal-filled bath, with incense burning, door locked to your family so you can enjoy a book.

Step 5 - Let go of the fear of judgement

Step 7 – Declutter You don’t have to be Marie Kondo to get rid of mess. Reorganising your life will unclutter your mind. Sort the folders on your computer, tidy your underwear draw, whatever it may be, once you’re more organised, you won’t waste time and you’ll suffer less stress.

Step 8 – You have only one body; love it

Seek your own approval. Closely aligned

If you’re treating your body like a

with being unapologetically you, don’t

dumpster instead of a temple you’re not

dwell on what others think. When fear sets

looking after your best friend. Be

in it can be debilitating. Do you think Ita

mindful of what you eat, how you

Buttrose worried about her lisp?

exercise and everything you do to your body. Let if flourish, and don’t

Letting go of fear also means saying ‘no’

forget your mind is part of your body

more often. Don’t allow

too. Self-care and being you is the

others to manipulate you

active intention of restoring health,

into doing something you

improving energy and easing stress.

should say no to for fear of

Be kind to yourself —

what they will think of you.

There’s only one YOU! Tammie Pike xo



Mumpreneur's Journey



Mumpreneur's Journey


omething I have struggled with my whole 30 years of being alive. I never wanted the

life I had or the body I was in. Always wanting to run away or escape. I remember when I was a kid, I had this favourite tree that I would run away to and climb. I could see the whole of my street. All the cars driving up and down the road and people walking their dogs. I remember the smell of fresh air and the wind in my hair. That was probably one of my healthy escapes. I wish I continued that as I got older but I chose other forms of escape like self-harm, drugs, alcohol, basically anything that stopped me feeling that overwhelming mental pain. I wish I continued that as I got older but I chose other forms of escape like selfharm, drugs, alcohol, basically anything that stopped me feeling that overwhelming mental pain. I eventually came to realise that I was incapable of processing my emotions so I would cling to these substances to cope. It’s not easy sitting with your emotions and I completely understand why anyone finds it hard to give up whatever they do/use to help them cope with their emotions and everyday life. I still get those feelings of wanting a cigarette even though I haven’t had one in about 7 years or wanting a drink which I haven’t had in approximately 10 months, or wanting to eat a bar of chocolate full of sugar which I haven’t had in a few months even though I know all those things would make me feel worse than I already do. I know now that I’m not missing those things exactly, I’m missing that feeling of escape. The way those things made me feel, how they took away the emotions for just a little bit and I didn’t have to think. PAGE 37 MUMPRENEUR MOVEMENT



Mumpreneur's Journey

For me now, art is my escape. I’m not sure if the amount of time I think about creating art is healthy but it’s a better choice than what I used to run to. Art has saved my life. I know I have children and people say that they should be enough and they are but I’ve tried to explain it to someone before, I love my children to infinity and beyond and I would give up art for them if I had to but art asks nothing of me. Art lets me be me with no rules, no judgments, no expectations. Art is my therapy and it makes me a better person for them and I want them to grow up and see that their Mum, even though she had a chronic illness and was unwell a lot, she still did what she loved. Don’t be ashamed of who you were, be grateful of where you are now and how far you’ve come. You are strong and you are beautiful.

You are absolutely worthy of love!

Heidi Reid

Photographer NOVA BLOOMING




Mumpreneur Favourites

Remember your essence is wild, wise and free!




5 years ago I had exceptionally low self worth, I didn’t know who I was, I didn’t like who I was, I was scared, isolated and struggling with my physical and emotional health. I was on welfare, trying to provide for two young kids and had really lost hope.I had lost hope for my health, for my future and I had a deep sadness within me. I was also angry, angry at a system that wasn’t helping me heal. I was in victim mode, blaming every external circumstance possible, refusing to take responsibility for my life and my choices, I wanted someone to rescue me and take all the pain away. Everything started to shift for me when I finally had the realisation that if I wanted things to change I had to take personal responsibility for my life and start making small daily choices in the direction of my dreams. As a young woman with Aspergers, severe social anxiety and a massive introvert that preferred my comfy bed and my comfort zone far more than the anxiety producing thought of actually putting myself out there, being seen and connecting with the humans, it was a big deal for me to turn my life around and change my beliefs and behaviours. But I didn’t want to continue living the way I was and experiencing the life through the lense I had, so it was time to make some serious changes. I started researching how to heal my life, I read my first personal development You Can Heal Your Life by Louise Hay, I started doing mirror work, looking in the mirror into my eyes and telling myself I love myself, which was extremely difficult and uncomfortable at first. I started eating nourishing food and started a petition to stop the Heart Foundation promoting margarine and highly processed, sugar filled food such as Milo cereal as heart healthy.

I started doing mirror work, looking in the mirror into my eyes and telling myself I love myself PAGE 40




I ended up on A Current Affair, Sunrise, Studio 10, the Morning Show and regularly debating the CEO of the Heart Foundation on ABC Radio National. I started developing trust and a really beautiful connection with my audience who really felt my transmission of wanting to bring through information and share my healing journey without the corruption and greed of big companies who didn’t truly care about their health and wellbeing. Then a woman that was following my journey and got behind the petition sent me some essential oils, she knew I was struggling with some physical and emotional challenges and sent them to give me some support- then let me know that there was an opportunity to create my own business by teaching others about the oils and how to create their own business too. I had incredible results and experiences with the oils and just started teaching others about them. Within 11 months I created a six figure income and within less than 2.5 years I had created a seven figure business. I now work around 5 to 10 hours a week doing what I love, teaching people about plants, helping people create financial freedom and constantly work on my mindset. I wake up each morning and practice qigong or yoga and DANCE and sing every day. The more I can be in my body and have complete and full bodied expression of who I am, the more good people are magnetised to me and want to be a part of what I'm creating. The level of self worth and confidence I have continues to increase the more I choose myself every day and love myself. And it can for you too. Just choose you.

Jessie Reimers

Jessie Reimers is an international speaker, writer, seven figure business owner, e-course creator, leader and disruptor. As a young woman with Aspergers, a mum, and coming from poor health and poverty, Jessie has overcome many different challenges to create her success.Jessie thrives on educating and empowering people to smash through their fears and draw on their inner strength to courageously create the life of their dreams. She is raw, real, vulnerable, down to earth and brutally honest. She teaches people how to lead themselves, teams, businesses and companies with absolute integrity and lift others as they rise. She speaks to removing competition and comparison replacing it with collaboration, as we are so much more powerful united and when we can learn from and be inspired by one another.



courage and resiliece the keys to an empowered life The words focused, determined, and courageous come to mind when I think about Salli Galvin. She is an Australian representative of Polocrosse, serial entrepreneur, wife and mother of four boys, and is extremely passionate about helping create grounded, resilient, and well-adjusted children to reach their full potential through her programs and services. When I first met this tall, beautiful, Amazonian woman with long black hair, I couldn't help but notice the strong, magnetic energy that radiated around her— and as we spoke, I learned a lot about what makes her … well her: Born and bred in Perth, Western Australia, Salli lived an idyllic childhood, growing up on a wheat property in Western Australia. But unfortunately, that picturesque life was torn apart when her brother—at just two years of age—drowned. And then only a few years later, her father took his own life. Salli’s mother, even though deep in her own grief, threw herself into her remaining children. Raising four strong-willed little girls, she taught them resilience, and enrolled them into every sport they could physically do. Her aim was to teach the girls commitment, discipline, and the ability to play all out. And play all out they did. Salli has won many awards, medals and competitions, as well as representing Australia all over the world in Polocrosse.




But her life was to take another turn, when just at 21 years of age, Salli’s boyfriend of over two years, took his own life. It was a heartbreaking, testing and very trying time for her and her family. But due to the strength, resilience and self-worth, Salli’s mother had taught her, she was able to navigate and overcome that traumatic part of her life. Beyond that, Salli then worked—and worked, and worked—to create herself a life where she lives her dream, every single day. And with all that hard work, it seems that anything Salli puts her hand to becomes a success; which is of course, due to the commitment, focus, and determination instilled in her from her years as a professional athlete—all of which she now directs into her businesses. Now, instead of training for her sport, Salli is focusing those same skills on her passion for helping children reach their full potential, particularly from a mindfulness and mental health awareness perspective; a notion that stems from wanting the next generations to be strong and irrepressible. Why is she so inspired to make a difference in our children? That’s easy. Her unwavering motivation has been spurred on by her upbringing, and her life experiences. For example, her riding school, Jarrahdale Equestrian Centre, has transformed into so

much more than just a riding school. In the last 9 months, Salli has successfully launched Jarrahdale Mind Fitness for Kids, Jarrahdale Body and

and her own personal brand Salli Galvin, through which she shares her message, knowledge, and experience by speaking all over Australia. No matter where you see Salli, she will always be working hard to grow her property into more than just an equestrian centre, supporting the community through other ventures, like the Blue Tree Project— which was a major success—or having a free open day at her beautiful property for the community to attend and experience her riding school, pat the horses and watch the horse demonstrations.



What I love about Salli, is that she is so

If you think you can, you can.

encouraging for others to follow their

Always do your best.

passion and uncover their purpose. In doing

Be kind to your family and to yourself.

so, her aim is to be for others to be able to

Look after each other.

help those that most inspire them. And if that isn’t enough, check out her following words as the guidance that has helped her through her most difficult challenges:

To understand the mind and to work on the mind is a powerful tool and life skill. It would be wonderful if that was taught in all schools. Equally, it would be amazing if all parents and children were

Be responsible for your own actions.

You are not responsible for anyone else’s actions, only your own. Salli also believes that you must believe in yourself to be able to instill that belief into your family, grow a high level of self-worth that will serve you and your family well.

shown the power of calmness, of being

For 24 years Salli Galvin has been

still and centering the mind. — Salli

instilling belief in children globally, to


build their self worth. She passionate

What doesn’t kill you only makes you stronger. — Fredrich Nietzsche

It is not what happens to you in life that

about building grounded, resilient, well adjusted children reach their full potential and fly.

matters. It is how you overcome the challenge and what you learn from the experience that counts. PAGE 44 MUMPRENEUR MOVEMENT

Why not be your own valentines? Gift yourself your own love, put yourself first & prioritise your needs, dreams & desires!


Healthy Recipe


Blueberry Oatmeal Bars (with spinach) BY KAT LYNN


Healthy Recipe

Crunchy and sweet, but full of spinach?! Let the bars cool completely before serving so that the taste of the spinach has a chance to disappear completely. This is simply an awesome way to hide those veggies into the kiddie snacks.

METHOD Preheat the oven to 180’C Prepare a 8x8 inch baking pan with cooking spray or butter

EQUIPMENT: Non-stick cooking spray 2 cups GF-Oats 1 1/4 gluten free flour blend 1/2 cup sugar 1/2 teaspoon cinnamon 1/4 teaspoon baking powder 1/4 teaspoon salt 1 teaspoon pure vanilla extract 3/4 cup (100g) butter or margarine 1 cup low-sugar blueberry/strawberry jam 1/2 cup spinach puree


In a large bowl combine all dry ingredients and stir well - oats, flour, sugar, cinnamon, baking powder, salt and vanilla (If you have a Thermomix, add all ingredients in the bowl and blend for 10sec on Speed 2) Add the butter and mix into the dry ingredients until the mixture is coarse and no longer powdery. Be careful not to overmix – you should still see some butter chunks. (Thermomix 1 minute Speed 2) Tip make sure that the mixture is not too dry it needs to be pretty moist to go brown on top. So add more butter if it’s too dry. Set aside about half of the oat mixture; press the remaining half firmly into the pan. Bake until lightly brown at the edges (but not fully baked) roughly 13-15 minutes Meanwhile, mix the preserve with the spinach puree in a small bowl. Spread the jam mixture over the partially baked oat base. Sprinkle the remaining oat mixture over the top. Bake until the topping has slightly browned – 20-25 minutes. Cool completely before cutting. PAGE 47 MUMPRENEUR MOVEMENT



Mumpreneur Wisdom


Being a mum has brought me closer to humanity than ever before. I feel the collective resonance and recognition in being part of one of the most powerful, fierce groups on the planet Some days I want to run away to someplace beautiful and get lost. Where part of me that wants no one to ever find me and yet another part of me wants everyone to search for me. Motherhood truly is a paradox. But a mumpreneur is a paradox on steroids. Being a mum has brought me closer to humanity than ever before. I feel the collective resonance and recognition in being part of one of the most powerful, fierce groups on the planet. Yet, at times I don’t feel this power at all. Instead, I feel alone, deflated, flat, fragile and undervalued. Leading up to becoming a mum, I chose selfemployment. The idea of being an employee felt too restrictive, and being the type of woman I am, I could not surrender to being a mum and a homemaker.

What was I trying to prove and to who? Was I using work to escape from motherhood? Did I have enough support? Was my strong, capable woman persona getting in the way of my true values? It was time for some solid, honest reflection. So, I let the false notion of flexibility as an entrepreneur justify my choice. But, what I didn’t realise, was how difficult the balance of ‘holding on and letting go’ is, and the ripple effect that would have on my selfworth, my mental state, and my ability to achieve the high standard I wanted in life. I also soon realised that keeping on top of personal health and maintaining selfcare is tough, and that feeling like a failure at times is inevitable. But despite all of this, being a mum brought me closer to my humanity than ever before:

Do you feel drained by living a life where you have so much responsibility to be everything but don't know how not to be? You want to relinquish control and just allow, trust and flow, but you can’t detach yourself from trying to control the outcome of everything! I think the truth is, as a mother, someone else’s wellbeing holds as much or more importance as your own, so the possibility of compassion fatigue is a real thing.



Mumpreneur Wisdom

You are strong and fierce, yet also soft, vulnerable ... and messy. Some days a part of you wants to disconnect and give up on everything, whilst another part yearns for connection, belonging, purpose, and success. What you really want is to communicate calmly and confidently with loved ones, and to laugh so much more than you do. Let me tell you, that I see you, I hear you—I am you— and your kids love you more than you think. Being mums in business, we are walking a fine tightrope between an independent, successful businesswoman, a loving mother, and a rockstar homemaker. As those roles become blurred, life can feel messy and uncomfortable. We may find ourselves so disconnected from our internal power source, making choices that are externally referenced, and leaving us feeling drained: physically, emotionally, and mentally. It's time to reclaim our power. To accept ourselves wholeheartedly, in all our brilliance and all our messy emotions. We need to learn to be gentle with ourselves, and treat our minds and bodies as if we were our own beloved child. And above all, we must all learn

to accept, respect, love, and trust ourselves. By prioritising time to learn what your needs are and how to meet them, will change your life, and improve your relationships, health and work. Feeling the big emotions is overwhelming and to be honest, despite knowing it’s important and necessary to feel all of your emotions, it can be hard.  Believe me when I say that the more you resist your emotions by pretending—and peoplepleasing—rather than expressing your truth, you may just reinforce feelings of anxiety and further deplete your energy.

I understand that being imperfect can bring up feelings of not being good enough, like you are failing at everything that matters so much to you. But consider the power in modelling imperfection. Maybe our children will learn not to pretend, and will come to us when they’ve failed or made mistakes, and will share their struggles without lying out of shame.

This is what I have learnt on the tricky path of being true to myself: Motherhood and business do not have a blueprint or formula for success. We get to make and follow our own rules for both. Gather information from other mumpreneurs and appreciate their work, but make choices that are aligned to your own values, personality, and circumstances. Life is raw and unpredictable and the only way of being real is to be imperfect.




Mumpreneur Wisdom

Everyone has inner power, it is our birthright and it flows through us.

approval, we become drained—and no one benefits from that.

You must know yourself – your core foundations must be solid; otherwise, it is very difficult to be guided by your inner power.

Despite prioritising my connection to myself and working hard on selfknowledge and awareness, in time, I realised that I also needed to outsource some support within my life and business. I tried to play superwoman and do everything all by myself for a while, but the results were slow. And at times I felt like I was on top things, but it didn't take long before I was playing out the same old patterns.

When we people please, and work hard to avoid disappointing others as well as managing other peoples’ emotions, we become affected by the way other people choose to behave. This can cause feelings of hurt, rejection, anxiety, and frustration and even influence our self-worth— and we all know the ripple effect and cycle of low selfworth. The truth is, no matter how much we try, we have no control over what others feel. As harsh it sounds, you cannot expect to have a successful, authentic business, or be the person you want to be when your externalise your power. ‘Being you' is appreciating your qualities and values and expressing them in your own way. Sometimes, this means being available, and other times it means knowing your limits and expressing a boundary. Not everyone is going to like that, but if we spend our lives over-caring, avoiding conflict, and seeking

I had to let go of the shame of not copying or needing support, as well as the belief that because I’d worked in wellbeing for more than 20 years and knew what to do, that I could do it without help. I needed to let go of the belief that I must be a fraud helping others if I couldn’t even help myself. It was this shift in my mindset that shifted my life. Because we all need support—and I feel so blessed for the people who have helped and continue to assist my growth. I strongly encourage you to spend some time, both journalling and working with someone to identify your values, beliefs, patterns, behaviours, and self-talk.

Become self-aware about what is and isn’t assisting you to live the life you desire, then take inspired action: making more choices that are respecting, loving, and honouring what is important to you.

“To be fully human is to be wild. Wild is the strange pull and whispering wisdom. It’s the gentle nudge and the forceful ache. It is your truth, passed down from the ancients, and the very stream of life in your blood. Wild is the soul where passion and creativity reside, and the quickening of your heart. Wild is what is real, and wild is your home.” ― Victoria Erickson And remember, there is so much power and possibility inside of a paradox. Lisa Entwisle




Mumpreneur Favourites




TURN ON YOUR INNER GUIDANCE SYSTEM Over the past year, I've come to realise that guidance is everywhere and it's there for us always.

contracts that convey messages and teachings on levels we may never fully understand.

It comes in a myriad of forms and our job on the journey to becoming empowered in this lifetime, is to practice and develop the art of listening, because guidance that may be life changingly powerful, could also be so subtle it could be missed if we're not open to it.

We are being guided all the time.

We may receive messages from angels, guides or ancestors, through tarot or oracle card readings, through meditation or prayer or possibly downloads we receive through our varied, personal, spiritual growth and healing practices. We may receive guidance from "random" interactions with people we meet (with a little faith we may see that these interactions are not random at all and more like highly intelligent interactions with sacred

The big question is... Are we open to receiving the messages and do we have the power to listen, to discern, to accept and respond to the intuitive guidance that comes our way? I don't think it's an understatement to say that most of us are actually afraid of being empowered because owning our power means having deep faith, being able to trust and surrender and not tiptoe around what we know we need to do (even if it feels uncomfortable, difficult or even terrifying at times) It may be just a brief, intuitive feeling that is guiding us towards or away from something and we choose to ignore it.

"Oh no, I don't like that guidance... I'm not going to listen to that... I don't want to do that... I think I'll do this instead... This is what I want to do... This is what I'd prefer to do... This is what I really need... This'll be easier." Control. Control. Control. Our lower mind and ego loves to try and control our life. When we shut down the guidance, we shut down our growth and when we shut down our growth we're just going to continue getting the messages (maybe in different forms, from different places or from different people) over and over, until we learn the symbolic lessons that are meant for us to learn. However, as we open to the guidance around us and commit to ourselves, it becomes easier to hear, trust and accept and we start to develop the courage





To be truly empowered, we must surrender control and connect to forces that are greater than ourselves and power to respond without fear of what may happen if we listen deeply. To be truly empowered, we must surrender control and connect to forces that are greater than ourselves. We must learn how to listen and act from a place of deep inner knowing. We don't always know what the universe has in store for us and we're not meant to. It's part of the highly intelligent process of life. A simple and profound way to open up to guidance is to commit to a daily meditation ritual. Just starting with a few minutes a day to get quiet, tune in and simply listen, will help the guidance (and life) ow with more grace. You can meditate anywhere, anytime and for as long as you like (maybe just not behind the wheel) and keep it super simple so you can commit to it and then you can build on it. Just ďŹ nd a place where you can get still and quiet, remove yourself from the distractions of life and start taking slow deep breathes in and out. Getting present as you focus on your breath. With each breath in you expand with inspiration. With each breath out you release the past as you open up to the limitless possibilities of the future.

Maya Morris



Find your style

Developing Your Personal Style with personal stylist Amanda Herron

Most of the time, you want to aim higher than those around you. This doesn’t mean spending a lot of money or wearing a bright colour necessarily, it can be making sure your shirt is ironed, your blazer fits properly, your shoes are in good repair and keeping your hair neat and off your face. It doesn’t hurt to be overdressed, but you certainly will feel if you’re under dressed. Best avoid that feeling all together and carry on with what’s important. Why is it so hard to choose an outfit for a board meeting or pitching to a potential client?

The simple answer – because you care! You care how your audience will see you and naturally, you want to create the right impression. Your appearance shows how much you respect yourself, and the people you will meet with, which is why knowing your audience is crucial.

2 Wear the Right Cut

Even if you spent a truckload of cash on a fancy designer outfit, it wouldn’t matter in the slightest if the cut isn’t right for your silhouette. You may as well have tipped your hard-earned cash into the rubbish bin. Time and time again, I see beautiful women wearing ‘trendy’ clothes, or worse ‘hiding’ in a blouse not right for

1. Know thy Audience

It may sound like a cliché, but ‘dress to impress’ really is what you’re aiming for. You want your potential clients and board room colleagues to believe you are the authority in the room on your topic and are worth listening to. Think about the last meeting you had, how was the best person in the room dressed? Or, consider the last sales pitch where you were successful, what were you wearing and did your client wear something similar?

them. It makes me want to hand them something off the rack, right there and then it would suit them – even enough to burn their original outfit! Your body shape is essential to how you put an outfit to gather! Normally I break it down into 5 body types and there’s a lot of information around each one, however, if you follow these two points, you can’t go wrong.




Find your style

If the cut isn’t right for your silhouette. You may as well have tipped your hardearned cash into the rubbish bin. Firstly, if you’d rather camouflage a

Those are the real-life statistics of how much

particular area of your body, avoid detail in the area (this includes prints, ruffles, frills, bows, shiny fabric, bold colours, jewellery and anything that draws attention) and do not try and ‘hide’ it by adding more fabric. The best way to make your arms invisible is

we wear what’s in our wardrobe. So, let’s talk

to wear skin-tight sleeves or go sleeveless – otherwise, all you will do is add bulk (yes really!).

Buying something new every season because

about that 20% for a minute. If you wear the same items again and again, they ought to be made of good quality fabric and be from reputable companies so that you get maximum mileage from your clothes. the old one ‘wore out’ contributes to the modern controversy of ‘fast fashion’ in our throwaway society.

The second point here is to highlight your favourite body parts with colour, detail and structured clothes rather than flowing ones. For example, if you have great legs, put on a pair of skinny or straight trousers, don’t suffocate them in those wide-leg pants your Mum bought you because she thought they looked ‘nice’ on you. Case in point – use detail to draw attention to the right areas and keep detail to a minimum on areas you’d rather disappeared.

3. Invest in the Basics

Ever find yourself wearing 20% of your wardrobe 80% of the time? Well, you’re not alone!

Again, it’s not about the label or how much you paid for something. My best pair of black pants we $60 from Sportsgirl! Honestly, I had a “what the?” moment the instant I tried them on in the changeroom. I just knew I had found ‘the one’! Looking back now, they were cheap because I can’t even begin to think how much wear I have had from them and when you break it down, it’d be even less than 50c per wear – bargain! The moral to the story: find good quality basics you will wear all the time, and save in the long run.



Find your style

4. Complimentary Colouring

5. Be Yourself

When you ice a cake, wrap a present or even put dinner together, don’t you consider your colour choices? Of course, you do! Even if it’s unconsciously. We all know that using either complementary colours or wildly contrasting hues works in our creative efforts every day, so why is your wardrobe any different?

Your right colours will make you seem lively, energetic, youthful and radiant, especially through the face. In the industry, we call it the ‘spotlight effect’.

In each colour consultation, I work on enhancing the clients’ natural beauty. To do this at home yourself, I encourage you to take the time to look in the mirror, without makeup, with your hair pulled back, and avoid worrying about your supposed imperfections. Get naked, wrap a towel around yourself and have a good look at the women staring back at you in the mirror. Does she have visibly blue veins or green veins under the skin? Can she wear blue-based red lipstick or would orange-reds be more flattering? Does silver jewellery highlight her skin and her eyes, or will gold bring out the best in her? Use the answers to determine if you are a cool or a warm respectively and then take a look at your hair colour, makeup choices and clothing to see if you have picked out the right undertone. It’s best to do this in the morning and use as much natural light as possible for best results. However, it should be reasonably clear you are either a blue-veined, blue/red lipstick, silver wearing siren, or a green-veined, orange/red lipstick, gold wearing goddess. Whichever you are, there’s always more to learn, but I find if you get your undertone correct, you should never look washed out.

Fitting in is hard work. Why not throw away all the pressure and enjoy the comfort of being uniquely you? It’s so much easier. Enter my client, ‘Maree’ who has a love affair with rockabilly style dresses, hair and makeup, but is disguised in a uniform during the week where she feels like ‘just another number’ in a male-dominated industry. So, I encouraged her to embrace who she really is and carry that across to her work life, hoping to make her feel happier and more confident day to day. A couple of months later, she’s wearing little ice cream sundae earrings, rocking her cat wing eyeliner, and has her hair styled up in a ‘do’ for work each day. Her posture has picked up and she’s now more confident than ever. Her sales have increased as a result and people love to strike up a conversation with her about her fabulous style. Maree is unlike anyone else. Our uniqueness is what makes us all so interesting and it is the reason why you should always be content to acknowledge it’s okay to be different. It is 100% okay to dress in a way that expresses who you are and flatters your natural beauty because it’s where the real glow comes from; confidence. So own it.

Amanda Herron





Mumpreneur Favourites




but instead of being immersed in her studies, Caroline found boys and alcohol. And unfortunately, they were the only things that helped her escape her past. Beyond university, Caroline continued to be very successful in her different career paths, and although she interacted with many people, they were oblivious to her It’s another beautiful morning on Australia’s Gold Coast, and the sun is slowly rising over the ocean. As the world wakes for the day, you will find Caroline Bellenger, already up and training her clients—and that’s before she embarks on her own run. Caroline enjoys a morning ritual of coffee and meditation at the beach, before starting her working day at 8 am. It’s been her consistent routine for five years, and it’s this commitment to her fitness—and wellbeing—that has not only helped her achieve her wildest dreams

addiction and her depression—in her own words:

‘I was a highly functioning addict. Despite the chaos in my personal life, I usually managed to control my career, my appearance, and my parenting. Only those closest to me saw past this persona I had created.’

of representing Australia in triathlons, climb to the Mt Everest Base Camp, as well as competing in National Surf Life Saving events, but also helped her to stay focused, keep a strong mindset, and to stay sober … As a young girl, Caroline had experienced more than she should have, and by the age of 17, she moved into the wide world of university …




In April of 2009, Caroline knew that she was going to die, either from her deteriorating health, or her suicidal ideology—that had reached a dark and frightening place. But it wasn’t until she considered putting her own baby up for adoption, that she severed her connection to her life as a high functioning addict. If you’ve ever met Caroline and her son—who is a beautiful, strong, and caring young man who loves his mum—you would understand how integral he has been in helping her to be who she is today. Now, 11 years later—and 11 years sober— Caroline has changed her life. She says that exercise became her saviour; helping her learn the skills to reframe her negative thoughts, to push through her darkest moments, be assertive, stand up for her beliefs and through it all, she found her tribe.

She implements this ideology through her training and programs, and is so proud of her clients, who’ve experienced their own life-changing experiences. ‘I feel an obligation to champion women to cultivate feelings of empowerment by being healthy, both physically and mentally.’ Caroline states. It is a joy and an honour to speak with Caroline, as she shares the journey that led her to where she is today. When asked for three tips for Mumpreneurs who might be experiencing addiction, she gave these wise words:

After quitting her highly successful, high paying job because of workplace bullying, Caroline began working for herself. Today, she is a passionate Life Coach, Motivational Speaker and creator of the Be The Impossible Courses. She also owns and operates a successful boutique gym—Epic Pro Fitness—and shares that is is her goal, is to inspire women to use exercise as a way of managing life’s challenges, just like she did. Caroline shares her disappointment in much of the health and fitness industry, and feels that it encourages poor body image and low self-esteem. But she counters this with her own way for women to love their bodies and regain confidence in their abilities. Caroline is a fiercely passionate advocate against fad diets and unrealistic exercise regimes, and says her preference is to do small changes over time.

Replace your usual drinking time with some physical activity like a walk or bike ride. Talk to someone you trust about how you are feeling. This can be a friend, a counsellor, a stranger, or even a representative from a related community organisation. Don’t judge yourself. Life as a mum can be hard, but there are people who want to support and help you. Caroline Bellenger


Clare Deale is an Intuitive Guide/Mentor, Seer, Medical Intuitive, Energy Worker and

Homeopath. Her abilities in seeing where and how you are blocked are quite profound, the space she holds for you is powerful, sacred and healing. Supporting & guiding people to their awakening and seeing their own infinite light & power is her calling in life. With the combination of her training as an Intuitive Guide with the Institute of Intuitive Sciences and her years of practising as a homeopath and her natural abilities. Her goal in life is to provide the space and support individuals as they remember who they are, with the intention that they go on to live a life that is in flow & alignment with their higher selves. Instructions

Without any judgement or overthinking, ask your questions with the month in mind such as "what would support my growth in February", then close your eyes, tune into your heart and choose an image. Then below you will see a reading for each image as well as corresponding to the month that you are inquiring about. Please note this is for your entertainment only.






Peace is a goal for this month. Make choices to leave discussions or circumstances that are triggering, or overly dramatic, as well as lowvibing, and don’t apologise for it. We can either exponentially grow that which does not serve us, or magnify that which changes our trajectory for the better. Attracting people and experiences that you deserve—that will support you in acknowledging and celebrating this fact as well as accepting it. Finally!

February Until you realise that you are the one holding yourself captive, and holding yourself back from reaching the places—or, more to the point—reaching out to those who can and will support you—there will always be a sense of not being capable, or not being able to meet the mark … no matter what you do. But, it’s a trick of the mind; or programming that has been playing out for such a long time that often you don’t even see it for what it is: simply a part of your being. Finding support, looking for and bringing light to that subconscious programming that has been dominant; telling you it’s this way, when in truth it isn’t. You are ready to change the unimaginable, break the chains of the past, and the belief that it is not for you even—though you crave it. Watch your sugar and stimulant intake. Your body is looking for the sign that you will take care of it, which sets the foundation for success on all levels. Take the word ‘diet’ out of your vocabulary and rather, look at it as conscious eating and conscious living, because that is what it is. Valuing yourself and, understanding and respecting the choices you made, have an impact on your past, present, and future. Joy is as much a choice, as it is circumstantial.

There is clarity around issues/problems that have seemed overwhelming, or that you have believed you would never find a solution to. The reason this occurs, is because of your willingness to take responsibility for your part, to forgive for that which you thought you never could, and to understand, that what we want isn’t always what we need.


Your health needs to be your number one priority this month. Good quality sleep, early nights, hydration, as well as less time in the airconditioning, and more time in nature. Watch your stress levels. Have that massage you have been putting off. See that naturopath, GP, homeopath, healer that you have wanted to call for a while but haven’t got around to. Lingering issues have an opportunity to be greatly shifted for the better. This is the same for the health of your finances; what have you avoided facing. Spending more on your credit card, living beyond your means, etc., then feeling sick about it. The imbalance of power is impacting you greatly. What we ignore gets bigger; what we face lets us see it for what it is and reminds us that we’ve got this! Find that financial advisor, that business consultant, or hire that VA to help you get organised and see what it is that you are dealing with, so that you can move forward. Be clear on what needs your attention and why. Distraction, avoidance, and denial is your subconscious and ego’s way of remaining the same: unchanged.




They are here to guide you to what is for your greatest good, even though the ego may not like it. Your children may also tend to be emotional as there are karmic ties being cut; they are processing it for the family unit. Keep offering them a safe home, and a soft place to land.

February There is so much potential in the air, but with that comes trepidation—and at times overwhelming of all the possibilities —as well as your inner shadows of not being good enough, nor be able to succeed in the way you desire. Take the time, and make a conscious effort to observe your thoughts. Catch yourself in the act of thwarting your own steps into the future of the highest timeline; where flow comes with ease, and you not only see your capabilities, but are also brave and excited to share them with everyone. A culmination, or a connection of two to three people where sparks occur , can help each individual—and as a group, explore profound breakthroughs and insights, with the possibility of agreeing to a partnership. If this is the case, be clear from the get-go. Honesty is essential, even when it is uncomfortable; for you are setting the foundations for your future enterprises. Double- and triple-check your contracts, even leases for new business premises and homes to live in. Trust the unexpected changes.

It is easy to be triggered or angered by their reactions, but, I implore you to find inner patience—support them through this, even if you don’t understand. You are cementing patterns in your relationships, and healing your inner, wounded child.

March Pace yourself. There is so much that can pull you in every direction, making you feel spread far too thin—if you let it. This is an opportunity to set the pace and the rules for this year. Are you going to let the ‘busyness’ of life swallow you whole? Or are you going to prioritise you and your needs and wants above all else? No more being fed up, resentful or exhausted by what others ask of you. They can ask all they want. It doesn’t need you to do or be everything. It’s time to look at what you have allowed—over the years— and agree to that what has insulted your soul, and undervalued your energy and time. Until you value yourself, no one else will. You have those that look up to you; learning from you by what you say, but more importantly by how you act. There is much undoing of family dysfunction and ways of being that left a sense of sadness. It would also be a great idea to get your bloods taken, and have an overall health check to put you in the best footing. PAGE 64 MUMPRENEUR MOVEMENT

April Pleasure is not a sometimes thing, but an essential need of being human. It comes in many ways; through our senses, our choices, our beliefs, our thoughts, our programming. There is so much that is open to reroute and reprogram how it is you feel about yourself, and how it is you have perceived the world and yourself within it. Less worrying about what others think, and more trusting what you feel. Your BS GPS is one of your greatest assets—yet you

February What is it you thought would happen? Why are you disappointed when you knew on some level, great changes were taking

fear, but chances are filled with hope.

place? Your resistance to change has, and does cause you pain and heartache that is unnecessary—and energy draining. The belief that things should pan out this way, and when they don’t, you hook yourself into the pattern of you must have down something wrong—somehow—when you haven’t.

Where is it you have felt hopeless, when in

Why is it always your fault?

rarely use it. This is about trust; trust in yourself and your choices. Frightened of taking risks? The question is: Are they risks or chances you’ve never taken? That it is fear programming. Risks are riddled with

truth you have had the Midas touch? The ability to see and know what no one else does, but are too frightened to say what it is you were thinking; and then regretted it later. Thinking ‘I knew that would happen!’ Now is the time to stand up and trust you above all else; as well as speaking up and asking for the help and support you need. Be specific, if all you want is a sounding board. Be clear with those you are speaking to. Often, it is the getting it out of your head that you gain clarity, where before you were foggy. Strength is not being fearless; it is moving forward in spite of it. You can do this but first you need to take the first step.

Why do you so easily slip into victim mentality, when it takes a collective to make things happen? Sure, you may be part of the problem, but you are always part of the solution. So comfortable looking at the deficit, but resistant to seeing how amazing you are. The attempt to make yourself smaller, when you are being called to expand bigger: energetically, emotionally, mentally. You hold the cards, yet you only reveal two or three, when it would do you well to start to show at least five. Not to everyone, of course, be discerning, but also be brave. You don’t know what you don’t know until you are prepared to put yourself out there. There are great discoveries to be made. When will you put the money on yourself?




March Taking stock of what did and didn’t work last year, will serve you well. There is a tendency to slip into the old groove. Same day, same time. On a deeper level, there is profound boredom with this, where there could be creativity and excitement. Boredom can be a way in which we close ourselves—and our creativity—down. It can be the excuse to remain the same; safe in the ways we have always ‘done’ things. This needs to be acknowledged, celebrated, and respected. You are not who you thought you were; what you once desired and what you desire now, can and will be vastly different at times, and that’s okay. In fact, it is fantastic! It shows you are ready to evolve beyond where you thought possible. Go you! April

A spring clean of your diet is in order. Check what’s slipped into your routine, or those things you are having too much of; perhaps: coffee, sugar, or that extra glass of wine. Look to your support team within your work mentors and VA’s, as well as your health team; GP’s, energy healers, naturopath, therapist, and so on. Being prepared to dig deep—to really see—process and shift that which you have avoided. Your stressors are not always what you take at face value, you need to go much deeper than that. By spending money now, you will save money in the future. As the saying goes ‘prevention is better than cure’. This is on all levels. With bravery comes great rewards. Denial is exhausting and a way to remain hooked in the narrative of your past; and the beliefs that you will not succeed in the way you dream too. Are you ready? Yes you are!





Mumpreneur Favourites


Limited or Limitless

Limited or Limitless

Your Choice


WHAT! How crazy to think I was about to limit myself, based on the limitations of

some new workout wear this morning, and lit up when I saw the words ‘Empowering Women’. I hurried forward, and beyond those words, I could see the appealing fabrics, attractive designs and—as I was about to learn—the

someone else. I needed to remind myself—fast—that the only person I need to empower me – is me. Because

walked into my local shopping centre to purchase

I am the only one who can give myself the authority to make healthy changes. No matter what my current circumstances may be, or what someone else may say.

limited sizes ... as a plus-sized Now, as a mum of six, my woman, I can tell you that it was at that moment that I felt body has gone through many changes over the years. I have anything but ‘empowered’. experienced the satisfaction of I stood looking at those petite being in great shape as a garments, and hardly felt like I competitive dancer; the joy and wonder of being had the power to be a pregnant; as well as the healthier me. And just like heartache and shame of that, my old limiting beliefs being overweight when I snuck in: I felt helpless, even foolish for wanting to exercise. neglected to prioritise my own health and happiness. How dare I even think about changing my habits.

But, as I settle into the rhythms of 2020, I am determined to be a healthier me. And ‘being a healthier me’ includes loving and appreciating the body that has allowed me to experience so many amazing moments in life. How about you? Perhaps—like me—you’ve held yourself back from certain experiences, projects or opportunities because you’re stuck in a place of self-loathing. Maybe it’s the messages you receive from society, peers, or your own negative self-talk that have you stuck in that cycle of fear, disappointment and despair. But just stop yourself for a second and ask yourself: What would it look like if you truly accepted and —maybe even—loved where you are today … on the way to where you want to be tomorrow? What would it feel like to let go of


those moments of shame, guilt or

Could it be, that the very things that we think are

disappointment, and simply substitute them for

holding us back, are—in fact—our own thoughts

gratitude and enjoyment?

used to keep us ‘safe’? After all, if I am not

Recently, a friend of mine shared with me that an upcoming procedure will require her to sport a moon boot for 6 weeks, post-surgery. And instead of feeling sorry for all that gym time she’d be missing out on, she purchased a boxing bag and a pair of gloves to keep herself active

‘empowered’ by a women’s fashion outlet to exercise, I don’t have to step out of my comfort zone to write an article about my own body love … do I? Life is life—there will always be genuine setbacks

during recovery! No complaints. No excuses. She

and moments of disappointment, hurt or

just did it.

injustice that we have to heal from. But, let’s just be sure that we aren’t being held back from

Her ability to see what is possible, rather than the

enjoying the life we long to live, because of our

impossible, really inspires me, and reminds me

own toxic thoughts.

that it’s time we look at out bodies in terms of what we can do, rather than what we can’t—and even going as far as saying that we should be talking about what is right with our bodies, rather than what is wrong with them. As I sit here, considering what I can do— especially when I think about my friend and her boxing gloves—I am left with fewer excuses. I find myself grateful for what my body has accomplished in our lifetime together, and I realise I have plenty of inspiration to draw upon.

This is a call to action: love and appreciate what your body can do, today! And remember, the only person who can empower you to be the healthiest version of yourself, is you.

Tamara Stiller


Unlock your Inner Artist, Unlock your Potential



Unlocking your inner creative and artist can help you unlock more than what you think. In 2015 after suffering from prolonged anxiety triggered by my daughter’s health conditions I found myself struggling to find joy within myself. I had lost myself in putting all of my energy, time and resources in finding alternative ways to help my daughter experience good health. I remember one day I had an idea, I was going to start painting! I told my husband who has been with me since I was 16 said “Tam you can’t paint”, at first I was offended but I knew that is what I always told him and I used to never allow myself to try because I didn’t deem myself as good enough, especially ‘comparing’ myself to my amazingly talented sister, Suellen. I am also glad that he said that as it motivated to prove him wrong, I went online looking for an art course but I wanted something with meaning and as I searched everywhere, I came across a pin on Pinterest showing me a pin I had pinned early that year as it has created a response within me. I wanted to know who the artist was and as I clicked through I came to Willowing arts created by Tamara Laporte who goes beyond just painting but creating with intention, feelings and selfexpression. I feel in love and signed up for her life book course

That then rippled into my life, motherhood and into my business by having the capability to start without having everything perfect, overthinking, stop trying to be over-controlling and allow myself to flow without restricting myself with limiting beliefs. I know when I need to paint which is when I don’t allow myself too, that is when I have gone into controlling/perfection mode. Now I love creating art just for the love of it.

and loved it. It helped me find my spark again and by giving myself permission to create it allowed me to overcome the fear of getting it wrong, perfectionism and being hugely critical of myself.

I didn’t deem myself as good enough, especially ‘comparing’ myself to my amazingly talented sister. PAGE 71 MUMPRENEUR MOVEMENT




She believes that the act of creating art can be a gateway into healing and personal growth – often, her art classes contain an element of self-development as well as learning art techniques. She is deeply devoted to helping people get in touch with their creative fire and would love to help YOU too to get in touch with the artist in you! Tam is the inventor and creator of Life Book a year-long art course that includes some of the most celebrated mixed media and personal development teachers out there. Since its inception, it’s been joined by over 20,500+ people who’ve gained tremendous artistic and personal skills through it. Deeply passionate and caring for the wellbeing of the world and its people, Tam works tirelessly to bring uplifting, nourishing, creative and empowering content to her amazing tribe of over 43,000+ souls.

The first painting that I fell in love with when I started my self-love journey. Image by Tamara Laporte from Willowing Arts

I have her permission to be able to share this class with her and hopefully in the next issue will be able to share more about this talented Mumpreneur who has impacted the lives of thousands! What a ripple!

wrtitten by Who is Tamara? Tamara Laporte (‘willowing’) is a creative catalyst of thousands of beautiful people. She is a celebrated mixed media artist and art teacher who has been running her own creative business since 2008. Her work can be described as ‘mixed media folk art’ with a focus on ‘magical realism’. It ranges from whimsical children’s illustrations to more stylised fantasy art. Love, mystery, innocence, hope, spirituality, kindness and selfconnection inspires her artwork. Symbolism and layering play a big part in her work. Her paintings often contain healing themes, uplifting messages, and inspirational poetry.

Tammie Pike

Free Art class with tamara laporte

Click above to go to the free art class

Products that bring you home to you!


cont'd part 2 Click to go to Part 1 on Page 14 templates to use too. Try them out using Facebook™ Creator Studio.

Feeling overwhelmed?


There’s so much more to be said about leveraging Facebook™ for business. As a Mumpreneur I am grateful for the family of apps and the massive developments that continue to roll out.

4. Leverage Stories.

In a bid to find more ad inventory for businesses, keep an eye on Instagram™ Live. According to Mari Smith who is known in the US as the ‘Queen of Facebook’: Instagram™ stories will increase Facebook™ Ad revenue by 23% this year. Don’t miss this growth opportunity. Whether on Facebook™ or Instagram™,

Example of how Facebook™ AI delivers targeted ads. The AI knows which image to serve to the right person.

stories work well to engage your audience.

The Facebook™ ad shows an older woman and the

Just in the same way that the Facebook™

packaging shows a young Mum. It is the same

ads that appear as close to a normal newsfeed, authentic posts are more

product. Image courtesy of Mari Smith and Ginny Adair, 2020.

relatable and convert best with stories. Fans

We didn’t have time here to talk about how

are notified when you ‘go live’ and can sense

to leverage Facebook’s incredible targeting AI

the real person behind the story. We call

(artificial intelligence) or how the algorithm

these ads ‘native ads’. There’s no need to be

works, or the many ways to create engaging

perfect before you hop in front of the

content and deliver it to custom audiences.

camera, just plan to use it the functions.

There is so much more coming from Facebook™, including Voice and AR

Here’s a few tips for getting your story on

(Augmented Reality), interoperability of


messaging and content sharing between the

Keep moving around, it’s more

family of apps—Facebook™, Instagram™,

entertaining than sitting dead still

WhatsApp™ and Messenger—on-platform

Allocate time to getting it done – 10

purchasing, as well as Facebook’s digital

minutes a week is all you need


Outdoor settings are more engaging No sunglasses. People will trust you less if

Mark Zuckerberg spoke on the future of

they can’t see your eyes

Facebook™, and described what he plans to

Natural lighting is best or ‘white’ light

build—which I include here to encourage

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A managed service can get you far better results, and achieve them in a much shorter time than a DIY strategy. A good agency offers support and a creative strategy that is tailored to your outcomes— while focusing on doing it profitably. Our agency, Beyond Points, is different to most agencies. We started out using

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Ready to fuel your business growth?

Sue Prentice

Beyond Points If you have big goals for 2020 and your brand is set to scale, spending months understanding how to get the best from the platform yourself may NOT be the smartest way to go. When I look back on my Mumpreneruial journey, I found the most growth for my business when I could find a reliable partner to take some of the work off me. This just made more sense as I could focus on running my business as well as new opportunities getting and following more leads.


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