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Friday, March 2, 2018

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Volume58 58••Issue Issue 24 12 Volume

Provincial Senior girls' basketball team champion Manitoba's again Council takes Canada Goose CEO best once BY IAN GRAHAM

donates $1 million towards polar bear conservation facility EDITOR@THOMPSONCITIZEN.NET

first step towards reducing their ranks in October

R.D. Parker Collegiate Grade 11 student Dennita Cameron won gold as the best female high jumper in the province at the high school track and field provincials in Winnipeg June 7-9. Two other RDPC athletes won medals at the provincials. See story on that’s our size, we have the Page 6. most,” she said.

It took a couple of close games and even a bit of overtime magic, but R.D. TEACHERS PROTEST Parker Collegiate's senior EDUCATION FUNDING LEVELS girls' basketball team beat Polar Bears International “Over the least decade of ing them build a muchBears International NEWS all challengers at theboard AAA STUDENTS MARCHING (PBI) received a $1PAGE million and a former working with PBI, I have needed facility which will 2 member high school provincials in AGAINST VIOLENCE donationGUN towards the con- chairman of that board seen fi rsthand the passion serve as a launch site for Winnipeg March 15-17 to 2008 to 2017, and energy that the team PBI’s research and educa- BY IAN GRAHAM struction of NEWS a new- facility PAGE 2 from claim the title as the top in Churchill during their pledged the money, which puts into their important tional activities on polar EDITOR@THOMPSONCITIZEN.NET in Manitoba for the Council approved first Matechuk said that Polar Bear Affair gala in team represents about half of research and efforts to bear habitat conservation reading of a bylaw to re- since Thompson the needCitizen to cut photo costs thirdmoney time in the four ensure polar bears have around the world.” the thepast organToronto Feb. 27. duce the number of counis partly due to the new, courtesy of Dani Reiss, president years. ization hopes to raise for a future,” said Reiss in a The proposed Polar cillors from eight to six at lower grant-in-lieu (GIL) Joe Kenny TheBears Trojans beat the press release. “It is a priv- Bears International House, and CEO of Canada Goose, Polar International as well as a current Polar University House. of Winnipeg ilege to be a part of help- construction of which is their Feb. 26 meeting by a that Vale Manitoba Operexpected to begin at the vote of 6-3, with council- ations pays the city instead Collegiate Wesmen 58-50 start of the 2018 polar bear lors Ron Matechuk, Dun- of property taxes, the counin overtime on St. Patrick's season, will be built on do- can Wong and Judy Kolada cillors who negotiated that Day to claim the provinagreement could make it nated land on Churchill’s opposed. cial championship. The Before the reduction possible for council to go main street and designed teams were close through becomes reality, however, through a trial period with to be energy efficient and UNLIKE MISSING most of the game, tied at ecologically sound. It will the bylaw must be the fewer members. WOMAN NOT TO BE “If the three councillors the end of the first and serve as a site to educate subject of a public hearIN TOUCH ing, currently scheduled that negotiated the GIL, this second quarters and RDPC visitors to Churchill about city has only presented them “It’s framed in a four-year for March 12, and then miserable, this very poor NEWS BY KYLE DARBYSON polar bears, climate change behind by two to start the with a four-year plan for the window because that’s the receive second and third GIL, were to do the honPAGE 3 KYLE@THOMPSONCITIZEN.NET and the urgent need to take fourth, though they life of the GIL. The GIL may reading, which are tenta- ourable thing and resign Recently, one of thewere big- Mining Community Reserve action, as well as provide down by as as nine change four years from now,” tively slated to occur March from council, we would gest points ofmany contention be- Fund, which he views as in- broadcast for pointsthe in the quarter. adequate given the massive said Fenske. facilities “Nobody’s gotween Citythird of Thompson SEXUAL ASSAULT'S media, support polar bear 12 and March 26 respect- have a couple of weeks to The the Trojans tied the score change that’s happening with ing to commit beyond four ively. City manager Gary find out whether we want and provincial governresearch and outreach efEFFECTS REMAIN AFTER 40 years and nobody can say Ceppetelli says the bylaw to proceed all the way to ment the Mining 44-44relates withtoabout four Vale’s workforce reductions. forts, and assist visiting YEARS “What the government what it will be beyond four Community Reserve Fund. minutes left and then built scientists, educators and must be passed 180 days third reading on this,” said NEWS - PAGE 3 years because nobody knows. prior to the election date Matechuk, who repeated council upThompson’s a five-pointcity lead, but has asked [is], ‘What are other guests whose work Thompson’s plans in the And if they do they’re lying, first approved a resolution to the Wesmen battled back and support are critical to of Oct. 24. If it is, the next comments made Feb. 12 because there’s no certainty.” election could be a bit of when council voted 5-2 seek this funding last July 17, long term?’” said Pedersen. polar bear conservation. to tie the game and send Fenske went on to say that a case of musical chairs, to amend the Thompson but so far they’ve received “Because this is a long-term The facility will include a it overtime. The team Pedersen and the provincial with the eight incumbent Charter Act, which stipunoto money and very little in- shift for Thompson and Vale, workspace, didn't letfrom the the late come- with the smelter being gone, government inbunkhouse, general haformation province. kitchen and storage space councillors, assuming all of lates that council should back by their opponents ven’t done a great job com- them decide to run again, have eight councillors and However, during the gen- and we need some sort of an for equipment. affect themportion though, and idea of where they are and municating with the City of competing for only six a mayor, to the effect that eral inquiries of coun“This is the single larUCN GRADS HONOURED Thompson when it comes to available spots, along with reducing the number of cil’s June 4 meeting, former Mayor [Dennis] Fenske was gest outscored the Wesmen donation PBI has AT POWWOW either unable or unwilling to this subject. This includes United Steelworkers Local council positions would in overtime to claim received and it is an all the other candidates. NEWS 9-1 discuss what happens after Pedersen’s April 30 trip to 6166 president Les Ellsworth Eliminating two council prevent blood” from Trade Minister Blaine Pedersen says the“new province needs to championship title. amazing commitment to PAGE 7 the that.” Thompson, when Fenske said said Growth, Enterprise positions would save just coming into council. know Thompson’s plans in the long term before providing "It was tied for most helping secure the polar Fenske, who was not at the the minister neglected to for- the and Trade Minister Blaine in from salarDeputy mayor Reserve Colleen city$20,000 any money the Mining Community bear’s future,” said PBI under of the game," said coach mally meet with members of ies and perhaps about Smook said that isn’t nePedersen told him while in June 4 council meeting, said executive director Krista Fund. Christine Sim. 30 "We Citizen courtesytrue of RDPC Athletics council. Thompson April thatwere city June 8 that there’s no way the Wright. $5,500 toThompson $16,400 in photo cessarily as she and “We’re humbled down for mostthem of with the city R.D. can Parker Collegiate's basketball team their provincial championship banner and trophy after reasonably plan senior be- girls' “They didn’t talk toposes us. with has not presented When the total amount in the 2016–17 fiscal year, includtravel expenses, based Valentino were among the by this generous gift and game but then weoncame beating the University Winnipeg Collegiate Wesmen overtime to claim the school's seniorvote-getters girls’ a four-year period,ofsince They weren’t willing to 58-50 meet inreserve any substantial plans how yond $10 million, ing forbasketball the Manion the exceeds amounts spent on third top $1,388,000 three in extremely grateful.” back and always there are too many economic with17. us. How would they excess to use usually that money. maylowestbe used toba Assistance championship in four years March travel amounts by the two 2014Exploration despite having not “And thethe government is variables to take into account. know that we didn’t have a to encouragecouncillors exploration and pro- Program, for the tied it by end of the spending been on $357,000 council before, said Sim, adding games, that for sure," out." team year, it other," SCHOOL BOARD REJECTS Ericatoand Dani do- best This last includes thesaid fluctuplan present to Reiss them?” not about give you money jects or tohighest assist people af- Manitoba Geoscience Adthe two spending while Coun. Penny Byer quarter. Then we went that the team went into Sim said about the opener, vantage Ashley Williams was helped toofhave players TRIMMING TRUSTEE ating price nickel and the The Mining Community from a fund without a plan,” nated $1 million towards fected by mining suspension Program, $85,000 in the fi scal year 2016. said fresh faces don’t autointo overtime for five minthe tournament the with the thecouncil closeness to named who had been they to this NUMBERS of money will Reserve FundInternational’s was created in ascribing said “So I’m quite amount through loans. for the Manitoba ProspectShrinking to six matically equate to differPolartournament Bears utesEllsworth. and buckled down." MVP, while Hannah mentality that they could nerves on the part of her through Vale’s grant- 1970 under the Mining Tax stage before. NEWS - PAGE 7 concerned as a citizen, also receive At the time of Thompson’s ors Assistance Program, and would put Thompson in ent results. proposed facility in ChurchRDPC had never won a and is intended to assist Murdy was selected as players. win it all. "I think that being a part of an organ- in-lieu initial request for money $10,000 for the Town of Lynn line with other similarly "I took(GIL) four ofagreement, the Grade Act “I’m not sure that whethill during the organization’s senior dropped bybe20 mining communities thathad are from ization provincial that spendsbasketa lot of which the fund last summer Lake. sized communities said er you have new blood a tournament all-star. it helped that they The Trojans then cruised 10s foralready that reason too Polar Bear Affair gala in Toball title until 2105 when centthey've from lastbeen year’s level affected by partial or com- and money helping to lobby the per toin transfers Fenske said he will pubCoun. Blake Ellis, afollowcommakes that great a differESTHER LATCHMAN and teammate played before to aprior berth the final with Murdy cause there, rontomine Feb.together 27. they fi nally claimed the this year and will drop to half plete closures. government.” ing the 2016-17 fiscal year, it licly respond to a letter sent ment reiterated by Coun. ence in what a council is WINS VOLUNTEER they understand what as well and a lot of them an 81-39 victory over the Casey Singh are the only crown after having lost ina of the 2017 level for the next It is funded by aBelt transfer Pedersen said during had a balance of about $12 from Pedersen’s office on Nickel News Kathy Valentino. able to do and accomplish AWARD the situa- Westgate Mennonite Col- members of this year's they have to do," she said. had been in cent of taxes interview with the three years before being re- of up to six per andyou totallook expenditures matter on during the fi7nals the two previ“When at every this depending whatthe theJune obphoto courtesy of million NEWS June legiate Wings. team to have been on tion before at provincials "They're all good players, negotiated once more. paid by mining companies. Thompson Citizen that the of lesscity thanor$2municipality million the 18 council meeting. other Continued on Page 3 PAGE 8 ous years. They repeated Polar Bears International "That one was much the roster for the 2016 they all know each other, whether it was the chamas champions in 2016. championship. they've played together, pionship finals before that better." The senior girls lost both After claiming the title, The Trojan boys opened most of them, for a couple some of the seniors had their games at provincials with a 76-58 of years so they knew won a couple years ago the players were "ecstatic," provincials WE SELL last year after most of the • HOUSEWARE • ELECTRONICS that were still on the team said Sim. loss to the second-ranked each other really well." HELIUM members of the cham"They're a pretty excit- Neelin High School Sparand then all the jayvees The players who moved • TOYS • FRAMES BALLOONS! pionship squads gradued group of girls, that's tans, who went on to capup to the senior squad this that had won last year." • CRAFT • LINEN ated, but the junior girls The girls had a tough for sure," the coach said. ture the championship. year also meshed well team won RDPC's secondSTATIONERY CARDS opening game at •this "Definitely lots ofWE emo-ARE Their tournament ended with the players who • were ever junior varsity AAA year's tournament, beat- tions, especially for the with a 70-67 loss to the already there. THE PARTY girls' championship. ing the Lorette Collegiate Grade 12s with it being St. John's-Ravenscourt "They just ended up LOOK FOR Sim, “GREAT CANADIAN SPECIALISTS MIDGET AA KING MINERS who was the coach DOLLAR STORE - THOMPSON” ON FACEBOOK! their last year, it was a Eagles in the first round of working together and Scorpions 64-61. WIN PROVINCIALS junior OF THE MON - THU: 9 amof- 9the pmchampion • FRIDAY: 9 am - 10 • SATURDAY: 9 am - 9"It pmwasn't • SUNDAY: am - good 6 pm way for one of10our them to goNORTH! the consolation playoffs. gotpm comfortable with each

Province withholding access to Mining Community Reserve Fund due to city’s short-term planning, says trade minister


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Thompson teachers rally to protest inadequate education funding increases

July 31, 1958 – June 5, 2018


After a lengthy battle with Cancer, Scot received his wings with his Wife Dallas and family by his side. Scot was predeceased by his Mother Keitha Mifflin (Nee Peters) and Father Jack Mifflin. He leaves his memories to his Wife Dallas, Step son’s Chris (Jessica) and Paul. Grandchildren: Gage (Karlene), Tyler, Keagan, Bella, Jayden and Caleb. Sister: Linda, Brothers: Ron (Sandra), Chris (Shelly), Brad (Jackie), Rick (Louise), Terry. Father in law: Verghl Torgerson, Special Aunt: Marilyn, as well as numerous Cousins, Nieces and Nephews and many close Friends. As per Scot’s request, cremation has taken place. A come and go Celebration of Life was held on June 8, 2018 at the MMWT at 4 Nelson Road, from 1:00 to 3:00 pm. In lieu of flowers, Donations may be made to the Northern Health Foundation in care of the Northern Health Region in memory of Scot Mifflin. All donations will be used to enhance cancer care services at Thompson General Hospital.

On June 9 a large group of local educators and union representatives got together to air their many grievances with the Manitoba government’s approach to funding public education. While the group first gathered at the United Steelworkers Local 6166 union hall around 10 a.m., they eventually marched over to MacLean Park later that morning, carrying signs and repeating the chant “kids not cuts.” According to the handful of people who spoke publicly during this rally, much of their ire with the province stems from the fact that funding increases have fallen short of the rate of inflation for two straight years. Because certain essential resources aren’t in place anymore, teachers’ ability to teach and their students’ capacity to learn is limited, claims Carolyn Halcrow, an R.D. Parker Collegiate English teacher. “I know there’s not a teacher or staff member here, or school in this town, that has not fed hungry kids,” she said. “Teachers pick up the bills personally for supplies for those who need them and schools are asked to do more with fewer dollars.” Halcrow went on to say that while district budgets for salaries and school supplies are shrinking, class sizes are getting bigger, which means that students with special needs run the risk of being lost in the shuffle. “We’ve had in Thompson, and elsewhere in Manitoba, an influx of immigration,” she said. “What does that mean in terms of education? It means that schools have a population of learners


Mike Snihor

Mike Snihor

In loving memory of a dear husband and father In loving memory who of a dear passed awayhusband June and 13,father 2004. who passed away June 13, 2004

May the winds of love blow softly and whisper so you can hear.

May the winds of love blow softly, We will always love and miss you, And whisper so you can hear.and wish that you were here. We will always love and miss you, For all that life has given us And wish that you were here. And all that’s left to do, For all that life has given us,We’ll know no greater treasure And all that’s left to do Than the days we had with you. We’ll know no greater treaure Forever in our hearts, Than the days we had with you.

Wife Anne, son Blaine and daughter Michelle.

Forever in our hearts, Wife Ann, son Blaine, and daughter Michelle

Gordon Simes

January 9, 1952 – February 14, 2018


Thompson Citizen photo by Kyle Darbyson Thompson Teachers’ Association president Cathy Pellizzaro and United Steelworkers Local 6166 vice-president Tony Colbourne lead the charge during a June 9 rally regarding provincial education funding at MacLean Park. whose first language is not English and these people need different sorts of resources and programming from the mainstream.” Cathy Pellizzaro, Thompson Teachers’ Association (TTA) president, also mentioned that school programs and staff are also suffering as a result inadequate funding increases, which is why the district is eliminating department heads, all-day kindergarten and teacher-librarians at both the elementary and high school level. While he did not attend the rally, Thompson MLA Kelly Bindle used his latest MLA Report column on June 8 to address many of the criticisms levelled against the Progressive Conservative government. In this column, Bindle wrote that the PCs are “in-

What is Discovery Camp? As per Gord’s wishes, cremation has taken place. In loving memory of Gordie A Graveside Committal And Celebration of Life Will be held on Saturday, June 16, 2018 The family invites everyone who knew Gord to join us at the Thompson Cemetery where we will inter Gord’s ashes alongside his son Keith. Immediately following we will gather in the Club House at the Thompson Golf Course to remember and celebrate Gord’s Life

It’s an opportunity for your youngster aged 6 to 12 to learn about the animals, insects, plants, swamps, trees and traditions of the boreal forest. Look to our Facebook page as it will soon carry more details.

Graveside Committal 1:00 pm at Thompson Cemetery Celebration of his life 2:00 – 4:00 pm In the Club House at the Thompson Golf Course Bring your pictures and stories. Dress is casual – golfing attire and Saskatchewan Roughrider green is perfectly acceptable.


Wednesday, June 13, 2018

110 UCN Dr., PO Box 52 Thompson, MB R8N 1M9 T 204.677.5919

vesting more in education than ever invested before in Manitoba” and that many of these grievances are the result of their opponents in the NDP spreading “fake news.” “We are investing $1.323 billion in public school divisions for 2018−19 and boosting funding for the Intensive Newcomers Support Contingency from $60,000 to $100,000,” he wrote. “These investments provide strong support for our school divisions with an increase of $6.6 million, and include a 7.4 per cent increase − amounting to a hike of $2.295 million – for [the] Mystery Lake School Division.” While Pellizzaro is aware of these increases, she said the government still isn’t taking certain variables into account. “They may say they increased spending. They did, but [it is] very tiny,” she said in a June 8 interview with the Thompson Citizen. “It doesn’t cover inflation, it doesn’t cover rising costs. Look at the hydro in Thompson. Our hydro’s high. The schools have to cover the hydro.” Winnipeg teachers held a similar rally on May 25, protesting the provincial government’s two-year wage freeze on public sector workers and their move to eliminate individual school districts negotiating their teachers’ salaries and moving to province-wide collective bargaining instead. Norm Gould, Manitoba Teachers’ Society (MTS) president, said centralized collective bargaining

doesn’t work in a province like Manitoba, where each school district has unique needs. “The priorities of a Thompson teacher are quite different than the priorities of those in Winnipeg, for example, and those teaching out in Virden as well,” he said. “There are commonalities but there’s a lot of differences in the regions and that’s how it’s addressed during the bargaining.” However, Manitoba Minister of Education and Training Ian Wishart said this new province-wide model will work to teachers’ benefit, since it streamlines the more than 38 bargaining units that currently negotiate individually. “We’re the last province to do anything even remotely close to that number,” he said in a May 18 interview with the Citizen. “A lot of time is put into that, doing the same thing 38 times, which is not productive and it’s a cost to government to do that. We think that it’ll be a win-win for everybody on that, both for the government and the teachers themselves.” While many of these issues may have to be resolved either through continued lobbying or at the ballot box in 2020, Gould said Manitoba unions are currently taking the Tory government to court over their imposed two-year wage freeze, which many union leaders view as infringing their right to bargain collectively. Gould said the judge in this case should hand down a verdict sometime in July.

CALL NELSON: 204-307-0281

Wednesday, June 13, 2018

News • Page 3

Not like missing woman to be gone without letting family know, her daughter says Dianne Mae Bignell, 60, last seen May 17



The daughter of a 60-year-old Thompson woman missing since May 17 says it isn’t like her mother to be out of touch for so long and is asking people in Thompson to check their surroundings for anything that might help to locate Dianne Mae Bignell. “All we are asking is that the people of Thompson take a look around their yards and home to

see if there is anything that may point to our mother’s whereabouts,” said Dianne’s daughter Clara. “She likes to hang around downtown Thompson. Every little bit of information helps. She is an elder and diabetic, she may not be thinking clearly. We need her to come home.” Dianne Bignell was last seen by one of her nieces on the morning of May 17 – her birthday – on Hemlock Crescent in the Juni-

per area. Clara says her mother wears glasses and has shoulder-length hair, more grey than black. She is Indigenous, 5’4” tall with a heavy build and was last seen wearing a dark jacket, grey shoes and royal blue pants with two stripes down the side. She walks with a limp. It is unlikely that Dianne could have gone very far on foot, says her daughter. “She has bad knees and she had a sore hip,” Clara

Woman arrested for selling cocaine at Cross Lake Inn

RCMP photo

Cross Lake RCMP seized eight grams of cocaine and cash at the Cross Lake Inn June 1 after receiving a tip about people believed to be selling drugs. Police attended the location around 4:15 p.m. and arrested 27-year-old Tessa Joy Monias, who was remanded into custody on charges of possessing a controlled substance for the purpose of trafficking and possessing property obtained by crime. Monias was scheduled to appear in provincial court in Thompson June 4. Cross Lake RCMP continue their investigation.

said. Dianne would always let her brother Clifford, with whom she shares an apartment, know if she wasn’t going to return home, her daughter says. “It’s not like her to be gone this long,” said Clara. “Every time she’d leave she’d always phone and let my uncle know she was OK if she didn’t come home at night. She’d be home about nine if not earlier.” Clara says her family has heard that Dianne had been seen in the company of a man who is now in Selkirk. “I haven’t even located him,” Clara said. “I haven’t got a chance to talk to him. A lot of people say she was seen with him.” And while Clara had to leave Thompson June 7 to return to her home in Brandon and her children after two-and-a-half weeks of daily searching from morning to nightfall, Dianne has other family members in Thompson, including her brother and nieces as well as a sister in Thicket Portage and they are determined to find Dianne and will continue to organize searches out of their headquarters at the Miner Room in the Burntwood Hotel.

Sixty-year-old Dianne Mae Bignell of Thompson has been missing since May 17 and her family has been searching the city for her. “The searches will be going on,” Clara says. “We’re not going to give up. We’re going to bring my mom home one way or another.” She asks that people of Thompson keep their eyes open when they are out and

about on walking paths or in their own yards for anything suspicious or unusual and to contact her at 204-724-7905 or the Thompson RCMP detachment at 204-677-6911 if they have any information about where Dianne may be.



Tenders will be received by the Purchasing Agent at City Hall, 226 Mystery Lake Road, Thompson, MB. R8N 1S6. Tender details and closing dates are as follow: Friday, June 22, 2018 at 3:00 p.m. (CST) RFT #12018 – UNDERFLOOR HEAT EXCHANGER AT TRCC. Friday, June 22, 2018 at 3:00 p.m. (CST) RFT #12118 – PROPANE WATER HEATERS AT TRCC. Friday, June 22, 2018 at 3:00 p.m. (CST) RFT #12218 – SOLAR POWERED PEDESTRIAN CROSSWALK SYSTEM. Friday, June 22, 2018 at 3:00 p.m. (CST) RFQ #12318 – FILTER REQUIREMENTS. Bid documents may be obtained from the office of the Purchasing Agent, 120 Seal Road, Thompson, MB. Phone (204) 677-7974, email between the hours of 8:00 am to 4:00 pm. The City shall have the right to disqualify Proponents from the bidding process if they have failed to complete their Clean Community Month obligations under any prior contract with the City of Thompson or have been involved in litigation with the City. th th MayCity 22shall - June 25right The lowest or any submission need not be accepted by the City of Thompson. The have the to CalltoPublic at evaluate competing bids in accordance with its own criteria for evaluation applied the workWorks being proposed, 204-677-7970 forreserves details the whether or not such criteria has been expressly related to the Proponents. The City of Thompson right to award work to the Proponent which it deems to be in the best interest of the City.

The City of Thompson invites applicants: The successful candidate will have Grade 12 and a Valid Class 5 Licence. The candidate will have the ability to receive, understand and apply written and verbal instruction, to deal effectively with co-workers and have the ability to communicate effectively with the general public. Ability to do shift work is required. Duties include performing general manual labour on construction, repair and maintenance of the City of Thompson.

Community Clean Up 2018

Community Clean Up 2018 Community Clean Up 2018 Community Clean Up 2018 New Location

Business Challenge June 1st , 1pm - 4pm Register at City Hall E-Waste

Gloves, Bags & Water Provided

New Location


Waste Disposal Grounds Saturdays, 8am - 4pm Open May 5th - October 27th

Clean Community Clean MonthCommunity MonthCompost Site Compost Site th th Grass Clippings & Leaves May 22 th - June 25Business Grass Clippings & Leaves May 22 thChallenge - June 25 Open 24/7 Call Public Works atJune Open 24/7 Call Public Works at 1st , 1pm - 4pm Beside the Public Works Yard 204-677-7970 for details Beside the Public Works Yard 204-677-7970 for Hall details Register at City

Earn $3 a bag

Great fundraising opportunity

Earn Earn Take part in our annual community $3 a bag $3 a bagspring

Business Challenge Business Challenge June 1st , 1pm - 4pmJune 1st , 1pm - 4pm Register at City HallRegister at City Hall

Compost Site Grass Clippings & Leaves AND INSTRUCTOR GUARDS Open LIFEGUARDS 24/7 Beside candidate the Public Yard of 16 years old, possess National Lifeguard Service Award (NLS), Standard The successful willWorks be a minimum

First Aid (SFA), Lifesaving Society Instructor (LSI), Swim for Life, effective public relation skills and good communication skills which prove an ability to give and receive verbal and written instructions. Candidates must have the ability to work a variety of shifts, including evenings and weekends. Instructor Trainer (IT) and National Lifeguard Service Award Instructor (NLSI) would be considered an asset. Please note these positions are conditional upon the successful passing Great fundraising opportunity of a Criminal Records Check and Child Abuse Registry Check. Applications will be accepted by the Human Resources Department. Those interested may apply in confidence by submitting an application form (addition of resume optional): Applications are available at City Hall or online at Deanna Kondakor, HR Manager City of Thompson – 226 Mystery Lake Road Thompson, Manitoba R8N 1S6 FAX: (204) 677-7981 E-Mail: Are you interested in what you would need for a career in aquatics? Please call the pool today! (204)-677-7963

Earn $3 a bag

Take part in our annual community spring clean up & help keep Thompson clean & beautiful.

Location E-Waste E-Waste Waste Disposal Grounds WasteCompost DisposalSite Grounds Clean Community Month th 8am - 4pm Saturdays, 8am&-Leaves 4pm Grass Clippings May 22 th - June 25Saturdays, th th Open27May 5th -24/7 October 27th Open Call Public WorksOpen at May 5 - October Beside the Public Works Yard 204-677-7970 for details

Gloves, Bags & Water Provided



June to October (must be available for the full term of employment) Location E-Waste Applications will be accepted by the Human Resources Department up to and including Friday, June 15, 2018. Those Disposal Grounds interestedWaste must complete a City of Thompson application form, available at City Hall or online at Saturdays, 8am - 4pm Deanna Kondakor, HR Manager Open May 5th - October 27ofth Thompson – 226 Mystery Lake Road City Thompson, Manitoba R8N 1S6 FAX: (204) 677-7981 E-Mail:

clean up & help keep Thompson clean &annual beautiful. Take part inTake ourpart community spring spring in our annual community clean up &clean help keep Thompson up & help keep Thompson clean & beautiful. clean & beautiful. Gloves, Bags & Water Gloves, Provided Great fundraising opportunity Bags & Water Provided Great fundraising opportunity













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• 1 Westwood • 2 Burntwood • 3 Riverside/Deerwood • 4 Eastwood • 5 Juniper/Southwood/BTC The automated carts must be placed along your curb no later than 8 am on the day of scheduled pickup AT LEAST one metre apart from other cart/objects. No Parking on residential streets between the hours of 8 am and 4:30 pm during Garbage/Recycle days for that area. Example: if it is Westwood’s Garbage/Recycle day there is to be no parking on the residential streets in the Westwood Area. This is to aid in the safety for both the residents of Thompson as well as City crews. Vehicles found parked on the streets will be ticketed.

Opinion Opinion OPINION

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Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Letter toMarch the 21, Editor Wednesday, 2018

Wednesday, June 13,Citizen 2018 Thompson

141 Commercial Place, Box 887 Thompson Citizen Thompson Citizen Thompson, Manitoba R8N 1T1 141Commercial Commercial Place, Box 141 Box 887 887 Phone: 677-4534Place, • Fax 677-3681 Thompson, MB R8N R8N 1T1 Thompson, Manitoba 1T1 e-mail: Phone 204-677-4534 Fax 204-677-3681 Phone: 677-4534 • Fax 677-3681 Page 4 e-mail:

Page 4

Letter to the Editor

Keep fighting Keeptuberculosis fighting against against tuberculosis

To the Editor:

ToTuberculosis the Editor: (TB) is a highly contagious disease, caused by bacteria. Each year, TB claims the lives (TB) is worldwide. a highly contagious of Tuberculosis 1.7 million people TB is notdisease, only a caused Eachcountries, year, TB but claims lives problemby in bacteria. Third World alsothe here in of 1.7 million worldwide. in TBthe is north. not only a Canada, with a people higher prevalence problem World countries, but also here in Due to in theThird lack of vaccination, disease prevention Canada, a higher prevalence in the north. is most with important. Additionally, some TB bacteria Duechanged to the lack of the vaccination, disease have over years, giving riseprevention to forms is important. Additionally, TBtreatment bacteria of most multi-drug resistant TB, whichsome means have changed over the and years, giving riseby to severe forms is lengthy, complicated accompanied of multi-drug side effects. resistant TB, which means treatment is Did lengthy, complicated accompanied by severe you know that oneand in four people in this world side haveeffects. TB? March 24 is World TB day, raising awareDidand youproviding know thatanone in four people in this funds world ness opportunity to mobilize have TB?TB March 24 is World day, awaretowards elimination. I amTB glad to raising see Canada as ness providing an opportunity to mobilize funds a top and donor to the global fund to fight tuberculosis. towards TB this elimination. I amcontinues glad to see as I hope that commitment in Canada the future a to the fundtoto fight sotop thatdonor we can meetglobal our goal stop TB.tuberculosis. I hope that this commitment continues in the future so that we can meet our goal to stop TB. Karolin Klement Calgary Karolin Klement Calgary Editorial


School board opts for status quo, School opts for between statuscity quo, ‘Strong andboard positive’ relationship and which way will city council go? provincial government seems to have hit a a rough which way will city council go?patch B W B

oth of Thomphen the Thompson’s local oth ThompsonofCitizen had elected bodies son’s local the audacity to have considered prosuggest back bodies posals inelected toan editorial reduce the in February perhaps the have considered pronumber ofthat representaCity of Thompson was havposals to reduce the tives comprising them ing adjust a newmade realnumber of andtoone of torepresentathem ity in which it didn’t hold as tives comprising a choice March 13them not much sway with the current and one ofitsthem made to shrink numbers, provincial government as it a choice March 13 not as school board trusthad back when the NDP was to shrink its numbers, ees voted 6-1local against in power and the MLA as school board trusta resolution by was a long-serving trustee cabinet ees against Ryanvoted Land (the only minister, the 6-1 current MLA, a resolution by trustee vote Bindle in support) to reKelly of the ProgresRyan Land number (theused only duceConservatives the of sive his vote in support) to two retrustees from seven to MLA Report, published duce thein the number of five. later days Nickel Belt trustees fromthat, seven to News to the Oneto attest night earlier, five. contrary, government slightly “our more than a One night earlier, is maintaining strong and half-dozen Thompsonslightly more than a positive communication ites showed up to voice with officials in half-dozen theirmunicipal opinionThompsonon a proThompson.” ites showed towould voice posed bylaw up that Well, if thatshrink isonthea from case, their opinion prosee council and if the evidence that posed bylaw that would eight councillors the to February editorial was based see shrink from six, council not including the on, including a committee eight to mayor. councillors Only one of recommendation to send six, including thea that not handful of people mayor. of with an Only opinionone – forthat handful of people with an opinion – for-




letter to Bindle expressing Robinson, who served mer councillor Luke disappointment the one term on about council Robinson, who served mayor not being notified from 2010 to 2014 bein advance one term about on Finance council fore being defeated by Minister Cameron Friesen from 2010 to 2014 beMayor Dennis Fenske being in Thompson for a PC fore being by in the racedefeated to become party meeting, was somehow Mayor Dennis Fenske head of council last incorrect, or perhaps interin the race to become time that Thompsonites preted wrongly, it seems that head toofthecouncil last went polls about relations must have suffered time that Thompsonites years athree-and-half serious setback in theabout interwent to theinpolls ago – was favour of vening four months. three-and-half years reducing the numbers, These days, it seems, ago was in seven favouropof with –provincial the other some government reducing the numbers, posed. Although counministers and the city are with the other seven opcil hasn’t yettheir voted on doing most of talking posed. second reading ofcounthat via third Although parties, especially cil hasn’t voted on bylaw, theyet next stage when it comes to the issue of second reading of that the Mining Retowards itCommunity becoming ofbylaw, thewhich next stage serve fundficial,Fund, there’s at is least a towards it becoming ofed by taxes paid by mining better than even chance ficial, at least a companies minthat it there’s willtobesupport approved. eral exploration better than even chance As watchers ofprograms council and, from to time, that will time be approved. will ithave noticed, the mining communities facing As watchers of proposals that council make economic to will noticed,due the it to have thehardships council floor mines shuttingthat down.make Proproposals have a tendency to be vided, that the fund it to that the is, council approved by at floor least has a balance of at least have a tendency to $10 be two-thirds of its memapproved at least bers and, by given that two-thirds of its members and, given that

many of the people million, perhaps so thatplan the opposed to the many the people provincial government has are the ofregular critics opposed towho theattend plan access to some emergency of council funding the event of an are theinregular meetings and askcritics their unanticipated shortfall in of council who attend elected officials quesrevenues, to cushion the meetings and ask their tions week after week, blow opinions of officials a situation that elected questheir may not would otherwise force it to tions week to after week, be enough dissuade make spending cuts in ortheir opinionsfrom may fornot the majority der to achieve budget targets, be enough to especially dissuade ging ahead, though of course, the provthe majority from forsince the number of incial government, having ging ahead, especially people who care about the ability to run deficits since this onethe way or wouldn’t be innumber as another much of of people who care about doesn’t even reach a bind in that situation as, this way or another double digits. say, aone municipality, which doesn’t even or notreach the is Whether required by legislation to double digits. number of councillors have a balanced budget. orthenot the For the city, current orWhether school board trustnumber of councillors intermediary of choice is ees should be reduced or school board thenot Association of trustManiis the sort of quesees should be reduced toba Municipalities (AMM), tion for which there is which represents all quesmuniis not theorsort of a right wrong ancipalities inthe the pro province tion for there is swer. Onwhich side and lobbies on their behalf, a right or wrong anof keeping the current though On it isn’t swer. the prooption side numbers, thefrequently confrontational about it and of keeping the current that all but one of the works in partnership with numbers, themembers option school board the provincial government that butis one the optedallfor, the of arguschool board members ment that it spreads the opted for, is the argument that it spreads the

workload around and on various allows forinitiatives greater that diworkload and impact municipalities. versity of around viewpoints, allows for greater diGrowth, Enterprise and though Ryan Land was Trade Minister versity of viewpoints, mostly correct inBlaine sayPedersen, whose portfolio though Ryan was ing that, in Land terms of includes overseeing the mostly correct in sayclass and ethnicity, the province’s resouring that, mineral in terms of trustees aren’t really ces and who might choose, class and ethnicity, a microcosm of the the perhaps, to aren’t select hisreally legistrustees School District of Myslative assistant, the aforea microcosm of the tery Lake’s population mentioned Bindle, to Mysspeak School DistrictIf ofyou’ve as a whole. with the City of Thompson tery Lake’s population been to many school on his behalf, instead endas a whole. If you’ve board meetings (and ed up with an unexpected been tofrom many school apart members messenger in the form of board meetings (and of the media, well, you former United Steelworkapart from haven’t), youmembers would ers Local 6166 president of media, well,don’t you know that they Lesthe Ellsworth, who asked haven’t), younearly councillors June 4 ifwould it was often feature as know they true, as that Pedersen told him, much debate or don’t divoften nearly as that thefeature reason the city has ision as city council much debate ormoney divyet to receive meetings, at any least not from the MCRF the ision as city council over the pastdespite couple obvious mining-related ecomeetings, at not of years. Butleast they’ve nomic challenges iscouple facing, over the pastitdecision made their was because they had not of years. But they’ve and it appears there presentedtheir the province with made decision will be seven school any substantial plans for how and appears boardittrustees at there least to use that money. Ellsworth, will be seven school until 2022. board trustees at least One of the arguments until 2022. One of the arguments

for reducing members, given his union whether they activism, belong for isn’t reducing likelyschool a bigmembers, fan board of the to the whether they belong Progressive Conservatives, or council, is that it and has expressed his disto the school board will save money. The pleasure with on ita or council, is amount is Bindle notthat large number of occasions and will save money. The overall – about $20,000 issues. On the other hand, amount is not large in councillors’ salarhe’s no bigabout fan of the current overall $20,000 ies per– year plus apmayor and council either, it in councillors’ proximately half salarthat seems. ies per year apamount, on plus average, Why relations between proximately half that for annual travel and the City of Thompson amount, on expenses. For average, the govcity, and the provincial for annual which atravel budget of ernment,has which were and apexpenses. For the city, around $30 million, parently hunky-dory just which has a budget of that a few represents months ago,probhave around $30 winter ably lesssince than a million, drop in worsened gave that represents probthe proverbial bucket, way to spring is anybody’s ably aabout drop in guess.less Maybe Thompson, though itthan is a the proverbial bucket, city Premier Pallister fifth of the Brian overall cost though it any isand about a hasn’t public apof the made mayor counfifth of the cost pearances in overall since before cil. being 2016, of theelected mayor and Critics ofback theincounprodoesn’t play as big a role as cil. posed reduction say it used to in the province’s Critics of the prothat it will prevent economy andfrom politics, posed reduction say “new blood” being though initiatives such as the that it will prevent elected and, theoreticprovince’s Look North task “new blood” from being ally, reduce the diversforce would seem to indicate elected and, theoreticity of opinions, but that ally, wouldreduce only the be diverstrue if ity of opinions, but that would only be true if

the citizens of Thompthat the government unson elected moresees truly the citizens Thomptapped potentialofin the north, independent-thinking son more truly wordselected Pedersenwho himself used candidates aren’t in a recent op-ed reindependent-thinking married to column aligning garding the mining industry candidates who aren’t themselves with any in Manitoba.side, the married toOr maybe aligning particular because province just doesn’t see the themselves with any right now, the number point in maintaining good particular side, of opinions on because council relations withthe thenumber current right now, is generally two – for city administration, given of opinions on council and against. thatgenerally the mayor and the curis Maybe two – for the lowwill turnrent city manager no and against. out peoplethe show with longer of be running Maybe theon low turnopinions how come the end of October. out of people with many councillors Or maybe they reallythere just opinions on how should be see isn’t exdo want to thatan money many there pression apathy but investedcouncillors toofhelp shape the should be isn’t Experianeconexof waypragmatism. that Thompson’s pression ofshown apathy but omy is has transformed over the ence quite of pragmatism. Experinext fewthat yearsthis is money well often council ence has shown honestly, –spent andthough, others beforequite itit’s – often that council pretty rare is going toforthis doa provincial what the government tobefore consider –majority and others it – of its members plans that extend for the the is going do what think is to right, regardnext three years as shortmajority of its members less of what the most term, given that their own think is right, regardvocal taxpayers think. political expiry date could less of what the most If that is the case, does theoretically come just two vocal taxpayers it really matter think. how years from now. If that is case, there does many ofthethem it are?really matter how many of them there are?

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Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Dennita Cameron’s high jump gold one of four medals for RDPC at high school track provincials

Don Park



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cAll 204-939-0205 or 204-677-9880 Thompson Citizen photos courtesy of RDPC Athletics R.D. Parker Collegiate student Jonna McDonald, top right, and Sheldin Howard, bottom right, captured one silver and two bronze medals between them at the high school track provincials in Winnipeg June 7-9.

R.D. Parker Collegiate athletes collected gold, silver and bronze medals in field events at the high school track and field provincials in Winnipeg June 7-9, including a gold for high jumper Dennita Cameron and both silver and bronze for Sheldin Howard in shot put and discus. Jonna McDonald also collected a bronze in discus. Cameron, a Grade 11 student, cleared a height of 1.56 metres to collect the second provincial medal in high jump of her high school athletics career, adding to the silver she captured her first time at the event as a ninth-grade student in 2016. Howard is now the holder of three provincial track medals, having captured the bronze in the junior varsity boys’ shot put last year and has one more year of high school competition ahead of him. McDonald, for whom this was the last high school provincials, also has three medals now, having captured a silver and bronze in discus and shot put in 2016. She finished just ahead of Trojans ‘ teammate Ashley Williams, who was fourth in the senior girls’ discus, one of six topfive finishes for Trojans athletes overall, as the senior girls’ 4x400-metre relay team of Marlee Farkas, Charity Bighetty, Abbey Smith, and Coral Linklater wound up fifth in their events. RDPC also had two other top-10 placements, with both the junior girls’ 4x400-metre relay team of Katelyn Farkas, Jayda Bull, Amber Carriere and Paige Symmons and junior girls’ shot put competitor Madyson Caldwell finishing seventh.

Wednesday, March 2018 Wednesday, June21, 13, 2018

45 Celebra

ting 45 years

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Thompson RCMP Drug Tip Line

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Midget King Miners bring home provincial Powwow celebrates UCN graduates gold for the second time in three years

The midget AA Thompson King Miners were in Sagkeeng, Manitoba March 2–4 for this year’s provincial hockey tournament, and walked away from the contest with the top prize in their hands. The team started off the weekend having something to prove after a one-sided victory over the Peguis Midgets on Friday. Chase Gurniak, Cody Hale and Kale Mayor all nabbed two goals a piece for the King Miners, while Riley Locke, Ryan Monias, Drayden Spence, Mathew Lamontagne, Harley Horning and Matt Rempel all managed to collect singles. With a fi nal score of 12–0, goalie Skylar Szocs recorded his first shutout for the King Miners in this tournament. Saturday morning’s contest featured a significantly different outcome, with the King Miners losing 3–2 to the Lake Manitoba Eagles, with Hale and Horning bringing home a pair of goals for their team. On Saturday night, it was do or die time as the King Miners had to pull off a win against the Landmark Blues to advance. The Thompson team eventually came away with a decisive 8–0 victory, with

Hale leading the way with two goals, and players like Gurniak, Mayor, Monias, Spence, Horning and Dawson Bilawka bringing up the rear with some singles. With this win, Szocs managed to pick up his second shutout of the tournament. On Sunday morning, the King Miners faced off against La Broquerie Habs in the semifinal game, which would prove to be their toughest test in this tournament. The first period ended up with neither team finding the back of the net. Brandon McKay started the scoring early in the second period before La Broquerie took a 2–1 lead late into the period. Defenceman Keegan Keough tied the game with a shot from the point with under two minutes left in the second period. Thompson Citizen photo courtesy of Thompson King Miners The third period was a Members of the midget AA Thompson King Miners celebrate after winning gold at the left up to the goaltenders, as Isaak Weenusk stopped 2018 Manitoba provincials in Sagkeeng. everything that came his way. With four minutes outstanding play. The King Miners never the game star. give their team an early left Gurniak pounced on The gold medal game 2–0 lead. let up in the third perThe last time the midget a loose puck in front La was a rematch with Lake The score would stay iod, with Hale, Locke and AA King Miners won provBroquerie’s net to win the Manitoba, this time with that way until halfway Horning all scoring to incial gold was in 2016 match 3–2 and put his a drastically different out- through the second period make it a 7–0 final for the in Gimli, where the team team into the gold medal come. The offensive hustle with Spence and Rempel King Miners. bested the Peguis Midgets game. started early with Gurniak both adding goals to give Skylar Szocs would rec- in the fi nals by a fi nal Weenusk wasThompson named Citizen byscoring Kyle Darbyson and photos Monias with- their team a 4–0 lead going ord his third shutout of the score of 8–3. game star thanks to his in the first 50 seconds to into the final period. tournament and received



Late goals pave way for Islanders overtime victory to win midget AA league championship

Residents of Thompson as well as Lynn Lake, Norway House, Cross Lake, Lac Brochet and other surrounding communities gathered together at the C.A. Nesbitt Arena June 9 to celebrate academic excellence at University College of the North’s (UCN) fourth-annual Leslie W. Turner Memorial Traditional Powwow. This year’s event was organized by UCN’s Ininiwikiskinwamakewin Centre and designed to honour new graduates from the north’s poset-secondary institution. The festivities began with a pipe ceremony around 10 a.m. and eventually transitioned into drumming and dancing later in the afternoon. graduates received their blue stoles and UCN keepsakes, the attendees sat BYAfter IAN the GRAHAM down for a celebratory feast and evening giveaway to cap off this full day’s worth of EDITOR@THOMPSONCITIZEN.NET activities. The Cross Lake Islanders refused to lose in game four of their midget AA league playoff final series on the road against the Thompson King Miners March 16, twice coming back to tie the game before taking the series three games to one on an overtime goal about seven minutes into overtime. Armando Evans, Drayden Garrick, Morgan McKay, Dallas Muskego and Kadin Ross had the goals for the Islanders, who opened the scoring in the first before giving up three goals to Matthew Rempel, Kale Mayor and Conroy Halcrow of Thompson in the first four minutes of the second period to trail 3-1. Muskego’s goal made it a one-goal King Miners lead heading into the third period. The King Miners were less than five minutes from forcing a fifth and deciding game in the series when the Islanders tied the game. A little over a minute later, however, Drayden Jobb put Thompson back on top 4-3. But Cross Lake refused to accept defeat, and took just 22 seconds to tie the game once again on a goal by McKay, setting the stage for overtime heroics. Shots in the game were 33-25 in favour of the King Miners, who got 28 saves from Skylar Szocs, while Peter Ross stopped 21 in Cross Lake’s net to give his team the win and the league championship. The Islanders took the series lead with a 7-6 overtime victory in game three of the series in Cross Lake March 11 after having opened it with a 5-4 victory two days earlier. The King Miners won game two 5-3 on March 10.

Thompson Citizen photo by Ian Graham

Members of the Cross Lake Islanders skate from the bench to celebrate after winning the midget AA league championship three games to one in overtime over the Thompson King Miners at the C.A. Nesbitt Arena March 16.

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Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Esther Latchman receives lieutenant-governor’s Volunteer Service Award KYLE@THOMPSONCITIZEN.NET

For over three decades, Thompson resident Esther Latchman has been a consistent volunteer. Outside of holding down a full-time job at the School District of Mystery Lake, Latchman has logged in countless hours for groups like the Multicultural Centre, and for high-profile events like Nickel Days and Operation Red Nose. While Latchman was recognized as Thompson’s Esther Latchman (right) poses for a photo with Manitoba Lt.-Gov. Janice Filmon (left) after receiving her volunteer service award on April 19. Thompson Citizen photo courtesy of Esther Latchman

















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Services and connectivity vary by model and conditions as well as geographical and technical restrictions. Requires active connected vehicle services and data plan. Data plans provided by AT&T or its local service provider. Accessory Power must be active to use Wi-Fi hotspot. ** The 2-Year Scheduled Lube-Oil-Filter Maintenance Program provides eligible customers in Canada, who have purchased or leased a new eligible 2017 or 2018 MY Chevrolet (excluding Spark EV, Bolt EV), with an ACDelco® oil and filter change, in accordance with the oil life monitoring system and the Owner’s Manual, for 2 years or 48,000 km, whichever occurs first, with a limit of four (4) Lube-Oil-Filter services in total, performed at participating GM dealers. Fluid top offs, inspections, tire rotations, wheel alignments and balancing, etc. are not covered. This offer may not be redeemed for cash and may not be combined with certain other consumer incentives available on GM vehicles. General Motors of Canada Company reserves the right to amend or terminate this offer, in whole or in part, at any time without prior notice. Additional conditions and limitations apply. See dealer for details. ▲ Whichever comes first, fully transferable. Conditions and limitations apply. See dealer for complete details. ©2018 General Motors of Canada Company. All rights reserved.

volunteer of the year back in 2015, this past April she was in Winnipeg to accept an award at Volunteer Manitoba’s 35th Annual Volunteer Awards. After an elaborate dinner featuring other volunteers from throughout the province, Latchman eventually accepted her award from Manitoba Lt.-Gov. Janice Filmon. According to R.D. Parker Collegiate science teacher Bonny Sousa, Latchman is totally deserving of this award, which is why she nominated her for this distinction back in February 2018. “I am not sure how Esther finds the time or the smiles to get through each and every day working fulltime, supporting her children and the community the way she does,” Sousa wrote in her nomination letter. “Esther is one of the most genuine, generous human beings that I have had the privilege to meet.” Latchman was born in a farming community in Guyana, South America in 1956 and first arrived in Thompson in 1981. Throughout the subsequent 37 years, she’s made quite a name for herself by contributing to a wide spectrum of local organizations, including the Thompson Hospital Auxiliary, the Immigrant Women’s Association of Thompson, St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church and many more. However, to Latchman, volunteering means more than a way to simply kill time. During a May 31 citizenship ceremony, Latchman made a speech in front of 96 new Canadian and talked about how volunteering for different groups like the Multicultural Centre helped her better integrate into the community. “I remember I asked myself ‘Why am I volunteering?’ I enjoy it, I like to mix with different cultures, the different people and I know Thompson is my second home.” Latchman told the Thompson Citizen that she’s going to be taking a break from volunteering this upcoming summer and giving somebody else the chance to take her spot.

Help keep Thompson Green and Clean


Wednesday, June21, 13, 2018 Wednesday, March 2018

183 Cree Rd, Thompson MB, R8N 0C2 Toll free: 1-800-565-2401 PH: 204-778-8387 FAX: 204-677-4087

Looking for 1 full time and 1 part time cook starting wage $14.00/hr with experience preferred. Apply at the front desk TREE SUNS TOWING is looking for a CLASSIFIED@THOMPSONCITIZEN.NET general labourer. Call 204-677-4801. 12-2-nb

201••PERSONALS SERVICES 105 STRUGGLING WITH DEBT? HI THERE, I’m looking to meet a new OUR FAMILY friend to LET go for coffee and dinners HELP YOUR FAMILY with between the ages of 45 and 60 Understand theplease options If you are interested, call 204available to assist 939-1277. Looking forwardwith to hearing your24-4-d financial situation from you! (Arrangements with Creditors or Bankruptcy) 110 • CHILD CARE FREE CONSULTATION KEITH WANTED G. COLLINS LTD.


7 SELKIRK main floor office area 1990 1 will & 2 sub-divide. bedroom apartments sq ft, 79 Selkirk lower level offiavailable ce area, 4112 sq ft. J.B Johnston immediately Ventures Limited, call 204-679-0915 9 - 35 Ashberry Place 39-TFN-nb For applications OFFICE SPACE FOR LEASE 500-5000 sq ftphone available. Cameron/Hoe building 204-677-5758 83 Churchill Drive. Contact Joe Aniceto. or fax 204-677-5803 204-679-0490 or Neil Cameron 306477-5668. 20-tfn-nb

Need to fill a


Classifieds • Page Page12 9

RCMP seeking four suspects inbe submitted RCMP at 204-329-2004 or Tips can also ADVERTISE Crime Stopper Anonym- securely online at www. with us

School District of Mystery Lake

Easterville home invasion ously at 1-800-222-8477.


Call 204-677-4534

Success for all Four men from Easterville are wanted by police WAPANOHK COMMUNITY SCHOOL in connection with an asCelebrate Education Week: April 16-20, 2018 SCHOOL COUNSELLOR sault that left another man Term Position (1.0 FTE) The Board of Trustees invites you to celebrate with serious and keep injuries. our earth Start Date: September 2018 End Date: Juneschools. 28, 2019 Education4,Week 2018 in our Chemawawin RCMP Posting # AE060618004041 Happy Education Week to all of the District staff. were alerted around 11 It takes everyone to support our QUALIFICATIONS/RESPONSIBILITIES: a.m. March 11 that a students in their learning. • Bachelor of Education Degree with a post baccalaureate in Counselling 24-year-old man was beThank you for all that you do to or a Masters in Counselling and/or Bachelor of Social Work. ing taken to the Easterenrich the lives of our students. • Must have a minimum of 2 years demonstrated counselling experience. ville nursing station for • A Manitoba Teacher’s Certificate or eligibility for teacher certification treatment of serious but “You can teach a student a lesson for a day; in the Province of Manitoba. but if you can teach him to learn by creating non-life-threatening in• The ability to plan and deliver a comprehensive counselling program curiosity, he will continue the learning process juries. Investigation dethat promotes the educational, academic, career, personal and social as long as he lives.” Clay P. Bedford termined that four men development of all students within the school setting. • Promotes student success through leadership, advocacy and entered the victim’s home Thank you. collaboration with multiple stakeholders. earlier that morning, as• Knowledge and ability to implement student services support. saulting him and causing Board of Trustees • Excellent interpersonal and communication skills. extensive damage before The School District of Mystery Lake Licensed Technician: • Ability to work cooperatively as part of an educational team in a leaving. collaborative and consultative environment. • Licensed Heavy Equipment Technician. Police are asking for Excellent time management skills. • Perform shop and field• repairs to all Surface and U/G Epiroc the public’s assistance • Ability to build program with a northern perspective. Equipment as required. in finding 29-year-old • A knowledge and sensitivity to the traditions and aspirations of • Machine audits as required. students with diverse abilities and backgrounds. Mitchell Howard Ledoux, • Developing and maintaining a positive relationship with machinePage 12 27-year-old Steven Shane Written applications including qualifications, experience, references operators and customer representatives. should be submitted by Friday, June 15, 2018 to: Klyne, 26-year-old Shawn • Daily time entry. Eric Umpherville and Angele Bartlett, Superintendent of Human Resources & Policy School District of Mystery Lake LIVING WATER CHURCH Wal20-year-old Nathan • Daily shift reports. Pastor Archie McKay Ph: 677-2469 408 Thompson Driveto North, Thompson, Manitoba R8N 0C5 ter all from Page g Umpherville, 10 • Other duties as assigned and required maintain the contract. Sunday services @ 7:00pm. Ph. 677-6154 and/or Fax: 677-9528 Easterville, who are beYogifoodipreneur LIGHT OF THE NORTH CHURCH Please apply online at and select lieved to have fled to WinSchedule: 32 Nelson Road Job Connect and/or email nipeg. The four face numWe thank you for your application however GATEWAY BIBLE BAPTIST CHURCH • 5 days a week ,Monday to Friday erous charges including FourPastor men from Easteronly applicants shortlisted will be contacted. Chris Lowe aggravated assault, asCreewanted Rd 204-677-3000 ville159are by police Skills and Experience: Sunday school 10:00 am sault with a weapon and in connection with an as• 2-3 years of experience. AM Service at 11, PM Service at 7 breaking periences sault thatand left another BY KYLIE MATECHUK and opportun- the timing of your life. purpose. Prayer meeting Wednesday 7 pm Great As communication problem solving Anyone with informawith serious injuries. Fall in Northern Mani- ities•to occur. humans It’sand OK to let go. It’s OK toskills.As always, check with Wabowden Community Council THE CHURCH OF JESUS CHRIST School District of Mystery Lake • Proven and motivated self-starter who is able to work minimal tion on any of the susRCMP at 204-329-2004 or Tips can also be submitted com or doctor bywith texting Chemawawin RCMP toba is one of the pretwe are sometimes paranot have all the answers your or TIPMAN health OF LATTER-DAY SAINTS is looking for a part time Financial Advisor pects’ whereabouts is Crime Stopper Anonymsecurely online at www. plus a message to CRIMES supervision but can take direction. were alerted around 11 Registration tiest sights toSundays witness.Kindergarten lyzed with that fearfor of not on what yourtonext everyone welcome work steps and trainpractitioner current staff. for any medasked toAM call 1-800-222-8477. (274637). • at Strong team player.manitobacrimestoppers. a.m. March 11 that athe ously 2018/2019 School Year The atcolours all Rd around knowing if we will experiare, but just keep walking ical-related questions. 10 83 Chemawawin Copper The ideal candidate should be familiar with audits, invoices, For more church toursbe24-year-old man was Driven to obtain customer satisfaction us are information, gorgeous and it’s ence• being content and100% down the path. The unThis information is to be budget preparations, managing accounting activities, including for September or visits realization callto the missionaries at Registration ing taken theallEasterused as a guide and not ahome huge that fulfilled as we 2018 are now. expected might be exactly bank reconciliations, accounts payable, accounts receivable, Success for is nowknow being accepted 204-939-4382 or visitstation ville nursing forkindergarten change can be a wonderWe Country don’t what’s to what you need to move to replace medical advice. maintaining and analyzing the capital asset records in accordance and City description at all our elementary schools, from THE SALVATION ARMY with the Public Sector Accounting Board’s Standards for Tangible treatment of serious but come, ful9:30 thing. We often forget so we stay where you into a moment of your Kylie Matechuk is a cerThompson, Manitoba a.m. –Corps 12:00(Church) noon and 1:30 p.m. – 3:30 p.m.16-20, Please 2018 register Thompson Celebrate Education Week: April Capital Assets, maintaining files and records experienced for same, tax roll and non-life-threatening inhow beautiful the prepwe are. The trees know life you never knew you tified, yoga child atDr.your catchment school. Welcome to kindergarten events 305your Thompson - 204-677-3658 associated duties as well as payroll.teacher, You shouldregistered also have excellent juries. Investigation deexperience. aration for death that they shed their could in gold areservices planned for the month June at each Application school. Worship every Sunday 11ofthis am The Board ofatof Trustees invites you to can celebrate Details: organizational skills and be able to handle time-sensitive tasks. termined that four men 2018 season actually is. Sumleaves leaves Use this as your sign status with the Canadian BURNTWOOD BAPTIST CHURCH Education Week inRecruiting ourbecause schools. new Manager: Henri Beck will be to candidates with an accounting entered thelast victim’s Thecan’t person registering thehome child be or legal guardian. A in mer forever, asmust always come back to Preference exhale and letgiven it go. Yoga Alliance, and dir39 Beaver Crescent Happy Education Week towill allaofparent the District staff. designation (CPA) or a business degree majoring in accounting HR Manager: Nathalie Gaudet birth certificate is necessary for registration. You will also need your Thompson MB R8N 1C5 earlier that morning, astakes everyone to support our They won’t Take that course, go on ector of teacher training even the treesIt know that the spring. A Certified Manitoba Municipal Administrators Certificate is Health cardstudents as well as of learning. residence (validsame Manitoba 204-778-4494 their saulting him and causing all Manitoba good things come toinproof be the exact as the that trip, say whatto enter you theat Mo Tus Nua Wellness, desired or willingness program. driver’s licence, Manitoba medical card, lease agreement, house title Pastor Lee Pickett Thank you for all that you do to Sendthey yourshed, application a copy shawn. extensive damage before end and that it’s not only leaves but to: mean. Let go of fear andwiththe yoga to studio she owns Application deadline is June 19, 2018. Salary will be set in or any other service official document indicating your current address.) If not Sunday morning 11:15the a.mlives enrich ofthey our students. leaving. and aSunday healthy action of life, might be even more leap. Be all here, embrace and manages in Northern accordance with the successful applicant’s qualifications and a Canadian provide Landed Immigrant documents, eveningcitizen, serviceplease 7:00 p.m Police aremeeting asking for beautiful than the leaves change, but that we and makewill peace Manitoba. She is also a abilities. Candidates be reviewed and advised of selection. Wednesday prayer 7:00 p.m visa,necessary etc. Students entering kindergarten must be five years old by “You can teach a student a lesson for a day; the public’s assistance learn to let Just like life. 16 You, 2018 with letting Please go of all youregistered Deadline: March December 31,go. but if2018. you can teach himbefore. to learn by creating forward resumes to: holistic nutriin When finding 29-year-old we learn tocontinue let don’t know what’s to people, places and energy tionist with a passion for curiosity, he will the learning process Wabowden Community Council Mitchell Howard Ledoux, go, we create space and life keeps on that does not serve you pediatric and digestive as long as he lives.”come, Clay P. but Bedford Box 130 27-year-old Steven Shane energy for new life, ex- going regardless. Trust well towards your higher MB health. Wabowden, R0B 1S0 Thank you. Klyne, 26-year-old Shawn Eric Umpherville and 20-year-old Nathan Board Wal- of Trustees The School District of Mystery Lake ter Umpherville, all from KEEYASK HYDRO DAM PROJECT Licensed Technician: Easterville, who are beEQUIPMENT FOR SALE lieved have fled to Win-Equipment Technician. • toLicensed Heavy The Keeyask nipeg. four face num• The Perform shop and fieldFASCIA, repairsSOFFIT, to all Surface and U/G EpirocHydro Dam Project is releasing certain pieces of equipment, as they become available, for public purchase. erous charges including Equipment as required. EAVES AND Currently we have the following items available for bid. aggravated assault, as• Machine audits as required. sault with a weapon and INSURANCE CLAIMS A general viewing of the equipment • Developing and maintaining a positive relationship with machine breaking and entering. will be available at 2 pm June 20, 2018. • RESIDENTIAL operators and customer representatives. Anyone with informaPlease contact Dave Somerton ( • COMMERCIAL time tion •on Daily any of theentry. sus- RCMP at 204-329-2004 or Tips can also be submitted com or by texting TIPMAN or Mark Jupin ( • Daily shift reports. pects’ whereabouts is Crime Stopper Anonym- securely online at www. a message to CRIMES at least 48 hrs in advance forplus details and site access. • toOther duties as and required to maintain the contract. asked call Chemawawin We ARe ously at 1-800-222-8477. manitobacrimestoppers. (274637). WEassigned ARE Arrangements for site access will not be granted the day of licensed LICENSED •• insured INSURED •• certified CERTIFIED the viewing. Disassembly and shipping is the responsibility of bbb approved • over 25 years experience Schedule: the purchaser. All bids to be couriered to address below via • 5 days a week ,Monday to Friday Purolator by June 22, 2018. QTY 6, 2014 CATERPILLAR 740B ARTICULATING DUMP TRUCKS




Church Services in Thompson


114 Cree R. 677-0160

183 Cree Rd, Thompson MB, R8N 0C2 Toll free: 1-800-565-2401 PH: 204-778-8387 FAX: 204-677-4087


Looking for 1 full time and 1

part time cook starting wage STRUGGLING WITH DEBT?

LET OUR $14.00/hr withFAMILY experience HELPpreferred. YOUR FAMILY Understand options Apply at thethe front desk available to assist with your financial TREE SUNS TOWING situation is looking for a (Arrangements with general labourer. Call 204-677-4801. Creditors or Bankruptcy) 12-2-nb FREE CONSULTATION


Licensed Insolvency Trustee HOUSE RENT PhoneFOR 944-0187 1-800-263-0070 46a-e-tfnb

1 & 2 bedroom apartments available immediately

FOR RENT/LEASE: sqam ft. to Sat. 6:30 & 195 Sun. 10 510 • pm RETAIL/ 3840 sq. ft. of storage/office/gaTHOMPSON PENTECOSTAL OFFICE SPACE rage space someDan with commercial Pastor Murphy overhead doors. CallColton Carolyn Turpie: Youth Pastor Murphy 7204-677-3516 SELKIRK main or floor officemanager@ area 1990 email: Children’s Pastor Karen O’Gilvie sq ft, will sub-divide. 79677-3435 Selkirk lower 24-TFN-nb 126 Goldeye level office area, 4112 sq ft. J.B Johnston 7 SELKIRK Commercial office/retail Ventures callam, 204-679-0915 Sunday school 9:45 coffee sq space forLimited, rent. 100 to 4100 39-TFN-nb 10:40 am Church Service at 11:00 am currently available. Will develop to OFFICE SPACE FOR LEASE 500-5000 ST. ANDREWS PRESBYTERIAN suit tenant. Downtown locations. J.B. sq ft249 available. Cameron/Hoe building Thompson Drive 204-677-2799 Johnston Ventures Limited 204-77883 Churchill Drive. Contact Joe Aniceto. Pastor MuratTFN-nb Kuntel 5511, 204-679-0915. Regular Hours: Church service 204-679-0490 or 11 NeilamCameron 306OFFICE SPACE FOR LEASE 500CENTRECameron/Hoe FELLOWSHIP 477-5668. 5000CHRISTIAN sq ft20-tfn-nb available. 32883 Thompson N. 677-4457 building ChurchillDr.Drive. Contact School204-679-0490 9:45 am • service am JoeSun. Aniceto. or11 Neil BAPTIST CHURCH Cameron FIRST 306-477-5668. 20-tfn-nb


Call 204-677-4534


recycle and keep to ourfiearth Need ll a

301 • HELP WANTED 9 - 35 Ashberry Place

Thank You

usThompson through the 183 Cree Rd, MB, R8N 0C2 past 6 months of his illness. Toll free: 1-800-565-2401 PH: 204-778-8387 The medical teams from the consultation clinic, FAX: 204-677-4087

to the to diagnostic services, Looking foremergency full and part department, time to Morris O.R.wage family and everyone who cared housekeepers starting $13.00/hr for him on the second floor at TGH. Apply at the front desk Your kindness, patience and care will never be forgotten. To everyone who sent flowers, gifts,

we thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

183 Cree Rd, Thompson MB, R8N 0C2 Sincerely, Toll free: 1-800-565-2401 PH: 204-778-8387 FAX: 204-677-4087 The Cruz family

Looking for 1 full time and 1 ST. cook JAMESstarting ANGLICAN part time wage 10 Caribou 677-4652 $14.00/hr with experience 11 am Sundays preferred. ST.Apply JOSEPH UKRAINIAN CATHOLIC at the front desk

ADVERTISE LIVING WATER CHURCH Pastor Archie McKay Ph: 677-2469 Sunday services @ 7:00pm.

with us

Call 204-677-4534


9 - 35 Ashberry Place


recycle and keep our earth


Skills and Experience: callmeroofi Unit #19-10 (10,899 hrs), • 2-3 years of experience. Minimum Bid price $137,000 CDN • Great communication and problem solving skills. Unit # 19-17 (12,295 hrs), Bid price $137,000 CDN • Proven and motivated self-starter who is able toMinimum work with minimal Unit # 19-20 (11,632 hrs), supervision but can take direction. Minimum Bid price $137,000 CDN • Strong team player. • Driven to obtain 100% customer satisfaction




Country and City description Thompson, Manitoba

Application Details: Recruiting Manager: Henri Beck HR Manager: Nathalie Gaudet

Unit# 19-11 (11,598 hrs), Minimum Bid price $137,000 CDN Unit # 19-19 (11,492 hrs), Minimum Bid price $137,000 CDN Unit # 19-21 (11,199 hrs), Minimum Bid price $137,000 CDN

Licensed Send your Technician: application to: with a copy to shawn. Purolator bids to: • Licensed Heavy Equipment Technician. and BBE Hydro Constructors c/o Polar Laundry • Perform shop and field repairs to all Surface and U/G Epiroc 56 Copper Road, Suite #7 Equipment as required. Deadline: March 16 , 2018 Thompson, MB R8N 0V6 Come seeaudits Mikeas atrequired. 15 Nelson Road, • Machine or 204-677-5770 for all your computer • call Developing and maintaining a positive relationship with machine operators and customer representatives. sales, service and networking needs.

Season is HERE!


Church Services in Thompson

(204) 797-8511


LIGHT OF THE NORTH CHURCH 340 Juniper Drive 778-7547 32 Nelson Road LAWRENCE ROMAN CATHOLIC TREEST. SUNS TOWING is looking for a ShanthaCall Gandamalla and GATEWAY BIBLE BAPTIST CHURCH general Fr labourer. 204-677-4801. Fr Guna Sekhar Pastor Chris Lowe 12-2-nb 114 Cree R. 677-0160 159 Cree Rd 204-677-3000 6:30 pmand & Sun. 10 at amLaw North are The Sat. partners staff pleased announce Sunday schoolto 10:00 am PENTECOSTAL thatTHOMPSON Jill Quilty has joined the firm an associate lawyer. AMas Service at 11, PM Service at 7 Pastor Dan Murphy Prayer meeting - Wednesday 7 pm Jill is originally from St. David’s, Newfoundland, and has just Youth Pastor Colton Murphy THE CHURCH OF has JESUS CHRIST completed her apartments articles of law with our firm. She a Masters Pastor Karen O’Gilvie 1 &Children’s 2 bedroom OF Vincent LATTER-DAY SAINTS in of Education degree from Mount Saint University 126 Goldeye 677-3435 available immediately Sundays and also her Juris Doctorateeveryone of Lawswelcome from Dalhousie at 10 AM 83 Copper Rd University. Sunday school 9:45 am, coffee time at For more information, church tours 10:40 am Service at 11:00 am ForChurch applications Jill will be practicing in the areas of Criminal Defence andat or home visits call the missionaries ST. ANDREWS PRESBYTERIAN Child Protection, with a view to expanding herorlegal expertise 204-939-4382 visit phone 204-677-5758 249 Thompson Drive 204-677-2799 into other areas. She has extensive experience working THE SALVATIONinARMY Murat Kuntel or fax Pastor 204-677-5803 with Indigenous both as a teacher andCorps lawyer. She is Thompson (Church) Regular Hours: 11 ampeople, Church service a CHRISTIAN member of the Canadian Bar Association andDr. the- 204-677-3658 Indigenous 305 Thompson CENTRE FELLOWSHIP Bar328 Association. Worship services every Sunday at 11 am Thompson Dr. N. 677-4457 Sun. School 9:45the am •law service BURNTWOOD CHURCHis Est. in 1964, firm11ofamLaw North Law BAPTIST Corporation 39 Beaver FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH a general-practice law firm which prides itself Crescent on providing 456 diligent, Westwood Dr. S. effective counsel Thompson MB R8N 1C5 efficient, and regarding a wide Ph. 778-8037 service @ 11 am 204-778-4494 variety of legal challenges. LUTHERAN - UNITED CHURCH Pastor Lee Pickett Law North Law Corporation Sunday morning service 11:15 a.m OF THOMPSON 2nd Congregations Floor, 436 Thompson worship at Drive North Sunday evening service 7:00 p.m Thompson, R8N 0C6Wednesday prayer meeting 7:00 p.m 52 Caribou Rd. Manitoba, at 10:30 am Sundays. Telephone (204) 677-2366 Fax No. (204) 677-3249 PhoneNo. 204-677-4495

Call Me Roofing Inc.

OR PHONE 204-677-4534

Church Services in Thompson

food and warm wishes and support to all of us,

Change isn’t only meant fo


a heartfelt thank you to everyone who has helped orsend fax 204-677-5803

RCMP seeking four suspects in Easterville home invasion


Green JOB?

456 Westwood Dr. S. Ph. 778-8037 service @ 11 am LUTHERAN - UNITED CHURCH OF THOMPSON Congregations worship at For applications 52 Caribou Rd. at 10:30 am Sundays. phone 204-677-5758 The family of the late Abilio (Bill) Cruz would like to Phone 204-677-4495

com or plus a m (27463

OR PHONE 204-677-4534

Licensed Insolvency Trustee LOOKING Phone FOR A 944-0187 NANNY who is reli505 • HOUSES able, honest, trustworthy and physi1-800-263-0070 46a-e-tfnb FOR SALE cally able to care for our young child in Thompson. We require a Criminal FOR SALE – 900 SQ. FT. HOUSE Record Check and Child Abuse Registry 13 years old, two bedrooms, built by 301 • HELP WANTED Check. Related education or at least one year experience caring for young Deneschuk Homes. Comes with 8 x 48 ft. insulated storage van. Polaris children is required. Please provide references from previous employer(s). quad with blade, 30 inch snow blower, Must be able to read/speak/write Eng- 5500 watt power generator, large lish. We require daytime childcare on a garden space with Haskap and berry plants. Bush trails, very little grass to full time 120 hours per 183 basis Cree Rd,of Thompson MB, R8N 0C2month, Wednesday, March 21, 2018 cut. Yard all gravel and stone, very Toll free: 1-800-565-2401 PH: 204-778-8387 occasional evenings and weekends sheltered. Lots of birds and wildlife. 204-677-4087 may also be FAX: required. Wage = $12.00/ One mile off 83 Highway, 20 minhour.Looking Include’s for supervision full and partand timecare ST. JAMES ANGLICAN utes from Roblin, 15 Minutes to Duck for child in employer’s residence, housekeepers starting wage 10 Caribou 677-4652 and Mountain. For more information light housekeeping and preparation $13.00/hr 11 am Sundays Serious price, phone 204-937-8987. of meals. Visible Minorities, Indigenous Apply at the front desk ST. JOSEPH UKRAINIAN CATHOLIC Inquires only. 24-2-d people and Newcomers to Canada 340 Juniper Drive 778-7547 are invited to apply. Please contact ST. LAWRENCE ROMAN CATHOLIC for more in510 • RETAIL/ Fr Shantha Gandamalla and formationCLASSIFIED@THOMPSONCITIZEN.NET or to submit resume. 24-5-d

nipeg. The four face numerous charges including aggravated assault, assault with a weapon and breaking and entering. Anyone with information on any of the suspects’ whereabouts is asked to call Chemawawin

Page 10 • Careers

Page 14


Careers Are you a CASUAL Psychologist, Social Worker Psychiatric Nurse who is seeking AFTER HOURSor REFERRAL CLERK

an opportunity to make a real difference in the lives of Indigenous people at times crisis?supervision Are you willing travel Supervisor, to remote the y-inclerk Firstprovides Nation Under theofgeneral of the to Referral communities throughout Manitoba? let’stransportation, talk! patient services for patients in transit Ifby;so,local repatriation of YOUR OPPORTUNITY: patients upon medical clearance; arranging accommodation/boarding, any • Youspecial will beservices part of arequired Mobile Crisis other whileResponse in transit;team. maintain patient medical • You will workinformation with othersregarding like yourself are dedicated to work which records; provide Nonwho Insured Health Benefits; maintain has real value and meaning in and the lives of others. medical confidentiality at all time perform other duties. • You will apply your education, skills, talents, and passion for the beneďŹ t of others while learning from the expertise of your team. Qualifications: • You will enjoy the satisfaction that comes from knowing your work is • much Themore incumbent should than just a job.have completion of Grade 12 or equivalent. • Must be available for shiftwork AS A MOBILE CRISIS INTERVENTION TEAM MEMBER, YOU WILL: • Louisiana-Pacifi Must havec,knowledge ofChoice, medical terminology. Employer leader in the forestand products • Provide culturally sensitiveofand safeacrisis intervention traumaindustry support • known Must have current CPR of andinnovative, First Aid Certification. the development affordable, environmentally in thefor priority area of suicide or other tragic loss of life. • friendly Should have good communications and organizational skills. building products and for excellencethroughout in Safety andManitoba, Quality isusually currently • Deploy to remote y-in communities up • seeking Should have at a thorough knowledge of transportation systems within Labourers our Swannotice Valley SmartSideÂŽ, Swan Valley, Minitonas to three days and on short the Province of Manitoba. •operation. Provide an organized crisis response with support services to those • Should have a thorough knowledge of health care facilities within impacted in the community. Qualifi thecations: Province of Manitoba. •ThWork as part of a dedicated regional team candidate must possess the following • e successful Should be aware of native culture, lifestyles and spiritual beliefs. •qualifi Contribute to a broader strategy to strengthen relationships and provide cations; • Ability to speak Cree or Dene an asset. greater capacity within First Nations communities to respond locally and proven proficiency in computersskills and various software • • Knowledge Good written and verbal communication to crisis. (i.e. Word-processing, etc.) • programs Physically fitDatabase, to perform all duties YOU• BRING: • work welltounder pressure fast pacesolve environment Ability multitask and–problem • A• Degree in to psychology, social work, psychiatric nursing or health related Ability operate equipment as required post-secondary education. • Computer will beresume, considered an asset A written applicationliteracy with detailed including at least two references, • 3-5Valid years’driver’s experience working in a mental wellness crisis response with• written permissionlicense to contact the references and your latest immediate environment • Shiftwork supervisor should be submitted to: • ProďŹ cient computer skills Th e successful will join a dynamic team in providing • A valid driver’scandidates license to the facility located of inculture, the beautiful Swan River Valley •support A sensitivity understanding Lisaand Beardy or Christine Duke language and issues relevant as toit Indigenous embarks on a new and exciting journey of producing siding communities Keewatin Tribal Council Inc. a growingwill market. be given to those who speak or understand an Indigenous •forPreference 23 Nickel Road Louisiana-Pacifi c offers a competitive wage and benefit package in languageThompson, Manitoba with the Collective Bargaining Agreement. Louisiana•accordance A willingness to travel R8N 0L6 c is anFax equal opportunity •Pacifi A satisfactory background checkemployer. No.: 204-677-0258 selected for IfWe thisthank sounds all likeapplicants, the right ďŹ t forhowever, you, pleaseonly emailthose your resume and cover interviews be 3, contacted. Candidates will be subject Email address: letter by 12:00 will pm April to successful completion of comprehensive background Oliver checks. Veuillot, HR Coordinator screening and health Applications will Email: be accepted until 4:00 p.m. Friday, June 15, 2018. We Pleaselike forward your cover resume to: but only those being would to thank those thatletter apply and for the position, Lorraine Schneider considered for an interview will be contacted. For further information or a Resource Generalist I full job description,Human contact Christine Duke, Referral Supervisor. Louisiana-Pacific Canada Ltd. MANITOBA KEEWATINOWI P.O. Box 189, Minitonas, MB R0L 1G0 Phone: (204) 525-2479 Ext. 2104 Fax: (866) 678-5969 OKIMAKANAK INC. e-mail :

Louisiana Pacific Swan Valley

General Labourers



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HEALTH BENEFITS ANALYST NIHB PROGRAM • CREE LANGUAGE COORDINATOR (50%) Celebrate Education April 16-20, Permanent Full time inWeek: Winnipeg Sub-OfďŹ ce 2018 • ABORIGINAL PERSPECTIVES CURRICULUM Are you are an experienced Administrative Professional who is intrigued by CONSULTANT (50%) The Board of Trustees invites you to celebrate

the opportunity to work within a newly transitioned Health BeneďŹ ts Program Education IfWeek 2018 forStart Date: September 4, 2018 Indigenous Manitobans? so, let’s talk!in our schools. Happy Education Week to all of the District staff. Job Posting # TE060518001039 YOUR OPPORTUNITY: It takes everyone to support our District Non-Insured of Mystery Lake invitesBeneďŹ applications permanentand • The You School will process t (NIHB)fordecisions students inHealth their learning. positon of Cree Language Coordinator .50 providers. FTE/Aboriginal Perspectives payments to eligible clients and service Thank you for all that you do to & Bianchini Warehousing of two job • 50 YouFTE will consists work as part of amajor team withresponsibilities. others yourself who are dedicated enrich the lives of ourlike students. Little Secret! to work which has real value andThompson’s meaning inBiggest the lives of Indigenous Provide guidance and assistance to administration, instructional people Manitoba. staff andin“You other teams to support the development, implementation can teach a student a lesson for a day; • and You will apply talents, and passion thecreating beneďŹ t of others. incorporation ofskills, Aboriginal inforby the curriculum and but ifyour you can teachPerspectives him to learn •• programming You enjoy the satisfaction that comes from knowing your work to enhance Aboriginal student success. Wewill are looking for someone who is dedicated and ambitious curiosity, he will continue the learning process to is much moremanagement than just a as job. develop skills for long termP.future considerations. Coordinate Indigenous language programming and develop as long he lives.â€? Clay Bedford • Cree FullHEALTH time, permanent, 35 hoursYOU per week, mustand be bondable, AS THE BENEFITS ANALYST, language resources, to+ ensure theWILL: consistent effective able toand pass criminal background check, have driver’s licence • implementation Review process requests for accuracy eligibility. of local and provincial Creeand bilingual and Cree as a Thank you. and access toto own transportation. • Second Audit accounts verify costs and beneďŹ t eligibility in preparation for language curriculum. • payment. Must have excellent communication/typing skills, experience Board oftoTrustees The Coordinator is also responsible provide leadership and facilitate with Microsoft Office and basic bookkeeping preferable. • training Answer provider and client questions andMystery billing inquiries. The School District of Lake focusing on Aboriginal worldviews, second language teaching Preparing bank deposits, able toand organize, prioritize and complete •• and Maintain and update data bases case ďŹ les. learning and cultural proficiency reports deadline dates. in supporting service agreements and • Assist thebyProgram Manager further information, pleasetoreview job description attached • For Attention to detail, ability work the independently and within funding tendering process. toajob posting on our website outlining duties and responsibilities. team environment applying confidentiality in all matters. YOU BRING: Written applications including qualifications, experience, 3 references Be open to new ideas andand changes that to may •• Excellent organization skills the ability setimprove prioritiesefficiency and a brief statement of educational philosophy and beliefs should be in day to day operations. • Strong initiative and the ability to work independently while functioning by Tuesday, June 20, 2018when to: required/willingness to • submitted in for the manager asAbility part oftoa fill team. carry company phone in case of emergency. Lorie Henderson • Minimum 1-2 yearscell of experience in an ofďŹ ce/administrative environment. • Training provided, flexible work based Superintendent of Educational Services & Programming • ProďŹ cient computer skills including: MS environment, OfďŹ ce; Internet; wages Word and E-mail. on School District of Mystery Lake • Post-secondary in an administrative ďŹ eld or equivalent. Start date: ASAPlanguage and issues relevant 408 Thompson Drive North, Thompson, Mb. R8N 0X7 • A sensitivity and understanding of culture, Email resume Carolyn Turpie:through to Indigenous communities Please complete your to online application • Current and satisfactory background with security clearance to Employee Connect or Job Connect check at orclients fax to: 204-677-3195 work with vulnerable and/or email or drop off atyour 31 Oak St. Office. Wethe thank application, If this sounds like rightyou ďŹ t for for you, please emailhowever your resume and cover Closing date: February 16, only applicants shortlisted will be2018 contacted. letter by 12:00 pm April 3, 2018 to: We appreciate theOliver interest of all HR applicants, however only those Veuillot, Coordinator individuals selected for interviews will be contacted. Email:

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We are looking for someone to join our Page 11 existing sales team! This is a full-time position. Applicant should be highly motivated, well organized, and possess excellent people skills. He/she should be a selfstarter who is capable of working within and meeting deadlines. The successful candidate will be capable of offering professional sales service to his/her clients in order to develop and maintain business relationships. Basic computer knowledge is required. A valid driver’s licence and reliable transportation are required. Prior sales experience of advertising or promotional materials would be an asset, but is not necessary. The Thompson Citizen is willing to train. We offer a competitive wage We have an immediate opening for an structure and health beneďŹ ts are also included.

Automotive Open untilapprentice ďŹ lled. If you are looking for a career as a journeyman automotive

The interest of all we applicants is appreciated, technician, have an opening for a first but only those selected for an interview will or second level apprentice. be contacted. Please submit yourFord resume references, along with a Thompson offersand competitive salaries; complete health care benefits cover letterand to:a workplace that supports growth and development in your profession.

Lynn Taylor, Publisher, Thompson Citizen, Please drop resumes P.O. Box 887, Thompson, MB off R8N 1N8 at Thompson Ford SalesMB Drop off: 141 Commercial Place, Thompson, Email: 15 Station Road Fax 677-3681 Attn: Kayla Lafreniere Only applicants considered for the position will be contacted.



MANITOBA KEEWATINOWI OKIMAKANAK INC. The Pas, Manitoba Home Care Nurse- External Posting EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITY Health & Safety Coordinator

Marcel Kraft Colomb Health Authority is seeking a Canadian PaperFirst offersNation a work environment that promotes diversity, embraces and encourages continuous growth development qualifi edchange, individual to fulfi ll the role ofCOORDINATOR Homeand Care Nurse. POSITION: HUMAN RESOURCE for every team member. We offer a workplace where everyone plays (FULL-TIME) Permanent Full time in Winnipeg Sub-OfďŹ ce anJob essential role in theSub-OfďŹ successce of or ourWinnipeg CompanySub-OfďŹ and where Summary Thompson ce individual efforts are acknowledged. We are seeking a skilled professional for this Are you are an experienced Administrative Program leader with a good Manitoba Keewatinowi Okimakanak Incorporated is seeking a highly role, so if you to arethe thatHome personCare and thrive in a dynamic and challenging Reporting Manager, theofHome Competition YRAWof18-72 knowledge of the#delivery Non-Insured Health BeneďŹ ts? Are you intrigued motivated individual that will perform the functions Human Resource t$PNQFUJUJWF4BMBSJFTt3FMPDBUJPO"TTJTUBODF Competition # YRAW 18-72 environment, weiswant you to be afor part of our team!protecting Marymound is presently seeking: Care Nurse responsible promoting, by the opportunity to set up and supervise a newly transitioned NIHB program t$POUJOVJOH&EVDBUJPOt3FNPUFOFTT"MMPXBODFt&YDFMMFOU#FOFĂśUT (HR) Coordinator. Under the supervision of the MKO Executive Director, the is presently seeking: forMarymound Indigenous Manitobans? If so, let’s talk! & preserving theworks health of the Marcel Colomb community We are a team, together todaily faceHR challenges, develop effective incumbent will bewho responsible for functions. Recreation Activity Worker >Youth Dental Assistant strategies andthrough explore services new opportunities. committed members directedWe to are home care to build YOUR OPPORTUNITY: –5IPNQTPO(FOFSBM)PTQJUBMo0QFSBUJOH3PPN Marymound North – Term position ending August 31, 2018, Youth Recreation Activity Worker – Marymound North – Term position ending August 31, systems that support operations and process improvement initiatives clients. The Home Care Nurse provides holistic care &that •full-time, You will support the implementation and on-gong delivery of the Traditional 80 hours bi-weekly, days. 1BSU5JNF '5&  2018, full-time, 80 hours bi-weekly, days. RESPONSIBILITIES: are mutually beneficial to our customers, our Registered company and Nurses our commupractices nursing as defi ned by the Health program 5IFSFXJMMCFBOPQQPSUVOJUZUPXPSLQBSUUJNFGPSUIF%FOUJTUJO • nity Establish policies and procedures to meetofobjectives of manner. Manitoba is aa team full-time term position, the cost effective, environmentally responsible, and safe Actin &a in compliance with the College Registered Youposition will work with of others like yourself who generally are dedicatedfor to work •This BEEJUJPOUPUIJTQBSUUJNFQPTJUJPO Okimakanak, Inc.; of Practice & Canadian summer months July and August. Youth Recreation Activity This position aof full-time term generally forManitobans. the summer months ofKeewatinowi July of and August. Nurses Manitoba Standards which has realisvalue and meaning inposition, the lives of Indigenous POSITION OVERVIEW: • throughout Respond tothe internal and external HR related inquiries or requests are responsible planning throughout theprograms Youth Recreation areprograms responsible forand planning Under direct supervision offor theWorkers Patient Care Manager designate, assists •Workers You the will apply yourActivity experience, education, skills, or talents, passion Nurses Association Code ofand Ethics; cares forculture & directs Effectively promoting a proactive positive safety will be a and provide assistance; multi-disciplinary team personnel inMarymound performing a variety of patient care summer which enhance the client’s ability to enjoy summer which enhance the Marymound ability to enjoy creative leisure time pursuits for the beneďŹ t of others. top priority of the Health & Safety Coordinator. The H&S Coordinator will the overall care of clients; is responsible for advocating, activities and relatedtime non-professional services necessary in caring for the Redirect HR related calls or distribute correspondence to the • creative leisure pursuits alone, in a small group, or in an alone, in a small group, an organized group. There emphasis on skill •personal You will enjoy satisfaction that comes from knowing yourshould work oversee the development, implementation management of CKPI’s providing information, educating & and supporting clients to needs andthe comfort ofor theinpatient. This is an integrated position that isbe a subtle appropriateThe person or team; organized group. There be a procedures subtle emphasis skill building for a better integration and recreation aon fun, therapeuticHealth experience. includes and scheduling of dental for the as Operating muchcoordination more than just asocial job.should andthat Safety to ensure regulatory compliance and achieve ensure thesystem highest possible standard of service is • Maintain recordstoof personnel-related data (attendance, payroll, building awill better social integration and recreation asof a Canada fun, Room (OR).for This require expertise in developing and maintaining excellent position is funded by the Human Resource Development Summer Jobs Program, continual improvement. This involves developing, recommending and provided; follows Marcel Colomb policies & procedures; AS THE NIHB PROGRAM SUPERVISOR, YOU WILL:and organizations. The working relationships with a broad range of individuals personal information, request for leaves, etc); therapeutic experience. The position is funded be byunder the Human meet eligibility requirements the applicant 30 year the start ofprograms implementing to maintainteam safe and healthy working conditions; works in a multidisciplinary & may be called •OR Oversee the review, processing and adjudication of Vision, NIHB requests by of age• at Dental Assistant will function within the provisionsmust of the Mission, Support the recruitment/hiring process by sourcing candidates, Resource Development of Canada Summer Jobs Program, to employment. promoting protection againstwithin accidents, chemical releases, Values, policies and procedures of the Northern Health Region (NHR) and stakeholders upon to maximum assist with other duties performing background checks, shortlisting;the scope of the meet eligibility the must(Customer/ be under 30 will incorporate NHRrequirements core competencies intoapplicant working practice occupational health hazards, fire and damage to company property •Client Develop and recommend policies and procedures regarding the NIHB department. • Execute contractor and employment contracts and letters of offer; Focused, & Pro-activity, Diversity Awareness, Teamwork, and year of age atInitiative the start of employment. andchecks equipment; Satisfactory Criminal Record and clearand Child Abuse Registry/Prior Contact are coordinating policies and programs relating to safety, program. Development Collaboration, of Self and Others, Adaptability). • Assist supervisors in performance management procedures; occupational health, security and loss prevention. The Health and Safety Satisfactory Criminal Record and clear Child Abuse Registry/ requirements of all positions as well as emergency first aid, valid driver’s license, and abstract. • Provide input and advice to senior MKO employees regarding NIHB Position Requirements: • Schedule meetings, interviews, HR events etc; The incumbent fulfill the theof Criminal Records/Vulnerable Coordinator will also support and/or lead all any emergency preparedness Prior Contactmust arerequirements requirements all positions well Knowledge ofchecks Indigenous customs, of traditions, and beliefsaswill be considered an asset. program • Perform orientations, onboarding and update records with new hires; Person, Child Abuse Registry check and Adult Abuse Registry check, and adhere plans. This position will report to the Mill Manager and work emergency first aid, recruitment validand driver’s license,toand •as Provide direction, and supervision NIHB abstract. employees Registered Nurse or directly Licensed to all Northern Healthguidance Region policies procedures. • • Produce and submit reports on general Practical HR activity; closely with Department Managers, the WPSH Committee and has direct of Indigenous customs, traditions, and beliefsHealth will •Knowledge Provide budget and operating plan input and advice to the Mental For more information about Marymound, visit • CRNM or CLPN – Active Registration • Assist with scheduling and taking minutes for staff and project lead Qualifications: interaction with all site employees and internal & external auditors. be considered an asset. Manager t Wellness Grade 12 education or equivalent • meetings; Valid Manitoba Class 5 Driver’s License tSubmit Successful completion of a recognized Dental Assistant Program#required QUALIFICATIONS: cover letter and rĂŠsumĂŠ quoting Competition to: YOU BRING: • Other Daily access to a vehicle • duties as assigned. For more information about Marymound, t Current active practicing registration with Manitoba Dental Association • • Post-secondary degree/diploma in Occupational & Safety will •t AExcellent good knowledge on Non-Insured Health BeneďŹ ts delivery Criminal record & child abuse registryHealth checks visit knowledge ofofWindows based programs (Microsoft Word, Excel, to asset nursing experience Indigenous Outlook, andclients Internet) Competition No. YRAW 18-72 • be considered 2 years ofanrelated EXPERIENCE AND QUALIFICATIONS: cover letter rĂŠsumĂŠ Competition to: t Minimum Minimum three (3) years’ experience a Dental Assistant required • • Those registered or to register as a Canadian Registered •Submit 3-5 years ofand experience inasquoting the administration of health# services Human Resources Profi ciency in eligible Microsoft Word, Excel, Outlook t Previous experience working with Pediatric cases preferred • Business Administration diploma, Human Management Safety Professional and working towards theResource designation may also that integrates traditional healers Competition No. YRAW 18-72 442 Scotia Street • Immunization record up to date t Ability to speak Cree an asset diploma and/or combination of training and experience in a related be considered • Post-secondary experience in socialResources sciences, administration or equivalent. Human Winnipeg, MB R2V 1X4 eld; understanding of applicable provincial and federal Occupa• AďŹ strong complete list of qualifications our website •ForStrong initiative, organizational andvisit Supervisory skills 442 please Scotia Street Closing date: June 20, 2018 Date: January 2018 at 4pm. Nohuman late resources/ • Closing Proven experience as Regulations an HR5,Coordinator or relevant tional Health & Safety and Legislation • ProďŹ cient computer skills including MS OfďŹ ce, Internet and Email Winnipeg, MB R2V 1X4 e-mail: or online at submissions will be accepted. Please submit resume by February 2, 2018 to: administrative position; • Minimum 2 years’ experience in a similar role •Lori Knowledge of cultural protocol in working Elders, Traditional Healers, Closing date: June with 20, 2018 Rasmussen, Recruitment Officer • • Excellent An understanding of First policies, procedures, understanding of Nations/government Microsoft office is required Indigenous knowledge keepers. e-mail: 867 Thompson Drive South We thank all who apply and advise that only those selected for further consideration will be and contacted. Must Include: programs services; • Applications Experience with HSE systems will be an asset to the position MBor R8N 1Z4 at •Thompson, A sensitivity and understanding of culture, language and issues relevant online Employment opportunities are advertised on our website at • • Ability Computer experience, speciďŹ callyand withlead Outlook, and Excel Fax: 778-1477 to provide root cause analysis incidentWord investigations to (204) Indigenous communities • will A cover letter that clearly indicates how you meet thank all who apply and advise that only those selected Email: spreadsheets; be required • Current and satisfactory background check with security clearance to $BMMVTUPEBZ-PDBM  PS5PMM'SFF for further consideration will be contacted.  thetoorganizational position requirements • • Ability Strong andand time management evaluate, create participate in Jobskills; Safety Analysis work with vulnerable clients • Strong Resume • Must have excellent writing, oral, inter-personal skills; • documentation and communication skills will be essential. Employment opportunities are advertised onallour website Northern RHA has a Representative Workforce Strategy, we encourage applicants to self- at Ifdeclare. this sounds like the right ďŹ t for you, please email your resume and cover • • Must be able to meet deadlines within short time education) lines; Copy of credentials (licenses, training, Criminal Record, Child Abuse, & Adult Abuse Registry Checks are required. We thank all Canadian Kraft Paper offers competitive wages and a group benefits letter by 12:00 pm April 3, 2018 to:for interview will be contacted. candidates for applying. Only those selected • • Must be able to travel and have a validsupervisor class 5 license; references (colleague, or manager) packageThree that helps takes care of you and your family; including health, Oliver Veuillot, HR Coordinator • Ability tocontact speak/understand a First Nation language is a deďŹ nite asset; andand information dental, life AD&D insurance. Providing a company sponsored pension Email: • • Salary based on qualiďŹ cations and experience. record check child aabuse checks plan, isCriminal another way that we help & provide future registry for our employees. (orKraft indication that they have been applied for) is more Canadian Paper understands that what defines a person • justPersonal contact information (phone & email) than their career; that’s why we support a work/life balance, DEADLINE FOR APPLICATIONS: April 3, 2018 @ 4PM so that you can live the life that makes you‌‌YOU! Glacier Media Group is growing. Your application will not proceed to interview without the Mark application CONFIDENTIAL to the attention of: TO APPLY: Check our job board above information. To obtain a complete job description, Dorothy Smith, Executive Assistant If you are interested in exploring this opportunity and being a part of our regularly for the latest openings: for additional information or to apply for this position 1601-275 Avenue, Winnipeg R3B 2B3 team, please submit Portage your resume by June 25, 2018MB to Glacier Media Group is growing. please contact submit your or application to: Phone:or (204) 927-7500 1-800-442-0488




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School District of Mystery Lake


Check our job board regularly for the latest openings:

Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Fax: (204) 927-7509 Email: Email or drop off only Only those applicants considered for further review will be contacted Cree Nation Tribal Health Centre

Position: Family Enhancement Supervisor JOB OPPORTUNITY – External Posting NELSON HOUSE Marcel Colomb One (1) Full-Time Permanent Position First Nation JP-CFI Case Manager (Full-Time Term Position) Reporting to the Director of Family Enhancement, as member of the JOB SUMMARY: supervisory team, the Family Enhancement Supervisor coordinates Under the supervision of Chief Financial Officer the Payroll and Cree Nation Tribal Health Center Inc. is seeking and implements the agency’s preventative child and family services Benefits Administrator is responsible for developing and maintaining applications for a full-time term position of Case Manager for the assigned units. This includes providing guidance and support the accounting computer system, processing organizational (Registered Nurse, Bachelor of Education, Bachelor of to Family Enhancement Workers in a variety of communities. payroll Work), as well as entering, updating and maintaining an accurate Social funded under the Jordan’s PrincipleChild Partnering with the communities that we serve to promote and administration base with our benefits provider. Commuter First Initiative Project for Marcel Colomb First Nation deliver education and awareness programming on behalf of the transportation from Thompson is available if required. The purpose of the newly funded Jordan’s Principle agency, in a manner which is culturally appropriate. The Family Child First Project is to implement a comprehensive and Enhancement Supervisor contributes to the development and DUTIES: approach of coordinated services to help integrated improvement of the Family Enhancement department ‘s activities. • Maintains updates payroll by entering, Marcel Colomband First Nationthe Health to Database provide support Key Responsibilities: updating to andchildren removingwith employees from payroll and benefits. and respond complex and special needs •¡ Supervise and manage assigned Family Enhancement Workers Processes organizational payroll, reviews reports and their families, in partnership with othererror health and and ¡ Communicate program direction and provide guidance to Family in agencies. error correction with HR Clerk. socialdirects/participates professionals and These services should Enhancement Workers from the assigned units signifi cantly contribute to quality of ensuring that Prepares Monthly disbursements andlife reconciliations to Benefit • ¡ Promote best practices in preventative child and family services children and their families are enabled to from experience a life Carriers and for all premium deductions employees. which advance the cultural and land-based ideals of the northern that as full and normal asgeneral possible. • isAnalyzes andasreconciles ledger for all benefit First Nations premiums. ¡ Compile and deliver regular statistical reports Position Summary: •¡ Deliver regular reports about the units’ activities to the Director Designs and implements agency forms and time sheets. • of Family Enhancement Processes annual increments and organizational T4’s, prepares The Case Manager position provides a comprehensive manual checks, and issue ROE’s. within the federal/provincial ¡ Liaise with external collaterals on behalf of the agency community health legislated time service frame. in conjunction with its health Qualifications: care Case Manager will provide supervision • team. AssistsThe in year-end audit preparation and reporting. Bachelor of Social Work (BSW), or in progress in combination &•¡ peer support to the Childimproving Development Provides input towards service Workers, delivery. with relevant experience Assistant to the Case Manager and Respite Workers, in ¡ Working knowledge of Child and Family Services Act, Standards, each SCTC community to provide a model of service QUALIFICATIONS: and Regulations delivery for children with complex needs and their •¡ 2+ years of experience in the field of child welfare Completion of the Payroll Management Certificate Program families. Provide elements in which services have a or Minimum of Grade andthe completion of a recognized ¡ Child welfare supervisory and training experience particular responsibility to12 take lead in securing accounting program. ¡ Knowledge of or work experience in northern Manitoba effective development, delivery and review of services. • communities preferred Other the combinations of Education and Experience be Recognize deficits with service systems and themay need considered. ¡ Demonstrated understanding and respect for Indigenous culture to protect children through early intervention, sharing •¡ information, Handling difficult and sensitive situations, usingand sound, Ability to speak the Cree or Dene language is considered an asset of effective co-ordination of services independent judgment within specific guidelines and appropriate training. Working Conditions: regulations ¡ Must have satisfactory Prior Contact Check, Criminal Record Communicating effectively with co-workers, superiors, the • Check, clear Child Abuse Registry Check and Driver’s Abstract QualiďŹ cations: general public, representatives of other organizations and prior to employment others sufficient to exchange or conveywith information •¡ Travel required RN or BN preference for someone a nursing background care and as must be in good •¡ Must adhere to confidentiality when working with sensitive Minimum of in 2 rehab yrs experience a payroll clerk in a standing withpayroll CRNM; or Bachelor of Education or computerized environment. information Bachelor of Social Other combinations of Work skills and experience may be considered •¡ A valid driver’s license and access to vehicle required •• Supervisory and case Ability to set priorities andmanagement work in a teamexperience; setting Salary: Awasis Agency offers a competitive salary and employee •• Knowledge of Jordan’s Principle Child First Ability to remain positive and enthusiastic underInitiative; stressful benefit package. Salary will commensurate with education • Child development background or equivalent conditions and experience. •• Experience working inand First Nation Communities; Well-developed written communications Closing Date: Friday, 2018oral •• CPR and FirstJune Aide15, Certifi cation; Excellent organizational and time management skills Awasis Agency provides service to Indigenous children and families, •• Excellent computer skills of a Criminal and Child Abuse The successful completion therefore preference will be given to Indigenous • Knowledge of Cree language and culture; applicants. Registry check are required of all FCWC positions upon hire. Individuals interested in this challenging opportunity please reference • A highly-motivated individual who is innovative and Competition Number 2018-018 on your resume/cover letter in has a proven ability to work with a very high degree SALARY RANGE: 42,895 – 49,071 confidence to: of accuracy and attention to detail; CLOSING DATE: Human4:30 pm March 23rd, 2018 Resources Department • Excellent time management and facilitation skills; Awasis Agency of Northern Manitoba • Effective verbal and listening communications skills; Competition • Strong leadership, critical#2018-018 thinking, decision making 701 Thompson Drive, Thompson, MB R8N 2A2 and problem solving Submit All Applications to: skills. Fax: 204-778-8428 Email: •Amanda Valid Driver’s License, ability to travel weekly. LeDrew •Director Theof position to who satisfactory criminal and Human Resources We thank is allsubject applicants apply, however, other checks, andfor is an subject to terms conditions only those selected interview will beand contacted in &a Community proposed written agreement. Family Wellness Centre Nelson House, MB. Please with 3 references along with Phone: forward 484-2341a resume Fax: 484-2351 cover letter, in confidence, to:

TOTAL PRIC Wednesday, June 13, 2018


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Automotive Collision Repair

Hayes Autobody & Glass is now accepting application from persons with 1–3 years related experience. Duties include bumper removal and replacement, and other body components. Basic knowledge of hand tools is required. We offer competitive wages, health benefits, and on-going training. Must be punctual and work a minimum of 40 hours per week. I-CAR points are an asset. Email resume to or fax (204) 778-5854 or mail to Hayes Autobody and Glass, 33 Hayes Road, Thompson, Mb. R8N 1M3

Now Hiring For: Regional Youth Coordinator – Thompson, MB The Metis Employment and Training Department (MET) seeks to fill one full-time Regional Youth Coordinator position located at the Thompson Regional office in Thompson, MB; remuneration is $25,350.00–$34,350.00 per annum, depending on qualifications and experience. For a complete list of Skills and Qualifications, please visit: or


Preference will be given to qualified Metis applicants. Qualified applicants are encouraged to apply and self-identify on their resume. The MMF appreciates the interest of all applicants; however, only those individuals considered for an interview will be contacted. We offer a competitive benefits package which includes but not limited to: health and dental insurance, life insurance, accidental death and dismemberment, short term and long term disability and a retirement savings plan. Please forward covering letter and resume indicating which position you are applying for by Friday, June 22, 2018 to the MMF Metis Employment & Training Department, 300-150 Henry Ave., Winnipeg, Manitoba R3B 0J7, email to: or fax to (204) 947-3251.

• Competitive Salaries • Relocation Assistance • Continuing Education • Remoteness Allowance • Excellent Benefits

>Administrative Secretary Part-Time (0.6 FTE) - Diabetes Program NRHA Administrative Services Building Thompson, Manitoba The Administrative Secretary is an integral member of a multi-disciplinary team who will perform administrative functions of a responsible and confidential nature to a busy team of health professionals on a daily basis. The Administrative Secretary will require knowledge and awareness of health programs and clinical issues. Qualifications: • Grade 12 or equivalent • Completion of a business administration program an asset • Completion of medical terminology program an asset • Must have a valid Manitoba Class 5 driver’s license, access to a vehicle, and willingness to travel the Region year round • Three (3) years’ experience in an administrative support role • Excellent knowledge of Windows based programs (Microsoft Word, Excel, Outlook) and Internet • Accurate word processing at 40 words per minute (typing test will be required) For complete list of qualifications, please visit our website: Please submit resume by June 20, 2018 to: Lori Rasmussen, Recruitment Officer 867 Thompson Drive South, Thompson, MB R8N 1Z4 Fax: (204) 778-1477 Email: Call us today! Local (204) 778-1455 or Toll Free 1-877-677-5353 Northern RHA has a Representative Workforce Strategy, we encourage all applicants to self-declare. Criminal Record, Child Abuse, & Adult Abuse Registry Checks are required. We thank all candidates for applying. Only those selected for interview will be contacted.

JOIN THE POWER LINE TECHNICIAN TRAINING PROGRAM Power Line Technicians build and maintain electrical transmission and distribution systems. This four-year apprenticeship program includes on-the-job training and 10 weeks of trade schools. Requirements: high school diploma, Mathematics 40S (Applied or Pre-Calculus), Physics 30S and English 40.

INDIGENOUS LINE TRADES PRE‑PLACEMENT TRAINING PROGRAM Indigenous candidates who do not meet the qualifications can apply for a six month Indigenous Line Trades Pre-placement Training Program to receive training and academic upgrading to meet the requirements needed to apply for the Power Line Technician Training Program. Requirements: Proof of Indigenous Ancestry, high school diploma with at least one of the credits above. Deadline: June 20, 2018

Apply online at 1-800-565-5200 Available in accessible formats upon request.

EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITY – FULL TIME PERMANENT TITLE: Designated Intake Worker - Thompson Amalgamated Office (SP4)

JOB SUMMARY The Intake Worker is responsible for gathering and screening information to determine whether Child & Family Services are necessary or appropriate. The Intake Worker applies procedures when there is a request for services or a report that a child is or might be in need of protection.

DEMONSTRATED SKILLS & ABILITIES • Assessing complaints of children alleged to be in need of protection as defined by the Child & Family Services Act, specifically including areas of sexual and physical abuse, neglect and parenting capacity: • Providing protection services to clients, including apprehending children and bringing matters before the court where necessary • Undertaking family and individual assessments • Providing therapeutic intervention to parents and children • Developing partnerships in the community and collaborating with other social services in a community based model of service • Preparing reports, correspondence and documents for internal and external use • Participating in case conferences, staff meetings and professional development opportunities both within and outside the agency QUALIFICATIONS: • Bachelor of Social Work, other combinations of education and experience may be considered • Knowledge and experience in applying therapeutic approaches with children and families • Excellent oral and written communication skills • Excellent crisis intervention skills • Basic computer literacy • Proven ability to work as an integral member of a team • Strong time management skills and ability to work effectively under pressure • Demonstrated experience and skills in working with various ethnic/ racial backgrounds with specific focus on the aboriginal issues • Must possess a valid Manitoba Driver’s License & be able to provide a clean Child Abuse Registry/Prior Contact & Criminal Record Check upon hire

SALARY RANGE: Inclusive of NLA

(SP4/BSW) – 56,557 – 69,903


4:30PM June 18, 2018

Submit All Applications to: Amanda LeDrew, Director of Human Resources Family & Community Wellness Centre Nelson House, MB. Phone: 484-2341 Fax: 484-2351

4700003464_3.17in x 150ag_working.indd 1

Position: Location: Start Date: Hours/Days/Months: Term of Employment: Salary: Unionized/Non-Unionized Application Deadline:

QUALIFICATIONS • One year post-secondary secretarial and/or business training from a recognized educational institution. • Two years’ administrative experience. • Proficiency in a variety of computer applications in a network environment requiring the use of word processing functions, spreadsheets, presentation software and databases applications. • Knowledge of Divisional policies and procedures. • Excellent written and verbal communication skills. • Strong organizational and time management skills. • Excellent interpersonal and customer relations skills. • Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with Division staff and the general public. • Ability to exercise initiative and judgment to determine work priorities and to work with minimal direct supervision. • Ability to work independently and collaboratively with others in a participative environment. DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES: • Provides support to Area Superintendent and staff in the Area office. • Processes, maintains and enters information on computer related to various administrative records. • Orders supplies and processes purchase requisitions utilizing an on-line system. • Maintains Area office files. • Arranges meetings, travel and accommodations for Area staff. • Arranges for daily mail delivery. • Demonstrates excellent interpersonal and customer relations skills. • Processes monthly corporate card statements for Area staff. • Provides support with incoming/outgoing mail for Area office. • Provides switchboard and receptionist duties for the Area One office. • Provides support to the Administrative Secretary 3 regarding the reporting of employee absences in the Human Resources Information System. • Provides support to other Area school secretaries regarding administrative matters. • Provides assistance of organizing/scheduling Area transportation needs, when applicable. • Performs other duties as assigned. Applications should include a cover letter, current resume and a list of three professional references including contact numbers. Consent to contact references is also required.

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Administrative Secretary 2 Area One Office - Thompson As soon as possible 7.25 Hours/Day, 5 Days/Week, 12 Months/Year Permanent $20.43/hour Non-Unionized Wednesday, June 20, 2018

All applicants are thanked for their interest; however, only applicants selected for an interview will be contacted. By applying, you are consenting that the Division may contact your references. The successful candidate will be required to submit a clear Criminal Record Check (including Vulnerable Sector Search) and Child Abuse Registry Check, at their own expense, as a condition of employment. Further information is available at Forward application package to: Mr. Don McCaskill, Area 1 Superintendent Frontier School Division 16 Kelsey Bay, Thompson, MB R8N 0L7 Fax: (204) 677-6878 Email:

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Providing legal services in the North for more than 50 years.

2nd oor, 436 Thompson Drive N., Thompson, MB R8N 0C6 5t'


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Wednesday, March Wednesday, April21, 11,2018 2018


Serving theHub Hubof ofthe the North Serving the Northsince since1960 1960

Volume58 58••Issue Issue 15 12 Volume

Senior girls' MAYER basketball DEARMANteam & PELLIZZARO Manitoba's best once again

Barrister and Solicitor

The Manitoba government offers you opportunity, diversity and a rewarding career. Providing legal services in the North for more than 50 years.

Law OfďŹ ces of



D.R. Knight Law OfÂżce Direct: (204) 948-0406 BY IAN GRAHAM 202-900 Harrow St. E. Bus: (204) 948-0400 EDITOR@THOMPSONCITIZEN.NET Winnipeg, Manitoba (204) It took a Fax: couple of close 948-0401 games and even a bit of R3M 3Y7

Facility Manager

2nd oor, 436 Thompson Drive N., Thompson, MB R8N 0C6 Regular/Full-Time 5t' Manitoba Finance, Accommodation Services Division, Operations Branch, Headingley Correctional Centre, Headingley, MB Advertisement Number: 33920 Closing Date: June 25, 2018 Salary Range: $56,911.00 - $76,758.00 per year

Burntwood Plaza (204) 677-2393

33 Selkirk Ave. 101-83 Churchill Drive • Fax: 778-6622 Ph: 677-4574

MDPLAW.CA overtime magic, but R.D. Parker Collegiate's senior PROMOTING WILDFIRE girls' basketball team beat PREPAREDNESS all challengers at the AAA STUDENTS MARCHINGNEWS high school provincials in PAGE 2 AGAINST GUN VIOLENCE Winnipeg March 15-17 to NEWS - PAGE 2 claim the title as the top team in Manitoba for the third time in the past four The years. Insurance Store The Trojanslegal beat services the Providing in the Insurance Service Ltd. D.R. Knight Law OfÂżce Direct: (204) 948-0406 University of Winnipeg Ph: 677-9991 • Fax: 778-5145 North for more than 50 years. Collegiate Wesmen 58-50 202-900 Harrow St. E. Bus: (204) 948-0400 in overtime on St. Patrick's Winnipeg, Manitoba Fax: (204) 948-0401 claim the provin2nd oor, 436 Thompson DriveDay N.,toThompson, MB R8N 0C6 cial championship. The R3M 3Y7 5t' teams were close through most of the game, tied at the end of the ďŹ rst and â– Accurate & affordable secondâ– quarters Year-round and RDPC service â–  two to start the Experienced tax preparersbehindâ– by Audit assistance fourth, though they were INQUIRY HEARS down by as many as nine Law OfďŹ ces of EMOTIONAL TESTIMONY points in the third quarter. Call or visit us:ASSAULT'S SEXUAL NEWS The Trojans tied the score EFFECTS REMAIN AFTER 125 Commercial Place PAGE403 44-44 with about four COMMITTED TO EXCELLENCE IN THE PRACTICE OF LAW YEARS minutes left and then built Thompson MB NEWS - PAGE 3 a ďŹ ve-point lead, but 948-0406 Phone 677 Law 0277 Fax D.R. Knight OfÂż677 ce 0276 up Direct: (204) the Wesmen battled back 202-900 Harrow St. E. Bus:and(204) to tie the game send 948-0400 Law OfďŹ ces of it to overtime. The team Winnipeg, Manitoba Fax: (204) 948-0401 Providing services in the didn't let the legal late comeD.R. Knight Law OfÂżce Direct: (204) 948-0406 R3M 3Y7 back by their opponents North for more than 50 years. MDPLAW.CA COMMITTED TO EXCELLENCE IN THE PRACTICE LAW affect OF them though, and 202-900 Harrow St. E. Bus: (204) 948-0400 outscored the Wesmen â–  Winnipeg, Manitoba Fax: (204) 948-0401 â–  Accurate & affordable Year-round service 2nd oor, 436 Thompson Drive9-1 N.,inThompson, MB R8N 0C6 overtime to claim â–  â–  the championship title. R3M 3Y7 Experienced tax preparers Audit assistance 5t' "It was tied for most Derek Maude 3-33 Severn Cres. of the game," said coach P: 204-677-4272 Thompson, MB Christine Sim. "We were Thompson Citizen photo courtesy of RDPC Athletics Call or visit us: down for most of the R.D. Parker team poses with their provincial championship banner and trophy after MDPLAW.CA The Collegiate's senior girls'C:basketball 204-307-0032 R8N 1M7 125 Wesmen Commercial Placeto claim the school's third senior girls’ basketball game but then we came beating the University of Winnipeg Collegiate 58-50 in overtime Insurance Storechampionship in four years March 17. Thompson MB back usually and always HOOPS PROGRAM Insurance Service Ltd. tied677-9991 it by the end• of the 778-5145 RAISES $4,200 FOR Phone 0277best Fax 677 that 0276 Ph: Fax: Sim,677 adding games, for sure," out." team last year, said it other," said SCHOOL BOARD REJECTS SUICIDE PREVENTION quarter. Then we went Ashley Williams was helped to have players that the team went into Sim said about the opener, TRIMMING TRUSTEESPORTS into overtime for ďŹ ve minthe tournament with the ascribing the closeness to named the tournament who had been to this NUMBERS PAGE 7 utes and buckled down." mentality that they could nerves on the part of her MVP, while Hannah stage before. NEWS - PAGE 7 RDPC had never won a Murdy was selected as "I took four of the Grade win it all. "I think that players. senior provincial basketThe Trojans then cruised a tournament all-star. 10s for that reason too be- it helped that they had ball title until 2105 when Murdy and teammate played together before to a berth in the ďŹ nal with cause they've been there, they ďŹ nally claimed the they understand what as well and a lot of them an 81-39 victory over the Casey Singh are the only crown â– after having lost in â–  Including wolf, polar bear and wildlife related of souvenirs. this year's Accurate & affordable the ďŹ nals Year-round they have to do," she said. had been in the situa- Westgate Mennonite Col- members service the two previlegiate Wings. team been on before at provincials "They're all good players, tion â–  FIND US... N55 43’38.61 W97 52’18.45. Or ďŹ rst lefttoashave you enter, or last right â–  Experienced tax preparersous years. Audit assistance They repeated it was the cham"That one was much the roster for the 2016 they all know each other, whether as you leave ďż˝ompson - 216 Hayes Rd. Pete & Ray are just two old farts with as champions in 2016. pionship ďŹ nals before that better." championship. they've played together, The senior girls lost both Mobile appointments available big hearts who will lookclaiming after you. â–  The After the title, ofâ–  theAccurate seniors hadgladly Trojan boys opened most of them, for a couple some & affordable Year-round service or visit us: their games at provincials 93 Call Churchill Dr. Thompson, MB 204-677-5204 years ago DAILY the players with a 76-58 OPEN amwere - 9"ecstatic," pm. Ph/Fx 204 778 6819 of years so they knew won a couple â–  â–  provincials Experienced tax8preparers last year after most of the Audit assistance that were still on the team said Sim. loss to the second-ranked each other really well." 125 Commercial Place members of the cham"They're a pretty excit- Neelin High School SparThe players who moved and then all the jayvees Thompson MB pionship squads graduEsthetician andonOwner that had won last year." group of girls, that's tans, who went to capPhone 677 0277 Fax 677 0276 ated, but the junior girls up to the senior squad this Callhad or avisit us:ed The girls tough for sure," the coach said. ture the championship. year also meshed well team won RDPC's secondThe game at this "DeďŹ nitely lots of emo- Their tournament ended with the players who were opening125 Commercial Place ever junior varsity AAA year's tournament, beat- tions, especially for the with a 70-67 loss to the Insurance Storealready there. Thompson MB girls' championship. Insurance Service CHAMBERLtd. OF St. John's-Ravenscourt "They just ended up ing the Lorette Collegiate Grade 12s with it being MIDGET AA KING MINERS who was the coach 778-5145 Phone 677 0277their Faxlast 677year, 0276 COMMERCE HOLDS AGM Ph:Sim, 677-9991 • Fax: it was a Eagles in the ďŹ rst round of working together and Scorpions 64-61. WIN PROVINCIALS NEWS of the champion junior "It wasn't one of our good way for them to go the consolation playoffs. got comfortable with each


n the years.

N 0C6




you needs.



n Cres. on, MB N 1M7

Brian & Sherrie Kreuger

W. RICHARD W2 HIDDEN Locations ,toQ.C. assist you

Barristerwith andallSolicitor of your Insurance needs. City Centre Mall -

The Manitoba government recognizes the importance of building an exemplary civil service that is inclusive Burntwood and reflective of the population it serves. WePlaza 33self-declare Selkirk the encourage applicants to voluntarily cover letter, resumÊ or application if they are from any Ph: 677-4574 • Fax: 778-6622 of the following employment equity groups: women, & Sherrie Kreuger Indigenous people, visibleBrian minorities, and persons with 2 Locations to assist you disabilities.

Tax preparation services We prepare all types of tax returns Barrister and Solicitor

with all of your Insurance needs.

W. R



Big City Fashion

We prepare all types of tax returns Burntwood Plaza

to assist Derek Maude No. 33920 2 Locations3-33 Severnyou Cres. Advertisement with all of your Insurance needs. P: 204-677-4272 Thompson, MB Manitoba Civil Service Commission C: 204-307-0032 R8N 1M7 We prepare all types of tax returns Human Resource Services City Centre Mall - The 608 – 330 Portage Avenue Insurance Store ■Insurance Service Ltd. ■ Accurate & affordable Year-round service Winnipeg, MB, R3C 0C4 Ph: 677-9991 • Fax: 778-5145 ■ ■ Experienced tax preparers Audit assistance Phone: 204-945-4394 Fax: 204-948-2193 Call or visit us: Email:

Tax preparation services


2 Locations to assist you with all of your Insurance needs. City Centre Mall -

125 Commercial Place



93 Ch


3-33 Severn Cres. Thompson, MB R8N 1M7

P: 204-677-4272 C: 204-307-0032

93 Churchill Dr. THIS SPOT CAN BE YOURS!



2018 2016 indicate how you meet the qualifications.

Big City Call the Thompson Citizen (204) 677-4534 Fashion (ext. 1) or email

B&W - $21/wk*

Marlies Big Cook City

Fashion 431-754-5424



Marlies’ Mobile EstheticsDerek Maude

FIND US 235 Cree Road, Thompson, MB

Thompson, MB

as you le big heart


Big City Fashion


Colour - $30/wk*

NORTH CENTRE MALL FURNITURE Marlies’ Mobile Esthetics & APPLIANCES CLASS THIS SPOTOF CAN BE Y FURNITURE Marlies Cook R.D. Parker Collegiate Graduation Special & APPLIANCES FURNITURE 431-754-5424 Janice Thompson as you leave �ompson - 216 Hayes Rd. Pete & Ray are just two old farts with & APPLIANCES big hearts who will gladly look after Officeads@thompsoncitizen Rentals

Find out about other current job opportunities — click *Minimum 6 months, taxes not included. on the Jobs button at Including wolf, polar bear and wildlife related souvenirs. 235 Cree Road, Thompson, MB FIND US... N55 43’38.61 W97 52’18.45. Or ďŹ rst left as you enter, or last right Derek Maude 3-33 Severn Cres. as you leave ďż˝ompson - 216 Hayes Rd. Pete & Ray are just two old farts with Mobile appointments available P: 204-677-4272 Thompson, MB NORTH big hearts who will gladly look after you. CENTRE MALL 93 Churchill Dr. Thompson, MB 204-677-5204 OPEN DAILY 8 am - 93pm. Ph/Fx 204Road 778 6819 C: 204-307-0032 R8N 1M7 FIND US Station Call the Thompson Citizen Derek Maude 3-33 Severn Cres. as you le Esthetician and Owner Thompson, MB R8N 0N3 Including wolf, polar bear and wildlife related souvenirs. P: 204-677-4272 Thompson, MB bigor heart (204) 677-4534 (ext. 1) e FIND US... N55 43’38.61 W97 52’18.45. Or ďŹ rst left as you enter,R8N or last right 93 Churchill Dr. Thompson, MB 204-677-5204 C: 204-307-0032 1M7 Phone 677-3642 Fax: 778-6557

Nickel Belt News

93 Churchill Dr.



Thompson, MB

Nickel Belt News

Manitoba Civil Service Commission Thompson Citizen Ad size: 2 col. = 3.17� x 145 lines Insertion date: Wed. June 13

Congratulations 204-677-5204


OPEN DAILY 8 am - 9 pm. Ph/Fx 204 778 6819


Marlies’ Mobile Esthetics

NORTHMobile CENTRE MALL appointments available

3 Station Road We are very proud Marlies Cook of your accomplishment! Thompson, MB R8N 0N3 Esthetician and Owner Congratulations on your graduation! Mom, Dad & Family Wishing you every success in the next chapter of your life. Phone 677-3642 Fax: 778-6557 431-754-5424 We love you and we are so proud of you. Office Rentals Love from Mom & Dad



N.C. Crossroad Lanes


2018 2016 B&W - $21/wk*

R.D. Parker Collegiate Graduation Special

10 Pin & 5 Pin Bowling • Glow Bowling 235 Cree Road, Thompson, MB Sports Bar • Strikers Lounge Homemade Pizza • VLTs • Video Games THIS SPOT Parties CAN BE YOURS! ComputerizedMarlies’ Scoring • Birthday Mobile Esthetics Congratulations Call the Thompson Citizen Twoonie Tuesdays Mobile • Closed Sundaysavailable + Holidays appointments

Colour -

*Minimum 6 months, taxes not inclu

Janice Thompson

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soads@thompsoncitizen 431-754-5424 B&W - $21/wk* Colour - $30/wk*J N.C.a Crossroad Lanes NORTH CENTRE MALL

2nd Floor North Centre Cook Mall - 677-4415 Marlies Esthetician and Owner Nick Di Virgilio, Proprietor YOURS!

Call the Thompson Citizen Join us in presenting a comprehensive Graduation Booklet (204)235 677-4534 (ext. 1) or email Cree Road, Thompson, MB covering all aspects of this year’s graduating class!

*Minimum 6 months, taxes not included.

Call the Thompson Citizen

(204) 677-4534 (ext. 1) or e

10 Pin We & are 5 Pin Bowling • Glow Bowling very proud ofSports your accomplishment! Bar • Strikers Lounge B&W - $21/wk* Colour Mom, Dad & Family *Minimum 6 months, Homemade Pizza • VLTs • Video Gamestaxes not inclu Computerized Scoring • Birthday Parties Twoonie Tuesdays • Closed Sundays + Holidays


Congratulations NORTH CENTRE MALLon your graduation! Wishing you every success in the next chapter of your life.

Parents of graduating students: We’d like to offer you a special rate for publishing thColour - $30/wk* B&W - $21/wk* annual Booklet. congratulation messages to your grads in our 64th annual Grad grad booklet.

2018 2016

*Minimum 6 months, taxes not included.

We love and we are soThompson, proud of you. MB 235youCree Road,

Love from Mom & Dad

This special offer covers a photo and short message, all in full colour. e Road, Thompson, MB Phone 677-3642 Fax: 778-6557 This special edition will include photos, prom night, speeches & awards, your messages, Join us in presenting Office Rentals and messages from graduating students. Please Please submit submitby byJune June22, 24,2018. 2016.

3 6557


We prepare all types of tax Mobile returns Esthetics Marlies’

Brian & Sherrie Kreuger

Thompson MB apply and advise that only those We thank all who Phone 677 0277 Fax 677 0276 selected for further consideration will be contacted.

le Esthetics


Law Of

Tax preparation services

33 Selkirk Ave. FURNITURE Ph: 677-4574 • Fax: 778-6622 & APPLIANCES

Brian & Sherrie Kreuger

Big City Fashion


Tax preparation services

list of qualifications and conditions of employment.


Cal MA

COMM 125 Tho WILL Ph

We prepare allChurchill types Drive of tax returns 101-83

101-83 Churchill CityDrive Centre Mall -


33 Selkirk Ave. Please visit a complete Ph: 677-4574 for • Fax: 778-6622

431-754-5424 Your cover letter, resumĂŠ and/or application must clearly

Tax preparation services (204) 677-2393

33 Selkirk Ave. DEARMAN & PELLIZZARO Ph: 677-4574 • Fax: 778-6622

Brian &•Sherrie Kreuger WILLS • FAMILY LAW • REAL ESTATE CRIMINAL DEFENCE 2 Locations to assist you (204) 677-2393 with all of your Insurance needs.

and related experience. Experience in a facility/ property managed environment and in the performance of building operations and maintenance. Must have Burntwood Plaza supervisory experience in a client service environment.

Marlies Cook


Burntwood Plaza

D.R. Knight Law OfÂżce Direct: (204) 948-0406 Qualifications: 202-900 Harrow St. E. (204) 948-0400 Post-secondary certificate or diplomaBus: or Trades Winnipeg,inManitoba Fax: (204) Certificate a Building/Facility Operation and 948-0401 R3M 3Y7 field and/or Maintenance a Power Engineer certificate

Apply to:



, Q.C.




Facility Manager: A Career with the Government of City Centre Mall - The Manitoba Insurance Store Insurance Service Ltd. Providing services in the The Manitoba government is Ph: seeking a legal highly motivated 677-9991 • Fax: 778-5145 ICHARD HIDDEN North for more than 50 years. Facility Manager to work at Headingley Correctional Barristerto and Solicitor Centre. We are committed providing ongoing 2nd oor, 436 Thompson Drive N., Thompson, MB R8N 0C6 professional and educational development for all 5t' employees and provide an excellent benefits package.

A E Law Of â–


2nd Floor North Centre MallBooklet - 677-4415 a comprehensive Graduation Nick Di Virgilio, Proprietor covering all aspects of this year’s graduating class!

5,000 copies will be printed in July, and a downloadable version will be available online. N.C. Crossroad Lanes Parents of graduating students: We’d like to offer you a special rate for publishing You can also reserve a copy that we will mail directly to you. 10 Pin & 5 Pin Bowling • Glow Bowling th annual Booklet. congratulation messages to your grads in our 64th annual Grad grad booklet.

R.D. Parker Collegiate Graduation SpecialSports Bar • Strikers Lounge N.C. Crossroad Lanes Thompson Citizen NORTH MALL CENTRE MALL Thompson Citizen SIZE NORTH PRICE special offer covers a photo and 10 short message, all in full• colour. Homemade CENTRE Pizza • VLTs This • Video Games Pin & 5 Pin Bowling Glow Bowling PH: 204-677-4534

3 Station RoadLanes This special editionParties will include photos, prom night,Sports speeches messages, 3.5 x 2.2 46.60 Computerized Scoring • Birthday PH: N.C. Crossroad Bar&• awards, Strikers your Lounge Janice Thompson FAX:204-677-4534 204-677-3681 Please by 2018. and messages from graduating students. Please submit submit by•June June 2016.Games Thompson, MB •R8N Twoonie Tuesdays Closed Sundays NORTH•CENTRE MALL+ Holidays 3.5 x103.2 67.86 Pin & 5 Pin Bowling Glow0N3 Bowling Homemade Pizza VLTs22, •24, Video $


FAX: 204-677-3681 Congratulations

Phone 677-3642 Fax:Lounge 778-6557 3 Station Road Sports Bar • Strikers Computerized Scoring • Birthday 5,000 copies will be printed in July, and a downloadable version will be available Parties online. 2nd Floor North Centre Mall - 677-4415 FREE COLOUR

HomemadeOffice Pizza • Rentals VLTs • Video Games Computerized Scoring • Birthday Parties Twoonie Tuesdays • Closed Sundays + Holidays


2nd Floor North Centre Mall - 677-4415

Thompson, MB Proprietor R8NYou 0N3can also reserve a copyTwoonie Tuesdays • Closed Sundays + Holidays that we will mail directly to you. Nick Di Virgilio, Phone 677-3642 Fax: 778-6557 2nd Floor North Centre Mall - 677-4415 Thompson Citizen Office Rentals Nick Di Virgilio, Proprietor SIZE PRICE $

Thompson Citizen PH: 204-677-4534

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