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April 2017


Volume XXXVII Nisan/Iyar 5777 Number 7

“We both feel the responsibility to help sustain the Jewish community that others have created�

Merrill Hassenfeld and Paula Brody

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TABLE OF CONTENTS 4630 Pine Ridge Rd. Naples, FL 34119 Phone: (239) 455-3030 • Fax: (239) 455-4361 Religious Education office 239-455-2233 Preschool office 239-455-3227 Adam F. Miller, Rabbi Donna Azu, Cantor James H. Perman, D.D., Rabbi Emeritus Eli Montague, FTA Executive Director

Cover 17 Rabbi 3 Cantor Donna 4 Debbie Zvibleman, 5 Dr. Anna Salomon, Religious School 8 Seyla Cohen, Preschool 11 Men’s 14 9 Tikkun Olam 15 Monthly 20 28 Temple Shalom 31

Dr. Anna Salomon, RJE Director of Congregational Education Seyla Cohen Preschool Director Peter Lewis Music Director President Debbie Zvibleman First Vice President Debra Antzis Second Vice President Daryl Sissman Third Vice President Neil Heuer Treasurer Harriet Lickhalter, CPA Financial Secretary Neil Shnider, CPA Recording Secretary Beth Wolff Immediate Past President Neil Shnider Sisterhood President Debra Antzis Sisterhood Representative Sandy Stone Men’s Club President Ed Cohen One Family Liaison Bobbie Katz Historical Society Helen Weinfeld Tracey Albert Merrill Hassenfeld Shelly Berkle Ed Kaufman Michael Diamond Suzanne Low Michael Feldman Jeremy Schaab Bruce Graev Perry Switzen

MISSION STATEMENT Temple Shalom of Naples is an inclusive Reform Jewish congregation where all individuals are equal partners in making our world whole and holy. We are One Family, believing in the sacredness of relationships, fostering connections – one to another, Temple, Israel, Torah and God. We are living Jewish values and nurturing future generations.


Adam Miller Pesach This month we will gather around seder tables in celebration of Passover. If one looks in Torah, there is no mention of a seder – an ordered meal. The rabbis added the ritual as the celebration of Passover transitioned from the great Temple in Jerusalem, into the homes and community gathering places. They based this evolution on a text from Exodus which teaches that one is to teach the story of Passover to one’s children. With that in mind, the Maggid, the telling of the story, is truly the central element of the seder. While the story remains the same, we have been able to find meaning from the Exodus in every generation. Each time we recall the Exodus, it resonates with current experiences. The early Rabbis used the story of Egypt to relate to their suffering at the hands of Rome. In more recent memory, we used the Exodus to connect with the civil rights movement, the Jewish community in Russia, women’s suffrage, genocide in Darfur, and the experience of the tomato workers in Immokalee. The story of Passover feels even more meaningful today, as we witness a significant increase in anti-Semitic incidents in our nation and around the world. With the backdrop of bomb threats and vandalism, even here in Naples, we appreciate even more the strength and courage exhibited by

Temple support staff Alicia Browner Membership Engagement Coordinator

Farrah Hersh Religious School Administrative Assistant

Randi Butterworth Administrative & Clergy Assistant

Rick Holsbeke Maitenance Technician

Jeanette Fischer Director of Communications

Victor Lucas Facility Manager

Maxine Gould Controller

Gloria Mellman Preschool Administrative Assistant

The Voice is published monthly. June/July are combined issues. Editor-Jeanette Fischer • Advertising- Maxine Gould

the Israelites during their sojourn in Egypt. In recognition of the challenges facing many communities, our Tikkun Olam Council is developing a Passover ritual for this year’s seder. In the coming weeks you will receive an insert you can use via email. We hope that you will incorporate this into your seder, creating a space for discussion of anti-Semitism, and engaging in at least one of the suggested actions in response to recent events. Passover takes us on a journey from struggle to hope. Each year we end with the message of gratitude for our freedom, as well as the dream that next year we will meet in the holy land of Israel. This year, may we add an additional prayer to the end of our seder. L’shanah Ha’ba’ah b’shalom – May the year ahead be one of peace, one of healing the wounds that divide, and one of making our world more whole and holy. From our seder tables to the world in which we live, may it be God’s will. Wishing you a joyful celebration of freedom and matzah, Rabbi Adam F. Miller

Yizkor Service April 15, 2017 10:00AM

One Family is sharing Shabbat dinners and services on the beach For more information, see the Temple Shalom website Click on Our Family, then One Family


We will continue to update you on the progress as we move forward. We want to thank you in advance for turning in your pledge cards. If you have any further questions, do not hesitate to call Eli Montague in the office.



Debbie Zvibleman

Donna Azu For more than twenty centuries, Jews have recalled the great Exodus of their ancestors from the enslavement of Egypt by retelling its story on the holiday of Passover. Passover asks us to do one simple thing: tell the story. We tell the story of how a people, enslaved and oppressed, was brought out from bondage and made into a great nation by God. Jews in every land, in every age since the Haggadah was created have told their children the tale of the ancient journey into freedom, and through the telling have kept its memory alive. Therefore, each generation has grown up feeling that the story is part of their own history, and in time they tell it to their children. Indeed, many American Jews who are non-observant participate in the Passover holiday by attending or conducting some kind of seder. In addition to the Second Night Seder that will be hosted at Temple Shalom on Tuesday, April 11th, we also like to engage our youngest members with a slightly sweeter and more caloric program. Temple Shalom’s Children’s Chocolate Seder for grades K-3 will take place on Sunday, April 2nd at 10:30AM. The Chocolate Seder will be a mock version of a Passover meal celebrating the ancient Jews’ exodus from Egypt, with all the traditional foods -- matzah, bitter herbs, and charoset -- replaced by various kinds of chocolate. We’ll sing songs, eat pizza, drink chocolate milk, eat chocolate covered matzah, and savor other delectable treats at our very own non-traditional Passover Seder. The seder is open to all children! If you have a child that would like to attend, please RSVP to me at Wishing you and your family a joyous Passover! Chag S’meach, Cantor Donna Azu

One Family is sharing our skills, talents and passions to enhance the experience that is Temple Shalom. For more information, see the Temple Shalom website Click on Our Family, then One Family

By now you should have received the second letter further explaining L’Shalom, the Q&A and a pledge card for next year’s financial commitment. We are asking that we receive the pledge cards back in April so that we may determine if we have a shortfall of our projected budget. In the past, you received a bill at the beginning of July. You will still receive that, but it will be based on the pledge you turn in. This is why it is so important to have your pledge card back in a timely manner so that we know what your intentions are. If we do not get a card back from you we will assume that you will be paying the sustaining amount. While we know this is a big change, we feel that this is the right time to initiate this new system. Our goal is to remove barriers to membership and participation which is in line with One Family, while ensuring our fiduciary responsibility to raise enough funds to sustain the Temple through the generosity of our congregants.

The Annual Meeting of the Congregation of Temple Shalom will take place on April 30, 2017 at 10:00 AM in the social hall of Temple Shalom Thank you to the Men’s Club! The Men’s Club has generously purchased a brand new grill for the Temple’s use. We can’t wait for the next BBQ!

NEWSWORTHY Pictured at the Women of Reform Judaism Fried Leadership Conference 2017 in Charelston, SC are our members Susan Pittelman, Carole Flegel and Hetty Weinstein as well as WRJ President Blair Marks and the WRJ’s Legislative Assistant at RAC, Maya Weinstein.



MADE from SIMPLE Art Wear“happening”

Inspiring personal creativity


27 February 2017


The Board of Trustees would like to wish everyone a Happy Passover. If you have room at your table reach out to those who do not have anywhere to go. Let the office know. Do you want to help those that cannot afford to buy Passover Holiday food? Contribute to Seder in a Box by sending an $18 check to Jewish Family and Community Services (JFCS). It is wonderful to share this holiday with our community.

Merle Weismer Debra Rapoport 340 8th Street S. Naples . FL (239) 641.3898

Mazel tov to

Brooke Jaffe

Brooke was featured in the Naples Daily News Girls Prep of the Week for her outstanding performance on the Community School of Naples girls tennis team. Brooke, a sophomore, made the number 5 spot this season and her team relies on her for tiebreaker wins. Coach Joy Frederick describes Brooke as reliable, patient and smart. Way to go Brooke! If you know of a member of our Temple family that should appear in our Newswothy section, please email the information to Jeanette Fischer at or call 239-455-3030.


Dedicating the Tribute Garden Together We want to make the Temple Shalom Tribute Garden a space everyone can share. In the final design, the Building & Grounds Committee included three separate opportunities for members to help support the garden through a formal dedication: garden benches— four are initially proposed, existing and newly planted trees, and an area of the patio for engraved pavers.

Join us for the dedication of the Tribute Garden April 2, 2017 at 11:30AM Preparing the Ground The summer of 2015 witnessed the completion of the Temple Shalom Tribute Garden Phase I. With the help of generous donations, we removed the three oaks trees—which were becoming a nuisance and an eyesore—and beautified the space with a new patio garden. As you may remember, we started the project with the final goal of transforming the area into a Tribute Garden for the whole community to enjoy. The Temple Shalom board of trustees is pleased to announce the plans for the final phase.

$5,000 donation to dedicate a bench in the Temple Shalom Tribute Garden

$2,500 donation to dedicate an existing or newly planted tree in the Temple Shalom Tribute Garden

$750 donation for one 12”X12” personalized paver

$500 donation for an 8”x8” personalized engraved paver - 6 lines, up to 20 characters per line

$250 donation for an 4”x8” personalized engraved paver - 3 lines, up to 20 characters per line

Each phase of our Tribute Garden would be impossible without your generous support. We hope you will take this opportunity to help make Temple Shalom beautiful and inviting for all of our members.

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Help support the Tribute Garden by filling out this form and returning it with your payment to the Temple office

Designing a Space for Community Our new Building & Grounds Committee began planning the Tribute Garden’s final phase earlier this year. We decided to create a space where one can pay tribute to the past through reflection and meditation, as well as celebrate the future with a space that can accommodate multiple uses. As you can see from the new plans, Phase II is designed with the features needed to create a practical and peaceful place for our community. We will expand the paver patio to provide space for larger events, and use new landscaping features to shield the garden from the parking lot. The plan also leaves the area north of the garden open for future plantings, and for landscape lighting. 6

Please make your selection below. ___ $5,000 donation to dedicate a bench in the Tribute Garden. * ___ $2,500 donation to dedicate an existing or newly planted tree in the Tribute Garden. * ___ $750 donation for one 12”x12” personalized paver. * ___ $500 donation for one 8” x 8” personalized paver 6 lines, up to 20 characters/spaces per line ___ $250 donation for one 4”x 8” personalized paver 3 lines, up to 20 characters/spaces per line * We will conatct you for dedication wording. ______________________________________________ Please provide your wording for your paver in the spaces below. Please print clearly. If you’ve ordered more than one paver, use a separate sheet of paper and attach it to this form.

1 2 3 4 5 6

Name________________________________________________ Address______________________________________________ ______________________________________________ Phone______________________________ My check for $______ is enclosed Please bill my credit card for $ ________ Card #_______________________________________ Exp______ Name & billing address if different than above CVC______ ______________________________________________ ______________________________________________ ______________________________________________ ______________________________________________



Sisterhood Luncheon & Installation of Officers

Dr.AnnaSalomon, RJE

April 25th at 11:30AM

L’Dor v’Dor


Michele Byrd

L’dor v’dor – from generation to generation. In Judaism we embrace our generations. From Torah portions reciting lineages, recalling the names of our ancestors (Avraham, Yitzchak, Yaakov; Sarah, Rivkah, Leah, Rachel) in prayers, and commandments to teach our children, generations are significant.

Soprano and member of the Philharmonic Center Chorale and Chamber Chorus

It’s a phrase you hear often, but what does it mean in action? For Temple Shalom, it means our youth are intentionally interacting with their elders, bringing generations together for learning. This happens in multiple ways, but this year we are proud to share with you a new gathering of generations. Our community-wide Yom HaShoah commemoration, held this year at Temple Shalom, is Sunday, April 23rd at 10 AM. The commemoration includes a new element – the partnership of our young students with a local Holocaust survivor. The intentional pairing of a survivor with students from a younger generation honors both our values of remembering and of l’dor v’dor – from generation to generation. Over the course of several dates in February, the 6 grade Religious School students from Temple Shalom and 6th-12th graders from the community met in small groups with five Holocaust survivors. The students conducted interviews and learned the story of our survivors. On March 5th, the students had the honor of visiting the Holocaust Museum with the survivors they’ve been learning from. th

Bringing these generations together creates a new link in the legacy of our survivors and giving our students the opportunity to create a new and diverse perspective of the events that have forever shaped our world. They have gotten to experience learning l’dor v’dor – from generation to generation – in a powerful way. We would like to recognize and give special thanks to the survivors – Eva Sands, Marcel Fachler, Rob Nossen, Heinz Wartski, Henny Porter, and Lorie Mayer. Thank you also to the students and their families; the teachers – Rabbi Donna Levy and Chad Atkins; and our Yom HaShoah committee – Renee Bialek, Ida Margolis, Amy Snyder, and Dr. Anna Salomon. We hope you will join us for our community Yom HaShoah commemoration at Temple Shalom on Sunday, April 23rd as our students share what it means to learn l’dor v’dor. 8

Apri l 20th at 1:30PM “Saving Sophie” by Ronald H. Belson Facilitator: Marti Gross

A Jewish accountant misdirects $88 million while trying to save his 6 year old daughter who has been kidnapped by his late wife’s Palestinian father, a suspected terrorist. RSVP to

Michele is best known for her work in oratorio and as a recitalist. She is a frequent performer of Early music and recently toured Austria performing many classics. Jewish Federation of Collier County, Temple Shalom, GenShoah and The Holocaust Museum & Education CenterShalom, of Southwest Florida Jewish Federation of Collier County, Temple GenShoah and Jewish Federation of Collier County, GenShoah and youTemple to: The Holocaust Museum &invite Education CenterShalom, of Southwest Florida Jewish Federation of Collier County, Temple Shalom, GenShoah The Holocaust Museum &invite Education Center of Southwest Florida youTemple to: Shalom, GenShoah and Jewish Federation of Collier County, and Community-Wide Annual Holocaust Memorial The Holocaust Museum &invite Education Center of SouthwestService Florida you to: The Holocaust Museum & Education Center of Southwest Florida inviteHolocaust you to:Holocaust Community-Wide Memorial Service Featuring local Annual students and survivors inviteHolocaust you to: Community-Wide Annual Memorial Service Featuring local students and Holocaust survivors Community-Wide Annual Holocaust Memorial Service Featuring local Annual students and Holocaust survivors Community-Wide Holocaust Memorial Service Yom HaShoah Remembrance Day Featuring local students and Holocaust survivors Sunday, April 23 Featuring local students and Yom Holocaust survivors HaShoah Remembrance Day

AM Yom HaShoah Remembrance Sunday,10:00 AprilDay 23 Temple10:00 Shalom, Sunday, AprilDay 23 AM Yom HaShoah Remembrance Yom HaShoah4630 Remembrance Pine 10:00 Ridge Rd. AM Temple Shalom, Sunday, AprilDay 23 Sunday, April 23 Temple Shalom, 4630 Pine 10:00 Ridge AM Rd. AM Please join us for a Temple special program 4630 Pine 10:00 Ridge Rd. Shalom, Shalom, and us refreshments follow. Please join for a Temple special program 4630 Pine to Ridge Rd. 4630 Pine Ridge Rd. Please join for a specialtoprogram and us refreshments follow. and refreshments to follow. Please join us fornot a special “To remember, once toprogram forget” Please join for a special and us refreshments toprogram follow. and refreshments follow. “To remember, not once to forget” Thank you to: “To remember, not once to forget”  Temple Shalom for hosting this year’s Yom HaShoah Commemoration Thank you to: “Toyour remember, not once to forget”  The students, teachers, and Holocaust survivors for participation “To remember, not once to forget” Thank Temple Commemoration youShalom to: for hosting this year’s Yom HaShoah  The Yom HaShoah Committee: Ida Margolis, Dr. Anna Salomon, Amy Snyder Thank The students, teachers, and this Holocaust for your participation Temple for hosting year’s survivors Yom HaShoah Commemoration youShalom to:Bialek and Renee’ Thank The Yom HaShoah Committee: Ida Margolis, Dr.forAnna Salomon, Amy Snyder youShalom to: teachers, and this Holocaust survivors your participation Temple for hosting year’s YomNaples HaShoah Commemoration Our students, community Synagogues: Beth Tikvah, Jewish Congregation,      

and Renee’ Bialek The YomShalom Committee: Idaand Margolis, Dr. Salomon, AmyIsland Snyder Temple forTemple hosting this year’s Yom HaShoah Commemoration The students, teachers, andShalom Holocaust survivors forAnna your participation Chabad ofHaShoah Naples, Jewish Congregation of Marco Our community Synagogues: Beth Tikvah, Naples Jewish Congregation, and Bialek The Renee’ students, teachers, and Holocaust survivors yourSalomon, participation The Yom HaShoah Committee: Ida Margolis, Dr.forAnna Amy Snyder Chabad ofHaShoah Naples, Temple Shalom and JewishDr. Congregation of Marco Our community Synagogues: Jewish Congregation, The Renee’ Yom Committee: IdaTikvah, Margolis, Anna Salomon, AmyIsland Snyder and Bialek This event is freeBeth and openNaples to the entire community. Chabad of Naples, Temple Shalom and Jewish Congregation of Marco and Renee’ Bialek Our community Synagogues: Beth Tikvah, Naples Jewish Congregation,Island Donations are welcomed. This event is free and open to Congregation theJewish entire community. Our community Synagogues: Beth Tikvah, Naples Congregation, Chabad of Naples, Temple Shalom and Jewish of Marco Island For more information, please Chabad of Naples, Temple Shalom and Jewish Congregation of Marco Island This event is free and open to the entirecall community. Donations are welcomed. the Jewish Federation ofopen Collier County at 239.263.4205 Donations are to welcomed. more information, please call This eventFor is free and the entire community. This event isRenee’ free and to the entire community. or email at For more information, please call the Jewish Federation ofopen Collier County at 239.263.4205 Donations are welcomed. Donations are welcomed. the Jewish Federation Collier County 239.263.4205 or email at ForRenee’ more information, pleaseat call For more information, please call

Sisterhood member $25 Non-member $28 Sponsor $50 Make checks payable to Temple Shalom Sisterhood and mail to: Karen Cohn 805 Bentwood Drive Naples, FL 34108


40% Off Passover merchandise 25% Off all other items in stock Hours Sundays 9AM to 12PM (When Religious School is in session)

Sistererhood Slate of Officers for term of office April 2017-April 2019: President - Carole Flegel Secretary - Susan Pittelman Treasurer - Frances Nossen Electronic Communications Secretary - Judy Ciorciari Director - Nancy Brother

Tuesday - Friday 10:00AM to 12:30PM

Wednesdays - By appointment Call Jean 239-591-3404 Temple Shalom • 4630 Pine Ridge Rd • Naples, FL 34119 239-455-3030



Seyla Cohen We are pleased to announce that the annual Temple Shalom Preschool Art Show will be held Thursday, May 4, 2017, at 6PM. As the students put finishing touches on their masterpieces, the Art Show committee is working hard and promises that this will be the most incredible Art Show thus far, filled with wine, refreshments, silent auctions, and entertainment. Each year artwork crafted by children at the preschool adorn the walls of the social hall. Parents gather to view the artwork created by their children under the guidance of Art Director, Linda Ginsberg. Such an exhibition gives the children a sense of pride and confidence, so important to the self-esteem of our preschool students. The Annual Art Show is an opportunity for parents, relatives, congregants and friends to gather and mingle while having the opportunity to purchase students’ creations, participate in the silent auction, and bid on many other items and services auctioned and raffled off. As in the past, the evening will prove a welcoming, warm and attentive fundraiser from which students, families, and the preschool benefit. In addition to providing funds for our enrichment program, the money raised during this event, along with Jewish Federation grants, provide funds to support scholarships for Temple Shalom Preschool families in need of aid with tuition. As the summer quickly approaches and parents are looking for quality programs and adventures for their little ones, Temple Shalom Preschool has begun its planning for Camp Shalom and Camp Einstein. We offer a wonderful way to occupy and enrich their lives during these months. Camp Shalom is for children in the 2-4 year age range and Camp Einstein is for boys and girls ages 5-8. Both camps offer 7 weekly sessions beginning June 5th.

Prestige Catering Quality & Creativity with a Personal Touch Chef Jay Wolfson catering

event planning

(239) 272-7180

private chef services

Licensed & Insured Email 10

4630 Pine Ridge Rd


Camp Shalom provides a fun-filled program for the younger crew including music, art, water play, science, technology, storyland and dance. New friendships are formed and social interaction, so important at this age, is sustained. A weekly theme entertains little ones making each week a new and exciting experience. For older kids, Camp Einstein proves a wonderful link between a carefree atmosphere and maintaining a stimulating educational environment. Parents concerned about keeping learning alive and inquisitive minds active have come to welcome this wonderful program. Literature, science, math, reading, technology, and art are provided in a relaxed and engaging climate helping to provide continuity in education during the long summer holidays.

Camp begins June 5th Early pick-up available 11 Flexible camp hours

Have you seen the new prayer books? They’re here! We now have new Mishkan T’filah prayer books for Friday evening and Saturday morning services. The text is exactly the same as the books we’ve been using. The same faithful, elegant, contemporary, gender-inclusive English and full Hebrew transliterations have been included. These books are thinner, lighter and more convenient to hold in one hand. A bookplate can be added to a Mishkan T’filah prayer book in honor or in memory of family and friends. Thank you for your support! Perry Switzen, Worship Committee Chair

Each dedication is only $54 per prayer book ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------PLEASE PRINT CLEARLY

Please provide additional dedications Dedication to read as follows: on a separate sheet of paper. (Please us back of form for additional dedications as necessary)

______________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________

Name_______________________________________________________________________________________ Address_____________________________________________________________________________________ Phone________________________________ Each prayer book dedication is $54 My check in the amount of $ ________ for _________ prayer book(s) is enclosed. Checks payable to Temple Shalom Please charge my credit card $ ________ for _________ prayerbook(s) Name on credit card__________________________________________________ Billing address (if different from above) ___________________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________________ Card #_______________________________________________________ Exp. date___________ CSV _________ Temple Shalom • 4630 Pine Ridge Rd. • Naples, FL 34119 • 239-455-3030 12


Do you like to plan a party? Do you have a great idea for a social event? Maybe you’ve been to an event and thought, “This would be a great for Temple Shalom.”

Join us as we honor

If you can answer YES to any of the above, we would like to hear from you!

the Temple Shalom Men’s Club at a special Shabbat service on

Be a part of the planning of one event, two events or all of the events. Maybe you’d just like to share an idea. That’s good too!

Friday, April 24th at 7:30PM

Please contact Alicia Browner, our Membership Engagement Coordinator, and share your ideas with her or tell her how you would be like to be involved. 239-455-3030 or

The Tikkun Olam Council As we gather around the seder table this year we have much to think about. In addition to retelling the story of the Exodus from Egypt, it is also our story as Jews. As Rabbi Rick Jacobs responded when he was asked to describe the holiday to a journalist for the National Catholic Reporter, “It is the master story of the Jewish people going from degradation to redemption, and it mirrors our own personal journeys. When we ask people, ‘What is the most important part of your Jewish identity?’ the dominant answer is, ‘Standing up for equality, pursuing justice and standing up for the rights of the marginalized.’ These are core Jewish commitments. And if you ever had a ritual that teaches those commitments, it is Passover.”

Perhaps our Passover seders can be a catalyst for further discussion of this important issue. On every seder plate there is a roasted egg to symbolize the sacrificial offerings which were performed in the days of the Second Temple. This year, consider adding a hard boiled egg. Just as the egg becomes harder the more it is boiled, Jews become stronger and more resolved as antisemitism increases. May this Passover be a time for reflection and action.

In that spirit, we now must stand up to the rise in antisemitism around the world as well as in our communities right here in America. The Tikkun Olam Council is examining different ways that members of Temple Shalom can raise their voices to demand action by our leaders at the national, state and local level.

Together…We Can Repair the World

If you have an interest in joining us or in sharing your thoughts or ideas please contact Marshall Sutker at or Ken Goldstein at

Thank you for voting for us.

Specializing in:


• Refractive Cataract Surgery • LASIK • Eyelid Problems & Surgery • Glaucoma • Diabetic Eye Exams • Botox Treatment

(239) 514-1414 Same Day Delivery Available

Lynn K. Byerly, M.D.

• Evaluation of Macular Degeneration

Board Certified Ophthalmologist 5411 Airport-Pulling Road N. Naples, FL 34109 In the Bed Bath & Beyond plaza, corner of Pine Ridge Rd. and Airport Rd. 2015



Naples Eye Physicians

661 Goodlette Road, North, Suite #105 Naples, Florida 34102

(239) 262-6288


• Fellowship trained in Diseases & Surgery of the Cornea/Cataract Surgery/Refractive Surgery/Uveitis University of California at Davis • Residency in Ophthalmology University of Florida • Internship in Internal Medicine Stanford Teaching Hospital • Doctor of Medicine University of South Florida


• Diplomate, American Board of Ophthalmology • Fellow, American College of Surgeons • American Academy of Ophthalmology • American Society of Cataract & Refractive Surgery


• • • • •

Lee Memorial Health System Naples Community Hospitals Lee County Medical Society Collier County Medical Society Lighthouse of Collier, Board Member


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“The goal is for you to see better than you have in your entire life and look forward to excellent lifelong sight.” —Barrett Ross Ginsberg, M.D.

77 8th Street South, Suite B, Naples, Florida 34102 • 239.325.2015


Shalom Chaverim An opportunity to be part of

Audacious Hospitality at Temple Shalom Torah teaches us the importance of “welcoming the stranger.” This concept, repeated many times in our ancient texts, is the basis of Audacious Hospitality, an initiative of the Union for Reform Judaism. Audacious Hospitality is a spiritual practice focused on inclusivity, diversity, openness, and welcoming. These values, also values of our Temple Shalom One Family, have led to the formation of Shalom Chaverim (Temple Shalom Friends), a cadre of greeters welcoming members and guests to Temple Shalom for erev Shabbat services. Shalom Chaverim is one more way for Temple Shalom members to put our One Family values into practice. You will encounter members of Shalom Chaverim outside by the curb, in the lobby, in the sanctuary, and at the oneg Shabbat. These warm and smiling greeters are an addition to our usual greeters at the podium in the lobby. Shalom Chaverim members will be available to assist members and guests as they arrive at Temple, to help with name badges, to locate prayer books, to assist those with special needs, and to ensure that guests are welcomed and comfortable.

NEW MEMBERS Bill & Caroline Schulhof 8430 Albrighton Circle C-25 Naples, FL 34108

Caroline: Phone - 414-550-6678 Email - Bill: Phone - 414-698-4342 Email Caroline and Bill join us from Milwaukee, WI.   If you want to see this couple smile ask them about their two sons, James and Kevin, or their three beautiful and fun loving granddaughters, Sarah (15) Jessica (13) and Lily (7). 

for long-time members and new members

for those who are in the Naples area full time and those who are here seasonally

for those who attend services frequently and for those who attend less often

for members of all ages

If you would like to join Shalom Chaverim, please contact Co-chairs Di and Andy Karpman at 239-331-2624 or to have your name added to the list of members who have volunteered. Di and Andy will make sure you receive an email with easy instructions and a Shalom Chaverim Handbook.

This is a fun and friendly way to do a mitzvah, to live Jewishly, and to be involved in the life of Temple Shalom!

Paula Brody and Merrill Hassenfeld worked tirelessly and gave generously for decades to expand and enrich Jewish life in Boston, the community where they lived throughout their professional careers. They now call Naples home—and honor Temple Shalom with their gifts of time, energy, love and financial support. Their dedication and contributions to Jewish life are remarkable. Paula and Merrill were both involved in the creation and early success of Mayyim Hayyim, a 21st century mikveh rooted in ancient tradition and reinvented to serve the Jewish community of today. Both Paula and Merrill served on the Board and Paula was, in fact, one of the original “Mikveh Mamas,” who, along with visionary and founding president Anita Diamant, transformed this unprecedented institution from a dream into a reality.

Shalom Chaverim members sign up online for the dates and assignments of their choice. They can participate as often as is comfortable for them. This volunteer opportunity works equally well •

Endowment Corner

It’s that time of year when we say goodbye to our friends that are heading north for the summer months. We are sad to see you go but look forward to your return next season. Before you go, please take a moment to contact us in the Temple office to advise us of the switch to your northern address and to verify that we have the correct information on file. If you have any left over, non-perishable food you can drop it off at Temple Shalom. The JFCS food pantry will greatly appreciate it. Don’t forget that you can join us for services and special events via live stream. Visit the Temple website and follow the Live Stream link on the home page.

Mayyim Hayyim (meaning “living waters”) opened its doors on May 14, 2004, in a lovely Victorian home in Newton, We are grateful beyond Massachusetts, which Paula and “It’s a privilege to be part of a strong and vital measure for Paula and Merrill found and helped to finance. Merrill’s Endowment Gift The mikveh is home to the Paula Jewish community here in paradise. We both as well as their commitment Brody & Family Education Center feel the responsibility to help sustain the Jewish to make a Planned Legacy where now over 10,000 adults, teens community that others have created.” Gift for the future of Temple and children from religious schools Shalom. We are pleased across New England have gathered to and proud to welcome them into Temple Shalom’s Legacy learn about contemporary possibilities for the ancient ritual of Society, an honor reserved for those who sign a Letter of immersion. Paula and Merrill were honored by Mayyim Hayyim Intent to make a Planned Gift. in May 2016 for their years of dedicated leadership. Paula and Merrill’s leadership and generosity provide Merrill, who practiced law in Boston, also served for many a monumental step toward securing our Temple’s future, years on the board of the Rashi School, a Reform K-8 Day and ensuring that their passion for lifelong Jewish learning School. Here in Naples, Merrill, has served on the board of Jewish continues to flourish through our ongoing adult education Federation of Collier County and is a current Board Trustee programs and religious school, now and into the future.  In of Temple Shalom. Paula recently concluded a 25-year career their words, “We are very grateful to those who came with the Union for Reform Judaism as a visionary in the field of before us, to nurture such a vibrant Jewish community here outreach to interfaith couples and individuals exploring Judaism. in Naples. We feel the commitment to sustain that legacy.” Working in Boston, Paula developed the Outreach Training Institute enabling clergy, educators and lay leaders to become more understanding of the needs of interfaith families. At the request of the Central Conference of American Rabbis, Paula also wrote a Pre-marital Counseling Guide for clergy, which is widely used today.

You will become a member of our Legacy Society with your signed letter of intent to make a gift in the future. 16

Since retiring from their work in Boston, both Merrill and Paula have enjoyed spending time with their wide circle of friends here in Naples. Merrill loves having free time for reading, tennis, golf and bridge. Paula enjoys having more time to devote her art. She both creates and teaches at her new Inspirations Gallery in the Naples Art District, which displays her vibrant paintings and collages as well as her hand-beaded necklaces.  

With a completed endowment gift of $10,000 or more you will become a member of our Eternal Light Society.


“FROM BIMAH TO BROADWAY, ENCORE!” Wow! Temple Shalom’s “From Bimah to Broadway, Encore!” was sold out!! Concert coordinators, Nancy and Jack Wiadro, their committee and Temple staff, brought the exceptional talents of Cantor Donna Azu, Music Director, Peter Lewis and 4 guest cantors to a very appreciative crowd. The varied program kept our capacity crowd in awe of the musical talent and styling of familiar classics. Please look at the full committee listing and thank them when you see them. Special thanks to our dedicated team: Fran Nossen, Keeper of the Books Extraordinaire, Carol Clarke and Susan Ritter, Usher Co-chairs, Patrons’ Dinner Chair, Karen Deutsch and Jane Friedberg, Reception Arrangements Chair. Bill Maltby and Arlene Yedid worked with Jeanette Fischer on our publicity. Thanks to Estelle and Stuart Price who provided wines for the Patrons’ Dinner and Frances Kline and Mark Malone for underwriting the Dessert Reception Prosecco. Our special thanks to committee members who made phone calls and secured additional underwriting. We also appreciated the willing volunteers who schlepped to and from the airport with our brilliant guest cantors.

Volunteer ushers did their best to assure seating for all. Many congregants, who couldn’t attend, sent donations. Thank you, too! Our generous patrons assured the financial success of the concert. Arlene and Don Shapiro and Phyllis and Michael Seaman added a layer of excitement with a drawing for the use of their NYC apartments. Winners of the drawing, for up to 7 nights in a NY apartment, were Paula Brody and Merrill Hassenfeld. Stephanie and Neil Heuer won the 3 night stay in a NY apartment. Alieen and Michael Pierce will have a reserved parking space in front and a lively “bidding war” for the second space went to Anne and Mark Rubin. Event sponsors included First Florida Integrity Bank, The Men’s Club of Temple Shalom, Adam Goldstein at 859 Print, and the awesome culinary talents of Chef Jay Wolfson of Prestige Catering. Please thank and patronize them. None of this would have been possible without Temple Shalom’s dedicated office staff, Jeanette Fischer, Randi Butterworth, Maxine Gould, Alicia Browner and our facilities manager Victor Lucas.

Many thanks to our ushers Ed Cohen Carol Clarke Cissy Dezen Michael Feldman Carol Hirsch Sam Oshry Michele Pelletiere Susan & Nathaniel Ritter Sandy & Len Schuman Shellie Spector Linda & Jerry Wainick 18

Nancy & Jack Wiadro From Bimah to Broadway, Encore! Committee co-chairs

Our deep appreciation to Committee

Co-chairs: Nancy & Jack Wiadro Cantor Donna Azu Paula Brody Nancy Brother Nancy Brown & Bill Maltby Carole Clarke Karen & Stanley Deutsch Cissy Dezen Jane Friedberg Neil Heuer Bobbie Katz Frances Klein Mark Malone Frances Nossen Sam Oshry Estelle & Stuart Price Susan Ritter Donald Shapiro Neil Shnider Howard Solot Arlene Yedid

Photographs by Barbara Johnson


April 2017

Anniversaries 20

Pearl Anchor


David Barter


Samuel Yellin

Shirley Berzon

Jean Kruger


Sophie Kreitman

Alice Bassewitz

Irving Kaplan

David Schneider

Rose Cahan

Harry Shooman

Morris Goldstein

Norman Nathan

Myer Colodny

Rebecca Kosloff

Max Applebaum

Berko Zdanowicz

Henry Silverman

John Cornacchia

Phyllis Lazear

Sara Brody

Edward Koeser

Israel Zelbow

Dorothea Zamiela

Walter Zamiela

Steve Edelman

Ida Freeman

Coleman Cristall

Zachary Dembo

Lillian Simon

Pauline Dorfman

Joel Deifik

Grace Dworkin

Minnie Hirsch

Gil Gendel

Louisa Saloman

David Flagel

Pearl Inger

Rachel Arditti

Ruth Dorfman

Ruth Freedman

Frances Gilman

Gary Lewis

Martin Cohen

William Graev

Newton Beugen

Mildred Strauss

Jerremy Jacobs

Rebecca Meltzer

William Shultz

Garson Dinaburg

Paul Kamman

Edward Wyner

Lila Katz

Ben Kramer

Sam Spiegel

Frances Knox

Helen Spiegel

Frances Sloves

Rose Alexander

Esther Bragman

22 Marilyn Kaufman

Peggy Haber

Irving Klein

Charlotte Perlman

Abraham Luff

11 Alan Kaplan

Howard Agranat

Lawrence Shapiro

Edward Kofman

Frederick Hacker

Solomon Cohen

Ronald Goodwich

Arthur Browner

Antoinette Loinger

Jack Kamerman

Samuel Kandel


Barbara Meltz

13 Michael Hendler

25 David Gross


Ken Berk

Michael Seaman

Sheila Agranat

Eric Druckman

Nathan Angoff

Scott Weinstein

Lawrence Gratz

Martin Nicolau

Benjamin Peltz

14 Karyn Samuel

Marvin Lender

Eric Meyer

15 Susan Feld

Darren Samuel

16 Morton Friedman

Anna Cotton

26 Loretta Stein


Robert Newman

17 Donald Shapiro

27 Angelo Pirrone

Lenore Greenstein


Richard Price

18 Elisa Ross

28 Victoria Cooper


Jane Galler

Jack Rabin

20 Leonard Nacht

29 Samuel Oshry

Moises Levy

21 Judith Freedman

Sandra Stone

Pepi Herbst

30 Celia Dezen


John Little

Myra Shapiro Alison Goodwich

Judith Rubin Laurance Baer

Jay Weiss Maxine Gould Debbe Schertzer

Happy Birthday!

April 2017

Earl Gurevitch


April 2017



12 Norman Weiss

24 Janet Solot

Martin Lanznar

Hortense Miller

Bella Kandel

Nathan Kaplan

Elaine Porter

Linda Hamburger

Adela Levy de Levy

Joseph Monson

Pearl Klein

Ida Karpman

Ronnie Poplock

Lloyd Rauch

Edna Levy

Dorothy Nacht

Toby Levy

Alfred Bomeisler

Ron Klein

25 Roslyn Citrin

Paul Rifkin

Jack Paley

Joyce Takefman

Catherine Cotler

Sylvia Raskin

Harvey Fox

Helene Hyman

David Magen

Meyer Meltz

Stanley Rubinstein

Kenneth Unger

Flora Pearl

Sylvia Millender

Fannie Rosenthal

David Kessler

Elaine Hammer

Alma Katz

Deana Rosofsky

Arnold Ansfield

Elfrieda Ritter

Annette Pearl

Abraham Kopolow

Rosalie Paulson

Wendy Ritter

Tracey Birnhak

Sonia Rozet

Bessie Levin

Golda Rosenzweig

David Price

Jack Cupples

Ruth Ciner

Abe Waldman

Jack Cohon

Al Solot

Tillie Pressman

Lester Freedman

Max Tabachnik

Bernice Schneider

Irving Groob

Sol Winkler

William Rick

Wyatt Sutker

Rubin Rothenberg

Belle Weinberger

Frances Schulman

Nathan Rubin

Edward Shapiro

Adrienne Packer

Pearl Schulhof

Edward Shnider

Jane Waltzer

James Schulhof

Sylvia Golant

Harvey Sibrack


Adam and Susan Schonberg


John and Nancy Reilly


Ira and Sandra Broadman Jack and Judith Kaufman

Recently Deceased As of March 22, 2017


Marshall and Beverly Fried

Albert Abrams - Uncle of Randi and Bill Barr


Donald and Ellen Baseman

Betty James - Friend of Pep Herbst

Elliot and Beryl Miller Bobby and Susan Pitts

Larry Levy- Father of Abe Levy and father-in-law of Pat Levy


Andrew and Diane Karpman


Peter and Myra Cristall

George L. Clark - Nephew of Dr. Iris Bland

Jason and Julie Roberts

Marian Zahler - Sister of Arthur Shafran, Aunt of Nona Diamond and Sandra Korn

Daniel Grossman

Anna Stone

Harry Goodman

Sidney Satkin

Lorraine Barr - Niece of Randi and Bill Barr

Beverly Cohen

Lillian Wainick

Dora Waranch

Nathan Weiss

Roberta Pollack

Marion Kapiloff

Zelda Weiss

Jane Waltzer

Linda Blatt

Aaron Weiss

Adrienne Packer

Carl Glass


Elliot Albin

Hyman Felsen

Sara Schwartz

Irving Figlarz

Rose Yamron

Joan Jacobs


Brett and Tara Rosenblum


Yale and Susan Freeman Donald and Roberta Tannenbaum


Donald and Len Feiman


Henry and Shirley Kraus


Scott and Jody Levy


Harold and Joyce Yamron


Corey and Cyndi Howard

Terry Miller - Family member of Rosalie and Perry Switzen Joshua Roseman– Uncle of Judi Spintman


Mitzvah Day 2017 Many thanks to George Rubin for the photos. To see the video that George created for Mitzvah Day 2017 please visit the Temple website and follow the Mitzvah Day link on the home page,


Purim 2017 The Wizard of Shushan




Personal Injury Slip and Fall All Other Injuries & Accidents Free Consultation

Auto Accidents Wrongful Death Bicycle, Motorcycle Dog Bites

Experience And Personal Atttention.

Tammy Strohl Temple Member since 1996 Personal Injury Attorney


Featured in Gulfshore Business as a lawyer of distinction.


239.793.7999 2315 Stanford Ct., Suite 302 - Naples, FL 34112

Tracey Ansteth Albert

Honest, Organized Dependable Naples resident for almost 30 years Live Better.

Temple Member since 2001 Realtor

As a valued member of The Parlante Group, we handle every aspect of your real estate transaction. We have our own listing manager and closing coordinator to ensure impeccable and thorough service.


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Business cards Direct mail Kentucky Banners To Design Services



WE PRICE MATCH 859-231-0388

15% off first order for Temple members when you mention this ad. Owned and Operated by Adam Goldstein


Direct- 239.315.1164 Direct- 239.315.1164





4851 Tamiami Tr N - Suite 200 Naples, Florida 34103 4851 Tamiami Tr N - Suite 200 Naples, Florida 34103 CON SU














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With so many things to do, we suggest getting an early start on your want-to-do list. There’s a lot to do at The Carlisle Naples Senior Living Community — clubs, events, socializing, and more. So, go ahead and make your want-to-do list. But please don’t include a bunch of chores. We’ll take care of most of those for you. We invite you to see all that The Carlisle has to offer (including assisted living services if needed) at a complimentary lunch and tour. Please call now to schedule.

Showing We Care Contributions to Temple Shalom funds are wonderful ways to show your appreciation of family and friends, to celebrate happy occasions and to honor the memories of loved ones. We suggest a minimum donation of chai ($18.00). With a minimum donation of chai, a notice of your gift will be sent to the honoree and mention will be published monthly in The Voice.


General Fund: Donations used for operating expenses.

I n depen den t & A ssis t ed L i v i ng • ECC L ic ensed

6945 Carlisle Court • Naples, FL • 239.444.6891

Tree of Life: Each ‘Rock’ and ‘Star of David’ is a donation of $540.00; each ‘Leaf ’ is $240.00. The contribution must be received in its entirety before engraving is ordered.


Capital Reserve: Maintain and enhance buildings and grounds.


Memorial Fund: Donations made in honor of a loved one who has passed. William Freschel Kiddush Fund: All donations help provide Kiddush Lunch each Saturday following worship services. A $150 donation is considered to be a sponsorship to honor a special someone or occasion. Flower Fund: Provides Bimah flowers each Shabbat. A $100.00 donation is considered to be a sponsorship in memory or in honor of a special someone or occasion.

BUYING OR SELLING YOUR SOUTHWEST FLORIDA HOME? Karyn and Rowan Samuel are a husband and wife real estate team and members of Temple Shalom. We specialize in beachfront, waterfront and luxury homes in Southwest Florida. Let us put our background, contacts and expertise to work for you!


The Samuel Team Karyn Samuel 239.537.3732

Prayerbook Fund: Purchase of prayerbooks and Torah commentaries. To dedicate: Prayerbooks - $54, Torah commentary - $100 High Holy Day prayerbooks - $108 - each set


Religious School

The Paula Brody and Merrill Hassenfeld Endowment Fund: Supporting operating and capital expenses.

Religious School Fund: Donations purchase supplies and support activities for Jewish learning in both Sunday and Hebrew Schools.

Endowment Fund: Donations help to secure the future, enrich the programs and provide for emergency needs of the congregation.

Religious School Enrichment Fund: Donations augment the Religious School budget to enrich the education of our children.

Scholar In Residence Endowment Fund: Supports the endowment established by Shirley and Henry Kraus. This fund enables Temple Shalom to bring visiting scholars to the Temple as an educational benefit to the membership.

Polster Religious School Scholarship Fund: To supplement Sunday and Hebrew School scholarships for students in need.

The Low Family Endowment Fund: To secure the future of Temple Shalom and Reform Judaism in Southwest Florida.

Ben Calmenson Fund: Donations will be used to create sponsorships to send children to attend Camp Coleman.

The Herbert & Ruth Abramson Fund: To supplement the general operating fund and to provide enrichment for Temple functions.

Rabbi Abraham Shusterman Children's Center Memorial Fund: To support our Religious School and Preschool.

The Janet & Howard Solot Endowment Fund: For general charitable uses and purposes.

Joseph S. Weinfeld Faculty Development Fund: Donations support both curriculum and teaching skill enrichment activities for Sunday and Hebrew School teachers.

Rabbi Miller’s Discretionary Fund: For tzedakah, charitable purposes,and general enhancement of the Rabbi's work.

Youth Activities Fund: Donations provide financial support for children of our congregation to attend Camp Coleman, to take part in regional/national youth conventions, and to experience a summer in Israel.


Cantor Azu's Discretionary Fund: For tzedakah, charitable purposes and general enhancement of the Cantor's work. Leadership Fund: Donations are used for the enhancement and enrichment of leadership programs at Temple Shalom.



Preschool Fund: Donations purchase supplies and support activities for the Preschool.

Rabbi James & Jane Perman Library: Books, magazine subscriptions and supplies are purchased.

Preschool Enrichment Fund: The enhancement of curriculum, educational programs and experiences.


Mitzvah Baskets Fund: A $100.00 donation will purchase several hundred dollars of food for JFCS.

Arby Lipman Children's Library: For the purchase of children and adolescent books and magazine subscriptions, and supplies.

Dr. Philip & Shirley Gilbert Music Fund: Donations are used for the enhancement of music at Temple Shalom.

Jack and Charlotte Ward Family Children's Music Shelf: Audio and video music for children.

David and Lillian Thalenfeld Fund for Social Justice: Provides support for Temple participation in social justice events and activities.

Oneg Shabbat:

Contact Sandy Stone for sponsorship in celebration of an event or to honor someone. This fund is administered by Temple Shalom Sisterhood. Sandy can be reached at (239) 597-1553

Rowan Samuel 239.298.3555


Contributions to Temple Shalom General Fund

In Memory Of: Stanley Fisher, Gertrude Goldfarb by Beverly Ludwig Daniel Remenick by Deedee Remenick Mary Beth Strom by Meryl Rosofsky Kevin Goldstein by Jane Shaw Philip Bass by Marilyn Buxbaum Brother of Jack Myers by Rosie Liebovich-Hyman Nathan Leventon by Susie SilverSmith & Larry Leventon Marie Gold by Cecille Raichlen Harold Zeluck by Debbie & Dr. Robert Statfeld Mary Shapiro by Katie & Harvey Cohen, Joan & Marc Saperstein, Barb & Dr. Len Cutler, Karen Mullins, Debbie Laites & Ben Post, Victoria Cooper & Alan Einhorn, Barbara Druckman, Anne & Dr. Mark Rubin The Cohen & Kronby Families by Miriam Kronby Robert Dembo by David Dembo Mindy Baha el Din, Gertrude Spalter by Gloria & Lyle Rosenzweig Ann Solot by Janet & Howard Solot Robert Coplan by Betsy Coplan Vivian Tobias, Saul Helfand by Gene Helfand Audrey Rubner by Evie & Ralph Ruebner Helene Klein by Lin & Ron Klein Leonard Levy by Carol & Michael Levy In Honor Of: Ed Wollman by Martin Samuels Selma Eisenstadt on her 100th birthday by Barb & Dr. Len Cutler Jeffrey Feld on being named a Thomson Fellow by Karen & Stanley Deutsch In Appreciation: Of Sandy Stone by Barbara Green By Debbie Zvibleman By Annette & Irvin Blass

Religious School Enrichment Fund

In Memory Of: Sadie Dregant, Beverly Dopkins, Sara Katz by Roz & Al Katz


Polster Religious School Scholarship Fund

As of March 3, 2017 Cantor Azu’s Discretionary Fund

In Memory Of: Paul Sirkus by Sandy Sirkus

In Memory Of: Stanley Kuller by Debbe & Danny Schertzer Bernard Nemeroff by Karen & Dr. Martin Cohn Marshall Sidman, Evelyn Sidman by Judith & Benjamin Peltz Dr. Arthur Levere by Bunny Levere Bertha Krause by Aileen & Michael Pierce Lillian Tash by Iris Abel Mary Beth Strom by Aaron, Esther & Sarah Strom

Flower Fund

Prayerbook Fund

In Memory Of: Selma Cassell by Brian Cassell

In Memory Of: Selma Cassell by Brian Cassell

Rabbi Miller’s Discretionary Fund

Rabbi James and Jane Perman Library

In Memory Of: Charles Indictor by Barbara Druckman Amy Cowen by Sandy Stone Evelyn Gutman by Rachel & Howard Gutman

William Freschel Kiddush Fund

In Memory Of: Herb Raskin by Roberta Macchio Bertha Meyer, Leslie Weber by Nancy & Dr. Terry Meyer Mildred Gordon, Doris Packer by Blanche & Robert Stone Nettie Subin, Harry Subin by Arlene & Bob Subin Abraham Alexander by Cheryl & Ed Alexander Morris Berkle by Honey & Shelly Berkle Charlotte Kwasha by Mardelle & Bennett Berman Harold Krichman by Linda Bluhm Harry M. Shapiro by Dottie Magen Mary Shapiro by Ida Margolis, Pat & Marshall Sutker, Rochelle & Jim Landy, Susan & Dr. Nat Ritter Jeanette Rauch, Sol Rauch by Midge & Lloyd Rauch Herman Schwartz, Dorothy Goldblatt by Donna & Dick Goldblatt Kenneth Garlikov by Susan & Dr. Nat Ritter Ezekiel Wolf by Sheila & Howie Agranat Aaron Goldstein by Caroline Beasley & David Goldstein Mary Beth Strom by Aaron, Esther & Sarah Strom Lillian Ufberg, Daniel Solomon by Gail & Dr. Mel Ufberg Janet Whitebook by Jeffrey Whitebook and Family In Honor Of: Willow Amelia Fawn Putnam by Sherry & Stephen Pino In Appreciation: By the Women of Faith and Wine, Inc. By Nancy & Dr. Irving Lipton By Helene & Alan Gordon By Mardelle & Bennett Berman

In Memory Of: Max Hindin, Eva Friedman, Sadie Hindin by Sandy & Sid Diamond Nathan Hasson, Solomon Arditti by Matty Hasson In Honor Of: Rabbi Perman on his 50 years as a Rabbi by Eleanor & Gerald Bonder, Doris & Alan Adlestein

Arby Lipman Children’s Library In Memory Of: Amy Feiman-Behar by Len & Donald Feiman

Jack & Charlotte Ward Family Music Shelf In Memory Of:

Sandy Rabinowitz by Maxine & John Corbellini Selma Cassell by Brian Cassell

Dr. Philip & Shirley Gilbert Music Fund

In Memory Of: Mary Shapiro by Ina & Richie Barr, Shellie Specter & Bob Davidson Benjamin Specter by Shellie Specter Daniel Schuman, Belle Weinberger by Sandy & Len Schuman Morris Schulman by Judy & Mark Copeland

Joseph S. Weinfeld Faculty Development Fund In Appreciation: Of Sandy Stone by Evelyn Cole

Ben Calmenson Endowment Fund In Memory Of:

Bertha Gold by Eileen & Dr. Bill Ertag

David Thalenfeld Fund

In Memory Of: Seth Kaner by Sue & Chuck Center

Scholar-In-Residence Endowment Fund

In Memory Of: David Rosen by Barbara & Bob Levine Sadie Wolinsky by Sylvia Wolinsky

Endowment Fund

In Memory Of: Sarah Chervitz by Nancy Brown & Bill Matlby Mildred Braen by Harriet & Merlin Lickhalter Mary Shapiro by Janet & Howard Solot

Low Family Endowment Fund

In Honor Of: Dana & Michael Wexler on the birth of their son Dawson Wexler by Suzanne Low

Shalom Preschool

In Memory Of: William Lubin by Leda & Bob Lubin Sonia Wichard by Susan & Alvin Wichard

Youth Activities Fund

In Memory Of: Mary Shapiro by Felicia & Dr. Ken Anchor Donations to any of the Temple Shalom funds may be made by check or credit card. To pay by check please be sure to include the name of the fund, the name of the person being honored, remembered or appreciated and who is making the donation. Mail checks to the Temple office at 4630 Pine Ridge Road, Naples, FL 34119. To pay by credit card, please log into Chaverware or call the Temple office to supply your credit card information by phone. If you need help logging in to Chaverware please call the Temple office at 29 239-455-3030.

Community Wide


Celebration of Israel

April 2017






Sunday, April 2, 2017 Fleischmann Park 12:00-3:00 PM A start-up nation, a nation that leads in stem cell research, a democratic nation, a nation of inclusion, a high tech nation, a nation of resilience, a nation of innovation, and a nation that protects freedom of worship for all religious communities.


Saturday Torah Talk 8:30AM

Shabbat morning service 10AM


Religious School 9AM Chocolate Seder 10:30AM Sunday Hebrew School 11:30AM Tribute Garden Dedication 11:30AM Israel Day



Sisterhood Board meeting 10AM Yiddish Club 10AM


Melton Scholar Class 12PM



Preschool Passover Seder 9:30AM

Hebrew School 4:45PM


Shabbat morning service 10AM

Shabbat service 7:30PM

Melton Core Class 2PM Confirmation class 6PM

(Fleischman Pk.)



No Religious School No Sunday Hebrew school


FREE DRAWING FOR 1 ROUND TRIP TICKET TO TEL-AVIV Fun for all ages Visit 40 Israeli themed exhibitors covering travel, science, medicine, communications, Judaica items for sale, dancing, singing, music, food, falafel, family entertainment and more. The kids will enjoy a kids playground, a bounce house, face painting, and more.

For more information, email

Presented by:


No Religious School


Erev Pesach


Temple offices closed


No Hebrew School

Second Night Seder 6PM


Temple offices closed


Yiddish Club 10AM

Rel. School 9AM Confirmation class 9:30AM Yom Hashoah service 10AM Sunday Hebrew School 11:30AM


Religious School 9AM Annual meeting 10AM



Sisterhood Luncheon & Installation 11:30AM

Melton Core class 2PM

Marketing committee 11:30AM

Endowment committee 1PM


Hebrew School 4:45PM

Executive committee meeting 7PM




Preschool closed Beach Shabbat Lowdermilk Pk. 6PM dinner 7PM service No service at Temple Shalom



Fundraising committee 3PM

Shabbat evening service 7:30PM

Sisterhood Book Bag 1:30PM

Preschool Camp Day


Shabbat morning & Yizkor service 10AM


Shabbat morning service 10AM

Choir rehearsal 6:30PM


Melton Scholar class 12PM Hebrew School 4:45PM


Choir rehearsal 6:30PM



Men’s Club Shabbat morning Shabbat service 10AM service with choir 7:30PM

Board meeting 7PM

Sunday Hebrew School 11:30AM





Non-Profit Org U.S. Postage


4630 Pine Ridge Road Naples, Florida 34119

Shabbat on the Beach & Passover pot luck dinner April 14th

Naples, FL Permit No. 127


Dinner at 6PM â—† Service at 7PM Lowdermilk Beach Park All dishes must be

Kosher for Passover

Please, no pork or shellfish & no mixing of meat and dairy in the same dish. Temple Shalom will supply the delicious roast chicken

RSVP to 239-455-3030

If your name begins with: A-I please bring an appetizer J-S please bring a side dish T-Z please bring a salad Each dish should serve 8-10 people

April 2017 voice  
April 2017 voice