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November 2017 Volume XXXVIII Chesvan/Kislev 5778 Number 2

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TABLE OF CONTENTS 4630 Pine Ridge Rd. Naples, FL 34119 Phone: (239) 455-3030 • Fax: (239) 455-4361 Religious Education office 239-455-2233 Preschool office 239-455-3227 Adam F. Miller, Rabbi Donna Azu, Cantor James H. Perman, D.D., Rabbi Emeritus Eli Montague, FTA Executive Director Dr. Anna Salomon, RJE Director of Congregational Education

Rabbi Adam 3 Cantor Donna 5 Debbie Zvibleman, 7 Men’s 8 Dr. Anna Salomon, Director of Congregational 10 11 Endowment 20 Temple Shalom 21 22 Monthly Celebrations 24 24 24 Temple Shalom 27

Seyla Cohen Preschool Director Peter Lewis Music Director President Debbie Zvibleman First Vice President Debra Antzis Second Vice President Daryl Sissman Third Vice President Neil Heuer Treasurer Harriet Lickhalter, CPA Financial Secretary Neil Shnider, CPA Recording Secretary Beth Wolff Immediate Past President Neil Shnider Sisterhood President Carole Flegel Men’s Club President Ed Cohen One Family Liaison Bobbie Katz Historical Society Helen Weinfeld Tracey Albert Shelly Berkle Michael Diamond Michael Feldman Bruce Graev

Merrill Hassenfeld Ed Kaufman Jeremy Schaab David Silberg Perry Switzen

MISSION STATEMENT Temple Shalom of Naples is an inclusive Reform Jewish congregation where all individuals are equal partners in making our world whole and holy. We are One Family, believing in the sacredness of relationships, fostering connections – one to another, Temple, Israel, Torah and God. We are living Jewish values and nurturing future generations.

Temple support staff Randi Butterworth Administrative & Clergy Assistant

Rick Holsbeke Maitenance Technician

Jeanette Fischer Director of Communications

Victor Lucas Facility Manager

Maxine Gould Controller

Gloria Mellman Preschool Administrative Assistant

Farrah Hersh Religious School Administrative Assistant

The Voice is published monthly. June/July are combined issues. Editor/Layout-Jeanette Fischer • Advertising- Maxine Gould


Adam Miller On Yom Kippur, I sounded the emergency alarm to awaken us to the reality in which extremism, hatred, anti-Semitism and racism are present in our country. As part of that sermon, I mentioned the story of Tanya Gersh, and the harassment she faced when she tried to address the mother of white supremacist Richard Spencer. Just last month, Spencer appeared in our own backyard – this time at the University of Florida. His vitriol and twisted hatred sadly earned a minor victory, as the media covered his appearance and Governor Scott declared a state of emergency. Despite his gain in fame, we should celebrate those who stood up to his brand of hate. Protestors attended the speaking event, drowning out much of what Spencer tried to say. Rather than directly protest, many Jewish students at the university participated in good deed marathons – collecting names for blood drives, helping those in need, and educating on the hateful power of anti-Semitism. The Alligator Brewing Company, a local Gainesville brewery, offered free beer for anyone who turned in their tickets to the event. Their plan was to deprive Spencer of an audience to hear his hate speech. The response to Spencer’s hate gives us courage to stand up, as well as ways in which we can act. The protestors inspire us to know that words can be used for hate, and they can be used to combat injustice. Since the time of the tower of Babel,

Veterans Shabbat Friday, November 10th 7:30PM with choir!

language has been used to divide humanity. It is up to us to find the words to speak truth to power, and to call out those who would use hate to cause division. Join us in December when we explore the power of language and discuss Rabbi Joseph Telushkin’s book, Words that Hurt, Words that Heal. Alligator Brewing reminds us that there is no us and them, only us. Their message of community unity in the face of hate was not only about racism or anti-Semitism. It was a rebuke of all hate speech. We have an obligation to speak out, not only when we witness anti-Semitism, but when we see any groups or individuals being targeted for their race, gender, religion or sexual orientation. On November 9th, we will be meeting with the Coalition of Immokalee Workers to learn about the challenges they faced in creating a fair food coalition, and to learn how we can help their community address the damage inflicted by Hurricane Irma. Finally, we learn from the Jewish students that not all acts of evil need to be combatted directly. There is much in our world that needs repair. Sometimes the best response to injustice is to find ways to heal the world. Connect with our Tikkun Olam Council and find out how you can participate in the work of repairing our world at Temple Shalom. Their next forum on November 2nd will explore Jewish values related to the environment, and our moral responsibility for addressing climate issues in the Everglades and South Florida. Let us use our words and our deeds to prove that we are one – that we have more in common with each other than we have separating us. Then, we may have a chance to build something holy, a world of peace.

The Religious School celebrates Sukkot!

Pull out those uniforms, medals and ribbons and wear them with pride to the service Join us in honoring those who have served our country 3

even if our actions seem mundane, such as seeing the sunrise or washing our hands.


Donna Azu Once when I was walking to class in college, a woman pulled up next to me in her car. I asked if she needed directions and she responded, “Did you see those flowers?” I looked next to me and saw a bush with big, pink blossoms. “It’s very beautiful,” I agreed, and continued on my way. “Aren’t you going to smell them?” She called. “Excuse me?” I was bewildered. “Aren’t you going to smell the flowers?” she asked again. I leaned towards the bush and smelled. I turned back towards the woman in the car, smiled and nodded at her. She seemed satisfied and drove away. I immediately understood exactly what she was trying to get across- do not let the simple things pass by you; stop and smell the roses.

Eating, though we do it every day, is in itself a miracle, because we could easily have nothing to eat. This is why we say berakhot before and after a meal. Although Thanksgiving is not inherently a Jewish holiday, the theme of giving thanks for what we have, and gathering as friends and family to celebrate it, could not be more in tune with Jewish values. We acknowledge the miracle of our existence here in the United States, and are reminded of the blessings in our lives. I offer to you the blessing that we say during special times of year: Blessed are You, Adonai, Eternal Sovereign, who has given us life, who has sustained us, and has brought us to this moment. May you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving! Cantor Azu

Simchat Torah 2017-5778

This is the exact intention of saying berakhot, blessings. They are a response to nes, miracle or wonderment. We can always be reminded that there is something wondrous in the ordinary; there is always nes in our lives. For this reason, we praise God

Many thanks to Eli Montague for the pictures! 4


Debbie Zvibleman

While I am writing my article for November, I wanted to take this time to reflect on September and October. Hurricane Irma battered Naples in September. We opened up our Temple as a shelter during the hurricane and after it became a place to cool off from the heat. We had volunteers that gave out food and water after the hurricane to the community. It was also a comfort for all of us during the High Holy Days to share our experiences with one another. We welcomed Beth Tikvah congregants to be with us for Rosh Hashanah. Our Temple did sustain damage to the roof, the children’s sunshade, as well as landscape damage. We were thankful that the damage was not worse. I want to thank those that made donations for repairs and assisting those in need who had major damage to their homes. While we are all adjusting to the new normal, we will not forget our High Holy Days this year as we were able to open up our sanctuary despite a major clean up. We are indebted to Victor Lucas and the maintenance staff for preparing for Irma and the cleanup afterwards. Our office staff also worked feverishly to make sure that programs were made and tickets were reserved. On November 10th we will have Veterans Shabbat. It is an evening when we thank our veterans who have proudly served our country. Show your support for our military by coming to this special Shabbat. While Thanksgiving is not a Jewish Holiday, it is a day when we do get together with family and friends and show our thanks for symbolic foods before us. In 1621 when the colonists in Plymouth, Massachusetts survived a harsh winter and were blessed with a bountiful harvest, they recalled the holiday of Sukkot and thus, celebrated the first Thanksgiving. I want to wish all of our Temple family a Happy Thanksgiving.


We Are One Our Temple Continues To Build Solidarity with Community By Carole J Greene

Hurricanes can bring blessings as well as catastrophes. When on September 10 Irma bore down on the Naples area as a Category 3 storm—capable of widespread devastation—Temple Shalom became a Red Cross shelter for some 200 people needing to find safety outside their own homes. Temple staff and volunteers quickly mobilized to offer food, water and a secure place to hunker down. Following the storm, when the Temple once again had electricity, we opened our doors as a “cooling center” for those still without power. Again, we provided vital assistance in the way of food, water, cool air and a place to plug in electronic devices so all could communicate with the wider world. During Rosh Hashanah services, we issued an appeal for nonperishable foods plus baby supplies for residents of Immokalee, who were particularly hard-hit by the massive storm. In the late afternoon of Rosh Hashanah day one, a caravan of eight vehicles loaded to their roofs with these goods delivered them to Immokalee’s Guadalupe Center.

Temple Shalom members and our outstanding staff can feel gratified with these activities, as they demonstrate our commitment to provide solace and life-saving assistance in times of communal stress. Reaching out with open arms to the wider community, not only to our own Jewish family, fulfills the spirit of solidarity we have focused on since the Shabbat of Solidarity last December. It is part of our mission for tikkun olam, as well as a fitting continuation of our “We Are One: A Musical Celebration” calendar of events leading up to our March 11, 2018 special fundraiser. The next event on this calendar will be December 15, when the Erev Shabbat service will feature a discussion of Rabbi Joseph Telushkin’s Words That Hurt, Words That Heal: How to Use Words Wisely and Well. For more information on the “We Are One” events, contact co-chairs: Ida Margolis (, Bobbie Katz ( or Linda Simon ( ) or call the Temple Shalom office at 239-455-3030.

Temple Shalom presents

Our Rosh Hashanah services were open to members and clergy of Beth Tikvah, as their facility could not be used for this High Holy Day observance. Their presence among us enriched our experience. Praying together ushered in 5778 with gratitude and love.

Save these upcoming dates! December 15, 2017 - 7:30pm

Discussion of Words That Hurt, Words That Heal: How to Use Words Wisely written by Rabbi Joseph Telushkin

Januar y 12, 2018 - 7:30pm

Presentation of the Lamed Vavnik Award for Community ser vice in memor y of Ann Jacobson.

We Are One:

A Musical Celebration Created exclusively for Temple Shalom

March 11, 2018 7:00pm Professional NY and local performers celebrating brotherhood, unity, peace and the history and spirit of America through song

Februar y 11, 2018

Temple Shalom Mitzvah Day

Februar y 21, 2018

Rabbi David Jaffe author of Changing the World from the Inside Out


This event will enable Temple Shalom to continue its mission to have a positive impact in our community 4630 Pine Ridge Road Naples, FL 34119 239-455-3030 •

Beading For Betterment Project Beading for Betterment is a Temple Shalom community building project for members of all ages to come together to bead necklaces for children at the Guadalupe Center in Immokalee to give to their mothers and grandmothers as gifts for Christmas or Mother’s Day. These events are an opportunity to learn a new skill and be able to give to others. They will be led by Temple Shalom member Paula Brody at her Inspirations Artists & Design Gallery. We hope to bead hundreds of necklaces to brighten upcoming holidays for others.

Dates Necklace Design & Basic Beading

Community Beading Session at Temple Shalom

Learn beading skills and make a beautiful necklace for yourself while you participate in this mitzvah! These sessions are open to everyone 10 years and older. Your donation will help to cover the cost of the Beading for Betterment project. Friends and family are welcome!

For adults and children 10 and older who have learned basic beading skills. Join together to help create hundreds of necklaces for the children of the Guadalupe Center to give as gifts. Friends and family with beading skills are welcome!

$ 65/pp donation to Temple Shalom


$25/pp donation to Temple Shalom *no cost if you bring your own supplies

Necklace Design & Basic Beading takes place at Inspirations Artists & Design Gallery 5450B Shirley Street Naples, FL 34109

Necklace Design & Basic Beading Class Nov




1:30 - 4:30pm or 6:30 - 9:30pm 1:30 - 4:30pm

Community Beading Session Nov

7:00 - 9:00pm

Takes place at 29 Temple Shalom 4630 Pine Ridge Rd Naples, FL 34119 Additional dates to be announced To register, call or email Temple Shalom 239-455-3030 Credit cards accepted Please include your email and phone number 7

Invites you to an evening of

Fine Dining and Entertainment at the

Broadway Palm Dinner Theatre’s presentation of


Saturday evening, February 17, 2018 Dinner from 5:30 until 7:00 p.m. Performance at 7:30 p.m. $85.00 per person (Gratuities included, bar extra) BE A PATRON! Send an additional $25.00 to be listed in our Program Book. Larger listings are available at $100 for one-third page, $150 for onehalf page, $200 for two-thirds page and $300 for a full page. If you can’t attend, you can still be a patron! Call 353-5963 for more information.

Please support this major fundraising effort. Proceeds benefit Temple Shalom’s educational programs for children as well as other worthy causes.

Your tickets will be available at our booth at the theatre on the evening of the performance.

Please complete and detach this reservation form and mail, together with your check (payable to “Temple Shalom Men’s Club”) to: Gene Katz, 5804 Cinzano Ct., Naples, FL 34119 Temple Shalom: 239-455-3030 Gene Katz: 239-353-5963 Name:____________________________________________ Phone number: __________________________ Address:___________________________________________________________________________________ Number of tickets: _______ @ $85 each = $_________ Yes, please list me as a Patron in the Program Please write the names of the people you wish to sit with on a separate form. Book for $25 We will try to accomodate you on a first come-first served basis. 8

Reservations must be received by February 3, 2018

Total enclosed: $ ________

generosity of our TSP families, we raised over $8,000 for this incredibly worthy cause. It is our hope that we are able to exceed last year’s donation to St. Jude.


Seyla Cohen Even though Hurricane Irma blew through Florida over a month ago, I would be remiss if I did not mention how it affected so many of our families and community. We all went through some form of devastation, whether it was living through the storm, evacuating, or cleaning up the ravaging mess left in the aftermath. Temple Shalom opened as a shelter to those who had to evacuate; our TSP teachers came in to offer babysitting for anyone in the community that needed it. TSP also hosted a back to school talk session for parents who just needed to talk and get some closure to help them move on. I am proud of how well the community came together and helped others. TSP held our Back to School Night where our families were able to mix and mingle, and meet all of our incredible teachers. Typically, drop-off and pick-up time at school is focused on the children, parents are quickly off getting to work or other appointments and never really have the time to get to know the other classroom parents or their children’s teachers. This was the perfect opportunity. The evening ended with parents meeting with the teachers in the individual classrooms and getting an update of all the new and exciting ways we are working with the children.

On November 17, our TSP families will join together and celebrate Thanksgiving at our annual Thanksgiving Feast. This event brings our families together with our children performing songs that they have learned with Miss Jane and enjoying a delicious lunch featuring many family favorites. Over the years our POTS (Parents of Temple Shalom) Committee has evolved into the most incredible group of active, involved and generous parents. We have seen many wonderful enhancements this year on the TSP Campus due to their vision; and I know that we will be seeing a lot more parent involvement throughout the year. I would like to thank this year’s POTS President, Leah Arters and Valerie Knight, for their commitment to our school. As the director of the preschool, I am thankful for our amazing parents that go above and beyond to make this preschool the best that it is. I am thankful for the amazing and highly qualified staff that works everyday with boundless energy and enthusiasm for the important job that they do. Most important of all, I am thankful for our outstanding TSP children. From our family to yours, Happy Thanksgiving!

Despite the summer-like weather here in Florida, the fall season is here bringing us into a time of giving thanks and performing mitzvot for those in need. One of the ways in which TSP will fulfill this effort is through participating in our annual Trike-AThon which benefits St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. This week long program teaches children about bicycle safety. Each day a different lesson is taught, culminating at the end of the week when preschoolers participate in the Trike-A-Thon with bicycles and helmets and rules of the road in place. Last year, through the

Specializing in: • Refractive Cataract Surgery • LASIK • Eyelid Problems & Surgery • Glaucoma • Diabetic Eye Exams

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Lynn K. Byerly, M.D.

• Evaluation of Macular Degeneration

Board Certified Ophthalmologist

Chef Jay Wolfson catering

event planning

(239) 272-7180

private chef services

Licensed & Insured Email

Naples Eye Physicians

661 Goodlette Road, North, Suite #105 Naples, Florida 34102

(239) 262-6288 9

BBYO Shabbat Weekend


Dr.AnnaSalomon, RJE With November beginning, we welcome the start of another full season! There is so much going on in the Congregational Education department. From Melton to Scholar in Residence, guest speakers to special events, there is something for everyone. I encourage you to take a look through what is coming up and save the dates in your calendar. Here’s a few quick highlights: •

Melton Core Classes start December 5th. We’ve got a brand new group starting with year 1 and our year 2 cohort is continuing

Dr. Richard Elliott Friedman, author of Who Wrote the Bible and The Exodus, is our 2018 Scholar in Residence. Join us January 26th-28th for an incredible weekend of lectures and book signing to include The Great Exodus Debate, Monotheism and the Death of the Gods, and Love Your Neighbor (and Everyone) as Yourself

David Rutstein will present a three part workshop on ethical wills in December (11th), January (22nd) & February (12th)

January 11th (9 PM) we welcome Dr. Beth Kissileff talking about Reading Genesis: Beginnings

January 21st (10 AM) Ellaine Rosen presents Witness to Goodness, a look at the heroes and heroines of the Holocaust

February 21st (7 PM) Rabbi David Jaffe will share insights from his new book, Changing the World from the Inside Out

April 15th (10 am) Paula Brody presents an interactive workshop called Understanding Eve

We hope to see you soon!

Torah Talk Saturday, November 4th 8:15am - bagels, coffee, juice 8:30am - discussion


Vayera Genesis 18:1-22:24

Over the weekend of December 1-3, BBYO in Naples invites the entire community to join us for a unique BBYO Shabbat experience. Our teens will be working closely with the Rabbis at our partner congregations, Temple Shalom, Chabad of Naples and Beth Tikvah, on the services at each respective synagogue. See below for details: - Friday, Dec 1 at 7:30 pm Temple Shalom BBYO Shabbat - Saturday, Dec 2 at 10 am Chabad of Naples BBYO Shabbat - Saturday, Dec 2 at 10 am Beth Tikvah BBYO Shabbat. On Sunday, everyone is welcome to join Sababa BBG and Negev AZA for their annual Winter Brunch. They will be delivering a State of the Chapter Address as well as having their installations and uninstallations ceremony. The brunch will be held from 1:30-3:30pm in the Temple Shalom social hall. We hope BBYO friends, alumni and parents will join us for food and fun as we celebrate the past years success! Follow us on Instagram @NaplesBBYO Like us on Facebook @Naples BBYO

The Florence Melton School of Adult Jewish Learning

Melton Core Class Year 1 Instructors: Rabbi Adam Miller Rabbi Ammos Chorny Days: Tuesdays from 2 pm to 4:15 pm Date: 15 weeks beginning 12/5/17 Melton Core Class Year 2

Prerequisite: Core Class Year 1

Instructors: Rabbi Adam Miller Dr. Anna Salomon Days: Tuesdays from 3 pm to 5: 15 pm Date: 15 weeks beginning 12/5/17 Only a few spots remain!

Register by going to 4630 Pine Ridge Rd Naples, FL 34119 239-455-3030

Temple Shalom Sisterhood Luncheon & Program


Carole Flegel Hurricanes don’t build character...they reveal it. With deepest gratitude I thank the Temple’s staff, Board and members of our Sisterhood for stepping up to literally provide shelter during Irma and its aftermath. Pedro & Victor, our maintenance staff, opened up our synagogue’s doors to the community. Debra Antzis went door-to-door to check on congregants, tirelessly worked at the Temple and personally sheltered many. And this month’s “Sisterhood Spotlight Member” Alicia Browner, was instrumental in making sure the Sisterhood’s food was provided to the evacuees. Sisterhood Member Spotlight - Alicia Browner Alicia has been a tremendous asset to Temple Shalom and the Sisterhood. As the smiling, welcoming face of the Temple, she has been a critical factor in the rise in Temple Shalom’s membership. As a Board Member of Sisterhood, Alicia acts as an important liaison between the Sisterhood and Temple. She is a wonderful mother of two sweet boys. Rett’s Bar Mitzvah was initially scheduled the weekend Irma hit, but Alicia calmly rolled with the date change. She is advancing her career, moving on to a children’s non-profit organization. We wish Alicia the best, though she will be greatly missed in the Temple office!

Mark your calendar for Sisterhood’s major fundraiser! December 11, 2017 Jewelry trunk show featuring a NYC jewelry designer This event is generoulsy hosted by Fern Jaffe at her beautiful beach home

Thursday, November 16th 1:30pm Commonwealth by Ann Patchett Facilitator: Judy Picus Starting with an unexpected kiss at a christening party, this novel follows six step siblings over the course of the next fifty years.

Shangri-La Springs Tuesday, November 14th at 11:00am

Join us for a botanical and historical tour of Shangri-La Springs, founded in 1921. Lunch catered by Artichoke & Co. Cost: $25 for Sisterhood members $28 for non-members $50 sponsorship

Checks payable to Temple Shalom Sisterhood can be mailed to: Barbara Druckman 23803 Amalfi Coast Rd. Bonita Springs, FL 34135

Questions? Contact Barbara Druckman at 239-405-1141 or barbdruckman@gmail Shangri-La Springs

27750 Old Road 41

Bonita Springs, FL 34135


Tik kun Olam S o ciety For many people, Thanksgiving is the best holiday of all. It is a time for getting together with family and friends and to simple be thankful. This Thanksgiving will be particularly poignant as those of us here in Florida will have stories about survival. Did you stay or did you leave? Did your house sustain water or wind damage? What about your kid, your parents or grandparents, your pets? These stories will be discussed over a Thanksgiving meal and we will realize that despite whatever happened, we survived, we are grateful, we are thankful. Most of us are truly fortunate but so many others have lost everything. Donating money always helps but we have another suggestion - volunteering your time. Here are three organizations that need your help. The Guadalupe Center The mission of the Guadalupe Center is to break the cycle of poverty through education for the children of Immokalee. The organization’s focus is on the most critical periods of a child’s education: early education, reducing the achievement gap, and college preparation and success. Three core programs provide over 1,300 children in Immokalee with the hope of a prosperous and productive life. Please contact Liz Jaffe (917-488-2357) or

The Tikkun Olam Council of Temple Shalom presents Jewish Values and the Environment Protecting our Water, Wetlands and Wildlife

Thursday, November 2, 2017 12:30 to 2:00pm

Where will we find water to drink in ten years? Will we have any fish to eat? If the wetlands are gone, where will all the wildlife live? Come and learn about key environmental issues facing Southwest Florida with experts from the Conservancy of SWFL and the Audubon of the Western Everglades. You will leave with specific ideas for things we all can do to protect our water, wetlands and wildlife. Bring your brown bag lunch at noon. Beverages and cookies will be provided. Forum starts promptly at 12:30pm RSVP to the Temple office 239-455-3030

Harry Chapin Food Bank Volunteers work at mobile pantries or at the warehouses in Naples and Ft. Myers. Fridays at the Naples warehouse (located at 3940 Prospect Ave Naples FL 34104) is only two hours. Go to their website for more information, or contact Ken Goldstein at kengoldstein@ or Todd Lewis at Jewish Family and Community Services (JFCS) - There are many opportunities for individuals to be involved at the Naples Senior Center. In particular, the Dementia Respite Support Program needs volunteers in Naples as well as Marco Island. 12

If you have any questions please email Ken Goldstein at or Marna Barany at Let’s give thanks in November by helping others.



Sunday, December 3rd 7:00PM Live music by Jebry Show starts at 7:30PM Reconnect with old friends & make new friends while you indulge in

delicious desserts & wine

$18/person RSVP to Jeanette at Temple Shalom 4630 Pine Ridge Rd. Naples, FL 34119 239-455-3030


Torah Circle Paula Brody and Merrill Hassenfeld Rabbi’s Circle Myra and Mort Friedman Howard and Janet Solot Supporter Tammy Strohl Samuel and Darren Samuel Michael & Phyllis Seaman Bernie and Helene Weiss Michal Wiesler Supporter Anonymous Barbara Cohen Barb and Len Cutler Simone & Scott Lutgert Fran and Rob Nossen Mae Riefberg Susan and Nat Ritter Sandy Stone Arlene and Bob Subin Joel Waltzer Nancy and Jack Wiadro Debbie and Barry Zvibleman Pillar Anonymous Shelly Berkle Iris Bland Karen and Marty Cohn Myra and Peter Cristall Karen and Stan Deutsch Bill and Eileen Ertag Rachel and Howard Gutman Merrylee and Joseph Kandel Ed Kaufman Barbara and Bob Levine Carol and Michael Levy Jennifer Siegal-Miller and Adam Miller Judi and Dan Spintman Nancy White


Friend Debra Antzis and Chad Atkins Mardelle and Bennett Berman Bonnie Bodin Judy and Phil Ciorciari Lori and Ed Cohen Sandy and Sid Diamond Barbara Druckman Lin and Gary Dworkin Victoria Cooper and Alan Einhorn Diana and Ken Goldstein Jeri Hall and Ted Goldberg Nancy and Bruce Graev Jane Schiff and Lon Gratz Barbara and Andrew Halmos Harriet and Merlin Lickhalter Linda Hamburger Kim and Eric Hochman Rosie Liebovich-Hyman and Chuck Hyman Roz and Al Katz Bobbie and Gene Katz Lin and Ron Klein Carol and Larry Kurlander Gail and Howard Lanznar Scott and Simone Lutgert Lillian and Allen Menkin Jacqueline and Victor Meskin Jim & Jane Perman Judy and Chuck Picus Debbie Laites and Ben Post Toby and Wayne Press Wendy Riedel Naida and Mike Rodman Barbara and Loren Rosenbach Michelle Sodini - Rubin and Paul Rubin Joan and Marc Saperstein Gay and David Silberg Carol and Gene Simon Gail and Russell Smith Tillie and Howard Stacker Pat and Marshall Sutker Rich Treiser Zdenka Tichy and Eric Wasser Beth and Brian Wolff

As of October 20th


I/We Care

Cheryl and Ed Alexander Randi Barr Shirley and Bob Bassin Irv Berzon Maria Bollt Ted and Nancy Brother Dave Citrin Katie and Harvey Cohen Mimi and Buzz Cohn David Dembo Alan & Eva Freeman Alice and Jack Gish Ellen and Steve Goldberg Lenore Greenstein Wendy and Earl Gurevitch Alan & Corky Kaplan Joan and Byron Krantz Godfrey Levy Shelley and Jacob Lieb Frances Kline and Mark Malone Nancy Brown and Bill Maltby Ida and Jeff Margolis Sheryl Breadman and Eli Montague Marty Nicolau Judi Palay Susan and Jack Rabin Midge Rauch Sandra Rick Helen and Ed Rosenthal Lyle and Gloria Rosenzweig Michael Rubner Sandy and Len Schuman Myra Shapiro Arlene and Michael Sobol Sheryl and Lee Spielman Sheldon and Betsy Starman Gail and Mel Ufberg Linda and Jerry Wainick Debby and Jeff Waranch Marla and Allen Weiss Wilbur and Carole Yellin Judy and Mel Zahn

Carol Clarke Louisa and Jerome Davin Shellie Specter and Bob Davidson Robyn Deering Celia Deifik Kal and Ruth Faye Gloria Garber Suzanne Gopman Judy and Jack Kaufman Bernie Lashinsky Hilda and Marty Levine Toby Levine Nina and Moises Levy Dottie Magen Susan and Joel Pittelman Paul Rosofsky James and Millie Sernovitz Joan Werhane Jan and Shelly Whitman

Torah Circle A gift of $18,000 or above to include your L’Shalom pledge Rabbi’s Circle A gift of $10,000 to include your L’Shalom pledge Supporter A gift of $5,000 above and beyond your L’Shalom pledge Sponsor A gift of $2,000 above and beyond your L’Shalom pledge Pillar A gift of $1,000 above and beyond your L’Shalom pledge Friend A gift of $500 above and beyond your L’Shalom pledge Builder A gift of $250 above and beyond your L’Shalom pledge I/We Care A gift above and beyond your L’Shalom pledge 15

Religious School

Kindergarten art time | | 239-272-7110 Complimentary In-Home Art and Color Consultations Beading and Painting Classes Available

5450B Shirley Street in the Naples Art District

Paula Brody Artist Artists Reception & Demonstration Wednesday, November 1 3-8pm Saturday, November 18 1-5pm

5th grade snack time K-2 Tefillah


Mazel to to Jean and Len Nacht! Temple members Jean and Len Nacht recently recieved the 2017 Distinguished Service Award from the Florida CERT Association for their commitment to the S.O.S. ( Serving Our Seniors) program which falls under the Community Emergency Response Team (CERT). Jean and Len have been members of the North Collier Fire & Rescue program since 2001 and assisted with the launch of the S.O.S. in 2002. They have been part of 6,000 deliveries of food and other items to home bound seniors within the district. Way to go Jean and Len!


As of October 25

Mark & Susan Sherwin Estero, FL Mark is a retired attorney and Susan is a retired teacher. They have two grown children and four grandchildren. Both are avid readers, love film and golf, stimulating lectures and travel. Jack Gish, DDS & Alice Gish, Ed.D 13650 Pondview Circle Naples, FL 34119 Jack: 203-733-3282 Alice: 203-733-9756 Recently retired from dentistry (Jack) and educational administration (Alice),they moved here from Brookfield, CT, where Jack had been a previous Temple president. They met in high school and have three children and nine grandchildren. Elaine Raad 686 101st Avenue North Naples, FL 34108 917-975-0955 Elaine is an LPN with Millennium Physicians Group. She hails from New York and moved here with her husband in February. She is interested in learning mah jongg and canasta.

Marvin & Carol Weisberg Marvin: Carol: Carol hails from Philadelphia and Marv grew up in Brooklyn. Marv has two daughters and Carol has two sons and a daughter. Between them they have nine grandkids. They like to vacation, usually on a cruise. Marv volunteers with dementia groups at JFCS, is a docent at the Holocaust Center and helps with tax preparation at the United Way. Carol is active in Hadassah and makes jewelry as a hobby. Alan & Helene Gordon Alan: 215-808-9462 Helene: 215-808-5943 Helene and Alan Gordon were members several years ago and have returned to Temple Shalom. Alan is a retired attorney and Helene is a retired reading specialist. They both hail from Philadelphia but live mostly at the Jersey Shore when not here for an extended season. They have two children, Jakki and Andrew, and six grandchildren. Neil & Cheryl Gershman Rhonda Singer & Peter Frederickson


• • • •

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Endowment Corner

“Belonging to Temple Shalom was critical to Honey…. Judaism encompassed all her spiritual and social values.” Our newest endowment fund was set up as a beautiful, loving tribute to his late wife by Shelly Berkle, multi-year Board of Trustees member and temple member since 2004. What a wonderful tribute to honor the memory of a loved one who cared deeply about the Temple and Judaism! In Shelly’s words, “Belonging to Temple Shalom was critical to Honey. It was here where her Havurah became her extended family. For Honey, Judaism encompassed all her spiritual and social values. In her final days, her relationship with clergy provided her with comfort and strength.” The Honey Berkle Endowment Fund supports the overall mission of Temple Shalom. In the aftermath of Irmageddon, our focus immediately shifted to what can we do NOW. This includes our time, talents and financial resources. We feel helpless watching others suffer and want to help. At times like this, it is tempting to think that endowments are a luxury. But actually, it is because we have savings, investments and yes, long-term endowment funds that each of us is able, in our personal lives and in the life of the temple, to be generous now. If we had not put away money for ourselves and our families, we would not be able to donate generously, as many have, to victims near and far of hurricanes Harvey, Irma and Maria. Our long-term savings serve as both emergency and opportunity funds. For Temple Shalom, our endowments are a vital part of our future security. As such, it is important that we continue to fund our endowments at the same time as we pay for needed assistance right now.

You will become a member of our Legacy Society with your signed letter of intent to make a gift in the future. 20

With a completed endowment gift of $10,000 or more you will become a member of our Eternal Light Society.

There are many ways for each of us to make a meaningful contribution to this important effort, either through a current or planned gift or both. Please take the time to read our beautiful and informative endowment booklet, For Now and Forever, which is available in the entry foyer or from a member of Temple staff. And as always, I am available to answer any questions you may have either by e-mail at suzannelow12@ or by phone at 239-450-8112.

Many thanks to the Jewish Federation of Collier County for their generous donation to Temple Shalom’s Hurricane Irma relief fund. Their support helps us to continue to provide financial assistance and resources to those impacted by this natural disaster. Pictured are: Jeffrey Feld(left), President/CEO, and Jane Schiff, Board Chair of Jewish Federation of Collier County with Eli Montague, Executive Director of Temple Shalom

Mitzvah Baskets Fund: Bimah food baskets for Shabbat. A $100 donation purchases several hundred dollars of food for JFCS.

Showing We Care Contributions to Temple Shalom funds are wonderful ways to show your appreciation of family and friends, to celebrate happy occasions and to honor the memories of loved ones. We suggest a minimum donation of chai ($18.00). With a minimum donation of chai, a notice of your gift will be sent to the honoree and mention will be published in The Voice.


General Fund: Support Temple operations. Capital Reserve: Maintain and enhance buildings and grounds. Security Fund: Improve safety and security Tree of Life: Each ‘Rock’ and ‘Star of David’ is a donation of $540.00; each ‘Leaf ’ is $240.00. The contribution must be received in its entirety before engraving is ordered. Tribute Garden: Enhance garden, buildings and grounds. Dedication opportunities are available


Memorial Fund: Donations in memory of loved ones William Freschel Kiddush Fund: Provide Kiddush Lunch each Saturday following worship services. A $150 donation sponsors Kiddush in honor of a special someone or occasion. Flower Fund: Bimah flowers each Shabbat. A $100.00 donation sponsors flowers in memory or in honor of a special someone or occasion.

Dr. Philip & Shirley Gilbert Music Fund: Enhances music at Temple Shalom. Prayerbook Fund: Prayerbooks and Torah commentaries. Prayerbooks - $54, Torah commentary - $100 High Holy Days preayerbooks (set) - $108


Endowment Fund: To secure the future, enrich programs and provide for emergency needs of the congregation. Honey Berkle Endowment Fund: Support overall mission of Temple Shalom. The Paula Brody and Merrill Hassenfeld Endowment Fund: Support operating and capital expenses.

Adult Education Fund: Enhance adult education programs.

Kraus Scholar In Residence Endowment Fund: To bring visiting scholars to the Temple as an educational benefit to the membership.

Religious School Fund: Supplies and activitiess for Jewish learning in Religious and Hebrew Schools.

The Low Family Endowment Fund: To secure the future of Temple Shalom and Reform Judaism in Southwest Florida.

Religious School Enrichment Fund: Augments the Religious and Hebrew School educational programming.

The Herbert & Ruth Abramson Fund: To supplement general operations and provide enrichment for Temple functions.

Polster Religious School Scholarship Fund: Religious and Hebrew School scholarships for students in need.

The Janet & Howard Solot Endowment Fund: For general charitable uses and purposes.

Ben Calmenson Fund: Sponsors children to attending Camp Coleman.



Joseph S. Weinfeld Faculty Development Fund: Curriculum and teaching skill enrichment activities for Sunday and Hebrew School teachers. Youth Activities Fund: Financial support for our youth to attend Camp Coleman, to take part in regional/ national youth conventions, and summer in Israel experiences. Preschool Fund: Supplies and activities for the Preschool. Preschool Enrichment Fund: Books, magazines and media for children and adolescents. Arby Lipman Children's Library: For the purchase of children and adolescent books and magazine subscriptions, and supplies. Jack and Charlotte Ward Family Children's Music Shelf: Audio and video music for children.

Rabbi Miller’s Discretionary Fund: For tzedakah, charitable purposes,and general enhancement of the Rabbi's work. Cantor Azu's Discretionary Fund: For tzedakah, charitable purposes and general enhancement of the Cantor's work. Leadership Fund: Enhance and enrich leadership programs at Temple Shalom.


Rabbi James & Jane Perman Library: Books, magazine subscriptions and supplies.


David and Lillian Thalenfeld Fund for Social Justice: Support Temple’s participation in social justice events and activities.

Oneg Shabbat:

Sponsors Onegs in celebration of an event or to honor someone. This fund is administered by Temple Shalom Sisterhood. Please contact Sandy Stone (239) 597-1553


Contributions to Temple Shalom General Fund

In Memory of: Billy Butterworth, Lloyd Rauch by Anne & Dr. Mark Rubin Irving Dworkin by Lin & Gary Dworkin Betty Goldstein by Diana & Ken Goldstein Julia Rosensweig by Marilyn & Dr. Bob Ross Bert Crystal by Merle & Richard Crystal In Honor of: David Fisher by Gracia Kuller Kate Samuels, Brian Smith by Lanie & Mary Samuels In Appreciation: By Helene Koenig By Phyllis Barolsky Of staff by Eli Montague By Amy & Barry Asin By Lori & Dr. Charles Siegel By Laura OKeefe

As of October 3rd

Cantor Azu’s Discretionary Fund

In Memory of: Selma Batkin by Beryl & Elliot Miller In Appreciation: Of Sheldon Starman for Saturday Shabbat Service by Becky Cornacchia Of Karen & Stanley Deutsch by Anita & Phil Freeman

Arby Lipman Children’s Library

In Honor of: The Isenberg Family by Alice & Dr. Arthur Isenberg

Dr. Philip & Shirley Gilbert Music Fund

In Memory of: Lois Doty, Billy Butterworth by Ina & Richie Barr Evelyn Rush, Maurice Rush by Carole Greene Jacob Schuman by Sandy & Len Schuman

Religious School Fund

Joseph S. Weinfeld Faculty Development Fund

In Honor of: Sammy Sissman becoming a Bar Mitzvah by Jane & Lester Friedberg

In Memory of: Anna Weinfeld, Esther Weinfeld by Helen Weinfeld

William Freschel Kiddush Fund

David & Lillian Thalenfeld Fund

In Memory of: Sue Pfingst by Dr. Michael Rubner

In Memory of: Frank Walkenberg by Cary & Dr. David Goodman

Flower Fund

Kraus Scholar in Residence Endowment Fund

In Honor of: Loren Freedman becoming a Bat Mitzvah by Dr. Julia Harris & Myron Freedman Rett Kelley becoming a Bar Mitzvah by Alicia Browner

Food Basket Fund

In Honor of: Loren Freedman becoming a Bat Mitzvah by Dr. Julia Harris & Myron Freedman

Rabbi Miller’s Discretionary Fund

In Memory of: Jerome Cantor by Ellie Pearson Cantor Lawrence Meltz by Barbara Meltz Lois Doty by Debbe & Danny Schertzer Mollie Weiss by Susan & Jay Weiss In Honor of: Loren Freedman becoming a Bar Mitzvah by Dr. Julia Harris & Myron Freedman In Appreciation: By Herman Tarnow By Marna Berkovich & Alex Goldstein 22

In Memory of: Joe Gardner by Sylvia Wolinsky

Endowment Fund

In Memory of: Lois Doty, Billy Butterworth by Debra Antzis & Chad Atkins Mary Lenner, Rose Graev by Nancy & Bruce Graev Billy Butterworth by Susan & Joel Pittelman In Appreciation: Eleanor & Walter Angoff

Honey Berkle Endowment Fund In Memory of: Claude Elbhar by Dr. Lydia Bond

Youth Activities Fund

In Memory of: Lois Doty, Billy Butterworth by Helene & Maj. Gen. Bernie Weiss

Do Not Forget Us We have been invited to join several other FL communities in helping Rabbi Dukhovny’s Jewish community in Ukraine. Many of our students here in Collier need to take advantage of the backpack program to have food for the weekend. Rabbi Dukhovny discovered that many of his young students had little or nothing to eat over the weekend as well. He hired a cook and arranged for the children to come to their school for a hot meal both Saturday and Sunday. Remember, think cold weather and little house heat. If we choose to help, our share would be $300 for a quarter of the year. For $100 a month, we can feed more than 50 children each weekend. Rather than just sending money for use as needed, we can fill a very important need. How could we say no? If you wish to participate, please send a check to Temple Shalom and mark in the memo DNFU. This would truly be a mitzvah. Thank you, Judi Palay and Paul Rosofsky Co-chairs


November 2017

November 2017


Birthdays 24

1 Gabriela and Allan Goldberg Scott and Simone Lutgert 2 Edward and Judith Anchel Sue and Chuck Center 4 Loretta and Robert Stein 5 Olga and Jacob Yampolsky 6 Debbie and Frank Wyman 8 Shelly and Jason Bell Jennifer Siegal-Miller and Adam Miller 10 Pat and Abe Levy

11 Michelle and Jay Rabinowitz 13 Tina and Larry Haut 14 Nina and Moises Levy 15 Amy and Jon Karnilow 16 Freddi and Alan Peltz 18 Jennifer and Marc Fleischer Judi and Dan Spintman 19 Louisa and Jerome Davin 20 Alison and Ronny Goodwich 21 Jan and Shelly Whitman

22 Katie and Harvey Cohen 24 Freyda and Jeffrey Albin 25 Alan and Doris Adlestein Pat and Marshall Sutker 27 Merrylee and Joseph Kandel 28 Phil and Anita Freeman

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Neal Kofman Wilbur Yellin Joel Pittelman Barbara Kushnir Erez Shalom Shoshanna Dorfman Elizabeth Jaffe Micki Hurvitz Peter Salomon Abe Levy Arlene Shapiro Amy Prchal Ramon Gonzalez James Sernovitz Cyndi Yag-Howard Suzanne Low James Perman Emil Hirsch William Warshauer Phyllis Luts Arlene Subin Kristina Isenberg Miriam Cohn Michal Wiesler Michelle Sodini - Rubin Gabriela Saad Alan Jaffe Jessica Schaab Allen Menkin Matthew Targoff Robin Mintz

Kalmin Faye Rosalie Switzen Edythe Cohen Midge Rauch Lewis Mitchell Alicia Browner Rebecca Cornacchia Cammeron Solomon Adam Schonberg Shirley Bassin Roberto Bollt Lois Cohen Janina Levy Andrew Jaffe Sherry Pino David Isaacson Arlene Yedid Maureen Schaab Lillian Menkin Rhonda Singer Fredric Roth Helen Weinfeld Eloise Kaplan Millie Sernovitz Jared Schprechman Ben Post Judith Huizenga Richard Barr Ida Margolis Susan Hadinger Marc Browner

Burton Hirsch Melanie Schwartz Bruce Barter Jose Lairet Andrew Halmos Amy Hunter Mary-Beth Levitz Linda Rosenfeld Gabriel Kohn Jennifer Marchionda Susan Rabin Ronald Plotkin Helene Weiss Lawrence Haut Ronnie Blumenthal Lloyd Heimowitz Sandra Rick Elliot Kaplan Hilda Levine Stephen Schwartz Fredda Isaacson Karen Deutsch Tracey Albert Bernard Lashinsky Roberta Tannenbaum Toby Press Carolyn Roth Rita Bernstein

November 2017


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Bernard Anchor Aaron Lipkin Bertha Applebaum Sheila Weidman Hattie Berman Theodore Bollt Joseph Brenner Lilyan Cohn Henry Israel Sayde Diengott Ruth Goldstein Chosiad Phyllis Freedman Sadie Walkenberg Sherman Krivit Samuel Feldman Saul Rothchild Gretchen Linz Freda Burg Minnie B. Weinstein Mildred Katz Lillian Koplovsky Jeff Kuller Abe Osipe Gary Lebowich Alex Margolis Sol Mitchell Jean Kuperman Sayde Diengott David Rozet Helen Caplan A. Shapiro Sayde Diengott David Brick Albert Golin David Nahari Malka Teich Andrew Kaplan Doris Kaplan Evelyn Alexander Harriet Modlin Roslyn Burns Anita Gardner Frances Yohay Lillian Nerenberg Walter Deutsch Eva Friedman Sherman Kassmir Johanna Grunebaum Sarah Stone Bernice Reisman Allen Katz Frieda Kraus Valerie Kraus Louis Klein Louis Sloan

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Frank Lickhalter Frances Lieb Rachel Lipp Max Moskowitz Tillie Morton Samuel Plotkin Amy Post Abram Post Robert Millstone Joseph Rosenbach Goldie Ross Edith Lewis Michael Jay Siegel Eugenia Simon Ruth Jones Samuel Steinhouse Rabbi Stanley Brav Adolph Weinfeld Rebecca Snyder Louis Werhane Eva Zaleznik David Wolf Samuel Snyder Evelyn Angoff Arthur Bassewitz Joseph Dessoff Allen Keyser Martye Eshowsky Annette VanAuken Edgar Fuchs Gussie Herbst Frank Katchman Elizabeth Barnett Lee Becker Hyman Greenfield Joseph Freeman Benjamin Grossman Linda Endler Dennis Partnoy Gertrude Kaplan Cynthia Lenchner Samuel Levere Ben Millender Samuel Mitchell Robert Schoor Ignaty Rosensweig Max Rudman Ben Stein Leonard Sutker Frank Cohen Mary Snyder P. Peter Bassewitz Sophie Berkle Muriel Berzon Milton Gellis


Isabelle Seidman Mona Popkin Minna Freeman Merryl Gillingham Jacob Beitchman Samuel Goos Ray Gordon Marty Matthews Solomon Linz Rose Fliegel Dr. M. Drutz Benjamin Dinaburg Rose Jaffe Herbert Bernstein Charles Rubin Dick Kravitz Merrill Kuller P. Peter Bassewitz Ronald Levy Jack Morton Dr. Louis Millender Donna Oshry Highstein Esther Jacobs Seymour Malkin Zoe Press Martin Solomon Murray Sussman Lori Sklaroff Mary Grossman George Carson Ruth Brick Wilfred Wolman Janet Goldsmith Lila Yellin

Recently Deceased As of October 20th

Miriam Young Aunt of Barbara Cohen Pearl Sugarman Widow of Gerry Sugarman


A little help. A big difference. The assisted living services at The Carlisle Senior Living Community are about the whole family and the whole YOU. Of course, we can help you with your daily needs. But did you know you will also have options for fitness, socializing, healthy fine dining, and more? And services are tailored to you, so you’ll get just the right amount of help you need, when you request it. But the best part? No matter if you need a little help or a lot, the difference you’ll feel will be amazing.

I n de p e n de n t & A s s i s t e d L i v i ng R e s i de nc e s • ECC L ic e n s e d

6945 Carlisle Court • Naples, FL • • 239.444.6891 Located just south of Orange Blossom Drive on the west side of Airport-Pulling Road




November 2017




Wednesday Hebrew School 4:45pm Adult B’nai Mitzvah class 6:15pm



Jewish Values & the Environment 12pm Choir rehearsal 6:30pm


Friday Preschool Trike-a-thon 9:30am

Family Shabbat Experience 5:30pm


Saturday Torah Talk 8:30am

Shabbat morning service 10am

Shabbat evening service 7:30pm


Religious School 9am


Confirmation class 9:30am

Beading for Betterment (offsite) 1:30pm & 6:30pm


Sisterhood Board meeting 10am

Sunday Hebrew School 11:30 Kristallnacht community commemoration (offsite) 2:30pm


Religious School 9am

Jewish Genealogy for students 9:30am


Coffee & Convo (offsite) 9am Beading for Betterment (offsite) 1:30pm

Sunday Hebrew School 11:30am


No Religious or Sunday Hebrew School



Sisterhood luncheon (offsite) 11am


Hebrew School 4:45pm


Marketing meeting 11:30am

Men’s Club meeting 6pm

Endowment meeting 1pm

Adult B’nai Mitzvah class 6:15pm

Choir rehearsal 6:30pm


Hebrew School 4:45pm


No Religious or Sunday Hebrew School


Veterans Shabbat evening service 7:30pm


Preschool Thanksgiving feast 9:30am


Shabbat morning service 10am Hockey Night (Germain Arena) 7pm


Shabbat morning service 10am

Shabbat evening service 7:30pm

Confirmation class 6pm Executive committee meeting 7pm



No Preschool No Hebrew School


Temple office & Preschool closed


Board meeting 7pm


Community Beading session 7pm


Temple office & Preschool closed


Shabbat morning service 10am

Shabbat on the beach 5:30pm (Lowdermilk Pk)

Temple office closes at 12pm


Sisterhood Book Bag 1:30pm





Non-Profit Org U.S. Postage



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Thank you to our partners at the Jewish Federation of Collier County

November 2017 Voice