Scan Magazine, Issue 136, November 2021

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Dubbel Dubbel has Chinese cuisine on the menu and an interior to complement the vibe. Photo: New Order Arkitektur

Interior decorating with creative integrity How do you create an atmosphere that complements its surroundings without being too obvious, yet is simultaneously bold and in harmony with your client’s vision? This is a balance that architecture firm New Order Arkitektur has mastered. By John Sempill

Who knows, if it were not for the British post-punk band of the same name, New Order Arkitektur might not even exist. Just as influential as the group was in the ‘80s are founders Frida Sjöstam and Victor Alm in their journey to turn ideas and visions into three-dimensional spaces. Whether it’s an office, a beauty salon, a brewery or a hotel, they are up for it, with no project being too small.

they might have in the future. If we share a vision and a goal, we have the basis for a great project.”

“If it’s an office, we need to understand what the business behind it is about, and what its needs are,” says Alm, “and then help the client understand what needs

In a way, you could describe them as interpreters – interpreting ideas and turning them into areas that rhyme with the client’s needs. But sometimes mere rhym-

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“A client knows what their business is, but our knowledge is how to plan and create their vision in three dimensions,” adds Sjöstam. “How can we challenge them, both spatially and functionally, and help them put it all together?”

ing isn’t the best way to go. One example they bring up is restaurant chains – they lack in personality and “are too generic and a little too easy to code,” as Sjöstam puts it. “We are advocates of the unique,” adds Alm. “We aren’t happy if we see something that looks like everything else. We always strive to take the next step.” It is clear they have an eye for it, too. Some of their exciting projects include Lynk&Co Club, a showroom, meeting space and boutique for the car sharing company Lynk&Co; a new theme park hotel, Liseberg Grand Curiosa Hotel; and an ultra-modern playground in the heart of Gothenburg. The Lynk&Co showroom was particularly fitting for New Order Arkitektur, thanks to the company’s unique vision for show-