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S-Series HTHV ESC-Series Evaporative Cooling M-Series Make-Up Air


Helping Leaders Create Healthy Working Environments for Hard-Working People

As everyone knows, today’s employees spend a substantial amount of time in the workplace. When the air in your facility is too hot in the summer, too cold in the winter, or too contaminated from your manufacturing process, you can compromise employees’ performance, safety, and health. The Cambridge S-Series and ESC-Series are the most efficient at providing year-round temperature relief. Keep your facility warm in the winter months and cool in those hot summer months. Now, being smart about your workplace ventilation just got easier with ThermWise Rebates. Take advantage of available rebates to help offset your initial investment.


For more information on technologies, contact Thomas Little: www.cambridgeair.com800.899.1989UMAPLATINUMINVESTOR

Petersen Inc. has been acquired by Precinmac. With this change, Petersen Inc. is still the reliable manufacturing partner you have always known, we’ve just gotten better We have increased machining capabilities and more strategic partners to work with. From NQA 1 fabrication to aerospace quality precision machining, what can we build for you? high tolerance precision machined components and fabricated products for high requirement industries. With eight locations in the United States and Canada, we are an ideal single source partner for medium- to high complexity projects that rely on close tolerance fabrication and precision machining. About Precinmac

If You L iked Us B efore, You’ll Love Us Going For ward!

5 UMA Creates “Member+” Membership Todd Bingham, President, Utah Manufacturers Association Table of Contents 17 Frontline Leadership Series Utah Manufacturers Association 25 UMA Advanced Sales Skills Utah Manufacturers Association 9 Introducing STEMheads... by STEMheads 11 UMA Staff August 2022 13 5 Tips for Preventing Back Injuries in the EMCWorkplaceInsurance and CUI Agency 23 Youth Apprenticeships - Will It Work for My Business? 2022 BOARD OF DIRECTORS UMA CHAIRMAN Clint LifetimeMorrisProducts, Inc. 1ST VICE CHAIR Johnny Honeyville,FerryInc. 2ND VICE CHAIR Matt Wardle JD Machine TREASURERSECRETARY/ Karen Griffin JAS. D. EASTON, INC. IMMEDIATE PAST CHAIR Doug Dahl The Boeing Company UMA PRESIDENT/CEO Todd Bingham Utah Manufacturers Association DIRECTORS: Steve MarathonBradHexcelMichaelMeritErinZionsJimParkerDougHydroBrettChevronBlairLibertyAllredSafeBlackwellBurninghamExtrusionsDilleyAerospaceDivverBankBarryMedicalGleasonCorporationShaferPetroleum Company Mark StrykerMarkDominionScottRioRobStadlerLucyEdwardsMariacarmenHollandSteveAutolivKirkSwireTravisUSEricPeczuhFrankL3RyanNucorChrisFreseniusBrettBarnesBillBDRichardPetersenJeffRockyBrianEnergySolutionsWalkerE.AndersonMountainPowerLoweInc.StonelyMedicalJohnsonBulletsBartonMedicalCareLockeSteelCarlileHarrisPeczuhJr.PrintingPopeSyntheticAardemaCoca-Cola,USAHoldenAmericaYoung&HartVenturaLifesciencesAndreRailCrossmanTintoChandlerEnergyPaulJace Johnson Key Bank Michael MityAlexOrbitToddNorthropHenryGrummanGrollDobskyInc.

Membership Benefit Programs • Select Health Medical Insurance • Vision Insurance - UMA Member Medical Vision and Dental • Dental Insurance • 401K Plans - UMA Multiple Employer Plan • WCF 5% discount • CUI/EMC Insurance Discount Program (5% pack age pricing) • Industrial Supply 10% member discount • UMA Frontline Leadership Training - 20% dis count • Motivosity - 10% Discount • Applicant Pro - 20% Discount • NFP HR Roundtables • Industry Representation on Industry and Educa tional Advisory Boards UMA Creates “Member+” Membership Opportunity By Todd

UMA advocates for a pro-manufacturing and busi ness-friendly environment at the Utah State Legisla UMAture. is your “Voice on the Hill,” giving you direct access to Utah’s legislature. UMA is actively involved daily during the legislative session. UMA provides access to Federal Regulatory Agen cies protecting Utah at a national level. Bingham, President, Utah Manufacturer’s Association

Governmental Affairs and Representation


The Utah Manufacturers Association has strength ened and connected Utah’s manufacturers since 1905. If you manufacture goods in Utah or provide services related to the manufacturing industry, lever age the power of UMA’s member network, training and consulting services, and peer-to-peer relation ships to grow your business. As an organization, the Utah Manufacturers Asso ciation has long been the ‘voice of manufacturing’ in the state. Coordinating and collaborating with different entities to represent, promote, and enhance the manufacturing industry in Utah. UMA started as a legislative and governmental affairs organization in the early 1900s. In fact, at one point, the organi zation was both the manufacturers and merchants association. Over time, as the needs and demands of manufacturing companies have evolved, so has your organization, UMA, adapted and expanded to those specific needs. UMA is proud of the areas of focus and value we provide for the members of the organization. Below is a list of the areas your current association membership provides through value and service to you through your general membership.


• Michael Best HR / Compliance Counseling ($500 value)

• Frontline Leadership Training ($2500+value)

• Access content anytime, anywhere

• Leadership Training ZyWave Resource Library with CUI / EMC ($500-$1000 per month value)

Flyers/documentsmanagement.maybecreated in Zywave and downloaded in PDF or Word format.

• Manufacturing Facility Best Practice Tours

• Utah-MEP Annual State of Manufacturing Survey and Results

All content is developed by a Zywave’s team that consist of attorneys, professional writers, editors & research analysts. All content goes through a rigor ous editing process. EMC makes it easy and convenient for your employ ees to receive the training they need with on-de mand access to online safety videos

Your Member+ membership Includes all of the above association benefits plus:

In an ongoing effort to continue to provide signifi cant value to the members of the organization, as well as meet your specific needs as manufacturing companies, the Utah Manufacturers Association is pleased to announce a new membership option for our companies. Membership has been specifically designed and cre ated to provide significant additional value, training, benefits, and educational opportunities for Utah’s manufacturing companies. Included in your Member+ membership are all of the general items included in the regular membership within the association and the following opportuni ties. These additional benefits are through amazing partnerships with our member companies and their tremendous benefit to you - our manufacturing com

• Michael Best HR / Academy ((6) - two hour ses sions)($2500 value)

• ZyWave Resource Library with CUI / EMC ($500$1000 per month value)

6UMAWEB.ORG • Safety Training & Online Library with CUI & EMC • Networking and social events • Industry Recognition Awards

• Workforce Audit & Strategy Plan ($600 value)

• Require employees to retrain and certify to key courses like safety • Track each employee’s progress • Sales and Marketing

• Executive/CEO Roundtables (quarterly, invitation only)

UMA Training and Education Library: Get your employees up to speed and compliant fast er with UMA’s Online Training and Education Library. Member+ members enjoy company-wide access to UMA’s online training library. From Safety Certifi cation to FrontlineLeadership Training to Sales and Marketing, each course is designed specifically to help manufacturing companies quickly develop the skill set of their workforce. value of the Member+ is in excess of $20,000 annually—all of this for $1,500 in addition to your current general membership dues.

• UMA Advanced Sales Skills Training ($2500+val ue)

• Advanced Selling Skills for Manufacturers • Safety Training • Workplace/Worksafe Series • OSHA 10 Hour training • OSHA 30-Hour Training • Safety Roundtable Discussions

An extensive library filled with dozens of videos on a variety of work-related topics. These videos are reg ularly reviewed and approved by experts and legal professionals. Zywave, Inc. is the leading provider of technology-enabled content for our clients. Zywave has information for both Employer’s and employee’s, so you can use the content to meet the needs of your unique company. Topics covered may include legislation, compliance, health care reform & other important federal & state laws. There is information on HR, employee benefits, safety, and risk

• OSHA compliance training

Manufacturing Facility Tours

Michael Best HR / Academy (six two-hour sessions)($2500 value)

• Safety training and an online library with CUI / EMC

• ……And many more This service tracks previously viewed titles and allows you to assign videos to employees as part of your safety program.

• Hiring and Recruitment

Frontline Leadership Training ($2500+value)

Committee Structure

Executive Roundtable

Utah manufacturers face a complex and constantly evolving landscape of employment laws and regu lations that affect every aspect of the employment relationship. Missteps can reduce productivity and expose a company to liability. To assist our members, the UMA has partnered with Michael Best to de velop the HR academy to meet these challenges and avoid pitfalls. The HR Academy is a series of six twohour sessions, including handbooks, agreements, and policies. The ADA & FMLA • Wage & Hour Law Prevent and Responding to Harassment & Dis crimination Complaints

• Incorporating a Culture of Safety into Your HR Practices

• Warehouse Safety • Security and emergency preparedness

Training has been developed from the Frontline Leader Workshop Series from Workforce Training. Training will be delivered in a modular format rang ing from 30-90 minutes per module, depending on the topic.

• Practical Leadership • Interpersonal Communication

• Emotional Intelligence

UMA has several ongoing committees to help guide us in new programming and initiatives. Workforce, Environmental, Air Quality, and Legislative are among other committee opportunities for member company representatives.

The Utah Manufacturers Association holds multiple executive round tables annually that are invite-on ly events. These events are used to discuss critical topics to the manufacturing industry and are hosted at different manufacturing facilities throughout the state.

• Human Resources topics

Executive Roundtables (quarterly, by invitation)

UMA Advanced Sales Skills Training ($2500+value)

Networking and Social Events

UMA’s ASST provides video and in-person sales skills training that will help our sales/business develop ment teams learn or improve a proven process that focuses on the necessary skills to become effective in their roles. The training is made up of 12 1-hour training modules that include real-time scenarios, role-playing, application practice, and weekly goals to implement and practice selling skills.

• Access over 400 high-quality videos 24/7 to sat isfy your safety and compliance training needs.

Manufacturing members are interested in hosting a tour of their facilities to showcase themselves.

The Utah Manufacturers Association has established a partnership with iMpact Utah for the contracting of our Center for Business and Continuous Improve ment. Manufacturing companies have the opportu nity to receive significant training and education for the improvement of their operations. We can assist you in contacting iMpact to determine the best op tion for training.

• EMC offers Streaming Safety Videos

Partnership with iMpact Utah

Topics include:

• Managing Conflict Workforce Audit & Strategy Plan ($600 value)

Review various policies and procedures within hu man resources and other areas of an organization. The purpose of a workplace audit is to identify areas that need improvement. The audit also helps em ployers remain compliant with employment laws and regulations and ensure best practices.

Each quarter, by invitation only, UMA will host Ex ecutive Roundtables where best practices will be shared, and discussions will be had to help elevate and improve everyone involved.

UMA brings the manufacturing community together


you to take advantage of all

UMA recognizes organization, option is a significant and value We encourage of Con tact one of justin@manufacturingutah. com 801-363-3885.


and celebrates the top-performing manu facturers of the year. UMA’s Annual Banquet showcases your strong business capabilities and outstanding accomplishments and celebrates successes. Awards include: • Utah Manufacturer of the Year Award • Environmental Stewardship Award • Manufacturing Sustainability Award • Business Leader of the Year Award • Outstanding Workplace Safety Awards • Outstanding Continuous Improvement Project Award • Outstanding Company Culture Award • Women in Manufacturing Award As an


Utah Manufacturers Association will con tinue to innovate, create, and develop valuable services and benefits for the manufacturing community and our members. The Member+ Membership

the value in this option.

our team today for more information and details. or


for our members of the organization.

8UMAWEB.ORG by hosting events that serve as an arena to network, find new local suppliers and customers, and connect with local political leaders. AnnualEvents Awards and Installation Banquet (Utah Product Box) Coolest Things Made In Utah Contest Annual Manufacturing Conference Annual Golf Tournament Safety Recognition (or Awards) Luncheon Opportunities for you at UMA Events Sponsorships (now called Investors) • To increase your brand awareness • Media marketing opportunities • Quarterly Digital Magazine • Social Media and Banner Ads • Expand your network • Recognize and celebrate your successes UMA Industry Recognition Awards

To date, they have had participation from the Kadd as Enterprises, the CORES facility at the University of Utah, Taffy Town, Autoliv, and Smith Optics. These videos are geared toward grabbing the attention of youth by promoting Utah manufacturers and the cutting-edge technology and STEM careers that it takes to produce cool products. Check out this teaser video for the upcoming Season 1 of STEMheads on YouTube-


Liam is currently attending 6th grade at Valley View Elementary in the Davis County Spectrum program. He has a strong desire to help those children that have not been given the opportunities to further expand their education and career paths. Many kids have no idea how many cool STEM jobs exist out there. Through Liam’s inquisitive style and in-depth interviews, their videos help shine a spot light on the possibilities they otherwise would have never known were available to them.

With support from the Utah Manufacturers Associ ation, Liam is exploring a variety of manufacturers and businesses here in Utah that make cool stuff. With each video, Liam digs in to understand exactly how their products are made. Liam takes youth and education professionals on an innovation journey through state-of-the-art facilities and fun interviews.

Introducing STEMheads… You may have seen a LinkedIn post recently where a bright-eyed boy in elementary school interviewed Todd Bingham, President of the Utah Manufacturers Association. That boy is Liam Brown, President of STEMheads, a Utah 501(c)3 nonprofit corporation with a mission to inspire and educate underrepre sented youth into exploring STEM fields.

IfvGXqaSIyouare interested in showcasing and marketing your company to K-12 students through a fun pro motional video, the team is currently looking for clients to highlight for Season 2 of STEMheads. STEMheads is also working toward providing schol arships to underrepresented youth helping them develop the skills and opportunities to succeed in life. Tax-deductible donations are always welcomed and accepted for anyone interested in funding the mission of STEMheads.


11 AUGUST 2022 Lloyd Jensen Director of Business Development Cell: 310-980-0030 Todd Bingham President/CEO Cell: 801-891-6887 Austin Emery Business Development Cell: 385-216-4137 Justin Hawkes Manager of DevelopmentBusiness Cell: 385-831-4667 Jenny Snow Executive Office Administrator Office: 801-363-3885 Office Information Phone: 801-363-3885 428 E. Winchester St. #210 Murray, UT 84107 Mikenley McQuiston Marketing Manager Cell: 801-656-82 mikenley@umaweb.org08 Megan Ware Director of DevelopmentWorkforce Cell: 801-230-0655

We are aluminum Hydro is the world’s largest integrated aluminum company, and a major supplier of extruded aluminum for industries across the US and Canada. From customized extrusions to fully fabricated components, our experts help design, extrude and manufacture the parts that shape your world. We are proud to be a part of Utah manufacturing. Want to join our team? Learn more at

• Repetition—repeating certain movements, espe cially those that involve twisting or rotating your spine

5 Tips to Prevent Back Injuries

• Inactivity—a desk job can contribute to back pain, especially if you have poor posture or sit all day in a chair with inadequate back support

What Causes Back Pain


Consult the Hierarchy of Hazard Control

• Picture this: Recycling collectors have historically faced high injury rates due to the repetitive task of lifting recycling containers and emptying them into recycling trucks. In recent years, companies have adopted mechanical side arms to lift the bin of recyclables into the truck, eliminating the need for employees to manually lift recycling contain ers entirely.

Identifying and controlling safety and health hazards in the workplace is fundamental to the prevention of injuries and illnesses. Many different techniques are available to help identify hazards, such as workplace audits, supervisor observation, job safety analysis and injury claims analysis. The hierarchy of hazard control is a system used to minimize or eliminate worker exposure to hazards, helping you prioritize possible safety measures to help ensure you’re getting the most impact.

To use the hierarchy of hazard control correctly, start by looking for solutions at the top of the hierarchy and work your way down.

5 Tips for Preventing Back Injuries in the Workplace

Several factors can contribute to back pain at work.

EMC Insurance and CUI Agency Back injuries account for nearly 20% of all injuries and illnesses in the workplace, affecting more than one million workers annually. Whether your employ ees sit at a desk in an office setting or regularly lift and move heavy materials, back injury prevention is important.

There are steps you can take to avoid and prevent back injuries at work. Here are five tips to reduce strain on your back while working:

For example: • Force—exerting too much force on your back, such as by lifting or moving heavy objects

1. Workplace improvements: Elimination of a haz ard is the most effective means of controlling it. Start by figuring out how to avoid lifting in the first place. Consider redesigning a workstation to relieve physical stress and remove ergonomic hazards, or introduce mechanical aids (lift tables, hoists, etc.) to minimize material handling injuries.

4. Stretch regularly: Daily stretching exercises can improve flexibility, which allows the body to turn and twist the back with less chance of injury. Although this tactic is less effective than the ones above, implementing a stretching program it is relatively inexpensive in the short-term.


2. Modify repetitive tasks: If you cannot eliminate the need to lift, try modifying the task to reduce the force and frequency of lifting. Can you change the way the job is done to limit the lifting? Can you alter nate physically demanding tasks with less demand ing ones?

Free Industrial Ergonomics Training

Preventing back injuries is just one part of the ergo nomics equation. Learn how you can effectively man age industrial ergonomics in your operation during a free virtual training session with EMC’s Senior Risk Improvement Representative, Nic Benson. Nic will discuss how you can detect and address ergonomic issues to reduce operational expense and downtime. The session is free for all UMA members.

• Picture this: Considering the example above, replacing a fleet of recycling collection vehi cles takes time and money to implement. In the meantime, the company could shorten routes or limit the number of hours an employee spends doing the physically demanding task. To limit the number of hours, drivers can alternate their time between driving and completing other required tasks at the processing facility or partake in a job rotation. The company can also consider hiring additional drivers to allow for shorter shifts. Be careful not to substitute one task that stresses the back for another.

Industrial Ergonomics with Nic Benson Wednesday, Sept. 28 10 – 11 a.m. MT Register

• Bonus tip: Consider what new risks or hazards are created in the event of a substitution. For example, while using a side arm to lift the bin of recyclables into the truck eliminates lifting for the employee, using a joystick for 10+ hours a day to control the arm introduces another overexertion risk—stress on the hands and wrist. Albeit not as great as the lifting exposure, you still need to be cognizant of it and consider alternatives, such as a button instead of a joystick.

5. Engage with employees: One of the most effec tive ways to involve employees in your ergonom ics program is to consult with them. For example, organizations can discuss ergonomics during safety meetings and the group can identify ergonomic risks and brainstorm ways to improve a process. Employ ees are a great resource to tap into to find ergonom ic solutions.

• Use this resource: The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) Lifting

The recycling collector is a good example of a critical hazard where multiple recommendations could be made. Often organizations gravitate toward lower levels of the hierarchy of hazard control (such as personal protective equipment) because they ap pear to be less costly and time consuming. While they be less effort in the short run, they are not as effective long-term. Remember, the highest levels of control on the hierarchy are the most reli able at addressing hazards.

3. Lift properly: If you cannot eliminate the lifting task, make sure to protect yourself by lifting prop erly—this is an “administrative control” according to the hierarchy of hazard control. When lifting and carrying a heavy object, get close to the object, bend your knees and tighten your stomach muscles. Use your leg muscles to support your body as you stand up. Hold the object close to your body. Maintain the natural curve of your back. Don’t twist when lifting. If an object is too heavy to lift safely, ask someone to help you.

Picking the Right Recommendation

Equation mobile application, NLE Cal, is a tool that looks at specific tasks and calculates the overall risk index for single and multiple manual lifting tasks— giving you an idea of whether it’s a safe lift for the worker.

With the proper planning, training and tools any fa cility can create an environment that enables work ers to avoid back injuries. Find More Online Visit EMC’s website for free loss control resources, including a customizable industrial ergonomics pro gram template.

13 MFGUTAH Find out how you can Count on EMC ® and CUI. Contact: At EMC, we show our full value in countless ways. And with a partner like CUI Agency, you can be confident that we have what it takes to protect your manufacturing operation. ©Copyright Employers Mutual Casualty Company 2022. All rights reserved. EMC Insurance Companies | Des Moines, IA | 800-447-2295 Yup, we offer that TANNER OWENS CUI Agency President  Manufacturing expertise  Personalized, local service  Tailored protection  Industry-leading safety services  Dedicated claims support

UMAWEB.ORG 14 2022 UMA M2Memberships022UMAemberships Belong to an association that shares your same ideas while providing new opportunities. We are working on your behalf to deliver solutions to help your manufacturing business thrive. We know what Utah makes, makes Utah. Member Governmental Affairs and Representation Discount ProgramsNetworking Events OSHATrainingsSafety Legislative Representation on the Hill Networking and Social Events Industry Recognition Awards UMA Member Insurance: Medical, Vision, & Dental UMA Multiple Employer Plan 401(k) Representation on Industry & Educational Advisory NFPBoardsHR Roundtables Utah - MEP Annual State of Manufacturing UMA Frontline Leadership Training (SLCC curriculum 20% discount) CUI & EMC Insurance Discount Program Industrial Supply - 10% Discount Applicant Pro - 20% Discount Motivosity - 10% Discount WCF - 5% VenConnectDiscount-15%Revenue Share Survey & (minimumResults5%package discount) ZyWave Resource Library with CUI & EMC ($500$1000 / month value) Safety Training / Online Library with CUI & EMC Manufacturing Facility Tours Executive Roundtables (quarterly, by invitation) Michael Best HR / Compliance Counseling Michael Best HR / Academy (six 2 hour sessions, more than $2500 value) Frontline Leadership Training (more than $2500 Workforcevalue) Audit & Strategy Plan ($600 value) UMA Advanced Sales Skills Training Everything in Member, plus: ($500 value) (more than $3000 value) 428uma@manufacturingutah.comE.WinchesterSt#210,Murray, UT 84107 For more information on Member & Member+ please contact the UMA office Member +

The series covers Practical Leadership, Interpersonal Communication, Emotional Intelligence, and Managing Conflict. We understand that pulling your leaders from the production floor is costly and we want to ensure each topic is engaging, meaningful, and covers the ma terial they need to help them succeed. Frontline lead ership training combines the practical skills required to manage frontline workers and the ability to make proactive decisions that will benefit the overall success of the organization. This training can be offered in multiple ways. The mem bership cohorts will begin in late September and spots are filling fast. By covering a topic, a month, it allows companies to plan accordingly with their personnel resources. Offered at a central location with a hybrid

Utah Manufacturers Association


Frontline Leadership Series

Frontline leaders are responsible for leading almost 80% of the workforce, but many feel they are not pre pared for their new and or current roles. Their respon sibilities can include training, monitoring, hiring, firing, resolving, and assigning. Frontline supervisors report to middle or executive management and are often an organization’s largest population of leaders. Research shows many CFOs are not confident in their organi zation’s ability to develop new leaders or attract and retain top talent. The solution lies in developing the learning Frontlineculture.leaders encounter their fair share of issues on their way to becoming leaders. Diverse age groups within departments, unmotivated workers, “tribal” knowledge, and resistance to change are some of the problems supervisors face when attempting to imple ment new protocols or training. Frontline supervisors are essentially the choke point between upper man agement and frontline workers. They field tremendous demands from both sides, and, if supervisors are disen gaged or lack leadership abilities, they can feel like their jobs are thankless. UMA wants to help you develop your current workforce and reduce costs, increase retention, and improve your bottom line. Helping develop your frontline leaders is a critical piece of creating a learning culture and equip ping them with the tools they need to succeed will re duce talent turnover. Helping your employees transition from peer to leader is one of the most important invest ments you can make. Though it’s common for frontline supervisors to be first-time managers, they are respon sible for critical day-to-day operations and influencing the work of their direct reports. They are also often tasked with implementing any continuous improvement strategies their organization adopts.

18UMAWEB.ORG method it makes it convenient for you. If you would prefer a private cohort on-site, we are able to accommodate that as well. To sign up for the September cohort, or if you want to discuss options, please reach out to Megan Ware, Director of Workforce Development.

2022 UMA Investors

UMAWEB.ORG 20 SALT LAKE CITY • OGDEN • OREM • CEDAR CITY • ST. GEORGE • REXBURG 801.685.6860 | 800.323.6303 ASSOCIATIONUTAHBEEHIVEINSURANCE.COMMANUFACTURERSHEALTHPLANAn outstanding option for Utah manufacturers! With large group plan designs offering low out-of-pocket maximums and broad plan choices. For more information or pricing on the Utah Manufacturers Association Health Plan, contact Beehive Insurance today. Serving commercial aerospace, military aircraft, and space exploration Exciting Career Opportunites Please visit to apply ► Janicki Proprietary 5-Axis Machines ► Envelope size up to 80′ × 15′ × 6′ ► +/- 0.002″ Accuracy ► Fly-Away Parts and Assemblies ► State of the art Laser Metrology Inspection ► Production machining and specialty parts ► Design and Fabrication of Factory Integration Tooling

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Commercial Painting Industrial Coatings Flame Retardant Tank Coatings Roof ConcreteLineWaterSpecialtyCoatingsCoatingsRepellentStrippingPolishing Specializing In Commercial, Industrial, and Office Painting. Ogden, Owned & Operated Painting Company Dedicated To High Moral & Ethical Standards

• Recruit and develop a highly trained workforce for hard-to-fill positions

• Create industry-driven and flexible training solutions to meet your specific needs

The value add for business can be defined by the follow ing:

Finding qualified talent is increasingly expensive, com petitive, and time-consuming. Currently, the burden of educating our workforce falls directly on the education system. Meanwhile businesses are having difficulty finding employees with the appropriate competencies to fill these skilled positions. Youth apprenticeships tackle the problem head on by helping businesses play a part in shaping young talent and providing the education system with an applied learning environment for students. Youth apprenticeships offer robust workbased learning opportunities in modern day careers like Advanced Manufacturing to Machining; and take an innovative approach to talent acquisition that ultimately leave businesses with a positive ROI and workforce fit to tackle the modern-day world.

Manufacturing apprenticeships don’t divert students from higher education, rather it’s an in-depth education option that combines theoretical learning with hands on learning focused on preparing young students for a viable career in manufacturing. It can be a direct path to high-paying, in-demand jobs, or the first stackable step in their education journey. Any student, regardless of their end goal, can benefit from an apprenticeship. As we develop youth apprenticeships, we must look to the Swiss apprenticeship system for guidance. In Swit zerland there are over 200 approved apprenticeships and over 40% of companies participate in the program. 70% of Swiss students choose to start their higher education with an apprenticeship. Many of the world’s largest companies are run by CEOs that started out as an apprentice.

• Positive ROI based on the value of apprentices’ pro

Youth Apprenticeships

Youthductivityapprenticeships are industry-driven where organiza tions can develop their own pipeline. In the current labor market, the talent pool is simply too small. In this hot labor market, where the number of jobs exceed the number of skilled workers, there’s a high probability that other organi zations are trying to poach your employees. Not just your stars. Everyone. If employers create pipelines and paths, this can lead to higher retention and a strong company culture.


– Will it Work for my Business?

• Reduce turnover costs and increase your retention rate

ANNUAL AWARDS BANQUET T h e R o a r i n g 2 0 s a r e b a c k D r e s s t o I m p r e s s U T A H M A N U F A C T U R E R S A S S O C I A T I O N After two years, the Utah Manufacturers Association Annual Awards Banquet is finally back We are thrilled to bring our members together to celebrate our outstanding manufacturing companies in Utah Multiple manufacturing excellence awards will be presented based on size. More information on the awards you can apply for is coming soon. If you have any questions, please get in touch with the UMA office at uma@manufacturingutah com N O M A D I C | 2 4 N o v e m b e r 1 2 t h , 2 0 2 2 T h e L i t t l e A m e r i c a H o t e l 6 : 0 0 p m 1 1 : 0 0 p m T a b l e o f 1 0 $ 1 5 0 0 C o u p l e ' s $ 3 0 0 w w w . m a n u f a c t u r i n g u t a h . c o m

• Have we noticed an increase in competition or maybe even lost some business to that competition?

• What does our sales team look like?

• Have we lost a good employee to a competitor? If any of these questions caused you to stop and think or created some anxiety, we are confident we can help with our Advanced Skills Training.

Our training uses a consultative approach that will help your team get better at uncover ing real pain points, removing roadblocks, overcoming objections, and identifying value for their prospective clients. Ultimately, you want your sales team to know how to position your products in a valued and benefit-centric way. Sales skills development is never a quick or easy fix. However, our process has a proven track record that works. We are excited to help your sales team/business development team get better at what they do. We also know that investing in your team will help them grow in confidence and improve in their role, which in many cases creates a culture of con fidence and an environment of stability. To register for this course or to learn more, please reach out to: or

UMA Advanced Sales Skills Utah Manufacturers Association

• Has our team, whether one or many, been properly trained for success?


Our training course focuses on a proven methodology with foundational sales principles at its core. We utilize the skills of a live sales training coach in regular training sessions. Your sales professionals will learn the critical skills of developing, strengthening, and nurturing relationships through the art of emotional connections. They will learn how to identify is sues and challenges holding back their prospects and clients from achieving their strategic goals and will help match proper solutions in solving those issues and challenges.

The Utah Manufacturers Association is proud to introduce the ‘UMA Advanced Sales Skills’ training. In an ever-changing world, many of our manufacturing companies are asking questions like:

• Which one of our employees wearing many hats is designated to go find new business?

• Is my sales team equipped with the necessary tools to be successful?


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