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For ski mountaineers unparalleled physical and mental strength is needed in every second. Like TAG Heuer, these athletes push the boundaries and don’t crack under pressure.





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Christmas is not a time nor a season, but a state of mind. To cherish peace and goodwill, to be plenteous in mercy, is to have the real spirit of Christmas. Calvin Coolidge


he Festive Season countdown has already begun. It is that time of the year when every place glows with luminescent lights and other decorations. Every shop display is a pleasure to the eye which inevitably attracts the attention of any passer by. Yet, the festive season is also that time of the year when we look prospectively. We want to enter the next year ready to run, full of new plans and ideas, renewed vigour to do better and sufficient stores of patience and goodwill to see us through the year. Planning now for a good holiday season will ensure that we get the rest we need. The Atelier winter issue looks at the festive season through the eyes of various people Atelier came across over the past months. Indeed, the Winter issue relates the story of people coming from various strata of society who share with Atelier their own perspective of life and above all of this special time of the year. The Atelier team wishes you all a pleasant read and a Happy Festive Season!

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Design & Architecture 16

Iain Watson

Society 44 54

Kimberley Grech Grazielle Camilleri Ahlgren

Fashion 82

Kersten Borg

98 116 128

James Dimech Elisabetta Bardelli Ricci Chris Attard

Beauty 144 150

Valentina Rossi Justin Brincat



No architecture is so haughty as that which is simple. John Ruskin






The Role of Emotions


Interview with IAIN WATSON is the CEO and Co-Founder of David Collins Studio


ince launching in London more than three decades ago, David Collins Studio has made a name for itself with its glamorous, contemporary interiors, designing many of the capital’s hottest destinations, including Claridge’s Bar, The Connaught Bar, Nobu Berkeley Street, Bob Bob Ricard and The Wolseley.


The past few years have seen the practice become increasingly international. Creating the interiors for the Ritz-Carlton Residences and leisure amenities at Ole Scheeren’s MahaNahkon mixed use tower in Bangkok – which opened last year – put the firm on the map in Asia, while John Barrett’s salon in Bergdorf Goodman and two hotels in NYC and West Hollywood have done the same in the US. Ongoing projects include the clubhouse at the Kengo Kuma-designed MahaSamutr resort and residential development


in Hua Hin, Thailand, a major reconstruction of Melbourne’s Windsor Hotel; the Edition Skybar at MahaNahkon in Bangkok; and a range of high end residential projects around the world. The story started when Dublin-born David Collins moved to London in the 1980s. Collins had trained to be an architect, but got into interior design when a friend asked him to decorate his flat. The results were spotted by chef Pierre Koffmann, who enlisted Collins to revamp his La Tante Claire restaurant. A

commission from Marco Pierre White to renovate Harveys restaurant in Wandsworth, London followed in 1987, and the studio began to build a name for its luxurious interiors. Collins was known for his decadent, glamorous style, his attention to detail and his love of the colour blue – seen most famously in the Blue Bar at the Berkeley Hotel in London’s Knightsbridge. Madonna was a friend and a fan; Collins advised on the decoration of her homes in London and New York, and she enlisted him to design a friend’s nightclub in Miami. Best known for its high end projects, the David Collins Studio has also created interiors for high street chains including Pret a Manger, Cafe Rouge and the Dome. Collins died after a short battle with skin cancer in July 2013. In the midst of their shock and grief, there was never any doubt that the studio would continue, says CEO Iain Watson, who founded the practice with Collins. “It was a such a big part of our lives,”

he explains. “You have to be the continuity; to focus on and deliver the next project. It’s really about just getting on with it.” Today, the David Collins Studio is led by CEO Iain Watson who shared with Atelier how the company evolved over the past decades, the role emotion plays in their work and their plans for 2020.

How did David Collins Studio develop since its launch in London more than three decades ago? David started from humble beginnings and during the next three decades he went on to define a style that is still very much at the heart of everything we do. There has always been incredible design generated inhouse, and fantastic collaborations and partnerships that have been celebrated individually - some which have endured and grown over a number of years. We’ve always worked across three key sectors: retail, residential and hospitality - and increasingly, we’re


fusing these sectors. I always think the best creative ideas often come from the boundary between different sectors. At the beginning The Studio was probably most recognised for changing the landscape of dining in London and we had the wonderful opportunity to work with the very best in their field; working collaboratively to shape the hospitality landscape both at home and abroad with projects such as The Wolseley, The Connaught Bar, Claridge’s Bar, Colbert and Bob Bob Ricard, as well delivering design concepts for Cafe Rouge, EAT and Pret-aManger. Today the Studio’s hospitality work extends globally as the focus has extended to an international reach with over 60% of our work outside of the UK and Europe and more recent restaurant projects include the collaboration with Thomas Keller for TAK Room in NYC as well as Delaire Graff Estate in South Africa. Retail projects span from department stores such as Harrods, where The Studio recently completed the 41,000sq ft Superbrands and three of the four newly unveiled Food Halls (with further openings planned throughout 2020) to global roll-out retail stores for Jimmy Choo, Alexander McQueen and De Grisogono, In terms of residential work, this is currently split between commercial developments in Hong Kong and recently New York - with 11 apartments and a curated edit of amenities taking reference from the iconic location of the building on Park Avenue and the Ritz Carlton Residences at the MahaNakhon Tower in Bangkok. The Studio continues to work across a portfolio of private homes; our clients lead different lifestyles globally and apportion the space in their homes accordingly and it is very fulfilling to meet expectations and join them on the very personal journey of creating their timeless home. The dedicated service that we provide doesn’t necessarily end when the project is completed, we continue


to source new pieces for clients’ collections, adapt environments as their lifestyles change and move onto the next property as a client expands their property portfolio.

What role does emotion play in your work? Incredibly important. What unites our completed projects is a love of colour and texture, a respect for symmetry and a disciplined approach to realising the capabilities of a space and how it will perform the function set out for it. The results are a space that is layered, detailed and refined with a definite tangible feeling. As a Studio we strive to create a curated interior, a sensory experience - whether that is the smell of bread baking in Harrods Food Halls (or indeed the sound of the bell we brought into the Food Hall, which theatrically heralds the arrival of freshly baked goods) or the acoustics and lighting levels and how these can affect the mood of a space enormously – is it properly lit? How does someone feel walking into that room? These are key considerations in our approach.

What do you see as David Collins’ legacy? David’s legacy can be seen in the fact that we’re confident in our use of colour, probably more so than some of our contemporaries. I think we use colour in a very refined way. In addition, we try to follow his legacy of nurturing a team and creating a culture that borders on near-obsession. The team is divided across the three sectors, but there is open dialogue and a real sense of cross pollination of ideas and shared learning. We also offer breakfast lectures on a broad range of topics from design to wellbeing – and in addition the staff run their own series of events, supported by the Studio with tickets to exhibitions and talks.

How is technology changing the way you work? David was an architect by training, so he had that technical knowledge and a natural hunger for materials and new techniques; this continues today in the Studio, for example with the increasing need for sustainability, the team at present are heavily researching new materials and new techniques. All projects begin with hand sketches and these are so important to the process. Technology, such as video walk-throughs can work alongside this, instead of replacing it - there is something very emotive about a hand sketch and this process allows the design to evolve organically. With longer term projects it is not feasible to design for built-in technology, which can easily date, instead we tend to find the focus for

our clients tends to be more about technology in the hand.

What's next? Creating interiors for the show-stopping atrium, Grand Lobby, Queens Grill Suites and the main dining room aboard Cunard’s much anticipated fourth ship, which is set to join the fleet in 2022. The Studio also continues to collaborate with selected partners for our own curated range of products. 2019 saw the launch of the David Collins Studio Fabric Collection for Baker, which was in addition to the furniture ranges we have designed with Promemoria. Watch this space for new collaborations in 2020‌.



COMPANY HISTORY INOFIN PROJECTS has established itself as a reputable construction and finishes organisation in malta, thanks to its managing director with backing of 25 years experience in this industry, and thanks also to it's clients who during these years have entrusted inofin projects organisation with their projects.

WHO WE ARE? inofin project is a leading contracting organisations. Our diverse portfolio of projects not only have access to a vast array of services under one roof, but they also benefit from an unparalleled passion for details and commitment to deliver the highest specification. Our organisation offers variety of services to meet your projects needs, to take you from collaborating meetings to it's final finishes and beyond. We believe that every project is unique and can customize our approach to fit your particular project. While we are at the forefront of and specialize in design-build, we are very familiar with number of delivering methods and are confident we can find the process that will best help you meet your goals.

OUR SERVICES Delivering projects that fulfill and exceed the owners expectations is a process that starts during the conceptual stage with a collaborative team from design through construction up to finishes as we did in one of our projects. We are in the final walkthrough of a town house in sliema that we started of demolishing of the existing roof following construction of additional floor and turnkey on finishes to the clients requirements as per images below.



Why was it felt the need by the government for a reform? There is no doubt that the construction industry has experienced unprecedent growth over the past six years. I would attribute this phenomenon to an array of factors, not least governments’ commitment to instil investment confidence across the board. During the year 2017, a staggering €356 million was generated from this sector alone which figure translates into the equivalent of 3.2% of the annual GDP. This is not to say that 5.1% of the total gainfully occuppied people in Malta also come from this industry. Having said that, I am in no position to say that the sector can go unchecked. It is high time to take stock of the current situation, however the successful statictics, identify the current challenges and provide solutions. Earlier this year, we have already embarked on a radical overhaul in the way construction sites are regulated. Undoubtedly, the introduction of the Avoidance Of Damage To Third Party Property Regulations, 2019, delineating the responsibilities and obligations of clients, architects and site technical managers in a clear manner, were a huge step forward. On a separate note, only last week, Cabinet has also approved a draft bill aimed at regulating estate agents and property brokers.


Certainly, we cannot stop there. We are committed to ensure that the sector is better regulated insofar as operation and enforcement is concerned. In what way will the Building and Construction Reform contribute to a more regulated construction industry? As communicated earlier this year, the Building and Construction Authority will be eventually set up with the aim to make provision for both regulation and enforcement of the sector under one roof. This will be possible once current legislation and building regulations are updated and codified in one piece of legislation. We will also seek to ensure that service providers are fully aware of their obligations. This will be achieved through a registration system. In this way, it is thought to achieve the required legal certainty which unfortunately remains lacking at the moment and which is a precursor to better enforcement. What major developments does the Building and Construction Reform offer? As I said, the new Building and Construction Authority will become the focal point of the industry, taking over the role of the Building Regulations Board, the Building Regulations Office as well as


the Masons Board. That said, it will not only act as a regulator but also serve as a research platform keeping abreast with changing developments and an advisor to the government when policy is concerned. Are there any other actions in the pipeline which the government intends to take in the industry? As I stated earlier, the Building and Construction Authority, which will be set up with the aim to make provision for both regulation and enforcement of the sector, should be up and running by the end of 2020. Independent of that, government also hopes to be in a position to launch a legal framework which will regulate those involved in the property market, that is to say estate agents and their subordinates as well as property brokers. Once again, this move will

bring added certainty in a sector, which until today is hugely unregulated. I firmly believe that the success of any reform ultimately depends on the way it is perceived by stakeholders. I can assure you that in the process underpinning both reforms I mentioned, namely that involving the setting up of the new Building and Construction Authority and also the introduction of the Estate Agents Act, the relevant stakeholders were closely involved and an agreement by way of principle was achieved at each and every stage. This is not to say that the general public will be excluded from giving its views. Indeed, we will ensure that in both situations, a copy of the draft bill will be available to the public for consultation prior to discussion taking place in Parliament.


DAAA Haus:

10 years of innovative projects and design as a lifestyle.


he architecture and interior design firm is committed to making the world a better place. “Good design can make the world a better place�: this is the belief that is guiding DAAA Haus since ten years, a multidisciplinary architecture and design studio with offices in Malta, Milan, Ragusa and soon in India in Mumbai, marked by a special approach to design.

In the year of the tenth anniversary, DAAA Haus came up with a series of initiatives to celebrate this occasion: a gala party that has just been held on the terrace overview of the CugĂł Gran Macina Grand Harbour Hotel in Malta, a flagship project of the studio; a series of workshops with major universities and design open to the public; an exhibition with artist carpets designed by the studio and hand made in India. Also the logo of this year is celebrating the anniversary, with the four geometric elements inspired by the shapes that Bruno Munari conceived in the early 1960s: a circle related to the divine, a square to indicate safety and a defined area, the triangle, as a key shape that connect the designers. Architecture, interior design, brand, artistic production: the area in which the DAAA Haus


A TELIER creatives move is extremely varied and the design (or, like how they love to call it, the creative process) never start only from the simple functionality of the spaces, but from real concepts that aim to offer people values and a sense of identity in which to recognize oneself. Founded in 2009 in Malta by creative director Keith Pillow, in these ten years DAAA Haus has grown to accommodate 30 young professionals of different origins, from Maltese to Italian, from Serbs to Irish, passing through India, Poland and Tunisia. Thanks to this cultural richness DAAA Haus has been able to distinguish itself in the international panorama by combining the skills, talents and passions of the creative minds who are part of it, being able to express a functional, innovative design through their captivating projects, born from the encounter between different materials, technologies, techniques and strategies. “Design’s a way of life” -says Keith Pillow. “Anything around us is about design. Its a powerful way of living everything that surrounds us, it’s EMOTIONAL. Emotions that form our social character.” In these ten years, this approach has given rise to ambitious projects, such as Cugó Gran Macina Grand Harbour, a luxury boutique hotel built in Malta in 2017 and winner of various awards; or Rocksalt (2015), a nineteenth-century garage in Sliema transformed into a modern and chic café, the first DAAA Haus project to be published in international journals. The creative versatility is also revealed through the variety of the curated projects: with Sky Spirit, the architecture and design studio in 2013 gave shape to a new approach to the interior design of a fitness center, while in 2017 it realized its first project in Milan, Bottone, a shop specialized in Sicilian Cannoli. In 2015, they started the works for a project based in Italy, more precisely in Sicily: it is Vullo Estate, a resort that reinterprets the rooms of a historic building owned by the client family from 1870 with contemporary taste and natural materials. On the occasion of the election of the city of Valletta as European Capital of Culture, the study

in 2018 presented The Cumberland, a meticulous restoration of a historic building turned into a boutique hotel. Let's go back instead to Italy with another project that allowed DAAA Haus to express its identity and creativity to the full: Anthea Preziosi, an architectural project that made the difference in Ragusa, reinterpreting a modern building in the heart of the most important commercial street of the city, characterized by historic buildings, and won local and international awards. There are also many future projects already in the pipeline, such as the particular Haus Villa Eleven, with a modern and high tech taste, but also several hotels, such as the Cavalieri Art Hotel and the Sketch Hotel, a small building of 50 rooms under construction right in front of Zaha Hadid's Mercury Tower. "We believe that the way DAAA Haus works creates a new dimension," says creative director Pillow. “A dimension of distinct and well-defined spaces that do not say they will save the world, but they will surely make it look better.” -


PROJECT TEAM Partners-in-Charge: Bjarke Ingels, Finn Nørkjær, Brian Yang Project Architect: Snorre Nash

A LEGO MASTERPIECE “LEGO house is a literal manifestation of the infinite possibilities of the LEGO brick. Through systematic creativity children of all ages are empowered with the tools to create their own worlds and to inhabit them through play. At its finest – that is what architecture – and LEGO play – is all about: enabling people to imagine new worlds that are more exciting and expressive than the status quo – and to provide them with the skills to make them reality. This is what children do every day with LEGO bricks – and this is what we have done today at LEGO House with actual bricks, taking Billund a step closer towards becoming the Capital for Children.” Bjarke Ingels, Founding Partner, BIG.


BIG and LEGO bring the toy scale of the classic LEGO brick to architectural scale with LEGO House, forming vast exhibition spaces and public squares that embody the culture and values at the heart of all LEGO experiences. Due to its central location in the heart of Billund, the 23m2 tall LEGO House is conceived as an urban space as much as an experience center. 21 overlapping blocks are placed like individual buildings, framing a 2,000 m2 LEGO square that is illuminated through the cracks and gaps between the volumes. The plaza appears like an urban cave without any visible columns and is publicly accessible, allowing visitors and citizens of Billund to shortcut through the


building. The LEGO square is energized by an urban character, welcoming locals and visitors to the café, restaurant, LEGO store and conference facilities. Above the square, a cluster of galleries overlap to create a continuous sequence of exhibitions. Each gallery is colour-coded in LEGO’s primary colours so wayfinding through the exhibitions becomes a journey through the colour spectrum. The first and second floors include four play zones arranged by colour and programmed with activities that represent a certain aspect of a child’s learning: red is creative, blue is cognitive, green is social, and yellow is emotional. Guests of all ages can have an immersive and interactive experience, express their imagination, and not least be challenged by meeting other builders from all over the world. The top of the building is crowned by the Masterpiece Gallery, a collection of LEGO fans’ beloved creations that pay tribute to the LEGO community. The Masterpiece

Gallery is made of the iconic 2×4 LEGO brick and showcases art beneath eight circular skylights that resemble the studs of the brick. Like the golden ratio, the proportions of the brick are nested in the geometries of everything man-made in the building, from the glazed ceramic tiles in the steps and walls to the overall 21 block scheme. Atop the Masterpiece Gallery, citizens and visitors can get a 360° panoramic view of the city. Some of the rooftops can be accessed via pixelated public staircases that double as informal auditoria for people watching or seating for performances. The History Collection at the lower level is where visitors can experience an archival immersion into the LEGO company and brand’s story. The Vault – located underneath LEGO Square – is where children and AFoLs (Adult Fans of LEGO) can witness the first edition of almost every LEGO set ever manufactured, including the new 774-piece, 197-step kit replicating the stacked-block formation of the LEGO House.


SLAMP has been at the forefront of creating original, eclectic, and contemporary lamps since 1994. Each is handcrafted from unique materials in an atelier located in Italy. Every lamp is recognizable and original thanks to unique, unbreakable technopolymers, sculpted into three-dimensional shapes, decorations and effects that would be impossible using any other material. Much like a haute couture maison, every Slamp lamp goes through a precise, transform ative ritual that includes cold cutting and hand folding of technopolymer sheets that evolve into three-dimensional shapes. The brand has recently successfully collaborated with world renowned designers and architects, including Zaha Hadid, Doriana e Massimiliano Fuksas, Daniel Libeskind, Alessandro Mendini, Robert Wilson, Studio Job, Elisa Giovannoni, Riccardo Dalisi, Nigel Coates, Lorenza Bozzoli, Analogia Project, and Zanini De Zanine. We, ESS Ltd, are thrilled to have joined forces with SLAMP in this exclusive partnership. We invite the design community as well as the general public alike who are in search of beautiful things to visit our newly launched display at the showroom in Imriehel.




Society is always taken by surprise at any new example of common sense. Ralph Waldo Emerson




iMprint Biennial

Exhibition of Original Prints

ABOUT THE EXHIBITION GRAFIKA: OF FORM AND IMAGE iMprint Malta presents iMprint iv – Grafika: Of Form and Image, a collective exhibition featuring the works of 30 artists. The recently inaugurated 2019 exhibition, which launches the iMprint series’ biennial format, is being held at the Malta Society of Arts in Valletta.

2019 Title: iMprint iv – Grafika: Of Form and Image Location: Upper Galleries, Malta Society of Arts, Republic Street, Valletta Duration: 7th November - 30th November 2019 Opening hours: Monday to Friday: 08:00 – 19:00 & Saturdays: 09:00 – 12:30


The iMprint initiative was conceived and founded by artist Jesmond Vassallo in 2013, with the aim of spreading awareness and appreciation of original printmaking as an artistic medium in its own right. iMprint focuses exclusively on showcasing prints produced in the intaglio tradition, one of the four principal printmaking techniques. The exhibition’s new biennial format is a result of the collective effort of artists/printmakers Lino Borg and Justin Falzon together with Vassallo. Grafika: Of Form and Image is curated by Dr Christian Attard. According to Attard, this year’s exhibition explores the idea of the printed impression as the direct consequence of sets of opposites, which include planning, discipline, and precision in contrast with spontaneity, experimentation, and play. The intaglio printmaking artistic procedure is both systematic and accidental, resulting in each print being singular from its limited-edition print siblings.

The 2019 edition of iMprint presents a selection of intaglio prints by the highly respected late artists Frank Portelli and Horst Janssen, along with 28 esteemed Malta- and Gozo-based contemporary artists. These participants are Antoine Paul Camilleri, Austin Camilleri, Catherine Cavallo, Carmen Aquilina, Eman Grima, Irene Zammit, Isabelle Borg, Jesmond Vassallo, John Vassallo, Jonathan Galea, Joseph Galea, Joseph Mallia, Joseph Paul Cassar, Justin Falzon, Kevin Ellul, Lewis Zammit, Lino Borg, Matthew Attard, Mike Ross, Olaug Vethal, Pawl Carbonaro, Raphael Vella, Richard Saliba, Robyn Smith, Robert Zahra, Roderick Camilleri, Sue Flask, and Vince Briffa. Grafika: Of Form and Image opens with the works of Frank Portelli (1922-2004), an important figure of the pre- and post-World War II Maltese art scene. The prints on show vary in theme, from the religious to the melancholic and self-portraiture. Portelli executes a precise chiaroscuro effect which combines with the atmospheric, sketchy element of his art. The second and third rooms of the Upper Galleries feature the works of the 28 contemporary artists, including the late Isabelle Borg and Olaug Vethal. Themes range from the figurative to landscapes, the abstract, and death, among others.

Horst Janssen Lirium larum series 160mmX110mm Etching 1983

In the fourth and fifth exhibition rooms, visitors can view prints by the inimitable German artist Horst Janssen. Janssen (1929-1995) is viewed as an avant-garde of his time whose unconventional upbringing and non-conformist ideologies bore a profound influence on his art. The works exhibited explore elements of the morbid, the erotic, and self-portraiture.

Grafika: Of Form and Image provides visitors the opportunity to appreciate the poetry of the intaglio technique. Although considered a niche art form, its richness and diversity are here highlighted by the various techniques utilised by the participating artists. The iMprint curatorial team was supported by researcher Krystle Attard Trevisan and assistant curator Marisabelle Grech. An 86-page exhibition catalogue to mark the occasion is available for purchase.

Frank Portelli (after William Walcot 1874-1943) Egyptian temple 140mmX140mm Etching Restrike - Malta School of Art 1930s


About Us 292 Engineering is all about dedication and professionalism in our work no matter how small or big the project is. Our main aim is total customer satisfaction backed by competitive pricing, highquality materials, and reliable after-sales support. The company is divided into three main departments namely Electrical, Plumbing and Air Conditioning in addition to turnkey contracting where we carry full responsibility for our work to enable you to move hassle-free into your dream home.

ww w. 29 2e ngi ne e ri m +35 6 9 9 0 2 68 0 8 / 7 7 29 2003 - i nfo@29 2eng i neer i ng .com

iMprint Biennial

Exhibition of Original Prints

About the curator: Dr Christian Attard is an art historian, lecturer, and exhibition curator. He teaches at the Malta School of Art, the University of Malta, and the Giovanni Curmi Higher Secondary School. He has curated and co-curated a number of exhibitions, such as the Schranz artists’ bicentenary exhibition and Reaching for the Spirit, an exhibition of the sacred works of Carmelo Mangion, Antoine Camilleri, and George Fenech. Attard’s main areas of research interest lie in the art of the late 19th and early 20th centuries, as well as the imagery and iconography of plague and death. Attard has published extensively on various themes and has also published a monograph on the artist Gianni Vella. During 2019, he led a project concerned with the conservation and restoration of the cultic Ta’ Æieÿu Crucifix. A publication about the Crucifix, edited by Attard, will be launched in the near future.

Frank Portelli Royal Theatre, Valletta 220mmX155mm Etching Restrike - Malta School of Art 1930s

About iMprint: iMprint exists to disseminate awareness and appreciation of original printmaking as an artistic medium. It has established itself as Malta’s only exhibition dedicated to showcasing original prints by some of the best Maltese artists and foreign printmakers. Founded by Jesmond Vassallo in 2013, iMprint has now become a biennial appointment which is eagerly awaited by Malta’s artists and public.




f you’re mostly into history, food, art, music, loads of trees

and coffee then you need to visit Berlin now. This unpredictably cool place will capture your soul from within and will give you that restless energy like never before. It’s vibrant, exciting and dramatic all at the same time and has deep history embedded in every corner. It seems that every day there is something amazing going on. Here are

Visit Mauerpark on Sundays We arrived in Berlin on a Sunday so this was the first thing that we delved into. Do yourself a favour and head to Mauerpark on a Sunday morning or early afternoon. A public park with a huge market, free entrance, performances and authentic street food for your taste buds. You’ll definitely fall in love and it’s perfect for a family outing too. Head in the morning to avoid the crowds of the afternoon postlunch vibes and don’t forget to buy that knick-knack to remember the day.

some tips and things to do in the capital city of Germany to make the most of your time.


Satisfy your Sweet Tooth at Brammibal Doughnut Vegan Cafe

Afternoon Picnic at the Tiergarten

Whether to get some shade from the sun or have a lunch al fresco under the trees with family or friends, the Tiergarden is the perfect place to be. This 519 acre oasis and public park, used in the past as the hunting grounds of the German royals, today boasts infinite trees, hiking paths, lakes and the perfect spots for some relaxation away from the busy centre.

Walk the East Side Gallery This 1.3km historic stretch of the Berlin Wall deserves an early morning or an afternoon. It’s an open air gallery for the art lovers as well as a cool stroll for the others. Be prepared to take a lot of pictures and selfies as the colourful backdrop of the art graffiti is perfection.

When vegan meets delicious and aesthetics that’s truly a thing. No visit in the offbeat city of Berlin is complete without heading to this relatively new place for the sweet tooth lovers. This place specialises in freshly baked vegan doughnuts with countless varieties and the donuts are usually sold out by the end of the day. Grab that doughnut and coffee after a long day exploring.


Beautiful BERLIN Try Different Cuisines in Berlin Mitte Berlin is famous for international food authenticity and you can find a place for every type of mouthwatering experience. Be sure to try Cocolo Ramen in Berlin Mitte for the best Ramen in town. You cannot book a table from before so be sure to head there around 7.30pm and be a ready to wait an hour or so to be seated. However, it’s certain that you will have the best food experience Berlin can offer! The menu is tiny but the food is impeccable!

Stand in front of the famous Brandenburg Gate

Experience a Life Concert in one of the German Music Halls

Berlin is super famous for music. Indeed, singers from around the world seem to flock here for their new albums and alike. Keep a lookout for any concerts that will be happening while you’re there and make sure to book any tickets from before. The Germans are well organised so you will surely not be disappointed when it comes to punctuality. When we were there we had the opportunity to see Tame Impala at the Max Schmeling Hall.


A picture standing in front of this famous gate is a must for the whole German experience. This gate is the symbol of the German capital and has stood there for more than 200 years. You can also take a free tour from history students who sometimes happen to be around to help the tourists.

Cocktails for Sunset on the Berliner Fernsehturm A breathtaking view of the city from a 368m tall TV tower of the capital should be on your bucket-list. Be sure to book the entrance tickets from days or even weeks before to enjoy the sunset falling on the city. Sip the night away with cocktails from the revolving restaurant high above and you will surely remember the experience. For the ones daring to propose it might actually be the perfect place!

Shopping at its Best

For the shopaholics this is the best place - for the ones wishing to make a bargain or the ones wishing to go expensive. The perfect spot for shopping is near the Berliner Fernsehturm and the KurfĂźrstendamm with over 200,000 square metres of shops and restaurants. Be careful if you wish to keep your credit card intact.

Get your Caffeine Fix at one of the Best Cafes in Germany

After a long day on your feet there is nothing that beats the perfect heart-shaped flat white at one of the hipster cafes in the capital. Don’t miss The Barn that has a reputation for serving some of the best coffee in Europe (it won the award for Best Independent European Coffee Shop in the year 2018) and Hallesches Haus - Lunchroom for the best lunch and coffee spot on a warm afternoon.


Credits: Alan Saliba Venue: Palazzo Parisio Outfits: D Club Naxxar


Singing... a self prescription Interview with Doctor and Soprano KIMBERLEY GRECH


imberley Grech is smart, bold, and chic. A doctor by profession, she is also a much lauded lirico-spinto voice who has appeared on countless stages across the island. Her slim figure and vibrant energy are the result of disciplined life but most of all her extraordinary ability to focus on her goals. Kimberley shares with Atelier her passion for singing, what music means to her and the projects she is currently working on.


What influenced your choice to pursue music? I have been singing and dancing since I was 8 years of age. I remember starting Ballet Classes and dancing and singing my way through ‘My heart will go on!’ by Celine Dion featured in the film ‘Titanic’. It never occurred to me at that age that I wanted to


sing classical music. After winning a scholarship at Margaret Howard Theatre College in the UK (I had just turned 12), I met my first English vocal coach Ms. Arleen J. Barlow, who realized that I was developing a soprano voice range. She was my biggest influence, and still is!

A TELIER physician is paramount, to offer the best medical advice to my patients. Yet, I always balanced out my ‘rigid’ daily regime with classical music. It gives me the opportunity to express my emotions freely to be creative and to be passionate. Music gives me an identity, as it makes me feel more of an accepted unique individual with a mind of an artist.

For all of us, your uneducated audience, firstly how many different kinds of sopranos are there? Coloratura, soubrette, lyric, spinto and dramatic. Correct? A soprano is a female voice which reaches the highest human vocal range. There are various types of soprano voices as you have correctly mentioned. Unfortunately there is a misconception that one is better than the other, which is totally incorrect. I humbly think that it is always wise to choose correctly which repertoire to study in order to see whether your voice is suitable for that particular piece or not.

In which category do you fit in? I am currently working on various repertoires which suit my lirico-spinto voice, in other words a ‘darker’ timbre with a hint of dramaticism.

What does music mean to you? Music is a form of liberation to me. From my early days at St. Aloysius College to medical school, and now my full time job as a doctor my studies have made me quite disciplined. Adhering to guidelines and evidence based medicine in my work as a

How do you find a perfect balance between your full time job, singing and a personal life? I tell myself that with success comes great responsibility and I try my best not to shy away from it. It’s very hard. I’ve always been a planner, so that helps me find time for ‘everything’…well almost! I describe myself as quite the motivated type, so I tend to make sure that I have enough time to concentrate on whatever I am doing be it at work, studying for post-graduate exams, preparing for concerts or having lunch with family. Luckily I have support. Support is crucial. Melvic, my boyfriend, is truly my ‘partner in crime’ and Mum and Dad are simply the most giving people that I have ever met.




to study their art and unfortunately never had the opportunity to express their true selves.

Andrea Bocelli once noted; "To sing opera, one needs two things: the voice and the passion - and above all, the passion." To what extent do you agree? I agree. You can be musically perfect yet if you do not connect with the audience and as my teacher used to say "bring the audience in the palm of your hand," your performance is worth nothing. On the other hand, I am still an advocate of the importance of having knowledge in musical theory which will always be my guide.

Is there enough appreciation towards opera by local society? Yes, we are slowly moving towards a greater appreciation of classical music and opera. Social Media and YouTube, in general, have broadened the cohort of listeners. Although this genre of music was quite exclusive, fortunately enough, it is becoming more available to people out there.

How do you think opera can be made more appealing to a younger audience? Opera is timeless. Yet you have to have the background education and knowledge to appreciate its worth and magic. So I would say three things: education, free access to classical music and financial support to artists. My dream is to have a proper music conservatoire here in Malta, where school aged children are taught music as their core subject. I believe that there are quite a number of creative individuals who did not have the financial support

What projects are you working on at the moment? I am currently working on the Maltese Cantata “Hodon Fjuri Lil San Publju” composed by Mro. Ray Sciberras and lyrics by Prof. Olivier Friggieri, which will be showcased next January accompanied by the Malta Philharmonic Orchestra.

A word of advise for those vying a career in the industry? I feel lucky that I have had the opportunity to have the best of both worlds, i.e science and music. For those who are still skeptical about a career choice, I would most definitely say go for whatever keeps your soul fulfilled. It is a known fact that it can be quite a struggle remaining financially stable as a freelance musician. Yet, the sacrifices, the time, the pressure, the travelling, the fear of ‘not being good enough’ or ‘being too much’; these will all fade once you step on that stage and perform. If you feel this adrenaline rush, and you find that this moment defines your being, then keep marchin’ on!


You have been at the helm of Yachting Malta since late 2018 and in the industry for nearly two decades. How has the industry evolved, and do you feel satisfied with the rate of growth registered? The yachting industry has evolved substantially particularly in the areas of Maltese flag registration, leasing schemes and fiscal incentives. These two areas have been given great importance and the evolution of


Creating the foundations for a sustainable industry Interview with John Huber JOHN HUBER has nearly two decades of experience and knowledge in the yachting industry to his name. This experience is now being imparted through his role of Chairman at Yachting Malta; a public private partnership created to foster the potential Malta has for developing the industry into a flourishing business. Whilst the yachting business has seen particular areas making major steps forward, Yachting Malta’s Chairman does not mince his words when it comes to the lack of the infrastructure need to fully exploit Malta’s potential as a major yachting destination.

this sector can be seen in the success achieved. Malta has established itself firmly on the maritime map, thus reinforcing Malta’s maritime tradition. Yet, we definitely can achieve more especially within the Superyacht sector. Admittedly size and the lack of a suitable infrastructure remain the biggest hurdle for us to attract more activity from this segment to Malta – particularly when enticing owners

to make Malta their permanent base or at least their winter home. So, what are the biggest challenges that the yachting industry in Malta is facing? Well, Malta’s size means that it lacks enough space for hard standing facilities. The development of new marinas would certainly address this issue and with


land reclamation being mentioned and seriously looked into, the possibility of designing more yacht havens rather than harbours could certainly be a viable solution. Yachting of today is not simply translated into looking purely for a harbour but looking more for a haven – a place where yacht owners can find all the required and desired facilities within easy reach. This means that rather than just berthing a boat against an average pier, boats would be docking into marinas that have the latest breakwater technology – ensuring safe and secure yachting facilities as well as 5* facilities – where owners, guests, captains and crews have access to areas of leisure and top-notch services provided by highly qualified personnel, that combine good accommodation, high end shopping and restaurants that such patrons are accustomed to abroad. This has to be a holistic approach and development should take that direction. Yachting Malta has recently shown its support to the Superyacht Network wherein it assisted in the setup of a networking stand at the Cannes Yachting Festival, which is one of the most popular and respected events in the industry. The Network's presence there was important to kick start its initiatives aimed towards attracting superyachts to Malta. Yachting Malta will continue to offer direct assistance to the maritime industry in Malta. When arguing in favour of developing the industry, what would you say are the economic benefits of strengthening the yachting industry? How would you quantify these benefits? Yachting Malta is currently undertaking an Economic Impact Assessment of the Rolex Middle Sea Race. This Assessment will give us the facts and figures as to how much an international event, of such high standing, actually contributes in financial terms to the island. This would include also the advertising that the island benefits from through the worldwide reporting of this Race. A yacht visiting Malta for this race has a spill over and a high multiplier effect. The development of a better fiscal and regulatory infrastructure which concerns yacht chartering would encourage the potential of Malta being a base for


yacht charters starting from Malta – this would mean that yachts would equip themselves from their Malta base – berthing, fuel supplies, chandlery etc would bring a high level of expenditure in Malta – even if just for the winter months. It is estimated that a superyacht’s annual budget is between 10% – 12% of its cost. Imagine the amount of money being put into the Maltese economy if these yachts made Malta their home base. Part of Yachting Malta’s mission is quoted as being “Yachting Malta’s role is also to identify and attract high profile yachting events to the Maltese Islands including regattas, boat shows, awards, conferences and other activities related to yachting.” – Currently major events that come to mind are the Rolex Middle Sea Race (Yachting), Voomquest (Powerboats) and Mapfre Middlesea Euromed International Regatta (Dinghy Sailing). Are there any interesting projects that Yachting Malta is working upon that will be announced shortly? We are working on a number of international projects. In fact, a delegation shall be travelling overseas in the coming weeks to investigate the possibility of hosting a major event in Malta. Concurrently we are talking to a number of people who will be working on showcasing what Malta has to offer not just in terms of conferences but also in relation to boat launches and advertising campaigns. In as far as events are concerned, we are working on organising an international Boat Show, though the major hurdle, at the present, remains the identification of proper site. Yachting Malta has partnered with Voomquest, which has been leaving its mark on the international powerboat sphere. Perhaps few realise that Voomquest was set up by a Maltese powerboat racer, who is also an ex-World Champion. Aaron Ciantar, and his family, have brought their wealth of knowledge in the racing scene to build boats locally. Yachting Malta and Voomquest are working closely together to see how we can assist in the internationalisation of this local brand. In 2020, Yachting Malta will be hosting the Malta


International Race Week, which will see a number of maritime related events taking place around the island. The sport of sailing has seen some notable results and a number of sailors that show potential to make a name for themselves on the international sailing circuit, particularly the Olympic Games. Will Yachting Malta consider supporting a promising sailor for an Olympic Campaign? Yachting Malta firmly believes sailing should be on the top of the national sporting agenda. We have proved that we can do it and get results. Here I give credit to the Podesta family for etching their names on the Rolex Middle Sea Race trophy - a Maltese team on a Maltese boat racing against some of the best competitors from all over the world and emerging as winners. They are a shining example to our young sailors if they want to reach international acclaim in a sport. Yachting Malta is looking into a strategy on how we can have a development programme for sailors to compete in the top-most international arenas. With eco-consciousness high on the agenda of many industries, how is Yachting Malta working on contributing towards a more sustainable

industry? Yachting Malta’s has its own ‘Green Deal”. The safeguarding of the environment, particularly where the sea is concerned is on top of Yachting Malta’s agenda, and a number of direct initiatives are being planned. Yachting Malta has concluded the content of its Sustainability Guidelines which will be launched in the very near future. In conjunction with this, sustainability will be one of the key factors that will be taken into consideration when vetting applications for funding and sponsorships. During the Mapfre Middle Sea Euromed Championships, which take place annually in Malta, we shall be eliminating single use plastic bottles by donating reusable water bottles to all participants and providing a number of water stations. We are also looking into making direct contribution sailing clubs towards elimination of single use plastics especially where related to water consumption - this will not be limited to just competitions but also throughout the whole year. By taking a holistic approach with direct involvement of the various industry stakeholders, it is apparent that Yachting Malta is on the right track to develop a strong strategy which will, in the coming years, yield fruitful results in the local maritime industry.



Le Joie de vivre Interview with GRAZIELLE CAMILLERI AHLGREN

Grazielle Camilleri Ahlgren is a woman of ambition. She is a wife, a mother, an entrepreneur, a fashion, travel and lifestyle blogger an Instagram influencer and above all a woman with a clear vision. Around twenty years ago, Grazielle Camilleri hit the stage and screen as a dancer, host and character on the series Gizelle. Now, she is a successful marketing PR and Events entrepreneur as well as a fashion, travel and lifestyle blogger. Although born in Malta she is by all accounts a citizen of the world, constantly traveling to new cities and sharing her experiences online. She observes life from its various angles and seeks to raise awareness on key issues. Whether sharing her latest fashion finds with her audience or documenting her worldwide travels, Grazielle constantly entertains. Bold, intelligent, colourful, good looking, outspoken, very straight to the point, with a strong personality and with minimal intolerance to those who try to beat around the bush. Being an Aries, Grazielle is brave and rarely afraid of trial and risk. She possess youthful strength and energy, regardless of time. She is a true leader with excellent organisational skills and capable of finishing several things at once. All traits you will find in any great blogger which she certainly is. Dressed in a smart, casual attire and with her signature smile, Grazielle speaks her mind with Atelier over a coffee at the Corinthia Palace Hotel in Attard.


She quickly points out that her choice to share her life with others on her blog is not because she’s audacious, but because she ardently hopes to inspire others to follow their hearts and pursue their goals – no matter how big or small.“My mission in life is to spread positivity, empowerment and joy through my work while still developing myself as a woman, a mother and many other things.” Jennifer Lopez is her idol and notwithstanding her popularity, Grazielle feels her feet are on the ground and is still "Jenny from the block". Her husband and her daughter play a key role in her world. They are an integral part of what she plans for today and for tomorrow. A quick sneak peak into her blog quickly tells you how much they play a fundamental role. They are literally everywhere, irrespective of whether it is a dinner, a fitness session or a fashion session. That makes Grazielle different from any other blogger. Her profession is not only about her, it is also about that close circle that surrounds her. Thus, every opinion she posts is not only based on her own point of view but also encapsulates a wider perspective from those who really matter to her. She points out that Sundays are family days in the Camilleri household. She won’t accept an invite out over the weekends unless her daughter or husband can come along. Sunday is always a family day for her and her husband to share some quality time with their child. Grazielle considers herself to be a very healthy person. She enjoys practising a variety of sport related activities including jogging, squash, dancing, weight training, horseriding and recently car racing! Her life would not be the same without sports. “I jog every morning with my husband and my daughter, that’s the first thing we do in the morning,” she explains.“I rest on Saturday and Sunday to give my physique a break. I am showing my daughter that a healthy habit of daily exercise is important, not just for the physical benefits, but the mental benefits too.”Grazielle herself started training at the age of five, taking inspiration from her parents who spurred her on. The jack of all trades began playing tennis and netball before very quickly moving on to dance and athletics. For Grazielle, keeping herself active was just “the norm” rather than the exception to the rule. She also points out; “I feel complete when I exercise. I feel as though the work I’ve done on my body has taught me to be alert, boosted my resilience and apart from the obvious physical benefits there are the mental benefits, too.”




Health is not only a physical matter but also a mental issue. “I believe in mental training; coaching myself to keep a positive mindset at all times and to stray away from situations that vibe on a lower, more negative frequency – things that do not resonate with me.” Grazielle admits that when learning this for herself, she found it difficult to stick to the habit, but the more she pushed through, the easier it was to act naturally by trusting the guidance of her intuition. She learnt how to remain calm, which allowed her to make decisions unbiased by her emotions or opposed by her ego and its fears.“This is something we all possess. It’s just we don’t make time to be aware of it. I think that in general people are brought up and taught to take care of their physical self and their education and their economy but they are not taught mental health from a young age.” Grazielle is a strong believer in the need for a balanced life. Balance is found when one understands their actions should be closer to selfless than selfish but acknowledge that neither is the better option. We need to balance ourselves.” she continued, “rather than beating around the bush and hating each other – which doesn’t tackle the root of the problem – we need to learn how to firstly identify our issues and then communicate with each other to solve them. I’m a little deep, perhaps. But that’s the truth: our world needs more love and compassion.” She feels that volunteering is an essential ingredient to create the right balance in one's life. Indeed, Grazielle has put a lot of her efforts into local charities. Her time with local charities gives her so much satisfaction and a sense of peace. Grazielle also finds peace and wholeness by connecting to her surroundings and


tuning out the world around her. Whenever she finds the time, she slows down and disconnects.The joy you can retain in life on a long-term basis and the reach your glow can expand to when helping others, directly or inadvertently, depends greatly on what kind of a good person you are. A strong mind is certainly a must in the world she daily works in. Grazielle knows that the pressures of social media can destroy people who are out of balance, and for this reason urges anyone to focus maintaining it. To her, real life is what you see in person, while social media can be a beautiful tool on the flip side. She praises the openness of online forums, saying “you can access so much information and educational content online, not just funny and entertaining pieces”. She points out that social media and media also gives one the opportunity to help others who perhaps feel lost and out of touch with their life purpose. "I love to balance everything in life and that is I think one of the main keys – the formulas to ‘success’ and happiness in life.” It is time to conclude yet before further ado, I ask Grazielle what are her plans for the year to come. She admits that there are quite a few yet would prefer to divulge later on next year. Grazielle will certainly continue to use her blog to promote positivity and good vibes. Moreover, she will continue in her mission to promote local excellence. She insists that all she has achieved in this year which is coming to an end and what she has in store for the next would never be achieved without the unconditional support of her husband and the daily smile on her daughter's face.





t seems a lifetime ago when we sat down with Miriam Dalli for an interview at the beginning of the year. Three seasons later and we’re now interviewing one of the Vice Presidents of the Socialists and Democrats.

When we had asked Miriam Dalli to join us for our Spring edition, she had gladly accepted and invited us over to her office in Haz-Zebbug. At the time Malta was preparing for the European Parliament elections and her calendar was more hectic than usual. Fast-forward to today and we are back at the same office. This time however Miriam is not just a Member of the European Parliament recognized for her ‘doer’ attitude. She is now one of the Vice Presidents of the Socialists and Democrats and the head of the Maltese Labour Party delegation to the European Parliament. The office is homey, with space and toys for children to play with and newspaper cuttings in frames marking the different milestones of her political career to date. A Christmas tree is up… indeed, Christmas is her favourite festive period. Miriam’s private office is more personalised, with colourful photos of her family hanging on the walls. She sits at her desk, her hands wrapped around her mug and sipping ginseng coffee. The boys – Jack and Kane – are the apple of her eye. We ask her about juggling time. “It’s not easy juggling work in two different countries, so we try to maximise the time we have together as much as possible. Together with my husband John, we find our own ways on how to


make preparing for work, school and time together in the weekend fun. It’s about making the best use of the time we have.” The school is also on the way to work, so no extra trips are made. As any other working parent can attest to, Miriam says it is not always easy to juggle family life and work. But with the support of her husband John, the Dalli-Vella duo make it work. Ever since her election to the post of Vice President of the S&D, Miriam’s workload has increased. She is now responsible of overseeing the policies that fall under the European Green Deal. This is an ambitious and pragmatic plan to transition to a zero carbon economy and transform Europe in the process. “This plan is not just about protecting the environment, tackling air pollution or reducing emissions. This is an economic plan – an opportunity to inject new life in the European Union’s economy. It requires an overhaul of our thinking pushing aside, the traditional economic model as we know it. It’s mainly about making sure that no one falls behind during this transition,” Miriam says. “It’s not just about policy directions but the understanding that this is an economic opportunity as much as it can be an environmental opportunity. You can categorise it in terms of investments within




A TELIER the different industries, growth, diversification, creation of quality jobs and jobs that pay well. Because it’s about moving towards sustainable and greener models, it also impacts positively citizens’ lives – physically and mentally – as well as the physical environment around us.” Unmistakably, the subject is very close to her heart. Both in Malta and EU level, Miriam’s name is synonymous with the fight against climate change having spearheaded and negotiated the legislation to reduce car emissions. She has clearly earned a reputation in this field: aside from her responsibilities in Brussels and as a Member of the European Parliament, Miriam is also chairing the commission aimed at recommending to the government a cut-off date on the importation of conventionally-fuelled vehicles in Malta and Gozo. “There have been different reactions to this announcement – some are welcoming it as a progressive and much-needed decision, others are of the opinion that no change is required. I strongly believe that change is needed because

it is scientifically proven that the emissions are harmful to our health and to our environment. The technology to address this does exist and more efficient technologies are emerging. I don’t think that Malta should lag behind.” Miriam Dalli is also a member of the European Parliament’s environment committee - which tackles public health and food safety as well – and the civil liberties committee. With all this going on in her life, one has to ask: do you find time for yourself? “If I’m not playing catch-up with my emails or readings on a flight, I might enjoy a good comedy series or read.” As our chat comes to an end, I comment that a lot of young girls and women look up to her for her success within a male-dominated arena. What’s the secret? “There are no secrets, no magic tricks. It’s about hard work and believing in yourself. As a Japanese proverb goes, fall down seven times, stand up eight.”


For the love of food An introduction to GRAIN with Executive Chef Victor Borg



How does tailoring fit into the Grain concept? Just as a tailor creates made–to–measure clothing for each individual client, Grain’s chefs pay attention to every detail in order to create memorable dining experiences for every guest. At Grain Street, guests can take their pick from a choice of dishes to share, thereby choosing what dishes they want to taste and not being limited to just one. Similarly, wines are served by the glass to encourage guests to taste different flavours. At Under Grain, the tailoring theme of the restaurant appears also in the décor, with inch–tapes, mannequins and bespoke designs surrounding the tables. Moreover, guests are invited to ‘draw’ on the menu to signify their choice, through a process of designing their own dining experience. In what way are a tailor and a chef similar? Both jobs require three things: skill, flair and an eye for detail. Just as a tailor measures, cuts and fits their work for their clothes, chefs do the same for their dishes. Both result in a bespoke product that is perfectly suited for their clients.

How would you define the Grain concept? Grain is a new and innovative brand, comprising of three distinctive concepts that are all of equally high quality. At ground level, Grain Street is based on a sharing concept, which is a new introduction to the Valletta culinary scene. Beneath street level is Under Grain, which is based on the concept of refined dining. At Under Grain, we want to re-introduce the classic dining experience. Over Grain will be opening at roof level in the coming year.

How do you deliver the best possible experience for guests dining at Grain? Our menus are carefully curated every season, to include fresh and locally–sourced ingredients as much as possible. We use the finest quality ingredients and we also add in a few surprises along the way, to keep our guests satisfied. Why does Grain detaches itself from any rules? Grain does not follow the norm of dining. At Grain Street, there are no set starters or mains, but guests are instead asked to choose what dishes they want to share without a particular order. This lets them experience several plates on our menu, instead of being limited to just one starter and main course.


How does it stand out of the crowd? It stands out from the crowd because we want to give our clients an experience and not simply a meal. For the time being, although we have two restaurants with two different concepts, Grain Street and Under Grain, they entail the same philosophy. The philosophy is that we want to excel in whatever we do.


What should we expect at Grain during the Festive Season? During the festive season, guests can organise staff events or festive gatherings with friends and families. We will also be having a special New Year’s Eve dinner at Under Grain, where we will be starting 2020 with an exquisite menu in the most stylish of settings within Valletta.


Why is it worth a try during this time of the year? For the Christmas period, we keep operating as we do all the year round with an Ă la carte filled with Christmas specials. We are not going to put the prices up or compensate on the quality. We simply want to provide the best during this festive season!

Any New Year resolutions for Grain? We’re focused to work harder every day to keep improving on the high standards that we already have. We would like to ensure that our clients have the best possible experience here on the Maltese islands.


FOCUS ON WEIGHT LOSS SURGERY Why it works when diets fail


enetics play an important role, with many patients reporting the existence of a family history of obesity. Environmental factors such as socioeconomic realities exacerbate these genetic predispositions and medicines such as anti-depressants - which are often prescribed to patients suffering from obesity - tend to fuel the vicious weight gain cycle further.



But a person who has been battling obesity for years also develops resistance against weight loss itself. The obese body defends itself against weightloss by reducing its metabolic rate, making it increasingly difficult to lose weight over time during dieting. Oftentimes, the precious weight lost in the course of years of dieting is regained within a couple of months. This phenomenon is generally not seen after weight loss surgery which changes the structure of the digestive tract. Over time, the results of weight-loss surgery have been remarkable: In a recent study which assessed patients from 5 to 25 years after undergoing weightloss surgery, significant improvements to the patient health and quality of life were recorded. Patients who underwent weight-loss surgery fared significantly better and noted remarkable improvements in physical and mental health compared to persons who did not undergo surgery. The study noted that bariatric surgery subjects reported less problems of pain, mobility, anxiety and depression and had better social interactions. The medical benefits reaped from surgically induced weight-loss are equally remarkable. Studies have shown that metabolic surgery’s efficacy in reducing weight leads to reductions in blood pressure, blood sugar levels, cholesterol and cures sleep apnea. And although the surgery cannot be said to cure type II diabetes, it forces the disease into remission, slowing or preventing life threatening damage caused to the heart, kidneys, blood vessels and the nervous system. As with any weight-loss measure, the success thereof depends not only on the amount of weight lost but also on the intervention’s ability to hold off that weight for a meaningful time, preferably permanently. In a 10 year follow up study of 1700 patients who underwent gastric bypass, researchers showed that only 3.4% returned to within 5% of their original weight a decade after surgery. Most notably, 70% of

patients lost 20% of their weight 10 years post-surgery and about 40% of patients had lost and maintained a 30% reduction in weight during the same period. When it comes to the surgical options available, the most popular choices are the gastric sleeve and the gastric bypass techniques. The latter, results in greater weight loss after 10 years than the gastric sleeve procedure. Although both techniques reduce the size of the stomach, gastric bypass is also associated with the treatment of type II diabetes, which gastric sleeve does not treat effectively. No matter which technique is used, the safety of the procedure has improved significantly in the last 10 years and the risk is comparable to common surgeries such as gall bladder removal. Given the confidence surgeons have in the procedures and their well documented safety track record, the surgeries are now being performed on wider classes of individuals whose obesity is less severe. The typical candidate for metabolic surgery holds a BMI ( Body Mass Index ) of 40 or over. However patients with a BMI of 35 and in some cases even less and who suffer from metabolic diseases such as type II diabetes are now being treated with weight loss surgery. Given the epidemic proportions of people suffering from obesity, the access to weight-loss procedures is increasing, as more and more people are becoming aware of the benefits such procedures bring on their quality of life and health. The growing trend of adopting a proactive approach to treating weightloss surgery to prevent obesity related diseases rather than treating them once their symptoms become pronounced and difficult to treat, is leading to more people opting for surgery to reap longer lasting benefits and a healthier and happier life.

For more information on weight-loss surgery and other obesity treatments contact St Thomas Hospital on 21 482 482 and get in touch with our obesity surgeons.


Teresa Ruglio hailing from Venezuela but living in Sliema will be leaving for Atlanta in the US late November to take part in Miss Universe due to take place on the 8th December. Along with 90 other countries from all over the world Teresa will be taking part in filming rehersals and training preparing for the grand final night which is transmitted live all over the world. Teresa won Miss Universe Malta last July competing with 24 other models. Nicole Vella is a 22 year old from Rabat will be competing in Miss World with 120 countries from all over the world on the 14th December. In Miss World Nicole will be participating in the talent round , Sports Round and the Top Model round. Nicole won Miss World Malta last June competing against 24 other models. Rebecca Pace is also 22 years of age from BBugia will be competing in Miss Supranational due to take place on the 6th December in Poland. Competing along with 80 beauties from all over the world she will be having plenty of activities and challenges in preparation for her final night. Rebecca won Miss Supranational Malta on the 12th October competing with 24 other models. Miss World Malta, Miss Universe Malta and Miss Supranational Malta are locally organized by Modelle International, Glow Promotions and Vogue Model Management respectively



OZO GROUP was chosen from 2,753 businesses named as ‘Ones to Watch’ in a list of business excellence published in July and selected as a National Winner by a panel of independent judges including business leaders, politicians and academics. It is the best business in Malta in the category The Business of the Year Award with Turnover of €0-25m category and will now go on to represent Malta in the final stage of the competition. Adrian Tripp, CEO of the European Business Awards said: “This is a significant achievement and Ozo is an outstanding leader in their field. To be chosen as a National Winner means you show great innovation, ethics and success and are one of the best businesses in Europe. We wish Ozo Group the best of luck in the final round.” Ozo Group will head to Warsaw, Poland on the 3rd and 4th of December to complete a final round of judging and attend both a Summit to engage in business issues, and the Gala Ceremony where the overall category winners for the 2019 European Business Awards will be announced. The European Business Awards is now in its 12th year and its primary purpose is to support the development of a stronger and more successful business community throughout Europe. This year it considered over 120,000 businesses from 33 countries. Sponsors and partners include Inflexion, Germany Trade & Invest and Cision PR Newswire.




Sheer Driving Pleasure



33,999 EURO

Explore with greater confidence thanks to The X1. While living up to its legacy of being a compact and versatile off-road SAV, it has also maintained its powerful BMW TwinPower Turbo engines and intelligent BMW EfficientDynamics. Add to this a new look and feel, with expressive contours and spacious interiors, and The X1 is ready for whatever life throws at it.

Muscats Motors Ltd Rue D’Argens, Gżira Phone: 2326 4582/09 Email:



BMW 225xe

Active Tourer


he BMW 225xe Active Tourer is packed full of energy it can accelerate from 0 to 62mph in only 6.7 seconds with a thrilling break horsepower. Specifications include; Automatic transmission, 17” Alloy wheels, sports multifunctional steering wheel, auto lights and rain sensors, auto air condition, 6.5” screen with navigation and Bluetooth – to mention a few. With a range of up to 40 km in purely electric mode – without any local emissions. Discover the future of The Ultimate Driving Machine as a plug-in hybrid. Contact Muscats Motors on 2324 4509 for further information.

22,999 EURO

inc **Government grant and scrappage scheme


What do the two routes of Vocational and Applied subjects consist of? Basically the two routes provide students with different modes of learning. There is the vocational route whereby, although there is a considerable amount of hands on work, it still retains quite a substantial amount of written course work in terms of research, assignment writing, and the final-controlled assessment. Thus students having more hands on


Targeting students with different methods of learning Interview with Mr Alexander Pizzuto

Atelier recently met with ALEXANDER PIZZUTO, Assistant Director, Directorate for Learning and Assessment Programmes who shared with us the new methods introduced by the Ministry for Education and their long term benefits. Interview by Maria Azzopardi

abilities, would find that route quite challenging. On the other side, the applied route provides students with the same learning outcomes but having more hands on techniques. So much so that retail has started last year and till that time the final end of yearcontrolled assignment was a pen and paper one-hour examination. Following the feedback from students, teachers and the senior management team, this year it was decided that the controlled assignment would

take the form of an assignment with the possibility of having a certain amount of hands on tasks. The two routes are now identified in terms of MATSEC (the certification that students obtain) whereby the vocational route will have the SEC (Secondary Education Certificate) exam certificate and in the applied route students will have new certificates which is the Secondary Education Applied Certificate.


This is considered as a major shift in the educational system by providing different routes for students with different abilities and inclinations. Do you believe that interactive lessons are an asset in schools? What do you suggest to make the lessons more fun and interesting so that students learn and participate more? When we are talking about these subjects, every lesson can be a hands on lesson and having interaction enhances the students’ learning experience. In the past, some students did not achieve highly not because they are academically bad but because they are not made to have interest in the subject. After all we’re talking about children. They do not have the concept of the type of gratification in which what you are doing will give back a reward in 2, 4 or 10 years time. Students would need their gratification here and now, so it’s useless speaking to children at this tender age to try and incorporate this idea. Having that in mind, students can perform better by having instant gratification (pleasure of learning by doing). If teachers do not master this ability and involving them in a large amount of hands on activity as possible, resources can’t work by themselves. Thus it has to be the creativity of teachers to bring about the change. What kind of equipment one can find in the new retail spaces that help students learn more about this sector? Practically the shop has got 2-3 major areas. There is the area which is a mini-supermarket so there are shelves with different forms and types like gondolas which are center isle shelves. With different shelf settings they can set up groceries, small equipment, alter the size and shape of the shelves and much more. There is also the cash register part with the conveyor belt and with the bar-code reader. We’re dealing with different aims, maybe from a store assistant up to a manager. Even when you are at the cash point you’re seeing from the software what is going around and the accounts that take place. There is also a relative small area which is the storage area in which there are different types of


shelving. Apart from that, we have the clothing area that targets clothes shops, boutiques and costume jewellery so there are hangers, mannequins and the glass display cabinet. We also try to teach them different hand skills. There is also an area that is a shop-window where students learn how to dress it. There are numerous varieties; we can dress it for a shoe shop or ironmongery shop and more. This makes it an area where students can use and learn the psychological effect of giving a particular display to attract customers and not just putting things hazardously. Are there any partnership agreements between schools and industry so that students can grasp better the learning in the subject? Regarding retail we are at the initial phases of this partnership project. Basically what we have in mind has been implemented in 3 other vocational subjects in which each school would be partnered with a retail outlet or more depending on the curriculum that is being taught. Students would visit the retail outlet at least once per term so that what has been taught in class, or maybe some learning outcomes that will be taught later, will be taught in this place and have hands on experience. This is not just a visit to look around so if they need to have an experience in the stores of a supermarket they need to go there accompanied with the teacher and with the supervisor and actually handle items and equipment. If they need to see how a cash point works they could shadow a cashier and maybe for 1-2 hours witness what is being done at the cash point. Same in the merchandising or shop windows area, amongst others. When students experience a real-life environment, they would be engaged in a much deeper terms, what in education we call deep learning which is a type of learning that is longer lasting. How do you see the future and what is the way forward? This year there were 123 students. I think that there is interest in this relatively new subject. Retail has got a certain amount of financial skills involved


and we’re trying to combine it together with Accounts and Business studies. Large retail outlets would definitely need the support of business managers and accountants to make it function. I think that we need to embark more on how the resources and the environment in these classes will be used to help students achieve their potential also when one speaks about digital literacy. This comes hand in hand with further training of teachers and maybe having more involvement with the industry, not only in terms of the partnership but also people from the industry visiting schools providing students with the skills, environment and mindset that a workplace needs to have. It is definitely important for teachers to have continuous training and mentoring to keep up with modern trends and techniques. The challenges are big. Technology is ever changing. What is new right now within a couple of years will become obsolete especially in terms of IT which changes at a fast rate. Our next challenge would be to explore the area of virtual and augmented reality and slowly introducing these environments into our classes as well. In the case of retail we can change virtually the setting of an outlet from one genre to another (from a mechanical shop to a supermarket).



To me, fashion is ceaselessly fascinating because it is an expression of self. Anna Wintour




A Touch of Glamour Interview with Kersten Borg



F Photos by: BOW Malta

or anyone who loves fashion, and in particular, loves to shop, becoming a wardrobe stylist seems like a career fallen straight from heaven. But, becoming a fashion stylist is difficult business; there are very few websites or guidebooks to help you figure out the details, and unless you have a mentor you’re really on your own. Yet, Kersten Borg's perseverance and determination helped him reach his goals and develop into one of Malta's best talents in the industry. Kersten shared with Atelier his love for all that is related to the world of fashion, his sources of inspiration and what to wear during the festive season.




What attracted you to the world of fashion? Being part of the fashion world is a dream which came true. It started from when I was a little boy, my mother and father were always part of this industry which started 30 years ago. My mother used to produce garment patterns and my father actually had a clothing factory. When I was young I used to watch my mother working on her garments and always said to her that one day I want to develop those patterns further into my own style - into my own dresses.

How would you define your style? BORG Malta has a particular style which attracts a particular audience. My dresses are more of party dresses which have a modern and innovative cut. I focus more on the silhouettes of the dresses, the materials and style rather than the actual style.

What inspires you? As said above, my main inspiration to start in this industry was actually my mother. But what inspires me now are international designers which develop master pieces not only dresses. I also travel around the world which helped me to meet different designers with different styles. I was inspired by them and joined bits and pieces from their designs to introduce mine. The designers which I look up to are to mention - Elie Saab, Sherry Hill, Faust and Leo Almodal.

The famous Puerto Rican model, Joan Smalls once noted; "Fashion is part of our culture, and it's about more than just a pretty dress." To what extent do you agree? Yes, I actually agree to this quote as one have to move along with what's in fashion each season, the colours and the style but I would also add that a dress is more about how you carry it and the character you add to it.

What does beauty mean to you? No one can actually define what beauty means but in a personal matter, beauty is not only how you look from the outside but most importantly, it is how you are as a personality. Honesty and compassion is what makes a person beautiful.

Why does fashion have to do with ideas, the way we live and what is happening? Fashion is the way you bring out the message by creating that identity that you always wished to project. Fashion defines your style and personality. Describe the type of woman that would wear a BORG Malta dress?


A TELIER BORG Malta is open to any age and character but the audience that is mostly attracted to BORG designs are those that challenge themselves, the fashion industry and also those that have a bold, fashionable and are of a strong character.

What are your views about the local fashion industry? Local talent is progressing fast, there are tools and colleges which helps individuals to learn and develop. Malta has a high talent in the fashion industry and some of the local designers are also evolving internationally.


Any word of advise for the festive season? The only word of advise I shall give to all those looking for a festive dress is to go out of those traditional colours such as black, gold, red and silver and to look for new colours such as emerald, plum and rose gold.

What's next for you? I am highly excited for whats actually next for me! I am waiting for the new BORG Malta designs to be ready. These designs will be launched during a fashions show on the 28th February 2020 during the prestigious beauty pageant Miss Malta.



Outsourcing Excellence Your Reliable HR Partner

Founded in 1996, OZO Group is an award-winning group of companies that specialises in the cleaning and outsourcing industries employing over 2,000 across the board. The group has grown exponentially since its early humble beginnings, but its commitment to clients, employees and society remains unchanged, remaining loyal to the family values that have made it successful.

In the 23 years since we first began our journey we have added numerous services to our list including outsourcing personnel to the hospitality, care, manufacturing and security industries, and specialised cleaning services for aircraft and hospitals, among others. Even so, our passion, commitment and reliability remain at the heart in everything we do.

OZO GROUP H/O Triq Il-Mastrudaxxa, Qormi, Malta t. 2247 1400



Van Cleef




Love has inspired the Maison since its foundation, infusing the Poetry of Time with its rhythm and offering a vision of watchmaking imbued with dreams and emotions. To set hearts beating in unison, new creations celebrate tender feelings: from the first warm flutters through to the intensity of long-awaited reunions. The Lady Arpels Pont des Amoureux watch – a Van Cleef & Arpels icon since 2010 – is revealed in new versions, depicting the kiss in daytime, nighttime and seasonal variations. The Extraordinary Dials collection employs traditional craft virtuosity to bring the game of love to life, while High Jewelry watches dazzlingly relate the stories of legendary couples. In homage to Aida and Radames, Ulysses and Penelope, or Tristan and Iseult, eight secret watches cultivate the art of mystery – with interlaced precious stones and subtly concealed dials. An ode to love, captured in all its evocative and awe-inspiring power.

Love has inspired the Maison since its foundation, infusing the Poetry of Time with its rhythm and offering a vision of watchmaking imbued with dreams and emotions. To set hearts beating in unison, new creations celebrate tender feelings: from the first warm flutters through to the intensity of long-awaited reunions. The Lady Arpels Pont des Amoureux


Ever faithful to a poetic view of life, Van Cleef & Arpels instills a distinctive dimension into the art of watchmaking: that of dreams and emotions. A blend of inventiveness and fantasy, the Maison’s creations nterpret the measurement of time as an invitation to imagine, wander and revel in happiness. To express the poetry of each instant, the Maison draws from its own history and its emblematic sources of inspiration. New tales of love and luck take their places alongside creations that evoke Van Cleef & Arpels’ heritage. Fairies and ballerinas tick away the hours, while the rhythm of nature meets that of the cosmos. Representing the various watchmaking collections, each piece relates a moment of grace and enchantment.



Lady Arpels Pont des Amoureux watch - 38mm diameter case in white gold, bezel in white gold set with diamonds and crown set with a diamond - Dial: grisaille enamel, sculpted white gold - Interchangeable shiny navy blue alligator strap with an interchangeable white gold pin buckle set with diamonds - Self-winding mechanical movement with a retrograde and on-demand animation module developed exclusively for Van Cleef & Arpels, 36-hour power reserve Back of the watch - Numbered edition

Gouaché of the LadyGouaché Arpels of Pont des Amoureux Hiver watch the Lady Arpels Pont des Amoureux Hiver watch

Lady Arpels Pont des Amoureux watch - 38mm diameter case in white gold, bezel in white gold set with diamonds and crown set with a diamond - Dial: grisaille enamel, sculpted white gold - Interchangeable shiny navy blue alligator strap with an interchangeable white gold pin buckle set with diamonds - Self-winding mechanical movement with a retrograde and on-demand animation module developed exclusively for Van Cleef & Arpels, 36-hour power reserve Once upon - Numbered editiona time, love brought the Maison

Ever faithful a poetic view ofAND life, VAN CLEEF & toARPELS LOVE


Van Cleef & Arpels instills a distinctive dimension into the art of watchmaking: that of dreams and emotions. A into being… Van Cleef & Arpels was founded on Once upon a time, loveblend brought the Maison into being… Van Cleef & ArpelsParis’ Place Vendôme in 1906, following Estelle of inventiveness and fantasy, was founded on Paris’ Vendôme 1906,the following Estelle ArpelsArpels marriage to Alfred Van Cleef. Like an thePlace Maison’s creations in interpret marriage to Alfred Van Cleef. Like an unshakeable measurement of time as an invitationbond, the ampersandunshakeable A MOVEMENT CELEBRATES L bond, the ampersandTHAT “&” symbolizes to imagine, wander andand revelskills, in “&” symbolizes this union of individuals as much as it does thatthis union of individuals and skills, as much as it happiness. To express the poetry of blend of poetry and excellence that sets the Maison apart. does thatNine blend of poetry and creating excellence the that sets years after Lady Arpels Pont each instant, the Maison draws from the Maison apart. now established as a Van Cleef & Arpels wa ownfirst history and its to emblematic sign of destiny, the firstacreation to be Like a sign of destiny,itsthe creation be entered in the sales book in Like aMaison is adding new daytime version to sourcesOver of inspiration. Newyears, tales ofnumerous love theits sales book in 1906 was a diamond 1906 was a diamond heart. the coming pieces wouldentered inon dial, the lovers come together in radiant su luck take their places alongside the coming numerous movement pieces accompany the world’sand best-known romances, from the Duke and Duchessheart. Over self-windingyears, mechanical is fitted w creations that evoke Van Cleef & the world’s best-known of Windsor to the marriage of Grace Kelly and Prince Rainier of Monaco.would accompany developed exclusively for the Maison. The yo heritage. Fairies andtender ballerinas from the Duke to andmark Duchess Windsor Today, the collectionsArpels’ continue to celebrate feelings, with weddingromances,progressively theofhours, while her belo tick away the des hours, while the rhythm of Grace Kelly and Prince Rainier and engagement rings, the Pont Amoureux watches and High Jewelryto the marriage bridge in 60 minutes. At midday and midnight, t of nature meets that of the cosmos. of Monaco. Today, the collections continue to pieces. Representing the various watchmaking celebrate tender feelings, with wedding and To recreate the poetry of that instant at any tim collections, each piece relates a engagement rings, the Pont des Amoureux watches 3 des Amoureux collection now have an anima moment of grace and enchantment. and High Jewelry pieces.

the decisive kiss can be relived at the press of a b


step, beneath her umbrella; he hides a rose behind his back as a love At the stroke of midnight, they finally meet with a kiss in the soft ight.



ollowing day, Paris is waking up. Swallows dance between the clouds. y missing each other, the lovers set out through busy squares, acades tinged with soft colors. Reaching the riverbanks, they kiss day in the enchanting setting of a Parisian bridge.



Nine years after creating the Lady Arpels Pont des Amoureux timepiece, now established as a Van Cleef & Arpels watchmaking signature, the Maison is adding a new daytime version to its permanent collection: on its dial, the lovers come together in radiant surroundings. Each watch’s selfwinding mechanical movement is fitted with a retrograde module, developed exclusively for the Maison. The young lady moves forward progressively to mark the hours, while her beloved crosses his half of the bridge in 60 minutes. At midday and midnight, they are tenderly reunited. To recreate the poetry of that instant at any time, the watches of the Pont des Amoureux collection now have an animation-on-demand module: the decisive kiss can be relived at the press of a button.

Back of the watch

Night is falling on the rooftops of Paris. In the sleeping city, two lovers are thinking of each other, wishing that they could meet. They rush through streets bathed in a nocturnal glow; silent gardens and 4 crystalline fountains guide their steps. They walk along the Seine with beating hearts, then strike out onto the bridge that will bring them together. She comes closer with a light step, beneath her umbrella; he hides a rose behind his back as a love token. At the stroke of midnight, they finally meet with a kiss in the soft moonlight. The following day, Paris is waking up. Swallows dance between the clouds. Already missing each other, the lovers set out through busy squares, past facades tinged with soft colors. Reaching thethe riverbanks, Back of watch they kiss at midday in the enchanting setting of a Parisian bridge.


Back of the watch

Lady Arpels Pont des Amoureux Jour watch

Lady Arpels Pont des Amoureux watch - 38mm diameter case in white gold, - 38mm diameter case in rose bezel in white gold set with diamonds gold, bezel in rose gold set with and crown set with a diamond - Dial: grisaille enamel, sculpted white gold diamonds and crown set with a - Interchangeable shiny navy blue alligator diamond strap with an interchangeable white gold- Dial: colored grisaille enamel, pin buckle set with diamonds sculpted white and rose gold - Self-winding mechanical movement - Interchangeable shiny purple with a retrograde and on-demand animation alligator strap with an module developed interchangeable rose gold pin exclusively for Van Cleef & Arpels, buckle set with diamonds 36-hour power reserve - Numbered edition - Self-winding mechanical


movement with a retrograde and on-demand animation module developed exclusively for Van Cleef & Arpels, 36-hour power MOVEMENT reserve THAT CELEBRATES - Numbered edition


- In



Nine years after creating the Lady Arpels Pont des Amoureu now established as a Van Cleef & Arpels watchmaking si Lady Arpels Pont des Amoureux Jouriswatch Maison adding a new daytime version to its permanen - 38mm diameter case in on rose itsgold, dial, the lovers come together in radiant surroundings. bezel in rose gold set withself-winding diamonds mechanical movement is fitted with a retrogr

and crown set with a diamond


- FAIRE A PALET TE OF SAVOIR A PALETTE OF SAVOIR-FAIRE To bring these charming scenes to life, Van Cleef & Arpe

hasbring combined traditional To these charming scenes to skills life, Vanrequiring patience an Cleef & Arpels has combined skills expertise. The grisaille traditional enamel technique – developed requiring and 16th expertise. The grisaille France patience from the century onwards – is showcase enamel technique – developed in France from in different ways on the two dials. On the origin the 16th century onwards – is showcased in watch, is it used in its traditional version, with whi different ways on the two dials. On the original enamel known as “blanc watch, it ispowder used in its–traditional version, withde Limoges” – place on a enamel dark background. resulting play of contras white powder – known The as “blanc de Limoges” – placed on a dark strikingly depicts thebackground. light andTheshade effects of th resulting of contrasts depicts Parisianplaynight. On strikingly the dial of the the daytime versio light and shade effects of the Parisian night. On the Maison has used colored grisaille enamel for th the dial of the daytime version, the Maison has first time: the craftsmen in the workshops used pin used coloured grisaille enamel for the first time. andcraftsmen blue enamels againstused a white background, to evok The in the workshops pink and the enamels gentleagainst quality of daylight. type of enamelin blue a white background This to evoke quality daylight. type with each dial bein calls the forgentle 30 to 40 of hours of This work, of enameling 30 to 40 of work, fired somecalls tenfortimes tohours achieve the desired result. with each dial being fired some ten times to achieve the desired result.

In the foreground, the silhouette of the bridge h been carved in gold, In thefinely foreground, the silhouette of theand stands out fro its surroundings to create an effect of perspectiv bridge has been finely carved in gold and stands out fromset its around surroundings createbring an Diamonds thetodials a touch of spark effect of perspective. Diamonds around the to these romantic scenes.setAs finishing touches, a star dials bring a touch of sparkle to these romantic gold flakes twinkles in the sky on the nocturnal versio scenes. As finishing touches, a star of gold while two graceful swallows – depicted in miniatu flakes twinkles in the sky on the nocturnal painting – fly the city on the daytime one. version, while two over graceful swallows – depicted in miniature painting – fly over the city.

From top to bottom: From top to bottom: - Application of white enamel known - Application of white enamel known as “blanc de asLimoges” “blanc de Limoges” -Realization of the swallows in miniature - Realization of the swallows in miniature painting painting with a brush with a brush -Positioning of the hands shaped as the lovers - Positioning of the hands shaped as the lovers

The spectacle continues on the back of the watche The spectacle of the reunited on th where the continues lovers on arethe back pictured watches, where the lovers are pictured reunited bridge. Finally, the day and nighttime watches of th on the bridge. Finally, the day and nighttime Pont des Amoureux collection are both fitted wi watches of the Pont des Amoureux collection interchangeable bracelets. In shiny navy blue or purp are both fitted with interchangeable bracelets. alligator skin, orpurple paved withskin, diamonds, they can easi In shiny navy blue or alligator or with diamonds, they can easily be bepaved replaced by another bracelet, chosen from fiv replaced another bracelet, from five to dark black. shades by that range fromchosen shiny white shades that range from shiny white to dark black.


From top toFrom bottom: top to bottom: - Lady Arpels Pont des Amoureux Jour watch with diamond bracelet - Lady Arpelsset Pont des Amoureux - Lady Arpels Pont Amoureux watch with Jourdes watch with diamond set diamond set bracelet bracelet

top to bottom: From top toFrom bottom:

- Lady Arpels Pont des Amoureux

Hiver - Lady Arpels Pont deswatch Amoureux - Lady Arpels Pont des Amoureux Hiver watch watch - Lady ArpelsPrintemps Pont des Amoureux Printemps watch

- Lady Arpels Pont des Amoureux watch with diamond set bracelet



A TELIER TENDER SEASONS TENDER Faithful to the emotion they share, the two lovers SEASONS meet throughout the year. Four new jewelry watches Faithful to thethem emotion lovers meet throughdepict at they the share, centertheoftwo a landscape, whose details out the year. Four new jewelry watches depict them at the cen- the city and colors change with the seasons. In spring, ter of a landscape, whose details and colours change with the is adorned with pink flowers, while in summer delicate seasons. In spring, the city is adorned with pink flowers, while butterflies through the the streets. fall, leaves in summer delicateflutter butterflies flutter through streets. In In fall, dance around couple, before leaves dance around the the couple, before snowsnow coverscovers the roofsthe roofs in winter. On eachOn watch, the light and the the sky in winter. each watch, thecolours lightofand the colors create different atmospheres. The characters are pictured in of the sky create different atmospheres. The characters relief on the bridge, in attire that also varies with the seasons.

are pictured in relief on the bridge, in attire that also varies with seasons. As on the Ladythe Arpels Pont des Amoureux Jour watch,

each dial is finely decorated using the coloured grisaille enamel technique, in a varied palette of shades. Some of the As on the Lady Arpels Pont des Amoureux Jour watch, scenery’s details are reproduced in miniature enamel painteach dial is finely decorated using the colored grisaille ing, while the motifs of flowers, leaves, butterflies and snow enamel technique, in in a gold varied of hand. shades. Some beneath the bridge are carved andpalette painted by

of the scenery’s details are reproduced in miniature

Lady Arpels Pont des Amoure Lady Arpels Pont des Amoureux Printemps watch The dial’scase theme continues bracelet, -which 38mm diameter case in whi - 38mm diameter in rose gold while set on the enamel painting, thejewelry motifs of flowers, leaves, with serti-neige with serti-neige style diamonds, bezel in rose gold set with is fully set with an elegant composition in diamonds and style diamonds, bezel in butterflies anda diamond snow beneath the bridge areandcarved diamonds crown set with diamonds and crown set with coloured stones. Thanks to its articulation, the scene retains a - Dial: colored grisaille enamel, scul - Dial: colored grisaille enamel, sculpted rose in gold and painted by hand. regular hugging miniature painting and yellowform gold, while miniature paintingthe curve of the wrist. - White gold bracelet set with serti-ne - Rose gold bracelet set with serti-neige style diamonds, yellow sapphires and spessartite garne pink, mauve and purple sapphires, pink gold clasp - Self-winding movement - Self-winding mechanical movement with a continues retrograde The dial’s theme on the jewelrymechanical bracelet, and on-demand animation module de and on-demand animation module developed exclusively which fully for Vancomposition Cleef & Arpels, 36-hour for Van Cleef & Arpels,is 36-hour powerset reservewith an elegant - Numbered edition - Numbered edition

in diamonds and colored stones. Thanks to its articulation, the scene retains a regular form while hugging the curve of theLady wrist. Arpels Pont des Amoureux Automne watch

From toptoto bottom: From top bottom: -Miniature painting on sculpted yellow gold - Miniature on sculpted -Rose goldpainting engraving on theyellow Ladygold Arpels - Pont Rose gold on Printemps the Lady Arpels Pont des engraving Amoureux case back des Amoureux Printemps case back -Yellow sapphires and spessartite garnets - Yellow sapphires and spessartite garnets setting setting on the High Jewelry Lady Arpels on the High Jewelry Lady Arpels Pont des Pont des Amoureux Été bracelet Amoureux Été bracelet

- 38mm diameter case in yellow gold set with serti-neige style diamonds, bezel in yellow gold set with diamonds and crown set with a diamond - Dial: colored grisaille enamel, sculpted yellow gold, miniature painting - Yellow gold bracelet set with serti-neige style diamonds, yellow sapphires and spessartite garnets, yellow gold clasp - Self-winding mechanical movement with a retrograde and on-demand animation module developed exclusively for Van Cleef & Arpels, 36-hour power reserve - Numbered edition Lady Arpels Pont des Amoureux Automne watch - 38mm diameter case in yellow gold set with serti-neige style diamonds, bezel in yellow gold set with diamonds and crown set with a diamond - Dial: colored grisaille enamel, sculpted yellow gold, miniature painting - Yellow gold bracelet set with serti-neige style diamonds, yellow sapphires and spessartite garnets, yellow gold clasp - Self-winding mechanical movement with a retrograde

Lady Arpels Pont des Amoureu - 38mm diameter case in whi with serti-neige style diamonds, bez set with diamonds and crown set - Dial: colored grisaille e sculpted white and yellow gold, mi - White gold bracelet set with serti-ne sapphires, white gold c - Self-winding mechanical movemen



Aphrodite & Adonis secret watch -Aphrodite White gold, rose gold , yellow gold,watch blue, pink and mauve & Adonis secret sapphires, white and gray mother-of-pearl, diamonds - Quartz movement

- White gold, rose gold , yellow gold, blue, pink and mauve sapphires, white and gray mother-of-pearl, diamonds - Quartz movement APHRODITE & ADONIS

This High Jewelry watch is inspired by the tale of Aphrodite – the Greek goddess of love – and Adonis, her handsome lover. After the young man is fatally wounded on a hunting expedition, Aphrodite goes to his side to be present at his last breath. The goddess’s tears of sorrow drop onto the wound, bringing a delicate anemone into flower. On the bracelet, the bonds of love that unite the protagonists are represented by interlaced diamond-set motifs. A gradation of blue sapphires echoes Aphrodite’s tears, and appears to be bringing a flower of pink and mauve sapphires into bloom. The interplay of colors and complex three-dimensional volumes combine, in a This realistic depiction of unfurling With by a circular High Jewelry watch ispetals. inspired the motion, one of them opens to reveal a dial, in white and gray mother-of-pearl marquetry.


tale of Aphrodite – the Greek goddess of love – and Adonis, her handsome lover. After the young man is fatally wounded on a hunting expedition, Aphrodite goes to his side to be present at his last breath. The goddess’s tears of sorrow drop onto the wound, bringing a delicate anemone 25 the bonds into flower. On the bracelet, of love that unite the protagonists are represented by interlaced diamond-set motifs. A gradation of blue sapphires echoes Aphrodite’s tears, and appears to be bringing a flower of pink and mauve sapphires into bloom.

The interplay of colours and complex three-dimensional volumes combine, in a realistic depiction of unfurling petals. With a circular motion, one of them opens to reveal a dial, in white and gray motherof-pearl marquetry.


This watch brings together vine leaves and a rose bush in homage to the courtly love story of Tristan and Iseult. A cushion-cut sapphire weighing 5.59 carats seems to bloom like a rose at the center of a diamond leaf, its intense colour evoking Iseult’s fresh complexion. It is accompanied by a pear-shaped diamond, in a precious tête-à-tête: weighing 1.13 carats, the stone is set on a leaf of blue and pink sapphires representing the young knight Tristan. Thanks to a secret mechanism, the center of the leaf can be raised to reveal a dial and an inscription: “Ni vous sans moi ni moi sans vous” (Neither you without me, nor me without you). A signature of the Van Cleef & Arpels style, the asymmetry of shapes and colours instills the piece with subtle dynamism, echoing the two lovers’ tumultuous union.

Tristan & Iseult secret watch - White gold, one cushion-cut pink sapphire of 5.59 carats (Madagascar), one pearshaped EVVS2 diamond of 1.13 carats, blue and pink sapphires, white mother-ofpearl, diamonds - Quartz movement

Tristan & Iseult secret watch - White gold, one cushion-cut pink sapphire of 5.59 cara (Madagascar), one pear-shaped EVVS2 diamond of 1.13 car blue and pink sapphires, white mother-of-pearl, diamond - Quartz movement


This watch brings together vine leaves and a rose bush in courtly love story of Tristan and Iseult. A cushion-cut sap Philémon & Baucis 5.59 carats seems to bloom like a rose at the center of secret watch its intense color evoking Iseult’s fresh complexion. It is a - White diamond, gold, yellow in a precious tête-à-tête: weighing a pear-shaped gold, rose gold stone is -set on a leaf of blue and pink sapphires represen Traditional Mystery Set emeralds, knight Tristan. Thanks to a secret mechanism, the center two pear-shaped be raised emeralds to reveal a dial and an inscription: “Ni vous san for 2.88 carats (Zambia), vous” (Neither you without me, nor me without you). A sapphires, diamonds Van Cleef & Arpels style, the asymmetry of shapes and c - Quartz movement piece with subtle dynamism, echoing the two lovers’ tumu

Philémon & Baucis Philémon secret&watch Baucis secret watch -White gold, yellow -White gold, gold, roseyellow gold gold, rose gold - Traditional Mystery - Traditional Set emeralds, Mystery two Set pear-shaped emeralds, two emeralds pear-shaped emeralds for 2.88 carats (Zambia), for 2.88 carats sapphires, (Zambia), diamonds sapphires, diamonds - Quartz movement - Quartz movement


From left to right and from top to bottom: From left to watch, right and fromoftop bottom:sugar loaf sapphire - Amytis & Nabuchodonosor setting thetocentral - Amytis & Nabuchodonosor watch, diamond setting - Amytis & Nabuchodonosor setting of the central sugarpolishing loaf sapphire - L’histoire d’amour de watch, Flore & Zéphyr watch, thread - Amytisde & Flore Nabuchodonosor watch, setting diamond - L’histoire d’amour & Zéphyr watch, thesetting colored sapphires

- L’histoire d’amour de Flore & Zéphyr watch, thread polishing - L’histoire d’amour de Flore & Zéphyr watch, setting the colored sapphires



A Sustainable Option Interview with James Dimech


ames Dimech is a true talent with such an incredible creative mind. An interior designer and a passionate fashion designer, he is also a sensitive philanthropist and keen animal lover. James is bold, different, colourful and packed with ideas that seek to constantly think out of the box or without the box. His talent is particularly visible in his passion to create wearable art using waste materials. His incredible talent was recently displayed in an exhibition, Between the Folds Giving plastic a New Life, held at Rosselli - AX Privilege. James shares with us his passion for fashion design, his interest in sustainable fabric and his plans for the future.



Foundation and others. I am not ashamed to say that I look after 5 colonies of stray cats in a responsible way and I also have a section at The President's Kitchen Garden were kids can interact with my rescued animals under my supervision. Its a daily commitment and it is not an easy task because I have to adjust my plans around feeding times and although I dont have regrets I did lose some opportunities overseas because I don't find someone to replace me when I'm not around. But I only feel complete when I manage to do both my design work and my time to help others in need. I thank God everyday for managing the past 25 years.

Photo by : ICam Studios Model: Maria Ellul - Miss World Malta

You are an interior designer, a passionate fashion designer, a sensitive philanthropist and keen animal lover. How do all fit together? DESIGN is what I always wanted to do since I was in secondary school. At the age of 16 I took the 4 year course at the Art & Design Centre. The course covered mostly everything related to design from Graphic Design to Interior Design and also Fashion Design and at the time I chose to enhance Interior Design which I love doing. However, to keep up with my studies, as a part time job I used to do fashion shop window displays. The passion for fashion is something I wanted all my life and took me till 3 years ago to embrace it and make it happen. My love for stray animals is infinite. I also do my best to support and contribute to philanthropist missions such as Istrina, Oħloq Tbissima, Marigold


What attracted you to the world of fashion? As already mentioned its something you feel inside. In my case I wanted to do something different combining Art with Fashion in a sustainable way to help create awareness on the environment and abandoned animals. My first creation that was seen and appreciated on an international level was the garment made with pull tabs from a cat food can, the same cans I open daily to feed 60 stray cats. Since then my style evolved in applying origami folds to a textile that is made from 100% used plastic bottles and creating wearable art using waste material is what gives me most satisfaction. With support from The Chamber of Fashion Malta Foundation, I represented Malta in Italy's prestigious AltaRoma fashion week with a Haute Couture Collection called Elizabeth - a journey to ethical elegance. Inspired by the royalty of Queen Elizabeth 1 who strongly influenced fashion over the course of her reign in the 16th century and the timeless elegance of Elizabeth Taylor, fashion icon of the 1950s. Each of the 10 garments in this collection come with a story and it's my way to pay tribute to revolutionary women through history. Using a polyester fiber made from 100% post-consumer plastic bottles and up-cycling from diverse waste material, this collection reflects the exploration of form and structure. The monochromatic silhouettes of the garments are emphasized through hands-on

A TELIER Photo by : Bernard Polidano Venue: Manuel Theatre for Elizabeth Collection Model: Rebecca Camilleri


manipulation of the fabric using origami folding techniques to create very intricate designs with an eye-catching three-dimensional appearance. To my surprise my collection was picked by Italian journalists and bloggers with the best 5 Designers participating in the Fashion Week.

One particular dress you exhibited abroad attracted international acclaim and recognition for your contribution to using waste materials. Tell us more about the dress. Persisting in promoting Sustainable Fashion, I was the first designer to participate in the Prestigious Miss World Contest 2018 in the category Best Local Designer's Dress Competition with an elegant gown made with a fabric produced from recycled plastic bottles. I created a blue gown inspired by our Mediterranean sea with a stiff one shoulder band featured on top of a strapless, fitted bodice and a pleated 3 layered high-low asymmetrical skirt having embossed front ruffles and a moderate sweeping train. Amongst 130 contestants from all over the world showcasing beautiful expensive evening gowns, Maria Ellul, Miss Malta 2019 attracted the attention of the press and was the first to be interviewed and seen by millions on YouTube describing how the dress she was wearing was made from recycled plastic bottles.

Tell us about 'Between the Folds’ In response to ‘The European Week for Waste Reduction’ EWWR 2019, I presented ‘Between the Folds’ - Giving Plastic a Newlife in the luxurious setting of Rosselli Ax Privilege in Valletta. The European Week for Waste Reduction is the biggest Europe-wide initiative promoting awareness about sustainable resource and waste management on the continent. The aim behind this initiative is for entities to showcase actions which are taking to reduce waste and make a positive impact on the environment. Together with my friend Matthew from Icam Studios, my sister Jennifer Dimech the Makeup Artist and model Beatrice Njoya from



Photo by : ICam Studios Model: Beatrice Njoya




Photo by : ICam Studios Model: Beatrice Njoya

Models M, we had a black and white theme photo shoot showcasing 8 creations and exhibited in large format prints next to the actual garment displayed on mannequines in the Hotel Lobby. The idea behind the exhibition is to get more people to appreciate that even if we won’t call it a solution, but the vast amounts of plastic waste that currently exists needs to be addressed in someway. Recycling can help conserve natural resources, reduce waste, prevent pollution, save energy, create jobs and sustain the environment for future generations. Do not think of plastic as a waste but as a resource and my garments on display are the proof that a plastic bottle used just once and thrown away can be reborn in such elegance - (from waste to glamour).

Why is sustainable fabric the way forward in the world of fashion? Sustainability is the way forward for the fashion

industry. New business models, collaboration between brands, specific strategies boosting innovation in products and operations, but also measuring and reporting progress is an opportunity for brands to articulate their values to their customers and to build trust and interest. Now is a key moment of reinvention for the industry. While Fashion was built on an image of excess, it now has an opportunity to embrace a new role as an advocate of a more durable world, aligned with its values, in what is perhaps its most impactful role: making sustainability desirable.

Any projects in the pipeline? While always searching for new sustainable textiles for my next collection at the moment I'm collaborating with an Italian Editor and hopefully early next year will be having some of my fashion work featured on an international magazine.




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VALENTINO Valentino Donna Born in Roma comes out in the summer of 2019 as a modern haute couture floriental. "A Couture elegance made of 3 Jasmine flowers and accords, blended with Vanilla Bourbon, one of the most expensive ingredients in modern perfurmery. This is twisted with a cool facet made of Pink Pepper and a Woody overdose, which gives this couture feminine fragrance a modern edge. A self-celebration of my roots, my values and my personality." The bottle is designed with the iconic Valentino stud, inspired by Rome architecture which is the signature of Valentino Couture. Valentino Donna Born in Roma is available as a 50 and 100ml Eau de Parfum. Distributed by Chemimart Tel: 21492212


Happiness in a bottle

Carmen Cachia -

L’ORÉAL LUXE launches a new and exquisite collection of luxury fragrances and beauty products

L’ORÉAL LUXE is bringing to our local stores its new 2019 collection of fragrances and beauty products with a clear mission - to spread joy and happiness to its customers. Specialising in the creation of unique fragrances both for men and women, L’Oréal Luxe launched yet again another series of novelties of fragrances with this year’s exciting launch of its new pillar in their portfolio - “Idôle” from Lancome, together with two other luxury fragrances - “Libre” from Yves Saint Laurent and “Born in Rome” by Valentino.

Lancôme IdÔle

Made for women, by women. Three talented female perfumers

“L’Oréal Luxe PCI Fragrance”, distributed by Chemimart Group, is an international leading company in the fragrance industry whose portfolio of luxury brands includes; Armani, Emporio Armani, Ralph Lauren, Lancome, Yves Saint Laurent, Diesel and Cacharel.


rose is revealed. Jasmine absolutes

from across the world united to create

accompany this unique rose scent for

a sophisticated yet unapologetically

a clean, intense softness which blooms

modern NEW fresh fragrance with


notes of bright citrus, clean rose, spotless jasmine, white musks and vanilla. At the core of this fragrance stands the most noble and iconic perfume ingredient, the rose. With four roses, Idôle’s modern, radiant, youthful

Enveloping the fragrance like a cocoon, notes of bergamont explode with juicy pear and a touch of pink peppercorn. Exclusively distributed by Chemimart Tel: 21492212


“Idôle”… the new easy to carry fragrance “Idole” is a continuation of the previous success from L’Oréal Luxe. This new fragrance is simply magic. The blended smell of roses along with the touch of jasmine and chypre, definitely makes “Idole” the most desired perfume by woman. This luxury fragrance has a modern and revolutionary design that, just like an everyday smart phone, gives its owner the option to carry it with them, therefore making it more convenient and practical for the onthe-go lifestyle. With its innovative design, a stylish case to carry it in, along with other features including a customers’ barcode membership group access, as well as future refill facilities, this novelty from Lancome, targets all age groups. Those who experience its mesmerising scent will ​definitely want to wear it anytime. L’Oréal Luxe has also launched “Libre” by YSL. This new scent is designed to evoke passion and defiant freedom. It has a beautiful contrast of femininity with an edgy creation of a deep “V” cut out and feathered on the bottle that empowers women who wear it. The opulent mix of floral fragrance combines also aromatic French lavender and orange blossom with a creamy base that make this scent more seductive and potent. “Valentino Donna Born in Roma” is a modern haute couture floriental fragrance made out of three jasmine flowers and accords, blended with vanilla bourbon which is one of the most expensive ingredients in modern perfumery. Twisted with a cool facet made of pink pepper and woody overdose, gives this luxury feminine fragrance a modern edge. The bottle’s design is beautifully inspired by the Roman architecture which is the signature of Valentino Couture.

Armani Code Absolu

“La Vie Est Belle En Rose” is another feather in the hat of the L’Oréal Luxe’s collection with a modern

enhanced by sensual Rum Accord

Discover the daringly

unforgettable warm and spicy

seductive new fragrance, Armani

experience. Code Absolu evokes

Code Absolu. The Tonka Bean

the bold, masculine confidence in

base, iconic to Armani Code, is

every man to seize any moment.

and Vanilla notes to create an

Exclusively distributed by Chemimart Tel: 21492212


fresh twist, yet very feminine. This new fragrance is a magical mix of fruits, flowers and sandal oil that gives a different expression of happiness from its original “La Vie Est Belle” and presented in a bottle that has the same artistic design of the original version. Although the company planned a one shot product, this year the range of “La Vie Est Belle”, is launching a second one - “La Vie Est Belle Flowers of Happiness” making this range unique as it covers all the tastes of different women of all ages and backgrounds. This fragrance is particularly revitalising and delicate due to its four different façades of the rose with a creamy base enhancing its feminine features, enabling it to capture the eye of both the female consumer and those who will buy it as a gift to their loved ones. Following the success of “Trésor” Lancome introduces “La Nuit Trésor”, a sensual yet delicate and alluring fragrance loved to be carried by women and smelled by men. From the popular brand of Yves Saint Laurent new in our stores one will also find the new “Black Opium Intense”, another member in the “Opium” family that blends coffee and flower for a galvanising intense shot of fragrance. On the other hand, fans of “Mon Paris” will feast on the new version “Mon Paris Parfum Floral” that anticipates the romantic side of women, leaving an addictive trail of desire thanks to its mix of ingredients.

Spirit of the Brave Spirit of the Brave reinvents

Beauty products that defy time…

fragrance. The crisp and elegant

the classic fougere and redefines

resinous heart carries texture

the codes of masculinity in Die-

and creates a daring contrast

sel's most luxurious fragrance

with the fresh top.

yet. The very first notes unveil

The warm, luxurious dry

a modern and masculine green

down laced with Tonka bean

signature bringing a boost of

brings an addictive twist and

freshness with an unprecedent-

conveys a sensual masculinity.

ed concentration of natural ingredients for a masculine


Exclusively distributed by Chemimart Tel: 21492212

L'Oréal Luxe is also a leading company in the beauty and cosmetic industry that provide lots of benefits and proven results. Its skin care range from Lancome, the top range of product in the market, is now targeting all ages. Amongst L’Oréal’s popular creams we find “Genifique Yeux Light Pearl” - a complete eye treatment and lashes; “Rénergie Yeux Multi Glow” for ages 60 years+; “Rénergie MultiLift Ultra” and the number one product in Asia - “New Advanced Genifique” . After fourteen years of research, this product now has a new formula

A TELIER enriched with probiotics that with the application of only one drop a day, for seven days, the consumer will get positive results. YSL research showed that women preferred an all-in-one product and thus, following this study, “Touche Èclat” was transformed to the renewed “Touche Èclat High Cover”. Another new launch is “Top Secrets”, a primer that gives instant correction and minimises the face pores, creating overall matt and long lasting finish. The YSL range also offers a variety of face products, concealers and foundations, while Biotherm offers healthy regenerating solutions like “Life Plankton Elixir” that uses the plankton as a basic ingredient to achieve the most desired look; youth. It helps the skin to regenerate more cells and moreover helps defend and reinforce the skin. Other incredible products are “The Healing Miracle”, “Acqua Bounce”, “Acqua Glow” and “Acqua Pure”.

Libre Libre Eau de Parfum is the

with the sensuality of Moroccan

Best quality and product identity…

new fragrance of freedom, a state-

Orange Blossom, for a unique

Over the years L’Oréal Luxe has steadily expanded in the fragrance market. Back in 2012 it launched “La Vie Est Belle” of Lancôme. This sweet success was followed by Giorgio Armani “Sì”, “Black Opium” from YSL and “Mon Paris” among others. With ”La Vie Est Belle”, confirmed as the best fragrance in Europe and “Mon Paris”, ranking in the first 10 best perfumes in the United States, L’Oréal Luxe is definitely one of the leading world companies in the international fragrance market registering a steady growth in the beauty market yearly.

ment fragrance for those who live

floral fusion complemented by a

by their own rules. A reinvention

daring note of Musk Accord.

of the floral perfume, it combines Lavender Essence from France

Exclusively distributed by Chemimart Tel: 21492212

So, what is the secret of such success? L’Oréal Luxe built its reputation thanks to its superior quality products together with the originality and creativity that ultimately gives a unique identity to each fragrance. These elements, along with a high level of professional team work equipped with experience and dedication in the mastery of fragrance making, are the secret of its success.



A TELIER With years of intense study, sourcing of high quality ingredients and a pinch of fantasy, each perfume is given a distinct identity to mark its entry in the extensive and competitive market of fragrance sales. Each bottle is meticulously designed to be successfully launched on the market . L’Oréal Luxe identifies the consumers needs and creates its products with the desired scents packed in precious containers. A specialised team creates the unique bottling design, the manufacturing and packing of all products. This process involves hundreds of employees that after many trials, they choose one final product and unveil it to the world. One of these successes is definitely ”La Vie Est Belle”. For L’Oréal Luxe it's very important that all their fragrances are of the highest calibre with particular characteristics as most of the clients that choose brand names, identify themselves in them.

Yes I Am Pink First, Cacharel's

A floral and fruity fragrance with

new fragrance for women who have

sparkling facets of raspberry

the power to always see the positive

and ginger flower, which meets

side of life! Bold and assertive, YES

the luminous sensuality of pink

I AM PINK FIRST women add fun

sandalwood for a statement of bold

to everything they do!

femininity. Pink First, a vibrant

A new declaration of femininity under a POP prism.

spicy Floriental signature for a sparkling, fun fragrance!

Years of hard work… The great success this company built over the years is well deserved given years of hard work from dedicated professionals and innovative teams. Back in 1964 L’Oréal Luxe first introduced its line of products Lancôme and from then onwards it gradually built an extensive portfolio of fragrances including ”Fidji” from Guy Laroche in 1966, followed by the famous “Anais Anais” in 1978.

Born in Roma Uomo Uomo Born in Roma is a modern aromatic vetiver fragrance. Aromatic sage and smoked vetiver give the classic Valentino couture signature, which is shaken by a cool vibrating facet of mineral

salt and spicy ginger to give the fragrance an unmistakable edge. A self-celebration of my roots, my values and my personality. Distributed by Chemimart Tel 21492212

“Dakkar Noir” in 1970 became the most sold perfume in the world while in the 90s this company produced “Trésor” by Lancôme . This fragrance is still very popular to date all over the world registering sales of 10 bottles per minute. In 1996 the beauty market gave way to “Acqua di Dio”, an iconic male perfume, that to this day is a symbol of male masculinity.


The Story Behind the Fabric Interview with ELISABETTA BARDELLI RICCI, General Manager at Antico Setificio Fiorentino



lied along the banks of the Arno at the heart of Florence lies a silk weaver, with a noble history dating back to 1780. Antico Setificio Fiorentino keeps the the city’s long tradition of handicraft alive at its factory and showroom. Its specialities include brocades in silk and linen as well as damasks and the “Ermisino”, a unique, iridescent taffeta from the Renaissance – all extraordinary textiles still woven on centuries-old hand and semi-mechanical looms. Apart from an immense archive of their own drawings and colours, everything is custom-made and personalised. Today, Antico Setificio Fiorentino produces products for home decoration and yacht interiors. Elisabetta Bardelli Ricci, General Manager at Antico Setificio Fiorentino shared with us the company's longstanding story, its famous “Ermisino” and projects for the future.


L'Antico Setificio Fiorentino still operates as it did when it first opened in the 18th Century.What encourages the company to stick to its traditions? Our customers encourage us. They are the ones who want our fabrics, they want to wait to receive their precious orders, they want to choose the nuances of our offerings and to work with us in the creation of their projects. Everything has the same rhythm, the same as in the past. The machines are very ancient, and when we work undisturbed they create noises that are almost musical; there are looms from the eighteenth century that are slow and worked by hand, alongside semimotorised looms from the nineteenth century. We take courage from the fabric when it is detached from the loom's frame. This will always be so with such precious textiles, which are so inimitable and in which my family and I firmly believe.

I recently read that the jewel at the heart of the silk workshop is a machine to unwind the reels of threads, designed by Renaissance genius, Leonardo Da Vinci. What is so special about such machine and how has it survived time? It is a vertical warping machine designed by Leonardo da Vinci. We still use it today to make the warps for our trimmings. It is our jewel, and being able to work on it every day makes our trimmings very special. The past, and by that I mean history, is inside of our products, making them unique in the world.

What is the workshop's historic ties with the House of Medici? In 1531 Alessandro de 'Medici took possession of the city government. He died in 1537 at the hands of Lorenzo di Pier Francesco de' Medici. The government was therefore assumed by Cosimo, son of Giovanni delle Bande Nere, a descendant of the cadet branch, and Maria Salviati, the niece of Lorenzo the Magnificent. The Medici family's link with the Antico Setificio Fiorentino dates back to that era.


Fabrics produced by L'Antico Setificio Fiorentino can be found in places of grandeur including the famous Uffizi Galleries in Florence and the Kremlin in Russia as well as leading personalities including Pope Francis, Maria Callas and Andrea Bocelli. What makes your fabric so sought after? Production methods and lead times are what make our fabrics unique. Still being able to work with these ancient looms is a source of great pride. My family and I are honoured to have been able to continue investing in these looms and in our staff so that this prestige can never be lost. Our clients know they must have a lot of patience, and they are glad to be included in our "waiting list"; they have respect for the time it takes to create these unique fabrics. We are happy to be present in the most beautiful homes in the world. After 2010, when the company was bought by the Ricci family, the ASF has been creating menswear collections that are designed by my father-in-law Stefano Ricci. Therefore, clients can now wear precious jackets and other garments made using fabrics from our ancient looms.


The company's main specialities are brocades in silk and linen as well as damasks. Why? Brocades, damasks, and lampas are still produced today with antique hand looms from the 1700s. They all bear the names of ancient Florentine noble families because in the past the machine and the design were exclusive to this family. They are wonderful fabrics, and their drawn designs belong to our historical archive. Sofas, curtains and wall coverings with these fabrics are enough to make any room magical.

Tell us about your famous “Ermisino�. Ermisino is one of our most illustrious fabrics for curtains. It has been nicknamed "la regina del taffeta", or "the queen of taffeta", and it's wonderful. Its composition is 100% silk, and we have a special secret during production. Through a very careful study of colours, we choose two different shades for the warp and weft. The result is a unique cangiante effect, making the fabric change colours according to the light. It is like never having the same fabric, as it's constantly changing.


Over the years this fabric has also been used for important haute couture dresses, such as those made by the famous designer Capucci, and by other designers for formalwear.

The workshop was recently defined as, "a museum that is also a factory." Why? Actually, museum is not the right definition. We are actively producing, and thus, we are a real factory in the heart of San Frediano in Florence. Naturally, seeing our ancient looms in operation is a daydream for our customers.

In 2010 the company was taken over by the family of Italian fashion designer Stefano Ricci. How has such takeover helped the company strengthen its reputation on the local and international market? How has the company evolved since the takeover? Fortunately, with the purchase of the company, my family has been committed to investing in human resources. This is for a production standpoint, where



new and young weavers have monthly training sessions, but it is also so that we can enter into the commercial field for interior design consultancy, so that our clients can be followed and supported in all their requests. Apart from the technicians, the team is made up entirely of women, some of whom are very young, thanks to the increase in staff by my family. Today, thanks to the new ownership, every year we can invest in a new collection and allow our sales staff to travel to the best architectural firms worldwide, looking for new and interesting projects. We have made improvements in production by creating a new area dedicated to the storage of fabrics and an area dedicated to technical operations for maintaining the frames. The fabric archive was a massive undertaking, as one by one all of the fabric pieces recovered from 1786 until the present were coded and made into samples. This work has enriched our archive and made accessing it more clear.


What's next for L'Antico Setificio Fiorentino? The future lies in our employees, and in the "golden hands" of our weavers. Thanks to their commitment and their passion and competence we will be able to continue to furnish the most beautiful homes in the world and make our customers happy and proud for a long time. We continue and will continue every day to invest in new threads and new colours to revive the designs of the historical archive with a more contemporary style, thanks above all to my father-inlaw Stefano, who undertakes every year to design the collection using new designs and innovative colour combinations. Then, as there are STEFANO RICCI boutiques in the most beautiful cities in the world, these locations allow us to have an Antico Setificio Fiorentino corner in every boutique and to have a very strong international visibility. Our commitment to the future is to strengthen this synergy and make it more constructive. The advent of STEFANO RICCI has also allowed us to be implemented in the nautical sector, providing us with many stimuli for our creativity, and we aim to reinforce our relationships with important shipyards and shipowners.


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air for Men Barbers is a Stylish yet classic barbering

experience for the modern man. It is contemporary in design with a few extra touches of luxury, hot towel treatments and serving beer or coffee whilst you wait. Our wet shave is our signature and point of difference. Our reputation is built on the best in class customer service and a high success rate of repeat clients. Hair for Men now comprises of two operations, our barber shops and our UK Award Winning Training Academy, the only accredited Barber School in Malta. The courses are held at our Fgura Academy by top Barber and Educator William Perkins himself. We are dedicated to ensuring one thing, our students go away confident in the skills that they have achieved and fully prepared to enter this amazing industry. If you are interested in starting this career, we urge you to secure your place by calling us on 99341795 or by sending an email on academy@ You may also visit our website www.





he Mellieha Holiday Centre, widely known as the Danish Village, is situated in one of Malta’s most beautiful areas, Għadira Bay. A large swimming pool, children and baby pool, elegant Indoor Pool & Spa, Restaurants and the unique 70m2 holiday homes with private courtyards and roof terraces make the place ideal for couples and families with children, as well as for several generations travelling together. The Centre offers a variety of facilities and a large meeting room, ideal for Companies who wish to organize a corporate getaway or team building activities for their employees. Each holiday home consists of 2 bedrooms (1 double and 1 twin room), 1 bathroom and a fully equipped kitchen and lounge for those who are looking for privacy and space to spend some quality time with the family, while still enjoying the benefits of many hotel facilities. The Great Dane Restaurant, Hansen Gastro Bar

and Winston Steakhouse offer many food options to suit everyone’s needs, from breakfast, buffet lunch and dinner, a-la-carte snack food and fine dining experience. At the Mellieha Holiday Centre you can find a football field and a multi-court in which you can play tennis, volleyball, basketball and handball. The Centre also offers a mini-golf course and a large playground for children, fitness room and bocce court. The SENSPA provides many treatments with highly qualified therapists, from Reflexology to Aromatherapy Massages, Pedicures, Manicures and Facial treatments. The Centre’s well stocked Supermarket offers groceries and Maltese specialties as well as a small selection of gluten and lactose-free products. Special Winter packages are available now. To book or make enquiry call the Mellieha Holiday Centre on 2289 3000 or send an email to reception@



A Beauty Virtuoso Interview with Chris Attard, Makeup Artist


f you scroll through celebrity makeup artist Chris Attard's Instagram and Facebook profile, the experience he has up his sleeve is remarkable. Creativity is in Chris Attard's blood, translating ambitious artistic concepts to the face with the utmost ingenuity. He’s a force of the local industry, the conceptual brain behind beauty on the face of several local personalities. He is a beauty force to be reckoned with a brilliant mind articulated in one of the most expressive ways, through makeup. Chris discussed with Atelier his career as a makeup artist, his experiences working with personalities, and his hopes for the future.

How did your career in the life of beauty begins? This was merely a coincidence when one day I accompanied an acquaintance to a musical. Whilst behind the scenes, the back stage team were behind schedule and I was asked to help out. This is more than two decades ago when from a young man exposed only to seeing my late mum applying make up, I became a self-taught make up artist. Since then I have never looked back and my career took me to local tv programmes, magazines, cabaret shows in Paris and private clients.

What are your rules for a perfect make up look? In my opinion make up is an art and thus there are no rules. Rules will kill the creativity that each make up application brings out of the artist. Having said this there are make up techniques that I learnt through experience. These techniques helped me develop and create neater finishes.



A TELIER What does beauty mean to you? Beauty is very individualistic. Each woman is a beautiful blank canvas. Upon my first encounter with a woman I am transported into my imagination and what look I could apply to enhance her beauty.

Does everyone look better with make up? Make up is the finish to every woman's outfit. It is an accessory which should fit to the lady's personality and how the person is feeling at that given moment.

How would you describe your signature look? My look is generally elegant and classic. Glamorous look including black winged eye liner and red lips coupled up with flawless skin is an all time favourite. I also love dramatic smokey eyes where I can be a bit more creative with my brushes.

What are your must have beauty products? I cannot work without my tools - my make up brushes. The basic products each woman should have in her bag include foundation, concealer, black eye pencil, mascara and a bronzer.

Any advice on bringing that glow over the festive season? Highlighters are a trend this Christmas season. My advice is that we should take care of our skin on a daily basis. Well maintained skin tends to enable a natural glow underneath the make up.

What's next for you? My next client is always the next exciting thing. I am transported into a magical world each time a client trusts me to apply her make up. Nothing beats a smile of a happy client.


New Concept Store

Inaugurated in Valley Road, Msida

Spanning 200 square meters, the concept store brings together 4 internationally renowned brands in homeware, giftware and jewellery sectors including: Mathilde M, Blanc D’Ivoire, Linea Sette and Preciosa.

Left to right Chanelle (modelling Preciosa jewellery), Kenneth Fenech, Lilian Scicluna, Roberta Jetson, Mario Camilleri, Desphina (modelling Preciosa jewellery)


Interior of Finesse Outlet

Models wearing Preciosa jewellery

Mathilde M offers homeware such as home scents, candles, diffusers, perfume, creams and even unique baby products. Blanc D’Ivoire is a highend brand offering home decor such as soft furnishings, unique furniture pieces, armchairs, dining products and so much more. Linea Sette features exquisite stone and mosaic figurines, dining table decorations, elegant loose furniture, and distinctive bedroom and bathroom accessories. And finally, Preciosa jewellery and giftware features unique pieces made using a centuriesold tradition of Bohemian cut crystal, high-level craftsmanship and cutting-edge technologies. The store is conveniently segmented so that each brand is showcased individually with its own dedicated area, however the entire store comes together cohesively due to the common characteristics that all brands share: style, individuality and above all, good taste. Finesse is owned by the team behind Adore More, a business launched over 10 years ago offering Apertures, Doors, Blinds, Shading Systems and more, and having its showroom in Mosta. Mr Mario Camilleri, Sales & Operations Manager said “We are incredibly proud and excited to take this next step in our business journey and would like to thank all those who have offered their support and helped us get to where we are today. Finesse is for those people who are after pieces that are special and unique, whether it’s jewellery, homeware or even furniture and collectables. At Finesse it’s all about style and individuality.” Finesse is located in Valley Mansions, Triq il-Wied ta’ l-Imsida, Birkirkara and is open Mondays to Saturdays from 9am to 6.30pm. To view more information you can visit the website or find them on Facebook and Instagram.


PROVEN EFFECTIVENESS, VISIBLE RESULTS. YOUR CAT’S WEIGHT HEALTH MATTERS. Healthy weight and muscle mass is crucial for your cat’s health and well-being. Weight loss is a sensitive process – simply restricting the calories can result in a lack of protein in which case the cat will lose muscle rather than fat. SEVERAL ACTIONS TO HELP SPONTANEOUSLY LIMIT WEIGHT GAIN:

blend of fibres including psyllium helps • Special to increase the volume of food in the stomach, thus helping to naturally reduce spontaneous eating.

• High protein content to help maintain muscle mass. fat content to help limit weight gain. •• Low Enriched with L-carnitine, involved in healthy fat metabolism.

PROVEN RESULTS With exclusive use of LIGHT WEIGHT CARE, the calorie intake is reduced by 17% * and the cat’s appetite is satisfied. *Royal Canin internal study, 2006 -Spontaneous daily consumption compared to a similar medium calorie feed for cats.

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Beauty of whatever kind, in its supreme development, invariably excites the sensitive soul to tears. Edgar Allan Poe


The most prestigious beauty pageant title in Malta ‘MISS MALTA’ is under two new directors. 144

As from this year, Miss Malta is under two new directors – Kersten Borg and Jeanette Bezzina. They already have a good background in the fashion and modelling industry. Although this is their first year in organizing a beauty pageant, they still aim to produce Miss Malta on a large platform and develop it bigger year after year. On the 25th October 2019 all models became the official Miss Malta contestants representing their locality. The campaign started building gradually by strengthening the models catwalk and poses and by having several catwalk sessions with the catwalk trainer Mharv’z Napoles. All models have already taken the portrait and swimwear photos and are in the process to take the elegance photoshoot. Top 3 winners have the privilege to compete in international beauty pageants one of which is part of the big four beauty pageants abroad. Also, the three winners are entitled for a cash prize having the winner winning €1,500, 2nd runner up winning €1,000 and 3rd runner up winning €500.

Miss Malta will be hosting its 56th Edition in year 2020 where all models will be competing for 3 titles – Miss Malta, Miss Republic of Malta and Miss Tourism of Malta.

Miss Malta is not only about winning the crown on the final night, it is about being an inspiration to others, to use the platform to raise awareness and a full year filled with determination and commitment. Final night will be held on the 28th February 2020 and will be transmitted live on television and Facebook.



A Dazzling Redhead Interview with VALENTINA ROSSI


oung, bold, cool and with a face that strikes you with those deep blue eyes and beautiful features. A leading TV and radio personality as well as one of the few models on the local scene whose chameleon looks can be transformed from appearances in luxury editorials, where poise and delicacy are required, to more relaxed or casual shots. Indeed, Valentina is the face you will come across on every local magazine, billboard or TV advert. Valentina took Atelier through her career path, her admiration towards Kate Moss and her perfect Christmas Day.


Who is Valentina Rossi? An ambitious, creative and positive person who is always excited on what’s next!

In what way has you mum influenced your career path? She’s a successful business woman who has managed to achieve so much over the years. Having someone like her to look up to and follow her footsteps was a big staple for me. I was never really into fashion at a young age but as soon as I hit my teenage years she supported my dream to get into the fashion and media industry and has always given me the best advise possible to always better myself.

What does beauty mean to you? Honesty and a good heart, that is what beauty means to me. We live in a world where make up and filters cover the real you, but it’s when you talk to a person and see what their purpose is that you discover the real beauty of the person.

Are there any local or international models you look up to? I’m obsessed with Kate Moss! Her natural way of modelling and effortless poses really helped me push myself more during my modelling career.

In a recent interview, you described your style as smart casual. Can you elaborate? Smart casual meaning I’m a jeans and a t-shirt kind of person but I’m also not afraid to go ALL OUT at events!


What has been your proudest career moment? There’s two that I’m really proud of! I’ve managed to win 4 awards in 4 years during the Malta Fashion Awards and I’ve also won Best Radio Personality award at the Lovin Awards 2018!

What are your thoughts about the local fashion industry? It’s evolving and I love the fact that more people are taking risks and getting out of their shell when it comes to experimenting with outfits and looks!

I recently read you are fond of cooking. LOVE COOKING! IT’S MY ME TIME AND IT HELPS ME RELAX! As soon as I move in my new place I’ll invite you to dinner haha!

How would you describe your perfect Christmas Day? SLEEPING IN AND EATING FOOD! My partner is a DJ and this festive season means long nights and endless parties! So on Christmas Day we slow down and enjoy each other’s company. Any projects in the pipeline? Can’t really say much but 2020 is going to be a BIG YEAR! A lot of fun exciting work related stuff and new beginning in my personal life.




What should one keep in mind when purchasing jewellery as a Christmas gift? Jewellery is a timeless treasure and is always ideal as a Christmas gift as generally all people of all ages love jewellery gifts. One has to keep in mind the style of the recipient and the meaning one may want to convey. Our staff are trained to help clients make the right choice when it comes to finding the perfect jewellery gift. What makes Jewel Box stand out of the crowd? We are passionate, current and innovative.

What are the jewellery trends this fall/winter 2020? The latest jewellery trends are all about statement pieces that take your breath away. Nowadays, many people are looking for jewellery with meaning . . something really meaningful and more personal, some examples are birth stone jewellery were recently we are having requests for engagement rings with birth stones and diamonds.

What should one look out for at Jewel Box during the Festive Season? We are presenting a new collection of delicate pieces, with diamonds or coloured, precious and semi precious stones. In this collection are subtle pieces with aqua marine, tourmaline, sapphires, rubies, emeralds, morganite, tanzanite and iolite among others. What are the most popular gifts during this time of the year? Rings and pendants are always popular jewellery pieces gifted this time of year and as I said, personalised jewellery like name necklaces and initials are gifts that are trending these last years.


Make Up Station, Designed and Handpainted by Justin Brincat In collaboration with master craftsman Noel Camilleri Photo: Kris Micallef


Of Muse, Brushes & Needles…. ATELIER gets an insight into the life of Multi-Award-Winning Artist JUSTIN BRINCAT

Ballerina: Lynne Salomone Reynaud V18 Opening Ceremony Photo: Notor Grech


uthentic, smart, sophisticated and incredibly talented are a few of the words one can think of when describing Justin Brincat. A true genius who has remained strongly grounded and big hearted, notwithstanding his fame and success. Indeed, if he were to work on your face, you can be sure to be in the very best of hands. Justin has worked on leading personalities, both local and foreign, and across different industries. With his

unique skills and artistry, Justin manages to take any look to the next level, be it natural beauty and others therein. Beyond glamour, Justin seeks to create a look that speaks of timeless, detail and uniqueness by going deep beneath the individual’s skin. Additional to the aesthetic aspect which plays a primary role in his career, Justin brings forth an incredible work ethic and individual attention, making anyone or any piece of art be incomparable – what one would say is ‘jaw dropping’!


Photography: Matthew Attard Navarro Model: Kristen Buhagiar 2010



Human Canvas Body Art show (fashion Awards 2013) Picture: Darrin Zammit Lupi

Prior to his introduction to make-up and further on his semi-permanent make up work, Justin has always shown a true acumen in the arts. Making sure to develop his rawest skills into the many different looks to bring out the very best of any individual, Justin chooses to also focus on the permanent aspect of make-up to create a longlasting satisfactory effect by correcting what one might consider as less favourable aspects of his or her face to ultimately improve one’s confidence and overall wellbeing. Here, Justin emphasises on the incredible power of make up and how he very evidently notices people letting their inner spirited confidence emerge during the time he works on

painting their faces and/or bodies. “I believe each and every individual is a born artist with the opportunity to flourish in his or her own very unique way”, Justin denotes with a glow in his eyes while taking another sip of his favourite coffee. He goes on to explain how he has always held tight to his artistic talent and gradually worked on developing his artistry onto make up, be it semi-permanent, body paint and its other diverse sectors. The connection between Justin’s artistic skills and entrepreneurial drive is enriching in the way that it has brought him to always cross paths with the Art in its many different forms, ensuring it


Artistic finger makeup (no brushes) Photography: Brian Grech Model: Sandrina Spiteri Gonzi 2011

leaves the important imprint that it does on his life and on the lives of those around him. From his very early days, Justin Brincat has always shown a great interest and attraction towards colours. This was indeed so evident that his school teachers couldn’t help but be very impressed by his sense of intrigue to the arts, one that was characterised by an incredible sense of cleanliness, definition and authenticity, which fundamentals have grown with him allowing him to come forward with his incomparable creations. With his continued beaming smile, Brincat explains how he has never been too keen on formal training, but rather always sought to bend rules to get to the results he envisioned. Notwithstanding, his strong will to succeed has always pushed him towards clearly identifying his career goals and


the required work that one has to put in, including long hours of training, consistent practice and perseverant diligence. Some of his educators and mentors are imprints in the industry of make-up, namely Stefano Anselmo, Kevin Aucoin, Paul Engelen, Vittorio Sodano, Scott Barns and Mario Dedivanovic, to name a few, alongside directors for distinctive brands such as Kryolan, Chanel and Shiseido. Throughout his interview, a deep-rooted instinct for true understanding, learning and self-expression were so clearly depicted in Justin’s choice of words and explanations. The unique system by which he works is one that he has developed throughout the years and that he seeks to share with his many followers and upcoming aspiring artists.


Christmas 2019 look (Opulent Sensulle) Model: Alaya Ellul Photography: Carlton Agius


Joseph Calejja Oil painting 2013

The self-developed system of Justin Brincat is one based on five fundamentals – LIFE, STIMULUS, COLOUR, INNOVATION and DEFINITION. Grasping onto each of these five crucial aspects and refining your skills set upon their bases is what allows an artist to go beyond the norm, to think outside the box, to apply perfect symmetry yet in an imperfect human way and to flourish in a way that makes him or her noticeable. Without an ounce of doubt, despite his multidimensional artistic capabilities, the strength of



Madame Camille (Carina Camilleri) Terra-cotta Bust 2017

Brincat lies in his portraits. This, he explains, is what really allows him to bring together his love for art and his fascination by the human face. The famous ‘Joseph Calleja’ portrait is one that cannot go unmentioned. Justin Brincat goes through his work on the Calleja portrait, explaining how he uses defining brushstrokes and inspiring colours that the true artist Joseph Calleja really merits. To mention just a few of his many highlights, Brincat takes us through his vast portfolio which shows some of his distinctive works, including 2010 Malta TV Awards ‘Best Special Visual

MAKE UP IS AN ART & THE FACE IS MY CANVAS Effects’ for TV Series ‘L-Evangelisti’, 2011-12 Malta Fashion Awards ‘Best Make-Up Artist’, 2013 Malta Fashion Awards ‘Human Canvas Makeup Show’, 2014 CHOGM Opening Ceremony and Conceptualisation of ‘Our Images’, AwardWinning music video for ‘Me Love You Long Time’ by Ira Losco, film make-up work for ‘Game of Thrones’ and ‘Devils Double’, Valletta 18 Opening Ceremony ‘Bandli’, cover and feature in ‘The Make-Up Artist’ International Magazine, and the list continues. As we continued to go through many of


Model: Kristen Buhagiar Photo: Kris Micallef Makeup Artist: International Magazine 2011



Photo: Kris Micallef

Every individual is a new canvas on which I can express my artistic creations, and if I were to create the exact same look Brincat’s life journeys and core values, he closes by emphasising on how make-up is far more than a profession. It is the muse by which his ongoing life creations and inspirations are driven to create and define beauty in a manner that is anything but straightforward to allow even the imperfect be perfect in its own way. “As much as I feel I have come a long way throughout my career and achieved positive outcomes, I definitely know this is just the beginning of my next phase. I seek to learn, create and share as much as the past 25 years, and far more!”

on two different individuals, a difference would still emerge. This is how unique we are and it is what I seek to bring out through my work.


Photo: Bernard Polidano



Photography is usually viewed as a solitary activity, but the truth of the matter is that people love to shoot together, compare notes and just have fun with photography. Scott Kelby


Photo: Bernard Polidano



Photo: Bernard Polidano

Photo: Brian Grech


Gaia & Nina


Photo: Brian Grech












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