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Friday, March 2, 2018

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Senior girls' basketball team Kings of the summer Manitoba's again Council takes Canada Goose CEO best once BY IAN GRAHAM

donates $1 million towards polar bear conservation facility EDITOR@THOMPSONCITIZEN.NET

first step towards reducing their ranks in October

It took a couple of close games and even a bit of overtime magic, but R.D. Parker Collegiate's senior VIA RAIL SERVICE girls' basketball team beat RESUMES BETWEEN Polar Bears International all “Over the least decade of ing them build a muchBears International challengers at theboard AAA WINNIPEG AND GILLAM STUDENTS MARCHING (PBI) received a $1 million member and a former working with PBI, I have needed facility which will high school provincials in NEWS AGAINST VIOLENCE donationGUN towards the con- chairman of that board seen fi rsthand the passion serve as a launch site for Winnipeg March 15-17 to that’s our size, we have the 2008 to 2017, and energy that the team PBI’s research and educa- BY IAN GRAHAM struction of NEWS a new-PAGE facility PAGE 22 from claim the title as the top EDITOR@THOMPSONCITIZEN.NET most,” she said. in Churchill during their pledged the money, which puts into their important tional activities on polar team in Manitoba for the Council approved fi rst Matechuk said that Polar Bear Affair gala in represents about half of research and efforts to bear habitat conservation reading of a bylaw to re- since the need to cut costs thirdmoney time in the four ensure polar bears have around the world.” the thepast organToronto Feb. 27. Dani Reiss, president years. ization hopes to raise for a future,” said Reiss in a The proposed Polar duce the number of coun- is partly due to the new, TheBears Trojans beat the press release. “It is a priv- Bears International House, cillors from eight to six at lower grant-in-lieu (GIL) and CEO of Canada Goose, Polar International by a that Vale Manitoba Operas well as a current Polar University House. of Winnipeg ilege to be a part of help- construction of which is their Feb. 26 meeting Thompson Citizen photos Kyle vote of 6-3, with councilations paysby the cityDarbyson instead to on begin the Day, which took place July 13 outside Collegiate 58-50 Members ofWesmen the United Steelworkers Local 6166 organized a expected family picnic KingatMiner their headquarters on lors Ron Matechuk, Dunof property taxes, the counstart of the 2018 polar bear in overtime on St. Patrick's Elizabeth Drive. Unlike last year’s event, Friday’s picnic was complimented by consistently can sunny weather, which allowed the steelworkers to set up Wong and Judy Kolada cillors who negotiated that season, will be built on doDay claim the for provinopposed. potatotosack races the kids on top of handing out grilled hotdogs and cold drinks. agreement could make it nated land on Churchill’s cial championship. The Before the reduction possible for council to go main street and designed teams were close through becomes reality, however, through a trial period with to be energy efficient and most of the game, tied at ecologically sound. It will the bylaw must be the fewer members. “If the three councillors the end of the first and serve as a site to educate subject of a public hearing, currently scheduled that negotiated the GIL, this second quarters and RDPC visitors to Churchill about for March 12, and then miserable, this very poor polar bears, climate change behind by two to start the receive second and third GIL, were to do the honand the urgent need to take fourth, though they were GOLFERS TEE OFF action, as well as provide reading, which are tenta- ourable thing and resign down by as many as nine IN MILLION DOLLAR broadcast facilities for tively slated to occur March from council, we would points in the third quarter. HOLE-IN-ONE SEXUAL ASSAULT'S media, support polar bear 12 and March 26 respect- have a couple of weeks to The Trojans tied the score SPORTS research and outreach ef- ively. City manager Gary find out whether we want EFFECTS REMAIN AFTER 40 44-44 with about four PAGE 7 forts, and assist visiting Ceppetelli says the bylaw to proceed all the way to YEARS minutes left and then built scientists, educators and must be passed 180 days third reading on this,” said NEWS - PAGE 3 up a five-point lead, but other guests whose work prior to the election date Matechuk, who repeated the Wesmen battled back and support are critical to of Oct. 24. If it is, the next comments made Feb. 12 polar bear conservation. election could be a bit of when council voted 5-2 to tie the game and send The facility will include a a case of musical chairs, to amend the Thompson it to overtime. The team workspace, bunkhouse, with the eight incumbent Charter Act, which stipudidn't let the late comekitchen and storage space councillors, assuming all of lates that council should back by their opponents them decide to run again, have eight councillors and for equipment. affect them though, and “This is the single lar- competing for only six a mayor, to the effect that outscored the Wesmen gest donation PBI has available spots, along with reducing the number of council positions would 9-1 in overtime to claim received and it is an all the other candidates. Eliminating two council prevent “new blood” from the championship title. amazing commitment to positions would save just coming into council. "It was tied for most helping secure the polar under $20,000 in salarDeputy mayor Colleen bear’s future,” said PBI of the game," said coach ies and perhaps about Smook said that isn’t neexecutive director Krista Christine Sim. "We were Citizen courtesytrue of RDPC Athletics $5,500 toThompson $16,400 in photo cessarily as she and “We’re team humbled down for most of the R.D. Parker Collegiate's senior Wright. girls' basketball poses with their provincial championship banner and trophy after travel expenses, based Valentino were among the by this generous gift and game but then we came beating the University of Winnipeg Collegiate Wesmen 58-50 inon overtime to claim spent the school's seniorvote-getters girls’ basketball the amounts on third top three in STELLA LOCKER extremely grateful.” back usually and always TH will ensure Thompson can refineries director Ricus Voisey’s Bay in Labrador,” cluding mines in Sudbury championship in four years March 17. BY IAN GRAHAM travel by the two lowest2014 despite having not CELEBRATES 85 deliver a valuand milling tied it by the end of the Grimbeek announced the Grimbeek wrote. “In Mani- continue EDITOR@THOMPSONCITIZEN.NET spendingtocouncillors and and beenmining on council before, BIRTHDAY said Sim, adding best games, that for sure," out." teammanagement last year, structure said it other," SCHOOL BOARD REJECTS Erica and Dani Reiss donew toba, we will see the closure able nickel concentrate operations in both ThompThe tenure of Mark Scott the two highest spending while Coun. Penny Byer NEWS quarter. Then we went helped to have players that the team went into Sim said about the opener, Ashley Williams was TRIMMING TRUSTEE in a July 9 bulletin, noting of our smelter and refinery product and remain an imson and Voisey’s Bay. He renated $1 million towards as Vale Manitoba Operin the fi scal year 2016. said fresh faces don’t autoPAGE 8 into overtime for five minnamed the tournament the tournament with the ascribing the closeness to who had been to this NUMBERS that Vale cannot continue in the coming weeks−cerports directly to Grimbeek. portant mining and milling ations vice-president, and Shrinking council to six matically equate to differPolar Bears International’s utes and buckled down." while mentality that they could nerves on for the part of her stage before. NEWS - PAGE 7 as an employee of Vale, to work the same way as in tainly a difficult for operation many years was oneHannah of two would put Thompson in MVP, entScott results. proposed facility intime ChurchRDPC had never won a Murdy was selected as players. win it all. "I think that period of our employees and the local to come.” departures from Vale menwill end July 20 as the com- the"I past tookduring four ofathe Grade line with other similarly “I’m not sure that whethill during the organization’s senior provincial basket- fundamental change. community. On a more posiUnder the new structure, tioned by Grimbeek, who pany has reorganized the 10s for that reason too be- it sized communities said er you have new blood a tournament all-star. helped that they had The Trojans then cruised Polar Bear Affair gala in Toball title untilstructure 2105 when note,together we havebefore safely Alistair Ross, previously the Murdy said, has the “In the last month alone, tive management for cause Coun. Blake Ellis, a commakes“Mark that great aled differand teammate played to a berth in the final with they've been there, rontosuccessfully Feb. 27. completed they finally claimed the we saw the closure of our and director of Ontario mining operations through a very its North Atlantic operations ment reiterated by Coun. ence in what a council is they understand what as well and a lot of them an 81-39 victory over the Casey Singh are the only crown after havingdivision lost in Acton Refinery in the the Thompson Concentrate operations, will be in charge difficult period with the Nickel Belt News and Asia refineries Kathy Valentino. able to do and accomplish they have to do," she said. had been in the situa- Westgate Mennonite Col- members of this year's (TCLO) mining you operations the closure of on Birchtree the eliminated finals the his two previ- U.K. and approved the Loadout Project and position. “When look atfor every depending what the and obcourtesyon of of legiate Wings. team to have been on tion beforephoto at provincials "They're all good players, underground expansion at time and on budget, which North Atlantic division, inNorth Atlantic and Asia other city or municipality Continued 3 ous years. They repeated Continued on Page 3 Polar Bears International "That one was much the roster for the 2016 they all know each other, whether it was the chamas champions in 2016. championship. they've played together, pionship finals before that better." The senior girls lost both After claiming the title, The Trojan boys opened most of them, for a couple some of the seniors had their games at provincials with a 76-58 of years so they knew won a couple years ago the players were "ecstatic," provincials WE SELL last year after most of the • HOUSEWARE • ELECTRONICS that were still on the team said Sim. loss to the second-ranked each other really well." HELIUM members of the cham"They're a pretty excit- Neelin High School Sparand then all the jayvees The players who moved • TOYS • FRAMES pionship squads graduBALLOONS! ed group of girls, that's tans, who went on to capup to the senior squad this that had won last year." ated, but the junior girls • CRAFT • LINEN The girls had a tough for sure," the coach said. ture the championship. year also meshed well team won RDPC's secondSTATIONERY CARDS opening game at •this "Definitely lots ofWE emo-ARE Their tournament ended with the players who • were ever junior varsity AAA year's tournament, beat- tions, especially for the with a 70-67 loss to the already there. THE PARTY girls' championship. ing the Lorette Collegiate Grade 12s with it being St. John's-Ravenscourt "They just ended up LOOK FOR Sim, “GREAT CANADIAN SPECIALISTS MIDGET AA KING MINERS who was the coach DOLLAR STORE - THOMPSON” ON FACEBOOK! their last year, it was a Eagles in the first round of working together and Scorpions 64-61. WIN PROVINCIALS junior OF THE MON - THU: 9 amof- 9the pmchampion • FRIDAY: 9 am - 10 • SATURDAY: 9 am - 9"It pmwasn't • SUNDAY: am - good 6 pm way for one of10our them to goNORTH! the consolation playoffs. gotpm comfortable with each

Mark Scott’s last day as Vale Manitoba Operations vice-president is July 20


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Cheryl Ann Onook June 19, 1949 - July 22, 2016

Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Via passenger train service between Winnipeg and Gillam resumes after week-long suspension

Forever missed

and loved by your husband Dave and family

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Thompson Citizen file photo Via Rail passenger train service between Winnipeg and Gillam resumed July 13 following a week-long suspension due to a derailment and heavy rains. Via Rail passenger train service between Winnipeg and Gillam, suspended since July 5 because of a derailment in Saskatchewan and then heavy rains in Wabowden, resumed July 13 with train 695 from Thompson to Gillam. Service on the railway from Winnipeg to The Pas that links up with the Hudson Bay Railway and provides

Via-operated passenger trains from Winnipeg to Gillam was suspended after a northbound train derailed 37 kilometres north of Hudson Bay, Saskatchewan around 3:05 a.m. July 5 while en route to The Pas. Sixteen passengers and five crew on board the ninecar, two-locomotive train at the time were taken to health care facilities in Hudson Bay for assessment and treatment

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Winnipeg and Gillam on July 11 as well as the southbound train 694 from Gillam to Thompson on July 13. Trains were scheduled to leave southbound from Gillam to The Pas on July 14, followed by the northbound train from The Pas to Gillam July 15. A southbound train from Gillam to Winnipeg was scheduled to leave July 16.

Public Utilities Board approves recovery of Thompson water utility deficits from 2014 and 2015 BY IAN GRAHAM


The Public Utilities Board of Manitoba (PUB) approved applications from the City of Thompson June 14 to recover water and wastewater utility operating deficits from 2014 and 2015. The city applied in 2015 for approval of a deficit of

OBITUARY RODNEY PHILLIP PENNELL We would sadly like to announce the early passing of Rodney Phillip Pennell with family by his side. Rodney passed away on the early morning of Tuesday, July 10, 2018 at Thompson General Hospital. Rodney was born September 29, 1975 in Thompson. He is survived by his Mother, Lenorah Fitzpatrick (Nick), his brothers Neil Pennell (Tracy) and Robert Pennell (Katherine), his Grandmothers, Rose Pennell and Gladys Price and his beloved nieces and nephews.

and released. The rail line in that area was cleared and repaired in less than a week, but service remained suspended because of heavy rains near Wabowden, about 100 kilometres south of Thompson, that closed the Hudson Bay Railway Thicket Subdivision, which forced the cancellation of northbound passenger train 693 between

Predeceasing Rodney was his Father, Roland (Bob) Pennell and his Grandfathers Roy Pennell and Eldred Price. Respecting his wishes, cremation has taken place and no formal service will be held. The family would like to express their deepest thanks and appreciation to the Nurses in the ER and ICU and Dr. Tassi. Your kindness will never be forgotten.

$181,396 for 2014, which it proposed to recover from the utility’s accumulated surplus. The city said the 2014 deficit was due to the amount of public works resources required to repair a large number of water line breaks and for repairs to the wastewater treatment plant when the outfall for the sewage collapsed, resulting in flooding. The city said that it had reallocated a surplus of over $300,000 from the public works labour budget to cover the utility deficit. In December 2016 the city submitted an application to recover the 2015 deficit of $295,187 from the utility’s accumulated surplus. That

year’s deficit, the city said, was due to actual water consumption totalling only 1,314,926 cubic metres, about 20 per cent below the projected consumption of 1,624,625 cubic metres. The PUB issued a board order in 2009 that said utilities should maintain a working capital surplus equal to 20 per cent of annual expenses. In 2014, the city’s working capital surplus was about $450,000, well below the recommended amount of $746,000 based on that year’s working expenses. In 2015, there was no working capital surplus when it should have been about $728,000.

Wednesday, July 18, 2018

News • Page 3

Management reorganization will see Alistair Ross oversee mining operations in Thompson, Sudbury and Voisey’s Bay Continued from Page 1 pending closure of the smelter and refinery. Despite these difficulties, at the same time Mark has led to Thompson team to significantly improve safety, reduce unit costs and achieve positive production results. I want to thank Mark for his ongoing commitment and wish him well in future endeavours.” Scott, who began his career with Inco in the human resources department in Ontario in 2001, replaced Lovro Paulic as vice-president of Manitoba Operations in February 2016 after Paulic left Thompson to become the director of operations at PT Vale Indonesia. Prior to becoming vice-president, Scott was the manager of mining and milling for Vale Manitoba Operations. Grimbeek said there was still work to be done on the management structure of individual organizations and that more information would be coming in the weeks and months ahead. “The structure for the Manitoba Operations is still being finalized and we will share more information in the coming weeks,” said Ryan Land, Vale Manitoba Operations corporate affairs

and organizational development manager, in an email. Warren Luky, president of United Steelworkers Local 6166, which represents about 800 hourly workers in Vale Manitoba Operations, said there’s still a lot of uncertainty about exactly what the management structure of the division will look like. “What I understand is we’ll be run as a satellite mine out of Sudbury such as Voisey’s Bay will so it‘s still not clear how that’s all going to work,” he said, noting that the union had fostered a good relationship with local management over the years. “We’ve got a lot of work done together and it’s taken a lot of work on that relationship and now the change is that we’ll be under Sudbury in some format. We don’t know all the details yet.” Luky said Manitoba Operations currently have just over 1,100 employees, including nearly 300 staff, though he expects that number to change very soon and says that the company wants to reduce the number of hourly workers to about 600 and that some staff could be receiving layoff notices or buyout offers next month. According to Land, Vale Manitoba Operations won’t

Thompson Citizen file photo Mark Scott, seen here addressing the Thompson Chamber of Commerce last December, will be leaving Vale Manitoba Operations and its parent company July 20 as the position of vice-president of Manitoba Operations is being eliminated due to management restructuring. have a full breakdown of their staff and hourly workforce until they issue notice letters sometime in the future. “As of today, there has been no change to the timing for the remaining two

notice periods and workforce adjustment phases, and the budgeted number of employees remains the same,” Rand wrote in an email to the Thompson Citizen on July 16. “Due to attrition and ongoing chan-

EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITIES LIFEGUARDS AND INSTRUCTOR GUARDS The successful candidate will be a minimum of 16 years old, possess National Lifeguard Service Award (NLS), Standard First Aid (SFA), Lifesaving Society Instructor (LSI), Swim for Life, effective public relation skills and good communication skills which prove an ability to give and receive verbal and written instructions. Candidates must have the ability to work a variety of shifts, including evenings and weekends. Instructor Trainer (IT) and National Lifeguard Service Award Instructor (NLSI) would be considered an asset. Please note these positions are conditional upon the successful passing of a Criminal Records Check and Child Abuse Registry Check. Applications will be accepted by the Human Resources Department. Those interested may apply in confidence by submitting an application form (addition of resume optional): Applications are available at City Hall (see address below) or online at

Are you interested in what you would need for a career in aquatics? Please call the pool today! (204) 677-7963

DEPUTY CHIEF - FIRE The City of Thompson seeks a full-time Deputy Chief-Fire. Reporting to the Director of Fire and Public Safety, the Deputy Chief-Fire will directly supervise all Fire/Rescue operations and manage the department’s fire prevention and public education program. This position administers all relevant training for the department while focusing on long term and short term strategic and operational goals. The Deputy Chief-Fire performs all duties collaboratively and interchangeably with the Deputy Chief-EMS The successful candidate will be licensed in Manitoba and Certified as an Intermediate Care Paramedic, with demonstrated experience in the leading, teaching, mentoring and supervision of staff. In addition, the candidate will have at minimum, Fire Officer Level 2 (NFPA 1021), Firefighter Level 2 (NFPA 1001), Investigation (NFPA 1033), Inspection Level 2 (NFPA 1031), Emergency Services Instructor Level 2 (NFPA 1041), Fire Life Safety Educator (NFPA 1035), and possess a minimum of 5 years’ experience as a Senior Officer. The candidate will possess excellent interpersonal and communication skills, and strong leadership skills, with experience managing in a unionized environment. In addition the candidate must be physically fit, possess a Class 4A driver’s license, and a clear criminal records check and must be proficient in computers, including Microsoft and Fire Data Management. For more information about our community and organization, please visit our website at The salary range for this 40 hour/week position is $81,244 - 92,268. Please send detailed resumes outlining experience, education, qualifications and references by Friday, July 20, 2018 at 4:30 p.m. to the address below:

FACILITIES MANAGER The City of Thompson invites qualified applicants to submit a resume for consideration for this management position: The successful candidate directs the construction, maintenance, upkeep and repair of parks and recreation facilities in accordance with the policies set by City Council for the Department of Recreation, Parks & Culture. The candidate will report to the Director of Recreation, Parks and Culture. The incumbent shall have a minimum of 5 years’ experience in municipal operations, with specific emphasis on maintenance and management of recreational facilities. Possession of Facilities Technician, Pool Plant Operator and Ice Plant Operator certifications would be considered a great asset. Essential skills include: demonstrated skill and ability to plan and organize work effectively, supervise and lead employees in a Unionized environment. The candidate should have working knowledge and experience in the maintenance of buildings and facilities, with demonstrated experience in scheduling, budget control, and positive labour relations. The salary range is $73,715 - $84,240 per annum, and the right candidate can expect a salary that reflects their level of experience. The City of Thompson offers an extensive benefits package for this position. Please send detailed resumes outlining experience, education, qualifications and references by Friday, July 20, 2018 at 4:30 p.m. to the address below:

ges in the business, it remains a relatively dynamic process.” Luky went on to say that the union is also uncertain about what will happen to the Birchtree Mine, which went on care and mainten-

ance last October. “I’ve understood unofficially from Mark Scott his desire was that they do some drilling to define what they have there and see if they can make it a mine or if there’s anything they can go after that’s viable as an ore body,” Luky said. “They’re paying $3 million a year just to keep it on care and maintenance right now but we really don’t know what’s going to happen to Birchtree. I suspect with the current nickel price, which isn’t fantastic right now, it would be difficult to make a business case to go back at it.” The uncertainty is leading some employees, who don’t know if they will be laid off or if there will be any opportunity for them to return if they are, to resign and either move out of Thompson or on to a new career. “A lot of them still want to work here, still want to be miners here or work in the mill and that’s the troubling part,” Luky said. “What do you tell these guys without a hard number from HR on how many people are going to get laid off? It’s an uncertain future and all we can hope for is that the nickel market will float us out of this.”

2018 MUNICIPAL ELECTION For information on the October 24, 2018 Municipal Election please contact David Turpie, SEO at: Phone: (204) 679-1000 Fax: (204) 778-8153 E-mail: Or visit the 2018 Manitoba Municipal Election webpage at EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITIES CASHIERS The successful candidate will have Grade 12 or equivalent and minimum typing speed of 40 w.p.m. The Cashier must hold or have the ability to acquire Emergency First Aid certificate, to deal with the public pleasantly at all times and operate a variety of office equipment. Clerical experience and knowledge of “CLASS Registration program” would be an asset. Some of the duties include collecting admission and lesson fees, registering participants for lessons and passes, cashing in and out and completing daily cash statements, monitoring and controlling patrons’ behaviour, answering routine inquiries from the public, as well as performing security checks of the building. The Cashier may write and type routine letters, reports, and correspondence. Other related duties as per the job description. The rate of pay is $15.33 per hour.

FACILITY ATTENDANTS The right candidate will be enthusiastic and promote a positive image of our facilities and programs. Additional qualifications include: excellent communication and interpersonal skills, problem-solving skills, ability to work independently with little supervision, and a general knowledge of the facility operations and equipment. Duties include receiving visitors, giving out authorized information, patrolling the change rooms, public areas and entrances, providing assistance to customers and general public by answering questions and providing directions within the facilities and equipment, and performing light cleaning duties. The Facility Attendant will be greeting user groups, ensuring meeting room set-up for meetings and events, relaying messages and recording complaints, handling dressing room keys and assignments. The rate of pay is $13.34 per hour. Applications will be accepted up to and including Friday, July 27, 2018 at 4:30 p.m. Those interested may apply in confidence to the address below. Applications are available at City Hall or online at

Human Resources City of Thompson, 226 Mystery Lake Road, Thompson, Manitoba R8N 1S6 FAX: (204) 677-7981 E-Mail: The City of Thompson is committed to providing a superior quality of life and unlimited opportunities. We are dedicated to supporting healthy growth and our northern urban lifestyle while providing our residents with high quality municipal services and facilities.

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Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Letter toMarch the 21, Editor Wednesday, 2018

Municipal Keep fighting Keep fighting election against tuberculosis against tuberculosis campaign season

Wednesday, July 18,Citizen 2018 Thompson

141 Commercial Place, Box 887 Thompson Citizen Thompson Citizen Thompson, Manitoba R8N 1T1 141Commercial Commercial Place, Box 141 Box 887 887 Phone: 677-4534Place, • Fax 677-3681 Thompson, MB R8N R8N 1T1 Thompson, Manitoba 1T1 e-mail: Phone 204-677-4534 Fax 204-677-3681 Phone: 677-4534 • Fax 677-3681 Page 4 e-mail:

Page 4

Letter to the Editor

To the Editor:

ToTuberculosis the Editor: (TB) is a highly contagious disease, caused by bacteria. Each year, TB claims the lives (TB) is worldwide. a highly contagious of Tuberculosis 1.7 million people TB is notdisease, only a caused Eachcountries, year, TB but claims lives problemby in bacteria. Third World alsothe here in of 1.7 million worldwide. in TBthe is north. not only a Canada, with a people higher prevalence EDITORIAL problem World countries, but also here in Due to in theThird lack of vaccination, disease prevention whena the mayor and councilin make some sort of Canada, higher prevalence the north. is Usually most with important. Additionally, some TB bacteria decision, one thatyears, requires spending money, or Duechanged to especially the lack of vaccination, disease have over the giving riseprevention to forms raising taxes or water rates, there’s no shortage oftreatment responses is important. Additionally, some TB bacteria of most multi-drug resistant TB, which means in chambers, social media, or in any oftoThomphave changed overonthe years, giving riseby forms is council lengthy, complicated and accompanied severe son’s many gathering places. Overall, of people will of multi-drug resistant TB, whichplenty means treatment side effects. have opinions about whether decisions or is Did lengthy, complicated accompanied by right severe you know that oneand inthese four people inwere this world wrong, and they aren’t shy about sounding off about what side effects. have TB? March 24 is World TB day, raising awarethey do if they ininthe same position. Didwould youproviding know thatwere four people in this funds world ness and anone opportunity to mobilize Of course, it’s easy things. But actually doing them have TB?TB March 24toissay World day, awaretowards elimination. I amTB glad to raising see Canada as requires a little of global aan more sustained effort. ness providing opportunity to mobilize funds a top and donor tobit the fund to fight tuberculosis. In a recent in the Municipal Leader, the towards TBarticle elimination. I amcontinues glad to see Canada as I hope that this commitment in Association the future of Manitoba Municipalities (AMM) magazine, Thompson a to the fundtoto fight sotop thatdonor we can meetglobal our goal stop TB.tuberculosis. Mayor Fenske, one of several mayors Manitoba I hope Dennis that this commitment continues ininthe future not seeking on Oct. that it was time for so that we re-election can meet our goal24, tosaid stop TB. Karolin Klement new leadership in this community, noting that whileCalgary council had a good balance of men and women, Karolin it isn’t reflective of Klement Thompson’s population as a whole, particularly its immigrant Calgary Editorial

starting slowly

and First Nations population, though at least one member of the current council was born outside of Canada. Editorial At this point, however, although it’s early in the process, not a lot of people are completely decided about putting their money where their mouths are, given that, since the registration period for mayoral candidates began at the start of May, there’s been only one person to step forward−twoterm councillor Penny Byer. And while councillor and school board trustee registration only began July 30, so far there’s just a single candidate, Godfrey Buhagiar, one of Thompson’s citizens who regularly attends council meetings, and frequentlyoth asksofquestions to themer mayor,councillor whether during the ThompLuke general inquiries portion of the meetings, or in letters to the son’s local Robinson, who served editor in the Citizen.mer councillor Luke othThompson of Thompelected bodies one term on council Withoutson’s any disrespect to either of the two who candidates we local Robinson, served have considered profrom 2010 to 2014 behave so far, they don’t exactly represent new blood or a step elected bodies one term on council posals ato reduce the fore being defeated towards more demographically representative have considered pro- from 2010 to 2014 benumber of representaMayor Dennis Fenske There are plenty of reasons for people to be reluctant to posals to reduce the fore being defeated by tivesforward comprising them in the race toright become step as mayoral or council candidates now, number Fenske and one of representathem made head ofDennis council given that of the economy of the Mayor city’s major industry is last in a tives comprising them in the race to become a choice March 13 not time that Thompsonites downward part of its cycle, or at least not a rising one, and and onefour ofits them made last to shrink numbers, went toofthecouncil pollsdoing about the next years are going tohead be mainly about as a March 13 not time that Thompsonites aschoice school board trustthree-and-half years much as possible with less, and facing difficult decisions like to numbers, polls how –voted or if –its to maintain transitwent service inthe theinface ofabout losing eesshrink 6-1 against ago – to was favour of as school board trustthree-and-half the contractor who provides drivers literally weekyears after a resolution by trustee reducing thea numbers, ees voted 6-1 ago was innext favour of the election date. A against lot of the decisions that the council Ryan Land (the only with –the other seven opa resolution by trustee reducing the numbers, makes aren’t going to be easy, and they aren’t going to be vote in support) to re- posed. Although counpopular, and the peopleonly who them will subjectopto Ryan Land (the with the other duce the number of make cil hasn’t yetbeseven voted on criticism theseven city’s residents. vote in from support) to retrustees from to posed. second Although reading ofcounthat But hopefully the slow start the election period duce the number of tocil hasn’t yetnext voted on five. bylaw, thecampaign stage is more about the fact that it is summer and the weather is trustees from seven to second reading of One night earlier, towards it becomingthat ofnice and the kids are out of school and there’s still plenty of five. bylaw, the next stage slightly more than a ficial, there’s at least a time beforenight the registration closes on Sept. of18. One earlier,of candidates towards it becoming half-dozen Thompsonbetter than even chance Last time around, Thompson was not afflicted by the slightly more than a that ficial,it there’s at least a ites showed up to voice will be approved. problem manyThompsonmunicipalities in the province face of so half-dozen better than even chance their opinion on a proAs watchers of council few candidates stepping up so that elections aren’t even ites showed up towould voice that ithave will be approved. posed bylaw that noticed, the necessary. In 2014, there werewill 18 candidates for council, their opinion on a from pro- As watchersthat of council see council shrink proposals make 11 for the school board and two for mayor, a total of 31 posed that would noticed, the eight councillors to will it with to have the council floor for onlybylaw 16 available positions, the race for council see council shrink from proposals that make six, nottwo including have tendency be featuring candidatesthe for every oneaavailable We’ll eight to forit theto represent council floor mayor. Only one of approved by at fellow least see come councillors September if vying thetoright six, including the be have a tendency toasbe that not handful of people two-thirds its memtaxpayers and residents will as popular thisofOctober it mayor. Only of approved at least was withfour anyears opinion – forbers and, by given that


A staggering number of Indigenous Canadians are in jail

School board opts for status quo, School board opts for status quo, which way will city council go? which way will city council go?

that handful of people with an opinion – for-

two-thirds of its members and, given that

where Indigenous children were buried. In Ontario, former attorney general Yasir We have learned about the ’60s Scoop, Naqvi announced in November changes to The ’60s Scoop never ended – only the destination changed. Instead of sending In- when school buses pulled up to First Nation the bail policy in that province that would digenous children to white families, the gov- communities, loaded the children on board, reduce the jail population during the preernment has sent a generation of Indigenous only to deliver them, often for a fee, to white trial period. All provinces ought to follow families in the south for adoption. Ontario’s lead. children to jail. It must end. We know about the substandard housing, Sometimes the solutions may be decepNot long ago, First Nations people “caught” leaving their reserve would be ar- the boil-water advisories and so many other tively straightforward. Ending the practice of requiring cash or a rested and thrown in jail. Even more recently, harms arising out of decades of discriminapromise of payment (a surety) in exchange Indigenous children were stolen from their tory abuse by settler governments. Yet despite and knowingfor all this, Canadian for bail – athe practice that hasoftheThompeffect of many the people workload around reducing members, citizens parents byof the Canadian government, to atgovernments to allow the belong criminalizing poverty – would make truly a subtend residential what has been for opposed to schools, the in plan allows greaterhave di-continued whether they son elected more stantial operation of a justice on many ofregular the genocide. people around and system for reducing members, the citizens of Thompdescribed cultural are theas critics workload versity of viewpoints, to constructed the school boarddifference. independent-thinking a foundation systemic that has not As would having Crownwho attorneys and opposed towho the plan Indigenous allows greater di- whether they belong elected more truly justice system thatattend targets ofAcouncil though for Ryan Landofwas orracism council, is that it son candidates aren’t changed much. judges onlyindependent-thinking demand the fewest necessary peoples with impunity is nothing new in are the regular critics versity of viewpoints, to the school board meetings and ask their mostly correct in say- will save money. The married to aligning Some of the right things are being said. conditions a bail order. That means not Canada. Butofficials for who many Canadians, is just of council attend though Ryan council, it on candidates elected ques- this ing that, in Land termswas of or amount is is notthat large themselves who with aren’t any an alcoholic that into order aligning to stay out Chief Justice Richard Wagner has called the telling history, contrasted with atheir supposedly more correct meetings and ask mostly in saywill save money. The married tions week after week, class andsituation ethnicity, the overall – about $20,000 particular side, because “unacceptable.” Attorney General of jail, they need to abstain from alcohol, and enlightenedofficials present. elected questhat, aren’t in terms of amount is not salarlarge themselves with any their opinions may not ing trustees really in councillors’ number Jody Wilson-Raybould that the not telling aright personnow, with a the minimum-wage Givenweek that history, one might expect thatand ethnicity, the acknowledges tions after week, class overall – about $20,000 particular side, because be enough to dissuade a microcosm of the ies per year plus apof opinions on council Canadians and our institutions would be causes of the overrepresentation can be traced job who relies on public transit that they need their opinionsfrom may not trustees aren’t really in councillors’ right now, the number the majority School ofdamage Mys- done proximately halftosalarthat to an is office generally two –offor back to the by colonialism. report on the other side the particularly sensitive to theforsystematic and District be enough to dissuade a microcosm of the ies per year plus apof opinions on council ging ahead, especially tery Lake’s population amount, on average, and against. city within two days of getting bail. But if you thought something serious was disproportionate incarceration of Indigenous the majority from forDistrict proximately half These that is Maybe generally two for being done toMysrectify the issues, you would glamorous, reputation-definsince the number of School as a whole. If ofyou’ve for annual travel and aren’t the low –turnpeople. ging ahead, especially tery Lake’s population amount, on average, and against. wrong. school expenses. For the ingcity, solutions, but they’re solutions that will people who care about to learn been out of people with Canadians should be shocked that to bemany since number as a whole. Ifofyou’ve annual travel and Maybe theaon low turnMany the(and solutionsfor to this problem have a positive impact on problem that nearlyone 50 the per cent of youth in of Canadian jails this way or another board meetings which has aare budget of opinions how not new. They’ve been known for a long must be solved. people who care about been to many school expenses. For the city, out of people with are Indigenous. We should be gobsmacked doesn’t even reach apart from members around $30 million, many councillors there time and have(and often been put into practice To call incarceration numbers crisis to learn that 98 peror cent of girls in Saskatchthis one way another board meetings which has a budget of these opinions on anahow double digits. of the media, well, you that represents probshould be isn’t exwith success in other jurisdictions. Properly would be the understatement of the century. ewan jails are Indigenous. In Manitoba, apdoesn’t apart fromyoumembers around $30 a million, many councillors Whethereven or notreach the haven’t), would ably less than drop in pression of apathythere but fundingwell, and rigorously applyingrepresents restorative Aprobcountry inshould which half the incarcerated proximately 80 per cent of both girls and media, double digits. of the you the that beof isn’t an exnumber of councillors know that they don’t proverbial bucket, of pragmatism. Experijustice programs, rather than making them youth population comes from one group makboys in custody or are Indigenous. Whether not the haven’t), you would ably less than a drop in pression of apathyquite but or school board trust- often feature nearly as though it is about a ence has shown subject to the whims of government cuts, is ing up five per cent of the population can’t The situation is no less alarming with that number of councillors know they don’t the proverbial bucket, of pragmatism. Experiees should be reduced much debate or div- fifth of the overall cost be often that this council possibly a just society. adults. Forty-three per cent of all adult an essential part of the solution. or school board trustoften feature nearly as though itneedisto about a ence has shown quite– is not the sort of quesision as city council of the mayor and coun– and others before But more important, provinces We can’t as a society be okay with itthis women in Canadian jails are Indigenous. ees should be reduced much debate or divfifth of the overall cost often that this council tion for which there is meetings, at least not cil. is going to do what the Yet Indigenous people make up only five per start properly applying the Supreme Court’s and we can’t be okay with moving on from is not the sort of quesision as city council of the mayor and coun– and others before it – a right or wrong anover the past couple Critics of the promajority of its members this, as we do with so many other headlines, 2017 decision in Regina versus Antic, which cent of Canada’s overall population. tion for which there is with meetings, at not the cil. going do what the action being taken. and clarified rules forreduction bail, in- without swer. On the pro side of poliyears.repeated Butleast they’ve posed sayrealis think is to right, regardGiven where Canada started, a or the wrong anover pastthe couple Critics of notthe promajority of its the members cluding presumption that a itperson Corey Shefman lawyer at Olthuis of keeping current made the their decision that will prevent less ofis awhat most ciesright of extermination and assimilation, convicted of a crime shouldn’t be in jail. Kleer Townshend LLP, representing Indigenswer. On the pro side of years. But they’ve posed reduction say think is right, we have made the important strides inand recentit appears there “new blood” from being vocal taxpayersregardnumbers, option think. That’s nodecision small matterthat in a province liketheoreticous peoples,less organizations, and of keeping current it and, will prevent ofand the most years, educating citizens effectsbe their that all but the one of about the themade will seven school elected Ifpersons that iswhat the case, does Manitoba, where over 70 per cent of inmates he’s a contributor with, of colonialism and the cultural genocide on numbers, the option and it appears there “new blood” from being vocal taxpayers think. school board members board trustees at least ally, reduce the divers- it really matter how in pre-trial detentionelected – they’re and, awaitingtheoreticwhich is based at the University of Winnipeg. Indigenous peoples. Weof have learned about2022. that allfor, but the will be are seven school that is case, does opted is one the arguuntil ity of opinions, but that If many ofthethem there trial, not proved guilty of a crime. Follow Corey on Twitter @coreyshefman. the residential schools and the mass graves school board members board trustees at least ally, reduce the divers- it really matter how


ment that it spreads the opted for, is the argument that it spreads the

One of the arguments until 2022. One of the arguments

would only be true if ity of opinions, but that would only be true if

are? many of them there are?

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Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Mayor and council should reject executive staff wage increase

To the editor: With a shrinking population and tax base in Thompson due Vale’s downsizing and the ripple effect still to come, it’s time for financial austerity and a serious look at all of the City of Thompson’s operations and where productivity and return on investment is best placed. As the City has asked the public for input on these matters and has already cut back on youth programs for the summer, which is a

penny wise - pound foolish approach, this is NOT the time to raise executive management salaries as recommended by the city manager’s memo of June 26. It may only be $25,000 a year, but over the next four years that $100,000 could be used for youth summer programs that would be much better spent. Regardless whether “salary increases have mirrored increases union employees received” or not, that policy needs to

be reviewed immediately. It’s time for our community leaders and city management to show some fiduciary responsibility and be accountable to the taxpayer. Salary increases are not acceptable during Thompson’s economic plight and only months before municipal elections. Council can defer any increase in spending until after the election, let the public have their say, and let a new council make that decision. That would be the responsible approach

to take.  Nelson Mandela, former President of South Africa and admired by the world, once said his job as leader was “to serve my people”. Council needs to show some true leadership and make decisions that serve and benefit the community at large and not just executive staff. If this gets approved by council, there should be a public outcry!  Sincerely,    Volker Beckmann

When the gloves are off To the editor: Having tactfully avoided criticism of the city council, for my own reasons, I feel it’s time to break with precedence for a second time. I know it’s summer, and who the hell wants to listen to my mumbling or read city council minutes

for that matter? But two items put on the agenda at council meeting were sort of bizarre. The pathetic attempt to reduce council by two councillors was a little conspicuous. The issue died thankfully, when it was learned that Mr. Fenske can’t wave a magic wand and change provincial legislation per-

taining to our city. The second item, that seems to be coming up all too frequently, are the “character assassinations” of both Mr. Matechuk and Mr. Wong. Most people, especially with Thompson’s downturn, appreciate any council member who scrutinizes the spending of our

Opinion • Page 5

Page g 10


Change isn’t o


periences and opportunFallBurntwood in Northern Custom Mani- ities to occur. humans Builders nowAshas toba isa one of the pretwe are sometimes LICENSED ELECTRICIAN on staff. paratiest sights to witness. lyzed with that fear of not TheFOR colours all around knowingNEEDS if we will experiALL YOUR ELECTRICAL CALL us are gorgeous and it’s ence being content and a huge realization that fulfilled as we are now. change can be a wonder- We don’t know what’s to ful thing. We often forget come, so we stay where how beautiful the prep- we are. The trees know aration for death of this that they can shed their season actually is. Sum- leaves because new leaves mer can’t last forever, as will always come back in even the trees know that the spring. They won’t all good things come to be the exact same as the end and that it’s not only leaves they shed, but a healthy action of life, they might be even more Lakethat we beautiful than the leaves but Setting necessary learn to let go. before. Just like Saturday, July life. 21 You Road 2 Lot 11 When we learn to let don’tNoon know to until 5what’s pm go, we create space and come, but life keeps on For more information 204-677-2961 or 403-808-2982 energy for new life,call exgoing regardless. Trust


Cabin for sale $150,000

Open house

Call Me Roofing Inc.

tax dollars. So why put so much pressure on our “whistle blowers?” Hopefully both councillors will return to office in the fall of 2018; maybe even one as our new mayor. Sincerely, Angus Campbell Sr.

End of bus service will hit home



licensed LICENSED •• insured INSURED •• certified CERTIFIED bbb approved • over 25 years experience

(204) 797-8511


Hotel for sale

A local restaurant and 22 room hotel is now available for sale. This premises has just recently been renovated and offers a high volume of clients complete with government contracts. Interested? Please contact Earl at

(204) 679-2213 Come see Mike at 15 Nelson Road, or call 204-677-5770 for all your computer sales, service and networking needs. Open Monday - Friday from 9am - 5pm. Mike can also be reached by e-mail Thompson Citizen photo courtesy of the Flin Flon Reminder CYNTHIA BIGRIGG FLIN FLON REMINDER

Greyhound will cease its passenger and freight services in provinces west of Ontario in the fall, leaving those without vehicles in northern Manitoba and Saskatchewan with few options. Creighton and Denare Beach residents were dealt a similar blow in May 2017 when the Saskatchewan Transportation Company ceased service, but come Oct. 31, there could be absolutely no road-travel connection from our area to other areas of Manitoba or Saskatchewan. News spread quickly across the western provinces about the plan to end service, and it seems to be the average person from small town Canada who will suffer once the closure hits. The Assembly of Manitoba Chiefs released a statement regarding the end of the service, noting it will have a negative impact on First Nations in

the affected provinces. Grand Chief Arlen Dumas spoke about how many First Nations communities in Manitoba do not have adequate medical services, and residents of those communities rely on bus service, sometimes travelling up to 14 hours to larger centres for medical appointments. Without a bus service, the looming question is how residents of these communities are supposed to be able to access adequate health care. Residents of Flin Flon who have relied on the bus to get to appointments in Winnipeg are surely asking similar questions. And while some people have relied on bus service only for medical reasons, it has served as a link to other areas in the province for many community members. For some post-secondary students, it’s their way home to visit family during the holidays. For others, it’s a way to connect for business. For those without a vehicle,

it may be the only practical, cost-effective service that lets them head out of town. And then there’s the issue of mail. Packages are often shipped to Flin Flon, Creighton and Denare Beach via bus freight service, ordered by both local businesses as well as those who do some of their shopping online (shopping local is so important, but there are times when a search through town leaves a shopper empty-handed). Without the service, there’s little known about if and how those packages will still arrive on northern doorsteps. Business decisions are rarely personal – they’re about the bottom line, and Greyhound has said the northern and rural routes in the western provinces were simply no longer sustainable. Be that as it may, the end of bus service to Flin Flon and northern Manitoba will certainly be felt on a personal level.

c NOTICE N E To all O-Pipon-Na-Piwin Cree Nation Band Members Elections for Chief and Council will resume on August 15, 2018. The T timeline is as follows: • Notice off Nominations – March 15, 2018 • Nomination Meeting – June 15, 2018 (Last day for Nominations) • Election Day – August 15, 2018 Nominations are for one (1) Chief and four (4) Councillors All off Reserve Members please call the OPCN Band office to leave your name and address @

204-374-2271 or toll free 1-866-673-3307 news, sports and more

the tim It’s OK not hav on wha are, bu down t expecte what y you int life you could e Use to exh Take t that tr mean. leap. B change with l people, that do well to

Page 6 • News

Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Scholarship recipient 1-beDroom suite AvAilAble for immeDiAte possession • Onsite security 7 days a week • Fully equipped fitness room • Onsite laundry

Ask About outroDAY! move-in speciAl

cAll 204-939-0205 or 204-677-9880

Help keep Thompson Green and Clean

Thompson Citizen photo courtesy of Thompson Chamber of Commerce Tyler Monias, second from left, is this year’s recipient of the Troy Anand Scholarship.Monias is working through the summer at Smook Contractors and will be attending Brandon University to obtain a bachelor of physical education degree. Once he receives his degree, Monias hopes to return to the north as a teacher and coach to help make a difference in kids’ lives.


Summer Squash With Herbs



























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Fresh mint, oregano and lemon accent tender summer squash. 2 tablespoons olive oil 1 small onion, finely chopped 3 small zucchini (about 6 ounces each), cut lengthwise in half, then crosswise into 1/2-inch-thick pieces 3 small yellow summer squashes (about 6 ounces each), cut lengthwise in half, then crosswise into 1/2-inch-thick pieces 1 garlic clove, crushed with garlic press 1 teaspoon chopped fresh oregano 1/2 teaspoon salt 1/4 teaspoon coarsely ground black pepper 2 tablespoons chopped fresh mint 1 teaspoon grated fresh lemon peel Fresh oregano sprigs for garnish 1. In nonstick 12-inch skillet, heat oil over medium heat until hot. Add onion and cook 5 to 7 minutes or until onion is golden, stirring frequently. 2. Increase heat to medium-high. Add zucchini, yellow squash, garlic, chopped oregano, salt, pepper and 1 tablespoon mint; cook 10 minutes or until vegetables are tender and golden, stirring often. 3. Transfer vegetables to bowl and toss with lemon peel and remaining 1 tablespoon mint. Garnish with oregano sprigs. Makes 6 servings. • Each serving: About 75 calories, 5g total fat (1g saturated), 2g protein, 7g carbohydrate, 3g fiber, 0mg cholesterol, 200mg sodium. For thousands of triple-tested recipes, visit our Web site at


ON NOW AT YOUR PR AIRIE GMC DEALERS. GMCOf 1-800-GM-DRIVE. GMC is a brand of General Motors of Canada. Of fers apply to the purchase of a 20 18 GMC Sierra 1500 Crew Cab Denali, Canyon Crew Cab Denali, Acadia Denali and Terrain Denali equipped as described. Of fers apply to qualified retail customers in the Prairie GMC Dealer Marketing Association area only on select vehicles delivered from July 4 to July 3 1, 20 18. *Of fers are valid toward the retail purchase of an eligible new or demonstrator 20 18 MY GMC delivered in Canada bet ween July 4th, 20 18 – July 3 1st, 20 18. Up to 20% Of MSRP Cash Purchase Credit is a manufacturer to dealer incentive (tax exclusive), valid toward retail cash purchases only on select 20 18 models in dealer inventor y the longest as of July 4th, 20 18. Not compatible with lease and finance purchases. By selecting lease or finance of fers, consumers are foregoing the Up to 20% of MSRP Cash Purchase Credit which will result in higher ef fective cost of credit on their transaction. Credit is calculated on vehicle MSRP (which excludes vehicle freight and A/C charge), excluding any dealer-installed options. Credit value will var y with model purchased: models receiving a 15% of MSRP Credit are: Canyon (excl. 2SA), Acadia, Terrain, models receiving a 20% of MSRP Credit are: Sierra LD. Dealer may sell for less. Dealer trade may be necessar y. As par t of the transaction, dealer may request documentation and contact General Motors of Canada Company (GM Canada) to verif y eligibilit y. These of fers may not be redeemed for cash and may not be combined with cer tain other consumer incentives. Conditions and limitations apply. Void where prohibited. See Dealer for full program details. GM Canada reser ves the right to amend or terminate of fers for any reason in whole or in par t at any time without prior notice. 2 Whichever comes first. Limit of four complimentar y Lube-Oil-Filter ser vices in total. Fluid top-of fs, inspections, tire rotations, wheel alignments and balancing, etc., are not covered. Conditions and limitations apply. See your dealer for details. 3 Whichever comes first. Conditions and limitations apply, see your dealer for details. 4 Visit for vehicle availabilit y, details and system limitations. Ser vices and connectivit y var y by model and conditions as well as geographical and technical restrictions. Requires active connected vehicle ser vices and data plan. Data plans provided by AT&T or its local ser vice provider. Accessor y Power must be active to use the Wi-Fi hotspot.

Corn and Zucchini Saute Sweet sun-dried tomatoes and their packing oil give zucchini a tangy bite in this fast and healthful side dish. 2 tablespoons sun-dried tomatoes in oil 1 teaspoon sun-dried tomato oil 2 medium zucchini, cut into 1/4-inch-thick half-moons 2 cups (about 4 ears) fresh corn kernels 1/2 teaspoon salt 1. From jar of sun-dried tomatoes in oil, sliver enough tomatoes to equal 2 tablespoons. 2. Transfer 1 teaspoon of the oil to nonstick large skillet and heat over medium-high heat. Add zucchini, and cook 4 minutes. 3. Stir in corn, the slivered tomatoes and 1/2 teaspoon salt, and cook 4 minutes or until vegetables are tender-crisp. Serves 6. For thousands of triple-tested recipes, visit our Web site at © 2018 Hearst Communications, Inc. All rights reserved

ing the basic personal this week as part of our exemption on income tax government’s Look North and delivering the largest initiative, which is aimed tax cut in our province’s

Wednesday, March Wednesday, July 21, 18,2018 2018

45 Celebra

ting 45 years

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l i m i t e d

“Complete Janitorial & Carpet Cleaning Professionals” • Property Management Services • Air Purifiers, Dehumidifiers, Blowers & Ozonators • IICRC Restoration Certified

Thompson RCMP Thompson RCMP Tip Line DrugDrug Tip Line



vide stability, security and opportunity for families in the north and throughout Page 79 Manitoba. Sports • Page

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Midget King Miners bring home provincial David Platford claims top spot at Million Dollar goldHole-in-One for the second time in three years for the second time

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provincial hockey tourna- son Bilawka bringing up ment, and walked away the rear with some singles. from the contest with the With this win, Szocs top prize in their hands. managed to pick up his The team started off the second shutout of the weekend having some- tournament. thing to prove after a On Sunday morning, one-sided victory over the the King Miners faced off Peguis Midgets on Friday. against La Broquerie Habs Chase Gurniak, Cody in the semifinal game, Hale and Kale Mayor all which would prove to be nabbed two goals a piece their toughest test in this for the King Miners, while tournament. Riley Locke, Ryan Monias, The first period ended up Drayden Spence, Mathew with neither team finding Lamontagne, Harley Horn- the back of the net. Braning and Matt Rempel all don McKay started the managed to collect singles. scoring early in the second With a fi nal score of period before La Broquerie Fourteen-year-old Scott Marcinyshyn ended up placing third in the finals of this year’s 12–0, goalie Skylar Szocs took a 2–1 leadThompson late intoCitizen photos by Kyle Darbyson. Million Dollar Hole-in-One competition. He was able to qualify for the final round by getting David Platford out the restthe of the competition in the 13th annual Million Dollar Holerecorded his fibeat rst shutout period. in-One within 11 feet, Keegan two-and-a-half inches and one foot, two the ball within six feet, five and one-quarter inches of the hole in the semis. for the competition King Minersby in getting this Defenceman Keinches of the hole during the finals respectively. tournament. oughand tiedsemi-finals, the game with a Saturday morning’s shot from the point with Platford “I was hitting with a three BY KYLEfeatured DARBYSON contest a signifi- under twodefinitely minutestook leftadin of these unique cir- iron then and now I’m hitting KYLE@THOMPSONCITIZEN.NET the second period. cantly different outcome, vantage Thompson Citizen photo courtesy of Thompson King Miners his was closest Even though one waslosable cumstances, with the KingnoMiners The thirdsince period a with a pitching wedge,” he said. the away midget AA Thompson King Miners celebrate after winning gold at the during the semi-final round Members Despite not of walking to score during finals shot ing 3–2antoace the LaketheManileft up to the goaltenders, came within one foot, two inch- with a million dollars, Platford and semi-finals of the 13th antoba Eagles, with Hale and as Isaak Weenusk stopped 2018 Manitoba provincials in Sagkeeng. still won a round trip from nual Million Dollar Hole-in- es of the hole. Horning bringing home a everything that came While his single shot in his the Calm Air for his efforts. One competition, participant pair ofPlatford goals for their team. final way.round−11 With four feet,minutes two-and- outstanding And even though The King Miners never the game star. play. nobody give their team an early David came the closest Saturday night, it a-half left Gurniak pounced on pulled inches away from the off amedal hole-in-one outOn of anybody. The gold game 2–0 lead. let up in the third perThe last time the midget was do or diethree timedays as the a loose puck in front La during nearly as accuryear’swith finalsLake and Following of hole−wasn’t was a this rematch The score would stay iod, with Hale, Locke and AA King Miners won provKing Miners had at to Centenpull off ate, Broquerie’s to win the semi-finals, it was stillnet enough to beat qualifying rounds Manitoba, participants this time Mike with that way until halfway Horning all scoring to incial gold was in 2016 Kenton Fayant and Joyce Mymko a win against the matchfinalists 3–2 and put his Fayant nial Park, the event wasLandeven- fellow a drastically different out- through the second period make it a 7–0 final for the in Gimli, where the team Scott by at were able to score an ace markmoved Bluestotothe advance. team intoMarcinyshyn the gold medal tually Thompson and come. The offensive hustle with Spence and Rempel King Miners. bested the Peguis Midgets 17 feet. during the qualifying rounds, Golf ClubThompson on Saturday, July 14, least The team game. started early with Gurniak both adding goals to give Skylar Szocs would rec- in the fi nals by a fi nal However, isn’t named the first which ran July 11−13 at Cenwhere a small group of comeventually came away with Weenuskthiswas and Monias Park. scoring with- their team a 4–0 lead going ord his third shutout of the score of 8–3. Platford completely petitors battled and heavy a decisive 8–0bugs victory, with time gamethat star thanks to his tennial in the first 50 seconds to into the final period. tournament and received All the money raised from rain for a shot at the big money outshot his competition. Once Saturday’s festivities wrappedthis year’s competition will go jackpot. While these conditions up, the local golf enthusiast told towards a variety of local reproved to be a nuisance for the Thompson Citizen that he cipients, including the Thompsome golfers, others were able clinched the top spot during the son Crisis Centre, the Thompto make good use of the wet inaugural Million Dollar Hole- son Northern Torpedoes Swim Participants of the 2018 Million Dollar Hole-in-One had to contend with heavy rain and green, since some of their balls in-One event back in 2006, Club and the Thompson Fig- all manner of bugs during the competition’s finals and semi-finals at the Thompson Golf when he was only 12 years old. ure Skating Club. hardly moved after landing. Club on Saturday.

Late goals pave way for Islanders overtime victory to win midget AA league championship




The Cross Lake Islanders refused to lose in game four THAT’S MY PRICE.” of their midget AA league playoffGEORGE final series C. on the road * against the Thompson King Miners March 16, twice comREGIONAL SALES ing back to tie the game before taking the series three games to one on an overtime goal about seven minutes into overtime. Armando Evans, Drayden Garrick, Morgan McKay, Dallas Muskego and Kadin Ross had the goals for the 2018 F-150 LIMITED Islanders, who opened the scoring in the first before giving up three goals to Matthew Rempel, Kale Mayor and ^ IN TOTAL EMPLOYEE $ Conroy Halcrow of Thompson in the first four minutes of PRICE ADJUSTMENTS UP (with optional features selected) the second period to trail 3-1. Muskego’s goal made it a TO one-goal King Miners lead heading into the third period. The King Miners were less than five minutes from forcing a fifth and deciding game in the series when † PLUS, ELIGIBLE COSTCO MEMBERS $ ON MOST NEW the Islanders tied the game. A little over a minute later, RECEIVE AN ADDITIONAL 2018 FORD MODELS however, Drayden Jobb put Thompson back on top 4-3. But Cross Lake refused to accept defeat, and took just 22 seconds to tie the game once again on a goal by McKay, setting the stage for overtime heroics. Shots in the game were 33-25 in favour of the King Miners, who got 28 saves from Skylar Szocs, while Peter Thompson Citizen photo by Ian Graham Ross stopped 2018 F-150 21 in Cross Lake’s net to give his team the Visit FORD.CA/FEP to build it and to find your Prairies Ford Store. win and the league championship. Members of the Cross Lake Islanders skate from the bench to celebrate after winning the Vehicle(s) may be shown with optional equipment. Dealer may sell or lease for less. Limited time offers. Offers only valid at participating dealers. Retail offers may be cancelled or changed at any time without notice. See your Ford Dealer for complete details or call the Ford Customer Relationship Centre at 1-800-565-3673. For factory orders, a customer may either The Islanders tookFordthe series leadincentives/offers with a 7-6 overtime take advantage of eligible raincheckable retail customer promotional available at the time of vehicle factory order or time of vehicle delivery, but not both or combinations thereof. Retail offers not combinable with any CPA/GPC or Daily Rental incentives, the Commercial Upfi t Program or the Commercial Fleet Incentive midget championship three games oneShelby® in GT350/GT350R overtime over Thompson King Program (CFIP). * Ford Employee Pricing (“Employee Pricing”) is available from July 4 to October 1, 2018 (the “Program Period”), on the purchaseAA or leaseleague of most new 2018/2019 Ford vehicles (excluding all cutaway/chassis cab models, F-150 Raptor, to F-650/F-750, Mustang, Ford GT, Focusthe RS, and Expedition). victory inrefers game of the in employees Cross(excluding LakeanyMarch Employee Pricing to A-Planthree pricing ordinarily availableseries to Ford of Canada Unifor-/CAW-negotiated programs). The new vehicle must be delivered or factory-ordered during the Program Period from your participating Ford Dealer. Employee Pricing is not combinable with CPA, GPC, CFIP, Daily Rental Allowance and A/X/Z/D/F-Plan programs. ^ Between July 4 and August 31, 2018, receive $15,506 in Total Ford Employee Price Adjustments with the purchase or lease of a new 2018 F-150 Limited with Spray in Bedliner, Rear Wheel Well Liners, Skid Plates, and All-Weather Rubber Floor Mats. Total Ford Employee Pricing Adjustments are a combination Available in most 11 after opened it allowance withof a$5,500. 5-4 victory Miners atwith the Nesbitt Arenaprograms. March 16. are not combinable with any fleet consumer incentives. † Offer only valid from July 4 to August new of Employee Pricehaving Adjustment of $10,006 and delivery See dealer for details.two Employeedays Price adjustments are not combinable CPA, GPC, C.A. CFIP, Daily Rental Allowance and A/X/Z/D/F-Plan Delivery allowances Ford vehicles 31, 2018 (the “Offer Period”), to resident Canadians with an eligible Costco membership on or before July 3, 2018. Receive $1,000 towards the purchase or lease of a new 2018 Ford model (excluding Focus, Fiesta, C-MAX, F-150 Super Cab and SuperCrew XL/XLT with diesel engine, F-150 Raptor, Shelby® GT350/GT350R Mustang, Ford GT, with 6-month pre-paid earlier. The King Miners won game two 5-3 on March 10. subscription. Cutaway/Chassis Cab and F-650/F-750) (each an “Eligible Vehicle”). Limit one (1) offer per each Eligible Vehicle purchase or lease per Costco Membership Number. Offer is transferable to persons domiciled with an eligible Costco member. Customer may use the $1,000 offer as a down payment or choose to receive a rebate cheque from Ford




Motor Company of Canada, Limited but not both. Applicable taxes calculated before the offer amount is deducted. ®Registered trademark of Price Costco International, Inc. used under license. ©2018 Ford Motor Company of Canada, Limited. All rights reserved.

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Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Stella Locker reflects on a lifetime in Thompson BY KYLE DARBYSON


For her 85th birthday, former city council member Stella Locker was treated to a surprise luncheon at the Mystery Lake Hotel, which featured appearances from old friends and colleagues. One of the lead organizers of this July 10 get together was current city council member Judy Kolada, who wanted to recognize Locker for all the work she’s put into the local government from 1989 to 2014. “Stella’s municipal service spans over six terms on council and she’s served under three mayors,” said Kolada, who worked alongside Locker for a good chunk of that time. “Her motto was always ‘tell it like it is’ and she’s someone who keeps people on their toes when their were on council.” But Locker’s legacy in the Hub of the North extends beyond that quarter century she spent in those council chambers. In fact, Locker is one of the foundational members of the community, having arrived in 1963, six years after Thompson was established as a “planned community” thanks to an agreement between the provincial government

and Inco Limited. While Locker initially moved to Thompson to continue her career in nursing, she encountered a pretty significant roadblock in this pursuit and turned to real estate instead. “My husband had his broker’s license and he was also an insurance broker,” Locker said in a follow-up conversation with the Thompson Citizen. “I came in in the afternoon just sort of doing clerical work. That wasn’t good enough for me, so I got my broker’s license a year later.” From there, Locker did her best to integrate into the broader community, becoming a member of charitable groups like the Imperial Order of the Daughters of the Empire and helping found one of Thompson’s oldest annual traditions. “We used to have, in Flin Flon, a music festival that I really thought was great,” she said. “I talked them into getting all the information from Flin Flon and we started the Festival of the Arts here and then I ended up being the president of that.” When Thompson was officially incorporated as a town in 1967, Locker started to get more involved in local politics as a citizen and became the chairperson of

the city planning commission, a position she would hold until 1972. On top of her volunteer work and growing reputation as a skilled real estate broker, Locker would continue to explore the ins and outs of government service during the 1980s. Not only did she serve on the province’s University Grants Commission and become a chairperson for the city’s industrial commission from 1982 to 1984, but she would later run for a council seat in 1989, despite harbouring some reservations about her own ability. “When I went on council at that time they had engineers, geologists, lawyers, doctors, people that I had something to gain from,” said Locker. “And I thought ‘what am I bringing there?’ other than ‘ok, I know what’s happening in the community.’” Throughout her 25 years on the council, Locker would eventually find her place and established herself as “the outspoken one,” especially whenever the topic of “land issues” came up. “Whenever land issues were on the agenda the old boys took turns turfing Stella out of chambers, citing ‘conflict of interest’ because of Stella’s involvement with real estate,” said Kolada, who was first elected to city

Thompson Citizen photo by Kyle Darbyson. Stella Locker (bottom right) poses for photo with friends and family during her 85th birthday celebration at the Mystery Lake Hotel on July 10. Clockwise from bottom left: Norma Howitt, Judy Kolada and Locker’s daughter Susan Buckle. council in 1995. “However, one day she showed up with a legal opinion which was very specific on what would constitute a conflict of interest. From that time forth she was able to offer her expert advice.” Besides this kind of political theatre, Locker was a very active member of the council, serving as deputy major and undertaking a lot of lobbying work for

the Manitoba Association of Urban Municipalities (the precursor to the Association of Manitoba Municipalities). Even after she stepped away from council in 2014, Locker hasn’t lost any of her work ethic and continues to put in long hours at Locker’s Real Estate Brokers in The Plaza mall. And while she won’t be involved in the city’s

upcoming municipal election in the fall, Locker said any prospective candidate for city council should be friendly, community oriented and willing to learn. “Everything was really a good learning experience,” she said. “I think if you want to really grow in a community you really have to get involved and do things. You can’t just get the profits from somebody else.”

Relying on private sector to provide transportation puts people at risk, opposition parties contend Opposition politicians are calling upon both the federal and provincial governments to step in and ensure that transportation services are available to Canadians outside of major urban centres now that Greyhound is planning to stop running buses in Western Canada come Halloween. Federal NDP leader Jagmeet Singh sent a letter to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau July 11, asking his government to develop a funding plan to stop the cancellation of crucial bus routes in Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta and B.C. “This federal funding plan must ensure there is no interruption or reduction in bus service, so no community is left stranded,” wrote Singh. “I urge you to immediately partner with the premiers of affected provinces and leaders of affected municipalities to discuss that plan, starting by making this a priority item at the upcoming meeting of the Council of the Federation in St. Andrews, New Brunswick.” Singh said that having

bus service in remote areas was a safety matter and said that a statement given to the media by Transport Canada, which said “there are no federal government funding programs that would provide an operational subsidy for private intercity bus carriers,” was an instance of the federal government abdicating its responsibility for interprovincial transportation. In Manitoba, the Liberals and the Green Party followed in the footsteps of the NDP in criticizing the Progressive Conservative government’s response to the impending shutdown, which was similarly dismissive of the possibility of subsidizing bus companies, something the previous NDP provincial government did for a few years after Greyhound said in 2009 that it would be ceasing service in Manitoba in 30 days, a move that didn’t actually take place. “The federal and provincial governments provide public support for transit inside the perimeter,” said Liberal leader Dougald Lamont in a July 12 press

release. “As a matter of fairness and equality, we must be willing to invest so Manitobans outside the perimeter can afford to travel as well.” Keewatinook Liberal MLA Judy Klassen said there were entrepreneurs ready to provide the service if there were supports to help them do so profitably. “I’ve heard from a local northern bus operator who is willing to take over some of the cancelled routes, but if a large company like Greyhound can’t afford to service the routes, how would smaller operators survive?” said Klassen. “That’s why we need support from both levels of government. The government has a role to play.” Manitoba Green Party leader James Beddome wrote a letter to Infrastructure Minister Ron Schuler saying that merely hoping for private companies to step in to fill the gap was not an adequate response. “We do not rely on the private sector to build, maintain, and develop our road network and likewise

some public co-ordination and public investment in intercity transportation is likely required,” Beddome wrote. “Merely hoping that someone in the private sector will step up to the plate is not the kind of leadership Manitobans need. “ Flin Flon NDP MLA Tom Lindsey said July 10 that because many health care services are not available in rural and Northern Manitoba, access to transportation was an essential service. “The province needs to show leadership and make sure our rural and northern communities have access to transportation in the near and short term−we can’t leave our communities cut off,” Lindsey said. Although Ontario-based bus company Kasper Transportation has said it will step in to take over some of Greyhound’s routes in Manitoba, including the one from Winnipeg to Thompson, an organization opposed to provincial government cuts in Saskatchewan warns that relying on other companies to step in when one bows out is not reliable,

When the Crown corporation Saskatchewan Transportation Corporation shut down in 2017, 10 companies stepped up to take over some of their routes but only two of those companies remain a year later, says a Saskatchewan organization opposed to provincial budget cuts. pointing to the example of what happened when the Saskatchewan Transportation Corporation, a Crown corporation, was shut down in 2017. “Encouraged by the SaskParty government’s rhetoric about the capacity of the market to provide necessary services once the publicly subsidized Crown corporation was out of the way, 10 companies vied for the former STC routes,” said a media release from

the Saskatchewan-based Stop the Cuts. “One year later, only two of those companies remain and most of the routes have no common carrier passenger service.” “If the federal, provincial and municipal governments of Canada want to truly develop a model to replace Greyhound maybe it’s time for a national, subsidized transportation system that unites the country” said Stop The Cuts.

RCMP seeking four RCMP suspects in seeking four Easterville home invasion Easterville home

Wednesday, July 18, 2018 Wednesday, March 21, 2018

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RCMP seeking four suspects in CLASSIFIED@THOMPSONCITIZEN.NET Four men from

Thompson Recycling Centre purchases new baler, warns about summer time contamination EasterCLASSIFIED@THOMPSONCITIZEN.NET Easterville homeville invasion are wanted by police


Four men from Easter-

in connection with an asville are wanted by police 510 • RETAIL/ sault that left another man 201 • SERVICES in connection with an asCLASSIFIED OFFICE SPACE 201 • SERVICES with serious injuries. 7 SELKIRK main floor office area 1990 STRUGGLING WITH DEBT? sault that left another man OFFICE SPACE @THOMPSONCITIZEN.NET sq ft, will sub-divide. 79 Selkirk lower 7 SELKIRK main floor office area 1990 LET OUR FAMILY STRUGGLING WITH level office area, DEBT? 4112 sq ft. J.B Johnston Chemawawin RCMP HELP YOUR FAMILY with serious injuries. Understand the options Ventures Limited, call 204-679-0915 sq ft, will sub-divide. 79 Selkirk lower LET FAMILY available to assist with OUR 39-TFN-nb PHONE 204-677-4534 were alertedWITH around STRUGGLING DEBT? 11 7 SELKIRK main floor office area 1990 your financial situation OFFICE SPACE FOR LEASE 500-5000 level office area, 4112 sq ft. J.B Johnston Chemawawin RCMP HELP FAMILY (Arrangements with YOUR sq ft available. Cameron/Hoe building a.m. March 11 that a sq ft, will sub-divide. 79 Selkirk lower CreditorsUnderstand or Bankruptcy) LET OUR FAMILY 83 Churchill Drive. Contact Joe Aniceto. the options Ventures Limited, call 204-679-0915 were alerted around 11 FREEFAX CONSULTATION 204-679-0490 or Neil Cameron 306204-677-3681 level offi ce area, 4112 sq ft. J.B Johnston HELP YOUR FAMILY KEITH G.available COLLINS LTD. to 477-5668. 24-year-old man was beassist20-tfn-nb with 39-TFN-nb Licensed Insolvency Trustee a.m. March 11 that a options Phone 944-0187 your financialNeed situation ing Understand taken tothethe Easter- Ventures Limited, call 204-679-0915 OFFICE SPACE FOR LEASE 500-5000 1-800-263-0070 to fill a 24-year-old man was beavailable to assist with 39-TFN-nb (Arrangements with sq ft available. Cameron/Hoe building ville nursing station for 301 • HELP WANTEDor Bankruptcy) your financial situation ing taken to the EasterOFFICE SPACE FOR LEASE 500-5000 Creditors 83 Churchill Drive. Contact Joe Aniceto. treatment of serious but (Arrangements with sq ft available. Cameron/Hoe building ville nursing station for FREE CONSULTATION 204-679-0490 or Neil Cameron 306non-life-threatening inCreditors or Bankruptcy) 110 •G.CHILD CARE 83 Churchill Drive. Contact Joe Aniceto. treatment of serious but 477-5668. 20-tfn-nb KEITH COLLINS LTD. juries. FREEInvestigation CONSULTATION de- 204-679-0490 or Neil Cameron 306- non-life-threatening Licensed Insolvency Trustee inWANTED termined that four men 477-5668. 20-tfn-nb BY KYLE DARBYSON Looking for full and part time 944-0187 Phone KEITH G. COLLINS LTD. housekeepers starting wage juries. Investigation de1-800-263-0070 46a-e-tfnb entered victim’s home $13.00/hr Licensedthe Insolvency Trustee NANNY CARE–IN HOME Caregiver, 2 KYLE@THOMPSONCITIZEN.NET Apply at the front desk termined that four men that 944-0187 morning, asyear contract. Job duties include caring Heading into the dog earlier Phone 1-800-263-0070 entered the victim’s home saulting him and causing for 2 children in our home in Thomp46a-e-tfnb days of summer, the son, Manitoba. Evenings, Weekends earlier that morning, asextensive damage before 301 • HELP WANTED and shift work required. First Aid/CPR Thompson Recycling leaving. saulting him and causing Looking for 1 full time and 1 March 21, 2018 Wednesday, Page 12 part time cook starting wage RCMP at 204-329-2004 or Tips can also be submitted com or by texting TIPMAN and minimum 1 yearADVERTISE previous experi- Centre installed some 301 $14.00/hr with experience Crime Stopper Anonym- securely online at www. plus a message to CRIMES Police are asking for extensive damage before • HELP WANTED preferred. ously at 1-800-222-8477. manitobacrimestoppers. (274637). ence required. High School Diploma with us Apply at the front desk upgraded equipment the public’s assistance leaving. Call 204-677-4534 + Criminal Record Check + English TREE SUNS TOWING is looking for a that will hopefully make general labourer. Call 204-677-4801. in fi nding 29-year-old Language is Mandatory. $12/hour or Police are asking for 12-2-nb Please prevailing median wage. Optional ac- life a little bit easier for Mitchell Howard Ledoux, 502 •183 APT/TOWNthe public’s assistance Cree Rd, Thompson MB, R8N 0C2 recycle HOUSE FOR RENTavailable commodation at no charge its employees. Toll free: 1-800-565-2401 PH:keep 204-778-8387 27-year-old Steven Shane and our earth in fi nding 29-year-old FAX: 204-677-4087 on1 &a2 bedroom live-in bases. Note: This is NOT apartments Klyne, 26-year-old Shawn available immediately According to manMitchell Howard Ledoux, a 9condition of employment. Apply by 183 Cree Rd, Thompson MB, R8N 0C2 - 35 Ashberry Place Looking for full and part time Eric Umpherville and e-mail, Glenn: gstuckless@hotmail. ager Billie-Jo ThompToll free: 1-800-565-2401 PH: 204-778-8387 27-year-old Steven Shane For applications starting wage CLASSIFIED@THOMPSONCITIZEN.NET phonehousekeepers 204-677-5758 20-year-old Nathan WalFAX: 204-677-4087 com 27-6-d Klyne, 26-year-old Shawn Four men from Easterson, they recently puror fax 204-677-5803 $13.00/hr terLooking Umpherville, all from full and part Eric Umpherville and ville are for wanted by time police Apply at the front desk chased new components Easterville, who are be510 • RETAIL/ 20-year-old Nathan Walin housekeepers connectionstarting with wage an asfor their recycling baler lieved 201 • SERVICES to have fled to Win$13.00/hr sault that left another man ter Umpherville, all from OFFICE SPACE Licensed Technician: which cost anywhere nipeg. The four face numApply at theinjuries. front desk • Licensed Heavy Equipment Technician. with serious Easterville, who are be•from Perform shop $125,000 and field repairs to all Surfaceto and U/G Epiroc erous charges including 7 SELKIRK main floor office area 1990 STRUGGLING WITH DEBT? Equipment as required. Chemawawin RCMP lieved to have fled to Win•$135,000. as required. sq Machine ft, will audits sub-divide. 79 Selkirk lower aggravated assault, asLET OUR FAMILY • Developing and maintaining a positive relationship withwere machine alerted around 11 183 Cree Rd, Thompson MB, R8N 0C2 nipeg. The four face numlevel offi ce area, 4112 sq ft. J.B Johnston sault with a weapon and operators and customer representatives. HELP YOUR FAMILY “We did that because a.m. March 11 that a Toll free: 1-800-565-2401 PH: 204-778-8387 • Daily time entry. Understand the options erous charges including call 204-679-0915 breaking and entering. FAX: 204-677-4087 •Ventures Daily shiftLimited, reports. ourand[old ma•we Otherknew duties as assigned required to maintain the 24-year-old contract. man informawas beavailable to assist with 39-TFN-nb aggravated assault, asAnyone with Looking for 1 full time and 1 chine] was getting to tion your financial situation ing 183taken to of the Cree Rd, Thompson MB, R8NEaster0C2 Schedule: OFFICE SPACE FOR LEASE 500-5000 with a weapon and com or by texting TIPMAN part time cook starting wage on any the susRCMP at 204-329-2004 or sault Tips can also be submitted • 5 days a week ,Monday to Friday Toll free: 1-800-565-2401 PH: 204-778-8387 (Arrangements with sq ft available. building ville nursing station for the end ofCameron/Hoe its life and if pects’ $14.00/hr with experience breaking and entering. FAX: 204-677-4087 whereabouts is Crime Stopper Anonymsecurely online at www. plus a message to CRIMES Skills and Experience: Creditors or Bankruptcy) 83 2-3 Churchill Drive. Contact Aniceto. treatment of serious but •the years of experience. preferred. baler was toJoesolving break asked to call Chemawawin Anyone with informaously at 1-800-222-8477. manitobacrimestoppers. (274637). Looking for 1 full time and 1 • Great communication and problem skills. FREE at CONSULTATION 204-679-0490 or Neil Cameron 306Apply the front desk non-life-threatening in•down, Proven and motivated self-starter is able to work with minimal and we whowere part time cook starting wage tion on any of the susRCMP at 204-329-2004 or 477-5668. 20-tfn-nb supervision but can take direction. KEITH G. COLLINS LTD. Investigation Strong team player. Call 204-677-4534 $14.00/hr with experience deto replace it, juries. pects’ whereabouts is Crime Stopper AnonymInsolvency Trusteefor a ••needing Driven to obtain 100% customer satisfaction TREELicensed SUNS TOWING is looking that four men Phone 944-0187 it could take several termined preferred. asked to call Chemawawin ously at 1-800-222-8477. general labourer. Call 204-677-4801. Country and City description 1-800-263-0070 entered Applythe at thevictim’s front deskhome Thompson, Manitoba 46a-e-tfnb weeks or months. So, in earlier that morning, 12-2-nb asApplication Details: anticipation, of that we Recruiting Manager: Henri Beck saulting him and causing TREE SUNS TOWING is looking for a 502 • APT/TOWNHR Manager: Nathalie Gaudet scheduled a shut down.” general extensive damage before labourer. Call 204-677-4801. 301 • HELP WANTED Send your application to: with a copy to shawn. HOUSE FOR RENT While this new piece 12-2-nb and keepand our earth leaving. Deadline: March 16 , 2018 Police are asking for of equipment creates 1 & 2 bedroom apartments • APT/TOWNthe502public’s assistance bales of recyclable maavailable immediately findingFOR 29-year-old RENT terial at roughly the in HOUSE 9183- 35 Ashberry Place Cree Rd, Thompson MB, R8N 0C2 same speed as the old Mitchell Howard Ledoux, and keep our earth applications Toll free: For 1-800-565-2401 PH: 204-778-8387 Shane 1 & 2 bedroomSteven apartments Thompson Citizen photo by Kyle Darbyson. model, Thompson said 27-year-old FAX: 204-677-4087 Klyne, 26-year-old Shawn phone 204-677-5758 available immediately Employee Donovan Parenteau checks in on the Thompson Recycling Centre’s new baler on Monday, July 16. this updated baler runs Looking for full and part time Eric or fax 204-677-5803 9 - 35Umpherville Ashberry Placeand on a more streamlined 20-year-old housekeepers starting wage Nathan Wal$13.00/hr For applicationsall from computerized system as that ter Umpherville, these cutbacks account over the past the Recycling Centre that local residents still Apply at front desk 510 •the RETAIL/ opposed to a mechanical didn’t Easterville, whointo are this be- few years,” she said. will have to take certain have a lot of bad habits phone 204-677-5758 factor lieved to have fl ed to Winone. OFFICE SPACE or fax purchase. 204-677-5803 “So this money is set measures to accommo- to shake, which become recent The four face numEven though the City nipeg. aside. It doesn’t have date for this upcoming even more noticeable in “The funds that were FOR RENT/LEASE: 195 sq ft. to 3840 erous charges including of Thompson is cutting used the summer time when to purchase this sq. ft. of storage/office/garage space aggravated assault, as- any impact on our 2018 downturn in funding. Licensed Technician: the Recycling Centre’s baler some with commercial 183 Cree Rd, Thompsonoverhead MB, R8N 0C2doors. budget.” “The cost to process items like food, animal were funds that sault• with a weapon andEquipment Technician. free: 1-800-565-2401 PH: 204-778-8387 or Licensed Heavy CallToll Carolyn Turpie: 204-677-3516 funding by $80,000 in have Moving forward, some of our commodwaste and baby diapers been saved up breaking and entering. FAX: 204-677-4087 email: • Perform shop and field repairs to all Surface and U/G Epiroc its 2018−19 budget, and Anyone with informaThompson admitted that ities like our comingled are left to cook in the put into a separate Looking for 1 full time and 1 24-TFN-nb required. Thompson mentioned tion on Equipment part time cook starting wage any of the as susRCMP at 204-329-2004 or [recycling] Tips can also be has submitted com sun. or by texting TIPMAN inhot COMMERCIAL OFFICE/RETAIL space Licensed Technician: • Machine auditsisas required. $14.00/hr for rent. 100 to with 4100experience sq ft. currently pects’ whereabouts Crime Stopper Anonym- creased. securely online at costs www. plus a message to will CRIMES Shipping “Some people gut • with Licensed Technician. • toDeveloping and maintaining a positive relationship machineHeavy Equipment available. Willpreferred. develop to suit tenant. asked call Chemawawin ously at 1-800-222-8477. manitobacrimestoppers. (274637). have increased, so we’ll their fish and unfortuCLASSIFIED@THOMPSONCITIZEN.NET

201 • SERVICES 510 • RETAIL/



183 Cree Rd, Thompson MB, R8N 0C2 Toll free: 1-800-565-2401 PH: 204-778-8387 FAX: 204-677-4087

Four men from Easterville are wanted by police in connection with an assault that left another man with serious injuries. Chemawawin RCMP were alerted around 11 a.m. March 11 that a 24-year-old man was being taken to the Easterville nursing station for treatment of serious but non-life-threatening injuries. Investigation determined that four men entered the victim’s home earlier that morning, assaulting him and causing extensive damage before leaving. Police are asking for the public’s assistance in finding 29-year-old Mitchell Howard Ledoux, 27-year-old Steven Shane Klyne, 26-year-old Shawn Eric Umpherville and 20-year-old Nathan Walter Umpherville, all from Easterville, who are believed to have fled to Winnipeg. The four face numerous charges including aggravated assault, assault with a weapon and breaking and entering. Anyone with information on any of the suspects’ whereabouts is asked to call Chemawawin

Need to fill a


183 Cree Rd, Thompson MB, R8N 0C2 Toll free: 1-800-565-2401 PH: 204-778-8387 FAX: 204-677-4087

Need to fill a

JOB? four suspects in RCMP seeking Easterville home invasion CLASSIFIED@THOMPSONCITIZEN.NET

OR PHONE 204-677-4534

Church Services in Thompson

ST. JAMES ANGLICAN 10 Caribou 677-4652 11 am Sundays ST. JOSEPH UKRAINIAN CATHOLIC 340 Juniper Drive 778-7547 ST. LAWRENCE ROMAN CATHOLIC Fr Shantha Gandamalla and Fr Guna Sekhar 114 Cree R. 677-0160 Sat. 6:30 pm & Sun. 10 am THOMPSON PENTECOSTAL Pastor Dan Murphy Youth Pastor Colton Murphy Children’s Pastor Karen O’Gilvie 126 Goldeye 677-3435 Sunday school 9:45 am, coffee time at 10:40 am Church Service at 11:00 am ST. ANDREWS PRESBYTERIAN 249 Thompson Drive 204-677-2799 Pastor Murat Kuntel Regular Hours: 11 am Church service CHRISTIAN CENTRE FELLOWSHIP 328 Thompson Dr. N. 677-4457 Sun. School 9:45 am • service 11 am FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH 456 Westwood Dr. S. Ph. 778-8037 service @ 11 am LUTHERAN - UNITED CHURCH OF THOMPSON Congregations worship at 52 Caribou Rd. at 10:30 am Sundays. Phone 204-677-4495

LIVING WATER CHURCH Pastor Archie McKay Ph: 677-2469 Sunday services @ 7:00pm. LIGHT OF THE NORTH CHURCH 32 Nelson Road

GATEWAY BIBLE BAPTIST CHURCH Pastor Chris Lowe 159 Cree Rd 204-677-3000 Sunday school 10:00 am AM Service at 11, PM Service at 7 Prayer meeting - Wednesday 7 pm

THE CHURCH OF JESUS CHRIST OF LATTER-DAY SAINTS everyone welcome Sundays at 10 AM 83 Copper Rd For more information, church tours or home visits call the missionaries at 204-939-4382 or visit THE SALVATION ARMY Thompson Corps (Church) 305 Thompson Dr. - 204-677-3658 Worship services every Sunday at 11 am BURNTWOOD BAPTIST CHURCH 39 Beaver Crescent Thompson MB R8N 1C5 204-778-4494 Pastor Lee Pickett Sunday morning service 11:15 a.m Sunday evening service 7:00 p.m Wednesday prayer meeting 7:00 p.m


Need to fill a Please


and keep our earth



9 - 35 Ashberry Place

THE CHURCH OF JESUS CHRIST OF LATTER-DAY SAINTS everyone welcome Sundays at 10 AM 83 Copper Rd For more information, church tours or home visits call the missionaries at 204-939-4382 or visit THE SALVATION ARMY Thompson Corps (Church) 305 Thompson Dr. - 204-677-3658 Worship services every Sunday at 11 am

Season is HERE!


Where you are, what you’re selling, LIVING WATER CHURCH the hours you’ll be open forMcKay business Pastor Archie Ph: 677-2469 Sunday services @ 7:00pm.


32 Nelson Road for rates and more information.

GATEWAY BIBLE BAPTIST CHURCH Pastor Chris Lowe 159 Cree Rd 204-677-3000 Sunday school 10:00 am AM Service at 11, PM Service at 7 Prayer meeting - Wednesday 7 pm

• • •

Church Services in Thompson

operators and customer representatives. • Perform shop and field repairs to all Surface and U/G move to different mod- nately they’re throw all Daily time entry. Equipment as required. els,” she said. “What of that stuff in their reDaily shift reports. • we’ll beMachine doing is audits pullingas required. cycling bin and it only Other duties as assigned and required to maintain•theDeveloping contract. and maintaining a positive relationship wi

out different products takes one person to do operatorsmore and so customer and separating that representatives. to contaminate a Schedule: • Daily time entry. ST. JAMES ANGLICAN we have less co-mingled whole truck,” she said. • 105Caribou days677-4652 a week ,MondayLIVING to Friday WATER CHURCH • Dailytoshift reports. [recycling] ship, thus “In the winter we get a Pastor Archie McKay Ph: 677-2469 11 am Sundays • Other duties as assigned and required to maintain the not paying so much to lot of contamination, Sunday services @ 7:00pm. ST.Skills JOSEPH and UKRAINIAN CATHOLIC Experience: have that processed.” but, at the same time, a LIGHT OF THE NORTH CHURCH Drive 778-7547 •340 Juniper 2-3 years of experience. Schedule:the more lot of it’s frozen, so we 32 Nelson Road ST. LAWRENCE ROMAN CATHOLIC However, •Fr Shantha Great communication and problem solving skills. Gandamalla and GATEWAY BIBLE BAPTIST CHURCH • 5 days a that weekthe ,Monday Friday pressing issue don’tto.... get the mice, • Proven and motivated self-starter who is able to work with minimal Fr Guna Sekhar Pastor Chris Lowe Recycling Centre is the hornets, the wasps, 114 Cree R. 677-0160but can take supervision direction. 159 Cree Rd 204-677-3000 Skills and Experience: dealing with right now the maggots, all of those pm & Sun. 10 amplayer. Sunday school 10:00 am •Sat. 6:30 Strong team THOMPSON PENTECOSTAL things, because they’re is the rates of contam• 2-3 years of experience. AM Service at 11, PM Service at 7 • Driven to obtain 100% customer satisfaction Pastor Dan Murphy Prayer meeting - Wednesday 7 pm ination, which currently frozen. But in the sum-skills. • Great communication and problem solving Youth Pastor Colton Murphy THE CHURCH OF JESUS CHRIST hovers around 16 per mer it’s different story.” • Proven and motivated self-starter who is able to work Country and Children’s Pastor KarenCity O’Gilviedescription OF LATTER-DAY SAINTS cent. supervision but can take Fordirection. more information 126 Goldeye 677-3435 Thompson, Manitoba everyone welcome Sundays on proper recycling proEven though Thomp• Strong team player. at 10 AM 83 Copper Rd Sunday school 9:45 am, coffee time at son maintains that recedure, please visit the For more information, church tours • Driven to obtain 100% customer satisfaction Application Details: 10:40 am Church Service at 11:00 am Licensed Technician: or home visits call the missionaries at cycling rates are still on Thompson Recycling Recruiting Manager: Henri Beck Technician. PRESBYTERIAN •ST. ANDREWS Licensed Heavy Equipment 204-939-4382 or visit the Country rise in the of Centre’s official web249HR Thompson Drive 204-677-2799 Manager: Nathalie andHub City description • Pastor Perform shop and Gaudet field THE repairs to ARMY all Surface and Epiroc SALVATION Murat Kuntel theU/G North, she revealed Thompson, Manitoba site or Facebook page. Equipment required.Thompson Corps (Church) Regular Hours: 11 am Churchas service Send your to: Thompson Dr. - 204-677-3658 with a copy to shawn. CHRISTIAN CENTREapplication FELLOWSHIP • Machine audits as required. services every Sunday at 11 am and 328 Thompson Dr. N. 677-4457 Details: • Developing and maintaining a positive relationshipApplication with machine Sun. School 9:45 am • service 11 am BURNTWOOD BAPTIST CHURCH Recruiting Manager: Henri Beck operators and customer representatives. FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH 16 , 2018 39 Beaver Crescent Deadline: March HR Manager: Nathalie Gaudet • 456 Daily time entry. Westwood Dr. S. Thompson MB R8N 1C5 Ph. 11 am 204-778-4494 • 778-8037 Dailyservice shift@reports. - UNITED CHURCH Pickett your application to: with •LUTHERAN Other duties as assignedPastor andLeerequired to maintainSend the contract. Sunday morning service 11:15 a.m OF THOMPSON and Congregations worship at Sunday evening service 7:00 p.m Schedule: 52 Caribou Rd. at 10:30 am Sundays. Wednesday prayer meeting 7:00 p.m 204-677-4495 • Phone 5 days a week ,Monday to Friday Deadline: March 16 , 2018

OR PHONE 204-677-4534

BURNTWOOD BAPTIST CHURCH 39 Beaver Crescent Thompson MB R8N 1C5 204-778-4494 Pastor Lee Pickett Sunday morning service 11:15 a.m Sunday evening service 7:00 p.m Wednesday prayer meeting 7:00 p.m




GATEWAY BIBLE BAPTIST CHURCH Pastor Chris Lowe 159 Cree Rd 204-677-3000 Sunday school 10:00 am AM Service at 11, PM Service at 7 Prayer meeting - Wednesday 7 pm

Green E G A R A

Fr Guna Sekhar 114 Cree 677-0160 1 & 2 bedroom Sat. 6:30 pm & Sun. 10 am available immediately THOMPSON PENTECOSTAL Pastor Dan Murphy Youth Pastor Colton Murphy For applications Children’s Pastor Karen O’Gilvie phone126 204-677-5758 Goldeye 677-3435 or fax 204-677-5803 Sunday school 9:45 am, coffee time at 10:40 am Church Service at 11:00 am ST. ANDREWS PRESBYTERIAN 249 Thompson Drive 204-677-2799 Pastor Murat Kuntel Regular Hours: 11 am Church service CHRISTIAN CENTRE FELLOWSHIP 328 Thompson Dr. N. 677-4457 Sun. School 9:45 am • service 11 am FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH 456 Westwood Dr. S. Ph. 778-8037 service @ 11 am LUTHERAN - UNITED CHURCH OF THOMPSON Congregations worship at 52 Caribou Rd. at 10:30 am Sundays. Phone 204-677-4495 ST. JAMES ANGLICAN 10 Caribou 677-4652 11 am Sundays ST. JOSEPH UKRAINIAN CATHOLIC 340 Juniper Drive 778-7547 ST. LAWRENCE ROMAN CATHOLIC Fr Shantha Gandamalla and Fr Guna Sekhar 114 Cree R. 677-0160 Sat. 6:30 pm & Sun. 10 am THOMPSON PENTECOSTAL Pastor Dan Murphy


OR PHONE 204-677-4534

HOUSE FOR RENT Fr Shantha Gandamalla and



Tips can securely manito



LIVING WATER CHURCH Pastor Archie McKay Ph: 677-2469 Sunday services @ 7:00pm.

with us


Downtown J.B.desk Johnston Applylocations. at the front Ventures Limited 204-778-5511, 204JAMES ANGLICAN 679-0915. TFN-nb TREE SUNSST. TOWING is looking for a 10 Caribou 677-4652 OFFICE FOR 500-5000 general SPACE labourer. CallLEASE 204-677-4801. 11 am Sundays sq ft available. Cameron/Hoe building 12-2-nb ST. JOSEPH UKRAINIAN CATHOLIC 83 Churchill Drive. Contact Joe Aniceto. 340 • Juniper Drive 778-7547 204-679-0490 or Neil Cameron 306502 APT/TOWNST. LAWRENCE ROMAN CATHOLIC 477-5668. 20-tfn-nb

ADVERTISE Call 204-677-4534


Church Services ADVERTISE with us in Thompson Call 204-677-4534




to book your advertisement today.

Skills and Experience: • 2-3 years of experience. • Great communication and problem solving skills.

a cop

HR ADWORKS Service Team


Page 10 • Careers


AD PROOF & ESTIMATE Prepared by the


All prices exclude taxes Prices do not include 5% GST


HR ADWORKS DESIGNER Service Team Section

Wednesday, July 18, 2018



Insertion Date

Ad Size


Thompson Nickel Belt News


July 13/18

2 col x 3.9094”


Thompson Citizen


July 18/18

2 col x 3.9094”


SENT employment opportunity Full time


Insertion Date

on Nickel Belt News


July 20/18

on Citizen


July 18/18

Full time employment opportunity available for a highly motivated individual prices in exclude taxesThe ideal candidate will hold a grade 12 willing to exploreAll a career vision care. Prices do not include 5% GST By Samantha Weaver diploma, be motivated to further your education, have a flair for fashion, and enjoy Ad Size working with thePrice public. Knowledge of insurance and billing would be an asset.TOTAL PRICE All applicants must be able to provide a clear criminal record check. • It was American astronomer, astro2 col x 3.9137” physicist and author Carl Sagan who 2 col x 3.9137”Please drop off resume to City Vision Opticians in the Plaza. made the following sage observation: Only those selected will be contacted for interview.


“The fact that some geniuses were laughed at does not imply that all who are laughed at are geniuses. They Join our local team at Stittco Energy University College of the North (UCN) is committed to building laughed at Columbus, they laughed workforce that is representative of the populations we serve. TOTAL aPRICE at Fulton, they laughed at the Wright See our full job posting and apply online Applications are invited from individuals who have a demonstrated brothers. But they also laughed at interest and ability to work with Aboriginal learners and mature students. Bozo Clown.” Prepared by thethe This position is designated for Aboriginal candidates. REP. HR ADWORKS • It’s DESIGNER not clear why lawmakers in Service Team REGIONAL CENTRE COORDINATOR the statePROOFED of Alabama once thought it Classification: Administrative Officer necessary to pass a law forbidding the Easterville, Manitoba University College of the North (UCN) is committed to building ESTIMATED operation of a vehicle while wearing a Full-Time Regular Position: August 27, 2018 a workforce that is representative of the populations we serve. SENT Competition No: 18-071 blindfold. Applications are invited from individuals who have a demonstrated Closing Date: July 27, 2018 interest and ability to work with Aboriginal learners and mature students. • Though coffee has been around for All prices exclude taxes AD PROOF Prices do not include 5% GST coffee wasn’t This position is designated for Aboriginal candidates. & ESTIMATEPlease visit our website for more detailed information about UCN about 700 years, instant invented until 1906. By George WashDocket Media Section Insertion Date Ad Size Price and this employment opportunity. At, select “UCN ASSESSMENT OFFICER Careers”, and select from the list of positions to view. Thank you for ington. Of course not that George Classification: Administrative Officer 1 Thompson Nickel Belt News 1807-021B Careers July 13/18 2 col x 4.0894” your interest in UCN. Washington. The man who made cofThompson, Manitoba 1807-021C Thompson Citizen Careers July 18/18 2 col x 4.0894” fee more convenient — and less palatFull-Time Regular Position Competition No: 18-075 able — was from Belgium. Closing Date: July 20, 2018 • There seems to be quite a rivalry between the towns of Rosehill, North Please visit our website for more detailed information about UCN and Wilmington, Delaware. and this employment opportunity. At, select “UCN TOTALCarolina, PRICE Careers”, and select from the list of positions to view. Thank you for Both locales claim to be the home of your interest in UCN. the world’s largest frying pan, with a diameter of 10 feet. This begs some Thompson (866) 677.6450 questions, of course: How many eggs are being fried at once to require such a large piece of cookware? And what University College of the North (UCN) is committed to building sort of stove is required to heat such a a workforce that is representative of the populations we serve. mammoth pan? Applications are invited from individuals who have a demonstrated • If you’re like the average Ameriinterest and ability to work with Aboriginal learners and mature students. can, you’ll eat about 35,000 cookies in This position is designated for Aboriginal candidates. Thompson (866) 677.6450 your lifetime. DRAFTING AND COMMUNICATIONS • Those who study such things say INSTRUCTOR that 70 percent of southern Nevada’s Classification: College Instructor water use goes through the sprinklers The Pas, Manitoba Juniper Centre Inc. Full-Time Term Position: A.S.A.P. to June 28, 2019 for golf courses and lawns in Las Vegas. Competition No: 18-072 • It’s not surprising that the word Closing Date: July 23, 2018; will remain open until filled “fondue” comes from the French verb Prepared by the REP. HR ADWORKS “fondre,” which means “to melt.” Please visit DESIGNER our website for more detailed information about UCN Service Team HELP WANTED and this employment opportunity. At, select “UCN ob Opportunity: CEO/ Executive Director • Do you know anyone who is xanAre you looking for work? Are you looking for a change? PROOFED Careers”, and select from the list of positions to view. Thank you for he Executive Director/CEO is the key management leader of The Juniper Centre. The Executive thodontous? If so, you might want to Juniper Centre is looking for staff to support individuals your interestESTIMATED in UCN. rector/CEO is responsible forinoverseeing administration, our day andthe residential programs.programs and strategic plan of refer them to someone specializing in e organization. Other key duties include fundraising, marketing, and community outreach. The SENT cosmetic dentistry. “Xanthodontous” Fulltime/Casual positions available. osition reports directly to the Board of Directors. means “having yellow teeth.” If you are looking for a fulfilling and gratifying career, All prices exclude taxes he Juniper Centre was established in 1975 and is a Non-Profit Organization that supports over come join our Juniper Centre Team. STIMATE Prices do not include 5% GST 0 adults living with developmental disabilities in our day and residential programs. The Juniper *** We offer a rewarding work environment with competitive entre employs aprox 100Section full time/part-time and summer students. The pay JuniperSize Centre has an Date Price and benefits. We are willing to train, soInsertion no previous experience Ad is Thought for the Day: “Laughter is a perating budget of $4 million and oversees over 10 cost centres. If you are compassionate hard-working 2 col x 3.9137” n Nickel Belt News necessary. Careers Julyand 20/18 form of internal jogging.” — Norman this might be the place for you! Cousins n Citizen RESPONSIBILITIES: Careers July 18/18 2 col x 3.9137” ENERAL

Prior to employment: must have clean criminal record check, positive reference not be the Adult Abuse Registry. Board Governance: Works with checks board and in order toon fulfi ll the organization mission. Thompson will beThe given to the Centre applicants have athat high supports school Responsible Priority for leading Juniper in who a manner and guides the diploma and a class five driver’s license. organization’s mission as defined by the Board of Directors. If you are interested drop off a resume at 108 Rd in a timely and Responsible for communicatingplease effectively with the Board andNelson providing, Attn: accurate manner, all information necessary for the Board to function properly and toPRICE make TOTAL If you require more information informed decisions. Call Sabrina Norman 677-2970 ext.1 Financial Performance and Viability: resources Or drop Develops by the Juniper Centre.sufficient to ensure the financial ealth of the organization. Responsible for the fiscal integrity of the Juniper Centre, to include submission to the Board of a proposed annual budget and monthly financial statements, which accurately reflect the financial condition of the organization. ResponsibleUniversity for fiscalCollege management that generally anticipates operating within the approved of the North (UCN) is committed to building budget, ensures maximum resource utilization, and maintenance a workforce that is representative of the populations we serve. of the organization in a positive financial position. Applications are invited from individuals who have a demonstrated Responsibleinterest for fundraising other resources necessary and ability toand workdeveloping with Aboriginal learners and mature support Juniper Centre’s mission. This position is designated for Aboriginal candidates. Organization Mission and Strategy: Works with board and staff to ensure that the mission is ASSESSMENT SERVICES SUPERVISOR lfilled through programs, strategic planning and community outreach. Administrative Officer 3 ResponsibleClassification: for implementation of Juniper Centre’s programs that carry out the organization’s Pas, Manitoba mission andThe the VPA. Regular Position ResponsibleFull-Time for strategic planning to ensure that the Juniper Centre can successfully fulfill Competition its Mission into the future. No: 18-076 Date: July 23, 2018 Centre’s image by being active and visible in the ResponsibleClosing for the enhancement of Juniper community and by working closely with other professional, civic and private organizations. Please visit our website for more detailed information about UCN Organization Operations. Oversees and implements appropriate resources to ensure that the and this employment opportunity. At, select “UCN perations of the organization are appropriate. Careers”, and select from the list of positions to view. Thank you for Responsibleyour effective of Juniper Centre operations. interestadministration in UCN. Responsible for the hiring and retention of competent, qualified staff. Responsible for signing all notes, agreements, and other instruments made and entered into and on behalf of the organization. Five or more years senior nonprofit management experience Solid, hands-on, budget management skills, including budget preparation, analysis, decision-making and reporting Strong organizational abilities including planning, delegating, program development and task facilitation Ability to convey a vision of Juniper Centre’s strategic future to staff, board, volunteers and donors Thompson (866) 677.6450 Knowledge of fundraising strategies and donor relations unique to nonprofit sector Skills to collaborate with and motivate board members and other volunteers Strong written and oral communication skills

(866) 677.6450

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Pacific is an equal opportunity employer. We thank all applicants, however, only those selected for Wednesday, March 21, 2018 • Page 11 interviews will be contacted. Candidates will beCareers subject to successful completion of comprehensive background screening and health checks. Wednesday, July 18, 2018




ce seeking s people t Nation

k which

e beneďŹ t work is

L: support

ually up

o those

provide d locally

h related




nd cover




• Competitive Salaries • Relocation Assistance • Continuing Education • Remoteness Allowance • Excellent Benefits


Please forward your cover letter and resume to: Lorraine Schneider ADVERTISING CONSULTANT We are looking for someone to join ourResource Generalist I Human existing sales team! This is a full-time position. Louisiana-Pacific Canada Ltd. Applicant should be highly motivated, well organized, and P.O. 189,be Minitonas, MB R0L 1G0 possess excellent people skills. Box He/she should a selfDoak’s Bulk(866) Fuel is678-5969 looking for a starterPhone: who is capable of working within and meeting (204) 525-2479 Ext. 2104 Fax: deadlines. The successful candidate will be capable of offering professional e-mail sales service: his/her clients in


>Trainer NIHB PROGRAM Organization & Staff Development (OSD) Thompson,Permanent Manitoba Full time in Winnipeg Sub-OfďŹ ce Part-Time (0.8 FTE) Are you are an experienced Administrative Professional who is intrigued by the opportunity work within awith newly BeneďŹ tsand Program Responsible forto collaborating thetransitioned OSD Team inHealth the efficient effective assessment/analysis, delivery and for Indigenous Manitobans? If design, so, let’sdevelopment, talk! evaluation of Northern Health Region (NHR) education programs for all YOUR OPPORTUNITY: employees in online, face-to-face and blended formats. •Qualifications: You will process Non-Insured Health BeneďŹ t (NIHB) decisions and to eligibleor clients and service providers. • payments Grade 12 education equivalent by the REP. order to develop and maintain business relationships. Prepared Health Certificate recognized Educational Institute •• You willCare workAide as part of a teamfrom withaothers like yourself who are dedicated HR ADWORKS (alternate combinations education and experience Basic computer knowledge is required. A valid driver’s Service Team DESIGNER to work which has realofvalue and meaning in themay livesbeofconsidered) Indigenous • Certified Basic Life Support Instructor; maintenance of certification licence and reliable transportation are required. Prior people in Manitoba. PROOFED is required •• You will apply skills, talents, andInstructor, passion fororthe beneďŹ t of others. National Food your Safety Training Course obtain within sales experience of advertising or promotional materials ESTIMATED six (6) maintenance • You willmonths enjoy of thecommencing satisfaction employment; that comes from knowing of your work is would be an asset, but is not necessary. The Thompson certification is required SENT much more than just a job. • Valid Manitoba Class 5 driver’s license, access to a vehicle, and Citizen is willing to train. We offer a competitive wage to BENEFITS travel the region year YOU roundWILL: AS willingness THE HEALTH ANALYST, structure and health beneďŹ ts are also included. Excellent knowledge of Windows programs (Microsoft Word, All prices exclude taxes •• Review and process requests for based accuracy and eligibility. Prices do not include 5% GST Excel, Outlook, Lync), Adobe Acrobat Pro, and Internet including • Audit to verify costs and beneďŹ t eligibility in preparation for Open until ďŹ lled. social accounts media sites Docketdesign, including Media Section Insertion Date Ad Size Price • payment. Expertise in all phases of instructional assessment/ The interest of all applicants is appreciated, but only analysis,provider design, development, deliveryand andbilling evaluation • Answer and client questions inquiries. 1807-039B Thompson Nickel Belt News Careers July 20/18 2 col x 4.0694â€? Teaching and learning strategies those selected for an interview will be contacted. •• • Maintain and update data bases and case ďŹ les. Familiarity with a healthcare environment Careers July 18/18 • Assist the Program Manager1807-039C in supporting serviceThompson agreementsCitizen and Please submit your resume and references, along with2acol x 4.0694â€? For complete list of qualifications, please visit our website: t$PNQFUJUJWF4BMBSJFTt3FMPDBUJPO"TTJTUBODF funding tendering process. cover letter to: t$POUJOVJOH&EVDBUJPOt3FNPUFOFTT"MMPXBODFt&YDFMMFOU#FOFĂśUT YOU BRING: submit resume by July Lynn Taylor, Publisher, •Please Excellent organization skills20, and2018 the to: ability to set priorities Lori Rasmussen, Recruitment Officer Thompson Citizen, •867Strong initiative andSouth, the ability to work independently Thompson Drive Thompson, MB R8N 1Z4 while functioning part 778-1477 of a team. Faxas(204) P.O. Box 887, Thompson, MB R8N 1N8 TOTAL PRICE •Email: Minimum 1-2 years of experience in an ofďŹ ce/administrative environment. Drop off: 141 Commercial Place, Thompson, MB us today! Local 204-778-1455 TollMS Free •CallProďŹ cient computer skills including: OfďŹ 1-866-758-7871 ce; Internet; Word and E-mail. Email: •Northern Post-secondary educationWorkforce in an administrative ďŹ eld orallequivalent. RHA has a Representative Strategy, we encourage applicants to Fax 677-3681 Criminal Record, Child Abuse, & Abuselanguage Registry Checks are required. •self-declare. A sensitivity and understanding ofAdult culture, and issues relevant We to thank all candidates for applying. Only those selected for interview will be contacted. Indigenous communities • Current and satisfactory background check with security clearance to work with vulnerable clients University College of the North (UCN) is committed to building If this sounds like the right ďŹ t for you, please email your resume and cover aUnder workforce that is representative the populations we serve. the direct ofsupervision of the Patient Care Manager or designate, assists letter by 12:00 pm April 3, 2018 to: Applications are invited from individuals who have a demonstrated Oliver Veuillot, HR Coordinator multi-disciplinary team personnel in performing a variety of patient care interest and ability to work with Aboriginal learners and mature students. Email:


In town deliveries and long haul.

$23-$27 per hour depending on CAREER experience OPPORTUNITY plus beneďŹ t package.


Send resume by fax:



activities and for related non-professional services necessary in caring for the This position is designated Aboriginal candidates.

TITLE: Home and Community Care Nurse – personal needs and comfort of the patient. This is an integrated position that Prepared by the LPNREP. or RN/BN (Full Time/Permanent) includes coordination and scheduling of HR dental ADWORKS procedures for the Operating Classification: Administrative Assistant 3 DESIGNER EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITY JobTeam Summary and maintaining excellent Thompson, Manitoba Room (OR). This will require expertise in Service developing PROOFED The Nisichawayasihk First Nation is seeking a Home & Community Full-Time Regular “Seasonal� Position TITLE: PAYROLL AND BENEFITSwith ADMINISTRATOR/ working relationships a broad range of individuals and Care Nurse. Working within theorganizations. context of a client & familyThe centered August to June (annually thereafter) ESTIMATED NELSON HOUSE health care delivery of model; based on a philosophy of self-care OR Dental Assistant will function within the provisions the Vision, Mission, Competition No: 18-074 MANITOBA KEEWATINOWI managementSENT and in accordance with the vision and values of the Closing Date: July 23, 2018 JOB SUMMARY: Values, policies and procedures of the Northern Health Region (NHR) and Family and Community Wellness Centre Inc. and in accordance with OKIMAKANAK INC. Under the supervision of Chief Financial Officer the Payroll and All prices excludeNurses taxes (Customer/ will incorporate NHR core competencies into working practice CRNM/CLPNM, Canadian Association Code of Ethics and our website for more detailed information about UCN AD PROOF & ESTIMATEPlease Prices do not include 5% GST Benefitsvisit Administrator is responsible for developing and maintaining EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITY Manitoba Awareness, Health. The nurse will comply with the practice and this employment opportunity. At, select “UCN Client Focused, Initiative & Pro-activity, Diversity Teamwork, andstandards, the accounting computer system, processing organizationalAd Size Docket Media Section Insertion Price service delivery plans, delivery and evaluation of the care needs of Careers�, and select from theupdating list of positions to view.Date Thank you for payroll as well as entering, and maintaining an accurate Collaboration, Development of Self 2and Others, and Adaptability). acutely, chronically and terminally ill clients in the community settings, POSITION: HUMAN RESOURCE your interest in UCN. 1807-025B COORDINATOR Thompson Nickel Belt News Careers July 13/18 col x 4.0894�






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Thompson Citizen Thompson Sub-OfďŹ ce or Winnipeg Sub-OfďŹ ce Manitoba Keewatinowi Okimakanak Incorporated is seeking a highly motivated individual that will perform the functions of Human Resource (HR) Coordinator. Under the supervision of the MKO Executive Director, the incumbent will be responsible for the daily HR functions. RESPONSIBILITIES: • Establish policies and procedures to meet objectives of Manitoba Keewatinowi Okimakanak, Inc.; Respond to internal and external HR related inquiries or requests • and provide assistance; Redirect HR related calls or distribute correspondence to the • appropriate person or team; • Maintain records of personnel-related data (attendance, payroll, personal information, request for leaves, etc); • Support the recruitment/hiring process by sourcing candidates, performing background checks, shortlisting; • Execute contractor and employment contracts and letters of offer; • Assist supervisors in performance management procedures; • Schedule meetings, interviews, HR events etc; • Perform orientations, onboarding and update records with new hires; • Produce and submit reports on general HR activity; • Assist with scheduling and taking minutes for staff and project lead meetings; • Other duties as assigned. EXPERIENCE AND QUALIFICATIONS: • Business Administration diploma, Human Resource Management diploma and/or combination of training and experience in a related ďŹ eld; • Proven experience as an HR Coordinator or relevant human resources/ administrative position; • An understanding of First Nations/government policies, procedures, programs and services; • Computer experience, speciďŹ cally with Outlook, Word and Excel spreadsheets; • Strong organizational and time management skills; • Must have excellent writing, oral, inter-personal skills; • Must be able to meet deadlines within short time lines; • Must be able to travel and have a valid class 5 license; • Ability to speak/understand a First Nation language is a deďŹ nite asset; • Salary based on qualiďŹ cations and experience. DEADLINE FOR APPLICATIONS: April 3, 2018 @ 4PM Mark application CONFIDENTIAL to the attention of: Dorothy Smith, Executive Assistant 1601-275 Portage Avenue, Winnipeg MB R3B 2B3 Phone: (204) 927-7500 or 1-800-442-0488 Fax: (204) 927-7509 Email: Only those applicants considered for further review will be contacted


administration base with our benefits provider. Commuter initiating referrals to other professionals or agencies where required. transportation from Thompson is available required. Careers Julyif 18/18 2 col x 4.0894�

The incumbent must fulfill the requirements of the Criminal Records/Vulnerable

Demonstrated Skills & Abilities DUTIES: Person, Child Abuse Registry check and Adult Abuse ofRegistry check, adhere • Knowledge acute and chronic disease and management in First • Maintains and updates the payroll Database by entering, Nations Communities to all Northern Health Region policies and procedures. updating and removing employees from payroll and benefits. • Advanced nursing assessment and care plan maintenance skills • Processes organizational payroll, reviews error reports and • Ability to adapt clinical and professional skills to the home and Qualifications: TOTAL PRICE directs/participates in error correction with HR Clerk. community settings Grade 12disbursements education or equivalent •t Prepares Monthly and reconciliations to Benefit • Ability to work independently and as a member of a Carriers and for all premium deductions from employees. multidisciplinary team Program required t Successful completion of a recognized Dental Assistant Thompson (866) 677.6450 • Ability to prioritize needs and organize work to accomplish • Analyzes and reconciles general ledger for all benefit t premiums. Current active practicing registration with Manitoba Dental Association workload Ability to communicate effectively,Word, both verbally and in writing, Excellent knowledge based• programs (Microsoft Excel, •t Designs and implements agency forms of and Windows time sheets. ability to speak Cree would be an asset • Processes annual increments and organizational T4’s, prepares Outlook, and Internet) manual checks, issue ROE’s. within the University College of theand North (UCN) is committed to federal/provincial building Minimum three years’ experience as Qualifications a Dental Assistant required legislated frame. at workforce that istime representative of the (3) populations we serve. • Active Registration with College of Registered Nurses of Manitoba •t Assists year-end audit preparation and reporting. with Pediatric Applications areininvited from individuals who have a demonstrated Previous experience working cases preferred or College of Licensed Practical Nurses of Manitoba Registry. • Provides towards improving service interest and abilityinput to work with Aboriginal learners anddelivery. mature students. t Ability to speak Cree an asset • Two years’ experience as a Home Care Nurse or an equivalent This position is designated for Aboriginal candidates. combination of training, education and experience. QUALIFICATIONS: • Knowledgeable of community based programming and First EDUCATIONAL CERTIFICATE •ForCompletion of theASSISTANT Payroll Management Certificate Program complete list of qualifications please visit our website Nations culture, traditions & values. or Minimum of Grade 12 and completion of a recognized INSTRUCTOR(S) • Valid Driver’s License, BLS/CPR & satisfactory criminal records accountingCollege program.Instructor Classification: check & child abuse registry check. submit February •Please Other combinations of Education by and Experience may be2, 2018 to: Opaskwayak, Manitobaresume • Wound Care Certification would be considered an asset considered. Part-Time Term Position: Sept.Recruitment 4, 2018 to March 26, 2020 Lori Rasmussen, Officer • Foot Care Certification would be considered an asset • HandlingNo: difficult and sensitive situations, using sound, Competition 18-073 867 Thompson South independent within specific guidelines and Closing Date: Julyjudgment 27, 2018;Drive will remain open until filled If you are a resident of Thompson transportation is provided daily regulations Thompson, MB R8N 1Z4 to and from Nelson House. Hours of operation are Mon – Fri Communicating co-workers, superiors, the • Please visit our websiteeffectively for more with detailed information about UCN 0830 – 1600 Fax: (204) 778-1477 and this employment At, select “UCN general public,opportunity. representatives of other organizations and Careersâ€?, and sufficient select from list of positions view. Thank you for others to the exchange or conveyto information Email: SALARY RANGE: 70,201 – 77,008 your in UCN. • interest Minimum of 2 yrs experience as a payroll clerk in a CLOSING DATE: 4:30pm July 27th, 2018 $BMMVTUPEBZ-PDBM  PS5PMM'SFF computerized payroll environment. Other combinations of skills and experience may be considered • Submit all Applications to: Amanda LeDrew Director of Human Resources • Ability to set priorities and work in a team setting Northern RHA has a Representative Workforce Strategy, we encourage all applicants to • Ability to remain positive and enthusiastic under stressful declare. Criminal Record, Child Abuse, & Adult Abuse Registry Checks are required. We thank all Family & Community Wellness conditions •candidates Well-developed and oralOnly communications forwritten applying. those selected for interview will be contacted.Centre Nelson House, MB R0B 1A0 • Excellent organizational and time management skills Phone: 204-484-2341 The successful completion of a Criminal and Child Abuse • Fax: 204-484-2351 Registry check are required of all FCWC positions upon hire.

Thompson (866) 677.6450 SALARY RANGE: CLOSING DATE:

42,895 – 49,071 4:30 pm March 23rd, 2018

WORK WITH US & GROW A CAREER Submit All Applications to: Amanda LeDrew Glacier Media Group is growing. Director of Human Resources Check our job board Family & Community Wellness Centre Nelson House, MB.for the latest openings: regularly Phone: 484-2341 Fax: 484-2351

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W. RICHARD WHIDDEN, Q.C. Barrister and Solicitor

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Providing legal services in the North for more than 50 years.

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