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Unique Experiences in Denmark 2022

Calling all gourmet lovers If you are a true foodie, chances are you will have heard of the world-famous oysters from the Limfjord. With Seaside Safari, you get a unique opportunity to pick your own oysters from the ice-cold water and learn how to cook them perfectly. It is a true haven for gourmet enthusiasts. By Heidi Kokborg


Photos: Jyllandsakvariet

Imagine standing on a beach overlooking the beautiful Limfjord, enjoying a fresh oyster with just a hint of Stauning Whisky. This is the exact experience you will get with Seaside Safari, which has been offering tours such as oyster, seal and dolphin safaris for 14 years now. “It has never been more popular to get out into the wild and spend time in nature. The oyster safaris in particular are popular among gourmet lovers as we have some of the best oysters in the world here in the Limfjord. We have guests coming all the way from New Zealand and the US to taste the oysters,” says Michael Madsen, owner of Seaside Safari. Standing in the ice-cold water in waders while picking your very own oysters is an experience you will remember for life. “Some of the oysters we eat raw with a bit of whisky. Others you’ll learn how to prepare on a grill in different 66 |

Issue 140


March 2022

ways. And the best part is that you get to bring home oysters aplenty, so you can cook your hand-picked oysters for your friends,” says Madsen. In addition to oysters, the Limfjord offers a plethora of other seafood. If you are lucky on a seafood safari, you might catch a lobster or a couple of crabs. The entire time, an experienced guide will be there to provide you with tips and tricks, and when you get back to the beach, you’ll cook your freshly caught seafood together with a chef.

If you are looking for a family event, Seaside Safari also offers seal and dolphin safaris, which are real hits among kids. Here, you can experience 300-kilogramme seals resting on a sandbar in the sun or happily splashing around in the sea. More recently, dolphins have been spotted in the area, too. “We have a big group of dolphins that migrated here from Scotland. It’s just a very spectacular feeling, seeing these animals up close,” says Madsen.

Cooking oysters Eat your oysters raw with just a little bit of whisky for a supreme taste. Grill them with just a touch of wild herbs or a bit of garlic butter, sour cream and breadcrumbs for a delicious treat. In the spring, serve your oysters with strawberries for a fresh and tasty starter.

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