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Snowy Owls Visiting Missouri

Elsie Wheeler La Plata, MO Postage Rates to Increase

The Postal Regulatory Commission (PRC) approved the U.S. Postal Service’s full 4.3% request for an exigent (emergency) rate hike on Standard Mail, effective Jan. 28. Rates will go up 5.9% with the regular CPI-based increase of 1.6% added in. Stamps for first-class letters will go up three cents to 49 cents on Jan. 26, while bulk mail and periodicals will go up 6 percent.

Benefits Of A Designated Driver There are different types of heroes. Some, like our military, defend our country and protect our freedoms from far away lands. Others, like police and firefighters, serve and protect citizens here at home. But there are other heroes who often go unrecognized but save lives across the world every day. Who are these unknown heroes? They are designated drivers and they have saved the lives of thousands of people and have prevented thousands more from becoming injured in an automobile accident. The Role Of The Designated Driver: A person who agrees to abstain from drinking alcohol in order to provide a safe trip home for others, a designated driver is an important part of any social event. They are responsible for getting people home safely and also help people avoid being arrested for drinking and driving. Being arrested for DUI is an embarrassing and lifechanging experience for many people and it’s something to avoid at all costs. Designated drivers are also highly respected at social events. In fact, nine out of every ten Americans wants to see a designated driver at social events. This important role can help legitimize a personal reason to abstain from drinking alcohol and it allows the person to attend social events without fear of having to make excuses as to why they aren’t drinking. Many servers and bartenders will even offer free non-alcohol drinks to a designated driver.

Snowy owls are rare in Missouri. This snowy owl was observed at Smithville Lake near Kansas City in December. Photo Credit: Terri Nickerson. In the magical realm of Harry Potter, “About once every four years, snowy owl horned owls, which are common in Mismany fans will recall his pet snowy owl sightings will peak in Missouri, generally souri but are much darker than snowy Hedwig. Long before this beautiful owl in years when populations of their prey owls. Most of the snowy owls visiting cast a spell on the literary front, snowy (mainly lemmings) crash,” said Missouri Missouri this winter are juveniles. Durowls have bewitched those who have seen Department of Conservation Wildlife ing past irruptive years, about ten percent them in person. Now, many in the show- Ecologist Brad Jacobs. “During these of the young birds died of starvation. me-state have the opportunity to see this crashes, the birds travel south in search “Snowy owls that migrate this far south powerful white owl from the north. of food.” are unfamiliar with humans and cars; Rodney Chappell was working outdoors Referred to as “irruptions” only a small some do not survive to make a return in Columbia on Dec. 17 when something portion—usually immature individu- trip north,” Jacobs said. “They are used unusual caught his eye. An avid birder, als— are observed in the Northern part to a solitary life on the tundra with few he saw a glimpse of something large and of the state. humans, vehicles and power lines. Here, white. This year, however, the birds are being they are hunting and living in unfamiliar “The first thought I had was that it was a spotted further South and earlier than conditions.” hawk,” Chappell said. “But it flew nearby normal. Since December 1, Snowy owls Jacobs cautions motorist who see large, so I got a better look and its white plum- have been observed at Smithville Lake in white birds standing on or near roadways age really stood out.” the Kansas City area, Kirksville, Trenton to give these birds a brake, as snowy owls What Chappell thinks he saw was a and Long Branch Lake in Macon. are not used to avoiding automobile trafsnowy owl. The large, white owl with According to Jacobs, there seem to be fic. black markings is rarely seen in mid- a few more birds than normal, perhaps “Snowy owls are used to hunting in wide Missouri and a single snowy owl in the even more individuals observed than by open spaces and often land on highways,” region is big news to birders. Missouri this time during the 2011-12 southward Jacobs said. “Many of the birds will be fois on the southern edge of their winter irruption, the last and largest recorded cused on hunting and probably won’t be range. Snowy owls normally inhabit the irruption with 69 individuals reported in quick enough to get out of the way of a high arctic region of North America and Missouri. speeding car.” Eurasia. Snowy owls are similar in size to great Continued on Page 2A

Green Graduates From Law Enforcement Training

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Heath Green graduated from the Law Enforcement Training Institute at the University of Missouri on December 13, 2013. This was a 16-week Class A Certified Basic Law Enforcement Training Academy. He was elected President of his class because of his exemplary leadership skills and was recognized for his academic achievement. Heath is now an officer of the Columbia Police Department. He is the son of John and Marilyn Green of La Plata.

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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

The Home Press •


Snowy Owls Visiting Missouri Continued from Page 1A Jacobs said people should not approach the birds or disturb them and suggests owl watchers look from a distance. If you see a snowy owl, please call Jacobs at 573522-4115, ext. 3648. Anyone finding a dead snowy owl is asked to contact their local Conservation agent or office. Chappell was thrilled with his encounter of this artic

January OATS Schedule

For Macon County

OATS transportation is available to anyone regardless of age, income, disability, race, gender, religion, or national origin. To schedule a ride, simply call the volunteer OATS contact in your community. To schedule a ride for Contract Trips call Norma Benson 660-385-7734.

There will be NO SERVICE on January 1 (New Years Day) & January 20 (Martin Luther King Day) Columbia Moberly Macon Kirksville Macon In Town

From Macon County to: 1st Monday 2nd Tuesday 3rd Tuesday 4th Monday & 1st Tuesday Friday

In addition to the above schedule, transportation is now available three times a week from Macon County to Columbia on the “Weekly Express”! For more information call 1-800-654-6287. NO Committee Meeting

GARY SIMMONS 660-332-7034

visitor, even if he did not get it confirmed. “As a birder, you relish the opportunity to see something like a snowy owl in Missouri,” Chappell said. “Even though I can’t say with 100 percent certainty that it was a snowy, I now know to keep a look out and hopefully I’ll get another chance. It really is just a beautiful bird to behold.”

Holidays for Heritage: Recording Oral Histories What a learning experience it would be to hear about life from your relatives who were alive 100 and 150 years ago. Providing the kind of insight those conversations would have given is where oral histories prove invaluable. They offer a personalized view of history, and all genealogists should consider recording them to help preserve these unique perspectives. “Family historians not only research the past, they document the present for the future genealogists among their children, nieces and nephews,” said Secretary of State Jason Kander, who oversees the Missouri State Archives. Events like holiday get-togethers are perfect opportunities to start collecting oral histories. To begin, think about which of your family members would be most willing to share memories and reflect on his or her life.

Once you’ve chosen a good candidate among your relatives, explain what you want to do, and take careful consideration of any questions before asking him or her to participate. After a family member agrees, consider where and how the conversation will take place. It is important that the subject be comfortable, so the Missouri State Archives recommends working in familiar settings like the family room or kitchen. As technology advances, it may seem like a video camera would be ideal to record the conversation, but in many cases, individuals find being on camera uncomfortable or intimidating. Consequently, using a simple audio recorder is generally the best approach. Most smartphones contain audio recording software. Using tools like these can make transferring the recording to

a computer, where it is often easiest to listen to and learn from the recording, relatively seamless. Before the interview, think about what open-ended questions will best help the subject tell his or her story. Your primary role is to guide the conversation so that the subject addresses the most important events in his or her life. Silence can often be a good thing, as it allows the conversation to move along at its own pace with ample opportunities for the subject’s words to come forward. When the time finally arrives, make sure your relative is seated comfortably. As the conversation progresses, occasionally ask relative how he or she is doing. Oral histories can be surprisingly tiring, so it may feel like you’ve only cracked the surface by the time your relative is ready to wrap up.

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Don’t let a seemingly short sessions stress you out. As with all aspects of genealogy, recording oral histories is an ongoing process. Your relative may very well remember additional details at a later session or a later time, which is very common. The most important audience to share with, of course, is your family, but as you develop your new set of genealogical skills, consider creating a comprehensive volume that you can share with the larger genealogical community. The Missouri State Archives maintains a wonderful collection of Missouri family histories and would be more than happy to add yours. For more information about donating a family history, contact the reference staff at or (573) 751-3280. Happy holidays!


TOPS MO 877 La Plata met Dec. 17 in the La Plata Christian Church Fellowship Hall with 6 members weighing in. Gail led the meeting and opened with our pledges. Roll call was “Did you lose or gain?” Best loser was Bobbi. She earned the zcrystal TOPS Trophy which replaces the TOPSI figurine that is no longer available. Bobbi lost weight 3 consecitive months and will have her own engraved trophy to keep. Gail read Christmas greetings. More Christmas gifts and cards were exchanged. Barb Y gave the treasurer’s report. Janet reported the loss and gain averges for 2013. The club did well with our losses. We are encouraged. This was our last meeting for this year, Our new year will start with our weight from this meeting.

1245 N. Brown St. La Plata, MO 63549 660-332-4669 Affordable Luxury Accommodations Located in the heart of Silver Rails Country, the hotel is themed after an 1800's railroad depot and is decorated with many historic railroad artifacts making the hotel a small railroad museum in and of itself !





Tuesday, December 31, 2013

The Home Press •


Atlanta Christian Church youth Group will be presenting a Christmas play on January 5 at 6pm. Refreshments will be served afterwards. Everyone is welcome. Atlanta Christian Church held a Christmas Eve candlelight service Tuesday night. There were 30 in attendance. Marsha Hammons had lunch with Basil Hammons at Loch Haven Nursing Home on Christmas Day. Julie Kay and Sheridan Howe visited them that afternoon. Mae Graham, Rhoda Graham, Tammy Harold, and


Marsha Hammons Lorie Summers went to Callao last Thursday night to see the Christmas lights. Mae Graham and Rhoda Graham took Dustin Magers Christmas shopping last Friday. Mae Graham, Rhoda Graham, and Sarah Grinder spent the day Thursday in Hannibal Christmas shopping. Christmas Eve guests of Josh, Shannon, and Kennedy Garnett were Ronnie and Beth Garnett, Mick, Grady, Courtney, and Jill Garnett, and Tom and Maggie Cupp.

Christmas night guests of Ronnie and Beth Garnett were Courtney , Mick, and Jill Garnett, Matt Winkler, Josey and Jenny Garnett, Josh, Shannon, and Kennedy Garnett, and Terry, Carla, and Zeke Garnett. Sunday through Thursday guests of Wayne and Elizabeth Beeson were Kyle and Cindy Palmer and Travis of Warrensburg, Matt and Tabitha Jones and Adalynn of Clinton, David and Leannette Beeson, Blake and Cooper of Salem, and Brooke Beeson of O’Fallon.

Recent morning visitors of Karl and Roberta Byers were Roberta’s niece and husband, Hans and Linda Schieb from Germany. They were here visiting Linda’s father, Roger Garrett and their daughter, Naomi Schieb. Karl and Roberta Byers spent a couple of days in Kansas City last week. While there they visited with their daughters, Theresa Rundberg and Tammy and Michael Grayson and their son, Chris Byers. They also visited with a long time friend, Judy Keplinger.

County Farm Bureau Leaders Take Part in Policy-Making Process

The Right to Farm and Ranch Amendment, foreign ownership of farmland, a new transportation sales tax, term limits, a new state beef checkoff, confidentiality of crop production data and a legal challenge to California’s state law on eggs were among the major issues discussed this year at Missouri Farm Bureau’s 99th Annual Meeting. Almost 1,100 members representing Missouri’s 113 county Farm Bureaus attended the meeting at the Lake of the Ozarks held December 8-10, 2013. Among farm leaders attending were those from the Adair-Schuyer County Farm Bureau. Delegates selected by the membership not only approved 2014 policy for the organization, but re-elected the Vice President Todd Hays and four board members. One new board member was also elected and Drew Lock was appointed Chair of the State Young Farmers and Ranchers Committee. Adair-Schuyler County Farm Bureau members who participated in the Missouri Farm Bureau annual meeting include: Bob and Andy


Jackson, Drew and Mariah Lock, Jack and Kathaleen Winkleman, Mike and Donna O’Brien, Andrew, Ashley, and Jaxson Haer, Ashley and Reese McCarty. Other issues delegates voted to focus on in 2014:Renew call for Congressional approval of a Farm Bill.Oppose making the state director of agriculture an elected position.Support state efforts to revitalize Missouri’s dairy industry (including programs to assist dairy farmers, enhance dairy consumption in school nutrition programs and the repeal of the “Unfair Milk Practices Act.”). Call for holding utilities to height, width and depth standards that accommodate modern farming practices, including subsoiling and chisel plowing.Oppose implementation of Common Core education standards at the state and federal levels.Encourage U.S. Forest Service officials to maximize their efforts in addressing oak decline within the Mark Twain National Forest that would optimize forest health while increasing rural economic growth. Urge the Mis-

Benefits Of A Designated Driver Continued From Page 1A

Make The Designated Driver Concept Work For You: Instead of playing rock, paper, scissors or drawing straws, you can plan ahead on a rotating schedule to determine who will be the designated driver. This concept often works for groups of friends or coworkers who attend social events together where alcohol will be served. Once you’ve agreed on the “DD,” be sure everyone who will be sharing a ride gives their car keys to this person before anyone starts drinking. If you will be traveling with a larger group, be sure you have more than one designated driver. When it’s your turn to

be the “DD,” take this role seriously. Be sure you don’t allow anyone who has been drinking to drive themselves home.

American Legion Auxiliary souri Department of Conservation to assist landowners in eradicating wildlife that damages property or threatens human safety.Oppose allowing third class counties to adopt county building codes.Support for Renewable Fuel Standards 2 as passed by Congress.Oppose allowing school districts to exceed 15 percent cap on bonding.Support for increased Congressional oversight of U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service river mitigation

projects.Urge the Department of Natural Resources to establish a streamlined process for declassifying waters that should not be classified under new classification standards.Support education and enforcement regarding stream trespass to promote respect for private property rights.Support banning texting while driving for all drivers. Missouri Farm Bureau’s complete 2014 policy will be posted online at

THE SHEPHERD CALLS Facing Another Year

“If you want to see God smile, tell Him your plans.” Despite knowing that truism, I outlined our plans for Christmas in The Shepherd Calls last week. We had scarcely hit the “send” key on the computer when things began to change. A week later, those plans are still changing. I mention this because soon we will be making New Year’s resolutions. Obviously, we humans are not captains of our ships. That being the case, should we adopt a laissez faire attitude? Do we say, “Whatever will be will be”? I think not. Most of us have room for improvement

in our lives. It would be a shame to miss this historically practical opportunity to address those improvements. Despite the changing details of my Christmas plans, the focus of our Christmas, to celebrate Jesus’ birth, has not changed. My wife and I will still sing Noel. Did you know the word noel means birthday? I looked it up. It is a noun of French derivation meaning birthday. Therefore, when we sing Noel, we are celebrating Jesus’ birth. Actually, the changing details of my plans fulfill our purpose even better. Let me tell you a true story that will help us travel the New Year. My father grew up on a farm. When he was

The American Legion Auxiliary met Wednesday evening, December 18th. Commander Davis Johnson called meeting to order. Clyde Burch gave prayer followed by the pledge to the flag in unison, placing the POW chair cover by Tom Burton and the Preamble in unison. Auxiliary held separate meeting with President Marie Gladbach presiding. Roll call was answered by 7 members. Minutes were read by Sec. Verna Buck and approved. Old Business: Verna reported funds had been sent to Dept. For Veterans Christmas projects and poppies ordered. Alma reported she had taken care of monetary

a small boy, his father sent him into the pasture at dusk to “fetch the cows”. Shortly thereafter, Dad appeared back at the barn—out of breath, pale as a sheet, and without the cows. My grandfather asked, “Son, what happened? Where are the cows?” Between breaths Dad answered, “I couldn’t get them. There is a ghost down in the pasture”. “A ghost?” “Yes, it’s white and came at me screaming. So, I ran back to the barn.” “Well,” my grandfather replied. “Let’s go see this ghost.” He extended his hand for Dad to hold as they began the trek to the lower pasture. A moment earlier, Dad was

gifts for nursing home members. New Business: Girls state needs to be taken care of earlier this year, with the fee still being $225. Still have some dues due. Meeting adjourned for refreshments and visiting. Clyde Burch was winner of 50/50. Other presents were Mary Slawson, Margaret Kincaid, Adrienne Hamlin, Leland Collins, Kenny Wright, Harold Collins, Bob Baker, Walter Gladbach. In lieu of gift exchange, food items were brought for food pantry. Next meeting will be January 29 at 6pm.

Dr. H. Wade Paris petrified by the ghost; now, with his hand in his father’s hand, he approached this adversary with great confidence. When the two of them reached the lower pasture, they found a large white gander with a broken wing. The goose was trying to fly but couldn’t and hoarsely honked in pain and frustration. That was the ghost. I hope this story can help you as it often helped me. Face the New Year with your hand in God’s hand, and you will have no cause to fear. And remember, most of our “ghosts” fail to materialize when we face them with God.

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Tuesday December 31, 2013

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December 23- Winter is officially here, It came with about 3 to 5/10 inches of ice, sleet and then 4 inches of snow on top. The country folks are digging out. MoDOT trucks salted and cleared the roads. Travel is only as needed. Churches canceled services. This seems to be the calm before the rush of Christmas with families and friends. A neighbor spotted a long black dog-sized animal resembling a cat chasing rabbits near



Hohendel Hill. Do you think we have another wildcat in this area?? Many rabbits and birds are missing. Lucas Perry and friend Amanda were Saturday visitors of Dean and Marietta Slaughter. Jordan Shoop of Inman, North Carolina is visiting his brother and wife Leighton and Kim Shoop this week. The Gifford Village Council met December 12 with Dean Ahold, Cindy Draken, Mike

Van Hara, Donna Gray and Rhonda Van Hara present. Tina Hubbard was a visitor. Jerry Hill of Kansas City was a Monday visitor of Marilyn Sinnock. Keith Pinson and friend, Richard, Came to go black powder hunting this weekend at Richard and Sharron Burns’ home. Visitors in the Linda and gary Pyle home included Marty and Gary Vance, Dillon Howe, Carla Easley and

Norman Slaughter Tanner, Trevor and Kevin Pipes visited Sunday with Marilyn Sinnock. Allen Grive and Damon Jacobs helped with the snow at Richard Burns’ home Sunday, Charles Howe visited Marilyn Sinnock Sunday. Sharron Burns, Jennifer Taylor and daughter, Madison Taylor, attended the 4-H Council Budget meeting held in Kirksville Extension


building Monday evening. Gail Curtis helped with the snow and chores for Dean and Marietta Slaughter this weekend. Sunday supper guests of Connie and David Gunnels included DJ and Nikisha Couch and children, Lance, Kady and Brooklynn Couch, Jennifer and Timerrick Gunnels.

NUTRITION SITE MENU Monday, Jan 6: Polish sausage or turkey dog, mashed potatoes, sauerkraut, apricots. Tuesday, Jan 7: Goulash, cole slaw, hominy, pudding, fruit Wednesday Jan 8: Fried chicken, mashed potatoes, cauliflower, pineapple upsidedown cake Thursday, Jan 9: Ham steak, sweet potatoes, peas, apple pie bites Friday, Jan 10: Fish sandwich, potato soup, wax beans, fruit salad.


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6A Tuesday, December 31, 2013

The Home Press •


A large crowd attended the annual Heartland Employee Christmas Dinner on December 20th. Once again the chefs from the Men’s Recovery Center prepared a delicious feast. Our friends from the North Shelby School District also came again this year to serve the meal and wash the dishes. Those are the best kinds of friends to have! The administrative staff


Pam Burris recently attended a work party in Marceline with fellow workers. All had a great time. Toni Matticks was a caller in the Burris home on December 8 and took them to Myrna Brumback’s 70th birthday party at her home near Bucklin. She was totally surprised. All present were her children that planned the party Kathy and Shane Moore of Marceline; Carl Herington of Bucklin and Stephen and Lois Herington of Brookfield. Plus grandchildren-Jason Moore of Bucklin; Carl Ed and Jodi Herington of Brookfield; Andi Herington and Remington; Emmie and Jenny Herington and friend. Myrna’s siblings Donald St. Clair of Marceline and Dean and Pam Burris of Elmer and her niece, Toni Matticks of Kirksville and a friend from Marceline. Cake was decorated with buttons and thread. Mady and Maddox Tipton spent Friday night 20th through Sunday the

organized an evening of food, fun, and entertainment for employees from both Sharpe Holdings and CNS International Ministries. Darin and Christie Rihanek served as emcees for the evening and gave away some great prizes. At the close of the evening, we expressed our deep appreciation to Pastor Charlie and Laurie Sharpe for all they have done to make Heartland a haven 22nd with their grandparents Dean and Pam Burris. They visited their other grandparents, Roger and Betty Tipton along with their Dad, Mike first in Macon. Mike and Melanie Tipton of Trenton came Sunday to pick up Mady and Maddox from Dean and Pam Burris home. Roads were not good but they made it home safely. Dean and Pam Burris along with Roger, Betty and Matt Tipton of Macon attended Christmas Eve services at Hatton Chapel Methodist Church where Mike Tipton is pastor. Mike, Melanie, Mady and Maddox also attended along with 18 others. It was a great service. Burris and Tiptons spent the night in Trenton. During the night, Santa came and ate all his cookies and drank his chocolate eggnog and the reindeers ate all 9 carrots, so we guessed Rudolph came too. Dean and Pam Burris hosted Christmas dinner this year in Elmer. Bur-

K. Nickerson of restoration for broken lives. With the help of agents and managers from Ozark National Life Insurance Company, we presented the Sharpes with an artist’s drawing of the new Welcome to Heartland directory and sign to be erected their honor. We never want to take lightly the sacrifices Pastor Charlie and Laurie have made on behalf of the rest of us. They are a treasure.

Pam Burris ris Christmas tree looked like a snowman and was a big hit with everyone. The whole family was together and it was a great day. Shawn and Jennipher Burris of Moberly, Asher and Zach Kimbrough of Moberly and Mike, Melanie, Mady and Maddox Tipton of Trenton. All the grandkids had other Christmases to attended and off they were after a very pleasant afternoon. Mike, Melanie, Mady and Maddox Tipton spent Christmas night with Roger, Betty and Matt Tipton of Macon. Elmer Baptist Church Has New Interim Pastor: Elmer Baptist Church would like to introduce their interim pastor, Bro. Danny Welte of Lancaster. Come and meet him on Sunday morning at 10 a.m. for Sunday school or worship service at 11 a.m. or Wednesday night at 6:30 p.m.

FARMER’S WIFE WR and Barbara Buck hosted a skating party at Leisure World Saturday December 21 for Eva’s 11th birthday. Guests were Luciana Scuder, Samantha Gran, Zach Chrisman and Rosie Garland. They also enjoyed pizza. Eddie Buck and Bobbi Hamlin were recent visitors of Stella Tuggle at La Plata Nursing Home. Also visiting have been Susie, Janet and Mary Tuggle. Linda Moore visited Sunday and also visited Betty Jo Williams and Norma Miller. Becky Deskin assisted her mother Wanda Sedarwall in returning home after an extended stay at La Plata Nursing Home due to a broken leg. Bobbi Miller and Adrienne Hamlin attended Jill Hettinger’s 10th birthday party ay the home of Josh and Emily Hettinger, Elise and Barrett. Also present were Jeremy Hettinger Family, Steve and Peggy Hettinger and family.

Missouri Guard Reflects On Challenging But Successful 2013 By Maj. Gen. Steve Danner Adjutant General, Missouri National Guard

The year 2013 tested the resilience of the Missouri National Guard in ways we have not seen before, but thanks to the professionalism of our force and the support of our communities and civilian leadership, we are going into 2014 as an even stronger organization. This year, our Guardsmen continued to meet their dual mission deploying overseas to support federal war efforts and mobilizing stateside to assist civil authorities in times of natural disasters. Our formation also found itself dealing with economic challenges that we had never faced before. In all three cases, your Missouri National Guard performed excellently, sacrificing nobly to meet their mission. More than 1,500 Missouri National Guard Soldiers and Airmen were deployed around the world in 2013. These Guardsmen put their Families and civilian careers on hold to do their duty, and by all accounts have done our nation proud. At home, Gov. Jay Nixon, our commander-in-chief, mobilized the Guard for two state emergency missions. In spring and summer, our modern Missouri minutemen mobilized to help communities in eastern

and central Missouri combat flooding. As a testament to the professionalism of our force, the Colorado National Guard requested assistance from a Missouri National Guard team as they fought record flooding in late summer. We also faced the challenges brought on by sequestration and the government shutdown. Our dual status technicians were the only uniformed military personnel to face furloughs as a result of sequestration and the shutdown, but worked diligently to ensure our readiness was not diminished. Indeed, today the Missouri National Guard is in an outstanding position to face future challenges. Our strength and readiness is at record levels. Going into December, our Air National Guard was at 103 percent strength, and the Army National Guard was at 107. Our personnel readiness has never been higher, and our force is the most seasoned and experienced in our history. That is why our nation continues to call on the Missouri Guard to serve around the globe in Afghanistan, Kuwait and Kosovo. Missouri also hit another strength benchmark when the 131st Bomb Wing passed

its Initial Nuclear Surety Inspection in August. Our Missouri Airmen, working with their active duty counterparts in the 509th Bomb Wing, are now responsible for our nation’s most visible, powerful deterrent. As those Guardsmen and their Families continue to sacrifice for our nation, the great state of Missouri, under Gov. Nixon’s leadership, continues to support our Veterans. Gov. Nixon’s Show Me Heroes program has helped more than 5,000 Veterans find jobs. The Show Me Heroes program and the outstanding tireless support our commander-in-chief have made the Missouri National Guard an example for our nation. As we look forward to 2014, we will not rest on our laurels. We will continue to push ourselves to be better. We have an ambitious training schedule for the year, and our Soldiers and Airmen will continue to deploy around the world and stand ready at home. Finally, on behalf of our 11,500 Soldiers and Airmen, I want to wish you Happy Holidays and thank you for your support. God bless you, and God bless America.


Verna Buck Mary Tuggle, Nancy Haley, Betty Moore, Sherry O’Haver and Linda Moore enjoyed lunch together and visiting at Grandma’s recently in La Plata. Bonelle Crosby was hostess to the Atalpal Club December 10 at her home in La Plata for afternoon meeting. Present were Verna Buck, Ellen Wood and Morgan Fitzpatrick, Cheryl Lock and grandson, Karen Bailey. After short business meeting, all enjoyed a Christmas contest won by Ellen Wood, followed by refreshments by hostess. All received gift of Bonelle’s homemade candies. Next meeting will be in March with Ellen Wood as hostess. Nancy and Larry Platz of Brashear and Mike Buck were Saturday visitors of Verna Buck. Sunday dinner guests were Bobbi Hamlin, Adrienne Hamlin, Eddie Buck, WR and Barbara Buck, Nancy and Eva and Mike Buck.


The Chariton Valley Family of Companies, a leading telecommunications provider, is seeking applicants to fill 2 openings in our Network Operations Center located in Huntsville, MO. We are looking for a Server Administrator. The essential responsibilities are to maintain and support physical and virtual computer servers and storage systems that power our Operational Support System, Element Management System, and Windows Domain. Applicant will work on client projects, maintenance and backups, and act as an escalation point for helpdesk and computer repair. Qualifications needed for this position include the ability to troubleshoot customer and corporate issues, and perform server configurations. Applicant must demonstrate excellent presentation and communication skill to make client proposals. He/she needs knowledge of Windows Servers, Active Directory, Exchange, Linux, Bash and VMware. Applicant with SQL and MySQL preferred, but not required. Individual must be able to lift up to 50 pounds. Bachelor’s degree in related field or three years related experience and/or training; or equivalent combination of education and experience required. We are looking for an IP Network Analyst. Job responsibilities include configuration and maintenance of routing and switching on a Cisco network running voice, television and ISP services. Applicant will be part of an oncall rotation and required to work after hours as assigned. Applicant needs strong knowledge of IP routing protocols, network analysis and troubleshooting ability. Applicants with CCNA SP certification and experience with MPLS and VoIP preferred, but not required. Applicant needs to have a good driving record.

Alexandra Pointe

Newly Renovated 1 & 2 Bedroom Apartments!

Basic Rent For 1 Bedroom - $360 2 Bedroom - $440


“Vouchers Accepted”

Apply in person at 801-802 Ranchland Drive Macon Mo or call 660-395-0022

Income Restrictions Apply Open Monday-Friday 8AM-5PM Equal Housing Opportunity

Our sincerest apologies to Dr. Tod Sylvara at the La Plata Family Practice. The caption should have read Grandpa Jerry, Dr. Tod, Jimmy and John.

Chariton Valley employees enjoy medical, dental and life insurance, 401(k) and retirement plan. Interested applicants send an application or resume, including cover letter and salary requirements to: Chariton Valley, P.O. Box 67, Macon, MO 63552, Attn: Corporate Relations Dept. or e-mailed to Applications and resumes will be accepted until the positions are filled. Chariton Valley is an Equal Opportunity Employer.





Tuesday, December 31, 2013

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FOR RENT: 10’x10’, 10’x5’, 5’x5’ and 10’x20’. La Plata Storage. Call 332-7599.



FOR SALE 2 Tracts of Land for Sale in La Plata - Both beautiful building sites and offers great hunting Tract #1 is roughly 11.7 Acres & Tract #2 is roughly 13.8 Acres. $34,900 each. Call Don at 660-945-3953.

Help Wanted Executive Director The Macon Area Chamber of Commerce is seeking an individual for the position of Executive Director. The ideal candidate will be detail-oriented, organized, possess strong oral and written communication skills and be proficient in Microsoft Office. Prior experience in a Chamber of Commerce or business association setting is preferred, with financial management and strategic planning desired. The Executive Director will be responsible for general management and coordination of all organizational activities of the Chamber. They will direct all planning to carry out Chamber objectives and implement Chamber policies while working in a diverse open work environment. Proven skills in the management of staff, organization of membership and public relations is highly desired. A college degree or an equivalent combination of work experience and education is preferred. This position is a 30 hour a week salaried position. The salary begins at $21,000 per year. If you have questions about the position please call 660-385-2811 or email: Please send a resume and cover letter to: Macon Area Chamber of Commerce Attn: Personnel Committee 119 N. Rollins Street, Macon, MO 63552

Stacy L Taylor

Financial Advisor .

219 North Rollins Macon, MO 63552 660-385-6612

Judge or Division: Rick Tucker Case Number: 13MA-PR00062 In the Interest of: KNL Court Address: 101 E. Washington Street, #2, Macon, MO 63552 Sex: F DOB: 11/12/2007 Notice Upon Order for Service by Publication


The State of Missouri to Kristen Douglas, mother, and Robert Conger, father, of the above-named minor.

To All Persons Interested in the Estate of Lester L. Walter, Decedent:

You are notified that an action has been commenced in the Circuit Court of Macon County, the object and general nature of which is the guardianship of a minor child. The petitioner in this matter is Darcy Grubb and the name and address of the attorney for the petitioner is Deanne Hackman, 313 N. Rollins, Macon, MO 63552.

On October 30, 2013, Elizabeth Schrader was appointed the Personal Representative of the estate of Lester L. Walter, decedent, by the Probate Division of the Circuit Court of Macon County, Missouri.

You are further notified that, unless you file an answer or other pleading or shall otherwise appear and defend against the aforesaid petition within forty-five (45) days after December 11th, 2013, judgment by default will be rendered against you.

The Personal Representative’s attorney’s name, business address and phone number is: James D. McConnell, 127 E. Walnut, P.O. Box 137, Shelbina, MO 63468; 573-588-2115.

Witness my hand and seal of the Circuit Court on December 6th, 2013. Denice Ziebarth /s/ Clerk Publication dates are as follows: December 11, 18, 24, 31, 2013.

NOTICE FROM MACON CITY COLLECTOR TAXES ARE DUE BY DECEMBER 31, 2013 If mailed, taxes must be postmarked on or before December 31st. A penalty will be added to all taxes beginning January 1st. The city sticker deadline is December 31st. A penalty will be added on January 1st.




The Personal Representative’s address is: 26421 State Highway K, Macon, MO 63552.

All creditors of said decedent are notified to file claims in court within six months from the date of the first publication of this notice or if a copy of this notice was mailed to, or served upon, such creditor by the personal representative, then within two months from the date it was mailed or served, whichever is later, or be forever barred to the fullest extent permissible by law. Such six-month period and such two-month period do not extend the limitation period that would bar claims one year after the decedent’s death, as provided in Section 473.444, RSMo., or any other applicable limitation periods. Nothing in Section 473.033, RSMo, shall be construed to bar any action against a decedent’s liability insurance carrier through a defendant ad litem pursuant to Section 537.021, RSMo.

Date of the decedent’s death: 07/16/2013 Date of First Publication: 12/24/2013 Denice Ziebarth /s/ Clerk Probate

Receipt of this notice by mail should not be construed by the recipient to indicate that the recipient necessarily has a beneficial interest in the estate. The nature and extent of any person’s interest, if any, can be determined from the files and records of this estate in the Probate Division of the above referenced Circuit Court. Publication dates are as follows: December 24, 31, January 7, 14, 2013

The City of Macon is soliciting bids for rock, concrete and sand for fiscal year 2014. Bid specifications may be obtained by contacting Vicky McLeland, City Clerk at 106 West Bourke, Macon, Missouri or telephone 660-385-6421. Bids are to be sealed, marked on the outside “Material Bid” and mailed or hand-delivered to the City of Macon, ATTENTION Vicky McLeland, 106 West Bourke, P.O. Box 569, Macon, Missouri 63552 prior to 3:00 P.M. CST, January 6, 2014. No faxed bids will be accepted. The City of Macon and the Board of Public Works reserve the right to reject any and all bids.

In the Estate of Lester L. Walter, Deceased Estate No. 13MA-PR00060

Chad Sawyer Alan D. Clark, PA AgentSales Manager Agency

Life  Home  Farm  Auto  Health  Commercial  Annuities

115W.W.Potter PotterH Ave. Kirksville, MO 63501 115 Kirksville, MO 63501 Phone (660) 665-1956 H Cell (660) 341-3011 Bus (660) 665-1956 Cell (660) 341-0530 Email H Email 

Show Me Me Excavation Excavation &&Plumbing Show Plumbing Stan Schrock Schrock ••816-284-0510 Stan 816-284-0510 Greentop, MO. • 660-766-2636 Greentop, MO. • 660-766-2636

*General *GeneralMini Mini Excavation Excavation&& Skid SkidSteer SteerWork Work *Serving *Serving Northeast Northeast Missouri

*Waterlines *Waterlines & & Sewer Systems Sewer Systems *Livestock *Livestock Watering Systems Watering Systems *Footers and *Footers and Concrete Demo Concrete Demo



Pickell Abstract Company “Locally Owned Since 1924”

Abstract & Title Insurance - Public Records Bulletin Residential & Commercial Real Estate Closings

115 S. Franklin Street H Kirksville, Missouri fax: 660.627.1733

660-665-8324 C Y





514 E. Briggs Dr., Ste. B Macon, MO 63552 660-385-2050





25,000 C Y







Tuesday, December 31, 2013

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m e o P H r e e h ss T



20 FOR


Name s


te, Zip

a City, St


Start your New Year with a New Subscription PO Box 57 La Plata, MO 63549 660-332-4431

Josephine Garlock Morrow Tent #23

The Josephine Garlock Morrow Tent #23 of the Daughters of Union Veterans of the Civil War 1861-1865 met December 17, 2013, at Macon Public Library, with 11 members. President Elna Williams presided. Linda Haley led the Pledge to the Flag. Minutes were read and the treasurer’s report given. Courtesy Chair Catherine Llewellyn reported on cards she had sent. It was noted that Nancy Thomas, State Registrar, is digitizing all the DUV records. Officers were installed. President, Gail Shoush; senior vice-president, Becky Lang; Junior vicepresident, Mettie Davis; Chaplain, Aileene Burns; Treasurer, Marilyn Freeman; Registrar, Elna Williams; Patriotic Instructor, Linda Haley; Counselor, Catherine Llewellyn; Secretary and Press Correspondent, Sharon Hutchinson; Chief of Staff, Ruth Masten; Guide, Anna Jones; Assistant Guide, Chris Ankeny; Guard, Thelma Sartain; Assistant Guard, Janean Faux; Historian, Gail Shoush; Color Bearers, Janie Magers, Mary Kitchen, Ruth Douglas, Ruth Thompson; Musician, Martha Helen Henry; State Veterans Home, Mary Shott; VAVS, Donna Ayers. Yearbooks are being prepared. Elna Williams presented a program on quilts. She used the book, “Home on the Plains, Quilts and the Sod House Experience” by

Kathleen Moore. The author had searched for evidence of the use of quilts in sod houses. Nebraska became a state in 1860 and the Homestead Act of 1862 caused the area to be settled. Houses were made of sod due to the lack of available lumber. Quilts were tacked on the walls for warmth and beauty. Women traded butter for fabric, which cost 15-18 cents per yard. A fan patchwork block was the first published quilt pattern, in 1897. She displayed a tacked feed sack quilt made by her mother. She also displayed a signature quilt, with her mother’s and her aunts’ names, as well as a number of other names, embroidered on the quilt blocks. She found this in an antique shop about three years ago. Members of a club, thought to be the “Good Neighbor” club, located somewhere between Jacksonville and Kaseyville, had made the quilt. More research is being done on this. Refreshments were served to Elna Williams, Marilyn Freeman, Mettie Davis, Catherine Llewellyn, Linda Haley, Anna Jones, Donna Ayres, Martha Henry, Becky Lang, Mary Shott and Sharon Hutchinson. The next meeting will be January 28, 2014 at the Macon Public Library.

Thank You for the prayers, kind words, thoughts, well wishes, flowers & food we received in our time of need during our recent loss.

Shannon Isaacson, AAMS® Financial Advisor .

603 E Union St Macon, MO 63552 660-385-4328

The Family of Ronnie Sizemore

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An Amazing 4GLTE Network.

660-395-9000 • 800-769-8731 • WWW.CV4G.COM C Y




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