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Dear Reader, The first ever issue of Scan Magazine I produced in capacity of editor was an architecture special. This time last year, as what we quickly came to know as the second wave of the Covid-19 pandemic swept in over Europe, I reflected on the cyclical nature of the work I do, and the emptiness when those cycles are broken. We had bigger fish to fry then, and our protective bubbles were both comforting and necessary – but an autumn without a Scan Magazine architecture special felt highly strange to me. It seems fitting, then, that we’re back this autumn with an epic architecture issue. We just do architecture specials so well, even if I do say so myself – and, honestly, Scandinavian architects have so many interesting insights and perspectives to share. From the beauty and sustainability of wood to the importance of adaptation over brand-new designs, we talk to the leaders and creatives behind some of the most renowned firms in the Nordics – and what an inspiring task that’s been.

in a more profound way after the 18 months we’ve had than our favourite four musical geniuses? Our music writer, Karl Batterbee, reports on this most exciting news to come out of the Nordics in years. Once we’ve caught our breath after all these awe-inspiring architecture and design chats, we’ll be taking stock and making some changes. But for now at least, our regular design and fashion columns are back, as is Maria Smedstad with her heart-warming cartoons. Because sometimes, there’s a lot of comfort in what you know. And all I can say about that right now is this: it’s good to be back.

Linnea Dunne, Editor


It did strike me as fitting, too, when I heard that ABBA were announcing a reunion. Truly, what could possibly lift our spirits


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