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Wyatt Earp Fallfest Baby Show winners inside!

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DON’T MISS... Wyatt Earp Fallfest Baby Show winners

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First Baptist Church to host Annual Thanksgiving Day Dinner

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Metzger’s Mutterings

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Students of the Week

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STAR Students

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Class offered in Greenfield on Turf Grass Management

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Jasper Agriculture Education teacher elected to serve as Southwest District president

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Tigers dominate on big stage

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The Lesters to appear in concert

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Halloween Hullabaloo Costume Contest winners

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Ordinance passed requiring cleaning deposit for Smith Park in Lockwood

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Lamar High School Class of 1945 holds 68th reunion

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Lamar High School Class of 1953 celebrates 60th reunion

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LHS Class of 1963 meets for 50th reunion

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Weather Forecast

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Photo courtesy of Leena Harris A rainbow appeared to the North of town after a relentless rainy day in October.

Lamar Democrat/Melissa Little Fall's in full swing as the trees transform around town. Mary K. Finley Library's tree on the corner of 10th and Cherry Street has become a brilliant flame red.

Barton County’s lifeline for youth faces financial crisis

LAMAR-A grassroots organization serving the needs of school age children and operating separate but parallel with local school districts is facing a severe financial crisis. About Our Kids, Inc. (AOK) has largely been supported by federal, state, and local grants since its founding in 1999. A three-year grant from the U.S. Department of Education is expiring at the end of 2013, and concerned citizens are searching for ways of raising sufficient funds to stay in operation. AOK operates two centers for youth development, the Wolf Center at 801 East 12th for children in grades K-5, and Nathan’s Place at 1005 Gulf on the northwest corner of

the Lamar square for grades 6-12. At the Wolf Center, children are provided a healthy meal Monday through Friday free of charge, and are offered physical education and recreation opportunities along with character education and development. At Nathan’s Place, a safe hangout after school is provided with a free and nutritious meal at 5 p.m. It’s open week days from 3 p.m. to 6 p.m. and all day whenever school is out due to weather and during the summer months. Free of charge services include tutoring, supervised wireless internet access, an indoor basketball court, and laundry and shower facilities. Together, AOK serves over

By CPL. STEVEN SHAW Lamar Police Department

locked; 7. Keep curtains and blinds closed when away from home; 8. Utilize a burglary alarm with a loud exterior sounder and post alarm company decals or signs. 9. Keep landscaping trimmed so not to obscure your windows or doors from the street or your neighbor’s view; 10. Be thoughtful on what you post on social media that tells others that you are away from home; 11. Provide trusted neighbors with your emergency contact information; 12. Encourage neighbors who are at home during the day to watch and report suspicious activity to 9-11 as soon as possible. Also remember the holiday season is coming up. After opening those new expensive electronics that were received as Christmas presents, refrain from putting those packages out to the curb for trash pick up until the day of pick up so potential burglars don’t know what new high tech gifts you have just received. If you are going to be gone from home on a trip or vacation for the holidays, or any time, notify the Lamar Police Department at 417-682-3546 so you can be placed on our House Watch list.

Be aware, burglaries happen during the daytime also

Residential burglaries are a continued significant problem across Missouri. In Lamar 25 were reported in 2011, 30 in 2012 and 24 so far this year in 2013. Burglaries can occur at any time, but a significant amount occurs during daytime hours when people are away from home. Although burglars utilize a variety of methods to gain entry into homes, the most common method is to simply kick in a door to the residence. Most burglars will also knock or ring a doorbell to determine if there is anyone home prior to committing the crime. The Lamar Police Department would like to provide some helpful tips to the community in an effort to reduce the number of burglaries. 1. Always utilize a security deadbolt on all interior doors; 2. Utilize security storm doors; 3. Never leave windows open when away from home; 4. When gone, make it seem as if someone is home by leaving a radio or a television on; 5. Keep newspapers and delivered items clear of your front porch; 6. Keep fence gates closed and

P.O. Box 458 | 100 East 11th Street Lamar, Missouri 64759-0458 Phone: 417-682-5529 | Fax: 417-682-5595 |

300 meals every week. Menus comply with USDA dietary guidelines. Nathan’s Place serves over 150 meals every week. All AOK activities are supervised by professional and certified staff members. The staff consists of eight employees, two full time and six part time. Beyond Lamar, AOK has provided physical fitness equipment and classes in nutrition to the school districts of Sheldon R-VIII, Jasper R-V, and the Southeast Kansas Learning Center. It also administered a one-year College Access Challenge grant in cooperation with the Missouri Department of Higher Education to provide funds to increase a college-

By LT. JOHN DAVIS Lamar Police Department

The officers at the Lamar Police Department and their spouses are preparing for the Seventh Annual Lamar Police Department “Shop With A Cop”. The purpose of the “Shop with a Cop” program is to provide gifts to disadvantaged children and their families and also allow them to interact with law enforcement officers in a more positive setting. The program is funded solely through donations; we will be giving each child $100 to purchase gifts for themselves. Last year, through the generosity of the citizens of Barton County, we were able to make a positive impact with 92 children. Also last year and again this year, we plan to select the children from all over Barton County, not just Lamar, and we hope to be able to

Be sure to send us your recipes for the holiday cookbook! DEADLINE Friday, Nov. 15

going culture in rural Barton County. A group of eight people met, November 4, to examine the financial needs of AOK which lie ahead. They estimated that somewhat more than $100,000 will be needed to continue operating through 2014. The group discussed ways of educating the public about the program and the financial shortfall it faces. A marketing campaign is being planned. They were in unanimous agreement that AOK is a needed and worthwhile program for the Barton County community, as exemplified by its motto, “Empowering young people to make healthy life choices.”

increase the number of children for the program. Again, we will also be including children from Lockwood and Jasper schools, bringing the total to five communities. This year’s event will be held at the Lamar Walmart on Saturday, Dec. 15, with donations being accepted until Friday, Dec. 14. If you or your business would like to sponsor a child this Christmas you may contact the police department. Donations may be mailed to “Shop with a Cop” c/o Lamar Police Department, 1106 Broadway, Lamar, MO 64759 or you can call 682-3546 and an officer will pick the donation up. We will also be doing our annual Hat Block fundraising on November 23 at the Walmart Super Center. Please feel free to contact Lt. John Davis at the police department if you have any questions.

2A • Wednesday, November 13, 2013

correspondents Coonfoot & Vicinity By LOUISE OTT

Peeking out the door early Monday morning I saw white like there was a heavy frost. This Tuesday morning, sirens were blowing and it was raining. The sirens were going north. Gary and Judy Nelson, Michael Nelson and Ella Mae Turpen enjoy going to dinner on Sunday at a restaurant. Arbry Winans, Ray and Nicole Winans, Ray and Tristan and Elvin Winans Jr. and Durella were visitors of Marie Winans. Kenneth Dee and Esther Archer, George Straw and Louise Ott visited their sister, Frances Roberts, at Mt. Vernon. Jane Moss visited Louise Ott and we played Double 9 Dominoes. That was fun. Louise Ott visited Marie Winans on Tuesday afternoon. Remember the big bridge south of Alba is open now. It’s so nice to go straight through instead of detouring to other roads. Kenny Dee and Esther Archer and Louise Ott, Vanessa and Nathaniel Hudson and Lonnie and Bonnie Hudson were dinner guests of George Straw. Steve Patterson, pastor of Alba Friends Church non-profit organization, appreciates any donations from anyone. Plans are to serve coffee, pastries and chips in the evenings, Thursday through Saturday, in the Fall. All are volunteers and anyone can help. Call Steve’s cell phone at 417-793-3308 or his home phone, 1-417525-6107. He can tell you more about lunches and what days. The café is at 212 Main in Alba. John Enlow visited Louise Ott on Monday afternoon.

For-getme-nots By GAIL LEAMING

While on our trip we ran into a couple of interesting events. One was a soldier from Ft. Lewis that sat at our table and was discussing with us and another couple the Obama Care plan. One of the other couples were retired Air Force who had lived 17 of his 20 years in the service in England at a cushy job. He was draw-

ing full disability, full retirement and another full retirement from another job. He was on Triveca Insurance and talked about how stupid people were who didn’t want the Obama Care. Now this man will never take it because of his insurance and has never lived where the government doesn’t support him. Makes about 10,000 a month on these payoffs. He even told Ron that he was lying about our stay in the hospital and what the Obama Plan almost did to us. The soldier spoke up and said, “I wonder what the government would say if they found out you were double dipping”. And the other couple just laughed and said everyone does that. Well the next day I ran into him and found out he was watching a man in a uniform with medals on his chest. This soldier said that the man was not a real soldier because he didn’t wear his medals in the right place and was stupid enough to have a picture taken of himself on the ship. He was getting a copy to send back to his force because it was a misdemeanor and a felony. Ron told me later that Ft. Lewis use to be where they trained MPs. I wonder if he was and was under cover military. The soldier said that people pretend they are in the service to get girls, get perks from the ships and airlines and etc. Very interesting to me. It is interesting to me to “people watch”, especially with a guy that does it all the time and teaches me what to watch for. Larry and Jean Ehrsam met us at the Blues Restaurant  Friday before going to the Crawfords and Co. We all had a good time and ended up with Braums with the rest of our Red Oak 2 gang. Ran into Kenneth Davis and his wife eating ice cream with Kenneth Banta. We pretty much fill a third of the Braums. The next news is about a Senior Jacob Bailey of Miller. I have known Jacob for most of his life, who was born with a genetic birth defect that should have killed him. He has had more surgeries than anyone I have ever known and survived many deaths but his attitude is great. He is also the only person I have met that got to pick out what his face would look like and the doctors in Chicago made him look like his dad, which was his wish. Jacob loves basketball and has played since he was in the third grade. I happened to be

there when he made his first basket and the gym went wild. He is a trooper in more ways than one as is his family. Miller School was having a fundraiser to have money for their team for more equipment but when Jacob was told he needed a kidney transplant the team and school voted to change the game and etc. to raising money for Jacob. Miller Basketball Red and White Night will be held Friday, Nov. 15, with supper served at 5 p.m., in the high school cafeteria. Supper will be cooked and served by the Miller FFA. They are offering BBQ pork on a hoagie bun, hamburger, cheeseburger with steak fries, baked beans or pasta salad and sweet and un-sweet tea. The games will beg in at 6 p.m. in the high school gym. Admission is free. Please try and come and help his family with out of pocket expenses. Kenneth Banta had surgery for a knee replacement on Monday. George Baker and Jules and Twila Hollingshead had a good visit at the Lions fish fry on Monday. Twila is getting around great after her surgery.


In spite of the rain last Thursday, it did clear off in time for an evening of trick or treating, with all ages enjoying the afternoon and evening. I accompanied by granddaughter Lora Phelps and my daughter Delores Honey of Carthage, to Lee’s Summit last Friday morning. I stopped off to visit my daughter Delila and Bill Brown and they kept appointments in Kansas City. During the afternoon and evening I also got to visit with grandson Jeff Honey and his sons, Jack and Brendon, and granddaughter Deanna Rhoden and Darren and Emily Rhoden and children, Brady and Delaney. Delila prepared supper and we all enjoyed the evening before returning home. A large crowd was on hand Saturday morning at the monthly breakfast at the Lions Club with serving from 7 a.m. to 9 a.m. It was good to see Gary Melton able to be present, but he is still taking tests and treatments. Hope he continues to feel better. Sheldon Christian Church members en-

joyed breakfast on Sunday morning at the church. Those attending came at the regular time and following breakfast, we turned clocks and watches back one hour and continued with regular Sunday school at 9:30 a.m. and worship service at 10:30 a.m. A large crowd attended the benefit dinner at the community building starting at 11:30 a.m. Chicken and noodles and potatoes, hot rolls and dessert were available. The benefit was for the family of Christopher Richards, who passed away recently, to help with expenses. Bill and Carol Ready of Blue Springs and Hosmer Ray Parsons of Greenwood were in town over the weekend to winterize their homes here. There is so much sickness, as I hear it many have flu and colds and one lady is in the hospital with pneumonia. Jeff Honey and sons Jack and Brendon were Sunday afternoon visitors in my home as they were returning home to Lee’s Summit after visiting his parents, Jim and Delores Honey, at Carthage. The community Thanksgiving service will be held Sunday, Nov. 10, 7 p.m., at the Sheldon Baptist Church. Sheldon R-8 Harvest Dinner will be held Monday, Nov. 18. Due to so much sickness among members, the Sheldon Jolly Senior Citizens met for a short time on Tuesday afternoon to enjoy birthday cake baked by Joy Beeman. They made plans for the monthly dinner on November 19, when each one attending will bring a sack lunch. Pauline Stanwill and sister Lillian Bogart enjoyed a weekend with Lillian stopping off in North Kansas City to visit her daughter and help her grandson celebrate his sixth birthday. Pauline went on to Milo, Iowa, to visit her daughter and attend the play Grease on Friday night, when her grandson played the lead in the play. The ladies returned home Monday evening.

Lamar Democrat, Lamar, MO

Maxine’s Musings By MAXINE MORIN

Brr-r-r! According to the weather prediction, we will have snow by today (Wednesday). I need to check the bottom drawer of the bedroom chest. Gotta have my longhandles to step out on the porch to get the mail. In my younger (much) days, I would be out rolling up a snowman or having a snowball fight. Now, I am lucky if I get out to see the snowmen made by someone else. Congratulations to Ed Weinstein, Golden City, who will celebrate his 100th birthday Sunday, Nov. 16. There will be a reception at the First Christian Church Life Center in Golden City at 6 p.m. Edward and Dorma Banta celebrated their 65th wedding anniversary with a family dinner at the Lockwood First Baptist Church on Sunday, Oct. 27. The Banta children and families attended church with their parents preceding the dinner. The couple was married on October 31, 1948. Congratulations to the Bantas. I could not attend the Veterans’ Day assembly held at the Lamar High School on Monday, Nov. 11. “Thank you” to each veteran and active military person. I realize that “Freedom is not Free”. All gave some and some gave all. That is the reason we are free to worship as we choose. I was saddened to hear of the death of Ike Skelton, who served as our U.S. Congressman for 33 years. Thanksgiving will soon be here with a lot of hustle and bustle. Some will be traveling to spend dinner

with family, while others will be checking their grocery list and cooking up a “storm”. Being with family and friends are one of the important things in one’s life. Red Hat luncheon is tomorrow, Thursday, Nov. 14. Daughter Donna has had a bad cold and I am having back problems. Hope we are up to going. It always makes us feel better being with the Lamar Red Hat ladies. Seeing all the red hats and cheerful ladies just naturally make for a good time. Son Max Orahood came by to visit Eddie and me on Sunday afternoon. Then daughter Sondra Riegel accompanied by her granddaughter, Avery Gardner, brought us a Metro barbecued chicken dinner. Very good! All summer I have tossed bread out for the birds. It was interesting watching the different birds come flying down. Once a Blue Jay landed at the site and all others shied away. When the Jay got a mouthful and backed off to swallow, the smaller birds flocked in until Mr. Jay came back for more. I have noticed lately as the bread is tossed out, no birds come flying down. I think most have begun their yearly trip to warmer climates for the winter. Remember our military persons. Freedom is not free. Happy Thanksgiving! Until next time…

“The only man who never makes mistakes is the man who never does anything.”

Red Cross Bloodmobile held in Liberal LIBERAL-The American Red Cross held a blood drive at the Liberal Community Building on Thursday, Oct. 10. There were 18 donors, with two giving double. Three could not give. One of the donors, Tabitha Beaman, gave for the first time. Presenting themselves as donors were Roger Phillips, Karen Myers, Corkie Abts, Brent Hanshaw, Alice Hoover, Jolene Selvey, Connie King, Kay Waring, Lester Fast, Clifford Seaton, Susan Seaton, Sienna Arens, Lori Yokley, Bob Fast, Justin Ehrsam, Cathy Williams, Shirley Summers, Paul Crabtree, Lindsey McKay and Elroy “Bo” Hubbard. Ehrsam and Crabtree gave double.

Club Note


presentation of awards, business meeting and luncheon was held. The hostesses for the event were Rosalee Potter, Margaret Wattenbarger, Norma Frieden and Carolyn On November 5, the Gastel. yearly golf and bridge Sondra Riegel was the

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Friends & Family

Wyatt Earp Fallfest Baby Show winners

Girls, 0-3 months, Holli Borghardt, daughter of Scott and Bekah Borhardt, Lamar, first place.

Girls, 4-6 months, Kendall Neidigh, daughter of Jake Neidigh and Whitney Neidigh, Golden City, first place; Aynslie White, daughter of Tyler and Devin White, Bronaugh, second place and Kellie Wilson, daughter of Crystal and Jason Wilson, Bronaugh, third place.

Girls, 13-18 months, Raylee Davis, daughter of Judd and Dawn Davis, Lamar, first place and Emma Alves, daughter of Justin and Jessica Alves, Lamar, second place.

Boys, 10-12 months, Jaxon Ball, son of Brian and Kimberly Ball, Lamar, first place; Bryson Neher, son of Iona Neher, Lamar, second place and Lucas Garfield, son of Ben and DeLacey Garfield, Nevada, third place.

Boys, 0-3 months, Brady Powell, son of Logan and Becky Powell, Lamar, first place and Kyler James, son of Megan Straw and Austin Glover, Lamar, second place. Boys, 13-18 months, Vance Bull, son of Kevin and Katie Bull, Lamar, first place and Tevis Blanchard, son of Justin and Brittney Blanchard, Lamar, second place.

Girls, 7-9 months, Harper Wolf, daughter of Adam and Kati Wolf, Liberal, first place; Daedra Hardenberger, daughter of Keisha and Kaleb Hardenberger, Lamar, second place and Delilah McKenzie, daughter of Courtney and David McKenzie, Lamar, third place.

Boys, 4-6 months, Kai Lilienkamp, son of Chad and Emalee Lilienkamp, Lockwood, first place and Leaton Lassiter, son of Ryan and Katie Lassiter, Jasper, second place. Boys, 7-9 months, Easton Reed, son of Staci Werkmeister and Robert Saxinger, Lamar, first place.

Girls, 10-12 months, Baylee Giger, daughter of Josh and Brenna Giger, Lamar, first place and Alexis Remillard, daughter of Brooke and David Remillard, Lamar and Broken Arrow, Okla., second place.

Boys, 19-24 months, Knox Harvey, son of Brant and Erin Harvey, Lamar, first place and Easton Pettibon, son of Russell and Brittany Dintaman, Jasper, second place.

The Grand Champion baby at the Wyatt Earp Fallfest Baby Show was Harper Wolf, daughter of Adam and Kati Wolf, Liberal. Oakton MOPS sponsored a baby show during the Wyatt Earp Fallfest, held Saturday, Oct. 12. The event took place at the Plaza Theatre in Lamar. Above are the winners, with the photographs being taken by Amy Garfield.

First Baptist Church to host Annual Thanksgiving Day Dinner

First Baptist Church of Lamar will host its Annual Thanksgiving Day Dinner on Thursday, Nov. 28, at 12 noon. They will be delivering meals to the homebound as well

as serving turkey, ham, dressing and all the trimmings at noon. Anyone that would like a meal delivered to their home or would like to join them for fellowship and a meal at the church, call the church office to

make a reservation. This ministry is for the entire community. If anyone would like to donate or help deliver meals please call the church office. First Baptist Church is located at 1301 East 6th Street and their telephone number is 417-682-3538.

Baker graduates basic training

Equal Housing


Army Pvt. Cody J. Baker has graduated from basic infantry training at Fort Benning, Columbus, Ga. During the nine weeks of training the soldier received training in drill and ceremonies, weapons, map reading, tactics, military courtesy, military justice, physical fitness, first aid and Army history, core values and traditions. Additional training included development of basic combat skills and battlefield operations and tactics and experiencing use of various weapons and weapons defenses available to the infantry crewman. Baker is the son of Brenda Baker of Sheldon and Robert Baker of Leavenworth, Kan. He is a 2012 graduate of Sheldon High School.

4A • Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Friends & Family

Lamar Democrat, Lamar, MO

Metzger’s Mutterings

By MELODY METZGER Lamar Democrat

Two important dates occurred this past week. The first, and most important, was grandson Kobyn's 8th birthday. It seems impossible that eight years have passed since I was blessed with my angel. Kobyn has been one of life's greatest blessings since the day he was born. He was truly a gift from God and has enriched my life in so many ways. His mom Peyton told me in parent teacher conferences a few weeks ago that his teacher commented he was one of her best students. Peyton felt like he was actually her

ball again this year and his last two games were scheduled to be played Saturday morning. Following the game he spent the rest of the weekend with us and as usual what a wonderful time we had. The hotel where we were staying had a saltwater pool, which I had never experienced before. The water temperature was 90 degrees; it was like being in a giant bathtub! I guess due to it being saltwater and the fact that oceans are saltwater too, I had the hardest time convincing Ko that there were no animals in it! We ended the day with pizza delivered to the room and my precious boy was snoring by 9:30 p.m. Sunday, after checking out of the hotel, we headed to St. Joseph. Gary and myself had never been there before and we really enjoyed checking it out. Peyton has started

back to school to become an RN and travels three days a week, besides working full time and being a fantastic mom. She has made some very close supportive friends, as well as a wonderful church family, and I am so proud of all that she has accomplished. Ko fell asleep on our way back to Cameron. I commented to Peyton that Gary and I must either be extremely boring or we have a calming effect on Ko! Whatever it is, I'm just so glad that he loves being with us! On Monday, Nov. 4, I observed my 29th year of working at the Democrat! When I started in 1984 I was hired to work part time in the mailroom and to help set up ads. As soon as it was discovered I could type 110 words per minute my workload changed and the rest is history. I don't know where the time has gone

$30,000 grant to HSTCC to conduct a study of the watershed and to develop a plan for its improvement. Harry Rogers, executive director of HSTCC, has earlier stated the study will actually be the continuation of examining water quality in the watershed that has been underway for several years. Under the continuing study, data will be compiled, and water testing will be done. Water testing is expected to be conducted by the University of Missouri. The three forthcoming public meetings are designed to gather information and public reac-

tion to the proposed plan. Rogers stresses that all changes will be voluntary, adding, “I don’t see any new laws restricting land use.” The watershed of Lamar Lake is a part of the Spring River watershed. Brianna McDonald of HSTCC says the proposed plan is currently focusing on five counties, Barton, Jasper, Lawrence, Newton, and Barry. However, there are more counties in the watershed, some in Missouri and a few in southeast Kansas and northeast Oklahoma. Altogether, the Spring River watershed covers over 2,000 square miles in the three states.

Barton County is unique in having a division of watersheds; the southern portion of the county drains south into Spring River, and the north portion drains north into the Osage River and ultimately into the Missouri. The information gathering meetings will be held November 19 in Mount Vernon and November 20 in Carthage and Lamar. The Lamar meeting will be held in the Barton County Extension Center, 801 East 12th, starting at 6:30 p.m. Persons who have interests in the watershed, especially landowners, are encouraged to attend.

That’s why we need hope. The truth be told, we need hope everyday. With hope, we endure. With hope, we are encouraged. With hope, we see what could be. Hope is a kin to faith. Real hope is rooted in a loving and all-powerful God who sees our circumstances. We trust Him that things will get better. We believe that there is purpose and meaning behind all of this. We have faith that unfair things will be righted, that good will triumph over evil, that the cavalry will save the day. In Isaiah, the Messiah is described as one who “A bruised reed He will not break and a smoldering wick He will not snuff out. In faithfulness He will bring forth justice…” Jesus not only brings us hope, He is our very

hope. We are not condemned for being bruised or smoldering, but in fact promised to be protected in our fragile state. Is today a day that you need hope? In your marriage, your finances, your security, your parenting, your friendships, your health, your purpose for drawing another breath? Then remember this hymn: “My hope is built on nothing less than Jesus’ blood and righteousness; I dare not trust the sweetest frame, but wholly lean on Jesus’ name. When darkness veils His lovely face, I rest on His unchanging grace; In every high and stormy gale, my anchor holds within the veil. On Christ the solid rock I stand – all other ground is sinking sand, all other ground is sinking sand”.

favorite, but teachers can't necessarily show favoritism, so we were satisfied with "one of " instead of "the" best. Not only is he extremely smart and always inquisitive with an insatiable quest to learn, he is very sensitive in many other ways. If another student is having trouble, or if they need a partner and no one is willing to volunteer, Kobyn always does so. To me that is much more important than "book" learning and I am so proud that he is sensitive to other's needs. Gary and I headed north last weekend to spend his birthday weekend with him. He played flag foot-

as I have acquired a husband, two grandsons, a daughter-in-law, a college degree and the loss of my in-laws and parents in that time. Then recently, when Doug decided to retire, I wasn't sure what was going to happen but thanks to two very special people I have not only been able to continue what I enjoy doing, but have had the ability to accomplish and learn even more and to grow and prosper doing

something that I love. I never thought I would make a career out of working at a newspaper, but that is what has happened. I would like to take this time to thank everyone that has complimented me and encouraged me as I continue on this journey. It means so much and I appreciate each and every one of you. Here's to many more challenging and successful years.

Schlichting-Heumader engagement

Input being sought for creating a Spring River watershed management plan By RICHARD COOPER Democrat staff writer

The Harry S. Truman Co-ordinating Council (HSTCC) has announced a set of three public hearings later in November to gain input on a proposed Spring River watershed management plan. The plan would be aimed at improving the water quality of tributaries of the watershed by establishing long term goals relative to protection and restoration and what conservation practices to implement. The Missouri Department of Natural Resources (DNR) has awarded a

Some days you just need hope By ROB WILSON Pastor Lamar First Christian Church

Hope is a funny thing. Without it, everything emotionally shuts down. Our lives become filled with discouragement, fatigue, muddled thinking, depression, anxiety and drudgery. The will to move forward stops cold in front of a formidable wall of stone. Seemingly immobilized, we can’t seem to get traction and we give up and give in to… despair. Despair isn’t just the opposite of hope – it’s really the absence of hope. No longer are we a mighty oak but a fragile twig, no longer a burning light but a smoldering wick… and at any moment we feel that we can be broken and snuffed out.

The parents of Kendall R. Schlichting and Matthew D. Heumader would like to announce their engagement and upcoming marriage. Kendall is the daughter of Judith Gastel of Lamar and the late Robert Schlichting, and stepdaughter of the late Keith J. Gastel. Matt is the son of David and Sue Ann Heumader of Nevada. Kendall is a graduate of Missouri State University and is employed as a graphic designer at Black River Imaging of Springfield. Matt served as a turbo-prop mechanic in the Air National Guard and is currently an independent contractor specializing in home remodels in the Springfield area. The wedding will take place on December 7, at a private residence in Springfield and will be officiated by Dr. David Sommerfield.

Lamar Democrat, Lamar, MO

Emma Hargrave, daughter of Brian and Regan Hargrave, is the sixth grade Lamar Middle School Student of the Week. Emma loves to play soccer, basketball and fetch with her dog Jayce. In her spare time she likes to draw and practice math. She likes to play catch with her family.

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Tyanna Sangster, daughter of Annie Hawes and Rocky Sangster, is the seventh grade Lamar Middle School Student of the Week. Tyanna plays volleyball and basketball. She enjoys hanging out with friends and family. She also enjoys going to church.

Character students for October

Megan Schlichting, daughter of Matt and Angie Schlichting, is the eighth grade Lamar Middle School Student of the Week. Megan’s favorite subject is Algebra. She has three dogs. Her favorite after school activity is Math Counts.

Jasper Agriculture Education teacher elected to serve as Southwest District president

Character students at Golden City School for the October trait of Responsibility are, front row, left to right, Hallie Beard, second grade; Colton Pace, kindergarten and Jade Pennington, first grade; back row, Maggie Reed, third grade; Trey Evans, sixth grade; Bailey Hopgood, fifth grade and Caleb Cifuentes, fourth grade.

Class offered in Greenfield on Turf Grass Management

GREENFIELDThe University of Missouri Extension office in Dade County will host a “Turf Grass Management Class” from 1:30 p.m. to 3 p.m., December 5, 6, 12, 13, 19 and 20, at the Pennington Seed conference

room in Greenfield. The cost of the program is $50 per person or $80 per couple. Class topics will include turf grasses for southwest Missouri, turf management, turf diseases, weed management, turf fertil-

ization, turf insects and rodents, soil and site prep. Registration is needed by December 4 and can be done by calling the Dade County Extension at (417) 637-2112. Please make checks payable to Dade County Extension.

St. Mary’s Catholic Church Ladies hold drawing

The St. Mary’s Catho- drawing during the Wyatt ber 12. A kitchen basket lic Church Ladies held a Earp Festival held Octo- was raffled off, with Pat Williamson being the lucky winner.

Pictured, front row, left to right, are Darren Farmer, Polo, president; Deanna Thies, Boonville, president elect; Jeff Voris, Halfway, secretary; Mike Graham, Fredericktown, past president; second row, Doug Henke, Boonville, Central District president; Jason Davis, Bowling Green, Northeast District president; Jared Jeffries, Jasper, Southwest District president; Robbie Richter, Sullivan, South Central District president and Charlie Barker, Twin Rivers, Southeast District president. Not pictured is Nicki Honan, South Nodaway, Northwest District president. Jasper Agriculture Education Instructor Jared Jeffries was elected to serve as the Southwest District president for the Missouri Vocational Agriculture Teachers Association (MVATA) for the 2013-14 school year. MVATA is composed of certified teachers of Agriculture Education who teach in the secondary, adult and post-secondary schools of Missouri.

The purpose of MVATA is to improve agricultural education as a profession and to improve agriculture and agri-business as vocations in the state of Missouri. MVATA is a professional agriculture education teacher association that has 486 members serving 327 schools. For more personal/professional information contact Jeffries at 417394-2511.

STAR Students of the Week

STAR Students at Lamar East Primary for the week of November 11 are, third row, left to right, Xavier Cox, Abigail Diggs, Paxton Horton and Adam Klushman; second row, Madison Clark, Zackery Wagner, Jesse Moore, Xavier Romero and Mason Coones; first row, Cailynn Taylor, Lilly Hill, Rowan Parks and Jaydin McManis.

Liberal Middle School releases first quarter honor roll LIBERAL- The first quarter honor roll has been released by Liberal Middle School. All A Honor Roll EIGHTH GRADE- TW Ayers, Kaylee Daniels, Jacob Dermott, Matt Dugan, Rhiannon Morrow, Kaylee Triebel. SEVENTH GRADEMelanie Beaman, Mary

Bean, Toby Dingman, Delaney Miller, Bryant Rose, Weston Sprenkle, Madelyn Wahl, Kynli Wolf. SIXTH GRADE- Kyle Henegar, Brandon Overman, Taylor Ring, Olivia Willis. All A-B Honor Roll EIGHTH GRADE- Michaela Barthelme, Shaye

Bright, Kyle Broksieck, Callie Cornell, Dalton Davis, Seana Eccher, Brianne Edwards, Kennedy King, Kayla Lasater, Aspen McCuistion, Aidan McKee, Cade Moreno, Gavyn Morris, Paige Shaw, Carly Spencer, Shelbie Sprenkle, T’ariah Sprouls, Tyler Stebbins, Grace Williams. SEVENTH GRADEBrooke Bearden, Bridget Bland, Mallory Gazaway,

Dalton Hendrix, Faith McThompson, Colby Selvey, Colton Stacy, Chad Yount. SIXTH GRADE- Justin Braun, Yvette Cruz, Dustin Davison, Kyler Duncan, Arianna Forst, Kendall Krueth, Cailee Lake, Sierra McCuistion, Lastazia Selman, Sydney Shaw, Colten Slinker, Drew Windsor, Stephanie Wood.

6A • Wednesday, November 13, 2013


Lamar Democrat, Lamar, MO

Tigers dominate on big stage

By CHRIS MORROW Lamar Democrat

PITTSBURG, Kan.Scott Bailey brought his high school alma mater, the Lamar Tigers, into Carnie Smith Stadium on the campus of his collegiate alma mater, Pittsburg State University and led his team to a 84-6 thrashing of Warsaw in Class 2 District 4 action Wednesday night. The game was originally to be played at Thomas M. O'Sullivan Stadium, the home of the Tigers, but was relocated across state lines in order to preserve the home field after all the recent rain. After back-to-back state championships in the Edward Jones Dome, the Tigers are no strangers to playing on a big stage and it showed as they dominated the contest from the very beginning. The Tigers’ defense forced a three-and-out on Warsaw's opening possession and the first of many big plays occurred as the Wildcats punted and Landon Compton blocked it, sending the ball spinning into the end zone where it eluded both Tigers and Wildcats until Brandon Eaves pounced on it for a touchdown. "It was a called block set up for Landon and Mark Bartlett," said Bailey. "They had one guy  in front of the punter and if  Jacob Rice and Brandon Eaves occupied two blockers he had to choose which one he was going to  block, Landon or Mark,  and the other would come free. Later in the game we ran it again and Mark almost got one.

Landon got the block and Brandon got the score, but both of them will tell you  our defense created the play by everyone doing their job on the play." Big plays by Compton bookended the contest. His interception return of 32 yards to pay dirt would finish the scoring for the Tigers. Defensive coordinator Thad Lundine's crew held the Wildcats to only 26 yards rushing on 39 tries. "For us it starts up front with our defensive line.  If they can control the line then we can  be more aggressive with our linebackers and secondary.  We were able to blitz more than we normally do because our defensive line was controlling everything up front," said Bailey. Warsaw's second possession ended quickly as well when defensive end Sam Bailey and Eaves combined to pressure Jereme Eirman into an incomplete pass. The Tiger offense set up at the Warsaw 48 yard line and promptly scored again as senior quarterback Levi Petersen took the first play to the end zone. The next time the Tigers touched the ball they scored on the first play again when Jared Beshore went 40 yards. The Warsaw kick returner dropped the ball and the Tigers pinned them at their own four yard line. Johnny Brooks and Ben Bailey dropped the ball carrier for a loss of four on second and seven and the Tigers batted down a third down pass attempt at the line of scrimmage to force yet another punt. Two plays later the Tigers were in

Lamar Democrat/Chris Morrow Every offensive play the Lamar Tigers run starts with center Jack Gilkey (middle). Here he is just a blur as he snaps the ball to classmate quarterback  Levi Petersen (#7) on a play that Petersen ran into the end zone from a yard out for one of the Tigers many touchdowns in their route of Warsaw Wednesday night, Nov. 6, in Class 2 playoff action at Carnie Smith Stadium on the campus of Pittsburg State University. The game was moved to Pitt State from Lamar because of the wet conditions and the damage that could have been done to the Tigers’ field. Carnie Smith Stadium has an artificial turf field. the end zone again, this time on a run by junior quarterback Tripp Tucker, following a block by Angus Sprenkle. Tucker ran over a would-be tackler at the three yard line and plowed his way into the end zone. The Tigers led 28-0 halfway through the first quarter. Warsaw's offense continued to struggle against an inspired Tiger defense. Eaves, who along with Compton led the team with 11 tackles,  stopped the ball carrier for a loss on first down. Ben Bailey did the same on second down and a third down pass attempt fell incomplete. Beshore ran the punt down to the one yard line and two plays later Petersen walked into the end zone for a 35-0 lead with 3:58 remaining in the opening

period. The Wildcats went three-and-out again as Brett McDonald batted down a third down pass attempt. The Tigers took over after the punt at their 40 and Petersen ran 60 yards on the first play from scrimmage. Todd Morrow's point after kick put the Tigers up 42-0. Beshore skirted a tackle on the Tigers’ sideline and dashed 65 yards the next play the Tiger offense ran and they led 49-0. The Tigers racked up the points running only eight offensive plays in the first quarter. They outgained Warsaw 250-3 in that 12 minute period. Ethan Taffner scored on a 20 yard run and Tucker ran in from 17 out, sandwiching a 65 yard pass play from Eirman to Jelinek. The play

accounted for half of Warsaw's total yardage on the night. Late in the first half Bartlett picked off a pass. The Tigers found the end zone three times in the second half. Derek Henderson ran in from three yards out and Hunter Gepner scored on a two yard run as Bailey put in his younger players. Compton's interception return capped the scoring. Offensively the Tigers racked up 555 yards on 35 carries. Beshore carried twice for 105 yards and two scores. Petersen had four attempts for 116 yards and three touchdowns. Danny Embry had five carries for 121 yards. Special teams have been key in the Tigers 10-1 record.

"On special teams I think a team can take two different approaches.  A team can be aggressive and try to make a play to help them win a game or they can be conservative and try not to give up a play that  causes them to lose a play.  For us we try to do a little of both with our special teams depending on the situation," said Bailey,  who thinks that special teams will play a big role in Monday's home game with Ash Grove. The Pirates defeated Sarcoxie 29-15 to advance. The Tigers were to host Ash Grove Monday night as they continue their march to what they hope will be a third straight Class 2 State Championship.

Eagles remain undefeated; advance in playoffs

Jasper High School's Lady Eagles have excelled this fall. They have earned district champions in softball, volleyball and cross country.

Jasper girls’ cross country team takes first at district

JASPER-The Jasper High School Girls Cross Country Team took first place at the Cross Country District Meet at Bolivar on Saturday, Nov. 2, with a low score of 40 points. Five members of the team were in the top 15.

Monica Steeves took fourth, Kamryn Stump took sixth, Whitney Davis took seventh, Grace Gazaway took 12th and Haley Bennett took 15th. Other members of the team are Chandra Howard, Hannah Jensen and Annie Wright.

The team headed to the State meet on Saturday at Jefferson City. Members of the boy’s team qualifying for State were Jacob Holliday who took ninth place and Hayden Howard who took 10th. They too competed on Saturday.

SRVC All-Conference Volleyball teams announced

The following are the players selected to the 2013 SRVC All-Conference Volleyball Team (In no particular order, top 12 & tie): 1st Team - Christine Younker, SR, Pierce City; Hannah Fuller, SR, College Heights; Adi Etcheson, SR, Jasper; Tessa Huffman, SR, Diamond; Rachel Dugan, SR, Liberal; Madison Coose, SR, Lockwood; Amber Wagoner, JR, Pierce City; Sarah Vainio, JR, College Heights; Jenny Kaiser, SR, Pierce City; MaKayla Faucett, JR, Miller; Ali Walters, SR, Green-

field; Sarah Kent, JR, College Heights; Alexis Byrnes, JR, Lockwood. 2nd Team: Karrington Garvin, SR, Jasper; Katie Marshall, SO, Greenfield; Raven Paige, JR, College Heights; Maddy Flummerfelt, JR, Pierce City; Shea Wells, SR, Jasper; Jessica Maggard, JR, Sarcoxie; Nicole Sprenkle, SR, Liberal; Emily Backs, JR, Lockwood; Kalyn Martin, JR, Diamond; Amber Owens, SR, Miller; Erika Larkin, SO, College Heights; Jessica Nentrup, JR, Lockwood.

JASPER-The muddy field may have slowed the Jasper Eagles for a little while in Wednesday's Class 1 District 2 play, but it wasn't long before the Eagles took flight en route to a 54-12 route of Joplin McAuley. McAuley scored on two of its first three possessions and led 12-6. Jasper's first touchdown came on a Payton Smith 53 yard run. The Eagles then went to the air with Logan Johnston connecting with Blake Jeffries for a 30 yard score that put the Eagles up 14-12 after Smith ran in for the two point conversion. The Eagles wouldn't look back. Jordan Rice scored from two yards out to give the home team a 20-12 lead at the half. Coach Rich Adkins' team came out of the locker room and dominated the remainder of the game to move to 11-0 on the season, an amazing turnaround after several years of struggling for wins. Rice got things going in the second half with a 23 yard scoring run followed by a two yard run by Smith. Jeffries caught

the two point conversion pass from Johnston. Rice scored from two yards out and Smith ran in from a yard out and then intercepted a pass and returned it 30 yards to pay dirt. Again Jeffries

and Johnston hooked up for the conversion. McAuley could only muster 41 yards of offense in the second half. Offensively Smith racked up 208 yards on 23 carries.

Wednesday, November 13, 2013 •

Section B

The Lesters to appear in concert

The Lesters from St. Louis, often called “St. Louis’ First Family of Gospel Music” will be appearing in concert on Saturday, Nov. 23, 6 p.m., at Thiebaud Auditorium in Lamar. There is no admission charge; however, an offering will be received. The Lesters have been sharing the word through song for four generations. With more than an 80 year history and numerous albums behind them, the group proudly brings the third and fourth generation to the stage for a sound that is 100 percent “Pure Lester”. The Lester’s signature sound is a blend of inspired arrangements and vocal artistry led by longtime performer Brian Lester. Brian also serves as emcee and manager and has been singing with the family since he was four. Jonathan Lester, a fourth generation performer, brings a real

The Barton County Chamber of Commerce’s annual Halloween Hullabaloo costume contest was held at the bandstand. The winners of the contest are below:

freshness to the group. Jon, like his brother Brian, was “born to sing”, performing at a very young age. The newest edition to The Lesters is vocalist Justin Wells. Justin is an extremely talented young man with an extraordinary voice, as well as being an accomplished musician. He has been on staff as worship leader at the Church of the Nazarene in Science Hill, Ky., for the last several years. The Lesters take pride in their family heritage, but consider God’s greater family as the

real reason for their continued work. As they prayerfully pass their legacy to future generations, The Lesters hope to move others to a deeper level of spiritual commitment. The Lesters are a ministry dedicated to leading people to Jesus by sharing the joy of Christ through music and personal testimony. Visit The Lesters online at, or by twitter. com/TheLesters1925 or www. For local information contact Jesse Medlin at 417-214-9094.

0-3 age group winners, left to right, Alison as Bat Girl, third; Eli McWilliams as football and stadium, first and Grevyn Phillips as Little Bo Peep, second.

Hayden competed at 86th National FFA Convention and Expo

LOUISVILLE, Ky.Alicia Lynn Hayden of the Liberal FFA was selected as a national finalist for the National FFA Organization’s national proficiency award in Poultry Production – Entrepreneurship/Placement. Hayden is one of only four people who competed for this award at the national finals, October 30 through Pictured, left to right, are Alicia Lynn Hayden of the Liberal FFA Chapter; November John Parker, district manager, Tractor Supply Company; Anita Schneider, 2, during the National FFA Alumni president elect, representing Tyson Foods, Inc. 86th national FFA convention and expo in state and national levels. Allie Runnels. Louisville. From the time Hayden can This award was sponsored by Proficiency awards recognize remember, she’s always wanted Tractor Supply Company and outstanding student achieve- to emulate her father, and that Tyson Foods, Inc. as a special ment in business gained includes on the family’s poultry project of the National FFA through establishment of a farm. As a child her duties in- Foundation. In recognition of new business, working for an cluded simple things like hand being a finalist, each finalist reexisting company or otherwise feed turkeys and fill water jugs. ceived a plaque and $500. The gaining hands-on career expe- Today, she works with her fa- National winner of the Poultry rience. The Poultry Production ther to raise mortality rates and Production – Entrepreneur– Entrepreneurship/Placement has taken care of the feed bins, ship/Placement Award reAward is one of 49 proficiency predicting how much the flock ceived an additional $500 durprogram areas in which FFA will eat and knowing when to ing a special ceremony at the members can participate to de- order more feed. Hayden is convention. velop valuable experience and supported by her parents, Vicki leadership skills at the local, and Richard, and FFA advisor

4-8 age group winners, left to right, Aiden Sheat as an army figure, third; Gabe Johnson as a chimney sweep, second and Case as a Pea Shooter, first.

9+ age group winners, left to right, Victoria Candrela as a vampire queen, second; Elise James as a pirate, first and Clarise James as a devil monkey, third.

Lamar Enterprises and Recycling Service spotlighted at retired teachers meeting By RICHARD COOPER Lamar Democrat

LAMAR-Recycling has a very visible presence in Lamar, and its development was center stage at the November 6 meeting of the Retired Educators of the Barton County Area. Guest speaker was Judd Chesnut, manager of Lamar Enterprises and Recycling Center. Chesnut reviewed the history of the center, which began in 1974 as a sheltered workshop. For several years, it was located on 18th Street, and moved to its current location on Maple Street in 2005. Also in 2005, it began baling cardboard and has continued to expand its recycling operations ever since. Very recently, it added glass to its list of items to be accepted for recycling. This came about through a grant from Region M Solid Waste Management District and location of a market for recycled glass in Kansas City. The center operates on an annual budget of $450,000, much of which comes from U.S. Department of Agriculture grants and from tipping

Lamar Democrat/ Richard Cooper Judd Chesnut fielded many questions of interest after he addressed Barton County retired teachers on November 6 about Lamar Enterprises and Recyling Service. fees at landfills that are channeled through the Missouri Department of Natural Resources (DNR). The center works closely with the needs of industry. Chesnut said a good economy is good for Lamar Enterprises, and a bad economy is bad for the center. When Chesnut became manager in 1999,

the center had 15 employees; that has now expanded to 35. He noted that it might be one of the larger employers in the city of Lamar. The workers gain in skill and are graded as freshmen, sophomores, juniors, and seniors. In answer to one of many questions raised during the presentation, Chesnut said there is very little turnover, and one worker has been employed there since the 1970s. “It gives them self esteem,” he said, and then added, “It is rewarding for me, also.”During the business portion of the meeting, members were reminded that one of the many valuable services offered by the Missouri Retired Teachers Association (MRTA) is identity theft assistance. Karl Morey explained a plan of sending e-mails to current teachers about MRTA activities as a method of recruiting future MRTA members. The next meeting of the Retired Educators of the Barton County Area will be at noon, December 4, in the Community Life Center of the Lamar United Methodist Church. It will be the organization’s annual Christmas banquet.

Recycled costume winners, left to right, Cloye Nelson as a grave, first; Colin Overstreet as a zombie, second and Josie Doss as a zoo, third. Photos by Melody Metzger/Lamar Democrat.

The struggle to protect public employee retirement systems and benefits Less than a year ago, the Wall Street Journal alerted its national readership about what was happening in Rhode Island. The paper noted that Rhode Island’s rollback of public employee retirement benefits had turned the state into a national battleground over pensions. The Journal asserts that the “reforms” in Rhode Island have resulted in corruption and financial damage for taxpayers and retirees. With the help of billionaire former

Enron trader John Arnold and his partnership with the Pew Charitable Trusts, it now has become clear that there is a conscious effort to export Rhode Island’s pension fund reforms to other states. That effort has now reached Missouri as the Pew/Arnold Trust met last week with the Joint Committee on Public Employee Retirement of the Missouri General Assembly. The see BENEFITS, page 6B

2B • Wednesday, November 13, 2013


Ordinance passed requiring cleaning deposit for Smith Park in Lockwood LOCKWOOD-Mayor Homer Ellis called the Lockwood City Council meeting to order at 6:30 p.m. on Monday, Oct. 14. Present besides Mayor Ellis were Aldermen Alan Olson, Larry Allen and Russ Nentrup, as well as Donald Needham, Kathie Needham, Roger Stone, Dannie Bettis, Barbara Routledge, Jeff Moeller, Ruth Belcher and Ramona Lemasters. Alderman James Lovercamp was absent. Following unanimous approval of the agenda and minutes, Lemasters complained about the police department not following up on a report that a dog had broken into her turkey pen, killing one turkey and injuring another. Chief Ruth Belcher will contact the dog owner. In unfinished business a motion was made by Allen to contact Southwest Communications to do needed modifications to the city siren.

The mayor will sign a letter and return it to 911 Emergency Services confirming the transfer of sounding the storm siren. One bid was received by Dennis Bench to paint city hall. The bid, including prep and materials, was for $1870. A motion was made and carried to accept the bid. The ADA compliance was discussed and the group will check into redoing the entrance, as well as researching the cost of building a new city hall. An ordinance, A-446 Bill 13-07, was read authorizing and directing the mayor of the City of Lockwood to execute a contract between the city and Andy Snider Construction, providing for the repair of tornado damage at Smith Park. Following a first and second reading, as well as approval by the aldermen, the mayor declared Council Bill 13-07 adopted as Ordinance A-446.

In new business, it was noted that sewer rates must be increased to fund new Missouri Department of Natural Resources requirements. Current sewer rates are $15.15 for 5000 gallons of water use. Rates for two area cities are $33.90 and $35.25 for 5000 gallons. Both of these municipalities have begun the required upgrades. The suggested rate for 5000 gallons would be $35.15. The board will meet with engineers to discuss further. Regarding the employee health insurance, the policy with Coventry will be renewed with a little over two percent increase. Complaints about high speed traffic on Sycamore and 8th Street, especially at 12 noon and 4 p.m., were noted. The police department will watch the intersection at those times. Neighbors will be contacted to sign a complaint if the problem con-

LOCKWOOD-Mayor Homer Ellis called a special session of the Lockwood City Council to order at 5:30 p.m. on Thursday, Oct. 17. Present besides Ellis were Aldermen Alan Olson, Larry Allen, Russ Nentrup and Jim Lovercamp, as well as Barbara Routledge, Perry Finley and Mike Pessina. Finley was interviewed by the council followed by a closed session on a mo-

tion by Nentrup, pursuant to Section 610.021 (3) of the Revised Statute of the State of Missouri pertaining to hiring, firing, disciplining or promoting an employee. Following a discussion regarding the hiring of Finley, the board returned to open session with no votes being taken. A special meeting with Finley will be held again at 6:30 p.m. Wednesday, Oct. 23. Pessina from HDR dis-

cussed the Affordability Analysis to be prepared by the engineering firm to assist with DNR regulations. Allen, seconded by Olson, made a motion to approve an Amendment to Agreement for Engineering Services. The motion carried 3-0. Setting sewer rates were discussed. Following no other business, the meeting adjourned.

tinues and a summons will be issued for violations. A motion was made by Olson to hire Perry Finley to manage the golf course and to assist the city superintendent during the winter months. The hiring of an additional employee was also discussed. A special meeting will be called to interview Finley. It was unanimously approved to appoint Leesa Muncy as a representative of the City of Lockwood as a member of the Dade County Extension Center. It was noted that the Main Street crossing would be closed on either October 23 and 24 or October 29 and 30 for track repair. Also noted was that Smith Park and the ball field was left littered with trash following the last tournament held there. An ordinance will be prepared requiring any group using the park or ball field, including the restrooms, to put a cleaning deposit on file with the city. The deposit will be returned upon inspection of the premises. Restrooms will remain locked and a key provided when a deposit is paid. A motion was made by Nentrup to go into closed session pursuant to Section 610.021 (3) of the Revised Statute of the State of Missouri pertaining to hiring, firing or disciplining or promoting an employee. The council returned to open session with Olson making a motion to hire Jeff Moeller as police officer. Nentrup seconded and the motion carried 0-3.

LOCKWOOD-Mayor Homer Ellis called a special session of the Lockwood City Council to order at 6:30 p.m. on Wednesday, Oct. 23. Present were Aldermen Larry Allen, Russ Nentrup and Jim Lovercamp, as well as Barbara Rout-

ledge and Perry Finley. Absent was Alderman Alan Olson. An offer of employment was discussed with Perry Finley, who stated he would think about the offer and notify the mayor of his decision. Winter rates, cart paths

and the bridge at the golf course were discussed. Rock will be brought in to begin work on the cart paths. Allen informed the board about his plan to move a shed along a city street. He may have to move a stop sign to get

through the intersection, but stated that he would replace the sign. He also suggested removing the stop sign on the southeast corner at the intersection of Spruce and 10th St. A request will be addressed at the November 11 meeting.

Lockwood holds special session to discuss hiring

Lamar Democrat, Lamar, MO

Nuisance issues brought before Greenfield City Council By CAROLYN HEAD Dade County reporter

GREENFIELD-The Greenfield City Council met at 7 p.m. on Tuesday, Oct. 15. Mayor Wynes called for the Pledge of Allegiance by all present, followed by roll call. Members present included Wynes, City Clerk Cathy Harrington and council members Jack Pugh, Vicki Lollar, Bob White and Beth Wright. The October 1 minutes were read and approved. The monthly bills were also read and approved. Wynes asked for approval of Vicki Lollar as representative to the Dade County Extension Board, which meets three times a year. The motion to do so passed unanimously. Vehicles and carts with foul odors such as manure and waste, in the city of Greenfield parked on streets long term, were discussed. The trailers are filthy and draw flies. It was discussed storing such

trailers off of the street as a consideration. Some have been parked right on Main Street. The possibility that they could be parked someplace out of sight was discussed. This does not include short time parking for businesses, but long time parking of overnight or days at a time. Attorney Rose will write up a proposal for controlling the nuisance issue within the city. A request was made for a list of areas to be addressed for clean up in the city and reviewed by the council members. Lollar made the motion to have the list made and presented to the council, seconded by Wright, with four yes votes following. After much discussion and consideration of several nuisance issues in the city and the possibility of new business coming in, zoning is needed. A list of names of residents to help form a committee to survey what is suggested for improvements to be presented to the council was discussed and approved.

Work on golf course discussed at special session of Lockwood City Council

Dade County Commission votes on acceptance of insurance renewal rate By CAROLYN HEAD Dade County reporter

GREENFIELD-The Dade County Commission met at 9 a.m. on October 15, with Presiding Commissioner Randy Daniel, Eastern Commissioner Dallas Maxwell, Western Commissioner David Rusch and County Clerk Melinda Wright in attendance. Regarding roadwork in Central Township, Rusch was advised to contact John Glenn about the grader operation. Sheriff Max Huffman also wanted to speak to Glenn regarding the possibility of seeing a Gator that had been stolen. It was reported that there would be a Southwest Missouri Association of County Commissioners meeting the next day at the Stone County Courthouse in Galena. A question regarding the CAFO ordinance was discussed and how it applied to a third person purchasing and spreading the manure. Daniel advised the commission that piers would be set on the Preston Bridge and the commission needed to observe the procedure. Daniel reported that the school purchased property. The owner did not pay the tax and the school doesn’t pay tax,

so the tax was dismissed. Bills from the first half of October were approved. A complaint was received by a property owner regarding the bridgework on 108. It was reported that a five strand fence replaced an eight strand fence. The commission reviewed the law enforcement expenses and budget. They average $36,000 a month and have approximately $48,000 left for the remainder of the year. The prisoner board and liability expense value regarding housing outside of the county was discussed. It is running under budget to date. Maxwell suggested the commission meet with the sheriff regarding the budget as soon as possible. A call was received by Daniel regarding a noncounty road issue. Daniel will bring the matter up with 911 at the October 22 meeting. The minutes from October 7 were read and approved as corrected. It was noted that communication with Darren Hammelink showed that soft match money has been approved for approximately $10,000. In lieu of this information, the commission is considering the Fiddlers Creek Bridge

project. Darrell Decker met with the commission and presented a renewal contract for 13 months, December 2013 through January 1, 2015. Decker pointed out the list of all four plans is in section three and all four plans offer a $2500 deductible. The county pays 75 percent of the deductible, with a rate of $399 per month. The Affordable Care Act requires taxes and fees that will bring the total cost to $412 per person, per month. The insurance company will do this for the county and add it to the insurance plan cost. Presently the county reimburses $1,000 to employees after they meet the $2500 deductible. Decker went on to explain other aspects of the insurance. A motion was made to accept the renewal rate through Gallagher Benefit Services, as presented by Decker, which passed unanimously. The commission traveled to check on the bridge on FR 181 and FR 182. They also spoke to the collector regarding parcel No. 13-06.024-010-012-01 and abating the taxes. Per the collector, in Statute No. 137.100, the taxes should be abated. A motion was

PLAZA Theatre NOVEMBER 15-21


made and passed unanimously. The meeting minutes were received from the September meeting of the extension.

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DEATHS & PAID MEMORIALS June 30, 1964, in Lamar, to Robert Lee and Beverly Ann (Pentecost) Smith. He graduated from Webb City High School and from Spartan School of Aeronautics. He worked for many years refurbishing power plants all around the Midwest. He was a member of the Insulators Union Local 63 in Springfield. He had recently been able to buy a ALAN LAYNE small farm and was looking forward to fixing it up SMITH when cancer interrupted GREENFIELD-A me- his life. morial service will be held at 12 noon on Monday, Nov. 25, at the Zumwalt Center in Stockton for Alan Layne Smith, 49, who died at home on his farm on Saturday, Oct. 12, 2013, after a year long battle with cancer. Memorial contributions may be made to the American Cancer Society, http://main.acsevents. org/goto/Alan_Smith or mail to Wesley Smith, 91 JACKIE MORGAN Murray Way, Dallas, GA 30157. LAMAR-Services were Survivors include his held at 10 a.m. Monday at mother, Beverly Ann Daniel Funeral Home for Smith; a daughter, Aman- Jackie Irene Morgan, 64, da and grandson Zaden; Lamar, who died Thursthree brothers, Travis, day, Nov. 7, 2013. Burial Greenfield, Mark, Wood- was at Oak Grove Cembridge, VA and Wesley, etery in Oakton. Dallas, GA, and a large Memorial contribuextended family. tions may be made to He was preceded in Full Gospel Tabernacle death by his father, Rob- Building Fund, Oakton ert Lee Smith. United Methodist BuildMr. Smith was born

ing Fund, Lamar Family Ministries Building Fund or Lamar FFA, in care of the funeral home. Condolences may be left at Survivors include her husband, Jim Morgan; a son, Jason Morgan and wife Angie, Lamar; a daughter, Julie Baslee and husband Kevin, Lamar; three grandchildren, Jade Morgan, Jenna Baslee and Lauren Morgan; two sisters, Katherine Howrey, Carthage, and Dorris Westbay and husband Dean, Lamar; three sisters-in-law, Beula Miller, Linda Morgan and Patsy Andrews and husband Bill, all of Lamar, and a host of nieces and nephews. She was preceded in death by a grandson,


Landon Baslee; a brotherin-law, Richard Morgan and a sister-in-law, Doris and husband Russell Onstott. Mrs. Morgan was born May 16, 1949, at Lamar, to Jack and Zelda (Hosselton) Metsinger. She attended school in Lamar and graduated in 1968. After getting married she and her husband made their home in the Oakton community, continuing the family farm. She surrendered her life to the Lord at a young age and was a faithful member of the Full Gospel Tabernacle. She was a homemaker and worked as a library assistant at the Lamar schools from 2000-2009. She married Jim Morgan on June 28, 1968, in Lamar.

BARTON COUNTY SENIOR CENTER LUNCH MENU: November 18-22 MONDAY- Chicken oven hash browns, orand noodles, au gra- ange juice, biscuit, apple, tin potatoes, green coffee/tea/milk. beans, wheat roll, sliced THURSDAY- Birthday peaches, coffee/tea/ dinner, oven fried chickmilk. en, mashed potatoes, seaTUESDAYTaco soned green beans, hot salad with meat, beans roll, birthday cake with and cheese, lettuce and fruit, coffee/tea/milk. tomatoes, mixed fruit, FRIDAY- Chili with tostitos, frozen sherbet, beans and shredded coffee/tea/milk. cheese, coleslaw, tomato WEDNESDAY- Sau- juice, crackers, cinnamon sage patties and gravy, roll, coffee/tea/milk.

PROPERTY TRANSFERS Warranty Deed, filed October 21, 2013. Genny Sheppley of Story Country, Iowa to Jeff Kindler, Successor Trustee of the Gary L. Kindler Separate Property Trust of Yuma County, Arizona: A tract in the west half of section 8, township 31, range 29, Barton County, Missouri. General Warranty Deed, filed October 23, 2013. Versacort Properties, LLC to G.D. Investments LLC: An undivided half interest in property beginning at a point 160

feet south of the northeast corner of block 13, M.N. Wills’ Fourth Addition to the City of Lamar, Barton County, Missouri, thence west 334 feet, thence south 268 feet 8 inches, thence east 334 feet, thence north 268 feet 8 inches to the point of beginning, being a part of block 13, M.N. Wills’ Fourth Addition to the City of Lamar, Missouri. General Warranty Deed, filed October 23, 2013. Michael K. Moritz to Wallace W. Scott: All of lot 12 in block 3 of Wyatt’s Second Addition to the Town of Golden City, Barton County, Missouri. Warranty Deed, filed October 24, 2013. Rick C. Baston and Charlotte Baston and Susan Baston Marti of Barton County, Missouri to Lucille Wolf, Trustee of Lucille Wolf Revocable Trust of Barton County, Missouri: A tract commencing 376 feet west of the southeast corner of the northeast quarter of the northwest quarter of section 24, township 32, range 32, Barton County, Missouri, and running thence west 100 feet, thence north 146 feet, thence east 100 feet, thence south 146 feet to the place of beginning. Corporation Warranty Deed, filed October 29, 2013. Liberal Senior Citizens Community Center, Inc., to Thomas E. McKay and Linda S. McKay: A tract commencing 27 feet and 8 inches north of the southwest corner of lot 3 in block 7, Town of Liberal, Barton County, Missouri, and running thence north 41.1085 feet to the northwest corner of said lot 3, thence east

72 feet, thence south 41.1085 feet, thence west 72 feet to the place of beginning. Also, the west 23 feet of the east 128 feet of the north 41 feet of lot 3, in block 7, Town of Liberal, Barton County, Missouri. Warranty Deed, filed October 30, 2013. Jason B. Colin of Barton County, Missouri to Gary B. Colin and Linda C. Colin of Barton County, Missouri: A tract in the northwest quarter of southwest quarter of section 28, township 32, range 30, Barton County, Missouri, and including an access easement. General Warranty Deed, filed October 30, 2012. Dan J. Payne and Elizabeth Ann Payne to Quail Hollow Properties, LLC: The northeast quarter of southeast quarter and the north half of the northwest quarter of southeast quarter and the south half of northeast quarter of section 26, township 33, range 29, together with an easement for ingress and egress. General Warranty Deed, field October 30, 2013. Justin B. Jeffries and Emily E. Jeffries to Michelle R. Gaines: A tract commencing 70 feet north of the southeast corner of lot 8, block 9, Parry’s Addition to Lamar, Barton County, Missouri, west 160 feet, north 80 feet, east 160 feet, south 80 feet to the place of beginning, being a part of lots 6 and 7, block 9 of Parry’s Addition to Lamar, Barton County, Missouri. General Warranty Deed, filed November 4, 2013. Joy Bilyeu

to Charles E. Curless, Trustee of the Charles E. Curless Revocable Trust an undivided half interest and Janet M. Curless, Trustee of the Janet M. Curless Revocable Trust an undivided half interest: A tract commencing at the northwest corner of a tract in College Hill Addition to the City of Lamar, Barton County, Missouri. Missouri Warranty Deed, filed November 4, 2013. Darius Swearingen and Margie Marie Swearingen to Darius Swearingen and Margie Marie Swearingen: An undivided half interest in the west half of the northeast quarter and the east half of the northwest quarter of section 31, township 31, range 30, Barton County, Missouri. Warranty Deed, filed November 6, 2013. Edith Ann Pennell and Wilma Maxine Pennell of Barton County, Missouri to Edith Ann Pennell, Wilma Maxine Pennell and Lonnie Pennell and Juanita Pennell as joint tenants of Barton County, Missouri: The northeast quarter of the northwest quarter of section 3 in township 32, range 29, except 10 acres off the east side thereof in Barton County, Missouri. General Warranty Deed, filed November 6, 2010. Mark Hollstein and Andrea Hollstein to Kristy M. Hawes: A trct at the northwest corner of lot 7, block 4, Fink’s Addition to the City of Lamar, Barton County, Missouri, running thence south 50 feet, thence east 214 feet, thence north 50 feet, thence west 215 feet to the place of beginning.

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FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH OF LAMAR will host its Annual Thanksgiving Day Dinner on Thursday, Nov. 28, 12 noon. Anyone that would like a meal delivered to their home on Thanksgiving Day, or would like to make a reservation to eat at the church, should call the church office at 682-3538. First Baptist is located at 1301 E. 6th St. KENTUCKY ROAD WILL BRING THE MESSAGE by song at the Iantha United Methodist Church and Liberal United Methodist Church on Sunday, Nov. 17. The Iantha service will be at 9:30 a.m., with the Liberal service at 11 a.m. All are welcome to attend. THE BARTON COUNTY LIBRARY Board of Trustees will meet Thursday, Nov. 15, 9:30 a.m., at the Mary K. Finley Library in Lamar. The tentative agenda will include (1) financial report review including approval of bills paid, (2) minutes and (3) director’s report. LAMAR ELKS ARE COLLECTING DEER hides at 58 NE 1st Lane or 402 E. 4th, Lamar. For information call 417-214-4172. A FREE MOVIE MATINEE WILL BE HELD at the Mary K. Finley Library in Lamar at 1 p.m. on Monday, Dec. 2. Refreshments will be served. For movie title and more details call the library at 682-5355. FIBER ART GUILD WILL HOLD ITS annual auction Thursday, Nov. 21, 9 a.m. at Denny’s in Lamar. Bring saleable items for the auction. Roll call will be answered with someone each one is thankful for. VFW POST 3691 AND LADIES AUXILIARY will meet Monday, Nov. 25, 7:30 p.m., in the basement of Lamar Memorial Hall. A potluck supper will be held before the meeting at 6:30 p.m. All veterans are welcome. THE LESTERS WILL APPEAR IN CONCERT on Saturday, Nov. 23, 6 p.m., at the Thiebaud Auditorium in Lamar. There is no admission charge; however, an offering will be taken. For more information on the Lesters visit their website at For more information on the concert call Jesse Medlin at 417-214-9094. MILFORD TOWNSHIP ROAD BOARD meeting will be held Thursday, Nov. 14, 7 p.m., at 515 NE 88th Lane. THE COMMUNITY THANKSGIVING SERVICE will be held at the First Baptist Church of Lamar, 1301 E. 6th St., on Sunday, Nov. 24, 6 p.m. All are invited to attend. ALL PARTIES INTERESTED IN reserving and those who have reserved Lamar R-1 gym facilities for youth/club volleyball, basketball or baseball practice are encouraged to attend a reservations meeting at 5:30 p.m. on Wednesday, Nov. 13, at the Lamar High School. They will discuss the issue of equitable access for all gym reservations. Please direct all questions to the high school athletic department office. RICHLAND TOWNSHIP WILL MEET Thursday, Nov. 14, 1 p.m., at the home of Clerk Dale Huber, 694 SE 40th Lane. CARTHAGE SHRINE BURN CREW will hold a fish fry as a fundraiser on Saturday, Nov. 16, beginning at 5:30 p.m. All you can eat is $10, plus an auction and games. The public is welcome, with proceeds to benefit the Carthage Shrine Burn Crew. The fish fry is located three miles south of Jasper on I-49 then ¼ mile west on Route M or eight miles north of Carthage on I-49 and ¼ mile west on Route M. THERE WILL BE A FREE “MICROSOFT Word 2010 Advanced” training class at the Barton County Library in Lamar on Thursday, Nov. 14, 5 p.m. to 7 p.m. THE DADE COUNTY DEMOCRAT CLUB will meet Thursday, Nov. 14, 7 p.m., at the Greenfield Community Building. There will be a Thanksgiving supper and the group will honor all veterans that wish to attend and be recognized for their service. Members to show their appreciation will provide the dinner. For information call Mildred Stump at 417-2324007. A FREE WINDOWS 8 ADVANCED training class will be held Friday, Nov. 15, 4 p.m. to 6 p.m., at the Barton County Library in Lamar. A 100TH BIRTHDAY BASH FOR ED Weinstein will be held Saturday, Nov. 16, 6 p.m., at the First Christian Church Life Center in Golden City. Come join Ed and his family. Cake and ice cream will be served. Please no gifts; cards and well wishes may be sent to 200 Chestnut, Golden City, MO 64748. A SOUP AND PIE SUPPER BENEFIT for Candi Duncan will be held Saturday, Nov. 16, 5 p.m. to 8 p.m., at the Lockwood Methodist Church Family Life Center. All donations will help with medical expenses as she continues chemotherapy treatments. THE BARTON COUNTY MEMORIAL Hospital Diabetes Support Group will meet Monday, Nov. 18, 5:30 p.m., at the Barton County Ambulance District office meeting room, 1100 Cherry, Lamar. The topic will be “Managing the Holiday Season”. General Warranty Deed, field November 6, 2013. Jeffrey O. Williams and Dana Williams to Brittany Sprouls and Amy Spurling as joint tenants: All of lot 4 of Mayer’s Addition to the City of Liberal, Barton County, Missouri. Warranty Deed, filed November 6, 2013. Louise Caruthers of Barton County, Missouri to Louise Caruthers and Karen Nims as joint tenants of Barton County, Missouri: Lot 1 in block 3,

Humphrey’s Addition to the City of Lamar, Barton County, Missouri. All of lot 8 in block 3 of Humphrey’s Addition to the City of Lamar, Barton County, Missouri. Warranty Deed, filed November 6, 2013. Scott L. Frazee of Barton County, Missouri to Linda D. Berry of Barton County, Missouri: A tract located in the southwest quarter of the southeast quarter of section 14, township 32, range 33, Barton County, Missouri.

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Lamar Democrat, Lamar, MO

Empire District seeks to make procedural changes at customer cost

JEFFERSON CITY-The Empire District Electric Company has filed an application with the Missouri Public Service Commission seeking approval of demand-side programs under the Missouri Energy Efficiency Investment Act. Empire also seeks authority to

establish a demand-side management investment mechanism. According to the application, Empire seeks commission approval of a demand-side portfolio including some of Empire’s existing demandside programs and four additional programs.

Empire also wishes to establish a charge on customer bills to recover demand-side management program costs and incentives. This would appear as a separate line item on the monthly electric bill. Application to intervene and participate in this case must be filed no

later than November 19 with the Secretary of the Missouri Public Service Commission, P.O. Box 360, Jefferson City, Missouri 65102. Individual citizens wishing to comment should contact either the Office of the Public Counsel, Governor Office

Building, 200 Madison Street, Suite 650, P.O. Box 2230, Jefferson City, Missouri 65102-2230, telephone (866) 922-2959, or the Public Service Commission staff, P.O. Box 360, Jefferson City, Missouri 65102, telephone 1-800-392-4211. The Empire District

Electric Company serves approximately 149,500 electric customers in 16 Missouri counties, including the communities of Golden City, Jasper, and Stockton. Lockwood purchases electricity wholesale from the utility for its municipal system.

IN THE CIRCUIT COURT OF BARTON COUNTY, MISSOURI PROBATE DIVISION In the Estate of: DORMA BRADLEY, Deceased, Estate No. 13B4PR00006 NOTICE OF FILING OF FINAL SETTLEMENT AND PETITION FOR DISTRIBUTION TO ALL PERSONS INTERESTED IN THE ESTATE OF DORMA BRADLEY, DECEASED: You are hereby notified that the undersigned Personal Representative will file a Final Settlement and Petition for determination of the persons who are the successors in interest to the personal/real property of the decedent and of the extent and character of their interest therein and for distribution of such property, in the Probate Division of the Circuit Court of Barton County, Missouri, on November 21, 2013, or as may be continued by the Court, and that any objections or exceptions to such Final Settlement or Petition or any item thereof must be in writing and filed within twenty days after the filing of such Final Settlement. s-Donita Kidd DONITA KIDD, P.R. 621 Stonebrook Ct. Chesterfield, MO 63005 Telephone: 636-730-3221 Belinda S. Elliston Attorney at Law KADERLY & KADERLY 114 West 10th Street Lamar, MO 64759 (417) 682-6061 10-23,30,11-6,13-4tc

TIDBALL, DECEASED: You are hereby notified that the undersigned Personal Representative will file a Final Settlement and Petition for determination of the persons who are the successors in interest to the personal/real property of the decedent and of the extent and character of their interest therein and for distribution of such property, in the Probate Division of the Circuit Court of Barton County, Missouri, on December 4, 2013, or as may be continued by the Court, and that any objections or exceptions to such Final Settlement or Petition or any item thereof must be in writing and filed within twenty days after the filing of such Final Settlement. /s/ Alonzo L. Tidball ALONZO L. TIDBALL, P.R. 168 SW 80th Road Jasper, MO 64755 Telephone: 417-394-2710 Belinda S. Elliston Attorney at Law KADERLY & KADERLY 114 West 10th Street Lamar, MO 64759 (417) 682-6061 10-30,11-6,13,20-4tc

QUARTER OF SECTION 275 feet to the place of beginning, in Barton 27, TOWNSHIP 33, County, Missouri. Less RANGE 33, BARTON and Except: That portion COUNTY, MISSOURI, of the above described AND RUNNING THENCE WEST 415 property which lies within the tract of land FEET FOR A PLACE OF described as follows: BEGINNING, THENCE Commencing at the SOUTH 196 FEET, THENCE WEST 256 Southeast corner of the FEET, THENCE NORTH Northwest Quarter of 196 FEET, THENCE the Northeast Quarter EAST 256 FEET TO THE of section 35, Township PLACE OF BEGINNING.. 31, Range 29, Barton SUBSTITUTE TRUSTEE County, Missouri, thence CORPORATION West 925 feet 6 inches, SUCCESSOR TRUSTEE thence North 99 feet four www. inches to the point of substitutetrusteecorp. beginning; thence East com 313 feet, thence South Published in the Lamar 25 feet, thence West 313 Democrat feet, thence North 25 File #: GANJOBA1 feet, commonly known First publication date as 1007 Forrest Avenue, 10/30/2013 Golden City, MO, 64748 10-30,11-6,13,20-4tc subject to all prior easements, restrictions, NOTICE OF reservations, covenants TRUSTEE’S SALE and encumbrances now of For default in the record, if any, to satisfy the payment of debt secured debt and costs. by a deed of trust executed by Rhonda J. Singer and South & Associates, P.C., Richard Allen Singer, Successor Trustee Publication: dated May 6, 2008, and First November 6, 2013. For recorded on May 14, 2008, more information, visit Document No. 2008-694 in the Office of the Recorder NOTICE of Deeds, Barton County, Pursuant to the Fair Debt Missouri, the undersigned Collection Practices Act, Successor Trustee will 15 U.S.C. §1692c(b), no on December 2, 2013, at information concerning 12:00 PM, at the East Front Door of the Barton County the collection of this debt Courthouse, Lamar, may be given without Missouri, sell at public the prior consent of the vendue to the highest consumer given directly to the debt collector or bidder for cash: the express permission All of a tract of of a court of competent land described as jurisdiction. The debt commencing at the collector is attempting Southeast corner of the to collect a debt and any Northwest quarter of information obtained will the Northeast Quarter be used for that purpose of Section 35, Township No. 143683 31, Range 29, Barton (Casefile / Invoice No. 143683County, Missouri. Thence West 925 feet 6 670445). 11-6,13,20,27-4tc inches, thence North 349

high school. This will require some construction because of how the gym is built adjacent to the high school. Interested contractors should contact the Superintendent’s office at 417-394-2416. All bids are due by December 11th and will be read at the December School Board meeting. Bids can be sent to Rick Stark, Jasper R-V School District, 201 W. Mercer, Jasper, MO 64755. The Board has the right to accept or reject any or all bids. 11-13-1tc

TRUSTEE’S SALE WHEREAS, Angela L. Etcheson, by her Deed of Trust dated May 5, 2008, and recorded in the Recorder’s Office of Barton County, Missouri as Document 2008-736, conveyed to J. Kevin Checkett, Successor Trustee, the following described real estate, situated in the County of Barton, State of Missouri, towit: The Surface only of the following described land in Barton County, Missouri: Tract I: A portion of the Northeast Quarter of Section Thirtyone (31), Township Thirty-two (32) North, Range Thirty-three (33) West of the Fifth Principal Meridian, Barton County, Missouri, being bounded and described as follows: Beginning at a point 1753.50 feet North of the intersection of the East line of said Section 31 and the Northerly Rightof-way of the abandoned St. Louis & San Francisco Railroad, said point being 1566.58 feet North of the Southeast Corner of the Northeast Quarter of said Section 31; thence North 00 degrees East (Assumed Bearings) along the East line of said Northeast



In Re: John Ganger Jr., a single person TRUSTEE`S SALE - Under the terms of the Deed of Trust executed by John Ganger Jr., a single person dated 07/20/2006, and recorded on 08/25/2006 Document 2006-1522 in the office of the Recorder of Deeds for Barton County, MISSOURI, the undersigned Successor Trustee, will on 11/21/2013 at 1:00 PM at the West Front Door of the Barton County Courthouse, 1007 Broadway, Lamar, Mo. 64759 , sell at public venue to the highest bidder for cash subject to the terms announced at the sale, the realty described in said deed of trust, to wit: A TRACT COMMENCING AT THE NORTHEAST CORNER OF EAST HALF OF NORTHWEST

feet 4 inches to the point of beginning, thence East 313 feet, thence South 275 feet, thence West 313 feet, thence North

The Jasper R-V School District is taking bids for installation of a prefabricated or metal 30’ x 80’ building to be used as a preschool building. Delivery would be around June, and financing options will be explored. Interested contractors should contact the Superintendent’s office at 417-394-2416 to receive specific information and have a floor plan sent. All bids are due by December 11th and will be read at the December School Board meeting. Bids can be sent to Rick Stark, Jasper R-V School District, 201 W. Mercer, Jasper, MO 64755. The Board has the right to accept or reject any or all bids. 11-13-1tc NOTICE OF

see LEGALS, page 5B

The Jasper R-V School District is taking bids for demolition of the old gym and older white building just West of the

CONNEE FORRESTER REALTY, LLC 816 W. 12th, Westview Center Lamar, Missouri 64759 417-682-6543 • BEYOND BEAUTIFUL tri-level. Lake view. 3-4 Bedrm (more possible), 4.5 bath, Spacious KIT w/ island, pantry. Raised ceilings, flr-to-ceiling frpl, new flooring, fresh paint. Multiple living & dining areas. Inviting bsmnt includes storm rm. Lg dual access deck, screened patio. Great Landscaping. MAJOR PRICE REDUCTION: Bright & beautiful KIT open to brkfst & formal dining. Warm & inviting Living Rm w/frpl overlooks landscaped lawn w/awesome cvrd patio. Full brick, beautiful hardwd flrs, 3 spacious bdrms, 3 baths. Newer 30-yr roof. Twister Safe.


LAKE VIEW almost every room: Five bedrm, 3 bath. Spacious KIT boasts abundant cabinets. Finished walkout bsmt includes safe room, kitchenette, firepl. Large screened porch, covered patio. Attd 2c gar, Detd 2c gar w/shop has bath, w/d hookup. GOOD LOCATION INCLUDED: 2 Bdrm, 1 spacious bath. Hi-Eff CH, CA. Updated KIT includes appliances. 18’x23’ deck overlooks large, shady, fenced yard. 1.5 c attd garage. Storage bldg. w/concrete floor. ELBOW ROOM: Updated Three Bedrm, 1 ba, Maple KIT cabinets, newer flooring throughout. Thermal windows, vinyl siding, CH/A. Most appliances included. Large Patio, 30' x 26' Detd gar/shop. $57,500. PARADISE FOUND: Approx 35 acres of natural wonderland surrounds this move-in-ready Four Bedrm, 3 ba, home (approx. 2100 sf). Beautiful KIT, formal dining, 2 living areas. Front and rear decks, 40’x30’ heated gar/shop, 3 ponds. Fruit, nut and ornamental trees. Hunt to your heart’s content.


SECLUSION, CREEK, BLUFF, TIMBER, ROW CROP and pasture ground. Awesome views from 3 Bdrm, 2 ba with 2 living areas. CH/A plus wood stove. 3 car carport, Detd 30′ x 40′ garage/shop (stubbed for bath). Don’t trip over the wildlife.

4-5 Bdrm, 3 ba, 32’ deck overlooks pond. 5 AC, Lamar schools. 40 ACRES - Barton-Vernon County line. Fenced. 2 Ponds.

Lamar Democrat, Lamar, MO

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Legals/classifieds Legals, continued from page 4B Quarter a distance of 488.76 feet; thence South 86 degrees 20 minutes 20 seconds West a distance of 1286.62 feet to the centerline of said St. Louis & San Francisco Railroad; thence South 29 degrees 34 minutes 33 seconds East along said centerline a distance of 488.77 feet to a point being 1566.58 feet North of the South line of said Northeast Quarter; thence North 88 degrees 59 minutes 04 seconds East parallel with said South line a distance of 1042.92 feet to the point of beginning. EXCEPT a portion of the Northeast Quarter of said Section 31 being bounded and described as follows: Beginning at a point 1753.50 feet North of the intersection of the East line of said Section 31 and the Northerly rightof-way of the abandoned St. Louis & San Francisco Railroad, said point being 1566.58 feet North of the Southeast Corner of the Northeast Quarter of said Section 31, thence North 00 degrees East (Assumed Bearings) along the East line of said Northeast Quarter a distance of 185.67 feet, thence South 88 degrees 59 minutes 04 seconds West parallel with the South line of

said Northeast Quarter a distance of 1090.33 feet to the Northeasterly Rightof-way of said St. Louis & San Francisco Railroad Right-of-way, thence South 29 degrees 34 minutes 33 seconds East along said Northeasterly right-of-way a distance of 211.36 feet to a point being 1566.58 feet North of the South line of said Northeast Quarter, thence North 88 degrees 59 minutes 04 seconds East parallel with said South line a distance of 985.99 feet to the point of beginning. TRACT II: A portion of the Northeast Quarter of Section Thirtyone (31), Township Thirty-two (32) North, Range Thirty-three (33) West of the Fifth Principal Meridian, Barton County, Missouri, being bounded and described as follows: Beginning at the Northeast Corner of said Section 31; thence South 00 degrees West (Assumed Bearings) along the East line of said Northeast Quarter of distance of 581.70 feet to a point being 2055.34 feet North of the Southeast Corner of said Northeast Quarter; thence South 86 degrees 20 minutes 20 seconds West a

Classifieds Announcements

Services Offered

Alcoholics Anonymous meets every Sunday, 5 p.m. and Tuesday, 7:30 p.m., in the basement of Lamar Memorial Hall, 1104 Broadway. Big Book Study is the second Tuesday of each month. All meetings are nonsmoking.

House Leveling - Floor joists, sill plates, rim joists replaced. Don't have a mess, call the best! 46-years in business. Larry's General Contracting, 417-6238105.

Questions About Old Money? Call Dave at 620-423-6600. In God We Trust LLC, Mindenmines.

Drivers, 60,000+, CDLA, $2500 sign on, 1 month exp. Same Day Pay! Free Health Ins, No CDL? Free training! Online app @ www.trailin-

Appliance Repair. Appliance parts. Miller’s Narcotics Anonymous Country Corner. 417Meetings - Wednes- 884-2684. days, 7:30 p.m., 1104 Broadway, Memorial Employment Hall Basement.

distance of 1286.62 feet less the North 20 feet and to the centerline of the the East 20 feet being used abandoned St. Louis & for public right of ways, San Francisco Railroad; which conveyance thence North 29 degrees was made to J. Kevin 34 minutes 33 seconds Checkett, Successor West along said centerline Trustee, in trust, to a distance of 734.33 secure the payment of the feet to the North line of promissory note in said said Northeast Quarter; Deed of Trust described; thence North 89 degrees and 07 minutes 22 seconds WHEREAS, default was East along said North line made and still continues in a distance of 1646.64 feet the payment of said note to the point of beginning, and the whole amount has 800-769-3993.

become due and payable. NOW, THEREFORE, at the request of the legal holder of said note, I, J. Kevin Checkett, the undersigned Successor Trustee, will sell the property above described at public vendue, to the highest bidder for cash, at the West front door of the Barton County Courthouse in the City of Lamar, County of Barton, State of Missouri, on December 6, 2013

appliance parts. Miller’s er's notice: All real esCountry Corner. 417- tate advertised herein Drivers: $800 - $1000/ 884-2684. is subject to the Fedwk, Weekly Home eral Fair Housing Act, Time! Company Paid Close Out Sale – All which makes it illegal Health Ins, 401K, Paid front load Washer/Dry- to advertise any preferVacation & More! CDL- er pairs – Pedestals in- ence, limitation, or disA, 2yrs Experience Re- cluded. Regularly $1895 crimination because of quired 1-888-992-4038 to $2695, now any pair race, color, religion, sex, x 133. $1495. Miller’s Country handicap, familial staCorner, 417-884-2684. tus, or national origin, Drivers: CDL-A, Solo or intention to make any and Team – Specialty Save On Heating Bills. such preference limitaCarrier. Munitions. Ex- Cabinet infrared heat- tion, or discrimination. plosives and Radio Ac- ers. Low price – top We will not knowingly tive Material. Special quality. Miller’s Country accept any advertising Breed. Sign-On Paid Corner, 417-884-2684. for real estate, which is at Orientation. Must in violation of the law. Qualify for Hazmat. $25 Off New Gas and All persons are hereby, Electric Ranges – Oc- informed that all dwell1-866-204-8006. tober and November. ings advertised are availHoliday cooking time is able on an equal opporMiscellaneous For Sale near. Or we will repairs tunity basis". yours. Miller’s Country Corner, 417-884-2684. Appliances: Mostly new. Some used. Also "Publish-

between the hours of 9:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m., (more particularly 1:00 p.m.) for the purpose of satisfying said indebtedness and the costs of executing this trust. J. Kevin Checkett, Successor Trustee CHECKETT & PAULY, P.C. 517 South Main Street, P. O. Box 409 Carthage, Missouri 64836 (417) 3584049 11-13,20,27,12-4-4tc

Mobile Homes for Rent

furnished. Pool, rec room and laundry. Free cable/HBO, water and trash. Short leases available. $200 security deposit. No pets! In Nevada. Starting at $345. 417-667-2633.

Are You Ready To Move? We have 2 bedroom trailers and houses ready to rent. Two rental references a must. 682-2636. Sheldon Apartments Nice 1 bedroom apartApartments ments, furnished or unfurnished. All utilities paid. Starting at $370 Vacancy - Scottsdale per month. Call 417Apartments - Senior 667-2633. Citizens Housing. Call 682-3589. Mo. TDD Homes For Rent 1-800-735-2966. Equal Opportunity Housing. Handicapped units House For Rent – 710 available. Located at Grand. Very spacious 2 17th and Lexington. bedroom, attached ga-

rage, central heat/air, re1 Bedroom Apartment frigerator. Available Ocnicely furnished or un- tober 13. $450 month, $400 deposit. R&R Rentals, Rosalee Potter, 682-5668. Clean, Solid, 2 bedroom house. CH/AC; large garage. Appliances included. Prefer no pets. $450 month, $450 damage deposit. 802 Truman, Lamar. 417-2301461.

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Area News

Lamar High School Class of 1945 holds 68th reunion

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Weather Forecast Wednesday, November 13, 2013 Sunny High: 47° Low: 29° Sunrise: 6:55 a.m. Sunset: 5:07 p.m. Moonrise: 2:51 p.m. Moonset: 2:53 a.m. UV Index: 3 (Moderate) Humidity: 47% Precipitation: 0% Cloud Coverage: 1% Moon Phase: Waxing Gibbous Snow Probability: 0% Wind Speed: 11 Mph out of the South

The Lamar High School Class of 1945 held its 68th reunion on Saturday, Oct. 26, at Party Oasis. Pictured are, front row, left to right, Norma Gage Harris, Maxine Dockery Wilson, Leta Stilabower McNally, Betty Beall Reed, Frieda Fowler Davis and Maxine Johnston Francis; back row, left to right, Dean Blaser, Gerald Dresslaer, Vera Jean Vier Green and George VanDeMark.

Lamar High School Class of 1953 celebrates 60th reunion

The Lamar High School Class of 1953 celebrated its 60th class reunion on Friday and Saturday, Oct. 11 and 12. For a bit of nostalgia, 18 cars pooled to Chicken Annie’s on Friday night. Saturday evening, 35 gathered for a banquet at Party Oasis. Vonnie Main was a special guest. Pictured are, left to right, back row, Roland Marti, Lamar; Bill Peacock, Lamar; Betty Butler Davis, Webb City; Don Morey, Lamar; Charles Monger, Durango, Colo.; Gary Frieden, Lamar; Bob Gage, Pantego, Texas; Joanna Foster Smith, Joplin; Guy Sutherland, Bartlesville, Okla.; Jerry Dale, Nixa; Charles Dermott, Liberal; front row, Ona Clements Null, Lamar; Roma Jean Rector Vier, Cameron; Shirley Stratton Brous, Santa Barbara, Calif.; Norma Collins Frieden, Lamar; Allene Marti Stephen, Goodfield, Ill.; Donna Holtzen Selvey, Bolivar; Betty Fox Topliff, Springfield; Connie Johnston Taylor, Kearney; Richard Ryan, Lamar and Joanne Peters Wolf, Lamar.

LHS Class of 1963 meets for 50th reunion

Thursday, November 14, 2013 Mostly Cloudy High: 51° Low: 36° Sunrise: 6:56 a.m. Sunset: 5:07 p.m. Moonrise: 3:26 p.m. Moonset: 3:55 a.m. UV Index: 2 (Low) Humidity: 52% Precipitation: 20% Cloud Coverage: 76% Moon Phase: Waxing Gibbous Snow Probability: 17% Wind Speed: 15 Mph out of the South Friday, November 15, 2013 Mostly Cloudy High: 52° Low: 39° Sunrise: 6:57 a.m. Sunset: 5:06 p.m. Moonrise: 4:02 p.m. Moonset: 4:56 a.m. UV Index: 2 (Low) Humidity: 86% Precipitation: 20% Cloud Coverage: 70% Moon Phase: Waxing Gibbous Snow Probability: 3% Wind Speed: 8 Mph out of the South/Southeast Saturday, November 16, 2013 Showers High: 56° Low: 49° Sunrise: 6:58 a.m. Sunset: 5:05 p.m. Moonrise: 4:40 p.m. Moonset: 5:56 a.m. UV Index: 2 (Low) Humidity: 91% Precipitation: 60% Cloud Coverage: 72% Moon Phase: Waxing Gibbous Snow Probability: 2% Wind Speed: 12 Mph out of the South/Southeast Sunday, November 17, 2013 Few Showers High: 59° Low: 46° Sunrise: 6:59 a.m. Sunset: 5:05 p.m. Moonrise: 5:22 p.m. Moonset: 6:54 a.m. Humidity: 86% UV Index: 2 (Low) Precipitation: 60% Cloud Coverage: 75% Moon Phase: Full Snow Probability: 0% Wind Speed: 11 Mph out of the South Monday, November 18, 2013 Showers High: 52° Low: 28° Sunrise: 7:00 a.m. Sunset: 5:04 p.m. Moonrise: 6:07 p.m. Moonset: 7:49 a.m. Humidity: 77% UV Index: 2 (Low) Precipitation: 40% Cloud Coverage: 64% Moon Phase: Waning Gibbous Snow Probability: 1% Wind Speed: 9 Mph out of the North/Northwest

The Lamar High School Class of 1963 met for its 50th class reunion on Saturday, Oct. 12, at Thiebaud Auditorium. Pictured are, front row (on floor), left to right, Nancy (Isenhower) Smith, Larry Ross, Jack Bartley, Dean Westbay and George Koerble; second row, Rose (Seay) Higgins, June (Mitts) Gray, Frances (Voorhees) McDaniels, Karen Hansen, Jerri (Roberts) Zinn, Lynn (Berry) Divine, Kay (Boyer) Harlin, Helen (Beavers) Wilson and Margie (Owen) Crabtree; third row, Dorris (Metsinger) Westbay, Mary (Costley) Caldwell, Susie (Arnold) Roby, Janice (McDonald) Manka, Patricia (Kentner) Wilcox, Janet (Bernson) Robertson, Janice (Cowardin) White, Gail (Winchell) Leaming, Richard Lilly and Jon French; fourth row, Larry Crockett, Charles Warren Boman, Robert Couch, Carl Roby, Ira Pound, Richard Caruthers, Neal VanGilder, Larry Robertson, Betty Ann (Selvey) Ohlmstead, Carol (Roper) Caruthers, Sharon (Wimer) Higgins, Larry Crockett and James Brous. Not pictured is Frances (Kelley) Southern.

October was as average as average can be By RICHARD COOPER Democrat staff writer

LAMAR-Because of its fall colors and average temperatures, October ranks as many people’s favorite month of the year. Those individuals surely loved October of 2013. Its mean temperature was 57.10 degrees, just three-fourths of a degree lower than the long term average of 57.88. The fall colors were a trifle late, but they got here in the last half of the month. October is the month that brings the first frost of the season, generally the first killing frost. The average date for the first killing frost is the 25th, and it occurred this year

precisely on that date with 29 degrees and a heavy white layer of ice crystals nearly everywhere. Patchy light frost occurred on the 23rd and 24th. The high temperature for October was 84 on the 6th, and the low was that 29 degrees on the 25th. Precipitation was abundant, 5.08 inches, which exceeded the average of 3.69 inches with a surplus of 1.39. The heaviest single day’s rainfall was 2.10 inches on the 30th, which produced the only new record for October. The old record for rainfall on that date was 1.90 inches, a record that had stood since 1967. The total precipitation for the first 10 months of 2013 is 44.17

Benefit, continued from page 1B meeting was reported to be an effort to convince the joint committee of the burden Missouri pension systems have on the state’s financial health. Missouri has four public employee retirement funds, which stand independent of one another. They are MOSERS (state employees), MPERS (MoDOT and highway patrol employees), PSRS/ PEERS (Public School Retirement System/ Public Education Employee Retirement System), and LAGERS (Local Government Employees Retirement System). There can be little doubt that public employee re-

tirement systems will come under scrutiny in the 2014 session of the Missouri General Assembly. All four funds have reasons to be concerned about the nature of legislation that will be proposed. Each will have to fight its own battle through its members who will be protecting their best interests. None of the four is better prepared to wage a political battle than the members of PSRS/PEERS. Backed by the professional organization Missouri Retired Teachers Association (MRTA), efforts to modify PSRS/PEERS have been defeated for

inches, which exceeds the entire yearly average of 43.98. Everything measured in November and December will add to the surplus. Daily high temperatures for November started at 62 degrees on the 1st and will cool down fairly quickly. By this year’s Thanksgiving, on the 28th, it will have declined to 50 degrees. Snow also enters the picture in November. Lamar had 2.6 inches on the 11th in 1995, 10 inches on the 20th in 1988, 3.5 inches on the 23rd in 1971, 4.5 inches on the 26th in 1975, 3.5 inches on the 28th in 1958, and 5 inches on the 30th in 1974. Winter “officially” begins on December 21.

the last three years. In an October newsletter to the 22,000 members of MRTA, its executive director, Jim Kreider, stated, “MRTA has been very successful in defeating legislation detrimental to our retirement income . . . It is disheartening and disconcerting to say that we cannot rest on our laurels . . . We must not give up!” PSRS/PEERS is larger than the other three Missouri retirement funds combined with assets of approximately $29 billion. It is among the three or four largest public employee retirement funds in the United States.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013 Partly Cloudy High: 45° Low: 30° Sunrise: 7:01 a.m. Sunset: 5:04 p.m. Moonrise: 6:56 p.m. Moonset: 8:40 a.m. UV Index: 3 (Moderate) Humidity: 63% Precipitation: 0% Cloud Coverage: 28% Moon Phase: Waning Gibbous Snow Probability: 28% Wind Speed: 8 Mph out of the North/Northwest

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