Scan Magazine, Issue 136, November 2021

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Photo: At Wallpaper via private client

Long-lasting Norwegian design Norwegian design is where nature and functionality work seamlessly together. The varying nature of the country can be harsh, sometimes ruthless, and at the same time radiate warmth and comfort. Norwegians would never live without nature, and their homes will show you exactly that.

things you wouldn’t even think about. Like where does the afternoon sun come in? Or what is the most important part to highlight in the living room: the TV or the art collection?”

By Andri Papanicolas  |  Photos: At Wallpaper

Norwegians are known for their humble, minimalist, simple design, but if you look closer, you’ll notice that their homes boldly represent their personality and way of life. Functionality, sustainability, and highquality materials are keywords in Norwegian design according to interior architect and furniture designer Andreas Andersen from At Wallpaper, an Oslobased interior design firm. The firm was established in 2012 and has a team of 11 people, including everything from interior architects to construction consultants. Design built around your personality Functionality and long-lasting solutions are the most important aspects of creating a home and also make up At Wallpaper’s main values. With its interdisciplinary team, At Wallpaper offers expertise in interior as well as furniture design. They will help you through the 64  |  Issue 136  |  November 2021

entire process, from initial idea to finished product, whether you are based in Norway or elsewhere in the world. Andersen’s current project is a good example. He is working on a newly developed house in Sandefjord, but the client lives in London, and all communication goes through email and virtual meetings. The main goal, Andersen explains, is to make sure that the design is not only aesthetically pleasing, but also highly functional for this year and many years to come. “Functionality is the foundation of any design we do, and we combine that with your personality,” he says.

At Wallpaper will not only help you create your dream space, but also find the right materials to fit your personal needs. Whether you need a piece of custommade furniture or a full house renovation, you can expect to get the job done in line with your personal requirements.

Subconscious well-being The way Andersen works with his clients is very much like a long interview. “I need to get to know them to be able to create their personal, comfortable space,” he explains. “There are many aspects that contribute to your well-being. Many are

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