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Education Profile of the Month, Norway

Affordable training for an effective workforce It’s a two-way thing: skilled and confident employees equal a happy employer. With the ever-increasing demands for a knowledgeable workforce, it has never been more important to have the right skills for the job any of us are assigned to carry out.

She wanted to make it possible for people on lower wages to upskill and feel valued within the workforce.

By Karin Blak |

Together with her two sons, Martin Halvorsen, now educational leader at Din Kompetanse, and Andreas Halvorsen, a professional golfer, she set up Din Kompetanse in 2018. The aim was to specialise in certified courses for adults who had no qualifications. The training needed to be affordable and accessible and provide the absent qualifications for adults who wanted to develop practical skills directly applicable to their working environment.

Photos: Din Kompetanse AS

Hilde Halvorsen, partner at Din Kompetanse AS in Norway, knows exactly how to provide accessible education for both individuals and organisations. With training ranging from restaurant waiting to pedagogy, and from sales to leadership, Din Kompetanse has a course to suit the subject, and the budget, at the level needed to improve performance and production. 88 |

Issue 140


March 2022

From noticing a need to successfully providing a service With a background in psychology, and having added a master’s degree in leadership and pedagogy, Hilde worked in education for upwards of 25 years. During this time, she was concerned to notice a group within Norwegian society that was missing out on job opportunities because of a lack of qualifications.