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Explore the Free Brite Star Series, Supported by the Brite Star Foundation At Brite Star Entertainment, we are proud to offer an array of engaging series that are made freely available thanks to the support of the Brite Star Foundation. These series include: Brite Star What Would Nana Say? Dive into stories filled with wisdom and warmth as Nana shares life’s essential lessons with her grandchildren. This series instills values of kindness, honesty, and integrity through charming family tales. Brite Star Holidays: Celebrate the spirit of various holidays with the Brite Star community. From Christmas to Fourth of July, each book is a festive exploration of traditions and the joys of holiday seasons. Brite Star Jen’s Bunch: Follow the adventures of a blended family navigating the joys and challenges of coming together. This series highlights the importance of unity, understanding, and love in a modern family setting. Brite Star’s It’s a Small World: Journey with Professor Jones as he