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The light installation Luminous Operating System by Mikael Ericsson illuminates Hallands Konstmuseum when darkness falls.

Tarik Kiswanson, Grandfather’s Blazer, 2022, and Assembled Opacity #4, from the exhibition Nest.

Metamorphosis and masterful artistry Hallands Konstmuseum is the art museum on the west coast in Sweden that serves as home to a collection brimming with work from some of the biggest Swedish artists along with unique historical artefacts. An exhibition calendar packed with exciting names is customary, making this a haven for hungry art lovers all year round. By Nina Bressler


Photos: Hallands Konstmuseum

Searching, hovering, transforming – these three words best encapsulate the work of artist Tarik Kiswanson, the main act of spring 2022 at Hallands Konstmuseum. Despite being born in Halmstad, the museum’s home town, his work is more commonly known abroad. After studying in London and Paris, he had work exhibited at a number of institutions around France, Centre Pompidou being a prominent example. Hallands Konstmuseum now proudly presents Kiswanson’s first exhibition on Swedish ground. Nest promises a spellbinding contemplation of the artist’s search for identity and origin, being of Palestinian descent, through sculpture, drawings and installations. What does the influence of time, culture and family do to one’s sense of self? The fabrics of life are interwoven with each other, metaphorically and literally, in an installation where garments descended from his fam-

ily, in addition to historic garments from the museum’s collection, are presented together and X-rayed. What does it reveal about him and life around him? “Kiswanson’s art is about a metamorphosis, about moving from one space to another and the lingering vacuum in between. How do we grasp the time of transcending into something else, from one identity, cultural and personal, to another? We’ve been following Kiswanson for many years, and to finally exhibit him on our premises is beyond exciting,” says Magnus Jensner, museum director. The permanent collection consists of some of the most influential names in Swedish art, as well as unique collections of textile, archaeological treasures and local photography. Halmstadsgruppen, Gösta-Adrian Nilsson, Olle Baertling, Thea Ekström, Söndrumskolonin and Lotta Antonsson are just a handful out

of many more names in the museum’s possession and on view in various constellations throughout the year.

Vårsalongen, the highly anticipated exhibition where emerging, locally connected artists showcase their work is opening in April. “We’re constantly expanding our rich history with a growing collection and through mind-boggling exhibitions by groundbreaking artists. Despite our relatively small size, we push boundaries and shape the world of art, not only in Sweden but also abroad. We’ve done so from the beginning and will continue the tradition for as long as we can,” concludes Jensner.

The exterior of the museum.

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