Scan Magazine, Issue 136, November 2021

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Nordkapp badet is one of many public pools designed by se-arkitektur. To be located next to the town’s cinema and culture house, the pool is designed to help invigorate and utilise the city centre.

From cradle to grave – architecture that sustains a full life The vision of the successful architecture firm se-arkitektur in Bergen, Norway, is a pragmatic yet complicated one: it’s about finding the path that creates joy for as many as possible – developers, users, municipalities and the surrounding neighbourhood. Based on the belief that buildings need to fit in both current and future settings, it entails a plan for new and alternative ways of living for all generations. By Signe Hansen  |  Photos: se-arkitektur

“When you start a project, you have a vision that you try to get down on paper. Then you try to get it out into the real world, and that’s where the great challenge lies, but also the great opportunity – the opportunity to create something that gives back to the society,” founder and partner of se-arkitektur, Stig Eide, says about his visions. “I’m quite a prag56  |  Issue 136  |  November 2021

matic person, and I see the whole process as architectural. When you start the feasibility study early in the process, you have lots of ideas, but at some point, you need to take it down to earth; it’s the practical part where you make it functional, take the theory and turn it into an actual use of space, and that’s part of the process as well.”

Taking responsibility for the entire process, from feasibility studies to planning applications and construction, has in recent years become a trademark for se-arkitektur. Founded 20 years ago, the firm today employs 15 people with different backgrounds and has for the last three years included a dedicated planning department. This structure allows the firm to work within a wide range of sectors, from residential to industrial, healthcare and sports buildings. From cradle to grave While se-arkitektur has a broad reach, one area has become a bit of a speciality for the firm, namely the design of public