Scan Magazine, Issue 136, November 2021

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Photo: Tor Ivan Boine

Photo: Tor Ivan Boine

Bringing value to communities through architecture Aksetøy Arkitektur is a young architecture firm made up of a small team of committed and hard-working individuals. The company’s founder, André Aksetøy, started the business with a desire to create architecture that had people and nature in focus – buildings that would add value to communities and foster wellbeing. By Maria Vole  |  Photos: Aksetøy Arkitektur

After André founded the company four years ago, the small team grew quickly, and the firm now employs 15 people. With employees who hold expertise in a range of different fields, the company has a high level of technical competence across disciplines, meaning that 48  |  Issue 136  |  November 2021

they’re able to deliver the best-quality work to their clients. A varied roster of projects Since its start in 2017, the architecture firm has seen its fair share of interesting projects. Their work is mainly relat-

ed to residential buildings, cabins and commercial projects. As a continually growing company, the team at Aksetøy Arkitektur is always looking ahead to the future, and currently has several zoning plans under development. Although Aksetøy Arkitektur is based in Trondheim, they often work on building projects further afield, with recent projects based in the city of Oslo as well as on small, remote islands. The architecture firm often focuses on modern solutions and expressive, innovative designs