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Everyday luxury for outdoor spaces Drop’s award-winning spas have been built using state-of-the-art technology and top-quality materials. The company’s sleek and stylish outdoor fires and spas offer a touch of luxury for any home. By Ndéla Faye

| Photos: Drop Design Pool Oy

Drop was originally founded by renowned Finnish designer Nikolai Ruola. He had grown tired of the traditional hot tubs that were on the market, and wondered if he could create one with a unique design: an outdoor spa that would be eye-catching in design, but also user-friendly. And that’s the story of how Drop was born, inspired by the shape of the spa Ruola had designed. Drop spas are designed using what is state-of-the-art technology and only the best-quality materials. Showcasing a sleek, Finnish functionalist design, the company has clients across Europe, and the spas are sold at several retailers all over the continent. “In a relatively short 10 |

Issue 140


March 2022

amount of time, we’ve managed to build a name for ourselves as the go-to company for stylish spas,” says Sirena Kiviranta, board member and owner at Drop. What sets Drop apart from other brands is that their spas can be embedded anywhere, and the spas can be panelled with any material. “From marble to wood panelling, our spas are designed to suit the needs of all our clients. Our spas vary in pricing and can be tailored according to our clients’ wishes,” says Kiviranta. Drop has been recognised widely across the globe and has won several awards, such as the prestigious A’ Design Award Bathroom Furniture and Sanitary Ware

Design Category in 2019. In addition, Drop won the Design Deed of the Year award from the Association for Finnish Work in 2015. The company was recognised for its originality, a sense of responsibility, and design as part of everyday life. Drop is the only company that has won the award for outdoor spas. “Drop has proven that there is demand for functional and minimalistic Nordic design spas and our outdoor Fire. We are on a journey to become the Finnish outdoor design brand of the 2020s,” Kiviranta continues. Everything you need, ready to go The Drop spa is sold in a basic package, which includes everything needed for a quick and easy installation. The design of the spas has been carefully thought of: from the design inside of the drop-shaped basin to its sleek and refined look. “Most traditional hot tubs have walls at a 90-degree angle, which