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September 2017 Volume XXXVII Elul 5777/Tishri 5778 Number 11

High Holy Days 2017/5778 Information on pages 14-15

TABLE OF CONTENTS 4630 Pine Ridge Rd. Naples, FL 34119 Phone: (239) 455-3030 • Fax: (239) 455-4361 Religious Education office 239-455-2233 Preschool office 239-455-3227 Adam F. Miller, Rabbi Donna Azu, Cantor James H. Perman, D.D., Rabbi Emeritus Eli Montague, FTA Executive Director Dr. Anna Salomon, RJE Director of Congregational Education Seyla Cohen Preschool Director Peter Lewis Music Director President Debbie Zvibleman First Vice President Debra Antzis Second Vice President Daryl Sissman Third Vice President Neil Heuer Treasurer Harriet Lickhalter, CPA Financial Secretary Neil Shnider, CPA Recording Secretary Beth Wolff Immediate Past President Neil Shnider Sisterhood President Carole Flegel Men’s Club President Ed Cohen One Family Liaison Bobbie Katz Historical Society Helen Weinfeld Tracey Albert Shelly Berkle Michael Diamond Michael Feldman Bruce Graev

Merrill Hassenfeld Ed Kaufman Jeremy Schaab David Silberg Perry Switzen

Rabbi Adam 3 Cantor Donna 4 Debbie Zvibleman, 5 Dr. Anna Salomon, Director of Congregational 8 Seyla Cohen, Preschool 9 10 Men’s 11 Tikkun Olam 13 Endowment 18 Temple Shalom 19 20 Monthly Celebrations 16 16 24 Temple Shalom 27 MISSION STATEMENT Temple Shalom of Naples is an inclusive Reform Jewish congregation where all individuals are equal partners in making our world whole and holy. We are One Family, believing in the sacredness of relationships, fostering connections – one to another, Temple, Israel, Torah and God. We are living Jewish values and nurturing future generations. Temple support staff Alicia Browner Membership Engagement Coordinator

Farrah Hersh Religious School Administrative Assistant

Randi Butterworth Administrative & Clergy Assistant

Rick Holsbeke Maitenance Technician

Jeanette Fischer Director of Communications

Victor Lucas Facility Manager

Maxine Gould Controller

Gloria Mellman Preschool Administrative Assistant

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Selichot Program


Adam Miller The summer zoomed by! I am excited to return from my sabbatical and share some of the experiences from the past three months. As one of my instructors noted, “Picasso claimed that good artists copy and great artists steal. Today we know that the best leaders steal from other industries and areas of experience.” Having taken a leadership course at Disney, attended a mindfulness retreat, and participated in two continuing education classes at Harvard (on design thinking and strategic leadership), I gleaned many insights to share with our community.

September 16th 7:30pm A time to pause and reflect Join us for a thought provoking film about Julius Rosenwald who, inspired by the Jewish ideals of tzedakah and tikkun olam and a deep copncer over racial inequality, used his wealth to become one of America’s most effective philanthropists.

One lesson fits the theme of the approaching New Year and Rosh Hashanah. I learned that there is a distinction that makes every German company different. Daimler, Bayer, Siemens, SAP and others all have a position known as the Direktor Grundsatzfragen – the Director of Important Questions. This person’s role is to reflect upon the state of the company, and think about what the next questions will be. The Direktor Grundsatzfragen considers whether one can look at things differently, as well as whether the right questions are being asked. Asking the right question is a concept deeply rooted in German thinking beyond the corporate structure. Albert Einstein said, ““If I had an hour to solve a problem and my life depended on the solution, I would spend the first 55 minutes determining the proper question to ask, for once I know the proper question, I could solve the problem in less than five minutes.” Questioning is also not expressly German in nature. Ray Croc asked how one could have a good hamburger while on the road. Watson & Crick wondered what DNA would look like as a three dimensional structure. Out of these questions McDonald’s and the double-helix of DNA were created. The search for important questions offers invaluable advice for each of us as we enter the New Year of 5778. We should devote a portion our thought process to asking how might we think about the situations in our lives differently? Are we seeking the best solutions possible? Are we asking the right questions of ourselves and others? Exploring deeper, we may discover new perspectives that enable us to overcome challenges that we previously felt were too difficult. Asking new questions may help us find the empathy and compassion to forgive a friend or loved one for a transgression from the past. We may also gain from this approach the understanding needed to forgive ourselves, recognizing that we may have been asking the wrong question all along. May the New Year of 5778 be one of new questions, better insights, and many blessings. L’shana Tova U’Mtukah, Rabbi Adam F. Miller


Specializing in:


• Refractive Cataract Surgery

Donna Azu

• LASIK • Eyelid Problems & Surgery

Preparing for the High Holy Days As summer comes to an end and the work day or your regular routine sets in, it’s hard to think ahead that the High Holy Days are just around the corner. The High Holy Days are, for many, the essence of when Jews are most in touch with their Judaism. For the majority of the Jewish world, these are the days when Jews flock to the synagogue to fulfill the mitzvah of welcoming the New Year, asking forgiveness, and praying that we should each be inscribed in the Book of Life for the coming year. However, we are taught that we cannot simply “show up” for Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur, and expect to be prepared for a truly holy experience.  The High Holy Day Season officially begins with the Hebrew month of Elul, the month prior to Rosh Hashanah, during which we are supposed to prepare ourselves emotionally and mentally for this holy and sacred time. For me, this begins as I start preparing the music for the High Holy Days  The month of Elul concludes the Saturday night prior to Rosh Hashanah, when we gather together for the evening of Selichot, or prayers of forgiveness.  Typically, we begin to hear the High Holy Day melodies, change the Torah scrolls to their white covers, and prepare ourselves even further for the High Holy Day experience.  We may choose to partake in music or story or study which prepare us for the upcoming sacred experience.  At Temple Shalom, we observe Selichot by

Thursday, October 19th 1:30pm The Underground Railroad by Colson Whitehead Facilitator: Helen Weinfeld A young slave’s adventures as she makes a desperate bid for freedom in the antebellum South. 4

Winner of the 2017 Pulitzer Prize for Literature

• Glaucoma • Diabetic Eye Exams • Botox Treatment

Lynn K. Byerly, M.D.

• Evaluation of Macular Degeneration

Board Certified Ophthalmologist

Naples Eye Physicians

661 Goodlette Road, North, Suite #105 Naples, Florida 34102

(239) 262-6288

watching a movie on a theme that takes us into the holidays followed by a brief, yet beautiful service. We culminate the evening with a blast of the Shofar, to awaken our souls. Rosh Hashanah is not only a time to come together in celebration of the New Year, but also a time to bring family and friends together. The round challot we eat throughout the High Holy Day Season remind us of the cycle of life, and the importance of the cycle of the year as well.  During the celebration of Rosh Hashanah, we take a few moments to attend a Tashlich service, where we literally cast away our sins into a body of water, accompanied by song and prayer. Yom Kippur, our Day of Atonement, is a solemn day of fasting and inward reflection.  It is also an opportunity to ask for teshuvah (repentance) both with others and between ourselves and our God.  On this holiest of holy days, it is most important that we take the time to reflect, to truly analyze, and to plan for the future, making certain that the mistakes we have made this past year are mistakes we will not make again.  I look forward to welcoming in the New Year with you! B’Shalom, Cantor Donna M. Azu


Debbie Zvibleman As we approach the High Holy Days, we have several options for prospective members to join us. Do you know someone who is moving here or has lived here, but is unaffiliated? Let them know that we have replaced dues with pledges, allowing congregants to give from the heart. Have them come to our open house for prospective members on September 8th to find out all that we have to offer. Bring them to any service and introduce them to our Board members and our greeters. In addition, if you see someone who is a new member go up to them and introduce yourself. We have had several new members join in the last month and we want to make sure that they feel welcome. As you come for the High Holy Days you will notice the Harry Chapin Food Bank basket in the lobby. A contribution of $18 permits the food bank to buy nearly $108 worth of food. As a result, last year we raised over $10,000 because of your generous donations. Envelopes will be passed out at Rosh Hashanah for you to bring back on Yom Kippur. The food bank needs our donations to feed many families throughout Collier County I hope that you will once again assist those in need. I hope to see everyone during our High Holy Days services. On behalf of our Board of Trustees, I want to wish everyone a year of health, happiness and peace. L’Shanah tovah, Debbie Zvibleman

“Shalom Chaverim” means hello friends in Hebrew. Shalom Chaverim is also the name of a new and exciting volunteer opportunity at Temple Shalom where Temple volunteers welcome members and guests who come for worship, learning and social opportunities. Temple Shalom is focused on inclusivity, diversity, openness and welcoming. Shalom Chaverim is a cadre of greeters welcoming and assisting members and guests to our Temple for Erev Shabbat services, helping them with their name tags or badges, providing directions, assist with seating, prayer books, or hearing assisted devices. If you are interested in volunteering and becoming a part of Shalom Chaverim, please contact Andy Karpman at Signing up to be a greeter at the sidewalk, in the lobby or in the sanctuary is easy and only takes a few minutes. We are a congregation dedicated to “audacious hospitality” and to helping our members connect and engage. Being part of Shalom Chaverim is fun and you will be making a difference to all of those visiting our temple by helping to make their experience at Temple Shalom warm and welcoming.

If you have a simcha to share, please email the information to Jeanette Fischer at or call 239-455-3030.

Memorial Book 2017/5778 Memorial Book forms are due back no later than September 8th in order to be included in this year’s Memorial Book that will be distributed on Yom Kippur. If you need another form, please contact the Temple office.


Temple’s 2018 Fundraiser Taking Shape

Save the Date

By Carole J. Greene On Sunday, March 11, 2018 Temple Shalom will welcome a cadre of professional New York entertainers who will join some outstanding local talent to perform We Are One: A Musical Celebration. This will serve as the temple’s primary fundraising special event for 2018, with opportunities to reach the wider community, in addition to our own congregants.

Co-chair Ida Margolis said: “This program has been created exclusively for our Temple, to build on the inspiration initiated last December at our Shabbat of Solidarity.” Florida Weekly called that event, which filled our sanctuary to overflowing with Temple Shalom supporters of many faiths, “the best show of unity” in our community last season. Watch The Voice each month for information about We Are One plus other “continuing the spirit of solidarity” events throughout the year. These will tie into the March 11th program, at Edith Agatstein Marc Browner Phone: (954) 895-6272 Email: Marc was born in Brooklyn, NY but most recently lived in Weston, FL. Marc and his wife, Maria a kindergarten teacher, have a large extended family here in Naples. They have a beautiful 3 year old daughter attending the preschool. Marc also has a stepdaughter (13) and a stepson (11). Marc is passionate about helping people and has been a practicing chiropractor for over 20 years, traveling between his offices in Weston and Naples. When he isn’t with his family or working Marc enjoys working out, golf and playing tennis. Irv & Sandy Epstein 26455 S. Tamiami Trail, Unit 2210 Bonita Springs, FL 34134 Home phone: (239) 992-0299 Email:


March 11, 2018 7:00pm

We Are One:

A Musical Celebration Continuing the Spirit of Solidarity which local philanthropist Phil Beuth will be honored with the Temple Shalom Social Justice Award. For more information, contact co-chairs: Ida Margolis (, Bobbie Katz ( or Linda Simon ( or call the Temple Shalom office at 239-455-3030.

Jennifer & Marc Fleischer Marc Phone: (585) 261-9036 Email: Jennifer Phone: (585) 506-2139 Email: Marc and Jennifer Fleishcher have lived in Rochester, NY for almost 40 years. They moved to Naples in 2007. Marc owned Fleischer’s Bagels Inc. and Jenifer raised their three children, Elisa, Aaron and Benjamin. Aaron and Elisa (Justin Ross), a member of Temple Shalom, both live in Naples while Benjamin is holding down the fort in Rochester. Both Marc and Jennifer like to golf. Marc also enjoys pickle ball and fishing and Jennifer plays mah jongg.

As of August 11th Andy & Robin Mintz Andy Phone: (404) 307-3380 Email: Robin Phone: (770) 377-4820 Email: Mark Shiffman and Allison Tucker Allison’s phone: (412) 721-1618 Allison’s email:

The Florence Melton School of Adult Jewish Learning at Temple Shalom

Adult Learning for the Wondering Jew

Melton Core Class Year 1 (Open to ANYONE ready to start our 3 year Core Class curriculum!)

Rhythms of Jewish Living - Central ideas and texts which inform our daily, weekly and annual rituals as well as life cycle observances. Purposes of Jewish Living - Essential Jewish theological concepts and ideas as they unfold in the Bible, Talmud and other sacred texts.

Melton Core Class Year 2 (This is ONLY open to students from our Melton Naples Core Year 1 cohort)

Ethics of Jewish Living - Ethical issues such as justice, life and death, sexualtiy and community, with case studies from Talmudic, rabbinic and contemporary literature. Crossroads of Jewish History - Dramatic developments, experiences and issues from different periods in Jewish history as reflected in historical texts.

REGISTRATION IS NOW OPEN! w w w. e vent s . or g / Melton Napl e s


Melton Core Class Year 1


Melton Core Class Year 2

Prerequisite: Core Class Year 1

Instructors: Rabbi Adam Miller Rabbi Ammos Chorny

Instructors: Rabbi Adam Miller Dr. Anna Salomon

Days: Tuesdays from 2 pm to 4:15 pm

Days: Tuesdays from 3 pm to 5: 15 pm

Date: 15 weeks beginning 12/5/17

Date: 15 weeks beginning 12/5/17

4 63 0 P i ne R id ge Road Naple s , F L 3 4119 239 - 4 55 -3 03 0 w w w.naple stemple .org 7


Dr.AnnaSalomon, RJE “Lift up the heads of the whole Israelite community.” (Bamidbar 1:2) This verse from the book of Numbers begins the story of the census. Read in May or early June, it is an instruction to count each Jew. In reading the verse we think about numbers, about the quantitative aspects of the census; the counting of the Jewish population. But what if we went beyond the numbers? Instead of focusing on the numerical counting of a person, a numbering of the community – what else could it mean to count? While it may appear a simple command to count the number of people in the community, it can actually mean so much more. Instead of counting, we can account for each person, making them matter, and lift them up in that way. It is easy to get stuck on the quantitative – the numerical counting. When we count each and every person in our community, we don’t have to stick to just the numbers. We can learn the names and stories of each person in our community. Look at what each person brings to our community, helping make it whole and holy. This type of qualitative census helps us appreciate the diversity and uniqueness of our community. To count our community from a different perspective, to lift each other up through relationships and meaning, helps honor our commitment to One Family. Everyone has a name and a story. They’re not a number in our community, they’re a person. Do you know the people in our community? The names and stories – not the numbers. Our Religious School students and families have some incredible stories. So do our Adult Education & Melton students. The people that work behind the scenes to make Temple Shalom successful do too. That’s not even half of the amazing stories waiting to be told. As we head towards another Rosh Hashanah, it’s a great opportunity to start learning those stories – to lift up and honor the people of our community by getting to know them better. I look forward to hearing many more of the stories and the people in our community. May our new year be one of health, happiness, and lots of blessings for us all.


1st day of Wednesday Hebrew School September 6th

Sam Sissman September 2, 2017 The oldest child of Daryl and David Sissman, Sammy has two younger siblings, Gabriela and Zachary. Sammy is a 7th grader at CSN. His family moved to Naples the summer before he began kindergarten and he’s been at Temple Shalom ever since! As part of his mitzvah project Sammy delivered school supplies and assisted in clean up after the floods in Baton Rouge. An avid sports enthusiast and drummer, Sammy’s biggest love is baseball. Whether it’s playing, reading, watching, or talking about baseball – he loves it all.

Rett Kelley September 9, 2017 Born in Naples, Rett has been coming to Temple Shalom since starting Mommy and Me classes. He is the son of Matthew Kelley and Alicia Browner and big brother to Sam. Rett attends Pine Ridge Middle School where he is in the 7th grade and is proudly enrolled in the Cambridge Program. Rett loves almost all sports but his favorites are baseball and football. His mitzvah project centered around collecting sports gear to donate to youth athletes in Immokalee. The intent of Rett’s project is to remove some of the financial barriers allowing kids from the local community to experience the joy and benefits of team sports.

Prestige Catering Quality & Creativity with a Personal Touch Chef Jay Wolfson catering

event planning

(239) 272-7180

private chef services

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Seyla Cohen Each year when Temple Shalom Preschool opens its doors to begin a new school year, the hallways fill with happy smiles, enthusiastic spirits, and eager children. This year was no exception. Now, after several weeks, both families and students have settled into a comfortable routine, and are feeling secure and filled with confidence as its preschoolers build the foundation for future education. Here at Temple Shalom Preschool our staff is so excited to start another year of growth, dedication, and challenges. We watch the faces of both old and new students as they enter the building with looks of wonder and eagerness. Their growth, both physically and emotionally never seizes to amaze us. Starting with the new school year we have some new procedures in place at TSP. We are proud to introduce our new Educational Wing entrance. From now on, the Preschool children and families as well as Religious school children and families will be entering and exiting the building through these doors. In addition, the Preschool offices and the security officer relocated to the new school entrance. This transformation will enhance and increase the existing security and safety of our children. Once again, our much loved Miss Jane is teaching the school’s unique Mommy, Me, and More classes. New parents are provided with a support group and are given the opportunity to meet other caregivers and make new friends. Friendships can make an enormous difference in the journey through parenthood, often alleviating the feeling of loneliness and helping new parents bond and share experiences. At the same time, children 0-24 months are provided with a strong foundation for learning through interactive play, music, art and exercise. Little ones begin to develop important skills such as socialization, self-control and physical and cognitive development, so important for the preparation for their school experience. For further information regarding Temple Shalom Preschool, please contact Director Seyla Cohen at 239-455-3227. The demand for our outstanding preschool is sensational! Due to the phenomenal growth, we are opening a fourth PreK class this year. Come, visit, volunteer and be a part of this amazing place we call home away from home! Wishing everyone a happy and safe school year!


Temple Shalom Sisterhood Invites You to Join in a SISTERHOOD PRESIDENT

Carole Flegel The Year of the Sisterhood I’m continuously inspired by women, such as when massive crowds marched in the Women’s March across the globe including Naples for transformative social change. I draw hope from the efforts of women such as Senators Collins and Murkowski, who work across the aisle to protect women’s health care. And I’m uplifted by the incredible effort of the women of Sisterhood who donate tremendous time and effort to continuously support our Temple and its Religious School. Leading Sisterhood’s accomplished women is Sandy Stone, whom I’m honored to present in this month’s Sisterhood Member Spotlight. Please join the amazing women of Temple Shalom’s Sisterhood. We offer rewarding events, fundraisers, Book Bag and volunteer opportunities from Oneg Shabbats to the Judaica Shop. Our first event is a tour and luncheon at the Holocaust Museum on September 11th at 10:00am. Book Bag kicks off on October 19th at 1:30pm with The Underground Railroad by Colson Whitehead. Make this the Year of the Sisterhood!

Sisterhood Member Spotlight In 1987, Sandy moved from the Boston area to Naples. Leaving her large extended family behind and recently widowed from her first husband, she immediately embraced the Temple Shalom community. Sandy first stepped up to volunteer in the Sandy Stone kitchen where she was instrumental in the Sisterhood’s Food Fair for 17 years. Sandy also joined the choir, with her talent for singing and reading music. Upon realizing that the Sisterhood lacked a program for children during Chanukah, she created a Chanukah event, which led her to becoming Sisterhood President. Over the years, Sandy has served multiple terms as Sisterhood President and held many other Board positions. Sandy served as Temple Shalom’s President from 1994-1996. She and her second husband chaired “Shalom 2000” with Sandy serving as Design Chair of the current building. Sandy is the Oneg Chair. She and her committee provide exceptional Onegs every Friday night. Sandy’s coffee cakes are legendary! Sandy’s family now includes four generations in Naples, including great-grandkids in the Temple Shalom pre-school.


Special Experience A guided tour of

The Holocaust Museum & Educational Center of SWFL Rated #1 Museum by Gulfshore Life

September 11th at 10am Cost: $25

Includes a box lunch at the museum

Space is Limited to 20 people for this tour RSVP by September 6th to Barbara Druckman 239-947-6863 or


Ed Cohen

We are excited to welcome the many new members of Men’s Club and we thank each and every one of you for your support. Please get involved; it will greatly enhance your membership experience. On behalf of my wife Lori, along with the entire Men’s Club Board, I would like to wish you and your loved ones and very happy, healthy, prosperous and above all, a peaceful New Year. Looking forward to greeting you in person at High Holy Days services.

Join Men’s Club Today! The primary mission of the Temple Shalom Men’s Club is to promote enduring friendships among the men of the Congregation through social, charitable, cultural and community activities and services. Funds raised by the Men’s Club benefit the Congregation, our local Jewish community and the State of Israel. 2016/2017 financial accomplishments • Major contributor to new, enhanced Temple security system • Leading contributor for newly created “Tribute Garden” and landscaping improvements • Helped fund Religious School Confirmation class trip to Washington, DC • Funder for numerous Religious School events • Provided Kiddush cups to each Bar and Bat Mitzvah Students • Major supporter for Mitzvah Day “Kids Against Hunger” • Provided gowns and bibles for Confirmation Class • Supports local Holocaust Museum, Jewish Family and Community Services, Jewish Federation of Collier County and Jewish War Vets of Collier County Annual Contribution: Regular member


Mitzvah member:


_________________________ Send check payable to Temple Shalom Men’s Club 4630 Pine Ridge Rd. Naples, FL 34119 Thank you! Name_______________________________________________________ Phone_______________________________________________________ Email________________________________________________________


Above & Beyond Kicks Off This past year’s Above & Beyond campaign was a rousing success thanks to our chairs, Dan and Judi Spintman and their marvelous committee and you, our One Family! We once again exceeded our goals. To succeed again this year it will take serious effort and everyone’s participation. Thank you to all of our donors who gave generously this year. We hope you will continue to make this campaign one of your priorities in your tzedakah allocations. This year we have implemented the pledge system to make our community easier to join. With this new structure we aren’t guaranteed a definitive amount of dues as in previous years. This makes budgeting, and this campaign, very important. We have seen an increase in members and we hope that everyone will feel the overwhelming open-arms approach that our Temple is pursuing. Some important notes about our Above & Beyond program:

Torah Talk A lay lead discussion

8:15 - 8:30am - bagels, coffee, juice 8:30 - 9:45am - discussion

September 2nd Ki Tetze Deuteronomy 21:10-25:19

All are welcome! We meet in the conference room Shabbat service at 10am 12

Annual pledges alone do not meet the Temple’s needs for ongoing expenses and new programming. There are members who, because of special financial issues, are unable to pay the sustaining amount. No one is turned away from Temple Shalom regardless of background or financial circumstances. Your extra donations over and above your annual pledge allows us to make up this shortfall.

Expenses include clergy and other staff salaries, maintenance of the building, and communications such as The Voice, advertising and printing and mailing expenses.

Your contributions allow us to maintain our ability to bring you all of the services that you have come to expect: meaningful services, a clergy staff in time of need, a religious education that includes b’nai mitzvah, confirmation and adult education, speakers from around the world to enhance our understanding of various aspects of Judaism and Israel, and a place where we can meet our friends who share a common heritage.

For those of us who are able, we give because it gives us joy, because we care, because it is the right thing to do, because it is the way we can share our Judaism, educate our children and continue our traditions. Our 2017-2018 Above and Beyond campaign began at the end of July. You should have received a mailing with all of the details on levels of giving. No amount is too small and your support is appreciated. Please consider a contribution to an important part of Temple Shalom. Our goal this year is $230,000.

Tik kun Olam S o ciety Ken Goldstein

Jewish Values and Our Environment Environmental Forum at Temple Shalom November 2, 2017 12:00 to 1:30PM Our Temple Shalom Tikkun Olam Council (TOC) is planning two forums this year. The first will focus on an environmental issue facing Southwest Florida - water. It is truly the lifeblood of Southwest Florida and how we protect this precious commodity will impact each of us. The forum will provide everyone with two goals; education regarding one or two water issues in Southwest Florida and specific ways to get involved and make our voices heard. We are working with three organizations who have agreed to help us with both of these goals: The Conservancy of Southwest Florida – As stated in their website, “We have concerns about our water. Will it be clean? Will we have enough? Over one million acres of rural lands are proposed for development. Will it be done in a way that protects lands vital to our survival and to the 60 listed, endangered and threatened species in Florida?” A staff expert from the Conservancy on water issues will serve on our panel. The Sierra Club -- This national organization has a clear mission statement…”To explore, enjoy, and protect the wild places of the earth; To practice and promote the responsible use of the earth’s ecosystems and resources; To educate and enlist humanity to protect and restore the quality of the natural and human environment; and to use all lawful means to carry out these objectives.” Visit for more information about the Florida Chapter of the Sierra Club. Finally, the third organization is Audubon of the Western Everglades. Their mission is “…to promote an understanding of and interest in wildlife and the environment that supports it, and to further the cause of conservation of all of our natural resources.” Check out their website at Given the dramatic growth of our population the concern for our natural resources is critical. Please join us on November 2nd and more importantly, get involved in understanding these environmental concerns. We need to protect our water, wildlife and environment for today and future generations. For more information about the TOC please contact Ken Goldstein at


High Holy Days Child Care Program Child Care...Activities...Snacks Children ages 2 to 7 years (Preschool - 2nd Grade)

High Ho 2017/

This program is available for specific High Holy Day services. Children must be pre-registered and payment is your reservation. Associated fees are calculated on a child/service basis. Please complete the reservation form below. Reservations MUST be received by September 15th Fees: $10.00 for one child per service $15.00 for two children of the same family per service $20.00 for 3 or more children of the same family per service Child care for the following services:

Children’s name(s)

Erev RH Kol Yom RH Day I Nidre Kippur




   




   




   



Charge per Service _____+




Memorial Service

September 24th 4:00pm Palm Royale Cemetery and Naples Memorial Gardens


For questions or to volunteer, please contact Gloria Mellman 239-455-3227

Parent/guardian name_____________________________________

Mail this form with check made payable to:


Temple Shalom Attn: HHD Child Care 4630 Pine Ridge Road Naples, FL 34119

Phone __________________________________________________ Signature _______________________________________________

Envelopes will be passed out on Rosh Hashanah. Please return them with your contribution on Yom Kippur 14

oly Days /5778



High Holy Days Ticket Policy

When will High Holy Day tickets be mailed? Members in good standing (see below) should expect to receive their High Holy Day tickets by September 1. Who will automatically receive High Holy Day tickets? Temple Shalom members in good standing. Good standing means that there is no outstanding financial obligation to the Temple. Also, congregants must either have submitted their L’Shalom Pledge Payment Plan or have contributed at least 25% of their 2017-2018 L’Shalom pledge by August 24. Other arrangements must be made with our Executive Director, Eli Montague. Who else may receive tickets? You may request complimentary tickets for immediate members of your family (parents, grandparents, siblings, children who are visiting from out of town), military personnel and college students (with ID), and visitors who are members of other Reform congregations (a reciprocity form must be sent from their home congregation to Temple Shalom).

Come home to Temple Shalom for the High Holy Days

Can others not included in the above groups purchase tickets? Yes, however, seating is limited. So advanced planning is necessary. When available, what is the cost of a ticket to High Holy Day services? $100 is the cost for one ticket to all High Holy Day services. Can I apply the amount I pay for tickets towards a membership at Temple Shalom? Yes, we encourage you to do just that! The credit will be applied to membership if you join Temple Shalom by November 30, 2017. In fact, rather than purchase tickets, we encourage you to make a L’Shalom pledge to Temple Shalom, which may be fulfilled throughout the year, and join Temple Shalom’s family! Your tickets are then included with your pledge. If I know of someone who cannot afford the High Holy Day tickets, can they still attend? Yes, provided they contact the Executive Director, Eli Montague, in advance of the High Holy Days and we have available seating. It will be our pleasure to have them worship with us.

We extend our very best wishes for a New Year of health and peace. L’shana tovah!

S c h e du l e of S e r v i c e s Erev Rosh Hashanah Wednesday, September 20 Evening service 7:30pm

Erev Yom Kippur Friday, September 29 Kol Nidre service 7:30pm

Rosh Hashanah Day 1 Thursday, September 21 Morning service 10:00am Family service 2:30pm Tashlich 4:00pm

Yom Kippur Saturday, September 30 Morning service 10:00am Family service 2:00pm Afternoon service 3:15pm Yizkor & Neilah 5:00pm

(Lake at Vineyards Park)

Rosh Hashanah Day 2 Friday, September 22 Morning service 10:00am Sukkot Celebration Sunday, October 8 Food Truck Rodeo 11:30am

Simchat Torah Friday, October 13 Yizkor service 10:00am Simchat Torah & Consecration 6:15pm

Followed by Shabbat evening service at 7:00pm


September 2017

September 2017


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16 Linda and Bruce Barter

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Barbara and Michael Zion

Lisa and Bob Pearl 4 Susan and Brian Solomon

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7 Joan and Byron Krantz

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Meredith Frankel and Max Kamerman

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Byron Krantz

Eleanor Angoff


Donald Weisberg

Gerald Bonder

Julius Goos

Joyce Yamron


Marshall Fried

Anne Newman

Lester Handler

Eileen Ertag


Elizabeth Lawrence-Ross

Walter Angoff


Charles Barry

Bernard Weiss


Lori Cohen

Leatrice Kaye


Martin Levine


Marshall Sutker

Nancy Colodny

Carol Lader

Susan Ritter


Jerome Davin


Ellen Blum


Elaine Soffer

Fred Rosenfeld


Daryl Sissman

Joseph Davidow

Frann Katz-McCombs

Lisa Lauber

Laurence Sibrack


Sandra Schuman

David Citrin


Gilbert Rashbaum

Allison Shalom

Eric Peltz

Jason Flegel

Nanci Reid

A little help. A big difference. The assisted living services at The Carlisle Senior Living Community are about the whole family and the whole YOU. Of course, we can help you with your daily needs. But did you know you will also have options for fitness, socializing, healthy fine dining, and more? And services are tailored to you, so you’ll get just the right amount of help you need, when you request it. But the best part? No matter if you need a little help or a lot, the difference you’ll feel will be amazing.

I n de p e n de n t & A s s i s t e d L i v i ng R e s i de nc e s • ECC L ic e n s e d

6945 Carlisle Court • Naples, FL • • 239.444.6891 Located just south of Orange Blossom Drive on the west side of Airport-Pulling Road



Suzanne Low, J.D., CFP®, Endowment Chair

Endowment Corner

What is the Temple Shalom Legacy Society? The Legacy Society was created to honor those who have demonstrated the foresight to plan a future gift to Temple Shalom. By signing a non-binding Letter of Intent to make a future gift, you will become a member of our Legacy Society. We are excited to publish the first list of the Charter Members in this issue. An updated list of all Legacy Society members will be published annually. What exactly is a future or planned gift? How does a planned gift work? How can I make a planned gift? Simply put, a planned gift is a gift to Temple Shalom that you plan for now with the gift to be given by you in the future. Planned gifts designating Temple Shalom as a beneficiary of your IRA, trust or will, can help you match your personal financial goals with your desire to make a substantial and lasting difference to ensure that Temple Shalom will continue to thrive. Any gift that can be given now may also be made to take effect in the future, when the assets are no longer needed for current or family expenses. These include cash, securities, real estate, personal property, retirement plan assets and life insurance. Your planned gift may name your own fund (upon receipt of a minimum of $10,000), facility (such as the sanctuary or another sacred place or classroom or even the entire campus) or a gift dedicated to a specific purpose. We are dedicated to helping every donor find the right opportunity for yourself and your family to create a legacy that is meaningful to you. The major benefit of a planned future gift is that it allows you to hold on to your money and other assets for now, to be sure you can meet your family’s future financial needs, while leaving a legacy to benefit the Temple far into the future. A planned gift can set a wonderful example for your children and grandchildren to show how much you care about the future of Temple Shalom and Reform Judaism in Southwest Florida, and want our temple to have a lasting role in your family’s future for generations to come. Your gift can be creatively structured, with the help of our professionals working with your advisors, to provide tax advantages and benefit you and your family for as long as you wish. Planned gifts allow you to provide support at a higher level than you may think possible. A planned gift does not have to be large, but can be of any size. Contact me or the office to get a copy of the non-binding Letter of Intent and answer any questions you may have about planned giving.


Charter Members Mardelle & Bennett Berman Paula Brody & Merrill Hassenfeld Nancy Brown & Bill Maltby Lori & Ed Cohen Florence Chelm Myra & Mort Friedman Harriet & Merlin Lickhalter Suzanne Low Connie Mansfield Lorie Mayer Jane & Rabbi James Perman Mae Riefberg Phyllis & Michael Seaman Arlene & Don Shapiro Janet & Howard Solot Sheldon Starman Richard Treiser Stuart Warshauer 5 Anonymous Donors

With a completed endowment gift of $10,000 or more you will become a member of our Eternal Light Society.

Mitzvah Baskets Fund: Bimah food baskets for Shabbat. A $100 donation purchases several hundred dollars of food for JFCS. Dr. Philip & Shirley Gilbert Music Fund: Enhances music at Temple Shalom.

Showing We Care Contributions to Temple Shalom funds are wonderful ways to show your appreciation of family and friends, to celebrate happy occasions and to honor the memories of loved ones. We suggest a minimum donation of chai ($18.00). With a minimum donation of chai, a notice of your gift will be sent to the honoree and mention will be published in The Voice.


General Fund: Support Temple operations. Capital Reserve: Maintain and enhance buildings and grounds. Security Fund: Improve safety and security Tree of Life: Each ‘Rock’ and ‘Star of David’ is a donation of $540.00; each ‘Leaf ’ is $240.00. The contribution must be received in its entirety before engraving is ordered. Tribute Garden: Enhance garden, buildings and grounds. Dedication opportunities are available


Prayerbook Fund: Prayerbooks and Torah commentaries. Prayerbooks - $54, Torah commentary - $100 High Holy Days preayerbooks (set) - $108


Adult Education Fund: Enhance adult education programs. Religious School Fund: Supplies and activitiess for Jewish learning in Religious and Hebrew Schools. Religious School Enrichment Fund: Augments the Religious and Hebrew School educational programming. Polster Religious School Scholarship Fund: Religious and Hebrew School scholarships for students in need. Ben Calmenson Fund: Sponsors children to attending Camp Coleman. Joseph S. Weinfeld Faculty Development Fund: Curriculum and teaching skill enrichment activities for Sunday and Hebrew School teachers. Youth Activities Fund: Financial support for our youth to attend Camp Coleman, to take part in regional/ national youth conventions, and summer in Israel experiences.

Memorial Fund: Donations in memory of loved ones

Preschool Fund: Supplies and activities for the Preschool.

William Freschel Kiddush Fund: Provide Kiddush Lunch each Saturday following worship services. A $150 donation sponsors Kiddush in honor of a special someone or occasion.

Preschool Enrichment Fund: Books, magazines and media for children and adolescents.

Flower Fund: Bimah flowers each Shabbat. A $100.00 donation sponsors flowers in memory or in honor of a special someone or occasion.

Arby Lipman Children's Library: For the purchase of children and adolescent books and magazine subscriptions, and supplies.


Endowment Fund: To secure the future, enrich programs and provide for emergency needs of the congregation. The Paula Brody and Merrill Hassenfeld Endowment Fund: Support operating and capital expenses. Kraus Scholar In Residence Endowment Fund: To bring visiting scholars to the Temple as an educational benefit to the membership. The Low Family Endowment Fund: To secure the future of Temple Shalom and Reform Judaism in Southwest Florida. The Herbert & Ruth Abramson Fund: To supplement general operations and provide enrichment for Temple functions. The Janet & Howard Solot Endowment Fund: For general charitable uses and purposes.


Rabbi Miller’s Discretionary Fund: For tzedakah, charitable purposes,and general enhancement of the Rabbi's work. Cantor Azu's Discretionary Fund: For tzedakah, charitable purposes and general enhancement of the Cantor's work. Leadership Fund: Enhance and enrich leadership programs at Temple Shalom.


Rabbi James & Jane Perman Library: Books, magazine subscriptions and supplies.


David and Lillian Thalenfeld Fund for Social Justice: Support Temple’s participation in social justice events and activities.

Oneg Shabbat:

Sponsors Onegs in celebration of an event or to honor someone. This fund is administered by Temple Shalom Sisterhood. Please contact Sandy Stone (239) 597-1553

Jack and Charlotte Ward Family Children's Music Shelf: Audio and video music for children.


Contributions to Temple Shalom General Fund In Memory Of:

Betty Naide by Annette & Dr. Leonard Girsh Ed Cohen by Ellen Goldberg Bennie Magy by Lin & Ron Klein Arlene Klein by Carole & Jason Flegel, Shelly & Alan Zelbow Jerry Miller by Jo Kravitz Barbara Schwartz, Sidney Salpeter by Janet & Howard Solot Adi Gildor by Michal Wiesler Augusta Dessoff by Nancy & Ed Colodny Ruth Alpern by Lori & Dr. Matt Targoff

Religious School Fund In Honor Of:

Andy Salomon on his graduating GCHS & USMC Boot Camp by Tammy Strohl Samuel & Darren Samuel In Appreciation:

By Cheryl & Ed Alexander

Religious School Enrichment Fund In Memory Of:

Grandmother of Paul Mozer by Zdenka Tichy & Eric Wasser Wilford Dopkin by Roz & Al Katz

Polster Religious School Scholarship Fund

In Memory Of: Mildred Druckman by Barbara Druckman Ed Cohen, Arlene Klein by Sandy Stone

William Freschel Kiddush Fund

In Memory Of: Eva Rubner by Dr. Michael Rubner Lee Sirkus, Rebecca Kodicek by Sandy Sirkus

Food Basket Fund

In Honor Of: Nathan Samuel becoming a Bar Mitzvah by Deena Caplan


Rabbi Miller’s Discretionary Fund

In Memory Of: David Pendergast, Shirley Klein & Webster Pendergast Dr. Paul Meyer by Nancy & Dr. Terry Meyer Arlene Klein by Ron Klein Victor Bayer by Gersha Bayer Ruth Hacker by Dorismae Friedman William Goldstein by Diana & Ken Goldstein Ed Cohen by Rosie & Chuck Hyman, Michal Wiesler Harry Abramson by Joyce & Harold Yamron In Appreciation: By Barbara Cohen Of contributing to Sarah becoming a Bat Mitzvah by Jesse & Jeff Goebel

Cantor Azu’s Discretionary Fund

In Memory Of: Robin Hadas Claridge by Aileen & Michael Pierce Edward Cohen by Nancy & Ted Brother Stephen Richmond by Bill Kaye Szymon Piasecki by Becky Cornacchia In Honor Of: Baby naming of Ethan & Ari Feldman by Kim & Jared Feldman In Appreciation: By Barbara Cohen By Ruth Dorfman Of Cantor Azu, Perry Switzen, Dr. Michael Rubner & Will Rudman for Saturday Services by Becky Cornacchia

Prayerbook Fund

In Memory Of: Phyllis Silberg by Gay & David Silberg Judge Morton Riefbergy by Midge & Lloyd Rauch

Rabbi James & Jane Perman Library Fund

In Memory Of: Larry Cowan by Wendy Wald Ed Cohen by Janet & Howard Solot, Marjorie & David Prolman, Shirley & Bob Bassin, Barbara Heimann, Louise & Bill Warshauer, Iris & Bernie Feldman Frances Cutler by Barbara & Dr. Len Cutler In Honor Of: Florence Levin on her birthday by Dr. Iris Bland In Appreciation: Of contributing to Sarah becoming a Bat Mitzvah by Jesse & Jeff Goebel

As of August 14th Dr. Philip & Shirley Gilbert Music Fund In Memory Of: Shirley & Dr. Emanuel Schwartz by Mardelle & Bennett Berman Ruth Schuman by Sandy & Len Schuman

Scholar in Residence Endowment Fund In Memory Of: Lloyd Rauch by Sandy & Irv Epstein

Endowment Fund

In Memory Of: Harold Kanter by Eleanor & Walter Angoff Elizabeth Zinman by Susan & Yale Freeman Edward Cohen, Arlene Klein by Bobbie & Dr. Gene Katz Max Akabas by Eleanor & Walter Angoff Stephen Lenner by Nancy & Bruce Graev Cecile Nossen by Fran & Rob Nossen Leizer Pianko by Sheila & Alvin Becker In Appreciation: By Debbie & Barry Zvibleman

Do Not Forget Us We have been invited to join several other FL communities in helping Rabbi Dukhovny’s Jewish community in Ukraine. Many of our students here in Collier need to take advantage of the backpack program to have food for the weekend. Rabbi Dukhovny discovered that many of his young students had little or nothing to eat over the weekend as well. He hired a cook and arranged for the children to come to their school for a hot meal both Saturday and Sunday. Remember, think cold weather and little house heat. If we choose to help, our share would be $300 for a quarter of the year. For $100 a month, we can feed more than 50 children each weekend. Rather than just sending money for use as needed, we can fill a very important need. How could we say no? If you wish to participate, please send a check to Temple Shalom and mark in the memo DNFU. This would truly be a mitzvah. Thank you, Judi Palay and Paul Rosofsky Co-chairs

Temple Security Fund

In Memory Of: Helene Albert by Tracey & Dr. Larry Albert IC Fasciana, Walter Zuckerwise by Susan & Dr. Nat Ritter

Shalom Preschool & Kindergarten Enrichment Fund In Memory Of: Barbara Flagel by The Rabinowitz Children & Grandchildren

Youth Activities Fund

In Honor Of: Hetty & Scott Weinstein on their anniversary by Tammy Strohl Samuel & Darren Samuel




Personal Injury Slip and Fall All Other Injuries & Accidents Free Consultation

Experience And Personal Atttention.

Tracey Ansteth Albert

Honest, Organized Dependable Naples resident for almost 30 years Live Better.

Temple Member since 2001 Realtor

As a valued member of The Parlante Group, we handle every aspect of your real estate transaction. We have our own listing manager and closing coordinator to ensure impeccable and thorough service.


Auto Accidents Wrongful Death Bicycle, Motorcycle Dog Bites

Tammy Strohl Temple Member since 1996 Personal Injury Attorney

Featured in Gulfshore Business as a lawyer of distinction.


239.793.7999 2315 Stanford Ct., Suite 302 - Naples, FL 34112

• • • •

Business cards Direct mail Kentucky Banners To Design Services


WE PRICE MATCH 859-231-0388

15% off first order for Temple members when you mention this ad. Owned and Operated by Adam Goldstein 22


Dedicate a set of the High Holy Day Prayer Books!

With a donation of $108 you can dedicate a set of the High Holy Day prayer books in honor or in memory of a loved one or a special occasion. * Each set consists of two (2) books - one for Rosh Hashanah and one for Yom Kippur * Each dedicated set is a contribution of $108 * The same dedication will be placed in each set of two (2) books Please use the form below to place your order. Payment can be made by check to Temple Shalom or by credit card. Mail to: Temple Shalom 4630 Pine Ridge Rd. Naples, FL 34119 Questions? Call the Temple office - 239-455-3030

PLEASE PRINT CLEARLY Each set is $108 Please use a separate sheet of paper for additional set dedications

__________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________ Name_____________________________________________


Address_____________________________________________________________________ Checks payable to Temple Shalom My payment of _______ for _______ set(s) of prayer books is enclosed

Please charge my credit card Name on credit card___________________________________________ Credit card number______________________________________

Exp. date_____


Billing address (if different than above)___________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________ 23

September 2017

Yahrzeits 24


Ray Wolf


Barry Hossack


David Graev

Eva Akabas

Sylvia Feldman

Zoltan Herskovits

Claude Elbhar

Marion Brown

Arthur Diamondstein

Barbara Browner

Jon Chester

Meyer Fliegel

Sarah Greenstein

Jay Cohen

Morry Tanenbaum

Lena Colodny

Edith Gross

William Levy

Esther Piasecki

Angela Corbellini

Michael Bruce Kaplan

Hershel Piasecki

Jacob Justa

Benjamin Koplovsky

Moses Piasecki

Albert Rosen

Joseph Lipschultz

Rachel Piasecki

Frank Glueck

Tim Lipschultz

Edith Greskoff

Richard Goodman

Eve Matties

Sol Davidson

Samuel Ruthman

Julius Nacht

Isaac Feldman

Murray Gallant

May Glasgow

Donna Silverman

Josette Torre

Edith Ganzman

Evelyn Rush

Sam Savitzky

Cynthia Hafezi

Frances Gershon

Thekla Beckler

Sam Spalter

William Fernbach

Miriam Knofsky

Betty Schiff

Lena Cantor

Bertha Phillips

Danielle Schprechman

Selma Segall

Howard Wichter

Ruth Mandel

Don Weisberg

Evelyn Samuel

Sophia Grossman

Miriam Reiss

George Trehub

Nathan Packer

Philip Kaye

Evelyn Samuel

Susanne Brav-Waltzer

Anna Birnbaum

Stephanie Deksnys

Philip Wichard

Anna Krotick

Paul Sladick

Janet Mensh

Lewis Krotick

Donald Sladick

Ben Yarkin

Debra Levere

Jeanette Elle


Laurence Rubin

Alice Bellow

Gilbert Wasserman

Pauline Wright

Sandy Feldblum

Philip Schneider

Shirley Tucker

Barry Gomez

Maurice Stein

Simon Baseman

Sarita Gomez

Diana Fink

Annette Gessman

Harold Unger

Charlotte Wasserman

Bernard Strauss

George Moeckler

Esther Weiss

Irving Frank

Mary Picus

Mollie Weiss

Joe Cohn

Dorothy Katz

Beverly Marcus

Jack Yohay

Jesse Prosten


Stephen Baron

Samuel Dreier

Rose Ostrovsky

Maxine Barter

Irving Frank

Reba Lechner

Catherine McHugh

Lev Kapitanovski

Betty Mendelblatt

Dr. Jesse Murray Brown

Sarah Goos

Irving Solarsh

Sidney Benmax

Beatrice Graev

Sophy Freedman

Gertrude Koeser

Paula Hyler

Chana Szrajbman

Edward Koeser

Gertrude Liberman

Wayne Whitman

Ann Schwartz

Francis Hirsch

Florine Sachs

Jack Kronish

David Schwartz

Yahrzeits continued 22

Nathan Meister


Lena Birnburg

Bessie Rosenberg

Herbert Matties

Paul Segall

Sol Rabinowitz

Leonard Meltzer

Joe Birkenfeld

Ida Kramer

Sylvia Lerner

Jennie Meister

Leah Chemerow

Ben Kushnir

Harry Porter

Abraham Lipschultz

Thelma Tabachnik

Julius Katz

Keila Hurvitz

Irma Heller

Alvin Heller

Bertha Rosen

Lillian Schmidt

Henriette Rubin

Nathan Packer

Rosalie Salpeter

Alvin Weinstein

Edith Satkin

Lillian Shaw

Tillie Golin

Joseph Herman

Robert Wollman


Max Bassewitz

Mildred Bassewitz

Judy Hefter

Beatrice Chester

Nathan Popkin

M. Jerry Feiman

Randy Keyser

Harry Fried

Mary Bell

Norma Handler

Hilda Schwartz

Louie Prolman

Anna Zimmerman

Isidor Hirsch

Regina Hirsch

Stephen Kepp

John Spiegel

Sara Singer

Dr. Alex Miller

Arlene Kepp

Bessie Diamond

Abraham Singer

Renee Tancer Kaye

Sheldon Liebovich

Temple Shalom Sisterhood Judaica Shop The Judaica Shop will reopen on September 5th. We are stocked and ready to supply you with all of your High Holy Days needs! Lots of new vendors and merchandise! apples & honey plates, New Year’s cards, shofars, hostess gifts, kiddush cups and SO MUCH MORE!! Hours (Sunday during Religious School) Sunday - 9am to 12pm Wednesday - by appointment Tuesday through Friday - 10am to 12:30pm Temple Shalom 4630 Pine Ridge Rd Naples, FL 34119 239-455-3030

Recently Deceased as of August 21, 2017 Lois Doty Mother of Debbe Schertzer, mother-in-law of Danny Schertzer, grandmother of Hunter and Courtney Faunce Louis Greenbaum Father of Jesse Goebel, father-in-law of Jeffrey Goebel, grandfather of Sarah and Nathan Billy Butterworth Husband of Randi Butterworth Robert Block Father of Amy Hunter, father-in-law of Robert Hunter, grandfather of Robert, Gavin and Brendan Andy Levine Husband of Toby Levine


BUYING OR SELLING YOUR HOME? Karyn and Rowan Samuel are a husband and wife real estate team and members of Temple Shalom. We specialize in beachfront, waterfront and luxury homes in Naples. Let us put our background, contacts and expertise to work for you! The Samuel Team Karyn Samuel 239.537.3732 Rowan Samuel 239.298.3555

Bowling Anyone? Are you interested in being part of a Temple Shalom bowling team?

Sign-ups are beginning NOW! Contact Alicia Browner in the Temple office 239-455-3030



September 2017







Beach Shabbat Lowdermilk Pk Dinner 6pm Service 7pm

No service at Temple Shalom


No Religious or Sunday Hebrew School


Religious School 9am

Confirmation class 9:30am Sunday Hebrew School 11:30am


Labor Day

Temple offices closed


Coffee & Convo 9am Perkins Restaurant


Sisterhood Board meeting 10am



Hebrew School 4:45pm


HHD Choir rehearsal 7pm


Open House 6:30pm

Soulful Shabbat 7:30pm


Hebrew School 4:45pm


Marketing meeting 11:30am Endowment meeting 1pm

Sisterhood Holocaust Museum tour 10:00am

Exec. Committee 7pm


Preschool Rosh Hashanah Super Shabbat 9:30am Shabbat evening service 7:30pm


Saturday Torah Talk 8:30am

Shabbat morning service 10am Bar Mitzvah of Sammy Sissman


Shabbat morning service 10am Bar Mitzvah of Rett Kelley


Shabbat morning service 10am Selichot service 7:30pm

HHD Choir rehearsal 7pm


Religious School 9am




Erev Rosh Hashanah

Temple offices close at 12pm

Sunday Hebrew School 11:30am

No Hebrew School Rosh Hashanah evening service 7:30pm


No Religious or Sunday Hebrew School

Memorial service 4pm Palm Royale/ Naples Memorial Gardens



Board meeting 7PM


No Hebrew School


Rosh Hashanah Temple offices closed


Rosh 23 Hashanah Day 2 Shabbat morning service 10am Temple offices closed

Morning service 10am

Morning service 10am

Family service 2:30pm

Shabbat evening service 7:30pm

Tashlich 4pm Lake at Vineyards Pk


HHD Choir rehearsal 7pm


Erev Yom Kippur Temple offices close at 12pm Kol Nidre 7:30pm

30 Yom Kippur

Moring service 10am Family service 2pm Afternoon service 3:15pm

Yizkor & Neilah 5pm



Non-Profit Org U.S. Postage



4630 Pine Ridge Road Naples, Florida 34119

Naples, FL Permit No. 127

Tell your friends!

Open House September 8, 2017 at 6:30pm Becoming part of the Temple Shalom family has never been easier! Enjoy wine and cheese as you learn about our NEW voluntary pledge system which replaces the traditional dues structure. Take a tour, get to know our synagogue and hear about the exciting programs available at Temple Shalom. Wine & cheese at 6:30pm Shabbat evening service at 7:30pm

RSVP by September 7

Temple Shalom 4630 Pine Ridge Rd. Naples, FL 34119 239-455-3030

September 2017 voice  
September 2017 voice