Scan Magazine, Issue 136, November 2021

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Varg Arkitekter has designed a sustainable summer house in northern Sweden. Photo: Varg Arkitekter

Sustainable design, from the small details to the full picture Stockholm-based Varg Arkitekter raises awareness of sustainable architecture and creative urban planning. Its designs are shaping the future for how we live, work and play.

and a project studio for teams to meet and co-create.”

By Malin Norman

“Our perspective goes from the little details all the way to the full picture,” Rosvall continues. “Projects range from small summer houses to offices such as Sthlm 02, as well as large urban developments and everything in between. The broad range makes for a fantastic mix.”

“Built environments need to be longlasting, functional and loved,” says Inga Varg, architect and founder of Varg Arkitekter. “Following the pandemic, it’s even more important with office environments that are not just workspaces – they need to be changeable and somewhere we also long to come back to.” One such project is Sthlm 02 in Hammarby Allé, part of Skanska’s investment in Sthlm New Creative Business Spaces, with seven buildings in total, which will 84  |  Issue 136  |  November 2021

have offices for more than 8,000 people when finished. This is the fifth building, developed in response to changeable working conditions and requirements. It will include seven floors with flexible workspaces in an elegant and playful office environment. “Sthlm 02 is not just going to be offices,” confirms architect Ylva K Rosvall. “We believe in integrating workspaces in a dynamic setting, so this building will also house a lively ground floor with a lounge

Tegnér Tower: a small plot in a big city

Tucked in on a small piece of land by the Barnhusbron bridge, at the corner of Tegnérgatan and Hälsobrunnsgatan in the Sabbatsberg district of Stockholm, is a tower clad in green slate and sheet metal that stretches across 11 floors. Tegnér Tower, designed by Varg Arkitekter, was a