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“Shir” Joy / Pre-K & Kindergarten Shabbat Service February 9 New Members’ Potluck Dinner and Shabbat Service February 21

Preschool Safety Day and Open House Feb 16 at 11am

Annual Blood Drive

Sunday, February 9 The Voice is published monthly. June/July are combined issues. Publisher ......... Susan Shechter Daugherty Editor / Layout ......... Jo Icaza Advertising ......... Maxine Gould


From Bimah to Broadway Sunday Evening February 23, 2014 Tickets on sale NOW Volume XXXIII Number 5 February 2014 Adar I 5774

From Rabbi Miller Hair Today, Gone March 31st One Friday night in November, I shared the emotional story of Sam Sommer, also known as Superman Sam. The son of my friends and colleagues, Rabbi Michael Sommer and Rabbi Phyllis Sommer, Sammy’s story went viral across the country as his mom blogged his battle with cancer – Diagnosed with refractory acute myeloid leukemia, Sammy called it ninja cancer. Each time they thought the cancer was beaten, it returned with a vengeance. The week I spoke, the family learned that there were no more medical options left. In mid-December, Sam Sommer died in peace with his parents by his side. Shortly after learning that Sammy had weeks to live, he made a list of the things that he wanted to do. Michael and Phyllis took the family on a whirlwind effort to create memories with Sammy, for themselves and for his three siblings. They traveled to Israel and Disney World, doing as much as his tired and broken body would allow them to. While the family frantically made the most of Sammy’s remaining days, friends felt moved by Sammy to honor his legacy. As one of the


thousands who read Phyllis’ blog, tears ran down my cheeks each time I read an update. Cancer is a cruel disease, and it was painful to watch the effect it had on Sammy and his family. Feeling powerless, and needing to do more than cry, a group of colleagues started Shave for the Brave. Inspired by Sammy, rabbis would shave their heads to raise funds that would go toward pediatric cancer research. I quickly joined my friends, and we had an initial goal of finding 36 rabbis and raising $180,000. Using the website to organize our efforts, we planned to all shave our heads together at our annual convention in Chicago (Sammy’s hometown) on March 31st. To everyone’s surprise and delight by the start of 2014, we had exceeded even our wildest expectations – with more than 70 rabbis (men and women) participating and over $200,000 raised. I am still striving to reach my goal and look forward to shaving my head in solidarity with all those individuals, children and adults alike, who lose their hair in an effort to save their lives. In just eight short years, Sammy taught through his life about courage, struggle, strength, wisdom, peace and acceptance. May we learn to make the most of every day, knowing that we are all here today and gone tomorrow.


From Cantor Azu We’re getting close, can you feel the excitement? From Bimah to Broadway is less than a month away, and my excitement keeps building the closer we get! At this point, most of the details have been set in place, and the program is almost finalized. The music you’ll be hearing that night will move and thrill you. Ticket sales have been outstanding, and we hope to sell out. If you plan to attend but haven’t bought your ticket yet, I would encourage you to do so ASAP. Not only will you be enjoying an evening of great music and talent, but you’ll also be helping Temple Shalom in raising funds to support Temple programs. This concert is not to be missed! I wouldn’t have been able to put this concert together without the incredible talent and dedication of my committee and Temple staff. I want to take this opportunity to thank several key people who have worked tirelessly to make this concert a success. I appreciate all the

THANK YOU! Concert Committee Members Chair - Nancy Wiadro Beth Adelman Lydia Bond Lori Cohen Karen Deutsch Jane Friedberg Lester Friedberg Jessie Goebel Carole Greene Franves Nossen Michele Pelletiere Estelle Price Don Shapiro Carol Swartz Arlene Yedid


input, skill and talent each individual has brought to the committee. First and foremost, thank you to my concert chair, Nancy Wiadro. Her organization, enthusiasm and foresight has helped to make the evening possible, and I’m eternally grateful to her for taking the lead. Don Shapiro was another person who believed in the success of this concert and was responsible for finding many of our sponsors. Thank you, Don, for all that you’ve done! Though they are often behind the scenes, Jo Icaza, Temple Shalom’s communication specialist designed the beautiful invitations and fliers you received in the mail. We’re so lucky to have her talent! And to Susan Daugherty, I’m always grateful for your sound advice and encouragement. This evening will be a success not just because of the Cantors who’ll be joining me, but because of the people working so hard around me. I appreciate you all! I hope to see you at Temple Shalom on February 23 at 7pm for an incredible night! B’Shalom!


From the Executive Director by Susan Daugherty

– to give to others.

Look what we did. We joined together and in a single day, empowered by equal parts of joy and determination, we started to improve the world. From one end of the Temple to the other, rooms were filled with men, women, and children of all ages who came together with one goal in mind

Whether you were working on the Meals of Hope assembly line as the rice flew wildly through the air; or in the Social Hall, stuffing envelopes for Habitat for Humanity; or in the Library, sorting through stacks of school supplies and filling book bags, as well as arranging stacks of gently worn jeans, all for the homeless children of our county; or in the Chapel, digging through the thousands of shampoos and soaps and toothbrushes we collected, so these children could feel clean and proud; or back in the Social Hall, lovingly sorting the wide array of items that had been donated for the Shelter for Abused Women and Children; or enthusiastically kneading the dough to make dog biscuits; or down the hall in Room 17, decorating heart magnets for people in nursing facilities, you were part of an extraordinary day! Over 50,000 meals packed for Meals of Hope. Our deepest thanks to Sisterhood and Men’s Club for kicking off our contribution drive and to all of you who contributed so generously to this remarkable effort. Boxes and boxes of gifts for The Shelter for Abused Women & Children. We are so grateful to Andrea Shaw of Gulfshore Insurance for her beautiful quilted blankets. Dozens and dozens of book bags stuffed with school supplies, and piles of jeans of all sizes for distribution to homeless school children. Thousands of toiletry products for Collier County’s Homeless Students. Special thanks to NCJW, the Naples Press Club, and the Humanistic Jewish Havurah for their tremendous support and contributions!


Dog food, cat food, bedding, toys, and hundreds of home-made dog biscuits for our furry friends at the Humane Society and Domestic Animal Services. Loads of thank you cards for our community’s first responders and heart magnets for those in nursing facilities. All in one day. Happily, all of our efforts were captured in pictures! We are grateful to George Rubin, our volunteer videographer! As soon as the video is available, we will post a link to it from our website and via the weekly announcements. Special thanks as well to our good friend Joyce Jacobs, Assistant Director of the Harry Chapin Food Bank. Each year Joyce attends Mitzvah Day, moving from room to room and activity to activity as our unofficial photographer. Thank you both for your creative efforts. We couldn’t stop smiling. We all had a sense of purpose. We were all contributing to a greater good, and as a result, we stood taller. Albert Schweitzer said, “I don’t know what your destiny will be, but one thing I do know: the only ones among you who will be really happy are those who have sought and found how to serve.” We were ecstatic. Thank you to the hundreds of you who participated in our Mitzvah Day activities, and to Men’s Club for providing breakfast, and Sisterhood for the delicious cakes and cookies! We are a congregation of warm hearts and loving hands. I know that many of you work to improve the world everyday. Your touch is felt throughout our community on an on-going basis, and we are all the better for it. One day a year we congregate in one place at one time, and we make magic happen. The positive feelings fill us and motivate us and empower us. Thank you for being a part of it.

President’s Message by Yale Freeman Guess what? When asked, we at Temple Shalom step up. • Dozens of volunteers stepped up throughout the year to make the Our Torah Project a success. • Over 50 members have volunteered to participate on the Congregational Relations Committee, and have stepped up to make the February 2nd Kick-Off of our One Family Initiative a reality. • As in previous years, volunteer after volunteer stepped up to take part in Mitzvah Day, helping to make sure that people in need throughout our community are being taken care of. Then, in the last edition of The Voice, I repeated a request I had made during the High Holy Days: please step up and help with financial analysis and planning. A long-term fundraising plan is needed to support those services requested by our congregants and community for the future. Many of you stepped up!

Approximately 20 volunteers got together a couple of weeks ago to discuss a new direction for our financial planning. Thank you! This effort will address the second tier of our Board of Trustees’ plan of action. From congregational relations, the first tier of our master plan, to financial responsibility – we’re heading in the right direction as we continue the transition that is bringing positive change toward a truly haimisha congregation and many secure tomorrows. Although my term as your President expires in a few months, I have agreed to chair those groups, which, in the future, will deal with all financial matters affecting our Temple. I encourage everyone to take part in our One Family Kick-Off, February 2nd at 11:00am. The author of Relational Judaism, Rabbi Ron Wolfson, is an outstanding, much sought-after speaker, and we got him! Please come and learn why we, as a Temple family, are following this path into our future. See you there!

Scholar in Residence

Ruth Messinger


From the Religious School Director by Caren Plotkin What kind of learner are you? Some of us are visual learners, others are audio learners and still others learn best through hands-on activities. And then, there are those we refer to as outsidethe-box learners. My daughter is an outsidethe-box learner. It all became very apparent in Middle School. She was the child that would sing in class while completing her class work or have the loudest voice while working in a group. Melissa spent more time in Mr. Stevenson’s office (the Assistant Principal of Discipline) because she would end up in a fit of laughter as she entertained herself and those around her or she would shout out an answer or a comment at the most inappropriate time. It was Mr. Stevenson who recognized that Melissa was a different kind of learner, a child who learned and processed information quickly and became bored once she had finished an assignment. Soon we discovered Melissa’s creative side, and she became involved in classes and activities that challenged her and began to develop her interest and leadership skills.

B’nai Mitzvah Mazel Tov to Bryce Albert February 8, 2014

My name is Bryce, and my parents are Larry and Tracey Albert. I have a brother, Grayson. I attend Seacrest Country Day School; my favorite sports are swimming, basketball and football. I play the cello in the Philharmonic Youth Symphonia, and I love watching sports and spending time with friends.

Evan Collins February 15, 2014

My name is Evan. I like sports such as football, baseball and basketball. I also enjoy fishing. I am in NJHS and have gotten all A’s since I began school. When I grow up I want to be a lawyer. I also like spending time with family and friends.

Sofia Collins February 15, 2014

My name is Sofia. I am 13. I have a twin brother named Evan. I am in NJHS. I enjoy dance, my friends, the beach, camp and my family. When I grow up I would like to be in theatre or own a business.


Now, everyone knows that those Middle School years can be difficult ones. It’s a time when our 12 – 14 year olds are trying to fit in. They are all discovering who they are while wondering “am I popular, am I pretty or cute, am I skinny enough, athletic or cool enough?” I refer to this time in a teen’s life as “hormonal bliss” since it’s both a nightmare and a very exciting time of growth and discovery all at once. Fast forward 16 years later. Melissa is 29 now and living in Hawaii. She is pursuing her dream of living an ecologically sustainable life and sharing her knowledge of plants, vegetation and herbs with others. Recently, while visiting Naples, she came and spoke to our 11th and 12th graders about ecology and the environment and how we can be more eco-friendly here in Naples. I was so proud of her and realized that she has grown into a thoughtful, grounded and insightful young woman. As a parent of an outside-the-box learner, I am humbled by my daughter’s strength and tenacity and of her courage to be different. We are parents of children who all have different modalities of learning. It can be difficult at times, but the best thing we can do for them is to embrace their differences and celebrate their individuality.

2nd Grade Tu BiSh’vat


Preschool on Parade by Seyla Cohen, Preschool Director Once again Temple Shalom Preschool is hosting its annual Safety Day/Open House on Sunday, February 16th from 11am to 2pm. This is a very special activity-packed, day-long program educating our young citizens about safety within our neighborhood. Various community helpers come to present awareness about their individual departments. The children enjoy seeing fire trucks up close and personal. They are able to climb on board and view fire fighter’s gear and equipment. EMTs show off their ambulances for the children to have an inside view of their vehicles, and the police department brings their mascot, McGruff the Crime Dog, teaching the children about combating crime in the area. Water safety, a major concern for parents in the area, is reinforced. Domestic Animal Services is another presenter, along with Smokey the Bear from the Department of Forestry. The rock climbing wall and the bounce house bring lots of fun and excitement, and everyone loves riding the ponies around our campus. Safety Day is an event open to the general public and is a welcomed and well-received program for the community each year.

story in our famous Storyland Children’s Library, singing with our music teacher, checking out our brand new and futuristic Technology Lab, having their face painted, jumping in the Bounce House or climbing on the rock wall!

Parents will also have a chance to tour our beautiful Preschool and meet our teachers while their children are having fun listening to a

For a tour or information about TSP you can call the preschool office at 239-455-3227 or email

Also in February Temple Shalom Preschool is open for registration for the upcoming school year. Temple Shalom Preschool has been distinguished as the top preschool in Naples for many years. Its programs for children ages Birth - 5 are top-quality, dedicated to preparing a firm foundation for students entering Kindgarten and successive school years. Beginning with its “Baby and Me” and “Mommy, Me, and More” programs, children begin their formative years in a safe, wholesome, academically challenging environment, conducive to promoting self-esteem, confidence, and individuality. Its dedicated and well-trained staff provides a caring and loving atmosphere in which each child flourishes and grows to meet his or her full potential. Enrichment in Science, Art, Technology, Storytelling, Puppetry, Drama, Music, Fitness, and Foreign Language is offered. General sign-up becomes available as space permits to the public once current families have had a chance to enroll their children.

TSP Cruisin’ 10


Sisterhood News by Sandy Stone, Sisterhood President Sisterhood recently had a wonderful experience. Many of our members and their children had a terrific morning when we visited the “Shy Wolf Sanctuary” and learned about the wolves. Both children and adults really enjoyed this and will long remember our time there. Unfortunately, space was limited, so we are hoping that we can visit again and make it possible for more of our members to come along. If any of you are interested, please let me know at 597-1553, and we will try to schedule a second visit to this wonderful sanctuary. By now you have received your tea bag and a chance to “Stay at Home” and enjoy your cup of tea. We hope you will help Sisterhood with a generous donation, enabling us to continue helping our Temple and Religious School in every way possible. On Tuesday, February 11 at 7:00 p.m., Sisterhood is planning a very, very exciting program. We will be going to Masterpiece Mixers at 4184 Tamiami Trail in Naples, where we can help our artistic sides emerge. We will be given a vase or a beer stein or a wine glass (or a mix thereof), given directions on how to paint them, plus all the paint we will need to create our very own masterpieces. There will be wine and light food, and we will go home with our masterpiece after having

a wonderful evening! Remember space is limited (42 people), so send your check or call Judi Spintman to reserve your place. Judi’s number is 239-348-8713, and her address is 5895 Sonoma Ct., Naples FL 34119. The price is $30 per person. We would love for you to be a sponsor for $50! This is going to be a special evening out, and we look forward to seeing you there. On March 12, we will have a repeat of our very successful joint luncheon with the Men’s Club. We are thrilled to have Jim Sernovitz again to show us more memorable views of his and Millie’s exciting trips. Jim is such an outstanding speaker and photographer, and we are so glad that he will be with us again. Watch your mail for more information! The Sisterhood Book Bag will be held on Thursday, February 20. The book will be “The Other Wes Moore.” This is the story of two boys and the journey of a generation. Come along and help Roz Citrin facilitate this great story. Come to the Temple Shalom library at 1:30 p.m. We are happy to see so many new members at Temple Shalom. Sisterhood’s membership chair is Debbe Faunce, and she would love to talk with you about what Sisterhood does and how you can be part of our warm, loving family!

Sisterhood Visits “Shy Wolf Sanctuary”



Membership News by Bobbie Katz, Membership Chair As we embark on our new initiative, ONE FAMILY, I am pleased to say that Membership is a vital part of this new concept. We are reaching out to our members and their families and encouraging everyone to participate in Shabbat services and our many activities and programs. On Friday evening February 21st, we will be honoring all our New Members who have joined this past fiscal year. They will be participating in the service and a special blessing will be a part of the evening. We will also have a New Member Shabbat potluck dinner in our Multi Purpose Room before services. This will be a wonderful evening to welcome our new members, so I encourage everyone to attend Shabbat services on Feb. 21st at 7:30pm.

As part of our Temple family, we have offered a Seasonal Affiliation for those who are here for several months during the “season.� It was wonderful to see the new ones and the renewals and we welcome them all to Temple Shalom. If you are interested in this special affiliation, please contact the Temple Office for further information. If you have not ordered your NAME TAG, please do so NOW. It is a wonderful way for each member of our Temple to know each other. Remember the price is $8.00, and mail the check payable to Temple Shalom to Bobbie Katz at 5804 Cinzano Ct. Naples, FL 34119. Membership is important to our ONE FAMILY concept, and I hope that each and every member of our Temple family will connect and make sure that the future of Temple Shalom is meaningful, and we go from strength to strength.

Havurah Corner Many thanks to the havurot that have responded with their names, rosters, and activities. Some of the names are Chavarim, Kulanu, Shoshanah, Yachad, and Yedidut. Activities include theater, museums, Temple activities, study sessions of Jewish interests, boat rides, and, of course, eating out. There is something for everyone! If I can supply any information or be of any help, please call Phil Freeman @ 239-653-9728 or e-mail me at Any and all suggestions are welcome. Join a Havurah, make friends for life!

Phil and Anita Freeman


Above & Beyond The following have contributed (as of January 20) above and beyond dues by the amounts so designated. Torah Circle—$18,000; Rabbi’s Circle—$12,000; Board of Governors—$7,200; Sponsor—$2,000; Patron—$1,000; Friend—$500; Partner—$250

Rabbi’s Circle Myra and Mort Friedman Vickie and Truly Nolen Fran and Rob Nossen Janet and Howard Solot

Sponsor Karen and Martin Cohn Caroline and David Goldstein Lanny and Gil Rashbaum Susan and Nat Ritter

Phyllis and Michael Seaman Yale Solomon Arlene and Robert Subin

Patron Anonymous Sheila and Howard Agranat Honey and Shelly Berkle Florence Chelm Barbara and Leonard Cutler

Barbara and Stephen Druckman Merrylee and Joseph Kandel Gracia Kuller Barbara and Robert Levine Judi Palay Judi and Dan Spintman

Mary Beth and Jack Strom Stuart Warshauer Nancy White Nancy and Jack Wiadro Michal Wiesler

Friend Iris Abel Carol and Les Appel Phyllis Barolsky Bonnie Bodin Lori and Ed Cohen

Carole Greene Gene and Bobbie Katz Scott and Patricia Newman Sheryl and Lee Spielman Beth and Brian Wolff

Partner Shirley and Robert Bassin Marcy Cotton and Natalie Justa Carol and Michael Levy Gloria Rosenzweig

Deana and Paul Rosofsky Ruth Halperin and David Weil Susan and Jay Weiss 15





HOCKEY NIGHT At Germain Arena Your hometown The Florida Everblades vs. Ft. Wayne Komets

Wednesday, February 19, 2014 Game at 7:30 P.M.

We will be meeting for dinner at 5:30 at Rib City (Corkscrew Rd, Estero). From there we will go to the arena where you can purchase your game tickets. Spouses, friends, families welcome!

If you plan to attend, please contact Ed Cohen at so we know to expect you. PS: This evening at Germain is $2.00 drafts, wine and dogs all night!!


All TSP staff and students wish to thank the Jewish Federation of Collier County for their support!

Temple Shalom Preschool and our whole Congregational Family wish our Preschool parent Winston Justice, offensive tackle of the Denver Broncos, good luck during this Sunday’s Super Bowl! 20

Death and Dying... Revisited The 2014 Sunday School for Adults with Rabbi Emeritus James Perman originally scheduled for February will be held at the Temple on two successive Sundays, March 2nd and 9th. Of all the questions about Judaism and Jewish belief, these are among the most frequently asked: “What happens after I die?” “Do Jews believe in Heaven and Hell?” “What do Jews believe about life after death?” “Is there such a thing as ‘Jewish last rites?’” “How should I prepare for the inevitable?” Jews have been asking these same timeless questions for a very long time. We have an ancient faith tradition that goes back thousands of years. By now we should have come up with some important ideas, even a few answers. We do indeed have some answers — really good ones. They are what Rabbi Perman will discuss in March. As with all talks in this series, they are free of charge and open to all. They take place in the Temple Sanctuary from 10:30 – 11:30. The talks will examine the traditional wisdom Jews have carried through the ages. They will critically examine some of today’s best thinking. New issues include the prolongation of life and death, assisted suicide, family issues, alternatives to burial, and new and futuristic funeral practices. Class starts at 10:30. Do bring your friends and continue the discussions on your own. All are welcome. This topic is of universal importance — as all of us know full well, no one is exempt.

JOIN US at a special


Nationally recognized travelogue and nature photographer JIM SERNOVITZ Presenting “South East Asia”

Wednesday, March 12, 2014 at 12:00 pm Cost: $15.00 (includes Chinese food lunch followed by an exciting presentation) Spouses and friends welcome! For more information or to make reservations, please contact Allan Kaye at (239) 331-8858


Our Torah

We Honor an

Hillel Paula Brody and Merrill Hassenfeld Vickie and Truly Nolen The Solot and Karp Families

Akiva Myra and Mort Friedman Janina and Moises Levy

Anne and Mark Rubin Arlene and Don Shapiro

Rashi Debra Antzis and Chad Atkins Wendy Wilson and Jeff Butzke Susan and Yale Freeman Beth and Marc Hirsch Temple Shalom Men’s Club Fran and Rob Nossen Judi and Howard Palay

Aileen and Michael Pierce Susan and Nat Ritter Rena and David Rutstein Phyllis and Michael Seaman Daryl and David Sissman Temple Shalom Sisterhood Gail and Russell Smith

Elizabeth and Sheldon Starman Sandy Stone & Beth and Gabi Feldman Jane and Joel Waltzer Helene and Bernie Weiss Ellen and Edward Wollman

Ramban (Nahmanides) Susan Adler Sheila and Howie Agranat Judith and Edward Anchel Anonymous Honey and Shelly Berkle Muriel and Irv Berzon Lauren and Todd Brodie Nancy and Ted Brother Florence Chelm Roz and David Citrin Barbara and Edward Cohen Barbara and Leonard Cutler Barbara and Stephen Druckman Eileen and Bill Ertag Hilary and Michael Feldman 22

Carole Greene Tina and Larry Haut Stephanie and Neil Heuer Ann Jacobson Dana and Scott Jaffe Fern and Andrew Jaffe Merrylee and Joseph Kandel Roz and Albert Katz Linda and Tony Katz Kimberly and Robert Klausner Lin and Ron Klein Shirley and Henry Kraus Gracia and Merrill Kuller Helaine and Marvin Lender Lisa and Andrew Lipman

Stan Lipp Bobbie and Bernie Lublin Frances Kline and Mark Malone Jennifer Siegal-Miller and Adam Miller Tracy and David Ornstein Freddi and Alan Peltz Jane and James Perman Sherry and Stephen Pino Estelle and Stuart Price Lanny and Gil Rashbaum Margaret and Lloyd Rauch Mae and Morton Riefberg Michael Rubner Connie Mansfield

and Les Scharf Melanie and Stephen Schwartz Myra Shapiro Tussy and Neil Shnider Karen Sloane Arlene and Michael Sobol Nancy and Stephen Solarsh Arlene and Robert Subin Stuart Warshauer Louise and William Warshauer Nancy and Jack Wiadro

h Donors

nd Thank You!

Baal Shem Tov Iris Abel Beth Adelman Doris and Alan Adlestein Jacqui and Kevin Aizenshtat Tracey and Lawrence Albert Freyda and Jeffrey Albin Carol and Les Appel Charlotte Atkins Nora Atkins Donna and Steve Azu Marcy Babcox Barbara Barnard Shelly Baron Ina and Richard Barr Bibi and Frank Barrett Bobbi Bassewitz & Lisa and Harold Lauber Shirley and Robert Bassin Gersha Bayer Sheila and Alvin Becker Cynthia Bercowetz Jane Berger Stanley Berger Mardelle and Bennett Berman Sylvia and Raul Bermudez Iris Bland Linda Bluhm Lawrence Blum JoAnn Blumenthal Bonnie Bodin Lydia Bond Maxine and Harvey Brenner Sandy and Ira Broadman Lori and Fred Brown Nancy Butzke Ari Cassell Brian Cassell Ellie Pearson Cantor Yolany and Ivan Carcamo Sharon Cohan Seyla and Barry Cohen Linda and Bruce Cohen Lori and Ed Cohen Rachel and Kyle Cohen Lois and Larry Cohen Mimi and Buzz Cohn Evelyn Cole Nancy and Ed Colodny Deborah Cooper Becky Cornacchia Marcy and Anna Cotton Mitchell Dannenberg Marilyn and Phil Dano Sylvia Datz Linda Denning Robyn Deering Karen and Stanley Deutsch Cissy and Harvey Dezen Nina and Michael Diamond Sandy and Sid Diamond Ruth Dorfman Gayle and Martin Dorio Lenore and Alan Ellish Carol and Michael Emerson

Beverly Esau Christina and Nicholas Evans Mignon and Stanley Farb Debbe Faunce Eloyse and David Fisher Barbara and Gerald Flagel Sue Flato Carole and Jason Flegel Carol and Morton Frankel Anita and Phil Freeman Beverly and Marshall Fried Jane and Lester Friedberg Jane Galler Susan and Don Gervais Annette and Leonard Girsh Jessie and Jeffrey Goebel Jeri Hall and Ted Goldberg Elissa and David Goldstein Cary and David Goodman Suzanne and Jonathan Gopman Helene and Alan Gordon Maxine Gould Nancy and Leonard Grabinsky Kim Grant Joan Green Betty Greene Lenore Greenstein Havurah Kulanu Havurah Yachad Havurah Yedidut Linda Hamburger Sheila and Les Handler Robert Harris Sharyn and Lawrence Harris Shirley and Roy Hartman Barbara Heimann Gene Helfand Pauline and Murray Hendel Florence Hertzman Maria Hofer Amy and Robert Hunter Fredda and David Isaacson Kristina and Josh Isenberg Barbara and Mark Jones Natalie Justa Gladys and Irwin Kabler B.W. Kahn Corinne and Lee Kapor Bonnie and Jessie Karen Claire Katz Bobbie and Gene Katz Bill Kaye Stuart Kaye Arlene and Robert Klein James Knafo Frances and Judson Knox Rebecca Kosloff and Tyler Korn Connie and Lewis Krotick Suri and David Kufeld Jodi and Ryan Kuhl Carol and Marvin Lader Nancy Ried and Robert Landy Bernard Lashinsky Gale Lazarus

Leonard Lehman Wallie and Gary Lenchner Heather Lerner Bunny Levere Mary-Beth and Barry Levitz Barbara Levy Anne Lewis Peter Lewis Cheryl and Jeff Lichtman Harriet and Merlin Lickhalter Rochelle and Jacob Lieb Rosie Liebovich-Hyman Dottie Lipschultz Suzanne Low Rhoda Lown Roberta Macchio Dorothy Magen Lisa and Richard Mair Nancy Brown and William Maltby Aileen Marcus Ida and Jeff Margolis Myrna Marks Simone and Michael Marks Caryn and Sandy Martin Marianne and Richard Matties Gloria and Mark Mellman Martin Millender Beryl and Elliot Miller Suzanne Miller Bonnie and Irwin Minzer Lisa and Edward Mitrani Beverly and Howard Moeckler Elizabeth Morgan Jean Morrison Diane Moser Karen Mullins Jean and Lenny Nacht Merryl Koch and Douglas Nay Herb Newman Patricia and Scott Newman June Paley Ita and Arthur Paquette Joanne and Jeff Paredes Michele Partnoy Cheryl Payne Barbara and Leonard Pelletiere & Michele Pelletiere Susan and Joel Pittelman Susan and Bobby Pitts Caren and Ron Plotkin Carol and Richard Polinsky Cherie and Paul Pollack Henny and Mort Porter Debbie Laites and Ben Post Beth and Irv Povlow Marilyn Fabian and Joseph Pugach Marcelle and Melvin Reiss Sandra Rick Ellaine and Richard Rosen Tracy Rosen Barbara and Loren Rosenbach Helen and Ed Rosenthal Gloria and Lyle Rosenzweig Deana and Paul Rosofsky

Tracey and Carolyn Roth Melvin Rubenstein George Rubin RosaLee and Will Rudman Lynn and Adam Ryzenman Gabriela Saad Gail and Steven Sacknoff Karyn and Rowan Samuel Tammy Strohl-Samuel and Darren Samuel Thelma and Harvey Sandberg Maureen and Dennis Schaab Jessica and Jeremy Schaab Millie and James Sernovitz Fay and Brian Servoss Estelle and Jacob Shamash Iris Shur Jessica and Scott Shwedel Helen and Marty Siegal Linda and Marc Simon Elliott Singer Abbie and Paul Sladick Amy and Kevin Snyder Judy Sokoll Ashley and Anthony Solomon Nessa and Joel Soorenko Michele and Sandy Spector Sheryl and Lee Spielman Judi and Dan Spintman Deborah and Robert Statfeld Mary Beth and Jack Strom Carli and Gilbert Suarez Pearl and Gerry Sugarman Rosalie and Perry Switzen Carol Tannenbaum Carol Thompson Andrea and Andrew Tretter Norma and William Topp Gail and Melvin Ufberg Linda and Jerome Wainick Wendy Wald Rachael Waltzer Suzie Waltzer Zoe Waltzer Deborah and Jeff Waranch Helen Weinfeld Marla and Allen Weiss Susan and Jay Weiss Dana and Mike Wexler Janet Whitebrook Jan and Shelley Whitman Alene Wiseman Carol and David Wolfe Beth and Brian Wolff Sylvia and Irving Wolinsky Joyce and Harold Yamron Arlene and Harry Yedid Sandra Yuil The Zelner-Lamitina Family Marjorie and Bill Ziff-Levine Elizabeth Zinman Abe Zubrow Debbie and Barry Zvibleman


Contributions to Temple Shalom Showing We Care

Contributions made to the various Temple Shalom funds are wonderful ways to show your appreciation of family and friends, to celebrate happy occasions and to honor the memories of loved ones. We suggest a minimum donation of chai ($18.00). With a minimum donation of $18.00, a notice of your gifts will be sent to the honoree and mention will be published monthly in The Voice.


General Fund: Donations used for operating expenses. Tree of Life: Each ‘Rock’ and ‘Star of David’ is a donation of $540.00; each ‘Leaf ’ is $240.00. The contribution must be received in its entirety before engraving is ordered. Burn The Mortgage Fund: Established by Gerry and Pearl Sugarman to reduce payment of any existing mortgage.

Religious School


Religious School Enrichment Fund: Donations augment the Religious School budget to enrich the education of our children.

Scholar In-Residence Endowment Fund: Supports the endowment established by Shirley and Henry Kraus. This fund enables Temple Shalom to bring visiting scholars to the Temple as an educational benefit to the membership.

Religious School: Donations purchase supplies and support activities for Jewish learning in both Sunday and Hebrew Schools.

Polster Religious School Scholarship Fund: To purchase or supplement Sunday and Hebrew School scholarships for students in need. Ben Calmenson Fund: Donations will be used to create sponsorships to send children to attend Camp Coleman. Rabbi Abraham Shusterman Children's Center Memorial Fund: To support our Religious School and Preschool. Sisterhood Religious School Scholarship Fund: To provide Sunday and Hebrew School scholarships for students in need.

Memorial Fund: Donations made in honor of a loved one who has passed.

Joseph S. Weinfeld Faculty Development Fund: Donations support both curriculum and teaching skill enrichment activities for Sunday and Hebrew School teachers.

William Freschel Kiddush Fund: All donations help provide Kiddush Lunch each Saturday following worship services. A $150 donation is considered to be a sponsorship to honor a special someone or occasion.

Youth Activities Fund: Donations provide financial support for children of our congregation to attend Camp Coleman, to take part in regional/national youth conventions, and to experience a summer in Israel.


Prayerbook Fund The new minimum contributions to purchase a plaque are Shabbat and High Holiday Books: $50.00 / Pentateuch & Haftarah books: $100.00


Flower Fund: Provides Bimah flowers each Shabbat. A $150.00 donation is considered to be a sponsorship in memory or in honor of a special someone or occasion.

Preschool Enrichment Fund: The enhancement of curriculum, educational programs and experiences.

Mitzvah Baskets: A $100.00 donation will purchase several hundred dollars of food for JFCS. Dr. Philip & Shirley Gilbert Music Fund: Donations are used for the enhancement of music at Temple Shalom.


Preschool Fund: Donations purchase supplies and support activities for the Preschool.

Arby Lipman Children's Library: Children and adolescent books and magazine subscriptions, and supplies are purchased. Jack and Charlotte Ward Family Children's Music Shelf: Audio and video musical tapes for children.

Endowment Fund: Donations help to secure the future, enrich the programs and provide for emergency needs of the congregation.

The Herbert & Ruth Abramson Fund: To supplement the general operating fund and to provide enrichment for Temple functions.


Rabbi Miller’s Discretionary Fund: For tzedakah, charitable purposes, and general enhancement of the Rabbi's work. Cantor Azu's Discretionary Fund: For tzedakah, charitable purposes, and general enhancement of the Cantor's work. Leadership Fund: Donations are used for the enhancement and enrichment of leadership programs at Temple Shalom.


Rabbi James & Jane Perman Library: Books, magazine subscriptions and supplies are purchased.

Social Action

David and Lillian Thalenfeld Fund for Social Justice: Provides support for Temple participation in social justice events and activities.

Oneg Shabbat: Contact Sandy Stone (Oct. 15 to May 15) or Evelyn Cole (May 16 to Oct. 14) for sponsorship in celebration of an event or to honor someone. This fund is administered by Temple Shalom Sisterhood.

Contributions General Fund

In Memory Of:

Merrill Kuller by Janet & Howard Solot Meyer Cohen by Merrylee & Dr. Joseph Kandel Abraham Singer by Aileen Marcus Morris Loinger by Beryl & Elliot Miller Bernard Lehman by Leonard Lehman Larry Braen by Harriet & Merlin Lickhalter Sylvia Sherman by Cynthia & Bruce Sherman Dr. Howard Palay by Ruth Halperin & David Weil Max Bassin by Shirley & Robert Bassin Judy Purdy by Jane Berger Minnie Marcus by Aileen Marcus William Lewis by Phyllis & Michael Seaman Ted Sernovitz by Shirley & Robert Bassin, Kathy Schneiderman & Mary Moss Estelle Gordon by Helene & Alan Gordon Theresa Weiss by Lois & Norman Weiss Pauline Schmidt by Frances & Judson Knox Lester Nathan by Rochelle & William Smulowitz Allen Solomon, Ann Jacobson by Judi & Dan Spintman

In Honor Of:

Evelyn Cole on the baby naming of her great granddaughter Eve Ambrose by Iris Abel, Dorothy Lipschultz, Ruth Levine Allan Kaye on his 80th Birthday by Barbara & Ed Cohen, Richard Endlar, Sandy & Sid Diamond

In Appreciation:

Eleanor & Walter Angoff Of Sandy Stone by Evelyn Cole

Religious School Fund

In Honor Of:

Fran & Rob Nossen on their 50th wedding anniversary by Janet & Howard Solot

Religious School Enrichment Fund

In Memory Of:

Rabbi Len Troupp by Janet & Howard Solot Richard Pearl by Lisa & Robert Pearl Abraham Citrin by Roz & David Citrin Ann Jacobson by Bobbie & Gene Katz

In Honor Of:

Jessica Hope Schwartz by Paula Rebak Marina & Frank Lamitina on their marriage by Bobbie & Gene Katz

Polster Religious School Scholarship Fund

In Memory Of:

Merrill Kuller, Sally Sussman, Rabbi Len Troupp by Arlene & Don Shapiro, Helene & Maj. Gen. Bernie Weiss Ted Sernovitz by Sandy Stone, Helene & Maj. Gen Bernie Weiss Barbara Miller by Arlene Yedid Audrey Lenchner Sandy Stone Ann Jacobson, Joseph Weinraub by Sandy Stone

In Appreciation:

The Club at the Strand

William Freschel Kiddush Fund

In Memory Of:

Arnold Rubin, Martha Rubin by Doris Adler Louise Sirkus by Sanford Sirkus

In Honor Of:

Lilly Metsch becoming a Bat Mitzvah by Leslie & Leif Metsch Sydney & Grayson Garelick becoming B’nai Mitzvah by Marcelle Kott & David Garelick

Flower Fund

In Honor Of:

Marley VanDam becoming a Bat Mitzvah by Nina VanDam & Jeff Goodchild Bryce Albert becoming a Bar Mitzvah by Ruth Albert Sydney & Grayson Garelick becoming B’nai Mitzvah by Marcelle Kott & David Garelick

Food Basket Fund

In Honor Of:

Amy Cotton by Marcy Cotton, Natalie Justa & Anna Cotton Lilly Metsch becoming a Bat Mitzvah by Leslie & Leif Metsch The Late Herbert Adler by Susan Adler Sydney & Grayson Garelick becoming B’nai Mitzvah by Marcelle Kott & David Garelick

Rabbi Miller’s Discretionary Fund

In Memory Of:

Evelyn Brenner by Maxine & Harvey Brenner Bess Girsh by Annette & Dr. Leonard Girsh Ted Sernovitz by Frances & Judson Knox, Lois & Dr. Lawrence Cohen Dr. Hyman Shapiro by Myra Shapiro

Edward Dendooven by Ann & Dr. Mark Rubin Ted Sernovitz by Millie & Jim Sernovitz Dr. Max Ufberg by Gail & Dr. Melvin Ufberg Bernard Cahan by Cecilia Cahan Harry Girsh by Annette & Dr. Leonard Girsh Eleanor Rubinstein by Mae & Judge Morton Riefberg Abraham Stone by Blanche & Robert Stone

In Honor Of:

Evelyn Cole on the baby naming of her great granddaughter Eve Ambrose by Rhoda Balk, Ellie Cantor, Aileen Marcus, Jackie Minzner, Marge Silverman Allan Kaye on his 80th birthday by Frances & Judson Knox Our marriage by Marina & Frank Lamitina Sydney & Grayson Garelick becoming a B’nai Mitzvah by Marcy Kott & Dr. David Garelick

In Appreciation:

Of the naming of Allison Jenna Dorfmeister by Beth & Marc Hirsch By Mardelle & Bennett Berman

Cantor Azu’s Discretionary Fund

In Memory Of:

Solomon Cahan by Cecilia Cahan Philip Dorfman by Helene & Robert Fuchs Alfred Krause by Aileen & Michael Pierce

In Honor Of:

Our marriage by Marina & Frank Lamitina Sydney & Grayson Garelick becoming a B’nai Mitzvah by Marcy Kott & Dr. David Garelick

Rabbi Abraham Shusterman Children’s Center Memorial Fund

In Memory Of:

Merrill Kuller by Roslyn & Albert Katz Sylvia Sherman by Cynthia & Bruce Sherman Ann Jacobson, Allen Solomon by Muriel & Irving Berzon

Prayerbook Fund

In Memory Of:

David Glassman by Charlotte Milavsky


Contributions Rabbi James and Jane Perman Library Fund

In Memory Of:

Anne Pirchesky by Aileen & Michael Pierce Solomon Fine by Sharyn & Dr. Lawrence Harris Joseph Weinraub by Louise & William Warshauer

In Honor Of:

Sylvia Brams on the marriage of Jeff and Erica Kessler by Cary & Dr. David Goodman

Arby Lipman Children’s Library Fund

Dr. Philip & Shirley Gilbert Music Fund

In Memory Of:

Merrill Kuller by Mardelle & Bennett Berman Dorothy Berliss by Cary & Dr. David Goodman

In Memory of:

The Late Herbert Adler by Susan Adler

Jack & Charlotte Ward Family Music Shelf

Sandy Feldblum by Rhoda Lown Russell G Smith by Gail & Russell Smith

Jennifer Siegal-Miller & Rabbi Adam Miller on the birth of their son Eli Gray by Rhoda Lown

Herbert & Ruth Abramson Memorial Fund

In Honor Of:

In Memory Of:

In Honor Of:

Merrill Kuller & Melvin Gershman by Rhoda Lown

David & Lillian Thalenfeld Fund for Social Justice

Ted Sernovitz by Marilyn & Phil Dano

In Honor of:

The Late Herbert Adler by Susan Adler

Scholar-In-Residence Endowment Fund

In Memory Of:

Blanche Felsen by Sylvia & Dr. Irving Wolinsky

Burn The Mortgage Fund

In Memory Of:

Harold Katz by Rolla & Marvin Engler Janet Frankel by Carol & Mort Frankel

Youth Activities Fund

In Memory Of:

Robert Pirchesky by Aileen & Michael Pierce

In Honor Of:

Bob Watchmaker on his 90th birthday by Lynne Lewin

In Memory of:

Mollie Berliss by Cary & David Goodman

Celebrations and Commemorations Birthdays It is with pleasure that we extend Happy Birthday wishes to the following memb ers: 1 Phyllis Barolsky Iris Bland 2 David Lipman Maxwell Press Wendy Wald 3 Scott Lutgert 4 David Ornstein Lyle Rosenzweig Tammy Strohl Samuel 5 Barbara Barnard Rebecca Wolfson Carole Yellin 6 Samuel Rubin Lynn Ryzenman Perry Switzen 7 Judy Copeland Barry Levitz Veora Little Martin Marsh 9 Melanie Barry 10 Charlotte Goos Barbara Heimann Paul Sackstein 11 Roberta Hecht 26

12 13 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24

Helen Rosenthal Gloria Rosenzweig Barry Zvibleman Charles Atkins Harvey Dezen Lisa Pearl Stacy Braverman Anne Frankel Albert Katz Robert Pearl Gerald Sugarman Marcy Cotton Iris Shur Lee Spielman Nancy White Brian Feinstein Lisa Mitrani Gilbert Solomon Mark Lazare Matty Hasson Ruth Halperin Stuart Price Eva Freeman Marvin Geller Jeffrey Goebel Judson Knox Carol Levy Truly Nolen

25 27 29

David Sissman Gordon Wolfe Philip Dano Harriet Monson Charles Siegel Edward Cohen Anne Klein Doris Adler

Anniversaries We offer congratulations to the following members on the occasion of their wedding anniversary: 2 Michael and Phyllis Seaman 4 Sonny and Sonny Raichlen 7 David and Roz Citrin 9 Laurance and Claudia Baer 13 Harold and Lisa Lauber 14 Patrick Cox and Sheryl Calish 15 Marvin and Rolla Engler 20 Morton and Mae Riefberg 21 Stan and Karen Deutsch 25 Lewis and Sybil Mitchell

Yahrzeits With great respect we honor the memories of the following loved ones: 7 Jack Bender Philip Feinberg David Feldman Esther Feldman Joyce Gerla Edythe Gittleman Harold Gittleman Anna Glassman Bertha Gold Marie Gold Elaine Berman Goldstein Gwen Hamersmith Leo Hecht Fay Helfand George Kalb Gene Klein Howard Lassoff Louis Mandel Bertha Meyer Frema Pittelman George Plotkin Saul Prizent Seymour Rubinfeld Jean Rudnick

Celebrations and Commemorations 14

Irving Sacknoff Dr. Daniel Solomon William Thalheimer Harriet Trehub Lillian Ufberg Linda Weber Maynard Whitebook Albert Yohay Linda Banks Yohay Mildred Braen Leon Bricman Dr. Louis Diamond Syrel Greene Irving Hendel Walter Hirsch Erwin Kaplan Molly Kaplan Wiadro Howard Klein Stanley Kuller Marcia Morris Lashinsky Dolores Lubowitz Lillian Mann Sara Meltz Susan Nadel Ronald Reiss Morris Rifkin Pearl Rosen


Toby Rosofsky Harry Simon Paul Sirkus Jake Skurow Joseph Stern Jason Wichter Harold Zeluck Harry Bearman Rose Becker Sol Bloom Blanche Dorn Sadie Dregant Charles Elbhar Donald Esau William Esau Sarah Freedman Uria Goldshtein Roberta Greenland Phillip Grossman Betty Halperin Melvyn Hecht Jesse Kapor Robert Katcher Bertha Krause Harold Krichman Avi Kurganoff William Mackoff


Morris Malkin Edward Mann Rosetta Moskowitz Lenora Newman Ernest Nossen Sylvia Palay Ida Golda Perman Michael Roman Harry Rothman Esther Rubenstein Philip Salat Mollie Saskin Sadie Savitzky Rose Siskin Nancy Steele Lillian Trattner Aaron Weiss Ruth Bassewitz Harvey Cohen Beverly Dopkin Louis Engler Maurice Fisher Harry Fishman Rose Frank Gertrude Frankel Eva Friedman Sig Front

Sherman Goldberg Annie Grossman Max Hindin Sadie Hindin Harry Isaacson Sarah Katz Dr. Robert Klein Ida Lehman Dr. Arthur Levere Scott Marsh Harry Milavsky Susan Nadel Sarah Pastor Louis Rosenthal Barbara Rubin Dr. Samuel Rubin Herman Schmidt Harry Shapiro Michael Skurow Sophie Solarsh Bella Strom Nettie Subin Irvin Taitz Harry Topolosky Lester Troupp Lilian Weber Eugene Weil

Mitzvah Corner New Members:

Gerald Lippes Gerald is originally from Buffalo, NY, where he resided until he moved to our sunny Florida. He is a retired attorney with 3 grown children, Tracy, David and Adam, and 4 grandchildren.

News Worthy Get Well Wishes to:

Ailene Wiseman, who was recently ill or hospitalized

Condolences to:

Stacey Braverman on the death of her grandmother, Rose Kardos Michael Diamond on the death of his father, Rick Diamond Judy Huizenga on the death of her mother, Jeannette Cooper Nichols MerryLee Kandel on the death of her aunt, Alice Cohn Gary Lenchner on the death of his mother, Audrey Lenchner


Simone and Michael Marks on the death of their dear friend, Darren Kunsky Mae Riefberg on the death of her niece, Gail Zwereling Jim Sernovitz on the death of his father, Ted Sernovitz Rabbi Michael Sommer and Rabbi Phyllis Sommer on the death of their son, Sam Sommer Rose and Leonard Weinraub on the death of their son, Joseph Weinraub


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Follow Us

Follow Us

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Calendar Sunday






Saturday 1 Torah Talk 8:30 am Shabbat Morning Service 10:00 am


3 Sunday School 9:30 am One Family Kick-off Event 11:00 am


Preschool Pre-K Orientation 9:30 am NCJW 10:00 am

5 Sisterhood Board Mtg. 10:00 am Yiddish Club 10:00 am RS Senior Study 6:00 pm Hadassah Film 7:00 pm


10 Annual Blood Drive Sunday School 9:30 am

Jewish Caregivers Support Group 10:30 am



No Sunday School

Preschool closed

Beginning Hebrew 10:00 am

Hadassah Study Group 1:00 pm

Preschool Safety Day and Open House 11:00 am

23 Sunday School 9:30 am Beginning Hebrew 10:00 am Cantorial Concert “From Bimah to Broadway” 7:00 pm


24 Jewish Caregivers Support Group 10:30 am

Membership Cmte. Mtg. 9:30 am

100+ Women Who Care Event 4:00 pm

18 Executive Cmte. Mtg. 7:00 pm

25 Board Meeting 7:00 pm

Jacobson Memorial Service 2:00 pm


“Shir” Joy / Pre-K and Kindergarten Shabbat Service 6:00 pm

Bryce Albert Bar Mitzvah Shabbat Morning Service 10:00 am

Intro to Judaism 6:30 pm

Hebrew School at 4:30 pm



Choir Rehearsal 6:30 pm

Intro to Judaism 6:30 pm


Yiddish Club 10:00 am


Hebrew School 4:30 pm


Sisterhood Fundraising Event (Offsite) 7:00 pm

Beginning Hebrew 10:00 am


Shabbat Evening Service 7:30 pm


21 Sisterhood Book Bag 1:30 pm

New Member Potluck Dinner 6:00 pm

No Hebrew School

Choir Rehearsal 6:30 pm

New Members’ Shabbat Service w/Choir 7:30 pm

Preschool closed JFCS Luncheon 11:30 am Hebrew School 4:30 pm

Evan and Sofia Collins B’nai Mitzvah Shabbat Morning Service 10:00 am

Federation “People of the Book” Event




22 Shabbat Morning Service 10:00 am

28 Preschool Shabbat Dinner 6:00 pm Kavod Shabbat Evening Service 7:30 pm

Intro to Judaism 6:30 pm


Non-Profit Org U.S. Postage


Naples, FL Permit No. 127

4630 Pine Ridge Road Naples, Florida 34119-4063

Adam F. Miller, Rabbi Donna Azu, Cantor James H. Perman, D.D., Rabbi Emeritus Executive Director….................................……... Susan Shechter Daugherty Religious School Director …............................................………..….. Caren Plotkin Preschool Director ………….………….......................................................… Seyla Cohen Music Director ………….…….....................................................................….…….… Peter Lewis Office Hours: 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Phone: (239) 455-3030 • Fax: (239) 455-4361 Preschool direct line: (239) 455-3227 Religious School direct line: (239) 455-2233 E-mail:

Board of Trustees President Yale Freeman First Vice President Bobbie Katz S econd Vice President Tracey Albert Third Vice President Debra Antzis Treasurer Rob Nossen

Men’s Club presents AN EVENING AT THE THEATER!

Les Misérables Saturday, March 29 Broadway Palm Dinner Theatre Ft. Myers

Financial S ecretary Scott Newman R ecording S ecretary James Knafo I mmediate Past President Donald L. Shapiro S isterhood President Sandy Stone M en’s Club President Ed Cohen Trustees Shelly Berkle Alicia Kelley Stan Lipp Susan Ritter David Rutstein

Michael Feldman Merrill Hassenfeld Suzanne Low Michael Rubner Helen Weinfeld

Sunday School for Adults with Rabbi Perman

March 2 and 9 10:30 a.m.

The Voice of Temple Shalom - Feb 2014  

Monthly newsletter for Temple Shalom of Naples, FL. Issue for February of 2014.