Scan Magazine, Issue 136, November 2021

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Nullmeteroverhavet (‘ZeroMetreAboveSeaLevel’) by architect Per Erik Aadland at LINK Arkitektur. Photo: Else Lill Tvedt

Building for a better future The award-winning architecture company LINK Arkitektur brings innovation and creativity to its diverse, multifaceted projects. With a philosophy focused on sustainability and adding value to spaces as well as people’s lives, LINK is creating architecture for the future.

es you have. Combining ambitious goals for energy and environmental impact with good architecture, good floor plans, and certainly the social aspect, requires topnotch planning tools,” Haugland explains.

By Maria Vole

With 500 employees spread across 15 cities in Norway, Denmark and Sweden, LINK Arkitektur is one of the world’s 50 largest architecture firms. Combining years of experience, deep industry expertise and a genuine passion for architecture and design, the team behind LINK has won a number of awards for its work. Throughout all the varied work the company does, a central theme emerges: LINK is always looking ahead to the future. “LINK creates architecture for tomorrow. People live and socialise in the environments we design,” says Grethe 50  |  Issue 136  |  November 2021

Haugland, CEO of the Norway division of LINK Arkitektur. “In all our projects, the vision is to create spaces for better living. We are people-focused and strive to create good environments for the users.” A focus on sustainability In the field of architecture, sustainable building practices have long been a key focus. But LINK Arkitektur has taken its passion for sustainable architecture a step further than most. “Sustainability is no longer about having the smallest possible footprint – it’s about achieving the greatest possible effect with the resourc-

In a bid to facilitate positive changes, the architecture firm has developed its own tool: LINK Compass, comprising all the UN sustainable development goals, selecting those that will make the biggest impact in the specific project, and focusing on making it easier to build sustainable architecture. Diverse, fascinating projects With ambitious leaders at its helm and a strong team of committed employees, LINK is a productive firm that handles around 2,000 projects per year. Among a wide selection of interesting recent projects, a few stand out.