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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Water - A Hot Topic In LaBelle LaBelle residents gather to discuss upcoming water bond issue Dan Steinbeck, Editor


ROSALES Dan Steinbeck, Editor

The man responsible for setting the fire that extensively damaged the former Canton Motel building in November 2011, was sentenced to prison. Abel Rosales, 29, pled guilty to second degree arson January 5, and was sentenced by Second Judicial Circuit Judge Russell Steele to three years in the Missouri Department of Corrections. Rosales had managed the Motel until it closed late in 2011. On the night of Nov. 6, 2011, a raging fire brought 30 firefighters from four stations. Canton Police have said Roasales was apparently offered financial gain from owner Brian Waschenbach, 39, Kahoka, for setting the fire. A trial setting for Waschenbach, also charged with second degree arson, was scheduled for January 17.

SNOW COVERS LEWIS COUNTY After weeks of above-average temperatures, the Tri-State area got a reminder of which season is still on the calendar. Snow fell on Thursday, Jan 12 postponing some basketball games, but not leading to any school cancellations, although Canton did dismiss early that day. However, there were numerous area reports of accidents or slide-offs including one minor accident north of Canton. The snow largely disappeard in warming temperatures Sunday and Monday Jan. 15-16.

ONE HURT IN SNOW ACCIDENT A Keokuk woman had apparently minor injuries in a weather related accident north of Canton Jan. 12. Miranda L. Messenger, 23 of Keokuk, Iowa, was taken to Keokuk Area Hospital by Lewis County Ambulance. According to the Missouri State Highway Patrol, Messenger was southbound at 1:30 p.m. on Route 61, a mile north of Canton, when her 2006 Saturn slid off the left side of the road and came to rest in the median. There was no damage to the car. Assisting the Patrol were Lewis County Sheriff’s Office and the Canton Fire and Rescue.

There is a clear difference of opinion of the proposed $2.5 million LaBelle water revenue bond issue on the Feb. 7 ballot. At a Jan. 16 meeting, more than 70 people jammed the lobby of the LaBelle Fire Station to hear an engineer’s report, and to voice their concerns. Mike Logsdon, of Bartlett West Engineering told of the needs of the bond issue. “In the 1950s, I’m not sure how many of you had automatic washers and dryers. The system put in then was adequate. The usage of water has changed in the last 60 years,” Logsdon said. He showed a one-inch rusty pipe and told the crowd this was an early LaBelle water main, not a to-the-home-service line. Logsdon held up four-inch diameter samples of asbestos concrete pipe. “This won’t cause a health problem when you drink the water. Where this is a problem is when the pipe is cut and asbestos is released into the air,” Logsdon said of the asbestos concrete pipe. Logsdon said the largest of the LaBelle mains is six inches, and said the current system is subject to frequent breaks, has a limited number of control valves, and fire hydrants on undersized mains. “The new state and federal regulations call for a six-inch main on a fire hydrant,” Logsdon said. The new distribution system would be vastly different. “We’re proposing eight-inch PVC lines from the storage tank to the distribution network. An eight-inch pipe can carry up to 1,000 gallons per minutes, where as a six-inch pip carries about 800 gallons per minute. Logsdon said six-inch PVC pipes would put loops in high density population areas, and four-inch PVC would be on the rest of the system, and more than 100 new controls

Photo by Dan Steinbeck

Mike Logsdon, of Bartlett West Engineering, shows a slide of the rusted pipe from the LaBelle water system that he holds. The pipe is heavily occluded.

would be added, as well as 31 new fire hydrants. Logsdon said the bond issue also considers the available water supply. The current water tank is more than 50 years old and its current location makes repairs and even maintenance difficult. The 50,000-gallon tank was last painted in the 1980s and stands 98 feet high. “To sandblast and paint the tower (for maintenance) you would have to encase the tower in plastic (because of the proximity to other structures),” Logsdon said. He said 30,000 gallons is needed for fire protection, which would allow 250 gallons a minute for two hours. He showed slides of rustoccluded pipes and rust and bird droppings issues among the current water tower issues. “The estimated cost to correct the tower is $176,600. If it is fixed, you would be in compliance with all safety regulations, but your volume and pressure would be unchanged,” Logsdon said. A new 130-foot tower, 100,000 gallon elevated tower located near the city maintenance building north of LaBelle is proposed. This would

increase current pressure from 42 to 56 pounds per square inch. It would also allow sufficient reserve water for peak demands and fire protection. The new tank would cost $450,000, the distribution system would cost $1,328,800, and administrative costs would be $603,100, for a total proposed cast of $2,381,900. He said the balance of the bond issue would be set aside to handle anticipated Department of Natural Resources rules that will become mandates about sewer issues. The project would be funded by USDA Rural Development loan at 3% for 33 years and a $500,000 Community Development Block Grant. Some in the crowd pleaded poverty. “This little town can’t afford this. LaBelle has the lowest median income in the County and one of the lowest in Missouri,” some said. Some questioned why more grants aren’t sought. Logsdon said they are being sought, but they aren’t as available as they were in recent years. Some wanted the grants sought first, and Logsdon said those that issue grants want to see a city’s commitment first, and said “The days are num-

bered” from these program grants. One in the crowd challenged the naysayers, implying the costs would increase if the city waits. One said if the city doesn’t approve the bond issue, improvements might be forced on the residents anyway. One asked why the Clarence Cannon Water commission tower south of LaBelle couldn’t be used. The answer: It doesn’t belong to the city of LaBelle and is for reserve for the system. Logsdon said with 300 water customers, it would add $19.70 a month to retire the 33-year debt, and a recent rate increase should cover current costs. Logsdon said another quicker, but less certain option would be the city board voting to take out a private loan, which could get the project rolling quicker than the grants and Rural Development loans. “They (private lender) would need some collateral, maybe the water tower. It would be a higher interest, If the city defaults, they’ll shut the tower, and you won’t have water service,” Logsdon said.

CAR SLIDES INTO DITCH IN LAGRANGE Slick roads may have been the cause of an accident on Hwy B and Poage Street at the north end of LaGrange. The accident occured Friday afternoon, Jan. 13. The driver was unable to exit the vehicle without assistance, but refused treatment at the scene. Responding were the LaGrange Police Department, the Missouri State Highway Patrol, LaGrange Fire and Rescue, and Lewis County Ambulance. Light snowfall made road conditions hazardous in the Lewis County and surrounding areas. Motorists are reminded to use extreme caution during inclement weather. Motorists should also carry a blanket, flashlight, a fully charged cell phone, ice scraper, and also make someone aware of their travel plans. Photo by Rita Cox

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Stump Six sentenced in Lewis County Circuit Court Sentencing for six people Your was held recently in Lewis Friends County Circuit Court.

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It was a busy day during a recent session of the Lewis County Circuit Court. Six area residents were each sentenced for various convictions during the session. • Charles R. Lay, 27 and brother Roman I. Lay, 25, both of Lewistown, were each sentenced for a Class B felony of attempting to manufacture a controlled substance (methamphetamine) at the LaBelle Senior Housing Oct. 22, 2011. They each received seven years in the Missouri Department of Corrections. Roman Lay had been on release from the Department of Corrections, and Charles Lay had been released from the Department of Corrections the day before their arrest. • Gregory Joe Miller, 53, of Quincy, Ill. was sentenced to five years in the Department of Corrections, with shock incarceration ordered from a Nov. 2, 2009 Class B felony for attempted manufacture of a controlled substance (meth) on Route V near U.S. 61. • Christopher C. Robbins, 33, rural Ewing, was sentenced to 10 years for the Class B felony of at-

tempting to manufacture a controlled substance (meth). This stemmed from an Aug. 5, 2010 incident where he was pursued by Lewis County deputies and found in the Ewing area with items used to make meth. Meth was also found in the vehicle. • Clifton Crowden, 54, of rural Canton, was sentenced to nine years in the Department of Correction for a Class B felony of attempting to possess a controlled substance with the intent to distribute. This stems from a Sept. 15, 2011 incident where Crowden tried to buy a large amount of marijuana from an undercover narcotics agent at Crowden’s residence. • Nicole Renae Head, 31, of Canton, was sentenced to three years in the Department of Corrections for a July 5, 2010 incident where she was arrested on a Class C felony for possessing a controlled substance. Her probation was revoked for failure to complete the Lewis County Drug Court program and ordered to serve the three-year sentence.

Absentee voting underway in Missouri for presidential primary election scheduled for Feb. 7 Absentee voting for the Missouri presidential preference primary election is under way at the Lewis County Clerk’s office. People had to be registered by January 11 to vote in the presidential primary Feb. 7. These candidates are on the ballot: Democrats Barack Obama, Chicago, Ill.; Randall Terry, Purgitsville, WV; Darcy G. Richardson, Jacksonville,

Fla.; and John Wolfe, Chattanooga, Tenn. Republican candidates include Gary Johnson, El Prado, NM; Herman Cain, Stockbridge, Ga.; Mitt Romney, Boston, Mass.; Michael J. Meehan, St. Louis, Mo.; Rick Perry, Austin, Tex.; Keith Drummond, Katy, Tex.; Jon Huntsman, Manchester, NH; Michele Bachman, Washington, D.C.; Rick Santorum, Verona, Penn.; and Ron Paul, Springfield,





Va. The Libertarian candidate is James Orland Ogle III, Sacramento, Cal. Cain, Bachman, and Huntsman, have officially ended their campaigns, but their names remain on the ballot. There is some question to the validity of the election. Missouri Republicans have opted for the caucus system to choose their delegates. The Senate vote was 16-16 for the primary, and so it will

continue. Missouri Democrats took no action on whether or not to have a primary. Each of the three party ballots, as well as the Constitutional Party ballot has an uncommitted option. The 2008 election drew 1,972 people in Lewis County, and cost about $7.37 per County voter. There re 6,109 registered Lewis County voters.

Time’s Up! County Board Filing Deadline Ends Dan Steinbeck, Editor

(Note: Due to press deadline, some late filings may not be included in this list). Filing for County-wide, municipal, and school boards ended Tuesday. Here are the confirmed slate of candidates: Ewing R-4 Fire Board - Terry Faulconer, Bryan Jennings, and Tom Stark. Lewis County Ambulance – Sub District 3, Beckie Ledbetter; Sub District 5, John Waterman; Lewis County E-911 board - Terry Faulcolner and Chris Heimer, Southern District; Connie Brundza and Stacey Nicholas, Northern District; Randy Eaton, at large position. Canton City – Jeff Janney, incumbent Third Ward alderman. No one has yet filed for First or Second Ward aldermen posts. Lewistown City – Aaron Lay, South Ward alderman; David Goodwin, North Ward alderman; Denise Goodwin, Collector; Steven L. McKenzie, mayor. LaBelle City – Chris Parrish, North Ward alderman; Justin Parrish and

Paul Harvey, South Ward alderman, all incumbents, and challenger Norm Strickland in the South Ward alderman. LaGrange City – John Solter, Middle Ward alderman, and incumbent south Ward Councilman Paul Guilfoyle. No one filed for North Ward. Canton R-V School Board – incumbent Brenna Phillips and retired principal Randy Lillard. Lewis County C-1 School Board – Neil Jennings, Donna Collier, Jamie Brennan, and incumbents Robert Reed Miller and E.H. Smith. Two will be elected. Clark County Water District – Incumbents Kirby Clark and Jay Hudnut. Lewis County Water District – Roy Smyser. Canton Special Road District – John Gorrell. Dickerson Special Road District – Vancell Scifres. Other entities without board candidates are Ewing City alderman; LaGrange Special Road Districts, and Lewis County Nursing Home, sub districts 2 and 5. Filing for these boards continues until 5 p.m. Jan. 17.

Thursday, January 19, 2012 Press-News Journal •

LOCAL NEWS Rep. Redmon announced as the winner of the Northeast Friend of Education

Representative Craig Redmon has just been announced as the winner of the Northeast Friend of Education award. This award is given by the Missouri Association of School Administrators to those who show undeterred commitment to excellence in education. Representative Redmon has always been an advocate for Northeast Missouri Schools. He attended Highland High School and upon graduation, enrolled at Culver Stockton College. He is a proud graduate of both schools and strives to give Northeast Missouri Districts a voice in Jefferson City. He was also a member of the Canton R-V school board from 2000-2009.


Foster Grandparents receive MLK award

REDMON During this time, Canton school district received the Distinction in Performance Award six times. Education is one of his top priorities and he continues to fight every day to give all Missouri children the education they deserve.

Comedy nite at Lewis Street Playhouse

The Lewis Street Playhouse, 405 Lewis Street, Canton, will present guest comedian Dustin Diamond, better known as Screech from the television show Saved By the Bell, on Jan. 21. Diamond began doing stand up comedy after the end of Saved by the Bell, and has toured on and off ever since. He has also been featured on a number of game and reality shows including The Weakest Link and Celebrity Boxing 2. Diamond has also made several cameo appearances in films. In 2009, he also played the part of “Alumnus Guy #1,” in American Pie Presents: The Book of Love. In 2010, he had a supporting role in the sports comedy Tetherball: The Movie, which Dustin plays the “Foul Mouth”’s down-on-his luck coach. Advanced tickets are available at a discounted price. For VIP seating, contact Jim Crenshaw at (660) 342-0030. The Lewis Street Playhouse presents stand-up comedy one weekend a month. The comedians are arranged through Emil Frye, better known as Fryman Entertainment, who has been booking performers for over 20 years.

Photo by Rita Cox

Several Lewis County Foster Grandparent volunteers were honored with the Martin Luther King Drum Major for Service award. Pictured are Margaret Vannaken, Emma Sparks, Mary Mitchell and Mary Kay Myers. Also receiving the award were Ginny Dade and Mary Jo Austin. The volunteers were recognized for their volunteer services to the community. By Rita Cox

The Martin Luther King Drum Major for Service award was recently given to Lewis County Foster Grandparents, Margaret Vannaken, Emma Sparks, Mary Mitchell, Mary Kay Myers, Ginny Dade and Mary Jo Austin for their volunteer efforts through the Foster Grandparent

program and the many other volunteer activities they are each involved with. The MLK Drum Majors for Service are the helping hands who perform extraordinary everyday acts of service with reliability and commitment. The volunteers each received a certificate and a letter from President

Obama, along with a pin to wear in honor of their service. Each of the volunteers help at the schools and provide volunteer services in their community. Some of the activities include church involvement, helping with special needs children, OATS bus volunteer, LaGrange Youth Center volunteer, GED

program, Eastern Star, service organizations and many other activities that help the community. The Foster Grandparents volunteers have been collecting usable shoes for children in the area as their Martin Luther King project this year. Shoes were collected and will be distributed to children in the area.

4A Thursday, January 19, 2012 Press-News Journal •

CELEBRATIONS Thank You We would like to say a very special ‘Thank You’ to our children and grandchildren for the surprise party at the Ewing Senior Center for our 50th Anniversary. Thank you also to all our family and friends who came to help us celebrate, and for all the cards and acts of kindness. It was so nice to see and talk with each one of you. May God bless each one who took time to make our 50th Anniversary a very special day.

Luekenhoff’s celebrate 35th anniversary

Hooper-Walker announce engagement

Thanks again Glen and Glenda Stark

Thank You To my family and friends for the visits, phone calls, cards, flowers, and prayers while I was in the hospital and since returning home. Thank you to Blessing Hospital and the health care workers, also home health care workers who continue to care for me, along with Doc. Childress and his office in Lewistown. A special thank you to my home church at Dover and the many neighboring churches who have me on their prayer list, and to a special nurse who took time to pray with my wife Janet. Each act of kindness will not be forgotten. God Bless You. Lester Edwin Gaus

Submitted Photo Submitted Photo

Teri Walker and Jakoby Hooper

Mark and Linda Lueckenhoff Mark A. Lueckenhoff and Linda K. (King) Lueckenhoff were married January 8, 1977 in St. Rose of Lima Catholic Church, Quincy, Ill. Linda is the daughter of LeRoy N. King, and the late Dorcas King of Quincy, Ill. Mark is the son of Albert F. Lueckenhoff, and the late NanC Lueckenhoff of Quincy, Ill. The couple have two children, a daughter Bethany Lueckenhoff, Blue Springs, Mo; a son Phillip Lueckenhoff and wife Laura, Maryland Heights, Mo. Mr. Lueckenhoff is a semi-retired educator, (Lewis County C-I Schools, Ewing, Mo.) who is currently employed part-time as the high school librarian at Highland High School. Mrs. Lueckenhoff is a retired school counselor (Palmyra R-I School District, Palmyra, Mo.); currently employed part-time by NEMO Special Education Cooperative as a Diagnostician; Currently serving as Mayor of the City of Ewing, Mo. They are members of Queen of Peace Catholic Church, Ewing, Mo. Mr. Lueckenhoff is a member of various organizations, including: Missouri Geographic Alliance, Missouri Association of School Librarians, Missouri Retired Teachers’ Association (MRTA), Lewis County RTA, Ewing Park Committee, Knights of Columbus, Great River Gaming Guild. He enjoys reading, computers, historic simulation games, and researching genealogy. Mrs. Lueckenhoff is involved in a number of organizations, including: American School Counselor Association, Missouri School Counselor Association (MSCA), NEMSCA, Missouri NEA-Retired, Missouri Retired Teachers’ Association (MRTA), Lewis County RTA, Ewing Park Committee, Queen of Peace Ladies’ Sodality. She enjoys reading, computer activities, and flower gardening. They celebrated their 35th wedding anniversary with a trip to San Diego, California.

MACC President’s List and Dean’s List Moberly Area Community College announces the Fall 2011 President’s and Dean’s lists. Students who obtained a 4.00 grade point average in 12 or more semester hours excluding developmental classes for the summer semester qualify for the President’s List. Students who obtained between a 3.50 and a 3.99 grade point average in 12 or more semester hours excluding developmental classes for the summer semester qualify for the Dean’s List. The local students on the President’s List are: John Robert Gaus, William Bradley Hogan and Shawn A. Puls of Canton and Misty Renee Blake of Edina. The local students on the Dean’s List are: Yvonne Marie McKinney, Edina, and Reann Redd, Maywood.


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Jim and Kay Campbell of rural Canton, Mo., and Carin Walker of Hannibal, Mo., would like to announce the engagement of Teri Walker to Jakoby Hooper, of rural Kahoka, Mo. The bride-elect is a 2008 graduate of Clark County R-1 High School, and will graduate in the fall of 2012 from Western Illinois University with a bachelor’s degree in agriculture education. The bride groom is the son of Jack and Mary Hooper of rural Kahoka, Mo. He attended Clark County R-1 High School. He is currently employed at TriState Welding in Kahoka, Mo. The couple will marry June 9, 2012 in Keokuk, Iowa at the Trinity United Methodist Church.

UCM Dean’s List Two local students have earned a spot on the University of Central Missouri Dean’s List. Each semester, the Dean’s List is divided into two parts. The first list includes the names of students who have achieved a perfect 4.0 grade point average, and the second list includes

the names of students who attained a grade point average of 3.50 to 3.99. Hannah Veatch, Lewistown, earned a perfect 4.0 grade point average. Kaley Boone, Lewistown, was included on the second list, having a grade point average between 3.5 and 3.99.

Lay Honored at UCM Nursing Graduate Recognition Ceremony Jordan Lay, daughter of Terry and Diane Lay, Lewistown, was recognized as a graduate of the University of Central Missouri nursing program during the Nursing Graduate Recognition Ceremony Dec. 10 in Hendricks Hall. Lay was among the nursing graduates honored during the recognition ceremony, where graduates received their nursing pins from family JORDAN LAY members or friends. The graduates then received their Bachelor of Science in Nursing degrees during the Fall 2011 Commencement ceremony in the Multipurpose Building. Lay was a member of the Student Nurses Organization while at the University of Central Missouri. Lay accepted a position on the Medical-Surgical Unit with emphasis in oncology in Springfield, Missouri at CoxHealth Medical Center South.

LaGrange Lions Club Help Improve Missouri’s Health


Missouri Foundation for Health (MFH) seeks applicants who are interested in and understand health issues in Missouri for its Community Advisory Council (CAC), an advisory group to the Board of Directors. The CAC serves as a link between the community and MFH, Missouri’s largest health foundation and the nation’s third largest health conversion foundation.

Pancake & Sausage Day


Saturday, February 4 6 a.m. - 1 p.m.


Advanced Meat Sale until Fri. Feb. 3 573-655-4825

CAC applications are available at, or by writing to or calling MFH, toll-free 800.655.5560. Applications must be postmarked by Friday, March 2, 2012, and mailed to 415 South 18th Street, Suite 400, St. Louis, Missouri 63103-2269.

Biscuits and Gravy too!

LaGrange Lions Hall- LaGrange, MO Adults $8.00 Children (age 6-12) $4.00 Advanced Tickets $7.00

Thursday, January 19, 2012 Press-News Journal •



A Photo From Yesteryear

This is life by Dan Steinbeck •

What a lovely role to have On January 10, this cheery news was released: the symbolic hands of the world’s doomsday clock have been moved forward one minute. That means on the proverbial Doomsday clock, we as a society are five minutes away from total destruction, according to the ÅBulletin of Atomic Scientists. Just two years ago, it was six minutes to midnight on the figurative clock. At this current rate, this means society has just 10 years left. However, in 1991, the time was moved back to 17 minutes until midnight. How the doomsday clock and the Mayan calendar prediction that the doomsday will occur in December of this year, isn’t exactly clear. This is based on the threat of humanity’s imminent destruction. What a fun place to work! Probably instead of smiley stickers pasted all over there are frowny faces. Hangman must be the game of choice on office computers instead of solitaire. Sad songs are probably played all day long on the company’s recorded music system. The in-office TV is set to gloom and doom news channels. The “time-change” announcement Tuesday, was absent of what the average Joe/Jane could do, except encourage

global restraint in nuclear warfare. Also absent was how the average Joe/Jane should prepare. Still further missing from the announcement was what happens to the clock if the earth is destroyed before the proverbial five minutes tick off, who’ll reset the clock if everyone is wiped out, or what happens if there is no doomsday in 10 years. The overall tenor of the announcement, based on observations of the media clips, seemed to be “go ahead and worry and hit the panic button.” That might work - to have everyone worry. People can gather for doomsday panic parties, with plenty of brown paper bags into which they can breathe when they start to hyperventilate. The ‘what if’ game can be played until people feel their brains are mush and their heads cave in. Another option is for people to do what they can to live peaceable lives and go about their business as normal - attend ball games, visit families, help other people read, strive to be a better person and take what reasonable precautions that can be taken, and deal with things as they happen, and make things right with the Creator. After all, time is ticking....


Southern Style by Brianna Bartlett •

Traits of a Southern Belle

There’s nothing more frustrating in the world than not ‘fitting in’. Through my childhood, I didn’t mind dressing differently or that I loved books more than I liked to play on the playground, but as I got older, my little quirks became sink holes on the road to acceptance. At some point, every teenager goes through a “phase” or two. I probably went through thirty trying to find out what suited me best. No matter what outfit I tried, nerd always seemed to fit me best. I didn’t like my shorts to show my legs, so I wore long shorts that cut off at the knees. I didn’t like for my pants to show my underwear, so I wore long shirts. My hair was a different color and/or style every other month. These were just a few of the things that set me apart from my peers. I’ve written my entire life, so when I got voted as the “Most Talented” in the eighth grade, I was incredibly proud that my classmates had taken the time to read what I had written and thought it

was wonderful. Later, I realized that no one had a clue what my stories were about, they simply knew that the assignment called for a one-page paper, and I had written five. I started to wonder if anyone would ever take notice of who I was as a person. Southerns are wonderful people, but unfortunately, the majority of them dress and act very similar. If you’re not country, the country don’t want you, and I had longed my entire life to be like one of the popular, pretty Southern Belles that I had seen around my school. Just before graduating, I finally sat down and attempted to figure out why they seemed so perfect to everyone. I soon realized that a Southern girl’s best quality is her ability to be natural and confident with the person God made her to be. Few people really have this trait, and some are inching towards the goal. As soon as I let go of the need to be liked, suddenly, I was. My quirk “flaws” made me into my own perfect Southern Belle.

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Submitted Photo This house which still stands northwest of LaGrange, on Route P, was known for many years as the Lillie Mae Smith home. The photo was taken around 1906 and was loaned by Curtis Farr, who also supplied the information. Pictured on the porch are Beulah Hackamack (1900-1986), Mr. and Mrs. Newton Childress, Lena Belle Yowell (1881-1980), Helen Crist (1902-1991), Lillie Mae Smith (1879-1970) and their father Clarence Smith (1875-1908). This is the family of Noel Smith, (1908-2001). Noel was only a few weeks old when his father died in 1908. Newton Childress (seated) was featured in last week’s yesteryear and was a Confederate Civil War veteran.


Backward Glances

From the pages of early Lewis County newspapers

25 Years Ago The Press-News Journal Jan. 15, 1987 Wayne Nichols, who retired from the Canton R-5 Fire Department after 17 years, was presented a certificate from Fire Chief Terry Fretwell. Nichols received the presentation during a dinner with nearly 40 fire department, board, and family members Jan. 10. Consolidated Public Water Supply District No. 1 of Clark County is beginning work on a Phase IV project. The pre-application for this project that will be submitted for loan purposes will include all persons who have paid for a water meter hook-up but have not been serviced by previous project and anyone else that might be interested in the rural water at this time. 45 Years Ago The Press-News Journal Jan. 12, 1967 The Canton Council of Churches will sponsor a “Week of Prayer for Christian Unity” from Wednesday Jan. 18, through Wednesday Jan. 25. A short devotional and prayer service will be held each day during the noon hour from 12:30 to 12:50 p.m. The service will meet in a different church each day. Jan. 19, 1967 Dr. C. Carl Schlager, Jr., formerly of Canton, has begun a three-year residency in the Department of Internal Medicine at the Kirksville College of Osteopathy and Surgery. In recognition of outstanding service, Harold (Skipper) Stow has been voted a Life Membership by the Otto Bruner Post of American Legion at Canton. He is only the second member to be so honored in the history of the Post.

tral Missouri Trust Company in Jefferson City. Mr. Arnold leaves his post as Administrative Assistant to Governor John M. Dalton with the blessing of the Governor, who found himself regretful of losing a valuable assistant, but pleased to see his associate in both Attorney General’s and Governor’s Office recognized for his legal administrative abilities. Miss Elaine Spurgeon, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Burrell Spurgeon of Canton and Miss Judy Curl, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Howard Curl of Washington, Ia., opened their new beauty salon Jan. 5 in Washinton Ia. Miss Spurgeon and Miss Curl graduated from the Burlington Beauty Academy in Burlington, Ia., in Aug. 1961 and have been working in beauty salons in Cedar Rapids, Ia. 75 Years Ago The Press-News Journal Jan. 14, 1937

50 Years Ago The Press-News Journal Jan. 11, 1962

Miss Mary Alderton, who was given a leave of absence while the Canton Public Library was being repaired, has been recalled for Feb. 1. Her presence is required to facilitate the shelving and classifying of books, old and new. George L. Martin was named to head the Canton Chamber of Commerce at the annual meeting held in the Canton House. Mr. Martin is now spending the winter in California. He was a former mayor and made a great record in that office. John Bailey, street commissioner, had a force at work clearing the streets of the many limbs broken from trees by sleet. Canton High School students heard the President’s inaugural address Wednesday. Arthur Howard installed a radio in the high school so that the students might hear the address.

J. Burleigh Arnold, formerly of Lewistown, became Vice-President and Trust Officer of the Cen-

85 Years Ago The Lewis County Journal Jan. 21, 1927

Neighbors, relatives and friends surprised Mr. and Mrs. J.L. Fretwell Jan. 18 it being the occasion of their 50th wedding anniversary. The cold weather has been very favorable for the ice harvest. The ice is 12 inches in thickness and of excellent quality. With the coming of March 1, 1927, a tract of land in this vicinity, part of which has been in the hands of one family for more than 100 years, will pass into the ownership of a stranger. This tract consists of 360 acres belonging to the estate of the late Abner Bozarth. The contract for the transfer of the land to Fred Frieden of Elgin, Ia., for a consideration of $40,000, a little more than $111 per acre, was signed this week. This body of land lies in the Mississippi River bottom some three miles south of town, and was entered by two of the Bozarth brothers who came from Kentucky and were among the earliest settlers to locate here. Two hundred acres of the tract, on which the residence of the late Abner Bozarth is situated, has never been out of Bozarth hands since it was obtained from the government. Mr. Bozarth’s grandfather, John Bozarth, entered 160 acres of it April 20, 1819, and the other 40 on July 16, 1921. The land passed to his son, Reason Bozarth, and hence to Abner Bozarth. 95 Years Ago The Lewis County Journal Jan. 12, 1917 Among those receiving letters from Christian University for good work in athletics was Fred Porter of Monticello. This was his first year at the college. Will Smith and Miss Lucy Fible filled the latter’s ice house this week getting some nine inch ice. J.B. Porter is putting up this week, hauling it from the creek near town. Arch Taylor is filling the Williams ice house

this week with nine and ten ice off of a pond. The large cattle barn on the farm of W.B. McRoberts east of town was totally destroyed by fire Friday morning, together with all the contents. The barn contained 450 bushels of corn, 25 tons of hay and farm machinery to the value of about $500. It was quite a loss to Mr. McRoberts and Mr. Anderson. Miss Lewis, a trained nurse from Keokuk, came Thursday to O.H. Dickey’s to nurse his little daughter who has pneumonia. 125 Years Ago The Lewis County Journal Jan. 14, 1887

The protracted meeting at Benjamin is still in progress; 18 additions to date. The sleighing is very fine now and all that have sleighs and horses are making good use of the snow. Water has been very scarce for the past two weeks, many having to melt snow and ice. The new iron bridge across the Fabius at this place is now completed and it is pronounced by all as a “daisy.” It is thought to be one of the finest bridges in the county. It was accepted by the Commissioner immediately on completion. We are glad to announce to the public that the Central Union Telephone Co. has again put up their wire across the river, this connecting this place with Quincy again. There is a movement on foot to levee the Mississippi along the western shore of LaGrange to Hannibal and thus make tillable all the fine bottom land between these two points now worthless on account of overflow from the river. It seems to be a laudable enterprise. Think of the wheat these lands would yield if the water could be kept off them.

6A Thursday, January 19, 2012 Press-News Journal •


I would like to thank my family and friends for their many kindnesses during my recent surgery and recovery. I appreciate all of the calls, cards, p emails, ffood, prayers and visits very much. A Again, a big THANK YOU to all who supported me during this difficult time. Lisa Harsell

Winter Warm Up Soup Supper

Saturday, Jan. 28 4:30 pm - 7:00 pm at Park United Methodist Church Lewistown Mo Sponsored by Miracles Workers Group Handmade: Chili, Chicken Noodle, Vegetable, and Potato Soup, w/sandwiches & desserts

Donation Ewing R-4 Fire & Rescue Auxiliary

Annual Pancake & Sausage Breakfast at the Ewing Firehouse

Saturday, Jan. 28 6 a.m. - 1:00 p.m.

Donations accepted.

Patty and Link Sausage available for sale! During the annual breakfast we will have our “50/50”Raffle Drawing with prize being awarded at 1:00 p.m.

Proceeds to go towards the purchase of equipment.

wks 2-3


506 South Street, LaGrange, MO

Personal, Farm, and Business ELECTRONIC TAX PREPARATION Bookkeeping - Payroll & Payroll Tax Services Tuesday-Thursday 9 am to 6 pm Friday, Saturday, and Evenings by appointment • Now accepting Master Card, VISA, and Discover •

Call Kerri or Mike at 573-655-4949


You don’tt have to bee o a farmer to call Kim..

Kim Hugenberg Lewis County Farm Bureau Agent


Submitted Photo The Lewis County C-1 FFA chapter recently attended one of nineteen Greenhand Motivational Conferences conducted by the State Officers of the Missouri FFA Association. The conference was sponsored by MFA Incorporated. Seated from left to right are: Vice President Adam Birk, Jackson; Vice President Samantha Whittaker, Miller; Vice President Lane Howard, Salem; Vice President Sarah Davis, Poplar Bluff; and Vice President Megan Mayfield, Fair Grove. Standing are members of the Lewis County C-1 FFA Chapter: Makenzi Jennings, Zach Abell, Alexis Goodwin, Mikey Whan, Garrett Bringer, Maria Richardson, Kyle Bringer, Lauren Kramer, Nathan Henderson, Kristine Job, Andrew Falconer and Tabitha Brumbaugh.


of Clubs and Organizations

ARMSE The Hannibal Mark Twain Chapter of the Association of Retired Missouri State Employees (ARMSE) will meet Jan. 20, at 11:30 a.m. at the Nutrition Center at 219 South 10th Street, in Hannibal. Tim Murphy of Hannibal will present a program on making arrowheads. All current and retired state employees are encouraged to attend. Reservations are not required. For more information, call 573-221-4157. OATS Bus The Oats Bus members met Jan. 6 at the Canton Senior Center. Frances and Norman Adams were the drivers.

Sheree Webb from the Shelbina office attended the meeting and discussed the volunteer sheets that are filled out by the members. The group selected Mildred Stewart as Volunteer of the Year. She will be honored at the May meeting in Canton. The group voted to have their “bakeless bake sale” and “No Show show” as fundraisers. The group will travel to Jefferson City on February 1 for Transportation Day. Several members went to the Cannon Dam Opry on New Year’s Eve. Attending the meeting were Norman and Frances Adams, Sheree Webb, Jeanette Buragas, Georgene Butler, Mary Edmon-

LaGrange News By Myrna Hoteling

Larry and Maxine Wolfmeyer attended Sunday worship at Redeemer Lutheran Church in Olathe, Kansas. Their great granddaughter, Bella Rose Hagen, daughter of Jessica and Chris Hagen was welcomed into the Kingdom of God through the Washing of Holy Baptism. Sponsors were her aunt Jenifer Fausset and Uncle, Travis Hagen. Donna Collier and granddaughter Hannah spent five days and six nights in Naussa in the Bahamas. It was a graduation gift from Donna as Hannah will graduate from Culver Stockton College. They swam with the dolphin who played Flipper, saw where Gilligan’s Island was filmed and movie Blue Lagoon. Raymond and Bessie Stanbaugh were dinner guests in the home of their daughter Virginia and Mike Carpenter of Novelty on New Years Day. Emma and Sheridan Heindselman spent the week after Christmas with their grandparents Russell and Phyllis Heindselman. Jim, Ruth and Melissa Shutwell were guests of his brother Bob and Linda Shutwell in LaHarp, Ill. Raymond and Bessie Stanbaugh were New Years dinner guests in the home of their daughter and husband, Virginia and Mike Carpenter of Novelty, Mo. Emma and Sheridan Heindselman spent a week with their grandpa, Russell and grandma Phyllis Heindselman. Nancy Howe and her son Michael Foley hosted the Foley family annual celebration in their La Grange home. Attending were; Robert and Jayne Kunz, Lizzy and Catilyn, Matthew and Tina Foley, Ember, Anthony, Megan Ramariz of Springfield, Ill., Mark and Sherri Foley and children, Adam Foley and Erin and Tony Likes of Quincy; Courtney Heberlein and Jacob Foley of Glen Carbon, Ill. Brunch and dinner were served along with a gift exchange for the children. School board election is in April. It’s January and the ladies aid members of St. Peters’ Lutheran Church are meeting weekly to construct quilts for Lutheran World Relief. The ladies usually send 100125 annually to LWR for global distribution. Nancy Howe just returned from spending two weeks with her son Patrick Foley and family in Phoenix, AZ. She enjoyed the 80 degree temperature and sitting in the sun. The Green Chapel Church held their annual New Year’s Eve services.

ston, Leta Gaus, Patsy Geery, Lucille Gillespie, Mary Kay Meyers, Edith Schmuck, Marie Scoggin, Mildred Stewart. The next meeting will be Feb. 6, at the LaGrange Senior Center. LaGrange Garden Club The LaGrange Garden Club, a member of the FGCMO, Central Region and Northeast District, met January 9 at the LaGrange City Council Chamber, with nine members attending. The meeting was called to order by Betty Lillard, Vice President. The program for the month was reviewing the Club Yearbook. The next meeting will be Feb. 6 at 1:30 at the City Council Chambers. The program will be planning youth planting activities with Preschoolers for March. Anyone interested in attending a meeting or joining the club, contact Linda Hess or Betty Lillard. Oyster-Prairie 4-H Oyster Prairie 4-H club met Jan. 9, with 22 members that attending. The group discused the Rabbit Show in Palmyra on March 3, members are to

bring a desert. We mentioned the Hillbilly auction and that will be set at a later date. There were two committee reports. Brooke Miller, Carey Rodas, and Kelly Adams attended the Ham curing project. Connor Wilson and Ryan Waterman attended the Hunting and Outdoor skills activity. Demonstrations were by Emily Legg on ceramics and Hunter Collier on cake decorating. The next meeting will be held on Monday, Feb. 6.

GFWC We Moderns GFWC We Moderns Club of Lewistown met at the home of Janet Klocke on Dec. 14 with 13 members present. Members brought gifts to send to Girls Town for Christmas. Officers were appointed for the coming year. Refreshments and fellowship were enjoyed by Nancy Geisendorfer, Mitzi Benson, Doris Zuspann, Sharon Veatch, Nancy Arnold, Bonnie Jansen, Bernita Penn, Betty Dance, Geraldine Daak, Pat McAfee, Marca Owens, Jan Sellers and hostess Janet Klocke. More Club News on page 7A

Maywood News By Loretta Bringer

Mr. and Mrs. Paul Durst are celebrating their 65th wedding anniversary and all of their children surprised them and attended church at South Union with them on Sunday. Many of their grandchildren were in attendance also. The family was celebrated with a luncheon after the service. Marvin and Rachel Bringer and Jim Kessell attended the birthday party at the 18 Wheeler Saturday morning for George Keller’s 86th birthday. A number of friends and family were in attendance from the Taylor, Hannibal, and Palmyra area. Ron Dietrich is still recuperating from his surgery in Iowa City and hopefully will be home soon. This is an advanced notice that Maywood Cemetery Day will be March 18 with the meeting at 2 p.m at the South Union Baptist Church. The Martin Luther King, Jr. celebration service was held at the Willow Street Christian Church on Sunday afternoon.The theme was “The Best Laid Plan Needs to End in 2012”.The featured speaker was Rudy Nickens, Director, Equal Opportunity and Diversity Dir. MoDot. He had an excellent message and the music was enjoyed by everyone.There was a large attendance including Rachel Bringer, Bobby Shepherd, Marvin and Loretta Bringer. The family of Mary Frances Quinlin hosted a birthday celebration for her on Sunday afternoon. Marvin and Loretta Bringer enjoyed a visit with her. Rachel and Loretta Bringer attended a wedding shower for Ashley Bringer on Saturday afternoon. Ashley is the daughter of LuAnn and Randy Bringer and will be married in Jonesboro, AK on March 10 to Adam Sartin. The shower was hosted by Terri Bringer, Becky Fleer, Dawn Murdock, and Kim Spitzfaden. There is still time to get a recipe in the Maywood Fire Department’s cookbook. Send to Laurie Stark, 4324 C R 112, Maywood, MO 63454 and be sure to include your name on the receipe.

Thursday, January 19, 2012 Press-News Journal •



Barn Quilt in LaBelle

Open ‘NOW’ in my home Shawna Hinton 17568 Holly Ave, Monticello MO

By Rita Cox

Mary Jane (Pinson) Ott of Fort Worth, Texas and a former resident of LaBelle, recently installed a Barn Quilt on the family farm northwest of LaBelle. Mrs. Ott was curious as to whether any other barn quilts exist in Lewis County. Barn quilts are patterns which resemble quilts and are usually painted on plywood and then attached to a barn or outbuilding. The history of the barn quilt began about 300 years ago with the arrival of immigrants from the Rhine region of Germany. These groups included Amish, Mennonites, Lutherans and other Reform groups according to a information from the internet. Prior to the 1830s, most barns were unpainted because of the cost of paint. As paint became more affordable, the Pennsylvania Dutch began to paint and decorate their barns. Barn decorating peaked in the early 20th century. There were many artists who specialized in barn decorating and combined many folk designs, including patterns from quilt squares. In the past several years, barn quilts have become popular again and more are appearing on barns and other places. Several places have published maps which gives viewers a location and meaning. A few states have developed quilt trails including Pennsylvania, Ohio, Indiana, Kentucky and Iowa.


Shear Madness Hair Salon

$10.00 ~ Haircuts thru January $20.00 ~ Highlights thru January Call for appointment 573-620-5030 Mon. - Fri. 9 -5 / Sat. by appointments Later appointments available

BASH Cancer Soup Supper and Entertainment

Saturday, Jan. 28

Dinner 4:30 pm Music 7:00 pm

Eagles Lodge - Canton MO $5/person dinner $10/person dinner & dance Children under 3yr. free

Submitted photos

Proceed Benefit Relay for Life

This barn quilt was recently hung on the Pinson family farm barn in rural LaBelle.

Many pictures and patterns can be found at Mrs. Ott had seen articles about barn quilts and wanted to create something for the barn on her family’s farm. Her mother was an avid quilter and she wanted to honor her family with a meaningful symbol. The barn quilt has the names of her parents, her brother Kenneth, who died in 1999 and her name, along with a silver star to honor her father, Stanley Pinson (19162005). Mr. Pinson was a World War II veteran who served

in the army with the 36th Division in the European tour. While in Germany he led a mule train of supplies during the cover of night, to a regiment of soldiers who were out of food and ammunition. He received a Silver Star for that mission and Mrs. Ott painted the star in his memory on the barn quilt. Members of her family including nephews and cousins helped with the quilt project. Butch Patrick of LaBelle helped her get the plywood for the quilt and she worked on it while visiting her mother, Juani-

of Clubs and Organizations

Canton UMW The United Methodist Women of Canton met Jan. 3 at the home of Kay Dodd for a noon luncheon of bean soup. Charlene Baker, President, began the meeting with prayer. Members responded to roll call with Bible verses, and Jean Calvert read the minutes and the prayer chain. Kay Dodd reminded members to read books from the suggested reading list. She plans to donate large plastic tubes to store the hand fashioned prayer shawls, stuffed bears, angel blankets, and childrens’ quilts neatly until they are sent to various places. Jean Calvert read from the Prayer Calendar, and Charlene Baker shared an Upper Room devotion about God’s love for all, reminding members to speak words of love. Patty Martin told the group about Down Country, a local organization with the purpose of informing the public about available resources and support. Martha Ann Jones led a goal setting program that asked the question, “Can we put our faith, hope and love in action for women, children, and youth?” The meeting closed with a responsive reading of Psalm 122.

Lewis County Unit of MRTA The Lewis County Unit of the Missouri Retired Teachers Association and Public School Personnel participated in several activities the later part of 2011. On October 21, the group met for lunch and a business meeting at the ONE Restaurant in Quincy with President Carol Murfin presiding. Members had brought food donations which were later given to the food pantry at the Lutheran Church in LaGrange. Mark Lueckenhoff reported that a recycling grant had been approved and that trailers for recycling are located at both Lewis County C-1 Schools as well as in each classroom. Following the October meeting, many in the group went to the LincolnDouglas Interpretive Center to hear Quincy University’s Professor Emeritus Dr. David Costigan. Then, several members viewed Wayside Exhibits in Washington Park. These exhibits told more about Lincoln’s 1858 campaign and the Lincoln-Douglas Debate. On December 15, the club’s social was held at LuLaBelle’s in Hannibal. Those in attendance enjoyed lunch and visiting. An informal program included sharing school experiences from the past, including attendance at various one-room schoolhouses. A committee met in December to plan locations and programs for 2012. The next meeting is scheduled for February 16 at Sydni’s in Quincy fol-

lowed by a tour of Underbrink’s Bakery. The group is scheduled to work at the recycling facility in Palmyra on Saturday, March 10 from 10 a.m. - 2 p.m. Bluff Springs UMW The Bluff Springs United Methodist Women met Dec. 14, in the home of Mrs. Nancy Barry. After enjoying her Christmas decorations and the noon dinner, the meeting was called to order by Mrs. Dorothy Higbee, President, reading “Jesus Loves Me.” The prayer calendar was read by Miss Elaine Gorrell. Scripture was from Mark 9, followed by prayer by Mrs. Higbee. The program “A Gift of Joy for Christmas” was led by Mrs. Rose Morehouse assisted by Mrs. DeLorus Leftwich. Roll call was answered by ten members and guest with a bible verse and 37 visits to the sick and shut-ins. Mrs. Morehouse stated she had received 464 Christmas pencils and 24 packages of stickers to send to Miss Connie Weick, Missionary/Teacher in China. Highlights from the “Type That Binds” were given by Mrs. Higbee. We should get a Love Certificate for 2011 goals achieved. Spiritual Life Closing was given by Mrs. Higbee reading “Christmas Time.” After the meeting, our gift exchange was held and then we wrapped the gifts for the NECAC family we adopted for Christmas. Others present were Vickie Gorrell, Lue Bursewing, Betty Horner, Themla Waples, and Gloria Williams.

Progressive Neighbors The Progressive Neighbors club met Jan. 10 at Primo’s for lunch with eight members present. President Kay Dodd opened the meeting and gave the devotional. Roll call was answered with members telling what they would like to do in 2012 to enhance their Christian life. Club dues were collected. The next meeting will be Feb. 14. Members will be notified of the time and place.

ta. The barn where the quilt is located is over 100 years old. Ott has many fond memories of her father working in the barn and milking their eight cows. Her family bought the farm in 1953 and the original farm house was located across from the barn. She wrote a book about the history of LaBelle several years ago. Mrs. Ott and her husband, George, have two daughters and three grandchildren. She visits her mother and the LaBelle area often.

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New York Giants vs San Fransisco

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COMMUNITY NEWS COMMUNITY FOUNDATION OF QUINCY AREA PROVIDES GRANT TO EWING COMM. SENIOR HOUSING It’s making the right choices for your farm. The team of Local Experts at Two Rivers FS can bring your farm’s profit potential to new heights.

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Meet Your Hannibal Dental Group Dentists “As dentistry improves and adapts to advances in both technique and technology,it’s important to me that I stay current with what’s new. That’s why I’m a member of many different dental organizations. By meeting my colleagues and engaging in professional discourse, I can continue to grow as a dentist. Plus, it is very satisfying to see the positive impact in a patient’s life by creating a more beautiful smile. That’s why I decided to become a dentist.” Dr. Paul Harder

Black named math specialist Tiffany Black has been named math specialist at Rockhill school in Stafford, Va., where she is currently a fifth grade teacher. Black earned a K-8 Mathematics Specialist Degree from VCU last year. She graduated from Canton R-V and Quincy University. She is the daughter of Debby and Roger Hetzler of Canton and Ed Moore of Milan, Ill., and the granddaughter of Bob and Betty Meyer and Eilene Marks of Canton.

MRI Spine Interpretation Training for Chiropractor

Dr. Paul Harder

2727 St. Mary's Ave. Hannibal


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Submitted Photo Pictured is one of the recently installed energy efficient storm doors provided by a grant from the Community Foundation of the Quincy Area. The grant of $1000.00 to the Ewing Community Seniors Housing, Inc., was used to better serve the energy needs of the tenants. Board president Harlie Spratt accepted the grant check from the Community Foundation at an awards ceremony in Sept. 2011.


Monday - Friday 10 am - 6 pm Saturday - 9 am - 3 pm

STIFFEY Pro Active Chiropractic Center is announcing its Chiropractor, Scotty Stiffey, has recently completed advanced training at MRI Spine Interpretation from the University at Buffalo School of Medicine. Specialized areas in which Stiffey will be concentrating are MRI History and Physic, MRI Spinal Anatomy and Protocols, MRI Disc Pa-

Dan Goehl, DVM with the Canton Veterinary Clinic in Canton, Missouri has been elected by his peers to the position of Vice President for the Academy of Veterinary Consultants (AVC). The position is a four year commitment transitioning to the position of President. The AVC is a group of 900 beef veterinarians that oversee approximately 80% of the cattle in the USA.

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Local Veterinarian elected Vice President of AVC

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Submitted Photo Pictured is a Birthday cake made by Kristen Yargus, which was decorated like the front page of a Press-News Journal edition. It was eaten at a gathering in the Fellowship Hall at Canton Christian Church, as church members and friends celebrated Rev. Ron Frazier’s 75th birthday. Rev. Frazier’s church family surprised him with a cooked meal, decorations, a card shower and a love offering.


NE Missouri Schools Cash in on Buckling up challenge

Local schools took the challenge to buckle up and made it click with students. One hundred and fifty-five schools, including 19 schools in Northeast Missouri, participated in this year’s Battle of the Belt Challenge, a competition to raise seat belt use among teens. Participating schools launched two surprise seat belt checks at each school to measure student seat belt use before and after an educational campaign. In addition, schools had the opportunity to submit a 30-second video spot to encourage their peers to buckle up. Highland was one of the five schools in the northeast Missouri area that received statewide recognition for seat belt use that reached gold (99-100%), silver (9598%) or bronze (91-94%) levels of seat belt use and will receive banners to display at the school donated by the Missouri College of Emergency Physicians. Highland High School earned a bronze banner with 91.87 percent. Marion County High School won the Northeast Regional Award for the Highest Overall Seat Belt Use achieving 98% seat belt use. American Family Insurance will donate $500.00 to be used for future seat belt education programs at the schools. Traffic crashes are the leading cause of death for people 15-20 years old. Results of a 2011 survey among Missouri teens indicate 33 percent of teens are not wearing their seat belt putting them at greater risk to get killed or injured in traffic crashes. Seven out of ten teens killed in Missouri traffic crashes are unbuckled. The Battle of the Belt was originally brought to southwest Missouri by the Missouri Emergency Nurses Association and St. John’s Hospital. In 2006, the Missouri Coalition for Roadway Safety, in conjunction with American Family Insurance, took the competition statewide and continues to sponsor this year’s program with the Missouri College of Emergency Physicians. For more information visit http://www.savemolives. com/.

Sponsored by

Cell Tech of Canton


Thursday, January 19, 2012 Press-News Journal •

Photo by Rita Cox


Photo by Rita Cox

Fifth grade students at Highland Elementary School in Ewing donated food to NECAC in place of having a holiday gift exchange. The classes collected over $200 in food, which was delivered to NECAC in Canton and helped local families in Lewis County. As fourth graders, the students donated money to the Great River Honor Flight program, which recently sent three Lewis County Veterans to Washington D.C. Fifth grade teachers are Mrs. Evans, Mr. Kessler, Mrs. Steinbeck and Mrs. Harshburger. Photo by Rita Cox

Photo by Rita Cox

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Lewistown Soup Supper at the Park United Methodist Church, 4:30-7pm.

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Thursday, January 19, 2012

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Canton R-V has an Elementary Principal opening for the 2012 2013 school year. Elementary Principal Certification is required. The candidate should be knowledgeable in curriculum and possess the necessary leadership abilities to continue the academic success established at Canton R-V. Interested applicants should send a Letter of Interest, Resume, Five References, Official Transcript, and proof of Certification to: W.A. Anderson, Superintendent, Canton R-V School District, 200 South 4th, Canton MO 63435. Deadline is January 31, 2012.

LPN 2-10/10-6. Apply at LaBelle Manor Care Center, LaBelle MO. 3-4*

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Part-time Administrative Assistant to the Associate Dean of Experiential Education Culver-Stockton College is seeking an outstanding candidate for the newly created, part-time position of Administrative Assistant to the Associate Dean of Experiential Education. The successful candidate for this position will have strong clerical skills, requisite technology skills including advanced Microsoft Excel, Word, Access, Outlook and Publisher as well as strong internet capabilities. They must demonstrate the ability to quickly learn and utilize technology. Strong communication skills are required due to the variety of constituencies including students, faculty, staff, and community professionals. The successful candidate will have the ability to multi-task, problem -solve by working independently, and will have excellent time management skills. Other duties will vary. Bachelor’s degree and professional office experience preferred. Hours will vary between morning and afternoon but will be during normal business hours of 8:00 am and 5:00 pm. Send resume and letter of interest to: Amy Baker, Director of Human Resources, Culver-Stockton College, Canton, MO 63435. Electronic submissions to are highly encouraged. Position is open until filled. EOE. nw3

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FOR RENT 2 BEDROOM upper, utilities furnished $400 month, 406 Lewis, Canton, 573822-4578 2-4* _________________________ 2-3 BEDROOM house, 1 bath, close to school, Canton 573-288-3675 2-4* _________________________ LEWISTOWN 2 bedroom mobile home available immediately 573-406-9701 or 573-406-9501 2tf _________________________ 3 BEDROOM mobile home in Lewistown $350.00 month w/deposit and renter pays utilities. 573-215-2517 2-4* _________________________ HOUSE for Rent, 207 N 6th 3 Bdrm $400/plus deposit, No Pets, 573-288-8966. 3tf _________________________ 3 BEDROOM Farm house near Steffenville. Mostly furnished to include refrigerator and stove. Utilities not furnished. (660)-4623944 or (217)-440-0039. 3-5* _________________________ TAKING APPLICATIONS for newly remodeled 2 bedr. farm house. S of Hwy 6 between Ewing & Lewistown. New appliances furnished, no pets, rent $650 month, deposit $650 / 1 year lease. Available April 1st. Contact Paul 217-257-1287 to receive application. 3tf

Office Spaces For Lease

Set up and ready for business Canton, MO Call 573 288 3090

Donna Collier 217-242-7383

Office 217-223-9700 Toll Free 888-332-4164

OPEN HOUSE SUN., Jan. 22 from 2-4 pm 1011 College, Canton, MO Beautifully restored 3 story, 3 bedroom brick home! Beautiful woodwork & pillars, open stairway & lg. master suite w/bath & walk-in closet. All modern amenities w/classic turn of the century charm. $139,500 Hostess: Donna Collier PRICE REDUCED - 606 Bland, Canton, MO $67,0004 bedroom bungalow that is within walking distance to school and downtown area. All floors on the main floor are hardwood. Full basement, updated electric heat pump heating system & electric fireplace. Donna Collier - 217-242-7383

All real estate advertised herin is subject to the Federal Fair Housing Act, which makes it illegal to advertise “any preference, limitation, or discrimination because of Something More, Nothing Less race, color, religion, sex, handicap, familial status, or national origin, or www.bockenfeldand intention to make any such preference, limitation, or discrimination. We will not knowingly accept any advertising Diana Bockenfeld for real estate which is ABR, CRS, GRI in violation of the law. 217-653-4105 All persons are hereby 4531 Maine, Suite R informed that all dwellings Quincy, IL 62305 advertised are available on an equal opportunity basis.

(217) 228-1000

Office: 573-767-5436

Homes For Sale or Rent

109 East Lafayette, Monticello, MO REAL ESTATE

Agricultural - Recreational - Commercial - Residential

STORAGE UNITS - available in LaGrange starting at $30.00 per month. 573655-4457. 1tf _________________________ LEWIS COUNTY Storage spaces available 8x8, 12x12, and 12x4, 2nd and College, & 4th and College, Canton. 573-288-3357 1tf _________________________ 2 BD/DUPLEX 802 B Hampton, Available Jan 1, $475 plus Deposit. Utilities not furnished, 573-2888966. 1tf _________________________ 2 BEDROOM house, detached garage, central air, appliances furnished, 1 blk from Canton school, $385/ mo plus utilities (573) 2882328 leave message. 1-3* _________________________ 2 BEDROOM home - Canton. References required 573-288-3417 2-4* _________________________ TAKING APPLICATIONS for newly remodeled 2 bedr. home in Ewing. New paint & carpet, appliances furnished, no pets, rent $450, deposit $450, 1 year lease. Contact Paul at 217-2571287 to receive application. 3tf

For Rent

LaBelle Sr. Housing 1 bedroom, well-kept apartments for rent, income based rent, includes utilities, refrigerator and range. Quiet atmosphere. On site laundry facilities. Contact Amy Parrish, P.O. Box 169, LaBelle, MO 63447

LaBelle Senior Housing 660-213-4012

Press-News Journal P.O. Box 227, Canton MO 63435




SMRon Neff Owner

573-470-2462 NO JOB TOO SMALL



STUMP REMOVAL Starting $35.00 Fully Insured • Free Estimates

35” Gate Opening Same/Next Day Service

573-478-3334 Ed Tate Maywood, Mo.

Bill Fretwell, Broker / MO & IL: 660.341.7735 Gary Klingele, Sales / MO & IL: 217.242.9554 Craig Myers, Sales / MO: 660.341.9305 Jennifer Wood, Sales / MO: 217.257.8812





Davis & Frese


Denman Country Drugs, Inc.

573-497-2727 1-800-637-1300

Campbells Excavating & Trucking Digging, Basements & Ditches etc. Bud Campbell, Owner RR 3 Box 48 G 660-754-6322 Day 754-6034 Nights Kahoka, MO 63445


Pearl Machine & Tool L.L.C. 301 North 3rd, Canton, Mo. 63435 Phone 573-288-8665 (TOOL) Cell 660-216-5511 BENJAMIN MOORE PAINTS HARD SURFACE FLOORING

JANNEY BUILDERS SUPPLY & CONSTRUCTION, INC. General Building Contractor Plumbing & Electrical Canton 573-288-5586

INCOME & RECREATIONAL PROPERTIES: 209 S 4th - Canton $30,000

704 Bland St. - Canton $58,000

Marilyn Roach Estate contact : Lisa Logsdon, PR (660) 341-0525

New Listing: Revere, MO – Clark County farm with total of 115.3 acres, 85 acres currently in row crop production. 2 ponds and small creek with brushy hollows make for good hunting also. Call Craig at 660-341-9305. ! NLY! LE O

Lewistown, MO – 20.3 tillable acres currently in production, property fenced in with easy access. Call Jennifer at 217-257-8812.

409 N Main - LaGrange $19,500

LaBelle, MO – 20 acres open ground right off Hwy K north of LaBelle. Won’t last long – call Jennifer at 217-257-8812.


Equal Housing Opportunity


Press-News Journal P.O. Box 227, Canton MO 63435

DEADLINE MONDAY 10 A.M Lewis Co. Ambulance

Lewistown, MO – 26 acres – Great hunting piece, cattle ground or scenic building site that is currently in CRP. Close to Deer Ridge Wildlife area. Call Jennifer at 217-257-8812.

Emergency: Dial 911


Monticello, MO – 140 acres recreational and income property, secluded location and excellent hunting. Call Craig at 660-341-9305. Williamstown, MO – 135 acres recreational and income property, large lake, small house, and metal shed on property. 30 acres tillable and easy access. Call Jennifer at 217-257-8812. Higbee, MO – Price Reduced! Excellent income potential on 200 acre farm, CRP expired last year – easy highway access. Call Craig at 660341-9305.


Murphy Hauling Rock, Sand, Lime, Grain Fertilizer,

Wayne Murphy, Jr. 12340 190th Ave. Williamstown, MO 63473 (573) 853-4589

Denman Country Mini Storage

573-497-2727 1-800-637-1300


Roofing • Drywall Siding • Remodels New Construction

217-440-4906 • 573-209-5979 Ewing, MO

This advertising spot could be yours. Contact Paula or Karin at and find out how

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FOR THE RECORD Seeking Students to Participate in Student Alliance Program

Captain James E. Wilt, commanding officer of Troop B, Macon, is pleased to announce Troop B will be conducting a two-day Student Alliance Program. The purpose of the program is to provide an opportunity for current junior and senior high school students to learn more about law enforcement and the Missouri State Highway Patrol. The 2012 Troop B Student Alliance Program will be conducted at the Troop B Headquarters in Macon, Missouri, on two consecutive Saturdays from 9:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., beginning on March 17, 2012. Participants must provide their own transportation and will be on their own for a lunch break each day. During the program, students will participate in a variety of educational activities intended to familiarize them with Highway Patrol operations and equipment. Some of the activities will include: Patrol history, firearms, traffic safety, polygraph demonstration, stop and approach, and crime scene investigation. Troop B is seeking interested junior and senior high school students of good character to apply to participate in the program. In order to provide a quality educational experience, the program will be limited to 20 students. Applications can be obtained at the Troop B Headquarters, located at 308 Pine Crest Drive, Macon, Mo; or by calling Sergeant Brent Bernhardt at (660) 385-2132. Applications must be received by February 17, 2012, to be eligible to participate.


MULTIPLE AUCTION RINGS BOTH DAYS! Sale conducted on site located West of the Jct. of Hwy. 81 and Hwy. 136, Kahoka, MO.

More Details & Photos Online!


The lumberyard has been in operation since 1977. Selling a very large amount of inventory to include building supplies, electrical, plumbing, cement forms & tools, contractor equipment, tools, forklifts, truck and store fixtures.




- 6 PM

Sale conducted at Steve’s Family Dining (located on the East side of the Kahoka, MO square) O e im M Pr ast, g e n rth nti No Hu


Otte to Host Pasture Canton Police Report Canton Police Report for January 6 through January Walk January 19 12.

The Canton Police Department reports the following A pasture walk will be held at the farm of David Otte arrests: Latrell A. Smith, 22, Milwaukee, Wis., was aron Thursday, January 19 beginning at 1:00 pm. The event will provide attendees an opportunity to view Mr. Otte’s rested for Possession of Marijuana. The department had seven traffic violations which grazing system and see how he manages his forages to allow for winter grazing. Directions to the farm from included five verbal warnings, no written warnings, two Kahoka, Mo are to take Hwy 81 North approximately 2 citations, and no investigative. ½ miles to the first county road north of the Fox River. Go west on that county road approximately 1 mile to the farm. The event is being held in an effort to promote a “grazing groupâ€? in the Scotland, Clark, Knox and Lewis County areas. For more information, or if you are interested in attending or hosting future Pasture Walks, please contact either Robert Conley at the Clark County An informational meeting regarding the Conservation NRCS office at 660-727-2955 ext. 3, or Brad Nelson at Stewardship Program (CSP) will be held at the Lewis 660-341-3694. County USDA office in Monticello at 10:00 a.m. on January 20. Anyone interested in learning more about the program or applying for the program is invited to attend. USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) Chief Dave White announced that the cutoff date for the current CSP ranking period has been Former Lewis County residents, Jay and Brenda extended to January 27. Producers who maintain a Stalder will appear in the QCT production of “The Ad- high level of conservation on their land and agree to ventures of Tom Sawyer, The Broadway Musicalâ€? to be adopt higher levels of stewardship are eligible for CSP presented Feb. 2-5 in Quincy. Jay plays the title role of payments. Tom Sawyer and Brenda is Aunt Polly. Tickets go on Administered by NRCS, CSP provides many sale Jan. 17. conservation benefits including improved water and soil quality, enhanced wildlife habitat and conservation activities that address the effects of climate change. Producers are encouraged to apply for CSP throughout the year to be considered for current and future application ranking periods. Those who apply by January 27 may be eligible for current available funding. Eligible lands include cropland, pastureland, rangeland and nonindustrial forestland. A CSP self-screening checklist is available to help producers determine if CSP is suitable for their operation. The checklist highlights basic information about CSP eligibility requirements, contracts obligations and potential payments. It is available from local NRCS offices and at CANTON MONTICELLO nrcs/main/national/programs/financial/csp. Kit Taylor Farm 12-8-12* Glenn Krueger Farms 9-22-12* If you would like more information on the CSP Doris Long Property 6-17-12* C.D. Taylor Farm 5-06-12* program, you can contact Justin Evans at the Lewis Chas. Dewitt Property 11-6-12* Charles & Nell Little Farm Betty Hendrickson Farms 14942 Holly Ave (No hunting/fishCounty NRCS office at 573-767-5276 ext. 3.

Conservation Meeting held Jan. 20 in Monticello

Quincy Theatre Presents local talent

3-04-12* Dorothy M./Howard F. Higbee Farms 3-17-12* Hardin Far m 6-15-12* Dr. Michael/Alice Vaughn Farm 2-25-12* David & Vickie Gorrell Farms 2-15-12* Tim/Mark/Kay Dochterman Farms 11-6-12* Beverly and Dennis Welch Farms 10-19-12* CD/BL Corrigan Property 11-29-12* Crawford/Oliver Farms 5-8-12* Fenway Farm - Barkley, Rogers, St. Clair. 9-4-12* Barkley Farms, James & Brenda 9-4-12* Barbara Carskadon Farm 11-12-12* G & L Glasgow 1-7-13* Robert /Jere Taylor Farms (2) 10-29-12* Franks & Gorrell Farm 11-18-12* Farm of Seldon and Mary Logsdon 7-30-12* James & Carol Dettlaff Acres 11-11-12*




Notice of seeking bids to provide solid waste collection and disposal services to the City of Lewistown, Missouri

Ronnie & Judy Pierce Farm & property 5-13-13*


Donald and Mazie Vogel Farm 8-23-12* Gregory Drainage District Levee and Farms 4-12-12* Bud and Karen Vogel 9-20-12* Whippoorwill Hill Farm Richard/Gene Porter Farms 1-17-13* Tony & Ronda Whitaker Lands 5-06-12* Owned or leased land by Danny L. Dannenhauer 11-03-12*

Notice is hereby given that the City of Lewistown, Missouri, is seeking bids from providers of solid waste collection and disposal services to enter into a three (3) year contract with the City of Lewistown, Missouri, for solid waste collection and disposal. All persons, firms or corporations interested in submitting a bid to enter into a three (3) year contract with the City of Lewistown, Missouri, to provide solid waste collection and disposal services to the City of Lewistown, Missouri, may obtain bid specifications by contacting the City Office, City of Lewistown, 117 West Main Street, Lewistown, Missouri 63452, or by phone at 573-215-2582, or by contacting Dennis W. Smith, City Attorney, 307 Lewis Street, Canton, Missouri 63435, or by telephone 573-288-4461.


Paul Lahr Farms 7-01-12* Jenny D. Murphy Reid Farm 3-10-12* Gloria Burbridge Prop. 4-17-12* between Monroe & Jackson St Ronald L. Farr Farms 8-10-12* Sharon Crossett Residence 6-17-12* 400 N. Main CANTON & LAGRANGE 6-17-12* Tim Heimonen property 4-14-12* Paul Legg Residence 407 N. Main Courtney Farms 11-20-12* 10-6-12* Gary and Patricia Bunch 7-01-12* Paul Legg Farm 22422 Ponderosa Ave. and no fireworks! Lisa Borgstadt Property 6-21-12* 202-204 N. 4th CANTON & MONTICELLO Lonnie/Earnest Martin 11-04-12* Campen Farms 11-03-13* (410 N. Main (old Cath. Church) Violators will be prosecuted! Connie & Frank Bange and Marsha Allison 08-11-12* LEWISTOWN Lowell Reynolds Farm 12-27-12* WILLIAMSTOWN Warner/McHughFarms 1-23-12* Jim Lillard Farms 1-04-13* Emrick Farms-Harry & Neva Emrick $750 reward for information lead- Donna Hudnut Farm is 12-20- 12* ing to arrest and conviction of any- now RRVC LLC one trespassing on Emrick Farms EWING 8-9-12* Wilma Chipman, Jeannie S. and David Keith Farm 10-29-12* Barb C. and Glen Chipman Stice Farms / Rebecca Stice Jones 10-08-12* Neil, Randy, Richard 10-29-12* MAYWOOD Cotton Wood Hollow Farms LEWIS/MARION COUNTY William C. Sedelmeier 3-31-12* Eichor Farms 4-25-12*

Sealed bids must be submitted to Shirley Hetzler, City Clerk, at the City Office address no later than 5:00 o’clock p.m. on Monday, February 6, 2012. No late bid submission will be accepted. All bids received will be publicly submitted to the Board of Aldermen of the City of Lewistown, Missouri, at 7:00 o’clock p.m. on February 6, 2012. The City of Lewistown, Missouri, reserves the right to reject all bids and to call for a resubmission of bids at a later time upon revised bid specifications. 1st Pub. January 19, 2012


Advertisement For Bids The Westport Apartments will receive Bids for Wastewater System Improvements until 2:00 p.m. local time on February 8, 2012, at Klingner & Associates, P.C., 4510 Paris Gravel Road, Hannibal, Missouri 63401, at which time and place all bids will be publicly opened and read aloud. Bids are invited upon the items and quantities of work as follows: Replace Lift Station Pumps and Replace LaGoon Aerator Motor. A pre-bidding conference will not be held. Contract Documents, including Drawings and Technical Specifications, are on file and may be obtained at the office of Klingner & Associates, P.C. at 4510 Paris Gravel Road, Hannibal Missouri 63401 upon a non-refundable deposit of $20.00 with Klingner & Associates, P.C. for each set of documents so obtained.


Inc Pro ome duc ing

COMPLETE DETAILS ONLINE! Lying in Section 6 Twp 65N, R8W and Section 31 Twp 66N, R8W.

ROBERT DUNBAR ESTATE McAfee/Hayes Auction Service and Associates 660-727-3796

A certified check or bank draft, payable to the order of Westport Apartments negotiable U.S. Government bonds (at par value or a satisfactory Bid Bond executed by the Bidder) and an acceptable surety in an amount equal to five percent (5%) of the total Bid shall be submitted with each Bid. Attention is called to the fact that no less than the minimum salaries and wages as set forth in the Contract Documents must be paid on this project, and that the Contractor must ensure that employees and applicants for employment are not disciminated against because of their race, color, religion, sex or national origin. The Westport Apartment reserves the right to reject any or all Bids or to waive any informality in the bidding. Bids may be held by Westport Apartments for a period not to exceed 45 days from the date of the opening of bids for the purpose of reviewing the Bids and investigating the qualifications of Bidders, prior to awarding of the Contract. Lynn Miller Assistant Compliance Officer 1st Pub. January 19, 2012




Thursday, January 19, 2012 Press-News Journal •


Pre-Planning It is hard enough to deal with the loss of a loved one with out wondering if you have made the right decisions. You can spare your loved one that uncertainty by simply pre-planning funeral arrangements. It won’t be time consuming or difficult for you, but it most certainly will be for your loved ones if you do not. Take a few moments to call, write or email us. We can help make the planning easy with several funding options. Please visit our web site for additional information on pre-planning or any other service that we may offer. 10% DISCOUNT ON QUALITY GRANITE MONUMENTS UNTIL FEB. 28, 2012. Many choices and styles to choose from. Come in and personalize yours today. Davis Funeral Home, Inc. 310 N. 7th, Canton, MO 63435 506 Monroe, La Grange, MO 63448 573-288-4422 573-655-4507

Ball-Davis Funeral Home 300 N. McKinley, Ewing, MO 63440 573-494-3203

IN THE CIRCUIT COURT OF LEWIS COUNTY PROBATE DIVISION In the Estate of Thelma Louise Harper, deceased

) ) Estate No. ) 11LE) PR00020 ) )

NOTICE OF FILING OF FINAL SETTLEMENT AND PETITION FOR APPROVAL OF FINAL SETTLEMENT To all persons interested in the estate of Thelma Louise Harper: Notice is hereby given that a Final Settlement and Petition for Approval of Final Settlement and Order of Distribution of the property of the Estate will be filed in

IN THE 2ND JUDICIAL CIRCUIT COURT, LEWIS COUNTY, MISSOURI Fred Westhoff, Judge In the Estate of Hubert Bondurant Nesbitt, deceased

) ) Estate No. ) 11LE) PR00053 ) )

NOTICE OF LETTERS OF ADMINISTRATION GRANTED (Supervised Administration - Non-Resident Fiduciary) To all Persons Interested in the Estate of Hubert Bondurant Nesbitt, decedent: On 22 Dec. 2011, the following individual was appointed the personal representative of the estate of Hubert Bondurant Nesbitt, decedent, by the Probate Division of the Circuit Court of Lewis County, Missouri. The personal representative’s business address and phone number is: Virginia B. Lewis, 1046 Road 4300 Ruskin, NE 68974 Phone (402) 2254102. The non-resident personal representative’s agent and attorney’s name, business address, and phone number is: Jules V DeCoster, PO Box 81, Monticello, MO 63457, (573) 767-5304. All creditors of said decedent are notified to file claims in court within six months from the date of the first publication of this notice or if a copy of this

the Circuit Court of Lewis County, Missouri, Probate Division, sitting at Monticello, Missouri by the Personal Representative on February 2, 2012 and that any objections or exceptions to such Settlement or Petition or any item thereof must be in writing and filed within 20 days after filing of such settlement. /s/ Donald M. Bastian Donald M. Bastian, P.C. Donald M. Bastian, #36580 306 Center Street P.O. Box 1316 Hannibal, MO 63401 (573) 221-7099 Telephone (573) 248-3224 Facsimile Attorney for Estate of Thelma Louise Harper 1st Pub. Jan. 12, 2012 4t 2-1-12

notice was mailed to, or served upon, such creditor by the personal representative, then within two months from the date it was mailed or served, whichever is later, or be forever barred to the fullest extent permissible by law. Such six-month period and such two-month period do not extend the limitation period that would bar claims one year after the decedent’s death, as provided in Section 473.444, RSMo, or any other applicable limitation periods. Nothing in Section 473.033, RSMo, shall be construed to bar any action against a decedent’s liability insurance carrier through a defendant ad litem pursuant to Section 537.021, RSMo. Date of the decedent’s death: 10-Oct-2011 Date of first publication: 29-Dec-2011 /s/ Jan Geisendorfer Jan Geisendorfer Clerk Receipt of this notice by mail should not be construed by the recipient to indicate that the recipient necessarily has a beneficial interest in the estate. The nature and extent of any person’s interest, if any, can be determined from the files and records of this estate in the Probate Division of the above referenced Circuit Court. 1st Pub. Dec. 29, 2011

4t 1-19




Alvin “Ted” McChristy, 89, Quincy, Ill., died January 15, 2012, in Blessing Hospital. Ted was born October 18, 1922 in Hope, North Dakota, the son of J.L. and Hollis Brace McChristy. He married Sally B.Haines on September 15, 1944 in Kirksville, Mo. Ted was a graduate of Lewistown High School. He then attended an aircraft school in Hannibal, Missouri before being hired by Lockheed Corporation. He worked in aeronautical electronics at Lockheed in Los Angeles, California until he was drafted by the Army Air Force during World War II. Ted was a First Sergeant and served from February 1943 until February 1946. He served as an electrician working on both B-17 and B-29 heavy bombers. After his discharge from the Army Air Force, Ted worked as an electrician and later established his own business, McChristy Electrical Service. After his retirement in 1975, his son Richard took over the business. Ted purchased a farm in Lewis County, Missouri and enjoyed spending his time on the farm and was also an avid golfer. He was a member of the Eagles Club and American Legion Post 37. Survivors in addition to his wife include a son, Stephen (Sherry) McChristy of Metamora, IL; two grandchildren, Ryan McChristy and Rhea McChristy, both of Quincy; and two great-grandchildren, Bailey McChristy and Evan Wakefield, both of Quincy. He was preceded in death by his parents and two sons, Richard and Keith McChristy. Visitation was held January 17, 2012 at HansenSpear Funeral Home. Private services were held. Memorials may be made to the great-grandchildren education fund. Hansen-Spear Funeral Directors are in charge of the arrangements. Their website is

Virgil Schaffer, 90, died at St. Luke’s Living Center East in Cedar Rapids on Jan. 9. Virgil was born Jan. 19, 1921, in LaGrange, Mo., to Virgil and Dorothy Schaffer. He showed a passion for radio at an early age and even built several of his own. He graduated from LaGrange High School in 1939 and then attended Midland Radio School in Kansas City. He was employed by N.W. Airlines in Minneapolis as a flight radio officer and worked under contract for the military during World War II. He joined the Marines and was a flight radio operator, mechanic and instructor, holding the rank of corporal, serving on C47 cargo aircraft throughout the Pacific Theatre. After the war he returned to N.W. Airlines as a flight radio officer and was aboard the first survey flight to inaugurate civilian passenger service to China. He left North West Airlines and moved to Cedar Rapids, where he joined Collins Radio as a test technician and later a production line foreman. In 1951 Virgil married Jitka Hajek with whom he became a partner in the Czech Cottage Gift shop after retiring from Collins in 1974. He was a licensed amateur (ham) radio operator (W0FBH) his entire adult life as well as a member of MARS (military affiliate radio service). Virgil is survived by his wife, Jitka; son, Robert; sister, Pat Gaines; brother, Ed Schaffer (Mary); grandson, Jason Schaffer; granddaughter, Wendy Schaffer; greatgranddaughter, Ryleah Dunlap; as well as several nieces and nephews. He was preceded in death by his parents; a sister, Martha Jane Brownlee; brother, Fred Schaffer son, Steven Schaffer; daughter-in-law, Jean Schaffer; and daughter-in-law, Julia Schaffer. Memorials should be directed to the National Czech and Slovak Museum and Library. Respecting Virgil’s wishes, there were no services.

Press-News Journal Jan. 19, 2012

Press-News Journal Jan. 19, 2012

Obituary JUDITH (JUDY) KAY EAST Judith (Judy) Kay East, age 65, of LaGrange, Mo., died Monday, January 16, 2012 in the Lewis County Nursing Home at Canton, Mo. She was born March 17, 1946 in LaGrange the daughter of George Wm. and Wilma Almeda Tuttle East. Judy was a member of the First Baptist Church in LaGrange. Survivors include three brothers, Ronnie Gene East (Norma) and Floyd H. East (Julitta) both of Quincy, Ill., and Steven L. East of LaGrange; two sisters, Wilma Jane Job of Kahoka, Mo., and Nancy A. Richards (Ronnie) of Center, Mo., one aunt Mrs. Flossie Foust of LaGrange and several nieces, nephews and cousins. She was preceded in death by her parents, two sisters Virginia Georgette VanTress and Sandra Mae Simmons, two brothers in law Charles VanTress and Jesse Job, sister in law Peggy East, two nephews and one niece. Visitation will be held Wednesday, January 18, from 4 until 8 p.m. at the Davis Funeral Home in LaGrange. Funeral services will be held Thursday, January 19 at 10:30 a.m. at the Davis Funeral Home in LaGrange with Rev. Jeff Serafin officiating. Burial will be in Dover Cemetery near LaGrange. Music is provided by Dorothy Gillespie, organist; Phyllis Heindsleman, vocalist Pallbearers are Jeff VanTress, Michael Job, Todd East, Robert Harvey, Darin East, Tom East, Rick Simmons and Josh East. Honorary Pallbearers are Eric East, Allen Harvey, Kevin Job and Billy East. In lieu of flowers the family suggests memorials be made to First Baptist Church of LaGrange, Lewis County Nursing Home or to the March of Dimes. Press-News Journal Jan. 19, 2012

Missouri Woman Earns National Recognition for Service to Elders Experience Works, the nation’s largest non-profit training and employment organization for older workers, has honored Diane Simbro of Monroe City for her outstanding service to local older workers. Simbro recently received the organization’s Changing Lives Award, which recognizes her efforts to help low-income older workers obtain the training they need to find good jobs in their communities. Diane services the Missouri counties of Putnam, Sullivan, Linn, Schuyler, Adair, Macon, Scotland, Knox, Shelby, Monroe, Marion, Lewis, Clark, Pike and Ralls. A non-profit organization, Experience Works offers community service and employment services in 30 states, and Puerto Rico through the Senior Community Service Employment Program (SCSEP). The communitybased program helps low-income older individuals serve their communities, upgrade their employment skills, and find a job. For more information visit www. and Facebook or you may contact Diane directly by calling 573-231-0330.

NECAC to participate in Area Homeless Count

The not-for-profit North East Community Action Corporation is participating in Missouri’s Point-in-Time count of the homeless on Jan. 25. On Jan. 25, NECAC service coordinators in the agency’s 12-county area will contact food pantries and agencies that deal with the homeless to get a count. The count is done twice a year. Last winter, 67 homeless people were counted in Randolph County, up from 13 the previous winter. Marion County had 33 homeless, down from 92 just 12 months earlier. Figures for the combined Lincoln, St. Charles and Warren County Continuum of Care were 1,003 for winter 2011 and 1,089 for winter 2010. No homeless were listed in Lewis, Macon, Monroe, Pike, Ralls and Shelby counties for either winter. Statewide in Missouri, the count found 1,931 homeless in winter 2011 and 1,901 in winter 2010. A compilation of the data on homelessness in Missouri, complete with the numbers recorded on Jan. 25, will be presented to state lawmakers later this year in hopes that more funding is allocated for prevention programs.

Davis qualifies for Certified Funeral Service Practitioner

Brad L. Davis, CFSP, of Canton, Mo., has recently qualified for the designation of Certified Funeral Service Practitioner (CFSP), by the Academy of Professional Funeral Service Practice. A number of professions grant special recognition to members upon completion of specified academic and professional programs and “CFSP” is funeral services national individual recognition. The Academy of Professional Funeral Service Practice, since its 1976 founding, has had as its goals: to recognize those practitioners who have voluntarily entered into a program of personal and professional growth, to raise and improve the standards of funeral service and to encourage practitioners to make continuing education a life-long process in their own self-interest, the interest of the families they serve, and the community in which they serve. To initially receive this award, the practitioner must complete a 180 hour program of continuing education activities and events. In addition, the practitioner is required to accumulate 20 hours per year to recertify. Mr. Davis and his wife, Anne, are the owners of Davis Funeral Home, Inc. in Canton, La Grange and Ewing, Mo. He is a graduate of Canton High School, CulverStockton College and Mid-America College of Funeral Service and has been engaged in the business since 1976. Brad is National Board Certified in Funeral Service and is licensed to practice embalming and funeral directing in both Missouri and Illinois. Brad is a member of the Missouri Funeral Directors Association and serves as the District 2 Representative. He is also a member of the National Funeral Directors Association, Tri-State Funeral Directors Association, Federated Funeral Directors of America and the National Federation of Independent Business.

Thursday, January 19, 2012 Press-News Journal •



Scouting news in Lewis County LaGrange Cub Scout Pack 173 held a fundraising soup supper at the LaGrange Lions Hall on Jan. 14. Proceeds will go toward camp fees, advancement, and activities. Pictured to the left are members of the Cub Scouts in LaGrange during the soup supper. The boys helped clear tables and serve drinks. Photo by Rita Cox

Mark Fryer, Canton Chamber of Commerce President, presents a check to the local Boy Scouts of America Troop 174, in appreciation for their assistance at the Canton Chamber’s recent Harlem Ambassador Exhibition basketball event. The basketball game was held in December 2010, and featured local celebrities competing against the Harlem Ambassadors. Submitted Photo


Submitted Photo Pictured are four of the veterans that live at the Country Aire Retirement Estates (C.A.R.E.) who received Christmas gifts from the American Legion Auxiliary Unit #578 in Lewistown. The nine veterans who received gifts were Tom Cantrell, Donald Myers, Lawrence O’Brien, Elmo Tuley, George Foster, Ed Franks, Olney Carter, Roger Martain, and Gene Priebe. Delivering the gifts were Norma Earlywine and Linda Schmitz, representing the Auxiliary, and Merlin Earlywine, representing Post #578.

Highland teacher receives funding is a United States based nonprofit organization that provides ways for people to donate directly to specific projects at public schools. Teachers typically spend $40 a month on classroom supplies. Mrs. Stow (Highland Elementary) is hoping that her Jump Start Reading project for her first grade students will be fully funded by Feb. 10. United State Bank donated $100 to-

wards this project and is happy to assist the school and children in our community. Pictured are Vice President Luke Rothweiler and Mrs. Stow.


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6B Thursday, January 19, 2012 Press-News Journal •


Photographing the memories


By Rita Cox

Photo by Maxine Hark

Canton High School held its homecoming festivities on Friday Jan. 13. Pictured are the members of the homecoming court. From left to right: Lane Kennedy, Stephanie Fox, Brandon Berhorst, Lauren Janney, Nick Janney, Ashley Bronestine, Queen Katie Shuman, King Fabio Moreno, 2011 Queen Kristyn Caldwell and King Drew Shuman, Ashley Brumbaugh, Aaron Ellison, Amy McDermott, Garrett Serbin.


Submitted Photo Canton Lady Tigers 6th grade team finished 2nd place at the QND Lady Aces Basketball Tournament. They beat Carthage, Kirksville, QND, and lost in the championship to Kirkwood, MO. Pictured are: Back: Coach Darron Jarvis. Front Left to Right: Brianna Caldwell, Taylor Young-Kruse, Peyton Holder, Taylor Lubbert, Olivia Jarvis, Halley Durst, Katie Gaus, and Reagan Roberts.

Sabrina Sparks is a familiar face at most high school events in the area, especially Highland High School. She is a photographer and a Creative Memories consultant. She also contributes photos to the Press-News Journal. Sparks has always loved to take pictures and in 2007 decided to make a part time business out of something that she likes to do. She began doing portraits and weddings, but always took photos of her girls at their summer league sporting events, and started taking pictures of the other kids and the other teams. She also began taking pictures of band events and now SPARKS tries to attend most events in the area. Her photos are posted on her website at facebook site and are available for viewing. The photos can be purchased directly from the site or contact Sparks. She became a Creative Memories consultant to go along with her photography business. She uses their digital scrap booking program called Storybook Creator for all the books and collages she creates. She made several storybooks of a sporting season for parents to give to their children as Christmas presents. The storybooks are filled with pictures throughout the sporting or event season or throughout the school year and put into a book that they will have to remember that time for the rest of their lives. She is pleased with the quality of workmanship the company provides. She can also make storybooks for weddings or any event. She loves to be able to share her pictures and provide memories that will last a lifetime. She is married to Donny Sparks and they have two teenage daughters who attend Highland High School. Mr. Sparks was critically injured in a garage accident in 2009 and had his hand surgically reattached and has undergone many operations since then. Her mother was diagnosed with a terminal illness in June of 2009 and passed away two months later, so her photography business was put on hold during that time, but since then she has been busy with many photo projects and looks forward to attending many events to capture on film. She graduated with honors from Culver-Stockton College with a bachelor’s degree in Accounting and Finance and has an AAS business management degree from JWCC. Her hometown is Humbolt, Iowa. Sparks loves animals, especially horses and photographed horse shows and mounted events last summer. Contact Sabrina at or at (217) 2428955. Her business card is published each week in The Press-News Journal and she looks forward to serving the area and preserving memories.


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Life Adventure Photographics and Crafts Sports, Portrait, and Wedding Photography Featuring coverage of Highland and other local schools & events Die-Cuts & Stickers for local schools plus a variety of scrapbooking supplies, tie-dyed items, and hand-made crafts.

Sabrina Sparks, 217--242--8955 (texts welcome) “Moment by moment we create our life’s adventure.�



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Thursday, January 19, 2012 Press-News Journal •



Top Cat goes to... The Cougars

Photos by Sabrina Sparks,

It was a Highland sweep Jan. 10 at the varsity basketball games at Highland. The Highland Lady Cougars beat the Canton Lady Tigers 58-35 and the Cougars beat the Tigers 62-55 in boys action. Both the Highland teams received the first annual traveling Top Cat plaque from the Press-News Journal.

The Top Cat trophy plaques will be an annual event sponsored by the Press-News Journal. The award promotes the friendly competition between the two Lewis County teams Press-News Journal staff members Dan Steinbeck and Rita Cox presented the awards after each game.

The first annual Top Cat plaque, sponsored by the Press-News Journal, was awarded Jan. 10 at Highland High School. Top Left: The Lady Cougars pose with their Top Cat plague after their defeat of the Lady Tigers; Top Right: The Cougars gather around for a picture with their Top Cat plague post their victory over the Tigers. Center Left: Lady Cougars Ashton Luttrull and Abbey White double-team and hold a tight defense against Katie Shuman of the Lady Tigers. Center Right: Canton’s Austin Hoewing gets elevation as he looks to pass the ball to a teammate, while Brandon Davie of Highland looks to defend the pass.

% 0 1 E V S A your 2012

on p! i h s r e b m me The Board of Three Pines Golf Course would like to invite you to become members for the 2012 Golf Season!

Join today at 2011 rates, and also save 10%! The Board of Three Pines Golf Course is offering a 10% discount on dues if paid by Feb. 29, and a 5% discount if paid by March 31. Dues are as follows: Dues 10% 5% by 2/26

by 3/31

$409.50 $373.00

$432.00 $394.00




$325.00 $150.00

$292.50 $135.00

$308.75 $142.50

Couples $455.00 Sr. Couples $415.00 (62 and over)

Seniors (62 and over)

Single Junior (18 and under)

Trail Fee: $325.00 (discount does not apply) Non-Member Fees 9 holes w/cart 18 holes w/cart

Weekend $23.00 $26.00

Weekday $17.00 $19.00

2012 TOURNAMENT SCHEDULE May 20, 9am • Sunday Couples June 16, 9am • 4 Person Scramble July 15, 9am • Sunday Couples August 25, 9am • 4 Person Scramble September 16, 9am • Sunday Couples

Please send membership dues to: Nancy Davis, Bookkeeper 30347 Maple Ave. • Durham, MO 63438


8B Thursday, January 19, 2012 Press-News Journal •

Comfor t Inn Canton, Mo Friday, Januar y 20 8 a . m . - 6 p. m .

Satur day, Januar y 21 8 a . m . - 4 p. m . For more information call

573-822-1126 We Make House Calls

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