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The Swedish Chamber Orchestra. Photo: Nikolaj Lund

Setting the tone for classical music – now and in the future They strongly believe in what they do. They work hard and make sure to develop, with the future always in sight and with heritage in mind. We are of course talking about one of the world’s most successful orchestras, the Swedish Chamber Orchestra. Touring internationally, recording albums and now starting their own podcast – these are just a few of the things that make this group vibrant and always relevant. By Amanda Düring

starting with the previous conductor Thomas Dausgaard, who developed the orchestra’s rich sound and stood for continuity, stability and hard work during his 22 years with the orchestra. In 2019, he handed over the baton to Martin Fröst, a well-known clarinettist with significant international recognition. With Fröst as conductor, a new era started that increased the orchestra’s artistic scope.

With a lot going on, it’s indisputable that the Örebro Concert Hall really is the place to be. Here you’ll find the members of the Swedish Chamber Orchestra, all 39 of the musicians with each their own rehearsal room, something that is rare. The freedom that it gives, to have their own space, is an important part of the orchestra’s success. It gives each and every one of the musicians a security and a homely spot in their everyday work space.

artistic director for the orchestra, “but the sound they create is bigger than the sum of its parts. We’re bringing classical music, and sometimes we add a modern twist. We’re so glad to be able to bring our music not only to a Swedish audience, but also on tour internationally. The reception we get when we meet our audience is absolutely fantastic, both at home and on tour.” Dausgaard and Fröst – the conductors

“We’re privileged that everyone we work with is so talented; not only our own musicians, but also the international musicians who join us and bring their own competence and perspectives. In doing so, we keep classical music alive and continue to develop the sound with every new meeting,” says Emily Öjdemark, marketing manager.

“The difference between a chamber orchestra and a symphonic orchestra are two buses,” jokes Gregor Zubicky,

One of the reasons why the Swedish Chamber Orchestra has gained international renown is its conductors,

Recently, Martin Fröst won the International Classical Music Award for Artist of

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