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News from your Editors Welcome Denise and I would like to wish all our readers a very happy Christmas and a great 2021. We both hope that this next year will see Australia returning to normal after the corona pandemic. Thanks We would like to thank the following members for their help with our news magazine: • John Goddard for his clever poetry. Who knew he writes poetry? • Jim Woodward for the excellent pieces on Egon Mikolajczyk and Greg Boyd. We now know a bit more about these interesting characters • Brian Lucas for his on-going help with our news magazine • All our other contributors who write reports and those members who send me funny stories from the internet. Special thanks to Trevor Orton, Di McGivern, Wendy Flack, Alan Rolls, Barry Stewart, Mike Berecry, Ian Wittber, Ken Giles, Brian Staples, Shona Carter and Alex Third • Jan Paniperis who spends three to four hours proof reading our draft before it goes to the printer. She is very good at finding misspellings, grammatical and punctuation errors. How we communicate with members Over the last few years, we have worked hard to make sure members know what is happening in and around their Club. Some messages are intentionally duplicated across different platforms, as our members access information using a wide range of mediums, depending on their preference and the type of information they want to know. The following communication channels are used:


Our Club Website This contains a lot of information for both members and prospective members. There are links covering darts, croquet, bowls, entertainment and previous newsletters, as well as facility hire, membership options and details about the Club in general. A new section under What’s On (called “Around our Club”) has been added by Wendy Flack, our Web Master. This includes news stories about our members and current results of Club bowling events. The website also includes information on our Sponsors, Constitution and By-laws, as well as other interesting links to Pennant results and Bowls WA etc. If you have missed a monthly e-Newsletter or Quarterly News magazine you will also find a copy on our website. And if you can’t find what you need, there’s a handy search option at the top of the website – just enter a keyword to find what you’re looking for! Our Quarterly News Magazine This is for more leisurely reading as it contains a lot of information and photos focussed on historical happenings, topical and funny subjects. In this magazine you’ll find more detailed reports of accounts and events. Please note that at times there may be some repetition of information and photos that have been on our Facebook page or in the e-newsletters. The Quarterly News Magazine can be accessed online but is also provided in a hard print version, perfect for reading over a cuppa. Emails These contain targeted and abridged information for specific audiences (e.g. Pennant players, Recreational bowlers etc.) and are managed by Pauline Marsden, working with Chairs of Selection, Match Committees and the Governing Council. Wendy Flack has arranged for these to be personalised so you will see your name appearing at the top of the email.


Our e-Newsletters These come in two versions, weekly and monthly. The weekly e-Newsletter features latest news, reminders and what is coming up in the immediate future. The monthly e-Newsletter is sent at the beginning of each month and includes future events and activities that require registration and longer-term planning, along with more general news and announcements. We also try and let members know about other members and to acknowledge their achievements. Both formats of the e-Newsletter include links back to our website where more details are available on a topic. Our Facebook pages Facebook appeals to users of all generations but 62% of Facebook users are between 18 and 34. So hopefully this will attract some “younger” members! Ian Lucas does a great job making sure photographs of our social and other activities get posted regularly, along with photos and links back to news stories on our website. We have many Facebook followers from other clubs, as well as people who have used our facilities in the past, all wanting to keep up with what’s happening at Sorrento. Being “top of mind” to these followers gives us an opportunity to promote ourselves as the friendly and active club. Posters Members should also watch the notice boards for up to date information. As you can imagine, managing all these different forms of communication requires a “hub” and that is overseen by Pauline Marsden. With collaboration and communication amongst the team, we’re working together to deliver to our members.


I really enjoy reading our Quarterly Magazine, published by a superb team led by Neville and Denise Odell. The planning and execution is spot on. What I most enjoyed about the July “Blue Skies” edition was the inclusion of humorous and different topics at the expense of articles related to bowls, croquet and darts. While I appreciate we are a sporting (?) club, there will always be a need for all members to read a wide range of articles and their accompanying photos. Maybe the fortnightly e-newsletter could deal more with the sporting aspects and leave the Quarterly magazine to a wider range of topics? Just a thought. – Graeme May


I think times are starting to change in our winter 2-4-2 competition. I will tell you why. I was talking to one of our top lady bowlers and mentioned that some of the higher division bowlers are paired up with lower division bowlers and they are either winning or having a really good game. She then told me that she had seen something very encouraging on the green next to her. Two top division bowlers, John Goddard and Ian Linford, had drawn two lower division players. They immediately suggested swapping partners to have a fairer game. This was agreed and all four players had a great afternoon in a closely competed game. This is fantastic and shows that it is not all about the money and that we are all getting together and enjoying each others company. A change in culture? I hope so! Finally a big thank you to the organisers of our winter Wednesday afternoon games. – Shona Carter

Some more “Did you hear/know” Did you hear that the “hot shot” Nominated Pairs team of Colin Jasper and Paul Kain, lost only two games over a two year period? The only teams that managed to beat them over this period were Barry Stewart /Peter Snow and Ross Cunningham/John Goddard? (PS: Colin was a bit hesitant about us publishing this information as he fears “having a target on his back.”) Did you know that you may suffer from Cenosillicaphobia? This is the fear of an empty beer glass. Many of us have felt the chill of a depleted pint glass after missing last orders, but fear of an empty beer glass is apparently a genuine phobia. Did you know that there is a lady bowler who has had four “husbands”? In a recent game at Osborne Park she told us that she calls them the “four Ds”. When asked why she said she Divorced the first, the second Died, the third was Deported and the fourth is now her De facto husband, She said that she has told him that if he misbehaves she will cut his “family jewels” off! (Note: She said we could publish this useful bit of information.) Did you hear that Rob Tozer tried to mark a toucher with a Panadol? He thought this pill was a piece of chalk! It is understood that although he was unable to mark the toucher he got “rapid relief” from the Panadol. Did you know that over the last three years Brian Lucas has raised $100000 in various grants that he has applied for on behalf of our Club? These grants take a lot of time to prepare and justify and on behalf of all our readers we thank Brian for what he has achieved. Did you know that our Assistant Bar Manager, Debbie Goldsmith and



her hubby Dave went east of Leonora (“the middle of nowhere”) on a “Pirates Gold Prospector Tour”? They found nine little nuggets in crushed rock. They panned the crumbs and turned them into a small “nuggie”. Their ten pieces had a total weight of 2.8g. They won a $50 prize for finding the treasure hunt prize. Debbie tells us it was good fun but not something she would want to do full time. Did you know that players failing to hand in their cards at the end of a match are the bane of Match Committees, making it very difficult to quickly determine and award the winners? Recently, Trevor Orton (former Men’s Match Committee Chair) forgot to hand his in one Saturday. Not to be outdone, Lee Leach (Women’s Match Committee Chair), on the following Wednesday, forgot to hand both her and her opponent’s card in! Did you know that, one of our Patrons as well as one of our Sponsors, Tony Krsticevic MLA is not only the Member for Carine he is the Opposition Whip in the Legislative Assembly; Shadow Minister for Community Services; Youth; Special Shadow Minister for Homelessness; Cost of Living; Housing; Shadow Minister Assisting the Leader in Citizenship and Multicultural Affairs. Not sure what he does in his spare time or how this all fits on his business card! Did you know that two members of the “Kiwi Dream Team” (pictured alongside), that played in the Men’s Club Fours Championship, actually played rugby together at the Marist Rugby Club in Wanganui in 1977? Recently, on looking back at some old rugby photos, Ross noticed that Kevin McKersey and himself had been in the same team! What are the chances of that happening? It really is a small world!


Around Our Club

Debbie Goldsmith, Alan “Dreads” Walton and his brother Greg celebrating Dreads’ birthday

Moira Dean celebrating her 80th birthday on 19 September. Guests were in 1940s costumes

Kevin Scammell and Beth McCormack celebrating Kevin’s 90th birthday with the social Michelle Goddard and Colin bowlers and Hilary Jasper at the Bowls WA Presentation evening

Guess Who?This photo was taken in about 1981/2. Answer on page 56

Barbara and Juris Lorencs also at the Bowls WA Presentation evening 11

Did you hear that in a Thursday winter pop stick game when a team of three played a team of four? Glenn McCarthy, Brian Staples and Neville Odell managed to concede a NINE. They were eight shots down to a “hot shot” team (consisting of Rob Tozer, Alex Third, “Squizzy” Taylor (the notorious gangster) and Colin Bangs) when Glenn decided to drive and managed to take their only bowl out of the head. The good news was that in spite of dropping a nine they managed to win enough ends to qualify for the first prize. Did you know that our Volunteer Co-ordinator, Ken Giles, hand made new chalkboard erasers for all our score boards? The old ones were really looking tatty and did not work too well so well done Ken! Did you know that some scientists undertook a study to investigate how lawn bowlers interpret different estimates of probability? It seems bowlers consider “unlikely” to be more likely than “little chance”, but less likely than “improbable”; which in turn is seen as less likely than “likely” and even more unlikely than “probable”. However “probable” is seen as less likely than “very good chance”, “highly likely” or “almost certainly”. So when a Skipper calls you to play an impossible shot don’t feel bad when you miss everything!! Did you hear that the Sorrento team of Wayne Gray, Brian Self, Kath Harris and Brian Lucas played in the Exmouth Carnival? Sources tell us that Brian Lucas and Wayne Gray returned to Coral Bay, forgetting to take their bowls with them, and then had to go back to Exmouth to collect them. It’s tough getting old!


Did you hear that a champion lawn bowler could be awarded more than $1 million after successfully suing his club over a barbecuing mishap? Kraig Dann’s hand was left severely burnt after the fat from a barbecue overflowed and caught fire at a bowls club in Tasmania. He said he was burnt when he tried to stop the fire spreading. He sued the club for failing to provide safe barbecue equipment, safety gear and instructions in fire preparation. Did you know that if you Google “best bowling club Perth” the first on the listing is SORRENTO? Did you know that the task of “giving us our daily bread” on Pennant days rests with our tireless sandwich volunteers? Each player receives one round of delicious sandwiches. The Saturday duties are performed by Bev Carrigy, Emily Dunn and Trish McCarthy. Thursdays sees a roster of four ladies drawn from Marilyn Baker, Nora Giles, Shelley Gray, Pip Lucas, Val McIntosh, Helen O’Brien and Mary Rolls. Sue Hogan spends countless hours purchasing ingredients and preparing for the Thursday sandwich making. COVID-19 brings about a new challenge as all the ladies must be certificated by passing a COVID-19 Hygiene Course. Thank you, ladies, for a job well done. Did you hear about when Johnny Webb (Nollamara B.C.) was looking for some vinegar to put on his fish and chips he accidentally pick up the bottle of hand sanitiser and sprinkled it all over his chips and then wondered why they tasted a bit strange? At least he was COVID Safe. Did you hear what a Selector once said to Jeff Thomson? Jeff remembers these words of wisdom which were as follows: “Please do not confuse your capabilities with your ambition”


Did you know that last season Sorrento bowlers did very well in the State Over 60s? Colin Jasper and John Goddard were joint third in Men’s Pairs and then teamed up with Geoff Murray to win the Men’s Triples. In the Women’s Pairs Barbara Lorencs and Trish Cunningham won the Women’s Pairs. Nerrida Porteous and Lee Leach teamed up with a lady from North Beach and won the Women’s Triples. Well done! Did you hear that Rhett Butler has renamed our Men’s Veteran Championship Singles (for the over seventies) as the Defibrillator Singles? When Rhett was sitting in the Club talking bowls with the boys, Bruce Eagles entered the Club and a fellow bowler approached Bruce and shook his hand and said “Well done on your singles win”. Someone then said “What singles was that?” And before Bruce could reply Rhett said “He won the Defibrillator Singles on Wednesday!” After a few seconds of silence Bruce said “What did you call it – The Defibrillator Singles – what was first prize – your own personal defrib? Everyone had a good laugh whilst Rhett picked up Bruce’s jaw from the ground. – Neville and Denise Odell

President’s Report


t is without doubt that 2020 has been challenging and demanding for us all. In February, our Club was performing above expectations, both on and off the greens. Then something that no one could have predicted, the virus COVID-19 hit Perth. This pandemic threatened the health and well-being of our members, family, and friends, along with the ongoing financial viability of the Club. Fortunately, because of the sound financial position at the time and the speed at which restrictions were eased, the Club emerged in good shape. Although the Club is still in COVID-19 compliance the good


times returned. Bowls and Croquet attracted many members back on the Greens and Courts. The social aspect has returned, and a high number of members are frequenting the Club, and many private events are held on a weekly basis. Our Strategic Plan Continuing to Thrive through 2025 has stood us in good stead, guiding our direction and development, which has led to our justifiable reputation as the Best Bowling Club in Western Australia. All members should be made aware that running a Club the size of Sorrento is a complex business. Fortunately, over the years we have built a healthy contingency fund, allowing us to come out of COVID-19 restrictions in a good and sound financial position. Our new contemporary bar and management system, installed in May, has shown that the Club’s actual membership has grown to an amazing 930. Members will have noticed major upgrades to the bar and clubhouse with new furniture, security systems, technology, painting, and lighting and the addition of our Alfresco area adjacent to the B.B.Q. area. It was extremely satisfying to see the return of the Men’s Saturday Premier Division. The promotions of the Women’s Tuesday Division 1 White and Men’s 1st Division Blue were well deserved. Our Croquet members are a very resilient group who have been admirable in supporting the GC through these turbulent times. They were just as excited as the bowlers to get back onto their courts although while their courts are being renovated they are having to play on the soccer field. The City of Joondalup have approved the Community Sports and Recreational Facility Funded (CSRFF) grant application to increase


the size of E-Green, install a synthetic surface and to erect lighting. Sorrento would still have to fund one third of this $460,000 project. It needs to get approval from the State Department of Sport and Recreation and we envisage this decision to be handed down in December 2020. Again a big thank you goes out to our volunteers, whom without their support and commitment our Club would not have survived. Our Pennant season for both Men and Women and State and Club Championships is well under way. Good luck to all who have committed to play in these events. It is great to see our members out on the bowling greens and croquet courts and enjoying themselves once again. To come out of 13 weeks of isolation with the unknown future of what happens next shows just how resilient our members are. This year many members, family and friends will experience a vastly different festive season. Some will not be able to celebrate Christmas with their family as has happened previously. Therefore on behalf of the Governing Council I would like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas. Hopefully 2021 will allow us the opportunity to be able to visit relatives and friend both interstate and overseas. Stay Safe, Strong, and Wise. – John Abercrombie

Men’s Match Committee Report First Dash for Cash Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the first Dash for Cash, sponsored by SAFEWAY SECURITY SCREENS was not held until Saturday 25 July. Eighteen teams converged on our Club in cool and breezy conditions. Play commenced at 10:00am, and despite one brief rain


Winners of first Dash for Cash: From left to right Tim Murray Mal Burton, Barry Bradshaw (our Sponsor) Shane Rixom and Pat Murray

Winners of second Dash for Cash: From left to right Leith Oldham, Sean Nevin, Peter Flack and Rhett Butler

Thank you to the ladies who provided our teas and lunch – Jan Cook, Wendy Saul, Coral Smith, Carmel Hyde, Pauline Bourne, Liz Marshall Thanks to Trevor Orton and Lorraine Hyde. Missing from who once again with the the photograph are Shelley Jeffs, Jan help of Anne made sure Siney, Anne Orton, Kaye Martin and the results were correct Fran Bracknell


interruption, all four 11-end matches were completed in good time. A number of welcome players from Quinns, Wanneroo, North Beach, Manning, Osborne Park and Bedford supplemented the Sorrento members. Three teams achieved the maximum four wins, so the number of shots up was used to determine the place getters. All winners are shown below. • 1st: Mal Burton, Pat Murray, Tim Murray and Shane Rixom with 4 wins +39 shots (Pictured on the previous page looking very happy!) • 2nd: Frank Tyson, Leith Oldham, Peter Flack and Rhett Butler with 4 wins +33 shots • 3rd: Brian Hogan, Murray Newman, Peter Snow and John Goddard with 4 wins +28 shots • 4th: Bob Steven, Jeff Thomson, Dan Greig and Mike McGeehan with 3 wins +26 shots. Note from your Editor: This team consisted of three Scots and an honorary Scot (who claims his grandparents were Scottish). They did very well losing only one game by one shot. • Morning: Brian Kiely, Mike Carrigy, Craig Grisbrook, Alan Walton by + 11 shots • Afternoon: Brian Saul, Ian Linford, Scott Walker, Lee Such by +16 shots • Round 1: Paul Bradshaw, Barry Bradshaw, Ric Munt and Bruce Eagles by +8 shots • Round 2: Neville Odell, John Collishaw, Ian Wittber and Trevor Orton by +10 shots • Round 3: Matt Sharratt, Colin Campbell, Ross Cunningham and Chris Lander by + 9 shots • Round 4: Matt Dragicevich, Ian Watson, Steve Lambert, John Carlsen Thanks again to SAFEWAY, to the team co-ordinated by Jan Cook


who provided the morning tea and delicious lunch (pictured below), and to Anne Orton who assisted with scoring. Second Dash for Cash Rhett Butler led his side to a commanding win in the second, and final 2020 SAFEWAY SECURITY SCREENS Dash(es) for Cash. Rhett, with Peter Flack, Leith Oldham and Sean Nevin won all four of their matches and achieved a commanding +43 shot winning score. They started with a narrow 2-shot victory, but followed up with 16, 14 and 11 shots margins in their next three matches. Also winning their four matches, and finishing runners-up were the Yokine team of Juris Lorencs, Barry Gartrell, Terry Needs and Jeff West with a +14 shot differential. Third place was taken by Mick Martin, Frank Tyson, Phil (Spider) Webb and Glenn McCarthy, while fourth place was filled by Greg Taylor, Steve Draper, Jim Welch and Steve Mortimer whose teams were among seven teams who won three of their games. The weather was partly cloudy and cool, but the 22 teams all enjoyed the four 11-end match format. What was particularly welcome was the number of visiting teams from Quinns, Yokine, Nollamara and even a couple of players from North Beach, Morley and Bassendean. Even a team from Bruce Rock participated in this month’s event, proving that this event is gaining wide appeal. In total, 28 of the 88 bowlers who took part were from other clubs. The “lark” prize for the early two rounds was won by the Bruce Rock boys that included one of our former members, Aaron Zis and the “owl” prize for the later rounds was won by Alan Gallagher, Allan Davis, the very-recently-retired Ross Cunningham, and Chris Lander. Round prizes were also awarded for the day.


Trevors Carpets Masters Mixed Fours

Runners up



The organisers were approached by our sponsor, SAFEWAY SECURITY SCREENS to appeal to teams to have a wider spread of abilities in their teams in future, and this be emphasised for future Dash for Cash events, as we commence our second decade of this popular event. The day was a great success, and thanks go to all who helped. Particular thanks goes to Anne Orton who once again assisted with the scoring, and to the team of volunteers coordinated by Jan Cook who again furnished the morning tea and lunch. Trevors Carpets Masters Mixed Fours Thanks again to generous support from Trevors Carpets, the second edition of this event was conducted on 27 and 28 September. Thirty-two teams entered: the same as last year: and a blind draw was conducted on the day to form eight sections of four teams. The eight section winners progressed to the second day’s knock-out matches. A total of nineteen players from Sorrento took part, with several in “composite” teams with members from other clubs. Players from as far afield as York and Northam participated. A very strong field was in attendance, with many State squad and State Champions present. The weather was cool, cloudy and even a couple of passing showers which interrupted play made the playing conditions challenging. The greens still ran at a respectable 12-13 seconds, and no complaints about the greens were heard. Three matches of 15 ends were played on the first day, with a light served lunch after the first match. Two teams comprising four Sorrento players and one containing three current Sorrento players progressed through to the knock-out stages. Former Sorrento member Brad Ball, with Pauline Bourne, Lee Leach and Chris Lander were narrowly eliminated 12-13 by William TePania’s rink in the quarter-finals. Bruce Eagles, with Jackie Maxwell, Coral Smith and Murray Hulbert were beaten by the second-last bowl which trailed the jack into the ditch in their semi-final match against the eventual winners. However Shane Loftus, with Liz Marshall, Robyn


Van Mosseveld and Peter Flack made it through to the final by comfortably beating last year’s winning Skipper, Cody Packer 17-7. In the final, the Loftus team were ahead 8-7 after the 11th end of the 15-end final, but dropped six shots on the 12th end, leaving them not enough ends to recover and lost the final 10-15 to the winners, who were Blake Nairn, Brad Gillingham , Shari Solly and former Sorrento player Lee Bunney. Thanks to all who played and to the small army of volunteers who once again contributed to the outstanding success of this event. Men’s Veterans Singles

Men’s 100-Up

The Men’s Veterans Singles Championship final was held in October. Defending champion Bruce Eagles defeated Stan Van Mosseveld in the first semi-final, while Allan Davis defeated Lindsay Baker in the other semi. In the final, Bruce started strongly and surged to an 18-4 lead but Allan fought back to then trail 22-13. However, the gap was too much to bridge and Bruce won the final 25-15. Well done! The finals of the Men’s and Women’s 100 Up Championships were played on the same day in mid October. While the breeze did its best to redirect bowls later in the afternoon, there were some close games during the day. The final was between Murray Hulbert (who had defeated Stan Van Mosseveld in his semifinal) and Peter Flack (who had defeated Phil Webb). Murray got off to a great start


Winners: Handicap Triples Helen Teasdale, Jan PowerTuke and Barbara Lorencs

Runners up: Women’s Handicap Triples: Wendy Flack, Lee Leach and Denise Odell Sorrento at Innaloo: Jeff Thomson, Murray Hulbert, Kerry Hutchinson, Lesley Hughes, Lee Leach, Coral Smith, Jan Power-Tuke and Jan Paniperis

Divorced Pairs Left: Winners: Coral Smith and Peter Flack Right: Runners up: Allan Davis and Jan Paniperis


but Peter quickly caught up. A couple of strong ends by Murray gave him a 10 point lead, eventually winning the final 100-90. Everest of Bowls 2020 Due to generous (but anonymous, by request) sponsorship, a qualifying event for the Everest of Bowls was held at Sorrento.. Twenty players entered, and play got under way on 26 September, but had to be abandoned due to rain. Play resumed on the following Thursday but again could not be completed. The final between Greg Taylor and Steve Mortimer was ultimately played in early October. After an early tight tussle, Steve established a run of three consecutive scoring ends to set up a 17-10 win. Steve then competed in the event at Dudley Park in Mandurah on 8 October. This major event, attracted 128 entrants from around the State and consisted of 16 sections of four. Steve was eliminated in the sectional play. Nevertheless, he is to be congratulated for his efforts, as are all who took part. Congratulations to Rhett Butler who bowled his way into a quarter final against Shane Knott on the fourth and final day. After Shane (the eventual runner up) got an early lead, Rhett fought his way back to eventually go down 16-21 in a great game. Jackie Maxwell was one of only 11 women entrants in the event and also won her sec-


tion on Day 1. Having to wait until Day 3 for her second section draw, she was up against Hailey Packer, Blake Nairn and last year’s winner Russell Bates, with Blake winning the section. – Trevor Orton

Women’s Match Committee Report Women’s Handicap Triples In July the Women Pennant bowlers played their annual Handicap Triples event. This had been scheduled for April but due to restrictions in place because of COVID-19 we had to cancel the game. It is always a pleasure to play in this event meeting up with new team members from different divisions. The weather was perfect, and as usual our greens were in great condition. We played one game of 15 ends in the morning, had an hour for lunch then out on to the green again for our second game. It was a very enjoyable day for all who took part, especially as it brought our women bowlers together again after the re-opening of the club. The winners were Jan Power-Tuke, Barbara Lorencs, and Helen Teasdale. Lee Leach, Denise Odell, and Wendy Flack were runners up with Pauline Marsden, Shirley Palmer, and Carmel Hyde in third place and Pauline Bourne, Jan Siney, and Carol Ford in fourth. We would like to thank the Club for donating $300 towards our prize money and this enabled us to have four winning teams. Well done to all who took part, we look forward to doing it again next season Sorrento Success at Innaloo In June two teams from Sorrento played in the Innaloo six week winter Pennant mixed competition. Unfortunately, the response from other clubs was poor and we were asked to find another four players to make up a composite team as this would allow the competition to


go ahead. Since we had additional players we were able to assist. The final line up was North Beach, Innaloo, Sorrento, and the Composite team (Innaloo and Sorrento) competing for the trophy, each team comprising 8 players. This event was seen as a great opportunity to play against other clubs on a synthetic green also for us to take in some Pennant games and give us a taste for our upcoming new season of Pennants starting this October. The Sorrento teams started off the tournament well with a first week win over Innaloo. By the end of the fifth week we were unbeaten and were on track to win the competition. Our final game started off with North Beach taking the lead in the first two ends. Sorrento never faltering kept their steadiness and took charge of the game from then on, both Sorrento teams holding on to the aggregate to win the last game and end the competition unbeaten. I would like to thank the players who signed to take part and the players from Sorrento who agreed to play in the composite. Over the 6 weeks, we did have to call upon some substitutes and I would say thank you to these players for stepping up to play when needed. Thank you to Innaloo for hosting this event, hopefully next year more clubs will register to play in what was a very enjoyable experience. Mixed Handicap Triples Saturday 19 September we played our annual Mixed Handicap Triples. Twenty-four teams in club uniform took part in this event which was sponsored by Duncraig Plumbing It was a somewhat difficult game



for most with the weather conditions bringing high winds and the occasional shower making it an effort to control the direction in which your bowl would take on its journey towards the jack. Lots of groans as well as laughter throughout the greens as we watched each other’s attempt to get it right tackling the blustery winds. Despite the weather, our bowlers continued on and we all finished our 2 games of 12 ends. Weather aside it was an enjoyable afternoon and at the finish everyone gathered in the welcoming heat of the Club rooms for a well-earned drink. Winners on the day with 28 shots up were Peter Snow, Barry Stewart and Carol Ford. Runners up were Stan Van Mosseveld, Robyn Van Mosseveld, and Steve Platt. Thank you to our Sponsor Duncraig Plumbing. We all appreciate your donation towards the prize money. Divorced Pairs This was our first game of the new season and was held on Wednesday 30 September. We thank our sponsor for the day – Eyes On Optometrist (Gary Scheckter) for their donation towards the prize money. There was great turn out with three full greens and 72 players. The weather was kind to us and the greens were running beautifully considering the amount of rain we had the day before the event. Instead of our usual drawing of teams prior to the game, we made it a Blind Draw so everyone arrived at their rinks not knowing who their opponents would be. There were some smiles and some groans but everyone happy to be out on the greens. The format for the day was two games of 14 ends. We played the first game in the morning then took a break for lunch before heading back out onto the greens for our


second game. Prizes were awarded to: √ Overall winners – Peter Flack and Coral Smith with 4 points for their two wins and a combined score of 37 shots up √ Runners up with four points for two wins and combined score of 32 shots up were Allan Davis and Jan Paniperis √ Am winners Ross Cunningham and Kaye Martin + 35 shots √ Pm winners Trevor Orton and Lee Leach + 28 shots Congratulations to the winners for a great day of bowls. We finished off with a delicious BBQ of hamburgers and salad this was organised by Ian Lucas and cooked by Alan Susta, and Glenn and Trish McCarthy. Thank you to all of them for their efforts. This contributed to a great day at our Club. Women’s 100-Up The format was sectional with 17 players making up five sections of three and one section of two. A lovely October day under blue skies made it perfect with the greens running well. After an alignment round and some close games the four semi-finalists were Pauline Bourne, Lee Leach, Liz Marshall, and Pauline Marsden . In the first semi Pauline Bourne and Lee traded points on the first few ends until around the 9th end when Pauline took the lead and this continued until the 15th end when Lee caught up, bringing the score to 86 to 84. Both players continued playing well and a very close finish saw Pauline Bourne going on to the finals. The match between Liz Marshall and Pauline Marsden started off being close but Liz carried on her good form from the morning and went ahead in the game to win a place in the final against Pauline Bourne.


The finals started off with both players scoring five all in the first end. Liz took the lead in the next end but did not stay in front for too long as Pauline scored a couple of nines in the next few ends to put her in front. As the breeze grew a bit stronger both ladies bowled well but Pauline managed to stay in front for the rest of the match giving her the 100 Up Trophy for 2020. Congratulations to both Pauline and Liz pictured alongside. Women’s Veterans Singles There will be a full report on the event in the next edition – Lee Leach

Some of our Volunteers in Action The Rubber Gang

Did you know that some of our volunteers have been very busy? Skippered by Kevin Coffey and assisted by Peter Crow, Denis Croker, Danny Condon, Colin Bangs, Steve Bomford, Frank Bomford, Glenn


McCarthy, Murray Newman, Colin Jasper, Bob Jeffs, Ross Cunningham, Evan Cosh, Peter Snow, Brian Collins, Terry Parker, Roland Gee and Alan Walton. These guys, over several weeks, had to replace the frame work holding the rubber and then fit new rubbers. This job was done with great precision and saved our Club a lot of money. Well done Guys! A special word of thanks to Kevin Coffey who spent many hours organising and coordinating this major project. Kevin has also been running our Friday evening Joker Jackpot for nearly eight years. We are indeed lucky to have members like Kevin and others in our Club. One of our Croquet Volunteers The Sorrento Croquet Club is like any other Club as there is always something which needs repairing or replacing. Well they have a volunteer by the name of Terry Craddock. In the winter he spent about twenty eight hours fixing and repairing different things. Well done Terry! I am sure Kerry has got a list of more jobs for you to do! (See Croquet Report for more information on this Volunteer.) Shade Cloth Special thanks to all the volunteers who helped put up the shade cloth.


Our Scrutineers I would also like to thank Frank Bomford, Tony Friedlieb, Denis Croker, Allan Gallagher and Terry Parker who supervised the voting prior to our AGM in August. – Ken Giles

Opening Day 2020/21


t was a pleasure to participate as Women’s Captain along with the Men’s Captain John Godfrey in the official opening of our 2020/21 season. The opening speeches were made by our President John Abercrombie and Patron Tony Krsticevic, followed by the presentation of trophies to all our very worthy Champions from last season, bowlers and croquet players. Congratulations to you all and to our Bowlers of the Year Pauline Marsden and Murray Hulbert. What an amazing year you both had – well done. Our patron, Mayor Albert Jacob addressed us before we headed outside for our opening of the greens and annual photo shoot. Eighty eight special guests, life members and members all shared in a delicious buffet catered for by Rimondos. The only dampener on the day was the weather but fortunately we were able to play a game and part of another before being called off


the greens. The end result was the women’s team have bragging rights until next season. I would like to thank all those that helped in the setting up and running of the day (there are so many of you). A special mention to the croquet ladies who made the magnificent morning tea. We are so lucky to have such dedicated volunteers in our Club, Thank you to Pauline Marsden for your assistance in putting all the procedures in place. John Godfrey and I share similar goals and values, going forward we each aspire to work together as a united club and for every member whether they be bowlers, croquet, darts or social members to feel valued and respected. On and off the greens this will be a very successful year. Stay well, good luck and good bowling. – Jan Cook

Getting to Know Our Members


uckily for Sorrento Bowling Club, Jan Power-Tuke doesn’t like being stuck in traffic! It was the “driving” force behind her departure from Manning Bowling Club (a club she loved) in 2019 when looking for a new Club a little closer to home. In her first season at Sorrento, Jan skippered in Tuesday pennants for the 1 Green North side, helping them to promotion to 1 White for this season. Jan’s first sporting love has always been golf. Growing up in New South Wales as part of a golfing family, it was no surprise when she


began playing at the age of 11. When work took her to London she also discovered squash and sailing and enjoyed both as often as possible during her time there. Work and family combined to bring her to WA where she picked up her golf again, playing Saturday Pennants for Royal Perth Golf Club. But work commitments started to place restrictions on her time, so Jan looked for another challenge. When a friend suggested trying bowls, she jumped at the chance and hasn’t looked back. Jan is a dental technician, running her own business. While in Sydney, she also worked making acrylic and glass eyes for a private laboratory, which she found extremely fulfilling. Outside of work and sport, Jan loves to dance. She helps teach Rock’n’Roll, Swing and Line dancing at Hillarys Yacht Club and enjoys Ballroom too. A true creative, Jan drew a self-portrait in place of supplying a photograph! She has also completed courses in kinesiology, reflexology and massage to understand how her body and mind work, which helps her immensely in all her sporting activities. Jan is a vivacious, friendly new member with a heart of gold – a wonderful addition to the Sorrento Bowling Club. – Wendy Flack

Pauline’s Leek, Bacon and Lentil Soup


t a Dash for Cash luncheon Pauline Bourne provided a delicious leek bacon and lentil soup and she has agreed to share the recipe.


• • • • • • • • • •

30g (1oz) of butter 3 leeks 2 sticks of celery 2 rashers of bacon 1 cup of red lentils 1 and a quarter litres (5 cups) of water 2 chicken stock cubes Half a cup of cream Salt and pepper 2 tablespoons chopped parsley

Melt butter in pan, add washed, sliced leeks, chopped celery and chopped bacon. Cook over low heat for 10 minutes, covered. Add washed lentils, water and crumbled stock cubes, bring to boil, reduce heat and simmer, covered, 30 minutes. Puree soup in blender in batches. Return to pan, add cream, season with salt and pepper, reheat gently. Stir in parsley.

Brian Lucas Joins the Board of Bowls WA


he Board of Bowls WA comprises the President, Vice President, six elected and two appointed directors. Brian has recently been appointed by the Board to serve in the role of Governance and People Development. This important position was previously held by Hon. Hendy Cowan who retired after a stellar ten years in the role. Brian tells me that he is excited by his appointment into this particularly challenging portfolio. He says society was changing rapidly



before COVID-19 but now he sees a vastly different world with new opportunities and challenges and that bowling clubs and the sport in general must align themselves with the changing needs of their communities if they are to survive and hopefully prosper. Bowls WA plays a central role in helping clubs and the sport to navigate through what can be turbulent waters. They are indeed lucky to have someone with Brian’s abilities to help them in the future. – Neville Odell

Sponsor’s Report Bowra Panel and Paint Please note that Bowra have moved to 57 Guthrie Street, Osborne Park. Their telephone number is still 9446 5466 so if you need some work done on your car or free 24 hour towing, after a break down, please give Peter Coupland a call. Duncraig Plumbing Services The Odells needed a plumber at short notice and they gave Wayne Raffaele a call on 0425 066 772. He came out almost immediately and sorted out their problem. So if you need any plumbing remember to call Wayne. Wayne Raffaele is Wayne Gray’s brother in law. He is also a bowler and played some Pennant games for Sorrento last season. Safeway Security A special thank you to Barry Bradshaw who has been a sponsor for many years. He sponsors our winter Dash for Cash competition and the Women’s Pennants Pots vouchers and recently agreed to sponsoring a Dash for Cash event for our ladies.


JS & DM Raffaele Contractors Jeff Raffaele is the brother of Wayne Raffaele of Duncraig Plumbing. Jeff’s company deals with domestic and commercial reticulation. He also contracts to cut lawns and edges. Jeff is also a member of our Club. Members with any problems with their reticulation, extensions to reticulation or maintenance, should look to Jeff for his expertise. His contact number is 0412 925 286. Echidna Lock and Key Locked out of your home? Don’t worry, we’ve all been there! Give Rob Delbost at Echidna a call on 0492 360 504 and their 24/7 fast response will get you back into your warm and cosy bed. Been broken into? Unfortunately Perth isn’t as safe as it once was. Fear not, Echidna will make your property secure and help you feel safe again. Rob is a friend of Chris Lander’s. – Barry Stewart

Types of Lawn Bowlers


his useful guide was found, by Barry Stewart, on the Safety Bay Bowling Club’s Facebook page. Which one are you?

THE PUSHER: Explosive action, not that smooth and likes poking through the head. Poor weight control and not a reliable draw shot player. THE YO YO: Too much up and down movement. Down-up-down when bowls delivery is mostly forward and down with no up movement. So this means too many bowls not up when you are down!!


THE SWINGER: A fun sort of guy but plays the game off line and out of balance. Has trouble playing up shots as playing across line all the time. Not sure if he is outside in or inside out! MR SMOOTH: Silky smooth delivery that purrs away. Has complete control at delivery and just needs to focus to dominate the game. THE MACHINE: So repetitive he is almost boring but envied by all other bowlers. One dimensional but hard to beat. Probably played quoits as a youngster. THE FLICKER: Not relaxed and doesn’t feel the bowls with the fingers rather bowling from the wrist. Unpredictable amount of flick or turn so plays only half a good game. Hard to add weight and the flick puts bowls onto the wrong line. THE DUMPER: Usually dumped out of the Pennant side. Poor flexibility, disability or lazy on delivery. Bouncing bowls lose momentum and have unpredictable draw. Must be remembering the days of skipping stones on the water! THE POKER: Related to the pusher, looking for the conversion and usually just misses!! Not the best team player doing this all the time. Lacks confidence with the draw shot probably due to poor weight control. THE CALCULATOR: A very careful player and analytical. Plays and loves percentages so much he gets distracted from the main game. Generally sits by himself with all his friends! THE STONKER: Plays his best bowls when really needed that are often heart breakers. Match winner who lives to play “stonkers”. Adrenalin junkie who drinks a lot of coffee at half time break.


THE THINKER: Spends an extraordinary amount of time thinking about very little. Usually seen at the head in a motionless pose like the famous Rodin statue. Not good at multi-tasking and to-do lists!

Getting to Know Our Members


or a bloke who has never played cricket, Egon Mikolajczyk is one hell of an all-rounder. But despite having never wielded the willow, there are not too many things that Egon has not attempted. In fact, it wouldn’t be pushing the truth too far to refer to Egon as a polymath, from the Greek word which describes someone as “a person of wide-ranging skills or great versatility and whose knowledge spans a significant number of subjects”. His list of achievements and interests is expansive but they have all come from very difficult beginnings. As Egon says, “I was made in Germany but born in Katanning to Polish/German parents who immigrated to Australia after World War II with very few possessions.” Egon’s father was a member of the Polish Army but after the invasion spent time as a German prisoner of war. “They came here with nothing,” Egon said of his parents, who went on to settle in Albany where Egon did his primary and secondary schooling. He must have been a very attentive pupil because, at the age of 16, he went to UWA where he gained a Bachelor of Science (maths) Degree and a Post Graduate Diploma of Computing. Then began a diverse range of employment opportunities which


began with a one-year stint at Westrail, followed by six years as a Computer Programmer at TABWA. Obviously savvy in the computer world, Egon, moved to SECWA in 1979 and worked as a Computer Operations Manager until 1991. Egon then took a redundancy package and studied at Edith Cowan University for a Graduate Diploma of Education which enabled him to teach maths and computing in private and public secondary schools for 15 years until 2008. Then came a stint as an Insulation Sales Consultant during the Federal Government’s Pink Batts program. With time ticking away, Egon spent the last five years of his working life driving Transperth buses until he retired in 2016. His parents had never encouraged Egon to play sport in his youth, particularly contact sport. As a result, he started playing squash as a teenager until his first cartilage tear in 1983. He also played basketball from the age of 21 for 14 years but gave up on that too after more cartilage and cruciate ligament tears In the meantime, in his only marriage, Egon became the father of three children (a civil engineer, a physiotherapist and an occupational therapist) and has seven grandchildren pictured below in this lovely photograph.


When you look at what else Egon has done in his life, he fits the bill perfectly as someone born under the zodiac sign of Taurus. Those people are described as smart, ambitious, trustworthy, stoic, enthusiastic, determined and materialistic. He began bowling with Osborne Park in 2006, switched to Sorrento in 2017 because he wanted to be with a more progressive club, and has played pennants for the last 15 years. His most memorable achievements on the bowling green have been runner up in 2nd division and State Pairs on two occasions and getting his name on the Sorrento Honour Board along with John Abercrombie and Ray Stapledon in club triples in 2019 But wait –there’s more. Egon’s other interests are vast and varied. He has, since 1971, been interested in computers and programming. He also plays the piano accordion and took up Frisbee golf this year. And with Annette (“my gorgeous dance partner and very special friend”) Egon is into ballroom dancing, rock n roll, line dancing and has attended country music festivals such as Coolyrocks in Coolangatta. Egon has also been a member of the Joondalup Bridge Club since 2014 and says he has enjoyed gardening all his life. Fishing and men-only long weekends away are also on Egon’s list as was caravanning between 1978-2010. With such a list of achievements it’s simply impossible not to describe Egon as an all-rounder. So, to get back into cricketing terminology, what we can say is that, during a great innings of life, he is currently 69 not out. – Jim Woodward PS: Egon tells us that he is now known as “Kneegon” as both his old knees are gone for ever and he now has two brand new knees!


Are Lawn Bowls Masculine

♂ or Feminine ♀ ?


n most languages a non-living object is either considered to be masculine or feminine, normally based on its traits and behaviour. French nouns are always masculine or feminine, and you usually can’t determine the gender just by looking at the word or thinking about what it means. After consulting Dr Google it appears that in Australia the following apply:.

• Freezer bags are masculine because they hold everything in and you can see right through them. • Photocopiers are definitely female because once they are turned off it takes a while to warm them up again. They are also an effective reproductive device if the right buttons are pushed but can wreak havoc if you push the wrong buttons. • Car tyres are male because they go bald easily and are often over inflated. Hot air balloons are also male objects because to get them to go anywhere, you have to light a fire under their bottoms. • Sponges are female because they are soft, squeezable and retain water. • Web pages are definitely female because they’re constantly being looked at and frequently getting hit on. • Trains are definitely male because they always use the same old lines for picking up people and don’t like to deviate from their schedule. • Egg timers are female because over time, they lose patience and all the weight shifts to the bottom. • Hammers are male because in the last 5000 years they have hardly changed at all and are occasionally handy to have around. • What about the remote control: female? Ha! You probably thought it would be male but consider this: it easily gives a man pleasure, he’d be lost without it, and while he doesn’t understand it or always know which buttons to push, he just keeps on trying.


Finally, this brings us to the question of what gender are our bowls? After some research it has been established that lawn bowls are definitely feminine as they have womanly qualities. If a bowl can be referred to as “a beautiful bowl” then it must be female as no one refers to a beautiful man. (Jan Pan disputes this and say “Oh yes you can!). Bowls like a bit of polish and come in lovely colours with a nice glossy finish and don’t like to be manhandled. Bowls also tend to do their own thing and don’t listen, need to be handled carefully, go their own way, are normally a bit biased, a little sensitive and have dimples! End of story! When it comes to determining the gender of the little white or yellow ball we use as a target we need to consider that the official rule book calls it a jack. It is however also known as the “kitty”, “the white”, the “sweetie” or the “pill”! Perhaps when it is referred to as the “Kitty” it is feminine and when referred to as the “Jack” it has to be masculine. – Neville Odell with help from Brian Staples

Life Membership – John Abercrombie At the Annual General meeting in August 2020 Ron Taylor, on behalf of the Governing Council, presented life membership of our Club to our President, John Abercrombie. He told members present that ABBA joined our Club in 1998 and that in the 22 years he has been a member he has always made a major contribution to the on-going success of our Club. He reminded us that ABBA has always performed his duties at the highest level and has never sought recognition or reward and with an


unblemished record he continues to serve as a role model for others and always puts the welfare of our Club first and foremost. ABBA served as the – • Men’s Bowls Captain for four years (2002/3, 2012/13 to 2014/15) • Our President for 6 years (2003/4, 2004/5 and 2016/17 to 2019/20) Whilst he has been President in the last five years Sorrento has been – • “Bowls WA Club of the Year” on three occasions • “Clubs WA Club of the Year” on three occasions • Included in “Clubs WA Hall of Fame” in 2019 • Named as the “Second Best Bowling Club in Australia” in 2020 Ron pointed out that during the recent COVID-19 pandemic ABBA had showed great leadership in guiding our Governing Council’s response and action plan. Due to his prudent leadership we entered the COVID-19 pandemic in a sound financial position with reserves to help get us over this difficult period. He went on to say that ABBA had overseen significant development in the Club’s history including the recent western and eastern extensions and the development of the undercover bowls facility that unfortunately did not receive Council support after considerable effort but provided the foundation for a $460,000 for a Community Sporting and Recreation Facilities Fund grant to extend E- green and install a synthetic surface. Ron said that ABBA was always prepared to listen and communicate with members and that his regular reports to members during the lock-down helped to keep everyone informed of developments and to understand the complexities the compliance requirements were placing on clubs as well as to appreciate the volume of work that had gone on behind the scenes. Congratulations from us all ABBA. Your award is well deserved!


Champion of Champions – Singles


n September Greg Taylor, Pauline Marsden and Wendy Flack played in the Champion of Champions – Singles. Greg won his section in the Men’s Singles, defeating both Brian Cranswick (Rossmoyne) and Maurice Bevilacqua (North Perth) 21-10 each. The first knock-out saw him come up against Osborne Park’s Cody Packer, putting in a great performance but going down 16-21 in a close game. Pauline drew a tough section in the Women’s Singles and had two very tight games, going down narrowly to Kwinana’s Sue Reid 17-21 and Lisa Smith (Perth & Tatts) 15-21 with some top bowls being played by all players. Wendy had a close win against Safety Bay’s Norma Cox 18-15 in the Novice Singles and then a 19-3 win over Tracey Franse (Perth & Tatts) to win her section. The quarter final saw her go down to Corrine MacKenzie (North Beach) 18-7. We are proud of your achievements and thank you for representing our Club with great sportsmanship, both on and off the green.

Annual Cancer Day Fund Raiser


n September we held our annual Cancer Day competition. The weather was really kind to us and we had a nice sunny day. The fast greens were a bit tricky but everyone mastered them and a good day was had by all. With all the entry fees paid by players plus some donations received we raised $370 for the Cancer Council.


The winners (pictured) were Emily Dunn, Barbara Spence, Larry Perry and Jim Portwood (unfortunately missing from the photo). Runners up were Brad Williams, Eric Tompkins, Les Burnett and Ian Johnston. Thank you to all who supported this important event. – Barbara Spence

Croquet Report Nedlands Competition We were represented by Terry Harvey, Jan and Terry Craddock, Jenny Wilmot and Cheryl Saul at the Golf Croquet Singles “B” and “C” Grade State competitions held in June All played well giving Sorrento a great boost in reputation. Terry Harvey came second in his Block, which is a most commendable effort – especially as he had tripped over one of the boundary markers and ended up with a grazed cheek and a black eye!! Nonetheless, he carried on in the competition beating the opponent who was playing against him when he fell. Well done to Terry! Tuesday saw continued success for Sorrento with Jan Craddock winning the “C” Grade Competition. It was a close call in that three of the eight players won five of their seven matches. However, Jan achieved a nett hoop score of 16 with the other two players each scoring 10. Jenny, Cheryl and Terry all acquitted themselves admirably and all players have made us very proud of them. Di McGivern was asked to be the Referee for the day, increasing


Sorrento’s presence by yet another person. Also, Terry Harvey showed his on-going support of the Club by arriving at Nedlands to watch our players. (Post) COVID-19 Cup Competition Once restrictions were eased, some clever members of Croquetwest devised a new competition. So, instead of the usual 13-point games of Golf Croquet, they chose to play the 19-point version. Having been “starved” of competition for so long, there was an overwhelming response and the organisers had to turn players away. Even doing so, they still needed to split the first round into “winners” and “losers”. The winners played the winners for the “COVID Cup”; whilst the first-round losers competed against each other for the “COVID Plate”. However, there were enough players turned away for the organisers to come up with a “Second Wave” competition. It was into this latter competition that the Sorrento players were accepted and five of our players travelled together in the Craddock’s bus to Victoria Park. The same format as “The Cup” was used, Di McGivern partnered by Marcus McGavot (Forrest Park) won the Doubles competition with Jenny Wilmot and Cheryl Saul being the runners up. Terry and Jan played just as well as all others, but were unlucky to have lost their first game of doubles – putting them out of contention. Every player was presented with a “Covid Cup” (see photo) and a Certificate of Participation as an “Essential Pandemic Player” as well as a face mask and a pair of disposable gloves. The competition was played in good spirit and the day was enjoyed by all. Geraldton Tournament Taking advantage of the easing of Covid restrictions, Jan and Terry Craddock headed North for this three day competition. The windy city lived up to its reputation, turning on heavy rain and severe gales for two days. However, it proved to be an interesting experience for them having to play in shoes that were so wet, that even a change of


socks failed to provide relief. The wind, during their final game, was so strong that Jan was propelled backwards whilst lining up her shot. In spite of the extreme weather conditions, they had very successful outcomes with Jan winning the level play singles; placing second in the handicap doubles; and fourth in the handicap singles within her Block. In his Block, Terry achieved second place in each of the events. They celebrated their successes on their way home by enjoying a delicious crayfish lunch at Cervantes. Well done Jan and Terry! York Country Doubles Tournament Jan and Terry were barely back when off they went to play in the York and once again the only representatives from Sorrento! This challenging competition attracted players with handicaps ranging from -2 to +14 – Terry and Jan entered with handicaps of 12 and 14. York Croquet Club organised the competition to ensure that all entrants were matched with a good proportion of players of similar abilities. Terry and Jan did very well to win four of their eight games; and, once again, thoroughly enjoyed the relaxed and friendly atmosphere. Volunteers

As our President has said on many occasions “Volunteers are the heart of our Club and worth their weight in gold”. We acknowledged all members who volunteer but a special mention needs to go to Jan and Terry Craddock who have re-set the benchmark in our area. Terry has painted everything that needed a new coat, put up notice boards, put down pavers, and replaced wooden slats in our benches. He and Jan have trimmed trees, weeded gardens, provided a tea and coffee service (complete with home baked cakes on occasion) – the list goes on and on! We say a VERY BIG “Thank You” to this special pair of people.


New Event – Visitors’ Day We decided to host a “Visitors’ Day” every month with the objective of exposing our Recreational members to the experience of playing with and against players from other clubs. We believe that this exposure will improve the standard of croquet within our own club, introduce members from other clubs to our members; and to encourage our members to participate in competitive play in future. From all reports this initiative has been a resounding success. The games were non-competitive, although individual scores were kept for interest. The highest scores of the afternoon were achieved by two of our members – Sandy Boon (a new member but a very experienced player) and Chas Bader – a relatively new Recreational player. Congratulations to them both! These events been suspended until early 2021 when our croquet courts are again available. Croquet – played in the Paddock Yes, that’s what it really feels like. When our greens were undergoing renovation we played on the soccer field which is used for school activities and the circus! When greens aren’t mowed it is a marathon task to hit our balls to the next hoop, but it is a challenge. Players came along with their deck chairs, Thermos, etc and we had some fun. A big thank you to Terry and Jan Craddock for looking after our equipment, the setup, the pack up, measuring out the playing fields and marking the area, while at the same time, making sure we didn’t interfere with the Soccer markings. – Kerry Bomford

Much More than Relative Success for Greg in New “Roll”


rank Bomford must have thought all his Christmases had come at once when Greg Boyd joined the Sorrento Bowling Club.


For starters, Frank, who has been with us for around 15 years, has his son, and very promising bowler, Steve at the Club and his wife Kerry is firmly entrenched as Captain of the Sorrento Croquet Club. Then a couple of years ago Frank’s family tree at the Club became larger when Greg, whose daughter, Tania, is married to Steve Bomford, decided to try his hand at bowls after an open-day event. And like most of us who have “dipped their toe in the water” Greg was bitten by the bug and, after a stint at social bowls, has graduated to pennants. But the temptation was always there for Greg. On many occasions as he left the adjoining Sorrento tennis courts after playing Pennants for that club, he couldn’t help looking over the fence and wonder if he would ever play, as he put it, “that old man’s game”. After all Greg’s father had been a very good bowler and had tried, unsuccessfully despite a few roll ups, to get him hooked. As it turned out, it took a much younger man in Steve Bomford to entice Greg to make the transition, and as a result Sorrento has gained a valuable addition to its ranks. Before he retired, Greg spent 30 years working for the Commonwealth Bank and, when he left, intended to spend the next half dozen years working as a courier for Messenger Post. However, he enjoyed the work so much he continued for around 20 years, the last four or five working half days. Then, like many of our very versatile members at Sorrento, Greg added another string to his bow by filling in as Santa at Myers in Joondalup and Karrinyup. He says working with children was an unforgettable experience and, strangely, has had many adults sitting on his knee. On one occasion an adult arrived to see Santa with two laser swords and requested a photo of himself sparring with him. Greg always got


a great thrill sending his Santa photos to his father, who lived in Britain. But all good things must come to and end and Greg has hung up his red uniform, had a decent shave and put his reindeers out to pasture.

boasts strong family ties.

It mightn’t quite be a dynasty but with the three Bomfords, and now Greg, it forms a pretty solid lineage at a club which proudly –Jim Woodward

Umpire’s Corner Rule Changes for the 2020/21 Season. There have been some minor changes to ‘The Laws of the Sport of Bowls’ which are mainly administrative and do not affect the playing of the game. The only player relevant rule changes for Pennant Competition 2020/21 season relate to Men’s Midweek Pennants which has essentially returned to the old format (21 ends), with the provision that there are no dead ends. i.e.: if the jack goes out of bounds it is placed on the tee. New Umpires and Markers At the recent Bowls WA training courses in August and September this year, the following members achieved accreditation (or re-accreditation) as follows:-


National Umpires (including accreditation as measurer and marker): Cheryl Greig, Jan Siney, Helen Teasdale (pictured alongside with Gavan Ebsworth), Graeme O’Brien and yours truly. Marker: - Wendy Flack. Congratulations to all for their efforts in achieving their accreditations. Bowls Etiquette While bowls etiquette is generally separate to the laws of the game, there are a number of points of etiquette which are covered by the Laws and can be enforced by the umpire. Some of the Laws and etiquette commonly overlooked by players are: • To be correctly attired and on time to commence play. • To ensure their mobile phones are turned to silent (or vibrate) during a game unless for a pending emergency and permission has been obtained from the Umpire. Mobile phones may be used away from the greens provided play is not disrupted or delayed. • To not walk past the last third on the mat until their bowl has come to rest or until they start walking. The rink belongs to the player on the mat and they are entitled to observe the tracking of their bowl as do others in the team. • To not encroach on adjacent rinks and walk close to the centre line when changing ends to avoid distracting play on the adjacent rink. • To stand well back and be quiet and still when other players are on the mat. • To remember that everyone at the mat end shall assist in moving bowls after the end is declared. Scorers to register score first. • To make sure that at the end of a game, or after a dead end, bowls


should be carried up the green, not bowled, particularly if another game is still in progress. Players need to be aware of the basic laws and etiquette of the game and observe them at all times. – Jim Ironside

End of an Era


riday 28 August 2020 saw the end of an era at Sorrento with Silver Fern Catering serving their last menu to our members. (Pictured alongside are Sofia Tassone, Ross Cunningham, Trish Cunningham, and Yanika O’Brien)

From the early 90s, catering at Scarborough Sports Club, until their final roast meal at Sorrento, Ross and Trish Cunningham have been renowned for not only their great food, but a genuinely friendly and caring attitude towards everyone they meet. Trish started Silver Fern Catering in 1993, operating from Scarborough Sports Club. At the same time, Ross continued in his gardening business while also completing a Commercial Cookery course over 12 months, later joining Trish full time in the business in 1995. But it wasn’t until 2008 that Ross began playing bowls for Scarborough, with Trish joining him three years later. Ross tells us that Ray Stapleton had regular meals at Scarborough during this time, and was also the coach at Scarborough. Ray had repeatedly asked Ross if he was going to play bowls at the start of each season but the reply was always the


same: “I’m too young!!” Ray finally won and got Ross to play; and then Ray promptly left for Sorrento! When a restructure at Scarborough left Silver Fern Catering suddenly without a home, Ross and Trish reached out to Ray, and then President Barry Bradshaw, and made the move to Sorrento. Joan Whitham had been running the Sorrento kitchen for many years. As it turned out, Joan and Trish were both born in the town of Opunake in New Zealand and built a strong friendship and respect for each other. This friendship certainly helped with an easy transition in the use of the kitchen. Ross began playing bowls for Sorrento immediately, but Trish waited to settle into the job before she started playing herself. Silver Fern became an integral part of the Club’s operations and both Ross and Trish valued members and Pennant players. Ross was always planning to retire in June 2020, with Trish carrying on the business, but COVID-19 left them with an uncertain future. While the restrictions brought about by the pandemic have been the catalyst to reassess the future of the business, the decision to close the business was theirs. As Trish puts it, “It’s time for someone new to come in and help take the Club to the next level of growth.” Ross and Trish have always had a good work/life balance and Ross is still going ahead with his retirement plans, while Trish is on the lookout for new opportunities. It’s an exciting new stage of their lives and they are both looking forward to Friday afternoon roll ups and drinks with the many friends they have at Sorrento Bowling Club. – Wendy Flack


Annual Beyond Blue Fund Raiser


ur Social bowlers held their annual fund raising day for Beyond Blue in mid October. The weather was kind until a strong breeze sprung up which made it difficult for bowling. On the day $214 was raised for this worthwhile charity. Winners were Merv Gregory, Kevin McKersley and Annie Taylor (pictured) and the runners up were Peter Irvine, Jenny Gandras, Russell Ellen and Bernie Smith. – Barbara Spence

Answer to Guess Who


id you recognise these youngsters? From left to right we have Rob and Shona Carter and Bob Jeffs.

Social Group Volunteers


special thank you to the following members who are always prepared to help with school groups, birthday parties, hen’s parties etc. This is a good source of income for our Club. For example the Carine Senior High School pay $100 for an hour of bowling. Groups often end up in the BBQ area enjoying a beer! Ken’s main helpers currently are Tony Bourne, Roger Palmer, Peter McIntosh, Derry Ellis, Alex Third, Carmel Hyde, Kaye Martin, Gary Bain, Stan and Larraine Brickell and Phil Bilich. – Neville Odell



Fran Bracknell Retires


t is incredibly sad for all her friends at Sorrento that Fran Bracknell has decided to retire from bowls. She will be missed as she has always been such a help and inspiration to her fellow bowlers and always willing to lend a hand where necessary and always with a smile. Fran’s bowling career started in Emu Point where she played for seven years. In that time, she won the Singles,the Triples and the Pairs but the best win was in the State Fours. In 1998 Fran and her husband Roy moved to Yanchep. Here again Fran won the singles in 1999 and 2000. She also won other championships while at that club. Her best win at Yanchep was winning the Moore District Fours and the League Open Singles.

Roy and Fran moved to the metropolitan area in 2006 and they joined Sorrento Bowling Club. Once again Fran won numerous championships as well as the 100 up and the Veterans singles. She also won many other games and we remember the combination of the Bracknells and the Brakells which were a deadly mixed four team. Fran was a mentor to me and a lot other people in the three clubs she played at over the years. She held various committee positions in the three clubs and was always there to help when ever needed. Her scones were always a hit. We will miss you, Fran, particularly in Dunsborough this year which will be our first year without you. We will still see you from time to time and we hope you will still visit the Club whenever you can. Our love and good wishes go with you! – Lorraine Hyde


Ten Best Skip’s Responses! Number 10: Lead: “I think I’m going to drown myself in the water fountain.” Skipper: “Think you can keep your head down that long?” Number 9: Lead: “I’d move heaven and earth to get my bowl close to the jack” Skipper: “Try heaven, you’ve already used most of the earth covering this green.” Number 8: Lead: “Do you think my game is improving?” Skipper: “Yes –the opposition don’t seem as happy as they were.” Number 7: Lead: “Do you think I can get there with a draw shot?” Skipper “Eventually.” Number 6: Lead: “You’ve got to be the worst Skipper in the world.” Skipper: “I don’t think so! That would be too much of a coincidence.” Number 5: Lead: “Please stop checking your watch all the time. It’s too much of a distraction.” Skipper: “It’s actually a compass.” Number 4: Lead: “How do you like my game?” Skipper: “It’s very good – but personally, I prefer lawn bowls.” Number 3: Lead: “Do you think it’s a sin to play on Sunday? Skipper: “The way you play, it’s a sin on any day.”


Number 2: Lead: “This is the worst green I’ve ever played on.” Skipper: “I couldn’t say, you used parts of it that no one else did.” Number 1 Best Caddy Comment: Lead: “That can’t be my bowl” Skipper: “Why, is it too close to the jack” – Thanks to Alex Third and Brian Lucas

Farewell to Ron and “H” In July we had the opportunity for members to formally thank Ron Kuziela for toiling away manfully on Sorrento’s greens for over 10 years. Ron’s service has been exemplary. Among Ron’s many past achievements has been a spectacular lawn bowls career. This includes: • Rosenthal Medal winner • Winning State Singles, Pairs and Fours • Being part of an Australian Fours title • Being part of an Australian Champion of Champion Fours title • Winning a State Consistency Singles • Representing the State in Under 40s Championships • Winning nine North Beach Bowling Club championships • Winning five Sorrento Bowling Club championships • Representing the State in Over 60s championships Truly a remarkable record. We wish Ron and Helen great success and happiness in their future endeavours swanning around down south. Thank you to John Goddard who wrote the clever poem (alongside) – Brian Lucas


As we say farewell and all the best. To a well-known character here in the west. To thank him and remember his time. Putting some of his history down in rhyme. He worked at our club for many a year. On the roller he had no peer. Renovating, watering and cutting the greens. Certainly not as easy as it seems. As the grass keeps growing unabated. His work at our club cannot be understated. Up early in the day to prepare the tracks. Good enough to keep the bowlers of our backs. On the green he was no slouch. Of his prowess I can vouch. His list of achievements great and varied. It didn’t matter with whom he parried. Club and open events intermingle. Along the way winning a state single. A very gifted player that we can tell. Won a Rosenthal medal as well. So, to Ron Kuziela we bid you cheers. Off to enjoy the rest of your years. Down to Mandurah the retirement village. Hope some more titles you can pillage. Thank you, thank you, thank you Ron. For everything you have done. Good wishes also to Helen his beautiful wife. Enjoy the twilight time of your life.


– John Goddard

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