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We are very pleased to present this graduation booklet to commemorate the achievements of Thompson’s newest graduates. As you start this next phase of your lives we wish you every success and happiness wherever the future takes you. All the best from the staff of the Thompson Citizen!

July 2015 Produced and published by the Thompson Citizen www.thompsoncitizen.net

R.D. Parker Collegiate Graduation Exercises Master of Ceremonies Kelly Scallion Memory Walk Ali Johnson & Kim Scaddan Grand March R.D. Parker band “O Canada” Ali Johnson “God Save the Queen” Ali Johnson

Congratulatory Messages Mayor of Thompson Dennis Fenske Principal’s Address Rob Fisher Parents’ Message Colette Hykawy Superintendent of Human Resources & Policy Angele Bartlett Board of Trustees Leslie Tucker & Guido Oliveira Presentation of Traditional Gifts Michael Hatley & Jenna Moise Honour Song Ron Cook & Oskinikis Drummers Introduction of Guest Speaker Madison Murray Guest Speaker Susan Horvath Introduction of Valedictorian Casey Kipling Valedictorian Vishal Bhagria “No Boundaries” R.D. Parker Vocal Jazz Ensemble

Awards School District Board of Trustees Student Awards for Academic Excellence Leslie Tucker Presentation of Governor General’s Bronze Medal Rob Fisher Presentation of Diplomas and Scholarships R.D Parker Administration Recessional “Verge”

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The Graduates of R.D Parker Collegiate




Evan on graduation and acceptance into the Faculty of Engineering with the University of Manitoba!


Love, Mom and Will

from Congratulations


To a happy ending and a new beginning, new chapter, and new challenges...let the adventure begin!!

CONGRATULATIONS Mineral Science Program High School Apprenticeship Program

You’ve made us proud. Lots of love: Mum, Phil, Jasia, Nana and Papa

Danielle Dnistransky “Go conɆdently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you have imagined.” We are very proud of you, Love, Mom, Alexis, Ryan and Brooklynn.


Principal’s Address Rob Fisher


to this wonderful evening everyone. It’s an honor to be able to speak to you for the first time at grad as principal of RD Parker Collegiate here in Thompson. Tonight we are celebrating the graduating class of 2015. I’m not sure who is happier, you, the wonderful students I see in front of me or the parents and adults who care about you that are in our audience. Well, you survived high school. You’ve successfully negotiated the best days of your life, but what about the rest of it? You’re entering Year One AG (After Graduation). And what are young folks like yourselves – armed with only the hair on your heads, the song in your hearts, and the diploma to be prominently displayed on your refrigerator – to do? Sure, you could go blindly into the void we call the Real World, befriending a band of misfits and extracting life lessons out of exciting but badly-thought-out capers like so many have done before. But I want to present you with some better optionssome sage advice so to speak. And since a recent Epsos-Reid poll found that your generation is number one in the top ten list of generations that respond to top ten lists, I have for you right from the home office, our “top ten” pieces of advice for new graduates. Enjoy the evening everyone and thanks.

OUR “TOP TEN” LIST Advice for new Graduates

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Life will throw you curveballs. Try to be ready for them when they happen. What “the Google” knows about you — matters. Be in charge of your own digital footprint. Do something every day that scares you. This is wise advice attributed to Eleanor Roosevelt, but I’ve improved it by adding a couple of suggestions of what some of these scary things could be for you when you don’t have any ideas: Agree to speak in front of large crowds when you are asked. Even if it terrifies you. Even better, read speeches written by your daughter on the small chance you will say something interesting. Sometimes show enthusiasm for things that you like. Tell your loved ones that they are important to you every now and then. It’s ok to take your time/it’s ok to change your mind. You are probably flooded with a million decisions right now, decisions that have to be made in a very short time but that have long lasting effects, so it’s important to remember that you have a lot of time, and that you will very possibly change your mind, because you yourself will change and your mind is an integral part of who you are. And the #1 piece of advice for new graduates — Remember kids, always be yourself. Unless you can be Batman. Then you should always be Batman.

Guest Speaker Susan Horvath


Class of 2015 —I’m glad to see you all here. All present and on time, no baseball hats, no hoodies — perfect! Family, friendship, perseverance, personal growth, compassion, knowledge, life, determination, love — and of course, FUN.. .these are only a few of the values of RD Parker’s class of 2015. Fabulous qualities and virtues to live by, honour, respect, and strive for. With such values, I am confident that the young ladies and gentlemen celebrating tonight’s milestone will have bright futures, opportunities, and admirable accomplishments. Parents, your children are people to be proud of and admired... Graduates, your parents are smiling because of you. RD Parker Class of 2015, as you leave your graduation ceremony later this evening in anticipation of YOUR future, YOUR goals, YOUR dreams, YOUR passions — and yes, YOUR freedom... always remember, cherish, and never underestimate the value of the CONNECTIONS you have made with one another. Together, each and every one of you have spent countless hours sharing space, time, laughter, and. . . perhaps a few moments of academic torture. . . with your friends, acquaintances, and people you may consider as strangers; however, each person you have shared your time and space with at RD Parker Collegiate has served some small or grand role in your growth as kind, considerate, and knowledgeable citizens — all CONNECTED by the fact that you have listened to and learnt from one another. Each semester you have cross-referenced your timetables – perhaps even made an alteration or two or three – and entered your classrooms frantically searching for a CONNECTION – a familiar face, an ally in your day to day routines. Your friends have been there to offer advice, maybe even an assignment or two – since Google can’t know everything – support you, entertain you, guide you, criticize you, and maybe even take some of the blame for you. Never devalue the fact that your friendships have helped create the person you are and continue to become. “Good friends are hard to find, harder to leave, and impossible to forget” – STAY CONNECTED. Never allow the distance, differences in opinions, or

separate paths that life has in store for each and every one of you to diminish your CONNECTION to one another. And, most importantly, never allow Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, and Instagram to take the place of sharing space. Always make time to meet a bro — or, frere. “Side by side or miles apart, friends are forever, close to your heart” - however, never forget to honour the power of the strangers whom have shared your time and your space, for each has provided you with opportunities to learn, grow, and understand worlds you may never experience or live in. Being at the front of the classroom has provided me with many proud moments where I have watched strangers — connected by what James Hendren would call “What, another assignment?” - respect one another, honour one another’s ideas and opinions, laugh at one another’s witty comments or awkward moments, and exchange smiles. Each semester you shared more than 5,850 minutes of your lives in each and every class. How could you possibly not feel some element of CONNECTION with each person whom shared that time and that space? For those of you whom I have had the pleasure to teach, thank you for sharing those minutes with me. Now, in the case of Lucas Hanlon, those minutes would add up to 29, 250 for he attended my English classes grades 9 through 12 — a heroic feat if you ask me. As you celebrate this evening, remember there are no strangers in the RD Parker Class of 2015. Your paths to graduation were all different, however, they have all merged into a single CONNECTION. In all the excitement of this special day, I hope you will not overlook the lasting value of the people you have shared this meaningful journey with. Reflect on the CONNECTIONS and RE-CONNECTIONS you have had with one another in the last few months and weeks: • The Tuesday night “Bowling League” • Welcoming several new classmates from far and near - all fortunate enough to share their graduation journeys with you - immigrating to Canada from Jamaica, India, the Phillipines — just to name a few — and becoming part of the RD

Parker Class of 2015. • Feeling the energy and power of connections with teammates while competing on the court or on the field — How else could Justice and Finleigh, together with their teammates, annihilate their opponents to win the first ever Senior Girls Provincial Basketball Championship for RD Parker Collegiate? • A little more than a month ago, you stood on the stage at prom, dressed in your finest, reminiscing with your elementary classmates and teachers as you posed together for one final “CLASS” picture. And, let’s not forget, Burntwood School’s Chloe and Evan sharing the stage — and a dance - as Prom Queen and King. I believe there may have also been a prom after party where many of you had an opportunity to extend the evening’s celebrations. • Barricading the grade twelve hallway to share a few precious hours together before the stress of final exams monopolized your minds and stole your souls... • Stating a simple “Hello” and taking the opportunity to let others know that you appreciate them at the Grad BBQ. Seize and take advantage of all future - arranged and chance - meetings with your fellow graduates — friends, acquaintances, and those whom are no longer strangers — and ask “How’s life been treating you?”, “What have you been up to?”, “Remember when. . .” And don’t forget to do the same with your teachers for we too enjoy learning about your milestones and accomplishments. Graduation marks a giant leap into new expectations, independence, and maturity. Soon you will be meeting the demands and expectations of an “adult world”, however, I hope you take time from your studying, achieving, and paying the bills to live your dreams — consider creating or accomplishing your “Bucket List”. May you: • Swim with dolphins • Face your fears — and conquer them • Go scuba diving, ziplining, or skydiving • Spend a day on the ice with Patrick Kane • Golf with Ricky Fowler and Rory McElroy • Hang out with Dwayne Johnson • Own a cabin in the mountains • Experience the “Seven Wonders of the World”

• Build your dream home — with your dad or for your wife • Dance under the stars at night • Read a book in Chapters • Get a tattoo • Visit a rainforest • Attend a Phoenix Suns basketball game • Raise a Rottweiler or pit bull • Own a Lamborghini • Fall in love and get married • And of course, win a million dollars As you cross off one item, consider replacing it with another and keep on living.., set another goal and live another dream — stay CONNECTED TO YOU. • Be wise enough not to be reckless, but brave enough to take great and admirable risks. • Never be afraid to fail — learn from each mistake and you will succeed when the time is right. • Don’t feel guilty, overwhelmed, lost, or irresponsible if you don’t yet know what you want to do with your life. In fact, the most interesting people I know didn’t have a clue at 18 what they wanted to do with their lives. Eventually, you will discover a passion to strive for. As you leave RD Parker and pursue new challenges, passions, dreams, and adventures, I wish only more success for each and every one of you. May your future CONNECTIONS be blessed with family, friendship, perseverance, personal growth, compassion, knowledge, life, determination, love — and of course, FUN! In closing, thank you class of 2015 for granting me the honour of being one of your guest speakers this evening, for I share a CONNECTION with all of you. I too am a proud RD Parker Graduate — so long as I don’t look at my garish Class of 88 yearbook picture. Kyle Brass’ mom, Kaurel Brass — Paulaniak then — was my class valedictorian — and it is a pleasure to attend this celebration with her here tonight. And now, you all have a diploma, the same as I — I just wish mine had a date from the 21st century stamped in it. Class of 2015, I have one final assignment for you this evening... take a moment to CONNECT to your neighbour or someone behind or in front of you - a fellow RD PARKER COLLEGIATE CLASS of 2015 graduate - and thank them for sharing in this celebration with you tonight.

Congratulations and best wishes to the class of 2015

LOCAL 6166

Congratulations To the Class of 2015

May your future continue to be bight!

Congratulations Jenny Gobeil and all graduates


Quality Inn & Suites

45 Moak Cres, Thompson 204-677-5600 www.qualityinnthompson.com

Austin McKerracher


Carly Paterson Love from, Mom, Lyndon & Taylor, Dad & Rhonda

Congratulations on your Graduation!

www.twinmotors.ca 40 Station Rd • Thompson, MB • 1-800-268-2312 • 204-677-2312

Good Luck Graduates! From all of us here at...

183 Cree Rd, Thompson, (204) 778-8387

N.C. CrĹžsroad Lanes Wo Would Wou W ould ullld u d li lik like k to send best wishes tto o aall ll g ll graduates, r with special ccongratulations co on going to

! a t r u s g l a n n t o i Co To all graduates of 2015

Rhys Hykawy

aand an n nd dM Michelle Rach-Flett


TĂŠya Templeton (and Happy 18th Birthday July 3)

Love G-Ma Karen, Mom, Dad, Ryan, family & friends

64 Hayes Road, 204-677-2410

Would like to extend congratulations and warm wishes to all of the graduates of 2015.

From all of us at

Kendall & Pandya Congratulates all graduates of the class of 2015 118 Cree Rd (204) 778-7312

Would like to recognize all graduates of the Class of 2015 and wish special congratulations to

Chloe Verhaeghe Teya Templeton and

Congratulations on graduating with two diplomas, Dylan.

We are very proud of you. Mom, Dad, Kelly & Curtis.


Cody Hopkins We are proud of you and for all that you have accomplished. Continue to go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Love, Mom, Dad and all your family.

Best Wishes May your graduation be the first step on your path to success. Kevin White, CFP Fred Palmer, CPCA Dwayne Portey, CFP Kathy Valentino, CHS, CLU, Ch.F.C. Charlynn Little

To all graduates of the


2015 From all of us here at

Assante Capital Management Ltd. 2-40 Moak Cres. Thompson, MB R8N 2B7 204-778-1675 www.assante.com Assante Capital Management Ltd. is a member of the Canadian Investor Protection Fund and is registered with the Investment Industry Regulatory Organization of Canada.

205 Mystery Lake Rd. (204) 778-8887

Valedictorian Address Vishal Bhagria


supported us throughout the years, thank you. Parents, Friends, Without all of your extra time and dedication, Teachers and Fellow this room would be empty. Know that all of your Graduates and my mom. Before I begin, I would extra time that you have given for extracurricular like to say something to my mom. Thank you for activities, homework help, did not go unnoticed being there for me through the thick and thin over and know that every graduate the last 18 years. I would here tonight is both definitely not be standing appreciative and grateful. here right now if it wasn’t ... the most important thing To my fellow graduates for you. Love you mom. that we have learned in the — Wow — we did it! As And to all the other past 12 years or 2,280 days I look upon the rows parents, guardians, of students, there are grandparents, aunts and or 12,540 hours or 752,400 uncles: Thank you. Thank definitely some surprises. minutes or 45,144,000 seconds But hey, good job! But on you for being there to drive a more serious note, we us to school in 40 below; to be exact, is mastering the overcame the challenges to bring our forgotten art of perseverance. that we faced and came out homework to school; for successful. With that being all the packed lunches. said, let’s give ourselves a round of applause. We Thank you for picking us up when we fell down; for deserve it. making us feel like winners even when we lost. Thank you for holding our hands on our first day So now we are high school graduates and soon we will be celebrating together at safe grad and of kindergarten. saying good-bye to each other. There will be many To our teachers and to those who have hugs and lots of tears when we part ways; however,

I know that we will do our best to stay in touch. We will share memories of RDPC - some good, some bad - as we move on with our lives. One thing that we will take with us is the knowledge that we have learned over the course of our high school experiences. Over the last four years here at R. D. Parker, we have learned a lot. Mrs. Scallion and Mrs. Krentz have taught us more than just the value of x and Mrs. Horvath has taught us more than just what a complete sentence is. We have also been taught life hacks by Mr. McCusker such as instead of buying a $50 shirt that we can head on down to Value Village and get 10 for the same price. And all of this knowledge will no doubt be valuable as we go forward in life. But I think that the most important thing that we have learned in the past 12 years or 2,280 days or 12,540 hours or 752,400 minutes or 45,144,000 seconds to be exact, is mastering the art of perseverance. Never giving up or giving in. Overcoming the many obstacles that we have had to face. For example — from making our way through the grade 12 hall way when we were in grade 9 to being banned from the library for having more than 4 to a table. From all of the hours spent slaving away in the library to many hours of procrastination. From making friends to losing friends and vice versa. From being bullied to being a bully and back again. And through it all, we never stopped given ‘er.

We have experienced scratched knees on the elementary playground to broken hearts in high school. We have went from being punched in the arm from the grade 5 classroom bully to finding out who our true friends really are (shout out to my friends who have been there since day 1 — you know who you are). We went from inboxes to group chats. We have gone from birthday parties to house parties. But most importantly, we have learned how to maneuver around all the pieces in the game of survival we all had to play in the last 12 years. So this is the end of our high school period. There will never be a time like right now ever again. We will never all be together in a room like we are now. Not all of us will go to safe grad, and not all of us will return for our reunion. So while we are all here now, I want to say: Don’t let the bad experiences cloud the good ones, don’t let your struggles cloud your triumphs and don’t let your tears drown out your happiness. Thank you to my fellow grads for giving me the opportunity to speak on everyone’s behalf. I’ll leave you with a quote from Arnold Schwarzenegger “You can’t climb the ladder of success with your hands in your pocket”. Shout out to Tushar for starting this trend — I hope it carries on for a long, long time. Fellow grads, please stand up and join me in taking the most incredible selfie you will ever take. Thank you, Take care, It’s been a hell of ride!

Dan Dnistransky

Congratulations on your graduation and best of luck to you in your future endeavours!

From all of us at Heritage North Winter hours : Monday to Friday 1:00 to 5:00 Summer hours: Monday to Friday 9:00 to 5:00

Congratulations on your graduation! Wishing you every success in the next chapter of your life. We love you and we are so proud of you.

Love, Dad, Ryan, Nan & Grampa


Boardman Funeral Service 28 Nelson Rd. www.boardman.mb.ca 204-778-7982


Rhys Hykawy For receiving the

Thompson Gas Bar CO-OP Scholarship

Best wishes to all the graduates of 2015



Congratulations it!

To the graduates of 2015


Morgan. We are so very proud of you! Enjoy every moment of the amazing journey you are about to embark on.

k! n i l b Don’t

We love you Baby, Mom, Dad & Taylar


James and Andie

Wishing you the highest success as you move forward in life. Love you loads, Bronte, Abriel, Mom & Dad

McDonald Youth Services- Kisewatisiwin would like to congratulate all the 2015 Graduates! All of your hard work and determination has paid off and you are now onto the next chapter of your life. Wishing you all the best of luck in wherever your journey takes you!

Prom 2015

A Night T

To Sparkle

Scholarships Arnold Morberg Memorial Arthur Sanche Memorial Canadian Institute of Mining, Metallurgy and Petroleum Scholarship Glacier/MDS AeroTest Scholarship for S.T.E.M. Immigrant Women’s Association Joan Johnson Memorial Justin Bradbury Kay Campbell Memorial Kerrie Brown Memorial Law North LLP Scholarship Manitoba Aboriginal Youth Achievement Award Manitoba Print Industry Award Ma Mow We Tak Friendship Centre McDonald’s Thompson Mystery Lodge # 174 R.D. Parker Prom Committee RDPC Award RE/MAX Quest for Excellence R.W.F. Hunt Scholarship Rotary Club Ruth Gordon Memorial Safe Grad Sikh Society of Thompson TTA Scholarships Thompson Gas Bar Co-op Thompson Golf Club Thompson Hospital Auxiliary Scholarship Thompson Legion Ladies Auxiliary Scholarship Thompson Lions Club Thompson Minor Hockey Association Thompson Music Parents Thompson Elks Lodge #471 Scholarship Thompson Northern Torpedoes Scholarship Troy Anand Scholarship United Steelworkers of America Local 6166 Western Financial

Evan Lutz Devonte McDonald, Depreece Toporowsky Cody Hopkins Casey Kipling, Evan Lutz Vatineh Magaji Morgan Hanson- Oliveira Braxton Bryan Morgan Hanson- Oliveira, Cassandra Neziol Morgan Hanson- Oliveira, Cassandra Neziol, Evan Forest Morgan Hanson- Oliveira Casey Kipling Alexa Barker Morgan Hanson- Oliveira Ajanta De Jonathan Lamontagne Danielle Dnistransky, MorganHanson-Oliveira, Andie Hendren Casey Kipling, Madison Murray, Depreece Toporowsky Vatineh Magaji Morgan-Hanson Oliveira Rhys Hykawy Brandon Hollett, Jayden Lindstrom Casey Kipling Vishal Bhagria, Danielle Dnistransky Vishal Bhagria Morgan-Hanson Oliveira, Rhys Hykawy, Regan McLellan, Cassandra Neziol, Mark Steeves, Chloe Verhaeghe Rhys Hykawy Kyle Brass Danielle Dnistransky Evan Forest, Cassandra Neziol, Chloe Verhaeghe Rhys Hykawy, Justice Jackson Lucas Hanlon Ali Johnson Karlee Wood, Chantel Sheppard Justin Lebrasseur, Rachel Lougheed Morgan Hanson-Oliveira Lucas Hanlon, Kendra Hanson, Het Tripathi Jenea Moise

Non-local Scholarships Chown Centennial Scholarship

Morgan Hanson-Oliveira

Schulich Leader Scholarship

Morgan Hanson-Oliveira

TD Scholarship for Community Leadership

Morgan Hanson-Oliveira

Our Grads

From the 30th Annual Cabaret Featuring the Senior Music Ensembles of R.D. Parker Collegiate Braxton Bryan Gabriel Dew Annette Ells Rhys Hykawy Ali Johnson Dylan Laybolt Justin Lebrasseur Rachel Lougheed Evan Lutz Vatineh Magaji Regan McLellan Cassandra Neziol Hope Penner Finleigh Tucker-Titanich

Attending University 1 at University of Manitoba, studying to be a Dental Hygienist. Taking a year off and then attending university to become a Dermatologist. Annette plans to take the year off to work, before applying to the Canadian Armed Forces in the fall of 2016. Pursuing a Business degree at University of British Columbia. Plans to take the year off to work before she pursues post-secondary studies in Music Therapy. Plans to work full time as a heavy-duty mechanic and work toward getting his Red Seal. Enrolled in the U of M where he plans to join the Bison Swim Team, while studying to enter the medical field. Taking a year off and then attending university, studying to be a Lab Technician. Enrolled in the University of Manitoba Engineering Program, studying to be an Aerospace Engineer. Enrolled in the University of Manitoba Science Program, studying to be a Physician’s Assistant. Taking a year off to work before pursuing a degree in Social Work. Enrolled in the University of Winnipeg, studying to be an Elementary School Teacher. Taking a year off and then attending university, studying to be a high school History Teacher. Plans to work as a chef’s apprentice before going to school for the Culinary Arts.

THANK YOU! A huge thank you to all of the Teachers, the Administration and the Staff of R. D. Parker Collegiate and the School District of Mystery Lake. We would also like to thank the Thompson Music Parents Association as well as the Music Students Association for all that you do behind die scenes to help keep the R. D. Parker Music Programs going strong. Finally, a heartfelt thank you to each and every one of the parents and guardians for supporting our busy hardworking students as they participate in our musical ensembles.

Class of 2015 Not pictured: Trey Aubut Jo Ann Baker-Spence Jessie Bignell Robyn Colibaba Raymond Dorian Cassidy Duke

Taylor Dumas Annette Ells Brandi Good-Theriault Jordan Good-Theriault Dyllan Green Bryce Horning Bailey Linklater

Taralynn Merasty **Sandra Mercredi Darryl Moose Basee Nundu Michael Primrose Cole Redman Reana Saric

Jason Schwartz Steven Seela Edon Shabani Slade Shingoose-Jacobson Taylor Spence

Brody Anderson

Katrina Anderson

Andre Aube

Alexa Barker

Melvin Bayer

Vishal Bhagria

Kyle Brass

Braxton Bryan

Querwin Jim Campecino

Nicole Clarke

Jack Clinton

**Brent Cober

Nicholas Convery

Jessica Cordell

Sean Crawford

*Ajanta De

**Gabriel Dew

Michaela Dillman

**Danielle Dnistransky

Carley Doan

Landon Dobson

Grant Dube

Anthony Dusecina

Bryce Early

Kyle Ettawacappo

Darilynn Fedoriw

Kestin Fenner-Redhead

Michelle Flett-Rach

Julien Flores

**Evan Forest

*Jennifer Gobeil

Wayne Gunn

*Lucas Hanlon

*Kendra Hanson

**Morgan Hanson-Oliveira

*Michael Hatley

Rhiannon Hayes

*Andie Hendren

*James Hendren

Brendon Hill

Faith Hill

Brandon Hollett

Cody Hopkins

Christian Husarski

**Rhys Hykawy

*Justice Jackson

Ali Johnson

Gazi Kashem

Noman Khawar

**Casey Kipling

Sierra Lagace

Jonathan Lamontagne

Amy Lawhead

Dylan Laybolt

Jared Layden

Justin Lebrasseur

Jayden Lindstrom

Keanna Liske

Rachel Lougheed

**Evan Lutz

Brandyn Macdonald

**Vatineh Magaji

Bryson Martinussen

Austin McCorriston

Devonte McDonald

Austin McKerracher

*Regan McLellan

Taylor Merasty

Wali Mohamed

Jenea Moise

Danielle Morrissey

Darien Munroe-Massan

Madison Murray

Chad Muswagon

**Cassandra Neziol

**Nicholas Oregon

Robert Oregon

Deanna Ouskun-Beardy

Carly Paterson

Hope Penner

Brandan Randell

Taylor Ritchie

Ceian Ropson

Kawni Saric

Kimberley Scaddan

Hope Settee

Chantel Sheppard

Ryan Sheppard

Liam Simkins

Evan Sloan

Byron Spence

Larissa Spence

Mark Steeves

Cassie Sumner

Eian Tait

*TĂŠya Templeton

Kevin Thomas

Tyler Thompson

**Depreece Toporowsky

**Het Tripathi

*Finleigh Tucker-Titanich

Braydon Vallance

*Chloe Verhaeghe

Dagney Vystrcil

Treyson Waterman

Kimberly Willoughby

Karlee Wood

Danielle Young

Evan Yurkiw

Drake Zimmerman

* Honours ** Honours with Distinction

Profile for Thompson Citizen

2015 Thompson Citizen Grad Issue  

2015 Thompson Citizen Grad Issue  


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