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Andreas in stainless steel leaf sculpture Seljeblad.

ing skills developed and passed down through centuries of experience. Rather than cheap materials, quick fixes and mass-production, the brothers want to focus their efforts on exclusivity, legacy and handcrafted quality. “We’d rather sell fewer items at a higher price and quality than mass produce cheaperquality items,” Andreas explains. “There’s no such thing as 3D printers or other shortcuts in our workshop. We find joy in the work itself, not in pressing buttons in an otherwise automated process.”

Lego sculpture butler.

into. Inside, you’ll find a bench to sit on and an epoxy heart with colours, figurines and light, all intended to spark the imagination. Another brand new sculpure is Seljeblad, a stainless-steel wire construction shaped like a leaf and noninvasively attached to a tree, making for a comfortable hammock-like place to rest and think. And maybe, along the way, Valebjørg Design’s creative and imaginative work

might help turn the tide of fast and disposable design in favour of a more sustainable, quality-based wave. Valebjørg Design: Web: Facebook: valebjorgdesign Instagram: and @stian_valebjorgdesign

Hamaren Aktivitetspark: Facebook: hamarenaktivitetspark

In addition to the toys and smaller items, Valebjørg Design also designs and constructs larger pieces of furniture. Tailored bookshelves, day lounges, cupboards and coffee tables are among the items they’ve built on commission. They’ve even constructed furniture for a church in the Norwegian town of Skien, and have also designed and constructed pieces of art displayed in various locations around Norway. Their latest pieces can be found in a brand-new activity park in Fyresdal, Hamaren Aktivitetspark, and are designed to explore, intrigue and inspire. One is a bear made from 350 metres of ten-millimetre stainless steel wire, bent by hand with only simple tools. Inspired by The Jungle Book’s Baloo, the bear is hollow and meant for children to climb 94 |

Issue 140


March 2022

Horse marionette.