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May 2018 Volume XXXVIII Iyar/Sivan 5778 Number 8

The Confirmation Class of 5778 invites you to share this sacred milestone in their lives as they lead our congregation in worship and learning and are confirmed in the faith of Israel.

Friday, May 18, 2018 7:00pm Temple Shalom


4630 Pine Ridge Rd. Naples, FL 34119 Phone: (239) 455-3030 • Fax: (239) 455-4361 Religious Education office 239-455-2233 Preschool office 239-455-3227 Adam F. Miller, Rabbi Donna Azu, Cantor James H. Perman, D.D., Rabbi Emeritus Seyla Cohen Preschool Director Dr. Anna Salomon, RJE Director of Congregational Education Peter Lewis Music Director

President Debra Antzis First Vice President Daryl Sissman Second Vice President Merrill Hassenfeld Third Vice President Ed Kaufman Treasurer Harriet Lickhalter, CPA Financial Secretary David Silberg Recording Secretary Dr. John Little Immediate Past President Debbie Zvibleman Sisterhood President Carole Flegel Men’s Club President Ed Cohen One Family Liaison Bobbie Katz Historical Society Helen Weinfeld Ed Alexander Dave Citrin Ellen Goldberg Michael Feldman Yale Freeman

Bobbie Katz Steve Pino Jeremy Schaab Perry Switzen Scott Weinstein

Rabbi Adam 3 Cantor Donna 4 Debbie Zvibleman, 5 Seyla Cohen, Preschool 6 Dr. Anna Salomon, Director of Congregational 7 Men’s 10 11 Tikkun Olam 14 Endowment 18 Temple Shalom 19 20 Monthly Celebrations & Observances 24 24 25 Temple Shalom 27 MISSION STATEMENT Temple Shalom of Naples is an inclusive Reform Jewish congregation where all individuals are equal partners in making our world whole and holy. We are One Family, believing in the sacredness of relationships, fostering connections – one to another, Temple, Israel, Torah and God. We are living Jewish values and nurturing future generations.

Temple support staff Randi Butterworth Administrative & Clergy Assistant

Rick Holsbeke Maitenance Technician

Jeanette Fischer Director of Communications

Victor Lucas Facility Manager

Maxine Gould Controller

Gloria Mellman Preschool Administrative Assistant

Farrah Hersh Religious School Administrative Assistant

Ana Maria Tamargo Membership Engagement Coordinator & Concierge

The Voice is published monthly. June/July are combined issues. Editor/Layout-Jeanette Fischer • Advertising- Maxine Gould Disclaimer: Advertisements published in Temple Shalom’s monthly newsletter, The Voice,  in no way constitute an endorsement of a product or service by Temple Shalom.


Adam Miller Israel at 70 Seventy years ago, on May 14, 1948, David BenGurion declared the birth of the modern State of Israel. Looking back now, with the blessing of hindsight and wisdom, we see their declaration as the fruition of Herzl’s Zionist dream. Yet it was not as easy or glorious as the mythology may lead us to believe. Gathered in what is now known as Independence Hall, Ben-Gurion and the leaders of the nascent state made the bold decision to declare statehood at the most perilous of times. The joy of the United Nations partition vote had given way to worry and concern. Conflict was growing with the Arab population in the land as the British made their final preparations to leave Israel. Word was spreading of impending war with neighboring Arab countries. The group chose their meeting location because its lack of windows made it a safer space. Unsure of their future, they believed that this was the only course forward. They made the right choice. The State of Israel stands today because of those brave individuals who were willing to risk their lives to plant the flag of Israel and the Jewish people in the land our people have called holy for more than three thousand years. Their chutzpah enabled them to overcome nearly impossible odds to emerge victorious over their foes. Unable to rest on their laurels, those pioneers continued to fight, recognizing that at every turn there would be challenges. Struggle after struggle, they endured. As a people, we celebrated with the heights of joy at the re-unification of Jerusalem in 1967, and collectively held our breath during the dark hours of the Yom Kippur War in 1973. We watched the transformation in recent decades as the country that not long ago fought for its very existence, used its skills and innovation to become the “Start-Up Nation” and an international hub of

Shavuot Yizkor service Saturday, May 19th at 10am

technology. While the threat of danger remains, Israel continues to excel in business and now shares many of its new discoveries with countries around the world. Israel’s emergency response teams are regularly the first to arrive after major crises around the world, to heal the sick, bring comfort for the bereaved, and repair the damage that has been done. The sages say that seventy years is the lifespan of a person – hence the teaching that at 83 one should have a second bar mitzvah for life has begun again. After seventy years, Israel proved itself to be a viable nation, a safe haven for Jews, and a blessing for the world. I cannot predict what the next 70 years will be, but I do know one thing to be true. Israel is more than a nation – it is the home for the people Israel. It was the people Israel who struggled and fought for the modern state to exist. It was the people of Israel, living inside and outside of the land, who supported the country through this first 70 years. Israel, the people, will be the ones who determine its future through advocacy, financial support, and most importantly connecting through visits. Use your voice to make the next 70 years ones of blessing, joy, and hope. That our children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren will be able to celebrate the second 70 years with as much pride and happiness in their hearts as we have today. L’shalom, Rabbi Adam F. Miller

Soulful Shabbat Sing. Pray. Celebrate! Friday, June 8th 7:30pm A service conducted in song & accompanied by a professional five-piece band.

Join us!



Donna Azu

Federation candle lighting at the Mercato, Hadassah fundraiser, Jewish National Fund, and the community Yom HaShoah service. As we end the year, I thank all of our volunteers as well as our Board of Trustees who give so much of their time to the Temple. Your hard work and dedication helps to ensure the future of Temple Shalom. I look forward to another wonderful year with my Temple community!

I’d like to start by thanking our senior staff, Rabbi Miller, Seyla Cohen and Dr. Anna Salomon for working together as a team in collaboration for a wonderful year. I’d also like to thank our incredibly hard working staff who are often behind the scenes making everything come together seamlessly. Thank you Randi, Maxine, Jeanette, Ana Maria, Julie, Victor, Rick and Ada. We appreciate all that you do for us! It was an exciting beginning of the year kicked off by the High Holidays. Our adult choir, directed by Peter Lewis, sang beautifully and continued to inspire us with their music at Shabbat services throughout the year. We also continued with our Soulful Shabbat service started last year. Occurring four times this year, Soulful Shabbat is a lively, completely sung service accompanied by a five piece band. The service was very well received and I plan to schedule additional Soulful Shabbat services in the future. As part of our Temple fundraising efforts, I was happy to help with local talent for our We Are One musical presentation. It was a pleasure to be a part of this musical program chaired by Ida Margolis, Bobbie Katz, Linda Simon and their wonderful team. This year we had 17 students in our B’nai Mitzvah program. Our tutors Perry Switzen, Dr. Michael Rubner, Howard Moeckler, Hari Jacobsen and, our newest tutor, Rhonda Singer are continuing to teach and contribute their time to the success of our students. Next year we have 19 students who will become Bar or Bat Mitzvah as well as 4 adult B’not Mitzvot on March 2, 2019.

Tracey Ansteth Albert

Honest, Organized Dependable Naples resident for almost 30 years Live Better.

Temple Member since 2001 Realtor

As a valued member of The Parlante Group, we handle every aspect of your real estate transaction. We have our own listing manager and closing coordinator to ensure impeccable and thorough service.


It’s a pleasure working with our children in the Religious School in different aspects including 9th and 10th grade Confirmation class, our 6th and 7th graders preparing for them for Bar and Bat Mitzvah in our blessings and prayers class, as well as school wide programs. Highlights included our Beauty and the Beast themed Purim shpiel and our Children’s chocolate seder. In the greater Collier County community, it was a pleasure to be involved in the Kristallnacht Service,

Temple Shalom offices will be closed Memorial Day Monday, May 28th 4

Scott Newman, CPCU Area Vice President | Director of Business Development Gallagher Lutgert 1395 Panther Lane | Suite 100 | Naples, FL 34109 P: 239.280.3244 |  F: 239.262.5360  |  M: 239.293.0162 | Gallagher Lutgert Insurance handles a full line of insurance products for individuals and businesses including Property, Casualty, Life, Health, Long Term Care, Disability Insurance, and Medicare Supplements.


Debra Antzis

Since The Voice goes to press considerably in advance of its release date, I am writing this President’s Message in early April — before the annual meeting where our membership will vote on my candidacy! The presumption feels a bit odd, but I think it’s also a great reminder about the nature of the Temple presidency: the person who occupies the office is simply a representative, holding office not as an individual but in trust (for a time) on behalf of the Temple’s full membership. While each president has views and methods that are their own, the president’s goal always should be to act in the best interests of the Temple as a whole. As Temple president, that will be my most important job. I feel very fortunate, and proud, to be stepping into this role at this time. Temple Shalom is in a very good place! It is almost a full year since we began L’Shalom, our pledge system, which has been a great success so far. We have become an even more inclusive and welcoming community, and our membership has grown. Rabbi Miller and Cantor Azu inspire us with their leadership, encouraging our growth individually and as a community. Our Religious School and Adult Education programs are thriving, thanks to the wonderful work of Dr. Anna Salomon, her assistant Farrah Hersh, and a dedicated group of teachers. Preschool Director Seyla Cohen, Gloria Mellman and the teachers of Temple Shalom Preschool excel in providing a warm, nurturing, and challenging environment for the young children entrusted to their care. Temple support staff — Randi Butterworth, Maxine Gould, Jeanette Fischer, Ana Maria Tamargo and Julie Fischer — are talented, skilled and efficient, working hard to fulfill Temple’s mission in the most effective manner possible. Victor Lucas, our facility manager, makes sure the building and grounds are well taken care of, and that events here run smoothly, with the able help of Rick Holsbeke, Ada Rossell and Pedro Cruz. I am so grateful to Debbie Zvibleman, Neil Shnider, Yale Freeman, Don Shapiro, and Connie Mansfield, the presidents I have worked with since becoming active at Temple Shalom, to all the Board members I have served with, to Sisterhood, Men’s Club, and the many individuals who have, since the early beginnings of Temple Shalom, worked hard and donated generously to establish the Temple and ensure that it flourishes and grows. The new Board and I look forward to continuing this work, and, with your help, hope to take Temple Shalom to further strengths. L’Shalom, Debra Antzis

We Are One: A Musical Celebration On March 11th Temple Shalom celebrated brotherhood, unity and the spirit of America in a unique performance inspired by the Shabbat of Solidarity in December 2016. Created exclusively for Temple Shalom, We Are One was the culmination of a number of programs highlighting social justice such as Beading for Betterment, the presentation of the Ann Jacobs Lamed Vavnik award and speaking events. Phil Beuth, local philanthropist and community leader was honored with the first ever Temple Shalom Award for Social Justice. Many thanks to Ida Margolis, Bobbie Katz and Linda Simon, co-chairs of this remarkable event featuring performances by professional Broadway actors and outstanding local talent including Temple members Dana Wexler, Charlotte Atkins and our own Cantor Donna Azu. Ida, Bobbie and Linda worked tirelessly to make this a truly marvelous experience. We are grateful to Ida for bringing to the stage her vision of an event that would keep the spirit of unity alive and relevant within the community. Her passion for this event and its message have prompted a continuation of this theme. Stay tuned for more details! We Are One raised over $75,000 to benefit Temple Shalom with a portion of the proceeds benefitting other local non-profits as well. We are especially grateful to Estelle and Stuart Price for their donation of the new screens and projectors that saw their inaugural use at this event. With much gratitude we thank Fran and Rob Nossen and Debbie and Jeff Waranch for their generous support of We Are One. A list of patron and corporate sponsors was published in the April issue of The Voice. Last, but certainly not least, we thank the staff of Temple Shalom and theWe Are One committee members for all their hard work in helping to make this event a success. We Are One committee members Cantor Donna Azu Paula Brody Carol Clarke Katie Cohen Karen Cohn Martin Cohn Linda Denning Ruth Dorfman Adam Goldstein Carole Greene Lenore Greenstein Merrill Hassenfeld

Neil Heuer Stephanie Heuer Burton Hirsch Carol Hirsch Liz Jaffe Melissa Keel Shelley Lieb Lorel Martens Helene Naimon Aileen Pierce Michael Pierce Susan Ritter

Nan Roytberg Tussy Shnider Gail Smith Elaine Soffer Judy Spintman Allison Tucker Leslie Wasserman Susie Wolf Suzann Yussen Debbie Zvibleman



Seyla Cohen

There’s nothing like tradition and holidays to let us know where in the year we are. Children thrive on structure and repetition so it’s no wonder that the festivals we celebrate each year create lasting memories. On Passover, another much-loved celebration, children become familiar with the different foods offered and the meaning behind their presentation. As with many Jewish holidays, the menu plays an important part. We celebrated Passover with our TSP families at our annual Passover Seder where traditional dishes were savored. In our Storyland, the story of Moses is told and acted out on stage; in art class, traditional Seder plates are crafted; in music, customary songs sung and danced to; and in our classrooms, creative haggadahs constructed; all making for a fun learning experience, especially for our little ones.

In just a few short days, on May 3rd, the Annual Temple Shalom Preschool Art Show will take place. This year promises to be the most sensational Art Show ever. The Art Show committee has gone above and beyond and promises a new and incredibly exciting experience. All proceeds will benefit the TSP tuition assistance program and the playground enrichment project. Please call the Preschool office for more information on attending or supporting this event. Now that we are approaching the last quarter of the school year, we are proud to say that our TSP family is growing so much that we are opening another class to accommodate all the children that want to be part of the TSP Experience. Our TSP family has 175 children and 36 staff members and even though we are a big school we never lose that warm family feeling and create wonderful friendships and memories. TSP is known for providing a nurturing, caring, academically challenging program, state-of-the art equipment, and experienced, educated teachers. Temple Shalom Preschool looks forward to continued success for the upcoming school year. Those interested in learning more are invited to call the preschool office (239)455-3227 and ask for Seyla Cohen, Preschool Director, or Gloria, Administrative Assistant, to receive information or set up a tour.

As these children progress through Temple Shalom Preschool year after year these customs are repeated, forming a constant reminder of where they come from and instilling in them a sense of belonging. Those students who are not of the Jewish faith are exposed to practices that other religions follow, broadening their horizons.

Itʻs time for...

The 14th Annual TSP Art Show!

When & Where...

4630 Pine Ridge Rd

Thursday, May 3rd at 6:30pm Temple Shalom Social Hall


Who & What... Adults Only Please Silent Auction Fun Raffles Great Food & Drink Entertainment Proceeds from the silent auction and the purchase of your childʻs art will benefit the TSP Tuition Assistance Program and the Playground Enrichment Project.

Temple Shalom Preschool Planting the seeds in the minds of our future

Camp begins June 4th Early pick-up available Flexible camp hours



“Six million of our people live on in our hearts. We are their eyes that remember. We are their voice that cries out…” -- Shimon Peres Yom HaShoah is a day of remembrance. Remembering the six million Jewish men, women and children who perished during the Holocaust is not an easy task, but is one we undertake year after year. Recalling so we do not forget; recalling so we do not let history repeat itself. It is our sacred obligation and privilege to be the keepers of history, to ensure that the stories and memory of the victims and survivors alike live on.

during WWII/the Holocaust and in the years of recovery afterwards, are vital to preserve and cherish. We would like to recognize and give special thanks to the survivors that shared their stories this year – Renee Beddouk, Rosette Gerbosi, Judit Price, Marcel Fachler, Rob Nossen, and Sabine van Dam. Thank you also to the students & their families; the teachers – Chad Atkins and Rick Levy; and our Yom HaShoah committee – Renee’ Bialek (Jewish Federation of Greater Naples), Ida Margolis (GenShoah SWFL), Dr. Anna Salomon (Temple Shalom), and Susan Suarez (The Holocaust Museum of Southwest Florida).

Oral history is more than just a story passed down from generation to generation. It creates a unique perspective for understanding and learning about the experiences of our people. Oral history presents us with the opportunity to collaboratively explore a personal experience, developing the ability to make history personal – to make it come alive for each of us. The Pesach Seder aims to do just that. Every year, we tell the story – we relive the history of our people as they make the arduous journey from slavery to freedom. We explore the story, we insert ourselves into it, we ensure that it’s a personal narrative. In the same way that we work so hard to protect the history of our people during Pesach, so must we work to protect the history of our people during the Holocaust. The personal, first-hand accounts of the Jewish experience

The last day of Wednesday Hebrew School is May 2nd. The last day of Sunday Religious and Hebrew School is May 6th. 7

Men’s Club President

Ed Cohen I am proud to announce the creation of the Men’s Club Grant For High School Seniors. We will be awarding one to two grants of $500 - $1000 each year to our own Temple Shalom qualified and deserving graduating high school seniors. Mazel Tov to this years recipients; Max Ginsberg and Benjamin Isenberg who will each receive a grant of $1000. With the continued support of Men’s Club members, and Dinner Theatre sponsors, advertisers and patrons, we hope to continue this wonderful program for years to come. Our annual Deli Night was extremely well attended by well over 100 men and women. We were proud to have a great speaker, Mr. Bobby Lie who brought to light his story of his arduous journey from being raised in the Shanghai ghetto to Naples, Florida. My greatest fear was alleviated when in the end we had enough Kishka (stuffed derma) and pastrami for everyone!

Torah Talk

A lay lead discussion of the weekly Torah portion

Sisterhood President

Carole Flegel This “Year of the Sisterhood” is winding down for the summer after an exceptional year! Enjoy your summer, while we gear up for our 201819 season. I’d like to express my gratitude to the members of Sisterhood and our fabulous Sisterhood Board. During the summer the Judaica Shop can be opened by the Temple staff by request. At the April Luncheon, featuring Naples Philharmonic Concertmaster, Glenn Basham, WRJ Southeast District President, Ellen Petracco conducted Installation. We thank our outgoing board members Tracey Albert and Alicia Feldman for all their contributions to our organization, and welcome our newest board members, Bunny Kaufman and Linda Wainick. Sisterhood’s Immediate Past President, Debra Antzis, steps up to the helm as Temple Shalom’s President, and so we honor her with this month’s “Sisterhood Spotlight Member”. Debra received her J.D. from Georgetown Law School. She has graciously taught in our Hebrew School and her husband, Chad, teaches in our Religious School. Debra chaired our congregation’s Torah Project and is finishing her term at First Vice President. Debra and Chad are the parents of Charlotte and Nora. We wish Debra all the all the best in leading our congregation!

8:15 am - bagels, coffee, juice 8:30 am - discussion

May 5 Emor Leviticus 21:1-24:23 8

Sisterhood Installation luncheon March 20, 2018

B’NAI MITZVAH CORNER JOSHUWA KNAFO MAY 5, 2018 I’m Joshuwa Gerald Knafo. That’s Josh with a ‘W’. My first and middle name have the first name initials of 2 parents, 4 grandparents and 8 great grandparents. Needed the ‘W’ for

grandpa. I’m a 6th grader at Mason Classical Academy. I like doing card tricks, putting together massive Legos, playing with my dogs (Tequi & Nacho) acting club and of course, video games. I have been in the Temple Shalom school system since ‘mommy & me’. My Bar Mitzvah is on May 5th, 2018, the day after my 13th birthday.

ROBERT HUNTER MAY 26, 2018 Robbie attends 7th grade at Pine Ridge Middle School as a student in the Cambridge Secondary Program. He is an avid soccer player, playing for both Pine Ridge and the Azzurri Storm teams. Robbie enjoys playing Xbox, the double bass, piano, all sports, and the computer. He is the older brother of Gavin and Brendan and a graduate of the Temple Shalom Preschool.



Personal Injury Slip and Fall All Other Injuries & Accidents Free Consultation

Auto Accidents Wrongful Death Bicycle, Motorcycle Dog Bites

Experience And Personal Atttention.

Tammy Strohl Temple Member since 1996 Personal Injury Attorney

Featured in Gulfshore Business as a lawyer of distinction.


239.793.7999 2315 Stanford Ct., Suite 302 - Naples, FL 34112


Tik kun Olam C ouncil The following is taken from an email written by Temple Shalom members Abe & Pat Levy in which they describe their experience at the March for Our Lives in Washington, DC. “It was most inspiring to be a part of the March. We arrived about 2 hours early and were able to get within about a block of the main stage. Video screens and audio were excellent wherever you stood. While the crowds were huge and Pennsylvania Avenue very crowded, it was amazing to see the faces and posters and to talk with the people around you. The formal program lasted almost 3 hours!!! I have no doubt about the seriousness of these young people, and if you could hear the totality of what they said rather than just the soundbites, you can understand that they are deadly serious about the magnitude of the task they are beginning, and fully understand that getting out the vote is the crux of their work. Their insights and commitment are truly beyond their years, and they are gaining the experience to make them leaders, and hopefully, politicians. A few favorite posters: When injustice becomes law, resistance becomes duty (Thomas Jefferson) Never Again Our children deserve better This a not a moment: it’s a movement The absolute and total commitment to a peaceful demonstration with zero hint of rowdiness or roughness was evident. Just like in the 60’s and 70’s, watching a crowd of protesting pedestrians wait for the light to change before crossing the street, even though vehicular traffic was blocked, is amazing to see. The recognition of the links with urban gun violence, and gun violence in movie theaters, schools, shopping centers, sports events, as evidenced by the speakers was strong. The use of music and theatricality was powerful and moving. The emphasis on diversity and unity among the speakers was awesome. While the overarching theme was gun violence at schools like Sandy Hook, Columbine, VA Tech, MSD, and many others, the inclusiveness of the many faces of gun violence was important. The effect of living in fear of gun violence affecting an entire generation of students was powerful. The tens of thousands of survivors of gun


violence in their own schools all across the nation are themselves the strongest contingent of the movement. We have not seen or heard the last of these young leaders.” Our thanks to Abe and Pat for sharing their experience with us. Many of our members have participated in marches here in Naples as well as having family members doing the same thing in cities around the country. Also, many people responded to our recent request to write to our legislators about reducing gun violence. We are making a difference! If you have an experience to share or for more information please email Ken Goldstein at

(HomeShabbatDinners) We are happy to announce that the Shabbat Dinner Train is back! Shabbat home dinners provide an opportunity to share Shabbat with other Temple members and families in a relaxed home environment. It’s a wonderful experience that enhances the One Family philosophy. How it works: • A host family invites two or more couples/singles to their home for Shabbat dinner • Invitees should include established and new members • After shared dinner where new bonds may be formed the guests are then asked to host a Shabbat dinner in their home • Hosts can choose any style of dinner - pot luck, traditional, carry out, Chinese, etc. Past Shabbat Dinner Train participants are displayed on the wall near the library in the Temple. Stop by and take a look.

Let’s get the trains chugging again! If you would like to be a Shabbat Dinner Train host, or if you would like more information, please contact Jane Friedberg at 978-535-5049 or email her at mjanefriedberg@

With so many things to do, we suggest getting an early start on your want-to-do list. There’s a lot to do at The Carlisle Naples Senior Living Community — clubs, events, socializing, and more. So, go ahead and make your want-to-do list. But please don’t include a bunch of chores. We’ll take care of most of those for you. We invite you to see all that The Carlisle has to offer (including assisted living services if needed) at a complimentary lunch and tour. Please call now to schedule.

I n depen den t & A ssist ed L i v i ng • ECC L ic ensed

6945 Carlisle Court • Naples, FL • 239.444.6891 ASSISTED LIVING FACILITY #9408


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THE MARVELOUS MUSICALS OF MGM Saturday, March 17, 2018 7:00 PM Sunday, March 18, 2018 3:30 PM International Award winning soprano Camille Ortiz will join Naples Orchestra and Chorus performing audience favorites: Kiss Me Kate, Embraceable You, Brigadoon, Johnny One Note, The Music of MGM, An American in Paris, Gigi, Naughty Marietta, The Desert Song, They Can’t Take That Away, The Wizard of Oz and more...

New Venue — Temple Shalom 4630 Pine Ridge Rd, 34119

Honest, caring and knowledgable advice about assisted living options…

at no cost to you! Personal and professional advice for you or a loved one when you need it the most Bruce B. Rosenblatt Owner Senior Housing Expert

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25th Anniversary Corporate Sponsor

For concert information, please contact the NOC at 239-594-6903, not the Temple. To purchase singles at $25 go to: or buy them at the ticket table before the concert

The Naples MacFriends User Group (NMUG), is a great local resource for any user of Apple devices. Meetings are held at the Central Avenue branch of the Collier County Public Library. All meetings are open to the public. Meetings are held from 11:30 am to 12:45 pm on Wednesdays. Visit for membership information.

Presents The Israel Scouts Tuesday, June 19 at 7:00 p.m. 4630 Pine Ridge Road, Naples

No RSVP required for this free event! 7:00 - 8:00 p.m.

8:00 - 8:30 p.m.

Main performance: The Scouts are bright and dynamic performers. Their singing, dancing and storytelling are high-energy and upbeat. They have an intense love for the land and the people of Israel, and a strong desire to share that passion with you. They will have you singing and dancing in your seat and, if you are lucky, dancing with them. Meet, greet and photo ops with the Scouts and an opportunity to purchase CDs and T-shirts

This Israel Scouts performance is co-sponsored by


Experience the excitement and energy of Israel like never before! We hope to see you on June 19.

The Israel Scouts Friendship Caravan is made up of five girls, five boys and two Caravan leaders from all over Israel. In order to be in the Caravan, these teenagers (16 and 17 years old) went through a highly competitive selection process and were chosen based on their maturity, fluency in English, and performance skills. Scouting is big in Israel, with over 60,000 members. Those chosen to participate here are selected for their ability to best represent the State of Israel. As Israeli delegates, these teens have a love for Israel and a desire to share that with North Americans. The Scouts spend the 10 weeks of summer performing in synagogues and churches, schools and summer camps, even nursing homes – wherever people want to share their love for Israel.

For more information about the Scouts who will be coming to Naples, visit 13

Dedicate a new Torah Commentary!

With a donation of $100 you can dedicate one of the new Torah commentaries in honor or in memory of a loved one or a special occasion. Please use the form below to place your order. Payment can be made by check to Temple Shalom or by credit card. Mail to: Temple Shalom 4630 Pine Ridge Rd. Naples, FL 34119 Questions? Call the Temple office - 239-455-3030

PLEASE PRINT CLEARLY Each commentaryis $100 Please use a separate sheet of paper for additional dedications

__________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________ Name_____________________________________________


Address_____________________________________________________________________ Checks payable to Temple Shalom My payment of _______ for _______ commentary(s) is enclosed

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Exp. date_____


Billing address (if different than above)___________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________ 14

SHAL M CHAVERIM An opportunity to be part of

If you would like to join Shalom Chaverim, please contact Chairs Di and Andy Karpman at 239-331-2624 or to have your name added to the list of members who have volunteered. Di and Andy will make sure you receive an email with easy instructions and a Shalom Chaverim Handbook. This is a fun and friendly way to do a mitzvah, to live Jewishly, and to be involved in the life of Temple Shalom!

Audacious Hospitality at Temple Shalom Shalom Chaverim (Temple Shalom Friends), is a cadre of greeters welcoming members and guests to Temple Shalom for Erev Shabbat services. Shalom Chaverim is one more way for Temple Shalom members to put our One Family values into practice. Members of Shalom Chaverim will be found outside at the curb, in the lobby, in the sanctuary, and at the Oneg Shabbat. These warm and smiling greeters are in addition to our usual greeters at the podium in the lobby. Shalom Chaverim members will be available to assist members and guests as they arrive at Temple, to help with name badges, to locate prayer books, to assist those with special needs, and to ensure that guests are welcomed and comfortable. Shalom Chaverim members sign up online for the dates and assignments of their choice. They can participate as often as is comfortable for them. This volunteer opportunity works equally well • for long-time members and new members, • for those who are in the Naples area full time and those who are here seasonally, • for those who attend services frequently and for those who attend less often, • for members of all ages.

Irvin & Annette Blass Ron & Ronna Hain Mr. & Mrs. Martin Isserlis Marty Cell: 908-625-8811 Email: Judy Cell: 908-230-1345 Email:

Temple Shalom Sisterhood Judaica Shop

END OF YEAR SALE Tuesday, May 1st through

Tuesday, May 15th

40% off Passover merchandise 25% off all other stock items After May 15th the Gift Shop will only be open by appointment through the summer. Please call the Temple Shalom office for more information


Sunday - 9AM to 12PM

(only during Religious School)

Tuesday through Friday - 10AM to 12:30PM Wednesday afternoon - by appt. Temple Shalom • 4630 Pine Ridge Rd. • Naples, FL 34119 239-455-3030


Endowment Corner

Suzanne Low, J.D., CFP®, Endowment Chair More myths about planned giving

With a completed endowment gift of $10,000 or more you will become a member of our Eternal Light Society.

If you believe that planned giving is only for older people or those with great wealth, that’s not true. Planned giving is one of the easiest ways for everyone to support Temple Shalom in the future without sacrificing income today. What is planned giving? You plan NOW to make a gift that will be given to Temple IN THE FUTURE. By designating the Temple in your will, trust or as an IRA beneficiary, you make sure the Temple is here for you, your children and grandchildren when times may be tougher or unforeseen tragedies strike. Here are four common myths and the realities refuting them: Myth #1 – Planned gifts are too complicated and confusing. Reality #1 - There are many types of planned gifts – most are simple and affordable, such as a gift in your will or revocable (living) trust. You just need to find the one that best fulfills your goals. Myth #2 – My estate needs to be large to make an impact. Reality #2 – Including Temple Shalom in your estate plan for any amount can make a lasting impact and a tremendous difference. Myth #3 – I’m too young to think about making a will. Reality #3 – Planning your estate is an important step at any stage of your life. A meeting with an estate planning attorney can help you ensure that your intentions are carried out, and it can help establish a plan to receive the best tax benefits for your assets.

Myth #4 – The main benefit of charitable giving is to reduce your tax burden. Reality #4 – Research has shown that 75% of people who donate to nonprofits do so because it makes them feel good. Myth #5 – If I want my gift to Temple to have an important impact, I should make a gift to be used now for programs I believe are important, rather than make a gift to be used in the future. Reality #5 – Of course we need to give now, but we also need to give for the future. If we spend everything we take in now as a Temple, we may not have a future. Just as with our own families, we need to save and invest for college, home ownership, retirement or other goals, or we may not achieve any of our goals. If you have any questions about the many choices and possibilities for giving to our endowment program, please call me at 239-450-8112 or e-mail us at endowmentchair@ We would love to work with you and your professional advisors to create a customized plan that works for you and Temple Shalom.

Prestige Catering Quality & Creativity with a Personal Touch Chef Jay Wolfson catering

You will become a member of our Legacy Society with your signed letter of intent to make a gift in the future. 16

event planning

(239) 272-7180

private chef services

Licensed & Insured Email

Mitzvah Baskets Fund: Bimah food baskets for Shabbat. A $100 donation purchases several hundred dollars of food for JFCS.

Showing We Care Contributions to Temple Shalom funds are wonderful ways to show your appreciation of family and friends, to celebrate happy occasions and to honor the memories of loved ones. We suggest a minimum donation of chai ($18.00). With a minimum donation of chai, a notice of your gift will be sent to the honoree and mention will be published in The Voice.


General Fund: Support Temple operations. Capital Reserve: Maintain and enhance buildings and grounds. Security Fund: Improve safety and security Tree of Life: Each ‘Rock’ and ‘Star of David’ is a donation of $540.00; each ‘Leaf ’ is $240.00. The contribution must be received in its entirety before engraving is ordered. Tribute Garden: Enhance garden, buildings and grounds. Dedication opportunities are available


Memorial Fund: Donations in memory of loved ones William Freschel Kiddush Fund: Provide Kiddush Lunch each Saturday following worship services. A $150 donation sponsors Kiddush in honor of a special someone or occasion. Flower Fund: Bimah flowers each Shabbat. A $100.00 donation sponsors flowers in memory or in honor of a special someone or occasion.

Dr. Philip & Shirley Gilbert Music Fund: Enhances music at Temple Shalom. Prayerbook Fund: Prayerbooks and Torah commentaries. Prayerbooks - $54, Torah commentary - $100 High Holy Days preayerbooks (set) - $108


Endowment Fund: To secure the future, enrich programs and provide for emergency needs of the congregation. Honey Berkle Endowment Fund: Support overall mission of Temple Shalom. The Paula Brody and Merrill Hassenfeld Endowment Fund: Support operating and capital expenses.

Adult Education Fund: Enhance adult education programs.

Kraus Scholar In Residence Endowment Fund: To bring visiting scholars to the Temple as an educational benefit to the membership.

Religious School Fund: Supplies and activitiess for Jewish learning in Religious and Hebrew Schools.

The Low Family Endowment Fund: To secure the future of Temple Shalom and Reform Judaism in Southwest Florida.

Religious School Enrichment Fund: Augments the Religious and Hebrew School educational programming.

The Herbert & Ruth Abramson Fund: To supplement general operations and provide enrichment for Temple functions.

Polster Religious School Scholarship Fund: Religious and Hebrew School scholarships for students in need.

The Janet & Howard Solot Endowment Fund: For general charitable uses and purposes.

Ben Calmenson Fund: Sponsors children to attending Camp Coleman.



Joseph S. Weinfeld Faculty Development Fund: Curriculum and teaching skill enrichment activities for Sunday and Hebrew School teachers. Youth Activities Fund: Financial support for our youth to attend Camp Coleman, to take part in regional/ national youth conventions, and summer in Israel experiences. Preschool Fund: Supplies and activities for the Preschool. Preschool Enrichment Fund: Books, magazines and media for children and adolescents. Arby Lipman Children's Library: For the purchase of children and adolescent books and magazine subscriptions, and supplies. Jack and Charlotte Ward Family Children's Music Shelf: Audio and video music for children.

Rabbi Miller’s Discretionary Fund: For tzedakah, charitable purposes,and general enhancement of the Rabbi's work. Cantor Azu's Discretionary Fund: For tzedakah, charitable purposes and general enhancement of the Cantor's work. Leadership Fund: Enhance and enrich leadership programs at Temple Shalom.


Rabbi James & Jane Perman Library: Books, magazine subscriptions and supplies.


David and Lillian Thalenfeld Fund for Social Justice: Support Temple’s participation in social justice events and activities.

Oneg Shabbat:

Sponsors Onegs in celebration of an event or to honor someone. This fund is administered by Temple Shalom Sisterhood. Please contact Sandy Stone (239) 597-1553


Contributions to Temple Shalom General Fund

In Memory of: Bertha Gold by Eileen & Dr. Bill Ertag Paul Martin by Lenora Goldstein Howard Klein & Aaron Weiss, Zelda Weiss by Lois Lane-Weiss & Norman Weiss Rebecca Altman by John & Maxine Corbellini Alfred Bomeisler, Edna Levy, Leonard Levy by Carol & Michael Levy Catherine Cotler, William Lubin by Leda & Bob Lubin Frances Wernkoff, David Price, Tracey Birnhak by Estelle & Stuart Price Golda Rosenzweig by Gloria & Lyle Rosenzweig Dr. Arthur Waltzer by Anne & Dr. Mark Rubin Al Solot by Janet & Howard Solot Perry Lewis, Stephan Lewis by Adrienne & Kenneth Chark Robert Dembo by David Dembo Jill Isaacson by Eloyse & David Fisher Ann Kay Fishman by Linda Thomas Dora Waranch by Debby & Jeff Waranch Pauline Dorfman by Helene Fuchs Thomas Jacobs by Alice Jacobs Bella Kandel, Samuel Kandel by Merrylee & Joseph Kandel Sylvia Raskin by Roberta Macchio Daniel Grossman by Diana & Carl Steinhouse Irvin Zvibleman by Nancy & Jack Wiadro In Honor of: Randi Butterworth on her birthday, Linda Bluhm on her birthday, Jan Whitman on her birthday, Alicia & Michael Feldman on their marriage by Dr. Iris Bland Alicia & Michael Feldman on their marriage by Nancy & Jack Wiadro, Susan & Joel Pittelman Dr. Joel Waltzer by Bobbi Bassewitz In Appreciation: By Gail & Fred Arnoff By Herbert Newman

Religious School

In Memory of: Arline Goodman by Barbara & Sam Chester In Honor of: Alicia & Michael Feldman on their marriage by Melanie & Dr. Stephen Schwartz

Mitzvah Food Basket Fund In Memory of:

Ellen Shurak by Barry Shurak In Honor of:

Tadge Ryzenman becoming a Bar Mitzvah by Lynn & Adam Ryzenman In Appreciation of: Everyone who provided meals by Marv & Carol Weisberg

Rabbi Miller’s Discretionary Fund

In Memory of: Kenneth Garlikov by Susan & Dr. Nat Ritter Saul Simon, Lillie Simon by Linda & Marc Simon Lester Freedman by Arlene & Bob Subin David Magen by Dotti Magen Wendy Ritter, Elfrieda Ritter by Susan & Dr. Nat Ritter Martin Rollins, Sophia Rollins by Jane & Michael Rollins Abe Waldman by Lanie & Marty Samuels Lillian Wainick, Roberta Pollack by Linda & Jerry Wainick Rose Yamron by Joyce & Harold Yamron Zachary Dembo by David Dembo Helen Hyman, David Hyman by Rosie & Chuck Hyman Jack Rothman by Arline & Ron Kaplan Susan Matties Nadel, Kenneth Unger by Marianne & Dick Matties Morton Porter by Henny Porter Stanley Rubinstein, Morton Riefberg by Mae Riefberg Jack Bonder by Eleanor & Gerry Bonder Martin Cohen by Ruth & Kal Faye George Finn by Ed & Leslie Feldman Judith Weisberg by Don Weisberg Linda Blatt by Nancy White Irvin Zvibleman by Robin & Andrew Mintz, Judge Lauren & Dr. Todd Brodie

In Honor of: Robyn Deering chanting Torah by Ruth Dorfman In Appreciation: By Anonymous By Joan & Byron Krantz By Ruth Dorfman

Prayerbook Fund

In Memory of: Harry Shooman by Shirley & Bob Bassin Bianca Ganzman by Wendy Riedel

Temple Security Fund

In Memory of: Isadore Shaw by Paul & Jane Shaw


As of April 17

Contributions to Temple Shalom Cantor Azu’s Discretionary Fund

As of April 17

Tribute Garden

In Memory of: Dr. Arthur Levere by Bunny Levere Renee Wolff by Marilyn & Dr. Bob Ross Sonia Rozet by Dr. Jackie Sallade Irvin Zvibleman by Ida & Jeff Margolis Martin Cohen by Ruth & Kal Faye Maria Szecekowska by Nina & Dr. Moises Levy

In Memory of:

Joan Jacobs by Ellen & Edward Wollman

Youth Activities Fund

In Memory of: Edward Koeser, Helene Fischer by Jeanette & Glenn Fischer Charles Riedel by Wendy Riedel Irvin Zvibleman, Jill Isaacson by Tussy & Neil Shnider

Rabbi James and Jane Perman Library In Memory of: Rachel Arditti by Matty Hasson

Mitzvah Day Donation

Dr. Philip & Shirley Gilbert Music Fund

In Memory of: Lillian Weber by Nancy & Dr. Terry Meyer Grace Dworkin by Lin & Gary Dworkin

Iris Shur & Bernie Lashinsky by Michelle Zeldner

David Thalenfeld Fund

In Honor of:

In Honor of: Ida Margolis, Bobbie Katz, Linda Simon and the We Are One committee for a marvelous event by Shellie Spector & Bob Davidson

Kraus Scholar-In-Residence Endowment Fund In Memory of:

Max Tabachnik, Harvey Fox by Marcelle Reiss

Endowment Fund

In Memory of: Irvin Taitz by Susan & Yale Freeman Irvin Zvibleman by Bobbie & Dr. Gene Katz William Graev by Nancy & Bruce Graev In Honor of: Linda Wainick on her special birthday by Bobbie &

Complimentary In-Home Art & Color Consultations

Paula Brody Artist 239-272-7110

Dr. Gene Katz

Janet & Howard Solot Endowment Fund

In Memory of: Gerald Alan Grossman by Janet & Howard Solot In Honor of: Howard Agranat on his 85th birthday by Janet & Howard Solot

Honey Berkle Endowment Fund

In Memory of: Honey Berkle by Dr. Lydia Bond George Handler by Sheila & Les Handler Abraham Kopolow by RosaLee & Will Rudman

Shalom Preschool

5450B Shirley Street

In The Naples Art District

In Memory of:

Painting & Beading Classes At Inspirations Gallery

Sonia Wichard by Susan & Alvin Wichard

Bring This Ad For A Chance To Win Original Artwork & Hand-Crafted Jewelry!



Vicki and Bill Baker

May 2018


May 2018


4 Cynthia and George


Rubin 7 Zoraima and Mark Liberman 8 Ellen and Michael Gordon Carol and Marvin Lader 9 Caroline Beasley and David Goldstein 12 Micki and Bob Ravitz 13 Brooke and Eric Druckman 14 Elliott Singer 15 Sarah and Stu Warshauer 16 Joyce Levy and Ken Sidman 16 Dorothy and Leonard Teitelbaum 17 Debbie and Barry Zvibleman 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9

Jane Friedberg Warren Ratner Nina Diamond Robert Bassin Linda Carp Michael Feldman Barbara Rubin Mitchell Dannenberg Mark Feinberg Dennis Schaab Carol Kurlander Ivan Seligman, M.D. Daniel Spintman Daniel Carp Judith Anchel Merlin Lickhalter Bruce Sherman Laurie Albanos Richard Sokolik Irvin Blass Martha Gross Corky Kaplan Michael Greenberg Tracy Ornstein Daniel Goldsmith Judythe Isserlis Lois Kugelman Ana Maria Tamargo Philip Henault Karen Cohn Carol Eicher Stephanie Schriber Robert Snyder

28 Sandy and Jason Korn 18 Roz and Al Katz Judith and Benjamin 19 Cindy and Nace Cohen Peltz 20 Nancy Brown and Bill Tammy Strohl Samuel Maltby and Darren Samuel Ashley and Anthony 29 Rachel and Kyle Cohen Solomon Myra and Mort 23 Patton and Lauren Corrigan Friedman 24 Carol and Burton Hirsch Ken and Judi Rubin Alan and Corky Kaplan Paul and Jane Shaw Joanne and Barry Kittinger 30 Maxine and Harvey 25 Frances Kline and Mark Brenner Malone Geraldine and Nelson 26 Elliot and Eloise Kaplan Glueck 27 Jeff Butzke and Wendy Donna and Richard Wilson Goldblatt Dana and Mike Wexler Anne and Mark Rubin 28 Kim and Eric Hochman Marc and Linda Simon Rosie Liebovich-Hyman and Robert and Myra Snyder Chuck Hyman

10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22

Myra Snyder Edward Rosenthal Bruce Sherman A. Stephen Kotler Marcia Buckman Meredith Frankel Barbara Jolovitz Ita Paquette Sylvia Wolinsky Lisa Mair Kelly Fogel Amy Karnilow Jane Schiff Kyle Cohen Michael Levine Amy Perwien David Goldstein Danny Schertzer Joan Werhane Burton Cohn Laurie Targoff Barbara Cohen Cynthia Sherman Robert Subin Scott Levy Harriet Lickhalter Nace Cohen Nancy Burgess Charles Picus Donna Egdes Paula Brody Donald Temple Helene Gillingham

22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31

Elisabeth Teller Eric Wasser Cynthia Nusbaum Phyllis Titlebaum Sheila Handler Eugene Simon Matthew Koch Randi Barr Alice Gish Deborah Kohler Gloria Garber Bunny Levere Vicki Baker Viacheslav Dorfman Ellen Gordon Robert Ravitz Neil Heuer Wendy Wolman Linda Dworkin Geoffrey Porter Joshua Siwiec Tussy Shnider Hedy Pearlman Loren Rosenbach Irina Koppel Robert Michael Hurwitz Mignon Farb Cynthia Rubin June Paley Larry Fish Esther Garfield

May 2018


4 11

Bernice Chazen Bernard Kilberg Frank Charak Madeleine Benmax Chaja Goldstein Ida Heindish Phyllis Fish Dr. Morton Block Jerremy Jacobs Paul Kamman Gertrude Garber Neil Cooper Herbert Schiff Lawrence Greene Harold Hertzman Alvin Heuer Bessie Freschel William Kramer Ida Karpman Evelyn Lipp Rheta Harrison Ann Prosten Janet Reach Carol Riedel Adele Switzen Herman Teitelbaum Myna Schwartz Tillye Friedman Esther Berman Marjorie Wyman Sol Winkler Esther Adler Ruth Backman Michael Barter Marilyn Bassewitz Eileen Ackerman Teresa Weisel Max Katz Shirley Piasek Betty Keyser Herbert Hasson Florence Heyman Dawn Hirsch Murray Katchman Gilbert Goldman Herbert Shapiro Benjamin Karpman Albert Katz Irving Katz Ida Kofman Morris Kuller Jason Schleien Louise Kuller Philip Bellow

11 18

Herschel Rifkin 18 Bessie Teitelbaum 25 Harry Peltz Ann Schwalb Agnes Carson Edna Krusch Judith Malakoff Robert Carson Joseph Krusch Alfred Reinhardd Anne Gurman Ethel Raichlen Reba Price Philip Zelman Hannah Arotsky Maurice Rodman 25 Phyllis Rosen Sydney Samuel Florence Rosenbach Shlomo Azu Roslyn Shapiro Louis Pastor Rose Pianko Clara Schwartz Jules Sherman Ellen Burton Lee Soffer Lena Sokoll Abraham Brother Ruth Levin Miriam Spintman Harry Pearson Zelig Yellin Dorothy Green Mildred Lewis Irving Goldberg Esther Weinberg Joseph Waranch Martin Sirfman Abraham Weiss Gerald Cohen Harry Rubin Edward Naide Sophie Welsh-Teks Sidney Goldsmith Shirley Bloom Irvin Goldstein Dudley Weiss Leonard Berliss Sadie Berger Irving Lassoff Ethel Zdanowicz Raymond Jenni Cohen Rosenblum William Cohen David Brazil Elise Hecht Anre Derzavis Isidor Dorman Joseph Reiss William Freschel Cynthia Kaye Sidney Schwartz Benjamin Ellis Olga Klein Jay Lashinsky Rae Katz Abood Levy Lew Jaffa Stanislas Rorzanski Zelda Jaffa Jadviga Rorzanski Irving Schmidt Sally Zelinger Michael Landy Marjorie Joy Lutz Myrtle Symons Martin Williamson Sig Lenchner Michael Kessler Harriet Pullman Morris Oshry Janet Moskowitz Diane Meyer Recently Deceased Sue Levine as of April 20 Milton Newman Miriam Malkin Murray Siegel Alexander Salgo Husband of Rhoda Siegel Eva Salgo Todd Conversano Francis Rabin Nephew of Ken & Diana Goldstein Charlotte Rodman Marian Katzenstein Murray Hoffman Ronald Rosenbach Uncle of Bruce Barter Dorothy Brownstone Ralph Luts Bobbie Miller Husband of Phyllis Luts Samuel Teitelbaum Esther Sibrack Irvin Zvibleman Camille Sklaroff Father of Barry Zvibleman Hyman Swartz Gerda Sweet Otti Iwanashyn Mother of Wallie Lenchner 21



• All Florida airports and cruise lines • Naples/Marco Island/Fort Myers area • Concierge rides: Dr. appointments, errands • Sedans, SUVs, stretch limos and buses • Groups 1 - 100+ • Licensed and insured


Open An Account! 239 Save Time & Money!

Senior r ide ServiceS OFFERED BY: CALL SAUL – YOUR PERSONAL DRIVER ™ • Dr. appointments, errands, shopping • Multiple stops / waiting ok • All Florida airports and cruise lines • Driver assistance available • Open An Account! Save Time & Money!


777- 2918


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WE PRICE MATCH 859-231-0388

15% off first order for Temple members when you mention this ad. Owned and Operated by Adam Goldstein


May 2018 Sunday




Wednesday 2

Hebrew School 4:45pm

Thursday 3



Preschool Art Show Family 6:30pm Shabbat Experience 5:30pm Shabbat evening service 7:30pm


Religious School 9am




Sunday Hebrew School 11:30am


Marketing meeting 10:30am Endowment meeting 1pm



Torah Talk 8:30am Shabbat morning service 10am Bar Mitzvah of Joshuwa Knafo





PS Lions Mother’s Day brunch 10am

Shabbat morning service 10am

Fundraising Steering committee meeting 3pm




Executive Committee meeting 7pm



Pre-K graduation 10:30am

Yizkor & Shabbat morning service 10am

Shabbat & Confirmation service 7pm











Memorial Day Temple offices closed

Board meeting 7pm


Shabbat evening service 7:30pm


Shabbat morning service 10am Bar Mitzvah of Robert Hunter

Serving Naples, Marco Island, and Bonita Springs


Offering: Home Watch Contractor Oversight Arrival Preparation



Non-Profit Org U.S. Postage



4630 Pine Ridge Road Naples, Florida 34119

Naples, FL Permit No. 127

BUYING OR SELLING YOUR SOUTHWEST FLORIDA HOME? Karyn and Rowan Samuel are a husband and wife real estate team and members of Temple Shalom. We specialize in beachfront, waterfront and luxury homes in Southwest Florida. Let us put our background, contacts and expertise to work for you!

Thank you to our partner, Jewish Federation of Greater Naples 24

The Samuel Team Karyn Samuel 239.537.3732 Rowan Samuel 239.298.3555

The Voice - May 2018  
The Voice - May 2018